Aug 27, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012 Bruce Venzke

Theme: Where the first little piggy went - each theme word can precede MARKET.

17A. High-performing Wall Street investment : SUPER STOCK. Super market, Stock market.

26A. Salmon, trout, cod, etc. : FOOD FISH. Food market, Fish market.

36A. Big day for a new store, or an apt description of each part of 17-, 26-, 50- and 58-Across : MARKET OPENING

50A. Past all major obstacles : HOME FREE. Home market, Free market.

58A. Unifying connection : COMMON BOND. Common market, Bond market.

Argyle here sans Cruciverb. A nice smattering of clues/answers. A few tricky clues and some hard answers. But if you look hard enough, you can probably find a nit. Let the week begin!


1. Some Ford autos, briefly : MERCs. Yes, and some "fur'in" cars.

6. Mocking remark : JAPE. Sorry, did I just make a jape?

10. __ team: police crisis unit : SWAT

14. With good cheer : GAILY

15. Airline to Tel Aviv : EL AL or 30A. Netherlands airline : KLM

16. Hawaiian seaport : HILO

19. Giggly Muppet : ELMO

20. “He’s __ no good” : UP TO. Is that why Elmo's giggling?

21. Distribute in portions : ALLOT

22. Resume the original speed, in music : A TEMPO

29. Double-check, as in a lab : RETEST

31. Farm pen : STY

32. Sp. maiden : SRTA. (señorita)

33. Like the area under an awning : SHADED

41. Giorgio of fashion : ARMANI

42. Per __: daily : DIEM

44. Ship’s pronoun : SHE. All ships are referred to as female.

47. Have the flu : AIL

48. Scrabble 10-pointers : Z TILES

53. Borgnine who did voice work in “SpongeBob SquarePants” : ERNEST

54. Fowl pole : ROOST. Have your chickens come home to roost?

55. Swim meet assignment : LANE

57. Stops hedging : OPTs

64. Beekeeper played by Fonda : ULEE. Peter Fonda in "Ulee's Gold".

65. Throat-clearing sound : [AHEM]

66. Ready for bed : TIRED

67. Fathers : DADs

68. Bull in a corrida : TORO

69. Popular toaster waffles : EGGOs


1. British sports cars : MG's. Trivia question: What does MG stand for.

2. __ de toilette : EAU

3. Tear at the seam : RIP

4. NFL’s Browns, scoreboard-style : CLE. (Cleveland)

5. Pancake toppers : SYRUPS

6. Rocker Joan : JETT

7. Emotionally detached : ALOOF

8. Gp. providing campaign funds : PAC. (political action committee)

9. Fraternal society member : ELK. (The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks)

10. Knickknack holder : SHELF

11. “The Sixth Sense” star Bruce : WILLIS. If you've seen 'Expendables 2', how was it?

12. “Close, but no cigar” : "ALMOST"

13. Like Alfred E. Neuman’s grin : TOOTHY

18. Dalmatian feature : SPOT. They have many features then.

21. Product pitchers : AD MEN

22. __ gratia artis: MGM motto : ARS. (Art for art's sake)

23. Contract period : TERM

24. James or Jones of jazz : ETTA. We know Ms James. Ms James singing "Canadian Sunset" clip.(2:38)

25. Stiller’s comedy partner : MEARA. Ben Stiller's parents.

27. Giraffe cousin : OKAPI

28. Merrie __ England : OLDE

33. Like dry bread : STALE

34. Sugar substitute? : HON. Not as an actual sweetener but as a euphemism you might get from the diner's waitress.

35. Bumped off : DID IN

37. “Make today delicious” food giant : KRAFT

38. Mideast chieftain : EMIR

39. Luxor’s river : NILE. Map.

40. Thousands, to a hood : GEEs

43. Denver hrs. : MST

44. Turin treasure : SHROUD

45. Fanfare : HOOPLA

46. Gushed on stage : EMOTED

48. Stoicism founder : ZENO

49. Thirty, in Montréal : TRENTE. French speaking city.

51. Double curves : ESSES

52. Toondom’s Fudd : ELMER

56. Gun filler : AMMO

58. Calico pet : CAT

59. “Well, well, well!” : "O, HO!"

60. Sizable : BIG

61. URL ender for a charity : .ORG

62. Prefix with natal : NEO

63. Cavity filler: Abbr. : DDS. Not what is put in the cavity; who filled the cavity. (Doctor of Dental Surgery)


Note from C.C.:

Happy 64th Birthday to Lemonade (Left, with John Lampkin on the right), whose wits, humor & cheerfulness brighten our Friday mornings. Happy 64th Birthday to the knowledgeable Anony-Mouse too!


Abejo said...

Folks. No crossword on cruciverb today. I will have to try to print it from Chicago tribune once I find a printer.


Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and a happy birthday to Lemonade and Anony-Mouse)!

The clues and answers today were, as Argyle pointed out, generally nice today, although a bit trickier than expected for a Monday. It took me a few tries to figure out the spelling of TRENTE, for example (I was sure there was an "I" in there somewhere).

The theme didn't quite work for me. Part of the problem was that I really wanted GRAND OPENING for the theme reveal at 36A. I associate MARKET OPENING with the stock market, which doesn't have anything to do with new stores. The other part of the problem was that HOME MARKET meant nothing to me. I've heard of the HOUSING MARKET, but that's it.

And yes, I'm aware that these "problems" are probably just due to my own ignorance...

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Without Cruciverb, just figured to say hello.

Argyle - Morris Garage.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Interesting Monday puzzle. It doesn't bode well, however, when I have difficulty with 1-Across, especially on a Monday. MERCS did not come easily, although I got it through the perps.

I especially liked the Fowl Pole = ROOST.

I Love Rock 'n Roll. I saw Joan JETT in concert many years ago.

Only the Dalmatian dogs will have the spots. Tinbini can probably confirm that people from Dalmatia are spotless.

I once took a river boat down the NILE from Aswan to Luxor. I probably wouldn't attempt that today.

Happy 64th Birthdays to both Lemonade and Anony-mouse. Enjoy your special day.

I guess we may soon be testing the strength of the levees along the Mississippi.

QOD: Good things happen when you meet strangers. ~ Yo-Yo- Ma

Hahtoolah said...

Strange, but true. This is NOT a Calico CAT. But this is a Link text CAT.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning all. Good theme explanation, Argyle.

This one seemed harder than most Mondays. Had trouble with the JETT/JAPE crossing, but then remembered we have had Jape before. Some clever clues - for ROOST and DDS.
We had a 'calico' CAT that lived for over 20 years. Her name was Sneaky. SHE could be tough; once saw her chase a very large dog out of our yard standing on her hind legs.
But I digress. Good job, Bruce.

HBTY to Lemonade and Anony-mouse. Dreimal hoch!

Have a good day.

Lucina said...

Good day, Argyle and all.

Happy birthday Lemonade and Anony-mouse! I hope it's special for each of you.

Fun and quick puzzle with only a pause at TRENTE which like Barry I was expecting an i in it.

But I was HOME FREE in ALMOST no time. Didn't even see TOOTHY emerge.

Fowl pole, ROOST was cute.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

grams said...

Hoping hurricane Isaac doesn't veer any closer to Houston. I also had trouble with Mercs, roost (clever clue) opts (had bets). Happy b/d Lemonade and anonymouse!

Anonymous said...

Barry G ~ glad you're back! I love reading your posts because we are of like-minds.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks, once again. Thank you, Bruce Venzke, for a very good puzzle. Thank you, as well, Argyle, for the swell write-up.

Well, I finally got my puzzle by printing it from the ChicagoTrib, once my wife's cousin was up and about to do it. I did not want to wake her at 4:30 AM. Wonder what happened to the Cruciverb Site?

Easy puzzle. Got started with MERCS, GAILY, etc. JAPE came slowly, after I wagged JETT. ELK was easy. We get that a lot, plus I am one, about 40 years.

I wanted LAPS for 55A. Finally wrote over with LANE.

Accidentally wrote IMAM for 38D. Fixed that to EMIR. Another write-over. I knew better.

MEARA came with perps.

My wife and daughter eat EGGOS a lot. I do not.

Off to cut the grass in Johnsonburg. Supposed to rain later on.

See you tomorrow.


Anony-Mouse said...

Thank you Bruce Venzke, for a very nice and easy puzzle and Argyle for a witty and informative blog.

Argyle, I have a nit (?) with a comment in your blog .... You wrote 'hon' was a euphemism, from a diner waitress. I would say it is an endearment ... I always thought of a euphemism as a 'soft' word for something unpleasant, like death, lies ... and politics. Now what would be a harsh, actual word, the waitress would have used instead ? (lol).

I had a little problem with Jape and Atempo, but no big deal.

After the six day war (1967), in Jan. 1968, there was small joke in the Reader's Digest, Indian edition:

Daffy Definitions;- Senile ... Visit Israel.

ALT QOD:- In addition to comedy, I'm a writer. I like to write checks, and they're not very good. ~ Wendy Liebman.

Abejo said...

I almost forgot.

Happy Birthday to Lemonade and Anony Mous. Many happy returns to you both.

Good photo of Lemonade and John L.


Mari said...

Welcome back Barry G. I agree with you on GRAND OPENING. That's where I was headed.

I liked the clue for 54A: Fowl Pole: ROOST. It had me scratching my head. I hadn't heard of TRENTE, so that's my learning word of the day. That and JAPE. That's a new one for me. I was leaning towards JABS.

Great words today: TOOTHY, HOOPLA, and OHO!

Happy 64th Birthdays to Lemonade and Anony-mouse. Have a wonderful day. And for those in Isaac's path, be safe.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thanks Bruce, thanks Argyle. HBD to Lemon and Anony - Mouse

Anony-Mouse said...

Thank you C.C., and all of you for your kind wishes. I try to avoid mentioning certain dates and the messages to others, more for the sake of the 'evil eye'. As for myself, my birthday, merely alerts me to my inevitable, impending end.

As a frivolous aside, as some of you may be aware, some Indians place great emphasis on birthdays, and especially horoscopes .... exact times of birth, to the nearest second, longitude & latitude of the place of birth etc. When I was 19, and discovered that my horoscope has been 'cast', courtesy of my parents, I burnt or threw away every single copy of the horoscope I could find. This created a slight problem, when my parents were 'shopping around' for an 'arranged marriage' partner. Most prospective in-laws refused to even consider an alliance, without a matching of ( the all-knowing - ) horoscopes. Now I like to bemusedly think of all the dodos I avoided because of this. Fortunately, when I found a person I liked, my brother managed to make a contrived, totally fictitious, horoscope to suit the purpose.

We never cast horoscopes for either of our daughters .... now, I still have fond hopes, that my unmarried younger daughter in NYC will find an able and willing partner, (and soon... ) despite being bereft of this. I believe Astronomy is better than 90% accurate, and astrology is 90% B.S.

Husker Gary said...

-HBD Lemon and Anonymous!
-We are at the far west outpost of delivery of the Omaha World Herald and will have to do it online from here. The OWH quit delivering same day papers state-wide years ago.
-Fords and Chevys dominated in my “ute” and MERCS were rare
-Doing something GAILY used to mean something else in my aforementioned “ute”. Recently outed neighbor spent a half hour talking to me about her issues two nights ago and all the GAY performers she has interviewed (kd lang, et al)
-I’ll wear ARMANI when I’m absolutely certain I have more money than I’ll ever need
-I remember ERNEST as Marty more than his cartoon efforts
-I wonder if Stiller and MEARA were on the Ed Sullivan show the night the Beatles played?
-I thought the SHROUD as the image of Jesus had been debunked
-Off to North Platte to see the attraction in North Platte, NE

Tinbeni said...

Happy 64th Birthdays to Lemon & Anony-Mouse. (Twins at birth that you're not tellin' us about?)

FUN Monday offering. Thanks Bruce.

Hahtoolah: Like I said on my birthday; since the 'weather-guys' had their 'spaghetti-models' going directly over Tampa, I knew Isaac wasn't coming here and was probably heading your way.
Hope everthing is tied down and you & yours are safe over the next few days.

A 'toast' to all at Sunset. Birthday celebrators first.

Spitzboov said...

Husker said: Off to North Platte to see the attraction in North Platte, NE.

Oh, I thought you meant the largest railroad yard in the world (UP). :-)

Mari said...

Anony-Mouse @ 8:40 am: I prefer to think of it not as your impending end, but as your transition to something better.

Your story regarding birth charts and astrology was very interesting. What you and your brother did was even more interesting!

We post here everyday without really knowing each other. I bet you all have an intresting story. Thanks for sharing Anony-Mouse.

Blue Iris said...

Finished this Monday's puzzle almost too quickly. Left me wanting for more, but might be that I'm getting better at solving. Didn't know the french for thirty. Filled in TRE and waited for perps to finish it.

Argyle, googled MG-Stands for Morris Garage.

Googled Stocism/Zeno- Sounded like new agers of their time. Stoic has changed meaning for me. Think more of someone being brave/ fearless when facing painful/difficult circumstances, not indifferent or apathetic.

HBTY Lemonade and Anony-mouse! The Beatles sure made the 64th a hallmark birthday.

Anonymous said...

The Wizard says . . . I am a long-time puzzle doer but only now a first-time poster. Have been reading this blog faithfully each day for about a year.

I didn't see it mentioned today. I find it especially clever that BOTH words of the two-word theme answers follow the theme by themselves, giving the entire puzzle a much deeper theme. Here there eight different markets mentioned in four clues, not just the four first-word markets. Hats off to the puzzle maker!

P.S. The wizard moniker comes from the comic strip. Years ago, during homecoming decoration of the halls in the high school where I taught, the students put the wizard (of ID) on my classroom, lab, and office doors. I stuck for a lot of years.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

And a big happy Brithday hug to Lemonade and Anony-Mouse!

Thanks for the Etta Jones clip, Argyle...she has such a silky voice. And I giggled at your ELMO comment "He's UP TO no good"...

HG, I also think of "Marty" whenever I hear Ernest Borgnine's name (wonder why?). I liked the theme, and like The Wizard (welcome!) says, thought it was an extra elegant touch to have both words that could precede MARKET. Clever, indeed!

Sfingi said...

@Hahtoolah - nice comments.

AHEM crosses OHO is a moan.

Word of the day - from the radio - flammulated, used to describe a red owl (or, as they have on crosswords, owlet).

When Hubster was studying French, he commented, "In English, we learn to count before we learn to multiply." English does have "score" for twenty, but rarely used.

Lemonade714 said...

Hi all, Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I was born 1:40am GMT, if you are curious who is older.Puzzle nd write up were a nice present to start my day. Isaac missed us but the rain and howling winds are still here so no work. Enjoy the holiday

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

Thanks, Bruce, for a clever theme and thanks, Argyle, for your usual crystal-clear expo. On the first pass, I thought this was more of a Tuesday or even Wednesday level, but then everything fell into place easily enough.

Happy 64th Birthday to Lemonade and Anony-mouse. Hope your day is special.

Best wishes for the safety of those affected by Isaac.

Montana said...

Nice explanation of an interesting puzzle, Argyle. Thanks.

I am in Denver, Colorado. My granddaughter was born on my birthday a year ago yesterday, so we opened gifts and ate cake together.

I had a tough time with this Monday puzzle. Ipad couldn’t get puzzle from Cruciverb, Internet Explorer wouldn’t work on my son’s computer, had to wait for him to get up, and finally used Firefox to get my local MT newspaper and print the puzzle from there. Then, there were quite a few clues/answers I was unsure of. WAG at a number of letters, but all correctly, so I guess at the end, all is good. Hope tomorrow's is easier.

Have a good week, everyone,

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

HBD Lemon and Nony.

Nice Monday offering from Bruce, with lots of dense themeage.

Puzzle still isn't up at Cruciverb. Worked it from the LA Times site. How do you turn off scarlet letters?

"Fowl pole" was my fav clue.

JAPE is one of my fav words. Few people know it. I learned it from George R.R. Martin's novel DYING OF THE LIGHT.

Step-son Tom and his brood live a little east of Pensacola. They're heading for PA this eve.

MG is milligrams [of Magnesium.]

Rained here overnight. Mid 70's now and muggy. March was warmer than April, now Aug is cooler than Jun and Jul.

Cool regards!

Misty said...

Happy birthday, kids! (That's what guys at 64 are compared to the next generation!) Great horoscope story, Anony-mouse. And great photo, Lemonade.

Puzzle was a bit tougher than many Mondays, but a lot of fun--so thanks, Bruce. And Argyle, I loved the calico cat saying O HO!

Finally, welcome to the blog, Anonymous 9:14. If you give yourself a name, we'll be able to tell you apart from the other A's. It'll be great to hear from you in the mornings.

Have a wonderful Monday, everybody!

Anonymous said...

The usual harder monday puzzle. Was not surprised.

Anonymous said...

no abbr. in mgs clue? ahem

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the welcome. Didn't see where or how to add a name instead of the "anonymous" moniker. Help?
The Wizard

Lemonade714 said...

Montana: you could have waited a day and we could be 3. My first associate when I openedmy own office was the 26th.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Lemonade and Anony-Mouse, so they still need you, they still feed you, eh?

Cool puzzle. Did not get MERCS right away, which wasn't as bad an omen as I thought it might be, since I had little trouble solving the rest quickly.

I had an MG TD for a short while in my 'yoot' and enjoyed driving it. It was a harsh, uncomfortable ride. Nowadays I like the amenities in my car.

Best wishes to you all.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

What a relief that Isaac bypassed Naples! We were kept on tenterhooks until Sunday evening. So we celebrated the CLOSE, BUT NO CIGAR by going out for breakfast this morning.

Happy birthday Lemonade and Anony–Mouse. And many more to come.

WEES about this puzzle. Never did get ZTILES, had laps instead of LANE, so thirty in French was nonsense. But everything else came to me. Was especially pleased when I saw DDS. Very clever cluing IMHO.

So thanks Argyle and Bruce.


Lucina said...

That's very interesting about the use of horoscopes for match making.
And even more interesting of how you and your brother found a way around it. Did your parents ever know that? And if so were they upset?

Anonymous said...

lemony, celebrating already?

Misty said...

Anonymous 11:52

On my computer, under the "Leave your comment" box, it says "Choose an identity" and gives the options Google Account, Open ID, Name URL, Anonymous. I click on Name/URL and write "Misty" under where it says Name. I don't fill in a URL, which is optional. Then I press Preview which gives me a chance to see how my comment will appear in the blog.

I've never figured out how to "go blue"--in other words, have my name appear in blue. Maybe C.C. can explain how to do that.

Anyway, it's great to have you on board!

Lemonade714 said...

anon, i celebrate every day. i am typing on a kindle so i make even less sense. i had an mg midget. i have no memory of getting rid of it. we had a merc(ury) station wagon when i was a kid. my father hated it.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Happy Birthday to Lemonade, and to Anony-Mouse. May you both have many, many more.

A few un-Monday words, like jape, Zeno, Z-tiles, and Trente made the puzzle a little harder than the usual Monday fare. However, I didn't have a problem filling in the unknowns with the perps.

A fairly quick run today with no lookups. I haven't played much Scrabble, but I knew that the Q tiles were high scoring tiles, but Q wouldn't fit. My only other choice was Z--so OHO!

I'm still cleaning up and putting away from my party on Sat. We had perfect weather, and lots of good company, good food and conversation. Some of the people who came we've known for over 50 years.

Have a great day everyone

Mari said...

Argyle: I saw The Expendables II last weekend. I thought it was funny - especially Chuck Norris. He'll have you laughing. The only tough guy they're missing is Steven Segal.

Yesterday DH and I saw Premium Rush. It was a fun time killer, but I certainly laughed more watching The Expendables.

Bill G. said...

This is our 1955 MG TF. I haven't driven it lately but I should.

The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog" ~ Mark Twain

desper-otto said...

I'm late to the party today -- lots of morning errands to run.

HBD Lemon and Anony-Mouse. Oh to be 64 again. Oops! That'd mean I'd still be working. I'd hate that.

WBS about GRAND OPENING and MARKET OPENING. And for some reason I was certain ZENO started with an X -- maybe I was thinking of XENON gas.

Tinman gets the amateur meteorologist of the day award for his Issac prediction. You other Floridians owe him big time. Hold onto your hat, Hahtoolah!

desper-otto said...

Um, that'd be Isaac.

PK said...

Hi Y'all, Tricky puzzle! Thought 1A would be "Edsel" but only for a moment. Great as always, Argyle!

Happy Birthday, Lemonade and Anonymouse, you young whippersnappers! Happy belated BD, Montana.

Anonymouse, Loved your story of rebellion, Indian style. Do Indian parents in the US still make arranged marriages?

Jazzbumpa said...

Driving home on I-75 from Toledo Sat eve, just north of the MI line I ran into a swarm of flying bugs so dense it sounded like hard rain hitting the windshield. Visited a car wash this morning. You would not have wanted to see the disgusting front end of my car.

It reminded me of a poem I composed one summer eve years ago, driving up US 23 between t-town and A^2.


The killer windshield returns, thrusting
Its airborne swatch of destruction
Through the summer night:

Merciless executioner of countless
Unnamed winged hexapods, reduced
To gelatinous acid smears.

A firefly strikes its match
Against the glass, extinguished
In a final lightning flash.

Ten miles down the road
Its faint glow still lingers, feeble
Candle-curse against the dark.

Hope I didn't bug you too much,

Yellowrocks said...

Happy Birthday, Lemonade and Anonymouse, Happy belated Birthday, Montana.
Welcome Wizard.
Anonymoue, I enjoyed your horoscope story.

Gotta run.

Bill G. said...

Regarding my earlier Mark Twain quote, that's his POV, not mine, especially regarding the fine people on this blog.

Anony-Mouse, I agree with your assessment of astronomy and astrology except that I would rate astrology as closer to 100 percent B.S.

Avg Joe said...

IIRC, someone on the old blog had known someone in college that made mad money on the side by writing horoscopes. They'd crank out like 120 at a time and send them off....without any attempt to assign a specific sign to any of them. That was done later by the recipients in a purely random selection process. Probably picked them out of a hat.

There's no way of knowing the veracity of this story, but it seems completely reasonable, if not likely.

Despite that, HBD to both Lemon and Anony-mouse:-)

Lemonade714 said...


That sounds like our friend here in Florida known as the LOVE BUG . Scared the crap out of me when I drove to Florida to go to law school and had to stop three times between Jacksonville and Gainesville (78 miles) to clean the wiondshield.

Lucina said...

I like your poem! You are such a talented person on many levels.

HeartRx said...

Jazzbumpa, loved your poem! It reminded me of the old joke, "What's the last thing that goes through a bug's mind when it hits your windshield?"
Ans: His rear end!

PedantTheBrit said...

Well, here I am in St. Petersburg, FL and Isaac has passed us by. There's still plenty of wind and hot air, but luckily the RNC will be gone in a few days.

Had a DNF today for a personal natick at the Scrabble/stoicism intersection. Guessed wrongly at the letter, X-Tiles seemed perfectly reasonable to me. Maybe I was thinking of Scully and Mulder?

Anonymous @ 11:50 (Are you the same Anonymous who has complained mistakenly about non-abbreviated clues in the past? Can I just call you Anon?) Would you expect BMW to have an abbreviation in the clue? Then why should MG?

Happy BDs to those celebrating having survived another year, and look out for the Moon ascending in Uranus!

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-I agree with Marti’s opinion of this clever puzzle.
-After 6 hours on the road, we are now at Ogallala, NE the home of Lake McConaughy. We’ll eat at a restaurant overlooking the lake tonight.
-Yes, we did see the largest railroad yards in the world in North Platte from the 8 story high new viewing tower. We saw the, uh, humping hills.
-Glad to see Tin came through unscathed. It looks like New Orleans is better prepared and Isaac MAY not be as bad as Katrina.
-Re: Z TILE - largest scrabble word scores
-My favorite poem on mortality

laszlo said...

CC, MG stands for Morris Garages.

Hahtoolah said...

Marti: I loved your bug joke!!!

Louisiana is preparing for whatever Isaac brings. Offices and businesses in the southern parishes are closed tomorrow and Wednesday. I anticipate we will lose our electricity at some point during the early hours when the storm reaches the area.

GarlicGal said...

Here is my spiffy '53 MG-TD which I have owned since 1975. Very fun!

Happy Birthday Lemonade and Anony-mouse. Party hearty!

Lucina said...

Stay safe!

Jayce said...

Garlic Gal, gorgeous car!

Sfingi said...

Jazzbumpa - excellent poem.

CrossEyedDave said...

Just got back from D.C., My daughter's dorm room in FoggyBottom is all set up. (I must have just missed Barry...)

HBD Anony-Mouse

Here is a silly C.E.D. style HBD Lemonade! (i really wanted to post this clip of 2 girls in lingerie running a lemonade stand, but i thought i might get in trouble, & now that i think of it, they didn't mention anything about a birthday...)

Oh what the heck, here's another one for Anony-Mouse!

Dewey, Cheatem & Howe LPA lawyers said...

Happy Birthday to you - is a copyrighted song and tune, by Mildred and Patty Hill of Kentucky, 1893, renewed by sister Jessica Hill in 1935 ( Clayton F Summy Publ. Co.,) under U.S. Code , Title 7, sub-para 106 and through 110. The copyright is now owned by Time Warner Co., and renewed thru 2030.

Please call 1 -800 -505 - 4052 to pay by credit card, or write to ASCAP, One Lincoln Plaza NY NY 10023 to pay by check.

We feel 2 paragraphs to the wise is sufficient.

Manac said...

Oh heck! I've been in trouble before..
HBD lemon

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Those girls look sixteen!

Lemonade714 said...

Thanks Manac, nothing better thn the personal touch.

Bill G. said...

Manac, thanks for the video. They look like ex-students of mine. I've been wondering what they were up to.

Manac said...

Bill, LMAO. Your post killed me!
BTW, that's a nice looking auto.
I'm surprised you don't take it out more often.

Anonymous said...

CED: The cat singing happy birthday is hilarious and clever. Also the warning from the law firm.

Good night!