Aug 6, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012 Marti DuGuay-Carpenter

Theme: Oh, Joy! - The last word in happiness, or the last word in the entries can follow the word "happy".

20A. Guy for whom glasses are raised : MAN OF THE HOUR

37A. One-eighty : ABOUT-FACE

43A. The cellar, sportswise : LAST PLACE

58A. Fairy tale outcomes, or, in a way, what the last words of 20-, 37- and 43-Across are : HAPPY ENDINGS

Argyle here so put on your happy face and spend a happy hour in this happy place (if I can find enough links) and may everything end happily.


1. The "A" in DNA : ACID. (deoxyribonucleic acid)

5. Go on enthusiastically : GUSH

9. Drawn-out assault : SIEGE

14. Stories from the ancients : LORE

15. One of Pittsburgh's three rivers : OHIO. Allegheny and Monongahela rivers merge to form the Ohio. map

16. Open-mouthed : AGAPE

17. "Will you let me finish?" : "AHEM!"

18. Prefix with correct, in texting : AUTO. That's auto-correct, in theory.

19. Upper body : TORSO

23. Baby's bodysuit : ONESIE. Brings out the oohs and aahs.

24. Swiss river : AAR. Born from the great Aar Glaciers of the Bernese Alps, it rises and ends entirely within Switzerland. Wiki. If you look at the site, check out the awesome Aar Gorge photo.

25. Tolkien's Treebeard, for one : ENT

28. McEntire of country music : REBA

31. Carpenter's tool : HAMMER

33. Dallas NBAers : MAVS. The Dallas Mavericks play at the American Airlines Center, commonly called the AAC. That would pair nicely with the AAR.

39. Ta-ta, in Tours : ADIEU. Bye-bye, in Bordeaux.

41. Like a rotten apple : BAD

42. "Fear of Flying" author Jong : ERICA

45. Piggy bank opening : SLOT

46. Andre with eight Grand Slam wins : AGASSI. His middle name is Kirk.

47. Singer Kristofferson : KRIS. Who will nit about KRIS being part of the clue? Not I.

50. "You got it" : "YES!"

51. Bag-screening org. : TSA. (Transportation Security Administration)

53. Bahamian capital : NASSAU. Officially the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

61. Cast member : ACTOR

64. Govern : RULE. The Bahamas is a Commonwealth realm with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state.

65. Notes before mi : DO RE

66. Friars Club event : ROAST. Manac made a timely post last night.

67. "Why would __ to you?" : I LIE

68. Washstand pitcher : EWER

69. Pear centers : CORES

70. Show the way : LEAD

71. They can get rid of the gray : DYES. Or not all of it, Touch Of Gray®.


1. San Antonio tourist spot : ALAMO

2. Broadway composer George M. : COHAN. An early hit version of "The Yankee Doodle Boy", was recorded by Cohan's contemporary and fellow Irish-American Billy Murray, 1906. Clip(4:56) Well worth a listen. If you have the time(I don't right now), you can read about "Little Johnny Jones", the Cohan musical the song came from. Link

3. Cara or Castle : IRENE

4. Floor models : DEMOS

5. Colonel Sanders trademark : GOATEE

6. "No way" : "UH UH"

7. Set of Web pages : SITE

8. Big commotion : HOO-HA

9. Waterlog : SATURATE

10. Composer Stravinsky : IGOR. A contemporary of Cohan, yet worlds apart.

11. Corn purchase : EAR

12. Some family docs : GP's. (general practitioner)

13. Fair-hiring letters : EEO. (equal employment opportunity)

21. Cedar relative : FIR

22. Diamond Head's island : OAHU. Hawaii

25. Online letter : EMAIL

26. Big name in candy wafers : NECCO. (New England Confectionery Company)

27. Pick up the tab : TREAT

29. Gilda Radner's __ Wawa : BABA

30. Taken __: disconcerted : ABACK

32. GE and GM, for two : MFR's. (manufactures)

33. Southeast Asia's __ Peninsula : MALAY

34. Proverb : ADAGE

35. Passport stamps : VISAs

36. Adjusts, as an alarm clock : SETS

38. German border river : ODER

40. Presumptuous nouveaux riches : UPSTARTS

44. Speech imperfection : LISP

48. Requiring assistance : IN NEED. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Link to The Phrase Finder.

49. Tear-jerking : SAD

52. Showery month : APRIL

54. Allied oneself (with) : SIDED

55. Like many New England winters : SNOWY

56. Shake on it : AGREE

57. Icon clickers : USERS

58. Garden waterer : HOSE

59. Santa's busy season : YULE. And how!

60. Director Kazan : ELIA

61. Circle segment : ARC

62. Loving murmur : COO

63. __ Heel: North Carolina native : TAR



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Pretty straightforward puzzle today, just perfect for a Monday. I struggled a wee bit in the north central region because I didn't know there was an OHIO river in Pittsburgh, HOOHA didn't exactly spring to mind and I just wasn't thinking of SITE as being a "set" of web pages (which it is, of course). The remaining perps soon set me straight, however.

Had a technical DNF at the end when I didn't get the *TADA*. Took me awhile to track down my error -- I misspelled 2D as COHEN instead of COHAN. MEN OF THE HOUR looked OK to me until I reread the clue...

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. I made the same mistake as Barry in thinking that George spelled his name as COHAN, and MEN OF THE HOUR seemed reasonable.

NECCO Wafers are made in Cambridge, MA. If I recall correctly, the factory is near MIT. My mom buys me a tin of Necco Wafers for my birthday every year.

Would I LIE to you? If you have to ask, then the answer is YES!

QOD: Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese. ~ Luis Buñuel

Argyle said...

Today's earwig: Clip Would I lie to you?

Anonymous said...

XVII tp'er here

My longedt Monday in a while

Completed the puzzle in 12 min 28 dec, which is judt about as fadt I can type. Then dpent 8 min 40 dec trying to figure out why I didn't get the TADA ! 21:08 total. HAd 20A mEnfotheTour, 2D cohEn, 8D hooTD, and 24a Dar. Oh yea, and at 71A Get rid of the grey clue, I had Syes.

Time to post and read the write up

Dennis said...

Nice, smooth Monday puzzle with enough interesting clues to let us know it's one of Marti's.

Congratulations to the NASA team for planting a one-ton truck gently on the Martian surface. Helluvan accomplishment.

Unfortunately, its luggage landed on Saturn.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Marti, for a swell Monday puzzle. thank you, Argyle, for the swell review.

This is a good start to the week. I know it will get more challenging. Last Saturday certainly was.

Got all the north except for GUSHand UHUH. They came with perps.

Had DECCO instead of NECCO for a while. Used to eat them as a kid. Maybe I should try a tube.

ABOUT FACE was easy. we are doing a lot of that now in our drill team.

Just had COO the other day.

Did not know ONESIE. Perps spelled it out. It makes sense.

Lots of rivers; ODER, AAR. Crosswordese.

Off to the rest of my day. It will be a busy one. See you tomorrow.


Mari said...

Only 6 posts ahead of mine? This one was easy - I thought there'd be tons of folks breezing through it and posting.

Not much to say about today's nicely done Monday level puzzle.

In the Chicago area folks were using Necco Wafers in lieu of quarters on the tollway. It appears this doesn't work anymore.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning Argyle and all.

Nice start to the week with Marti's offering. Got the theme fill easily enough, but needed the unifier HAPPY ENDINGS to 'get' the theme. Cool beans. No lookups, no strikethroughs. DORÉ is a delicious walleye served in Montreal restaurants. Here is some ADIEU , mein kleiner Gardeoffizier.

Have a great day.

Nick said...

Alas, today was a definite DNF, as I stupidly had AIDED when I red-lettered to see what on earth I had wrong (and in some alternate world, NAASAU exists for sure).

It took some time, but the rest of the puzzle was fillable, especially since I saw CELLAR clued as "Last Place" in another puzzle (I think USA Today, can't remember when).

Skipping the oblitigatory dirty joke, a very interesting movie as far as happy endings go is Tony Scott's True Romance. (You're gonna have to rent the DVD and watch the bonus features to watch Scott and Quentin discuss the ending.)


Nick said...

Whoops, here's the URL:

Anonymous said...

Why is the dirty joke obligatory? Their is a TV show exploiting that double entendre. PROMO .

Nick's LINK .

ms. d-c you rock

kazie said...

Nice interesting clues for a Monday, but I had a few unknowns: I didn't have any idea what DNA stood for, eventually guessed ACID with perp help. Also have never heard of NECCO, so was hovering between SLIT/SLOT at the bottom of that and misspelled ERIKA. Otherwise all was well.

ADIEU is a very final goodbye in French. You don't use it with someone you expect to see again. Contrast it with au revoir, meaning until we see each other again (literally: to the "re-seeing").

The River Oder is the border between Germany and Poland. The city of Frankfurt-am-Oder is not to be confused with the one in the west: Frankfurt-am-Main, which is a major airport of entry into Germany.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Thanks for the fun write-up and links, Argyle! I asked Rich specifically about the clue for 47A "Singer Kristofferson" for KRIS. He told me that there really aren't a lot of options in cluing that one (especially for a Monday level puzzle), so it is "tolerated". Anyway, I figured that I had to give someone a nit to pick, LOL!!

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

Nice easy, breezy Monday offering, a "Happy Beginning" to start off the week. Good job, Marti, and nice expo, Argyle.

Got some much-needed rain yesterday and today's high will be a lovely 81 degrees.

Bill G and Mari: Are you still watching "Suits?". I think it is a great show with some of the most edgy characters on tv.

Having lunch today with three friends from childhood. We met in the third grade and have been friends ever since. Three of us live locally and one lives in Arlington, VA.

Happy Monday to all.

kazie said...

Irish Miss,
I love Suits, and also the Newsroom--my two faves at present, after Big Bang Theory when there's a new one on.

Dennis @ 7:41--LOL!

Husker Gary said...

What a fun puzzle to start the week by our renaissance gal, Marti! BTW, if you know a better song with the word Happy in the title, please tell me.

-How many times have you seen a politician do an ABOUT FACE on an issue to get votes?
-Nice clue for ACID
-The SIEGEs of Yorktown and Vicksburg were big battles of the War of Independence and Civil War respectively.
-AUTO correct can be very helpful or maddening on my iPhone.
-If I had a HAMMER…
-46 Across won a lot of 36 Downs
-Oh, the actual capital, not the coin of the realm.
-Foster Brooks on the Dean Martin ROASTs showed great comedy does not have to be filthy
-Why would I LIE to you? I have told a few white lies to not hurt feelings. You?
-We have signed up to see the ALAMO and much more on an eight day tour of Texas in October. Any bloggers down there?
-KFC doesn’t like to use their F word in their ads.
-NECCO’s were big in my misspent youth
-I have not used an alarm clock for years. It’s a curse or a blessing.
-NASA did have a very HAPPY ENDING last night! I wonder if Howard Wolowitz had anything to do with that project?
-The SLOT in MIL’s card box yesterday for her 90th birthday brought her $450 in cash and gift certificates. We had over 200 people and that remarkable woman did not sit down for three hours.

Argyle said...

If you are easily offended, do NOT watch this next clip and I'm not joking. Bad Jokes(5:22), by Dusty and Lefty.

(although I may be kidding a bit)

Montana said...

Thanks Argyle for the review and links. When I saw the crossword was by Marti, I thought this is going to be a fun Monday puzzle. It was, but one letter made it a DNF for me.
I missed the A where HOOHA and AAR cross. Didn’t know either one, so WAG, and guessed wrong.

Have a good week, everyone,

Husker Gary said...

Just a couple more

-C.C.’s Twins and my Royals are locked in a struggle to see who will wind up in LAST PLACE in the AL West
-I am posting late today because Time Warner Cable is installing a new modem to bundle our phone into the package. Our cable/internet/phone bill will go from $240/month to $133/month. Hey, even I figured that out.

PK said...

HOOHA! I have a HAPPY FACE today! Fun puzzle, Marti! Thanks! Great comments and links, Argyle!

I couldn't access the AAR Gorge links. Is there a secret to that?

Husker Gary, the Riverwalk boat ride at night was a highlight of a tour of San Antonio for me. We had a real comedian for a boat driver and laughed like fools. Also interesting were the flood gates to someone who likes to know how things work.

The ALAMO had too many "ghosts" to be enjoyable.
What a waste of men's lives when they all could have snuck out the back door during the SIEGE.

Sfingi said...

Finished w/o noticing theme. Love the licorice NECCO wafers. The watertower in Cambridge (MA) is painted in the colors.

Irish Miss said...

Kazie @ 9:13 ~ I don't have HBO but from what I've seen, I would like The Newsroom, also. (I loved The West Wing.)
I can't wait for the new season of TBBT, but I still laugh as hard at the reruns, some of which I have seen too many times to count. Re Suits, don't you just love to hate Lewis? His facial expressions are priceless.

Hg @ 9:27 ~ Knowing Howard Wolowitz, Rover would have landed on poor, orphaned Pluto! Best wishes to your MIL on her milestone birthday.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Nice puzzle Marti - just a little on the hard side for a Monday, but a Happy Ending, so all is OK.

Tigers gave up three runs in the bottom of the 10th yesterday, then came back to win anyway, to sweep the Indians. We went to the Mud Hens game Sat, but they lost. They're pretty bad this year.


HeartRx said...

Husker G. @ 9:27, in what movie was "Oh Happy Day" the ending number (and it always brings tears to my eyes whenever I watch it)?

Argyle @ 9:28...groan!! Those are some bad jokes (but I still chuckled over them, heehee).

tawnya said...

morning all!!

thank you marti for a fun monday start! great job, as usual.

@argyle: the result of your earworm touch of grey

still on vacation and loving every lazy minute of it!

have a lovely day!


Anonymous said...

HG: Probably not a better song but it makes me happy!

CrossEyedDave said...

Happy Ending My A@#!

I always do Monday thru Wednesday in ink, never thought i would miss the "tada." (Thank goodness for Spitzboov's Ipad joke last night!)

I am still too dense to figure out the theme, i must have stared at the complete puzzle for 15 minutes & still didn't get it. (maybe it's because i am too grumpy!)

I originally put MFG's for MFR's, & then was pleased with myself for noticing that Ms. Jong's name could not be "Egica", (something i usually miss.) Came to the blog to slap myself in the head with a V8 can because i knew there had to be a theme explanation, only to discover, i too spelled cohEn!

Ack! DNF FIW & just plain dumb all rolled into one!

(Thanks Marti,)

Nick said...

@Husker Gary

Here's my favorite Happy song (I don't vouch for the background :P

esprit ouvert said...

@Kazie beat me to it. TATA is definitely not ADIEU, which is a final and usually very sad good-bye. It literally means "Until God" ... in other words, until we meet again after death.

@Husker Gary. "Happy Talk" from "South Pacific" is another song with "happy" in the title. I don't know if it is better, but it is sweet.

Lucina said...

HAPPY day, all, especially Argyle, our enduring early week champ!

And HAPPY day to you, Marti. I don't like to GUSH but this puzzle was fun and quick although hand up for MEN OF THE HOUR until I reread the clue.

Nice to see that you got Carpenter in the clue. LOL.

Oh, man, have I bought many ONESIEs for baby showers!

Oh, HAPPY day, from Sister Act is delightful.

I thought 43A would be PLAY PLACE but MALAY changed that.

Great fun today, thank you, Marti.

I won't say ADIEU, just au revoir, until later. Have a fabulous Monday, everyone!

eddyB said...

Have been watching NASA TV. One minute and 15ft off after 350 million miles and 8 months. WTG!


Anonymous said...

Fun puzzle.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Super puzzle, Marti.
A fairly quick run except for the Mid-Central section. Gush just didnn't come easily. Once Goatee was in the rest fell into place.

Thanks Argyle for a fun writeup. I enjoyed the links today. The Arlo Guthrie song could have been written about my family. My father and his brothers picked fruit, mended machinery in the packing houses and did menial jobs before they found permanent work. We consider CA our "Garden of Eden".

Oh, Necco Wafers! Haven't thought about them for ages. Any nickel left over from my allowance went to buy those childhood delights.

Husker, Congrats to your MIL on her milestone BD.

Irish Miss, Enjoy you lunch with your longtime friends.

Have a great day, everyone

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, Marti, C.C. et al,

T'was over too quickly, but enjoyable and gave me a few laughs, both in the blog and the puzzle.Everyone likes a happy ending.

WooHoo for NASA.Looking forward to the photos to come.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Raced happily through this one except the north central square. So DNf a very nice Monday puzzle. Thanks Marti, and thanks for a nice write up Argyle.

And thank you Kazie for mentioning that you had trouble with a few puzzles last week. It helps to know that the ones who are so good at this pastime also have trouble sometimes. I almost always do!

Trouble with both cars; both are in for repairs. $$$ So I needed a nice happy ending thought today, for sure.


Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Fun puzzle today, thank you. SATURATE is such a cool fill. Spelled COHAN correctly, but not AAR at first. Mis-read Bahamian as Bavarian and entered MUNICH, which took about 37.4 seconds to correct. Interesting to have ROAST today, after the Foster Brooks link and discussion last night. By the way, Manac, no offense taken at all; I have been likened to Foster Brooks before. I feel it's actually an honor. Kris Kristofferson was good in Lone Star. Noticed the crossings of RULE and YULE and of ILIE and ELIA. End of my stream-of-consciousness exposition now. Best wishes to you all.

Jayce said...

Oh, and didja notice how SAD bumped into and came to an end at HAPPY ENDINGS?

Is EWER more icky than EW? I guess ickiest would be EWEST?

Don't say MFRs out loud too fast.

KFC doesn't use the K word either. The only thing left of the original KFC is the C.

I don't think Erica Jong was really afraid to fly.

2poodles said...

Really enjoyed this puzzle. As usual on Mondays, I had to look up a couple of river names, but was pretty pleased with how the rest of it went. Thanks for the great write-up and all the comments. To those who mentioned Newsroom, it's my new favorite, too. I'm from Wisconsin, so it was fun to see our protests mentioned a couple of weeks ago!

Misty said...

Well, after the toughies on Friday and Saturday last week I almost gave up on doing a puzzle this week. But Marti, you have redeemed my new week! I just loved this puzzle, breezed right through it, and felt totally HAPPY when it was ended! Thanks so much, and you too, Argyle, for the great pix.

Kazie, my husband and I are also hooked on "Newsroom" and are still baffled by the terrible reviews it got from the writers who saw the first four episodes. We thought they were great!

Have a good Monday and a great week, everybody!

desper-otto said...

Hooha! That reminds me of Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman.

Fun puzzle today, although ONESIE and NECCO were total unknowns. Hand up for not getting the theme. Seems to me that the Turtles had some kind of happy song way back when.

Husker, the disadvantage of bundling is that when your cable tv goes out you can't phone them to complain, and you can't email them, either. BTW, if you make it over Houston way on your Texas trip, give me a shout.

Jayce, I don't think Erica Jong was afraid of anything. She certainly wasn't afraid to say what was on her mind.

Bill G. said...

Irish Miss, yes I'm still watching Suits. I like it too though the idea of the main character not really being a lawyer has become less important. Also, I grew up about two miles from Arlington, VA.

I often had Necco wafers at the movies. If I could see well enough, I would save the chocolate ones for last.

CrossEyedDave said...

Speaking of Happy Endings, a pic sent about an hour ago from the Mars orbiter!

(or should i say happy beginnings.)

Deper-otto, Thanks! i forgot about "Scent of a Woman!) HooHa!
(this clip definitely got me out of my Grumpies!)

P.s. for those of you still wet behind the ears, the guy is blind,,,test driving a Ferrari!

CrossEyedDave said...

Oh, i forgot, (that test drive got me so excited!)

i bundled my phone with my cable & tv about 6 months ago to get a $20/month savings. I never actually hooked up the phone to the modem, (i have to pay an additional $50- to keep my old number.) The best thing is every once in a while my TV flashes this msg that i have an incoming call, & i have no way of answering it!

(+ i know it's a bullshit call, because even "i" don't remember the number!)

CrossEyedDave said...

Oh, ComeOn, where are you guys!

I aced the Kiddie crossword on the comics page & took a nap...

( i feel much better now!)

Spitzboov said...

Some of you armchair travellers might find this Link to Top Pictures interesting. If you page-down to picture #1, it's a beautiful aerial shot of Bern, Switzerland with its AAR river.

Husker Gary said...

Musings 3

-Marti, I saw the link to Sister Act II but don’t know if that is the movie you intended or not. Man, that’s a powerful song!
-I enjoyed Argyle’s jokes too but Prairie Home Companion never seems to have material quite that blue on the radio.
-I enjoyed listening to the other “happy” songs
-When you see KFC advertise this this monstrosity, obesity in America ceases to be a mystery.
-Otto, we will have our iPhones to call out but Century Link wanted $55 for the phone hanging on the wall and TWC is doing it for $11 with the same number. We’ll see how it goes Here is our Texas Itineray. Maybe we could meet for a drink at the hotel.
-Great Pix Spitz! I could see Marti in that Matterhorn hot tub and Tin and I probably have some family in that picture on the AAR.

Argyle said...

PK@9:58 Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

The link takes you to Wikipedia article. As you scoll down, there are pictures on the right. Click on the one captioned "Inside the Aar Gorge". There is only the one but if you click on it again it becomes huge.

HeartRx said...

Spitzboov@ 3:15, I spent way too long browsing those awesome pics. If you scroll far enough, you'll see my fav - a white seal (sea lion?) with the caption "ROFLMAO".

Husker G., nope it wasn't sister act Ii. It involved an amazing animal...

Matterhorn hot tub? It looked like an igloo!

Jayce said...

Spitzboov, those photos are fabulous. Thanks for the link. I enjoyed all of them.

Jayce said...

Speaking of ROFLMAO

Irish Miss said...

A bit of trivia: Parts of Scent of a Woman were filmed in Troy, NY. The prep school and campus scenes are actually the Emma Willard School for girls which is K-12 and is the alma mater of Senator Kirsten Gilibrand, Junior Senator from New York, among other notables including a very controversial Hollywood actress who shall remain nameless.

Some other movies that have been filmed, in part, in Troy and Albany are The Age of Innocence, Ironweed, and, most recently, Salt with Angelina Jolie. When Ironweed was being shot, Jack Nicolson spent quite a bit of off-camera time in my BIL's tavern.

Bill G. said...

Spitz, I really enjoyed those photos. Thanks.

Very pleasant here today. I just got back from getting my hairs cut.

Do you remember an old word game? I think it was called Ghost. You would keep adding letters trying not to have a word end on you. I remember playing it on long car trips.

I'm in love with the new Heptathlon champ, Jessica Ennis of Great Britain. Sophia Vergara and Scarlett Johansson continue to not return my e-mails, so heck with them.

HeartRx said...

Jayce, ROFLMAO at your link!!

D'otto @ 1:19, I was trying to remember the "happy" song by the Turtles, and it finally came to me. "HAPPY Together" (redone in the 70's by Donovan).

But I think my fav "happy" song is this one by Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Tinbeni said...


US Women 4 -over- Canada 3 in Soccer.
Deciding goal in overtime/extra time.

WOW !!!

Qli said...

Marti at 08:50: what about Kris Kriingle, another country's name for Santa.

Home from a great visit on the East Coast with our son and his sweetie. Jim Parsons was great in "Harvey". So laid back. Totally not like Sheldon Cooper!

Jayce said...

Qli, glad you had a great visit and got a chance to see Harvey. I heard Jim Parsons was good in it. Good to know he avoided getting typecast, and that he can indeed act as characters other than Sheldon. Leonard Nimoy, for example, never did manage to shuck off his Spock character.

HeartRx said...

Qli, yes I thought of that one, too. But, for a Monday: "Singer Kristofferson" was the editor's choice!

Glad to hear you enjoyed Jim Parsons in "Harvey". The original is one of my favorite movies. I guess I'll have to talk DH into a trip to NY!

CrossEyedDave said...

i told myself i would not use my final (5th) post, but Spitzboov,,, those pics were AWESOME!

HG, yr KFC thingie made me hungry, what if i set up a tent in the parking lot, could i still meet you for a drink?

Irish Miss, GPS Co-Ords for yr BIL's tavern pls?

Blood Sweat & tears did "Happy Together"?

Harvey, another one i never thought to IMDB, that's it guys, i am going to be on IMDB for the rest of the night!

(i cant think of a happier ending!)

Husker Gary said...

CED, Otto is just north of Houston so we might work out something but you are way, freakin’ northeast of there in NJ. However, I’ll buy the first round if I see you in the parking lot but it’s a helluva commute. BTW, I ain’t eating that KFC cholesterolfest! Just when you think they have all the artery-hardening junk in that bowl that they can, they add something else. You want a TAB with that?

I was going to link to a DF to the nth degree HAPPY ENDING I saw on Curb Your Enthusiasm but declined. Google at your own peril. It makes Woody Harrelson’s bathroom jokes seem sanitary.

IM, Jack Nicholson spent three months in Omaha filming About Schmidt and is fondly remembered by all who encountered him.

PK said...

Argyle, Thanks! I tried the AAR link again and got the pictures. When I tried this morning the picture frames were blank white with a question mark in the center and clicking on them wouldn't produce the picture.

Manac said...

Evening/afternoon all
After seeing my name in Argyle's write
up today I decided to take Bill G.'s advice from yesterday and turn blue.
I figured if I didn't there was going to be hell to pay the next I posted.
I'm glad you all enjoyed yesterday's
link. I think there's a big difference
between comedy and vulgarity.
Marti When I saw your name this AM I
knew this was going to be a fun puzzle. My only nit was I was only half way done my first cup of coffee
when I finished. TTFN
Oh, still looking for an avatar, on my laptop today, all my pics on my desktop

PK said...

Spitz, really great pictures.

HG, your trip is very much like one I took by bus in 2002 to Texas except we didn't go to Corpus Christi. Great trip!

Great clips and songs. Who did that song, "Don't Worry, Be Happy"? I've been trying to remember all day.

I like the KFC grilled chicken with coleslaw.

Dennis said...

Bobby McFerrin.

Irish Miss said...

Marti-I believe Harvey is going to end its run sometime this month, so you better hurry if you want to see it. It received top notch reviews from the NY Times, especially Jim Parson's performance.

CED @ 6:14 ~ Sorry, my BIL sold that tavern several years ago. But you could always visit Uncle Sam's grave; he's buried here in Troy, AKA, The Home of Uncle Sam!

Manac said...

Forgot to mention
This blog has a great
group of people here.

Bill G. said...

Hey Manac! Yeah, we did it! It's good to see you on board.

HeartRx said...

CED @ 6:14, no, Blood Sweat & Tears did "You've Made Me So Very HAPPY".

Dennis beat me to Bobby McFerrin!!

Manac, yeah yeah, seconding Bill G.'s comment!

Manac said...

Bill G.
Thanks for your help.
For once it feels good to be blue.
Took a little while to figure out
how to use the g-mail account because
There was no edit profile option at
first. Any way... Got er done!

HeartRx said...

OK, one final post...the film that played "Oh Happy Day" during the last scene was "Secretariat". The jockey just gives the horse his lead, and Secretariat goes on to win the race by 31 lengths. What a finish!

Husker Gary said...

Wow, Marti! What a great scene! ESPN named Secretariat one of the best athletes of the last century!

Avg Joe said...

Busy day. But wanted to check in with tuneagement related to the theme. It doesn't use the word "Happy", but the sentiment is the same. My favorite: Feelin' Good Again

Avg Joe said...

Whoops. Try again

Feelin Good Again

Bill G. said...

I watched the US women's soccer match. Good stuff. Did I ever mention that Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra live in Manhattan Beach? At least they usta. I have passed her pushing her twins in a stroller on the bike path once or twice and came around the corner in the supermarket and saw her.

I just watched an old episode of WKRP and I'm still smiling. Bailey was HOT!

Marti, I forgot to say earlier that I enjoyed the puzzle. You too, Argyle.

Anonymous said...

Did I ever mention that Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra live in Manhattan Beach?

At least twice.

Irish Miss said...

Welcome, Manac, glad you turned blue.

Anon @ 9:04, go away.

Manac said...

I think I know what you mean.
Loni was too plastic like a barbie doll and Jan Smithers was a down to earth wholesome lady.

Bill G. said...

Anon. (9:04) - High marks for paying attention then. Anons can sometimes be so petty and shallow and snarky.

kazie said...

Great pics!

Lucina said...

News! News! The new schedule is out for PBS!
Downton Abbey will start on October 7 and a 3 hour review marathon on September 30.

Anonymous said...

i love being petty, shallow and snarky!

Lucina said...

Gorgeous pictures. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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