Aug 9, 2012

Thursday, August 9, 2012 Ed Sessa

Theme: Got change?
I know little (if nothing) about coin collecting. Everything that follows is totally gg'd!!

20-Across. *7 ___ : BUFFALO NICKELS. Buffalo nickels were minted from 1913-1938. A 1916/16 (double die variety) could be worth $50,000. What would seven of those suckers be worth?

33-Across. *5 ___ : WHEAT PENNIES. Wheat pennies were minted from 1909 to 1958. A 1943 D-bronze/copper could be worth $1,000,000 !! (That's more than a buck, by my reckoning...)

42-Across. *6 ___ : MERCURY DIMES. Mercury dimes were minted from 1916 to 1945. A 1916-D could bring about $375. $2,250 for six of 'em.

And the unifier:
57-Across. What the starred clues and their no-longer-minted answers come to : CHANGE FOR A BUCK. The coins in the other three theme entries are no longer minted. Therefore, they are "changed" from the modern-day version of the respective coins. If you add them all up, 7 nickels, 5 pennies plus 6 dimes all add up to $1.00. Got it?

It's Thursday, and Marti here to look at the rest.


1. Ones crying foul : REFS

5. Bishop's representative : VICAR. A vicar is any representative. For example, in the Catholic church, the pope is the "vicar" of Christ.

10. Letters for Dick and Jane : ABCS

14. Nerve cell projection : AXON

15. "Guitar Town" singer Steve : EARLE.Link. 2:29

16. Place to find a 62-Across : PERU. And 62-Across. Animal of 16-Across : LLAMA

17. "Not so quick, Silver!" : WHOA. "Hi-ho Silver, awaaaay...!"

18. Tequila source : AGAVE

19. Like some chances : none.

23. Affaire de coeur : AMOUR. "Affair of the heart": Love, in French.

24. Low bender : KNEE

25. Impersonate : APE

27. Classic roadster : REO

28. Gene's "Brigadoon" partner : CYD. Charisse.

31. "Who Wants to Be Me?" co-author, familiarly : REGIS. Philbin. I haven't read it. You?

37. Sutherland solo : ARIA. Joan Sutherland sings the aria from Handel's "Alcina". 4:46

40. Attention-getting sound : ALARM. Don't you just love it when the cats decide to chase a moth at 3:00 A.M., and set off the alarm in the process???

41. Matador's foe : TORO. The "bull", in Spanish.

45. Soft fly : BLOOP. Hmmph, I'll leave it to the baseball experts to explain that one!

46. Country miss : GAL

47. Court do-over : LET. Tennis court, that is.

50. Cyclotron bit : ION

51. Spartan spirits : OUZO. Greek spirits. Tastes like licorice!

55. Bingo relative : BEANO. Or, a gas-preventing pill.

61. False god : BAAL. Any of the spirit deities worshiped as cult images called "ba'al". Regarded as false gods in the Hebrew bible.

63. Like much lore : ORAL

64. Sicilian spewer : ETNA. Italian volcano.

65. Fabled grasshopper, for one : IDLER. Aesop's "The Ant and the Grasshopper"

66. '60s golfer "Champagne" Tony : LEMA. He joked that he would buy champagne for the press if he won the Orange County Open Invitational in 1962. Ironically, he died in a plane that crashed in the water hazard short of the seventh green of the Lansing Country Club on the way to an event there.

67. Knight and others : TEDS. He played Ted Baxter on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show".

68. Dip before dinner, maybe : SALSA. Cute clue.

69. "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" backdrop : ALPS. From "The Sound of Music". Link. 2:21


1. Place for shuckers : RAW BAR. Aw, shucks!

2. Dig up : EXHUME.

3. Miss Piggy's poodle : FOO-FOO. Hilarious, amazing talented dog! 2:49

4. One fine mess : SNAFU. "Systems normal, all f(owl)ed up"!

5. Saltimbocca meat : VEAL. Yumm!

6. "I hate the Moor" speaker : IAGO. From "Othello"

7. Curmudgeon : CRANK

8. Animated chipmunk: ALVIN. You really don't want an ear worm, do you?

9. Volleyball star Gabrielle : REECE. Did anyone watch the Olympic volleyball matches?

10. Recess near an altar : APSE

11. Casino known for its fountains : BELLAGIO. Have you seen this famous display in Las Vegas, done to music? One of my favs is this one. 2:13

12. Cooked longer, perhaps : CRISPIER. Do you like your steak "crispier", or medium-rare?

13. Tidy ___ : SUM. If you have a 1943 D Bronze/Copper wheat penny, it could fetch a tidy sum!

21. Sneaker feature : ARCH. My first thought was "odor"...

22. "Ol' Man River" composer : KERN. Jerome Kern, composer. This is Paul Robeson's 1936 "Showboat" vocal. 4:18

26. Gas acronym : ESSO. "Standard Oil". (For its initials, "Ess" and "O")

29. About 1.2% of Uranus's orbital period, on Earth : YEAR

30. John on the links : DALY. Ya gotta love his outfits!

32. Tolkien creatures : ENTS. Hands up for those who did not know this, after having it about 1,376 times in the past two months?

33. Baylor Bears' home : WACO. Texas.

34. Little shaver : TAD

35. Puritan : PRIG

36. Jane Austen opus : EMMA

37. Dextrous beginning : AMBI

38. Get a move on? : RELOCATE. Loved this clue!

39. What a tyrant wields : IRON HAND. "HANDs" up for those who thought of IRON "fist" at first?

43. On top of : UPON. Once on top of a time...

44. 1814-'15 exile site : ELBA

47. Victory emblem : LAUREL. Many of our US athletes are wearing laurels this week!

48. Pitch tents : ENCAMP

49. Gertrude Stein confidante : TOKLAS. Alice B. Toklas.

52. Wrinkly fruits : UGLIS. Yes, they are!

53. Author Fitzgerald married to F. Scott : ZELDA. "Save Me the Waltz", about her marriage to F. Scott.

54. "___ the nerve!" : OF ALL

56. "The Hot Zone" subject : EBOLA. virus. Scary.

58. Word of woe : ALAS

59. East End abodes : 'OMES. To 'enry 'iggins, that is.

60. Avis lead-in : RARA. Literally, "rare bird" in Latin.

61. Pot builder : BET. Poker pot.

Answer grid.

I'll bet you had as much fun with this puzzle as I did? Until next week!



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I actually am an avid coin collector, but this one had me flustered for awhile until I got to the unifier and figured out what the heck was going on.

Elsewhere, the very tricky clue for OUZO stumped me for a bit, CYD was a complete unknown, and I was thinking of something a bit more low key for an "attention getting sound" (like AHEM or PSST).

On the other hand, I did manage to get FOOFOO right off the bat... ^_^

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Marti and friends. I thought this puzzle would be a killer when i saw that first theme clue, but it was easier than anticipated. I realized that the last word of each of the theme answers was pocket change. After i got the BUFFALO, the rest of the coins fell into place.

PENNY trivia: The Lincoln Memorial penny went into circulation 53 years ago last Tuesday, August 7.

Hand up for wanting IRON Fist instead of IRON HAND.

My favorite clue was Letters for Dick and Jane = ABCs.

QOD: Have convictions. Be friendly. Stick to your beliefs as they stick to theirs. Work as hard as they do. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Spitzboov said...

Good morning Marti and all.

Woke up after 0230 and couldn't get back to sleep so went on Google to look up a tree I had walked under the other day (a black ash, Fraxinus NIgra), and then did today's cw on line. Finally crapped out again, but waited until now to post. Does a cortisone shot in one's KNEE interrupt the sleep cycle?

I liked the puzzle and how the theme developed. Knew of the BUFFALO NICKEL, but did not know, or remember, that the PENNY reverse, displayed WHEAT in its design. Forgot about MERCURY, too, but the perps were all helpful, today. Did not know BEANO. The PERU - LLAMA linkage was easy enough. Marti 'splained it well, but I thought the OMES clue was stilted. I hope Ed Sessa comes back soon with another good puzzle.

KNEE - Shows English's Anglo-Saxon roots. L. German is Knee, pronounced [ k ' nay ]. German is Knie pronounced [ k ' nee ]. Other body parts like foot, finger, arm, shoulder and thumb are similar in these languages.

Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

Twentieth Time Poster (TTP'er) here

Thank you Ed and thank you Marti. Had a hard time getting going. Playing at the Master level and stumbling right out of the gate with 1D Roasts (corn roasts, shucking corn) instead of RAWBAR, so you got me there Ed. Also wanted 16A barn and 62A horse, but got past that AMOUR pretty quickly. Also, in the north central, I filled 18A with guave instead of AGAVE. Thought all the names (3D, 6D, 8D, 9D, 11D, 22D, 30D, 49D, 53D, 15A, 28A, 31A, 66A and 67A) were going to do me in. Break through was seeing NICKELS, that led to BUFFALO, which in turn led to both WHEATPENNIES and MERCURYDIMES. Ed, where was Liberty Dollars ? Just kidding. It was a very challenging puzzle and I'm proud to have completed it without any lookups or red letter help. Marti, thanks for your write up and links. Especially OMES.

OK, I'll take a shot at bloop. When the batter hits the ball weakly in the air within the field of play and usually just out of range of any of the fielders. An announcer or color commentator would say "A bloop single." Contrast to "A can of corn" which would be a weak fly ball easily caught for an out.

Husker Gary said...

A great workout with a fun theme that represents coins of my ‘ute where you could actually buy something with them - penny for a gumball, nickel for the pinball machine and a dime comic (mom threw ‘em all away).

-Top middle took some real effort
-I was reading Dick and Jane while spending the amounts above
-SLIM to none have been our rain chances this summer
-KNEEs are wearing out on my contemporaries of mine due to age and too many potato chips
-BLOOP hits (soft fly balls that drop just out of the reach of fielders) make up for the line drives that get caught
-Volleyball only recently changed the rule for when a serve hits the net (play it) but tennis has not (LET)
-Yeah, I watched a lot of VB. Indoors AND beach ;-).
-Some of today’s IDLERS are not following the QOD.
-The Huskers are often called shuckers around here
-John Daly’s foe was not par but his internal demons
-Off to Lincoln to buy school clothes for grandkids.
-Elise, 7, texted yesterday she is looking forward to buying new UNICORNS to wear at St. Joe’s this year. Either an auto-complete or spelling error ;-)

Anonymous said...


I would never get this because the Hartford Courant does not print the Theme Clue.

Hahtoolah said...

Huskere: she's 7. She probably is looking forward to a Unicorn. I hope she is not disappointed! LOL

kazie said...

Just about right for Thursday, though I had to do the sudoku and come back before finishing the middle north. That section was chock full of names, my greatest weakness, since I hardly knew any of the others in this puzzle either. Add to that the fact that I had only heard of wheat pennies, but none of the other coins. But I figured out we were looking for coins after getting the unifier. Then just had to wait for perps to make the rest start to look like words. But where names crossed other unknowns it was hard.

I ended up leaving LEME/TORKLES and RAW BAG--what is rawbar?

I thought shucking was what you do to ears of corn before eating/cooking them. I've only recently discovered how easily the silk comes off if you cook them first in the microwave.

All our English KN- words come from German, and the 'k' is always pronounced in German: kneten = to knead, Knopf = knob, Knoten = knot, Knöchel = knuckle

kazie said...

Anonymous said...8/9/2012,
No papers print out the theme--our bloggers invent a title for each one when they blog.

Anonymous said...

TTPer here.

Kazie, hope this helps.
RAWBAR = Oyster Bar. There was a great one on the I-10 West feeder (the Katy Frwy) just west of the 610 loop in Houston. It was an actual boat turned into a restaurant. Oysters on the half shell was a specialty. Wonder if it's still there...

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

Nice, challenging Thursday offering. Hand up for iron fist. Liked the clues for raw bar and ABC's. Never heard of Foo Foo but enjoyed the clip. Maybe she and Garfiield could share a plate of lasagna, ala Lady and Tramp and their spaghetti! Nice job, Ed, and kudos to Marti for a great expo.

Have a great Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Good puzzle.

Sunny side up.

desper-otto said...

Good morning, all! I'm soaking wet after my three mile march through the SE Texas humidity.

No particular problems with this one. I usually find Ed's puzzles to be a tough challenge. My only misstep today was IDOL before BAAL.

The only John Daly I ever heard of was the emcee on What's My Line? The panelists were Bennett Cerf, Arlene Francis and Dorothy Kilgallen. And I'd never heard of the game BEANO...only the one before.

Kazie you go to a RAW BAR to eat raw oysters.

Have a great day!

Mari said...

DNF for me. I guess my brain just wasn't in in today. I got a lot of the smaller clues, but the long ones did me in. I wanted REESE instead of REECE, EYRE instead of EMMA, and THE VEE instead of LAUREL.

ALAS, there's always tomorrow.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Lots of unknowns today. Perps came to the rescue as usual, but had a little trouble around TAD. Wanted TOT for that one. Once I saw we were talking about old coins everything made sense. Or cents.

Morning Marti, you're sparkly as ever! Yes, nighttime cat antics have been known to cause sleep loss. In me, not the cat. Well, come to think of it, maybe in the cat too.

I was introduced to OUZO in Greece years ago. There I learned that if you add a touch of water, the Ouzo turns white; they called it Lion's Milk.

For you Big Bang fans: first let me say thanks for mentioning it on the blog! I've just finished Seasons 1 through 4 on Netflix, and enjoyed the lot. Now I have to wait for the Season 5 release, drat.

desper-otto said...

TTPer@8:12 -- I doubt that it's still there. There was a major widening project on I-10 in the last few years. The main lanes now run where the frontage used to be. I suffered through the construction delays on my daily commute, and then retired shortly after they completed it.

kazie said...

TTPer and Desper-otto,
Thanks for explaining raw bar. I've never eaten oysters since my dad said they were never fresh enough unless they wriggled on the way down. So maybe that's why I have never sought out a raw bar. Living in the Midwest ever since coming here wouldn't have made them a frequent commodity either. In Sydney, people used to go and wrench them off the exposed rocks after a high tide.

Argyle said...

Hey, we've been over this before; it's "Hi-Yo, Silver..."

(In my mind, I still hear "Hi-Ho".)

Mari said...

Sheldon was ahead of his time.

Anonymous said...

TTP'er here.

Thanks D-O. Wow, I just zoomed in with Google Earth, and WOW ! I RELOCATEd in Nov 87 and have only been back to Houston area a couple of times. I see what you said. Much wider now, and the area between Silber and Antoine is all built up. Looks like the Oyster Bar has been supplanted by either the Chrysler dealer or the IKEA.

Boy, the Katy was bad enough in my days; I can't imagine what you went through.

Kazie, Do you use KNORR bouillon and sauce mixes ? We really like them. For me, the Jager sauce... And unless it's a really special occasion, we've found that Deutches Kuchen Spaetzle (an ALDI brand) is a great time saver over home made...

I better get to work.

kazie said...

Yes, I love the Knorr sauce mixes. The kids always bring us some when the visit, and we always shop for them when we're there too. Jäger Schnitzel--yummy!

Anonymous said...

Loved this puzzle! Got the theme early which helped with other answers. Marti, loved the BELLAGIO show & other offerings from you today. Slight hiccup when I wanted GG instead of LL.

VICAR wouldn't come to mind, didn't know VEAL or REECE so the Ncentral block stayed undone until Marti clued me to that. I was proud I knew IAGO, but annoyed I couldn't think of CRANK or KNEE (mine don't bend low anymore might be why).

John DALY was the King of Colorful on the courses, but Ricky Fowler, the Prince of Orange is giving him a run for his money.

My neighbor told me she was having a BEANO party. Before I knew it was a game, I had this mental image of a bunch of gas-passing women sitting around popping pills. My second guess was they had a Beanie Babies exchange or tossing party.

We studied coin books when my MIL died and we found a bunch of coins stashed. No great finds.

PK said...

My PK didn't take on the above posting again.

Anonymous said...

Still don't get the number significance in the starred clues

Irish Miss said...

Mari @9:02 ~ That episode was just on last night. Too funny!

Dudley @ 8:32 ~ There are reruns of TBBT on every night on Fox at 7:00 and 7:30 and also on TBS several nights a week at varying times. I believe they are shown in sequence, so maybe you could find the ones you haven't seen yet. I rely on Sheldon for my daily dose of laughter!

Argyle said...

7 nickels 35¢
5 pennies 5¢
6 dimes 60¢

Sfingi said...

I liked this unusual puzzle, but I finished w/o Googling, but with some mistakes in the middle.

I didn't know the PENNIES answer, and put WHEel since I had lad, not TAD and DeLY, not DALY since I only guess on sports. Now I remember what is meant by WHEAT. My first thought on old PENNIES is Indian Head. Canada stopped minting PENNIES. Wish we would.

Other sports I guessed on, but correctly, where WACO, REECE, LEMA, BLOOP.

@Dudley - nice factpid on OUZO.

Barry G. said...

Just in case anybody is interested...

The "Mercury Dimes" actually have a depiction of Winged Liberty on the front and they are properly called "Winged Liberty Head" dimes. For some reason, though, people thought it was a depiction of the Roman god Mercury right from the outset, despite the fact that Mercury has winged feet and not a winged head, and the unofficial name stuck.

HeartRx said...

Argyle @ 8:51, (note to self: HI-YO, not "hi-ho" - I believe that second one had something to do with a ménage à sept, involving a Miss White and several short men...)

Barry G., I was wondering about the significance of "mercury" - thanks for that tidbit!

Binkster said...

My Mac spotlight dictionary has BEANO as a noun:

(plural beanos) brit informal

a party or beanfest

Lit candles a must at these...

HeartRx said...

Binkster, welcome! Beanfest? All I can picture is that scene in "Blazing Saddles"...

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Many swags: CRISPIER, BELLAGIO, CRANK, REECE, ENCAMP, IAGO; and lots of perp help. Finally finished.

UMPS before REFS. GTO before REO. NAVE before APSE.

Wanted SLIDER for "low bender."

"Spartan spirits" is a really good clue, and probably more misleading here in MI than in most other places.

Also like the " . . . quick, Silver" clue as some sort of a conceptual echo of MERCURY. The metal is aka "quick silver."

The AXON-EXHUME-RAWBAR complex was the last to fall.

LLAMA-PERU was easy with perps, but that does not excuse spreading 1/2 of a clue over two entries.

Very much dislike this theme execution. The clues are utterly meaningless until after you figure it all out; therefore no clues at all. Waaay too NT Times-ish for my taste.

Sussed PENNIES from the perps, then went looking for other coins. "No longer minted" was a big help. That ultimately led to grocking the unifier. Getting there was a relief, but no more satisfying than a BLOOP single.

Some thoughts on BAAL.

Cool regards!

Misty said...

I thought I nailed this one, although it took a break with Sudoku to get it done. But in the end I had WHEEL PENNIES instead of WHEAT PENNIES, since LAD sounded much better than TAD for a 'little shaver,' and, of course, I don't know sports figures. But I still thought this was a lot of fun--so thanks, Ed. And Marti, thank you for finally letting me see a picture of an UGLI fruit. I actually thought it looked kind of cute.

Haven't thought of "What's my Line" in ages. What a brilliant set of people on that show.

We're going to see the tableaux vivant at our local amphitheater tonight--a favorite summer activity.

Have a great Thursday, everybody.

Lucina said...

Good day, everyone.

ABCS got me on Ed Sessa's wave length almost immediately and the NE fell quickly. Realized when I saw -ICKLES and -IMES and -ennies that coins were involved. I read the unifier and completed each phrase.

My late DH was a coin collector but we lost the entire lot in a burglary. An ALARM system is now in place.

Not knowing about RAWBAR I flirted with REO and GEO at27A and chose the wrong one. RAWBAG. Drat!

Have I mentioned before that I love OUZO?

Almost had a Natick on the SE corner as BEANO and LEMA made no sense to me but managed to suss ENCAMP, EBOLA and TOKLAS. I believe she and Gertrude Stein were more than mere confidantes.

Last night I saw Midnight in Paris for the first time. What a wonderful movie!

Marti, you deserve a LAUREL for your excellent blogging!

Have a lovely Thursday, all!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I found this puzzle to be quite difficult, and I made a couple of mistakes which culminate in an FIW. Misspelled CYD as SYD and was unable to figure out what an ARSH is. Misspelled LAUREL as LAURAL and LAMA seemed good as a name so I left it that way.

Started out with STEEL PENNIES; the resulting DELY didn't help me fix it, since, again, it seemed like a perfectly fine last name. And TACO instead of WACO seemed fine to me, too. Actually, it was ARST that made me realize STEEL was wrong, but ironically I never got ARCH correct.

Is ARSH what a drunken Brit would call a Balaam mount?

Hand up for IRON FIST.

I tend to agree with Jazzbumpa that the clues for the coins are, in effect, hardly clues at all. They only have meaning *after* the answers have been solved.

Thanks for explaining what a RAW BAR is; otherwise I would still be thinking it has something to do with shucking corn.

Jayce said...

"Hey there, ION. Are you sure you are missing an electron?"
"Yes, I'm positive."

A neutron walks into a bar, orders a beer, and asks, "How much?"
The bartender replies, "For you, no charge."

Hahtoolah said...

Cute jokes, Jayce!

Tinbeni said...

Ed Sessa: Thank you for a FUN Thursday. (Though it was a slog).
Marti: Wonderful, excellent write-up & links (as always). I like your wit.

Really liked this CHANGE-FOR-A-BUCK theme. Very clever IMHO.

Learning moment of the day: That Miss Piggy has a pet poodle named FOO-FOO. (Thanks perps!)

Argyle: You crack-me-up. I remember that "Hi-Yo -v- Hi-Ho" discussion here a while back.
(Thought there were going to be punches throw, lol!)

Isn't SNAFU "SITUATION Normal, All F***ed Up" ???

Husker: I wish I could send some of my (dehydrated) rain to you.

Jayce: Too funny.

Hmmm, RAW-BAR ... Isn't that a drinkin' dive where the GAL(s) have more "Tats" than the guys?

Cheers to all at Sunset!

Jayce said...

Thank you, Hahtoolah. They're old ones, but still goodies. I think I'll keep my day job, though.

Anonymous said...

Aloha pitz,
yes, corisone can cause you to be a bit amped up for about a week. I had it done and noone told me about this side effect. It does go away enentually.

Anonymous said...

TTP'er checking back in.

Jayce, I enjoyed your jokes. If you feel so inclined, google for two of my favorites. Sex Life of an Electron by Eddie Currents, and Electrical Engineering Purity Test

Fun stuff in a geeky/nerdy kind of way...

Lucina said...

Funny jokes!

Husker Gary said...

Back from shopping. 9 yr. old grandson ran to greet me with a big smile and a bag. In the bag was a $3 t-shirt that he bought for me with his own money. It is the wrong size and color with a golf logo I would never pick. I wouldn't part with it for $1,000!

Jayce said...

Anonymous@12:43PM, thanks for those references. Amusing reading.

Husker Gary, that is SO sweet!

HeartRx said...

Tinbeni @ 12:16, yes, that would be the correct def for SNAFU, but this is a "family-friendly" blog, so I cleaned it up a little, HaHa!

Jayce, loved the nerd jokes! I think Sheldon used one on TBBT, and I certainly hope he paid you the royalties for it!

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Ed Sessa, for a swell Thursday puzzle. I liked it. Thank you, as well, Marti, for the swell review.

I could not get started at the top. So, I headed South. First answer was ETNA. Went back up North. Got a few of those; EXHUME, SNAFU, IAGO, VICAR, APSE, and PERU/LLAMA.

Was able to get BUFFALO NICKELS. Then headed down and put in STEEL PENNIES. After a while I knew ARCH had to be for 21D, so WHEAT PENNIES

MERCURY DIMES became obvious and CHANGE FOR A BUCK eventually appeared. The clues led me to that conclusion. Very clever.

Not sure how EBOLA links to the clue "The Hot Zone" subject. Perped it.

I made it to Alexandria, VA, OK. Now to nose around the area a little. Need to find a place for our Drill Team to do a dry run tomorrow night. Did the crossword on the airplane. IPad worked great.

Fermatprime. I will look for Harvey. Best regards.

See you tomorrow.


Bill G. said...

Fun puzzle and write up. Thanks.

Abejo, you are about three miles from where I grew up; that would be in Falls Church.

I am watching the US women vs. Japan in soccer. I really don't enjoy watching soccer very much so I record it and fast forward until I see the score change.

Fractions and marriage:
In a town, three-fifths of the women are married to two-thirds of the men. What fractional part of the town’s adults are married?

Anonymous said...

Oh come on. This was a Wednesday puzzle and yesterday was a Thursdays. No probs today. Not very many question clues or abbr., not like the usual Thursday's puzzles. Loved 24a, low bender (knee). Relieved not to see Chen doing today's puzzle, since his are hard no matter what day it is. I wish he would do a Friday puzzle that would be a challenge!

desper-otto said...

BillG: 19/30ths?

Bill G. said...

desper-otto, that's not what I got.

We had to take out an old, diseased Monterrey pine tree from our front yard a couple of years ago. We replaced it with a young California Pepper tree. Some kids came by and vandalized it last night by ripping off a major branch. I really hate vandalism.

We're off for a birthday lunch; Barbara's birthday today. I hope she can get in a better mood (upset about the tree).

Spitzboov said...

Bill G - I get 12/19 are married.

Anon @ 0741 - I liked your "can of corn" aphorism

Alice @1235 - Thanks for your response on cortisone. Might explain some things.

Blue Iris said...

Didn't know DALY, EARLE, LEMA, or BEANO. Spent some of my afternoon googling and learned quite a bit. I love this blog because it causes me to keep learning. BTW, have you tried the Kayak google doodle?

Steve EARLE seems to be the country music version of Springsteen. I had never heard of him before now. Listened to several songs.

BEANO was early version of Bingo?? Understand because dried beans were used.

Had false god as IDOL. It worked with ALAS for awhile, but BAAL makes more sense.

Completely ignored # beside clues and thought if I owned those coin I would put them in a safety deposit box in the BANK, not BUCK.

CRISPIER made sense to me because I like my hash brown cooked longer.

Wondering how CED's daughter is doing today after yesterday's late post. Probably dealing with docs most of this day.

Avg Joe said...

It is 12/19th's. Unless of course this town is in MS, NJ, NY or IA.

Jayce said...

Abejo, "The Hot Zone" is a book written by Richard Preston about the origins and incidents involving viral hemorrhagic fevers, particularly the ebola and marburg viruses. I read it and enjoyed it, although (or perhaps because!) it emphasized the sensationalist aspects of the outbreaks.

Also good to know I wasn't the only one who entered STEEL PENNIES at first. They really were made out of steel, weren't they? Or was it zinc?

Bill G, my happy birthday regards to Barbara.

Lucina, good news about the upcoming Downton Abbey season that you announced last night. I am prepared to overdose on it!

Jayce said...

Oh, as for how I like steak cooked, rare please. Medium rare at most. Too bad it's virtually impossible any more to find beef that has any taste. Even at restaurants, who get first dibs on the finest grades, serve beef that is mediocre at best. The same thing is happening with pork: no fat and no taste. Don't know about VEAL, though.

Avg Joe said...

Yes, Jayce. The '43 pennies were made of steel. IIRC, it's estimated that only about five copper 43 D's were circulated, that's why they're so valuable. Today's pennies are almost entirely zinc.

BTW, that MS in my post above should have been MA. Mixed up my postal codes. I do know one person in MA and two in MS, but I rarely mail anything to either.

Lucina said...

Bill G:
I wish a happy birthday for Barbara!

Can you tell I'm looking forward to Downton Abbey?? A friend recently let me read her copy of BELOW STAIRS by Margaret Powell. It is a true account of her life as a servant and both Upstairs Downstairs and Downton Abbey are based on it according to the flyleaf.

CrossEyedDave said...

I had no trouble with the theme answers, but the fill,,, all i can think is:

Naticks, Naticks, everywhere, & not a perp to link!

(to the tune of, water, water everywhere & not a drop to drink!)

Podiatrist went well, infection has lessened, no pus, so packing has been removed. Thought i would have to get up in the middle of the night to administer pain killers, but so far so good! ( the kid is a trooper!) My biggest problem is that she is on crutches, & i thought i would have to help her with everything, but every once in a while she disappears! ( really freaks me out!) But it turns out she crawls up & down the stairs without my help, & her biggest complaint is that the Orthodontist wont let her take her braces off before high school starts!

Well, off to see if i can find some funny links for this Natick Nightmare!

HeartRx said...

CED, great news about your daughter - I hope she continues to heal quickly. When does school start for her? It amazes me to think that they start in August already. For me, the day after Labor Day was always a day to look forward to excitedly. (Yes, I was one of those geeks who just couldn't wait to get back to school!!!)

Anonymous said...

Re: Raw oysters: A guy walked into a bar and saw a sign: "Swallow this raw oyster and win $100!" The man asked if the offer was still good and when he was assured it was, picked up the oyster and downed it in one gulp. After the few patrons in the bar finished clapping and cheering, the man asked for his $100. The bar tender looked him in the eye and said, "You`re the third person who has swallowed that oyster today and you`re the only one who`s kept it down this long!" Needless to say, that man also lost his $100!

fermatprime said...


Have been arriving too late to post all week. No swimming today. Have been enjoying the puzzles! Thanks to all excellent contributors! Today's was more difficult than the rest, by far, but finally got the Ta-da.

Agree that we ought to get rid of pennies here. A price of $99.99 is ridiculous.

Everyone gone from here now. (Harvey in Virginia with Abejo and many others.) Still have ear infection.
Heat here must be setting an all-time record. Supposed to be as hot as Phoenix tomorrow.

I believe that I have seen each TBBT before the last season at least 3 times! (It is replayed on 4 channels.) I think that Simon Helberg should have been nominated for the Emmy this time.


Argyle said...

Another reason to get rid of pennies...they cost 1 1/2 cents to make! Link

What a country!

Bill G. said...

Back from lunch. Very good. Buy one, got one free, plus a free birthday dessert. Tasty and I'm stuffed. I'll wait to digest a bit before heading out for my macchiato.

Now I'm going to watch the excitement of the women's soccer match.

Yep, 12/19. This group is good with fractions!

HeartRx said...

Well, I learn something every day. I gg'd "bloop single", but did not find any images such as posted by CED...

Instead, I found this definition: "A blooper or bloop is a weakly hit fly ball that drops in for a single between an infielder and an outfielder. Also known as a bloop single, a dying quail, or a duck snort".

DUCK SNORT!! That's gotta be my all-time favorite phrase...(note to self: "Add 'duck snort' to word list...")

Then, I gg'd "BLOOP", and found this facsinating bit of trivia from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). So, some unknown ocean creature is out there making "bloops"?

Blue Iris said...

Argyle, I have a jar full of pennies! Could I possibly be rich ???

CED, glad everything is good! It's a miracle our children reach adulthood sometimes. Although, we don't stop worrying even after they leave home.

HeartRx said...

Hahtoolah, are you watching tonight's pre-season game? Pats Vs. Saints. Should be fun, so let's get ready to rumble!

CrossEyedDave said...

Sorry, but i have to delete that Bloop image!

Avg Joe said...

Yeah, there could be laws against that one, CED. Good call.

Ron Worden said...

Good evening to all and happy Fri. Eve.Late today took preschool grandaughter to library this A.M then watched Olympic soccer match. Great puzzle and enjoyed your writeup Marti. To CED glad your daughter is ok it is always tough when kids get hurt. I love ouzo very tasty also like Metaxxa Greek brandy made of raisins,it's 80 proof but it will warm your innards. Have a great evening to all.RJW

Hahtoolah said...

HeartRx: No I missed the pre-season football game. The Saints have lost some of their halos.

Blue Iris said...

HeartRX, Schools starting?!? I don't miss worrying about enrollment and the school calendar since retiring from school nursing. Still miss the students though.

Dudley said...

Irish Miss - I've just set the TiVo to catch some TBBT episodes. Thanks!

Mari - Sheldon's telepresence bot was cleverer, don't you think? Particularly with its T shirt.

Lucina - bring on Downton!

OK it's late. G'Night all.

Anonymous said...

How about a 1913 Liberty Head Nickel!!!!!