Aug 5, 2012

Sunday August 5, 2012 Elizabeth C. Gorski

Theme:"Double Overtime"- Each theme entry contains two OTs.

23. *Like Disneyland, vis-à-vis theme parks : PROTOTYPICAL. This is the only entry where two OTs are together.

25. *Perform efficiently : GO TO TOWN (Edited later: The two OTs here are together also.)

48. *Tryst venue : NO-TELL MOTEL. And 57. Bit of 48-Across talk : COO

67A. *Bit of campaign nastiness : POTSHOT

90A. *Get-rich-quick buy : LOTTO TICKET. We met a guy who pulled a Mickey Mantle 1/1 special insert from a $2.99 pack he bought at Walmart. He sold on eBay for $15K.

113. *Writer's bottom line? : FOOTNOTE

116. *1978 Commodores hit : TOO HOT TA TROT. Not familiar with the song. You, Argyle?

13D. *Absolutely perfect : HOTSY-TOTSY

73D. *"Zilch" : NOT ONE IOTA

117D. There are two of them in each starred ans. : OTs

The reason all the theme entries are starred is because some of the non-theme fill are longer or of same length as the theme answers. The constructor & editor did not want any potential confusion.

Look at these great entries:

22A. "I like your invention!" : "GOOD IDEA!"

93A. Oscar winner's words : "I'M HONORED"

16D. "Remind me" : "I DON'T RECALL"

66D. "Honestly ..." : "TRUTH BE TOLD"

90D. Lesser-of-evils situation : LOSE LOSE

Simply amazing. But it's nothing out of ordinary for Liz Gorski, whose originality and creativity are awe-inspiring. She does what others can't. She's always the first. The only.


1. Madison Ave. figure : AD REP. Or AD MAN.

6. DEA employees : NARCS

11. Convert into an anesthetic : ETHERIFY. New word to me. Makes sense.

19. Much of Egypt : SAHARA

21. Hawaiian welcome : ALOHA. "Ni Hao" in Chinese. Ni = You. Hao = Good.

26. Rd. atlas listings : STs

27. Dessert cart array : PIES

28. Friars Club main courses? : ROASTS. Ha ha, "main courses!"

30. Tokyo-based electronics giant : NEC (Nippon Electric Company)

31. Dancer Falana : LOLA.

32. Crochet loop : PICOT. I forgot. I googled this word a while ago.

34. "Take a shot at it" : YOU TRY

37. Meal : REPAST

40. Amy Winehouse's reaction to rehab, in the song : NO, NO, NO. "...They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, no, no, no...". From her famous "Rehab" song.

41. British Invasion drummer : STARR (Ringo)

42. Baker with the breakout album "Rapture" : ANITA

43. Oft-quoted Yogi : BERRA

44. Unwanted tabloid fame : NOTORIETY. Poor Kristen Stewart.

50. Mad as __ hen : A WET

51. Berry touted as a superfood : ACAI

52. Old Russian ruler : TSAR

53. "WKRP" costar with Gary, Gordon, Howard et al. : LONI (Anderson). Marti likes her.

54. __ Island: NY/NJ landmark : ELLIS

55. Hearty partner : HALE

56. Current designation : AC/DC

58. DNA shape : COIL

61. "May It Be" singer : ENYA. So beautiful.

63. __ Wolf: Disney comics kid : LI'L. No idea. I googled, Li'l Bad Wolf showed up. Same kid?

64. "They'll Do It Every Time" cartoonist Jimmy : HATLO. Stranger to me also.

69. Green course : SALAD

71. Drop the ball : ERR

72. First-year law student : ONE-L

75. Wreck : RUIN

76. Job particular : SPEC

78. Letters to creditors? : IOUs

80. Central Florida city : OCALA

82. They may stay till closing time : SOTS. So many wonderful bars in Guangzhou.

84. Four-ring-logo company : AUDI. I wonder what kind of ring said "Buy me" to Irish Miss during her visit to Maine.

88. "The lady __ protest ...": "Hamlet" : DOTH

89. Lake __, Blue Nile source : TANA

95. Nebraska's largest city : OMAHA

96. Physicist Bohr : NIELS

97. Twix or Trix, e.g. : BRAND

98. "Permission granted" : IT'S A GO

100. "Juno and the Paycock" playwright : O'CASEY (Sean)

101. Boil : SEETHE . I don't know how I reacted if I were Husker Gary's niece.

103. Caterpillar rival : DEERE

104. Some faux outerwear : FURS

105. Routine : ACT

106. Ahab's kingdom : ISRAEL. All friendly letters, hence its frequent appearance in crossword.

109. Confirmation, e.g. : RITE

110. __TV: Court TV, since 2008 : TRU

120. Joined the Navy : ENLISTED. Ah, for Spitzboov/D-Otto/eddyB.

121. Rob of "90210" : ESTES

122. St. Francis's birthplace : ASSISI

123. Six-pack units : SODA CANS.

124. Score notations : RESTS

125. Prop for Monet : EASEL


1. Deadly snakes : ASPS

2. Blowgun missile : DART

3. P-like letters : RHOs

4. Enjoy, with "up" : EAT. My cherry tomatoes are especially good this year.

5. Offer : PROPOSAL

6. Afternoon breaks : NAPs

7. "American Gladiators" co-host Laila : ALI. The only Laila I know.

8. Mythical bird : ROC

9. Patio bagful : CHARCOAL

10. Tavern : SALOON

11. Nog basics : EGGS

12. Traffic sound : TOOT

14. Shogun stronghold : EDO. Modern sushi started in Edo Era.

15. Score slow-up: Abbr. : RIT

17. Not as many : FEWER

18. '50s TV adventurer __ Derringer : YANCY. Sigh. No idea. The only thing I want from '50s is the baseball cards. I like '60s though. The fashion, the cat eyes, Jane Birkin.

20. Leaning : ATILT

24. Vote for : YEA

29. Like some 20th-century music : ATONAL

31. Indirect and creative, as thinking : LATERAL

32. White House entrance : PORTICO

33. Memo starter : IN RE

35. Stick in a scull : OAR

36. Dickens baddie Heep : URIAH

37. Lose control : RANT

38. Baseball's Slaughter : ENOS. And 110. Speaker of Cooperstown : TRIS

39. Pocket bread : PITA

40. Light on Broadway : NEON

41. Oktoberfest purchase : STEIN

43. College QB, often : BMOC (Big Man on Campus)

45. Barn baby : OWLET. Thought of PK for no reason.

46. Sylvester's "Rocky" co-star : TALIA

47. Triangular sign : YIELD

49. Honorary legal deg. : LLD

54. K-12 : EL-HI

59. Other, in Oaxaca : OTRA

60. The Bengals of the Big Sky Conf. : ISU (Idaho State University). Don't know anything about this conference.

62. Widow in "Peer Gynt" : ASE. Peer Gynt's mother.

64. Alpine heroine : HEIDI

65. Forster's "__ With a View" : A ROOM

67. Flier : PLANE

68. In "Wicked," say : ON STAGE. Hahtool liked "Wicked".

70. Trees favored by giraffes : ACACIAS. Kazie mentioned they were called wattles in Oz.

74. Online greeting : E-CARD

76. Ancient public walkway : STOA

77. SFO setting : PST

79. Brief : SHORT

81. Fancy-schmancy : LA-DI-DA

83. Emperor after Galba : OTHO. He reigned for only 3 months. This appeared a few times in in the old Wayne R. Williams puzzles.

85. Luau instruments : UKES

86. Take-out order? : DELE. Great clue.

87. Wee : ITSY

91. "A Book of Verses underneath the Bough" poet : OMAR

92. Bump up : INCREASE

94. Slangy turndown : NAH

99. Seesaw : TEETER

100. "I'm __ here!" : OUTTA

101. They may be blown or cracked : SAFES. What were you thinking?

102. Low-budget lead-in : ECONO

104. In good shape : FIT

107. British submachine gun : STEN

108. Wine list heading : REDS

109. Supreme leader? : ROSS (Diana). "The Supremes". Nothing Iran related.

111. It's romantic to give one : ROSE. I want these.

112. Condo expense: Abbr. : UTIL

114. __ Maria: liqueur : TIA

115. Presidential policy support gp. : NSC (National Security Council)

118. Worked (up) : HET

119. Flight safety org. : TSA

Answer grid.



fermatprime said...


A truly wonderful Sunday puzzle. Lots of fun. Thanks Elizabeth! Thanks for enlightening write-up, CC!

Lots of great fill that I will let the others of you comment on.

Time for me to try to go to sleep. Ultra-loud band at the party next door finally quit at 1:30 am. Worked puzzle afterwards. Mind was finally working. (My score on the Jumble was really pathetic and the upuzzles' Sudoku took three tries, both worked before 1:30.)

Have a great Sunday, all!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C. and friends. This was one of my favorite Sunday puzzles. Lots of fun clues and I liked the OT theme. My first theme entry was the NO-TELL MOTEL.

Hand up for initially trying Ad Man instead of AD REP for 1-Across.

Today is LONI Anderson's 67th Birthday. (See 53-Across).

Thanks for the Shout-Out, C.C. Yes, I did enjoy Wicked.

I recently bought Heidi for my paralegal. She had never read the book and has a young daughter. I cried when I read that book as a young child.

The only person I ever heard say TRUTH BE TOLD was lying. He later landed in jail for the "Truth" he told.

Jezebel was AHAB's wife.

I was offered a Job in OMAHA once, but the recruiter informed me that I would suffer "extreme cultural shock" if I moved there. Now look where I am!

Rob Estes also starred in Silk Stalkings.

QOD: It is the lives we encounter that make life worth living. ~ Guy de Maupassant

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Wow. I'm a huge fan of Ms. Gorski's puzzles in general, but I just wasn't feeling this one. After getting HOTSY TOTSY and GO TO TOWN, I kept waiting for something special to explain the odd (to me, at least) cluing, but it never came.

And then I had to deal with ETHERIFY, YANCY, ASE and HATLO. Again, I kept waiting for the usual awesome theme that would make it all worthwhile, but instead I got a rather dull "every theme answer has two OTs in it."

Don't get me wrong -- the puzzle certainly had a lot of sparkle to it. But I guess I was just expecting more from Ms. Gorski. And maybe "absolutely perfect" and "perform efficiently" really are totally spot-on clues for HOTSY-TOTSY and GO TO TOWN and not the aberrations they appear to me. But still... ETHERIFY?

Hand up for AD MAN, btw. An AD MAN is somebody who works on Madison Ave creating ads. An AD REP, on the other hand, is somebody who tries to sell advertising space for a newspaper or the like. Or so I always believed (as always, I could certainly be wrong).

In other news, I recently discovered TRU TV. It's absolutely fascinating to watch in the same way that it's hard to take your eyes off a gory traffic accident. I'd say more, but I wouldn't want to offend anybody who actually enjoys watching that channel...

HeartRx said...

Good morning C.C. et al.

Thanks for doing double OT on this one, C.C.. But I’m afraid I’m with Barry, because the theme just didn’t grab me like most of her other puzzles do.

On the other hand, the fill was just great and I sailed through most of the puzzle. I loved the same long entries that you mentioned, but NO TELL MOTEL has to be my favorite!

My only SWAG was the “T” in TRU (never heard of TRU TV) crossing TRIS (who?).

Time to water the lawn – it’s going to be another scorcher here in the northeast. Saty cool, everyone!

Argyle said...

It's "Too Hot Ta Trot" baby or even a brisk walk so stay cool today. Clip.

Featured on the soundtrack to the movie, "Thank God It's Friday", it spent a week at number one on the R&B singles chart and peaked at number twenty-four on the Billboard Hot 100 in early 1978.

I was not familiar with it.

Anonymous said...

"118. Worked (up) : HET"


Abejo said...

Good morning folks. Thank you, Elizabeth Gorski, for a swell puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for the swell review.

I enjoyed this puzzle. It was not a cake walk at all. A little tough.

I had no problem with the theme. OK, it wasn't a string of movies or something, it was pretty simple, but it did help me with the puzzle once I figured it out. That is OK with me.

I also had AD MAN for 1A. Fixed that after a while.

Yes, ETHERIFY was a stumper, but we do have perps. Even though YANCY was a wag. It does make sense, however. I used to pay doctors in my last job. One business I cut checks for was an anesthesiologist. The name of his business was "The Ether Bunny." I got a kick out of that.

Liked patio bagful for 9D CHARCOAL Clever. I use charcoal when I cook out. No gas for me or ETHER.

Never heard of an ACAI berry.

Wanted BEER CANS for 123A. Had to settle for SODA CANS.

A couple baseball players, ENOS Slaughter and TRIS Speaker.

Anyhow, off to the rest of the day. Church shortly and Shrine Band concert this afternoon.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

XVI TP'er here

1 hr, 23 minutes.

32A PICOT 61A ENYA, 64A HATLO, 89A HATLO, 100A OCASEY, 18D and 62D were all unknowns to me. Perps helped fill most of them, but 61A and 62D was a natick. Last filled letter and TA DA with that A.

Most trouble was in the NE with 11A ETHERIFY and 18D YANCY. Only 11D was a gimme. Finally thought of 12D TOOT. All came together as I finally saw 22A GOODIDEA

110D TRIS - My grandmother worked for him. 70D ACACIAS - Mimosa, anyone ?

That reminds me. Storms rolled through late yesterday afternoon and the wind snapped off a large branch in my Magnolia. It's still hung up in the tree. Going to leave a gaping hole in the canopy.

Time to post and read the write up.

Splynter said...

Hi there~!


I had to cheat for ONE letter - and they sound the same in this instance - I had "S" for "C" in YANsY, which gave me neS, which was perfectly acceptable as an electronics giant - I wouldn't know if they're in Tokyo or not....

Thanks for the write-up, C.C., and the clarification on yesterday's bizarre grid.


Lucina said...

Good day to you! Thank you, C.C., for your illuminating a few obscurities.

I really sashayed through this until the very bottom where ESTES / TOO HOT TA TROT /TRIS created a Natick.

Hand up for ADMAN but the perps soon changed that to AD REP. From there it was easy sailing with one write over, TAMPA before OCALA. YANCY was a guess.

Of course, I had no idea about TRIS Speaker. After it was filled I assumed that was a baseball name.

NO TELL MOTEL was fun.

I liked seeing PORTICO and STOA since they are often seen as clue/fill for each other.

Thank you, Elizabeth Gorski, for a good puzzle today.

Have a superb Sunday, everyone!

desper-otto said...

Good morning Sunday soldiers! Just back from our ten-mile pedal around the 'hood...

This was my first time trying to solve the puzzle via Shortyz on my Nexus. I didn't realize that the grid was extending beyond my screen, and that caused quite a bit of early consternation in the east. There were no stars in the online version, so that made the theme extra difficult to get. I never did. It also took a while to figure out how to switch from vert. to horiz. Learning experience all around.

I think you need to be 60+ to remember HATLO or YANCY. I did. My SODACANS initially had beer in them. Quickly fixed.

Overall, it was a fun puzzle to work on, but typing with a stylus (as I'm doing now) is the pits. I think I'll stick to solving with pen on paper.

Husker Gary said...

A nice frolic on this lovely summer morn! There have been many great OT games but the best recent one was the Bronco win over the heavily favored Steelers on the first play from scrimmage in January wild card game.

-Jeff Foxworthy said, “A redneck IRA is a LOTTO ticket”
-Politicians in front of Congress often say, “I DON’T RECALL” when TRUTH BE TOLD they don’t want to
-AD MAN got me out of the blocks slow
-Comedy Channel ROASTS are filthy even with the obligatory bleeps.
-Her name was LOLA, she was a showgirl…
-Avatar – “That’s how you swing the club, Hudson. Now YOU TRY.”
-Many Hollywood peeps would kill for any NOTORIETY
-ELLIS Island requirements for entrance to USA
-C.C., she SEETHED and broke down. She is now just hurt, embarrassed and trying to move on.
-DEERE green is all around here.
-The Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi perched high on the hill overlooking Umbrian farm ground is worth linking again.
-Female athletes like Laila and the USA VB and BB players can’t make the money the men do.
-Elvis was a junkie like Amy but it was pre-internet and the 24 hour news cycle. He’s still the King, thank you, thank you very much.
-Scull racing and some other Olympic sports are fun to see every 4 years.
-They say the NEON lights are bright on Broadway. They say there’s always magic in the air.
-ECARDS are much preferred by me.
-OMAR of my youth
-I like SAFE cracker yeggs better than ELHI.
-Hahtoolah, your profile doesn’t say where you are but OMAHA’s a nice place.

PK said...

I enjoyed this puzzle. Got the theme right away which was helpful. Watch a lot of OTS with basketball. Nice having a puzzle on my wavelength after two days of feeling like I'd been ETHERIze(d), which is what i put in for 11A. Had 25A GO TO Task and 16d I caNT RECALL so YANCY never showed up. We didn't have TV in the 50's. Don't know NEC.

Had more one square misses than I like: 109D bOSS and 86d DELi, both of which I know.

However, I had fun with this one. Great writeup and links, C.C. Lovely cool morning to open the house and let fresh air flow through.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning C.C. and all.

A lot easier than yesterday's. ENLISTED personnel and commissioned officers are all called SAILORS in the Navy. I don't think there's a whole lot of overlap between DEERE and 'Caterpillar' except in light construction equipment, so I question the cluing of 'rival'. JMO. A current is either AC or DC, not AC/DC. Maybe the clue meant the current SPEC of the device using the current, since some can use AC or DC. I believe Lake TANA is in Ethiopia. ITSAGO sounds like an ITALIAN CHEESE. HET is the neuter definite article in Dutch.

NOD - (note of the day): There are two words in the English language that have all five vowels in order: 'abstemious' and 'facetious.'

John "The Cat" Deere said...

Heavy equipment: John Deere vs. Caterpillar. I see both in my line of work.

Anonymous said...

XVI TP'er back

Thank you Ms Gorski and thank you CC. NOTELLMOTEL brought a smile to my face if nothing more than for the cuteness of it. As did the picture of YANCEY's girlfriend. Were wicker handbags really in vogue in the 60s ?

HOTSYTOTSY - My sis used to say that about other women, as in, "She thinks she's so hotsy totsy!". The other variant was "He thinks he's so hot to trot!" My paternal grandfather said "HET UP" pretty often. My father, not as much.

The Grey Eagle - For non baseball fans.. Speaker, in any crossword with a clue that has anything to do with baseball, is almost invariably TRIS. The Boston Red Sox won the world series a relative few years ago, first time in 80 some odd years. They were also pretty good in the first two decades of the 1900s. Names like Cy Young, Tris Speaker and Babe Ruth were on some of those world series championship teams. Tris got traded to the Indians one year and Babe to the Yanks a year or two later. Thus started a drought that is only exceeded by the pathetic Cubs of Chicago.

Unknown said...

It took all evening, but I did finish this puzzle with very little help.

My SIL is a CAT not a DEERE man. Oh yeah, real tractors don't have wheels.

Liked NO TELL MOTEL. Didn't like ETHERIFY, seriously??

Waiting for those thunderstorms to show up. Ended up with a high of 106 yesterday. Supposed to cool off today. I don't believe it!

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

Great puzzle, Ms. Gorski, and nice expo, CC. Had a few tricky areas, but, overall, it was pretty straight forward. Didn 't understand the theme until CC explained it.

Abejo, got a chuckle from " The Ether Bunny".

CC, my new ring is too hard to describe so I'll try to get a photo to you sometime soon.

We are supposed to get pretty bad storms later today and tonight, then some cooler weather.

Happy Sunday.

Spitzboov said...

JTCD - I see Caterpillar much more as being into large engines such as marine or locomotive, and into heavy mining equipment. Deere is a major farm machinery, and outdoor maintenance equipment maker. I suppose they are rivals in some areas.

NB: A web search shows Ms. Gorski has used this clue at least 3 times in the past.

CrossEyedDave said...

Hey guys, i have not done the puzzle yet, or read the blog. I was just reading last nights late Blog posts, & had to apologize to you & Manac. The lightning strike video i posted turns out to be fake!

How it was faked is really interesting, especially between 1:30 & 4:30 of the above video.

I never intended to state that lightning was funny. I was trying to say i was "looking" for something funny to link when i came across the video, & was so shocked (no pun intended) by it that i had to post it.

Well, i got fooled! Sorry everyone!

Abejo said...

Ave Joe: We have a couple Chuck-Its. One in Illinois and one in Pennsylvania. They work great. The problem now is our dog is too old to chase tennis balls. She would like to, but injures herself when she tries to run.


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Struggled a bit with this one. I find myself agreeing with Marti and Barry, among others. For example, the ACDC fill didn't seem to match the clue, as Spitz pointed out.

Still, I am impressed with these large grids and respect the effort that goes in to them.

emjay said...

Happy Sunday, everybody. I enjoyed this puzzle and C.C.'s write-up. I vaguely remember Yancy Derringer. Wiki says he was a "gentleman adventurer" who returned to New Orleans after the Civil War and got into lots of mischief. Jock Mahoney played him. I also remember Jimmy Hatlo. He drew a cartoon based on the ironies of life. Evidently his readers sent in ideas because he signed off "with a tip of the Hatlo hat" to whomever had inspired him.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I agree this puzzle was easier than yesterday's. Any puzzle would be! I also feel like Barry G and HeartRx about not being particularly grabbed by the puzzle today, in spite of the fact it was magnificently constructed. Kind of like understanding that a building may be a skillfully constructed and designed piece of architecture, technically outstanding, but not being moved by it.

Hand up for AD MAN. Also hand up for smiling at NO TELL MOTEL.

The crossing of TRIS and TRU almost did me in. I know we've had TRIS before and I should remember him, but I had forgotten. And I never knew TRU in the first place.

Ha ha, I never thought of anything other than SAFES for 101D until you asked! What did *you* think? Never mind :)

If the rise and fall of the stock prices of John Deere and Caterpillar are any indication, they aren't all that much in competition with each other.

Best wishes to you all.

Anonymous said...

Of course you all know how to catch the ether bunny...

PK said...

In our neck of the woods, Komatsu is more a rival of Caterpillar than Deere, but that didn't fit in the puzzle. Caterpillar is big in earthmoving projects here such as road building, dams, tree removal, etc.

My son runs a repair/rental/used equipment shop for heavy earthmoving equipment. He was down on a river bank repairing a machine during a 107 degree day recently and got to feeling really ill. He used his electronic thermometer to see what his surroundings were reading and came up with 135 degrees.

He quit for the day and drove to the nearest town for a big milk shake. That revived him enough to go on home--a drive of an hour and a half. Scared him since his cell phone wasn't working down there and no one knew where he was if he didn't show up. Years ago he spent three days in the hospital after suffering heat exhaustion, so he knows not to push himself too far.

River Doc said...

Had to grind this one out, but finished with only two cells wrong (Fancy instead of Yancy and Deli instead of Dele - now it makes more sense).

Like most, No-Tell Motel got me going on the theme.

Favorite clue - Supreme Leader

Really enjoyed the pic of the guy with the "6-pack abs"

Lucina said...


PK said...

I just went back and read yesterday's lightning banter. Our house on the farm had five lightning rods installed so long before I moved in they had antique glass balls on them. The house was on a hill and was the tallest thing around except for one cottonwood tree which did get struck by lightning while we lived there. I don't think a nearby pole would have protected the whole large house.

We learned to put our CB radios somewhere else after a lightning strike to the rod which had a metal grounding cable to the earth right by our radio lead-in wire. Fried the radio.

My BIL didn't think he needed lightning rods on his house in town. He got out of his recliner one night to go get a drink. Lightning zapped a hole in the roof, the ceiling and his recliner.

Lucina said...

Spitzboov and others:
Since the clue for 56A is "current designation" don't you think that would mean AC or DC? In the shortcut world of puzzling, that is how I interpreted it.

Montana said...

Good afternoon CC and puzzlers. I did the puzzle last night at midnight. I had much the same experience as others. My first guess of ETHERIZE was not correct, but almost.

CC, the Big Sky Conference is an NCAA Division 1 conference located in the Western United States. A couple other CA teams play football in the league. The teams are Eastern Washington University, Idaho State University, University of Montana, Montana State University, University of North Dakota, Northern Arizona University, University of Northern Colorado, Portland State University, CSU-Sacramento, Southern Utah University, and Weber State University.

I think Qli’s NDSU won the national Div. 1 football title last season. We in Montana cheered for them after our team lost out in the semifinal game.

Bumper grain crops being reported here. Missouri River is the divider. North = great crops; south = drought and near no crop. Farmers and ranchers in states south of us are advertising for help with hay, feed and pasture land.

Have a nice Sunday afternoon,

Spitzboov said...

Lucina @ 1445 said don't you think that would mean AC or DC?. If so, then I think the fill should be ACORDC. I know there is a little license here because it's a Sunday puzzle, but that's the way the clue hit me. Engineer's frame of mind, I guess.

CrossEyedDave said...

Hmm, 101D, i was thinking glass blowing & wanted to put vases, as i have seen many blown, & some cracked. Apparently there is some DF aspect to this i am missing, can someone pls explain it to me?

Etherify was a tough one, (the Blog spell checker doesn't like it ether...) But i did like the Ether Bunny bit. I dont know how to catch one, but this link is a classic!

Argyle said...

The Ballad of Yancy Derringer. His Indian companion was a integral part of every story. I believe he was mute(on the show) and they communicated using only sign language which was also a plot device.

Anonymous said...

You catch a ether bunny with a ethernet!

Argyle said...

Follow-up on Yancy Derringer.

Wow! I had no idea that X Brands was such an accomplished actor. Fascinating. At the IMDb site, check out the comment from his grandaughter. That led me to his Wikipedia site.

Jayce said...

Every time I see the word "etherize" I think of the line in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock: "Like a patient etherized upon a table." Not too long ago an engineer colleague and I were taking apart some equipment to see what was wrong with it, and I said to him, "Let us go, then, you and I, and etherize this patient upon the table." He understood, and he laughed! From then on "etherize" has become a synonym, a code word, for "take it apart, lay the pieces out on the workbench, and figure out what's wrong with it."

Jayce said...

An ethernet, good one! hee hee.

So, would you say Yancy is a fancy-schmancy name? Actually, I kinda like it.

Bill G. said...

This puzzle took me a while but I enjoyed it every step of the way. The theme was OK but I loved many of the clues, especially "Take out order?" for DELE. I wanted DELI but I couldn't force it to make sense. I smiled when DELE showed up with the last crossing E. Thanks for the writeup, C.C.

Did you see the winner of the heptathlon late last night? Jessica Ennis from Great Britain. She had whole stadium loudly 'aroar' and wanting her to do well. She won her last race (800 M) coming from behind. She is obviously a great athlete but seems like a really nice person as well. I am a big fan.

Manac said...

Evening all,
Same as wees, adman and beer cans.
Does anyone really buy soda or beer
in six packs now?
Survived last night and another round
CED, Fake or not, that link was funny as hell. I think that everyone here and myself knew that you were not trying to make light of a strike.
HG, the only roasts I could watch were the original Dean Martin ones.
Funny but the jokes started to repeat
themselves. At least you could watch
it with your kids.

windhover said...

Anonymous @ 8:51,
Clearly you have never been het up in the back seat of a '56 Chevy, and more's the pity. ;-)

Manac said...

Just in case anyone didn't see a Dean Martin roast. Foster brooks

Spitzboov said...

Modern Technology

I was visiting my son when I asked if I could borrow a newspaper.

'This is the 21st century,' he said. 'We don't waste money on newspapers. Here, you can borrow my iPad.'

I can tell you, that bloody fly never knew what hit it...........


Angela Merkel Goes to Paris

Angela Merkel arrives at Passport Control at Paris airport.

"Nationality?" asks the immigration officer.

"German," she replies.


"No, just here for a few days."

Bill G. said...

Spitz, good ones!

Manac, I loved that Foster Brooks routine. Hey, how about going blue and filling out a resumé? You are an interesting person, I enjoy what you write about and I would like to know a little more about you.

Anonymous said...

The way to catch a unique rabbit is "u (s)nique up on him."
Good joke for the kids.

Manac said...

Loved that one!
Reminds me of my kids.
Off to watch beach volleyball.
they are back to their original

Jayce said...

You all are such fabulous folks!

Bill G. said...

So are you!

Manac said...

Bill G. been considering that for some time
now. Help me out here please. I have a
G-mail account and just found out where I wrote my password. will that work on this Blogger or do I need a different account?

Manac said...

No insult intended by all means.
But your avatar was the first thing
to come to mind when I posted the
Foster Brooks post.

Bill G. said...

Manac, I'm probably not the best one to ask. I signed up a couple of years ago and have forgotten what I did. I think you just go under the comment box where it says 'Choose an identity" and put in your Google name, e-mail address and password. Once you get a blue name, I hope you will click on your blue name and edit your profile so it will represent who you are, where you are from, what you do, interests, etc. I much prefer communicating with people I feel like I know a little bit. I hope it all works for you. I'm sure if it doesn't, C.C. or Argyle or ?? can help you out.

Anonymous said...

Late post, but catching up on crosswords after a busy weekend. I enjoyed the write-up, but was amused when you said that the 23A was the only answer that the OTs were together and then your next answer, 25a also had the 2 OTs together.

Argyle said...

I think her point was PROTOTYPICAL was one word but 25A is three, GO TO TOWN, so when parsed, they are separated.

C.C. Burnikel said...

My bad, Argyle, the Anonymous @2:30pm was correct.

Anonymous said...