Aug 22, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 C. C. Burnikel

Theme: 13,203.58 down 68.06 (0.51%) This is the level of the DOW Jones 30 Industrial Average stock index, commonly referred to simply as the DOW, as of Tuesday's close. Each of five theme entries contains the name of one of the component corporations, split across two words of the answer.

16A. Certain music teacher : VOCAL COACH. This music teacher has a heart of Aluminum, indicated by the firm formerly known as the Aluminum Company Of America. [8.82 up 0.02 (0.23%)]

21A. Outmoded street fixture : COIN TELEPHONE. Back in the day, this chip maker's products were not at the heart of pay-per-use telecommunications devices. Now, its hardware and software are in computers, disk players, mobile phones, and possibly in places where you would least expect them. Now you know INTEL. [26.11 down 0.12 (0.46%)]

36A. Succulent part of a rack : RIB MEAT. Hmmmm. The closer to the bone, the sweeter is the meat. In this RIB cage we find not a heart, but the International Business Machine Corporation. [198.65 down 1.85 (0.92%)]

48A. International Tennis Hall of Famer who won consecutive US Opens in 1997 and 1998 : PATRICK RAFTER. News to me, since I don't follow tennis. Did you know that Oreo cookies and Oscar Mayer meats are brands owned by KRAFT Foods? [41.11up 0.34 (0.83%)]

59A. Louisiana nickname : THE BIG EASY. Is N'walins the heart of LA? Maybe Hatoolah can fill us in. This is the nickname of that famous city. Hidden deep in the 9th ward we find the initials of the General Electric Company. [20.85 down 0.08 (0.38%)]

And the unifier: 67 A. With “the,” much watched index, a different component of which is hidden in 16-, 21-, 36-, 48- and 59-Across : DOW. The DJIA is one of many indexes presented by DOW Jones and Company.

Hi, gang! Company man JazzBumpa here. Are you ready to take stock of this puzzle? It's a product of our fearless leader. Let's get down to business.


1. Run headlong into : RAM. Also a male sheep or goat, and trademark of the Chrysler Corporation.

4. Leave in stitches : SLAY. In a purely comedic sense.

8. Soupçon : DAB. A little DAB will do ya, it's said. But Google translate renders "soupçon" as "suspicion." I'm confused. Kazie?

11. Ostrich cousins : EMUS. So far as I know, this large, flightless bird has nothing to do with Eastern Michigan University, alma mater to many in my clan, whose mascot is, inexplicably, the eagle.

13. Henchmen : THUGS. A thug is a cruel or vicious criminal. A henchman is a gang member or gangster's underling. Not a perfect correspondence.

14. Printing measure : PICA. A type face size used on some versions of an obsolete device known as the typewriter. Remember them? They were never favored by the elite.

15. Speech therapist’s concern : LISP. I think I underthtand.

18. Keen on: INTO. The THUG was crazy about the house he broke INTO. I'm INTO silly word play.

19. Je ne ____ quoi : SAIS. I do not know what this means.

20. Freebies near the register : MINTS. The items of coinage are made at the MINT.

24. Play a good joke on : GET. Did I GET you with 19A?

25. Moose feature : ANTLER. What's the best part of this rack?

28. Word with tie or cord : POWER. POWER tie. POWER cord.

31. It may be bleeped out : OATH.

34. Write to a disk : SAVE.

35. News initials : UPI. United Press International

39. Mario Brothers letters : NES. Nintendo Entertainment System. It's all a game.

40. "The Mod Squad" role : LINC. This requires a Linc link.

42. "Way to go!" : NICE. Good job!

43. Insurance worker : AGENT.

45. Study intently : PEER AT.

47. “The Simpsons” shopkeeper : APU. I'm not a Simpsons watcher. Leaned about this guy from X-words. Anyone for some tandoori jerky?

55. __-load: prep for a marathon : CARBO. Loading up on high carbohydrate, low glycemic index foods as an energy storage strategy the day before an endurance contest, such as a triathlon or marathon.

57. Liposuction target : FLAB. No images, please.

58. Overdue book penalty : FINE. They get their book back, my purse is lightened sans liposuction, all is FINE.

61. "Absolutely!" : AMEN. It's FINE with me.

62. Upbeat : ROSY. Optimists see the word through upbeat glasses.

63. Farm girls? : MARES. Horse ladies. Along with does, they eat oats.

64. Telegram : WIRE. Back in the day, you could send a kiss by wire. These days, sexting is more direct.

65. Fleur-de-___ : LYS. A French flowery symbol.

66. Cabled carrier? : TRAM. AKA a cable car.


1. Museum piece : RELIC.

2. Acid type : AMINO.

3. “__ paint you a picture?” : MUST I? You must, you must.

4. Sand bar : SHOAL. Don't run aground.

5. Desi’s daughter : LUCIE. Lucie Désirée Arnaz is now 61.

6. Shocked : AGASP. I am AGASP, AGASP to find . . .

7. Maker of Opium, initially : YSL. A lady's fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent.

8. ""Unfaithful" Oscar nominee : DIANE LANE. I didn't know there was an Oscar nomination involved.

9. Money in the bank: Abbr. : ACCT. Account.

10. Curmudgeonly cries : BAHS. Humbug!

12. Cleaning aid : SPONGE.

13. Best Buy buy : TV SET. That's where I got mine. Costco had it cheaper, I later found out.

14. Shows the way : POINTS. But nobody pointed me there

17. "Hurry up!" : C'MON. I would have gone.

22. Okla., before 11/16/1907 : TERR. Territory. Per Wikipedia, "territories of the United States are one of the four types of political division of the United States, overseen directly by the federal government of the United States and not any part of a U.S. state." As Okla. shows us, territories can become states. Kukla never made it.

23. "Good one" : HA-HA. Unlike that Kukla bomb.

26. Square, moneywise : EVEN. Check your ACCT.

27. Sit for a spell : REST. Conjures on image of rocking chairs on a wrap-around porch.

28. Juicer refuse : PULP. See 30D.

29. Mayberry boy : OPIE. Ron Howard, the early years.

30. Napa equipment : WINE PRESS. The pulp is called "must."

31. Back-tied sash : OBI. I read this as "black-tied" which caused no end of confusion. Anyway, there are other options.

32. "Breaking Bad" cable channel : AMC. Yet another show I've never seen.

33. Place to start a hole : TEE. Golf.

37. Kind of verb: Abbr : INTR. Intransitive. This is a verb that does not take a direct object or complement. Frex: "The lion sleeps tonight."

38. Bite with un aperitivo : TAPA. A drink and appetizer served before a meal.

41. Cantankerous : CRABBY. Not like any of us at the corner.

44. Belly laugh : GUFFAW.

46. Yours, to Yves : A TOI.

47. Chain with Market Fresh sandwiches : ARBY'S.

49. Lead in to bad news : I FEAR . . .

50. Silicon Valley’s Santa ____ : CLARA. City and county of the same name. Do you know the way to San Jose?

51. Deejay Casey : KASEM. For four amazing decades.

52. Like a wallflower : TIMID. Such was I in my unspent yout'.

53. Madrid month : ENERO. January in Spanish. Not thrilled with this clue. Last I looked, there were doce meses.

54. Ask for more Money? : RENEW. Not sure I grok. If you RENEW a subscription, frex, you have to pay more. Is this it? (From C.C.: Money refers to the magazine here.)

55. PC key : CTRL. Control.

56. Shout between ships : AHOY.

60. London hrs. : GMT. Greenwich Mean Time.

Answer grid.

Don't mean to be mean, but my time is up. Not a great day for the Dow, but - despite my nits - this was a fun puzzle. Hope the time you invested paid some pleasurable dividends.


Notes from C.C.:

1) A big "Thank you" to Barry G & Splynter for test-solving this puzzle and giving me valuable feedback.

2) Here are few lovely photos of Husker Gary's grandkids "in the Fontanelle Forest in Bellevue, NE just south of Omaha last week. These same woods hosted Lewis and Clark for a few days over 200 years ago."


Col_Gopinath said...

Hi CC,

Nice to see your blog going stronger than ever. So you now have plenty of assistance and blog yourself only on Sundays, good going.

My blog which (on the cryptic crossword which apperas in The HINDU in India) was inspired by yours is also going strong, I handle five days in a week and another regular from Australia handles it for the remaining two days.

Ciao and all the best

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Jazzbumpa and friends. I found today's theme to be a bit obscure, but the clues lots of fun.

We usually see Fleur-de-Lis spelled with an "i" instead of a "y", so that threw me for a bit. They are ubiquitous throughout Southern Louisiana.

As for the BIG EASY, well, it was a
movie where the actors had very bad NO accents. New Orleans is a city unto itself. Even the laws are different for the city.

I liked seeing the clue for CRABBY situated right next to the clue for GUFFAW.

I watched an episode or two of Breaking Bad, but found it very disturbing.

QOD: A mistake is simply another way of doing things. ~ Katharine Graham

Yellowrocks said...

CC, this is a delightful puzzle with more than a soupçon of difficulty. Great blog, Jazz. This took me longer than it should have.

Soupçon and je ne sais quoi are 2 of my favorites.

I learned soupçon from an elderly friend a long time ago. Add a soupçon of basil to the stew, just a hint or suspicion of that flavor. It is also used for just a slight bit of any quality.

I love je ne sais quoi, literally means I don't know what. It is an indefinable, often pleasant quality.
She has that je ne sais quoi that charms everyone. We might say, a certain something.

My last answer was WINE PRESS. I was hung up on NAPA auto parts. I pass that sign every day.

I knew NES but couldn't recall it. I had to go through the alphabet to get the N in LANE.

I got DOW, but didn't see the companies. I was looking for their stock exchange designations.

I like atilt, aroar, awhirl because I see them from time to time. AGASP seems odd, but legitimate. Some dictionaries call it obsolete

Anonymous said...

65. Fleur-de-___ : LYS. A French flowery symbol. This is the incorrect spelling. Nowhere is it spelled with a "Y". It is spelled fleur-de-lis. : ) Not good to misspell a word on purpose just to make another word in the puzzle work unless you are working that kind of puzzle, which this was not. : )

Hahtoolah said...

Jazzbumpa: You didn't GET me with your 19A commentary. I knew you really knew what the French phrase meant.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning JazzB and all

More than a soupçon of challenge from C. C. today. Good workout, no searches needed. After getting DOW, went back to parse the companies. Had Alco instead of ALCOA. At least 2 instances of GE. Paused over SHOAL. Many shoals are formations other than 'sand bars' but it's a good clue. Got NES and PATRICK RAFTERfrom the perps. Liked seeing THE BIG EASY. GMT is also known as UT (Universal Time) and Zulu Time. (EST - standard time on the East coast would be Romeo Time). Good job, C.C.

Anon @ 0626 - I wanted LIS, too, but I trusted the editor to know if LYS is also correct. Merriam Webster says it is. You might want to check your dictionary before commenting about spelling.

grams said...

I thot this to be tough, tho enjoyable. Enjoyed the write up. Was able to get Dow, but hidden themes were still hidden for me! Oh well happy hump day everyone!

Anonymous said...

I got the DOW early, but since it wasn't the word hidden, it didn't really help much in solving the themed clues. But that made it more challenging and fun. Thanks, CC.

Yellowrocks said...

As an iris lover I have long been fascinated that the fleur de lys is a stylized iris. I believe the Iris germanica is a form of our common bearded iris like Blue Iris's avatar.

fleur-de-lis or fleur-de-lys n. pl. fleurs-de-lis or fleurs-de-lys
1. An iris, especially a white-flowered form of Iris germanica.
2. Heraldry A device consisting of a stylized three-petaled iris flower, used as the armorial emblem of the kings of France.

The actual bearded irises have six petals, 3 that stand upright, called standards, and three with fuzzy strips (the beards) on them, that hang down.

Not as smart as you said...

The puzzle was right up Wall Street. Great comments by the interpreter of the clues.

You are a bit of a know-it-all, aren't you, Yellowrocks? I bet that doesn't endear you to many people.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a swell puzzle. Thank you, as well, Jazzbumpa, for the excellent review.

Had a hit or miss start. Got some, not others. Could not get DAB for quite a while. Could not remember what Soupcon meant. I know we have had it before.

YSL came with perps. Why would someone name a product OPIUM?

Had VOICE COACH for quite a while for 16A. LUCIE and AGASP changed my mind.

COIN TELEPHONE was easy. When I worked in the telephone industry, we called them PAY STATIONS.

Got all the theme answers and DOW, but could not find the hidden items. Had to wait for the Blog.

Also had LIS for 65A, but AHOY changed that to LYS.

Did not know Market Fresh Sandwiches. However, I eat at Arbys once in a while. I enjoy their roast beef sandwiches. I guess I do not read the fine print.

Did not know the DJ Casey KASEM. Perps found him.

Our old buddy APU appeared. Never seen the show.

Too much french for me today. Perped them.

Did not know DIANE LANE. Perped her.

This puzzle was not real easy. I think more a Thursday level than a Wednesday.

See you tomorrow.


Mari said...

Hi gang, Great puzzle and great write up. I love JzB's commentary every time.

I also got DOW, but didn't see the theme hidden in the long answers.

My favorite clue here was 7D: Maker of Opium initially: YSL. Yves St. Laurent, and here I was thinking the answer would be more like something you'd see on Breaking Bad. Haven't seen the show, but I believe it has to do with drugs.

I liked seeing HAHA and GUFFAW.

No joke - it's back to work for me.

Have a good mid-week!

Tinbeni said...

C.C. Really enjoyed the DOW themes. Liked how each 'stock' crossed two words.

Esp. liked the LISP / VOCAL-COACH line. (I guess if you have the former, you need the latter).

Yellowrocks: I always enjoy your erudite comments and explanations. Keep'em coming!

Husker: Cute grandkids.

Cheers to all at Sunset.
OK, not 'ALL' ... the CRABBY anon's get BAH'S.

Husker Gary said...

C.C.’s subtle cluing made this a delightful but stern humpday test for me.

-HAROLD HILL fit music teacher but…
-What movie contains a scene where the hero jerry-rigs a COIN TELEPHONE with a coin he finds on the ground
-RAFTER was vaguely familiar
-Pretentious Diane used the word soupçon in a Cheers episode.
-Some of my students loved the THUG life from a distance
-The most famous LISP on TV today. I’m surprised some group is not offended.
-In the same vein, I saw a NE license plate that said BZINGA on it yesterday. I told her to roll down her window and yelled, “Go Sheldon”! She smiled, uh, eventually.
-I cut my POWER CORD with the hedge trimmers last week. What a genius!
-My CARBO loading becomes CARBO retention
-What TV series had the hilarious library cop Mr. Bookman?
-The NE State Fair is supposed to have a 40’ high TRAM this year over the fairgrounds but the truck with many of its parts got T-boned on an interstate on ramp and now no one knows what is going to happen.
-Men are more likely to need a PICTURE PAINTED
-Rivers around here are mostly SHOALS now.

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thank you very much CC. Very creative and (for me), pretty darn challenging. Very international, with big business. Alas, I had to turn on red letter help after getting stuck. I wasn't sure of the spelling of SAIS, and REDMEAT just didn't look correct. Had no idea what a bLack tied sash was. Should had a cup of joe, and must get my vision checked. Also didn't take note of the Cap in Opium, but then did note the Cap in 54D Ask for more Money, which threw me a bit there. My real downfall was VOiceCoACH instead of VOCALCOACH.

Jazzbumpa, thank you for the review. Your set up and delivery on 14A made me laugh. That Brylcream commercial was classic. Ad men know how to create an impression. I always enjoy the links that the Contributors find, and yours were fun and entertaining, and educational. I will leave it to someone else to post the McDonalds "je ne sais quoi" commercial.

Could someone please tell me what the character is under the c in soupçon is and what it means ?

kazie said...

Why would someone name a product OPIUM? ---simply because it catches one's attention. Just like my favorite--Euphoria.

Fun puzzle, C.C., but I got completely stumped in the mid south since I had CRANKY for CRABBY, I never saw BIG EASY. I guess I thought that only referred to New Orleans and not the whole state. Also never heard of PATRICK RAFTER, didn't know any ARBYS products, or anyone that goes for CARBO preps. WAGged KASUM for KASEM, so MARES never appeared either. Should have expected a golf clue at TEE too, but missed that and AMC as well. Everything else was fine.

At least I got the Sudoku easily today!

Great to see you here again! congrats on your successful blog and puzzle!

Irish Miss said...

Good morning all:

Before I tapped into Cruciverb, I thought "we're about due for a Marti or a CC puzzle" and, lo and behold, there was CC! And our Clever Constructor certainly lived up to her name with this creation. I didn't get the theme until I came here and what a surprise that was. Terrific job, CC, and great expo, JazzB.

Didn't have any real problems but did have cranky before crabby and wine glass before wine press. Thought it was a good Wednesday-level offering.

Cute grandkids, HG.

Abejo, how is your hand since the stitches were removed?

Happy Wednesday to all.

desper-otto said...

Nice job, C.C. This one had just the right amount of crunch for a Thursday.

It almost got me. I didn't know DIANE LANE, and though I knew Super Mario Brothers was a video game, I had no idea what their letters might be. I WAGged the "N", but in my opinion a "K" or "W" could have worked just as well.

Just finished a meeting with Double-D (which, alas, is a tree service company). I've got two dead trees in my back yard, victims of last summer's drought. They're both about 70' tall and close enough that they could hit the house if they fell. So, tomorrow they're comin' down.

Cute grands, Husker.

TTP said...

Not as smart@ 8:04

Was that really necessary ? I feel confident that I am not the only one on this blog that appreciates the blog posts that provide additional clarity and insight into the varied subject areas.

Might I suggest Dale Carnegie ? Or the Golden Rule ?

desper-otto said...

Forgot to mention, I also didn't get the "ask for more Money" / RENEW until C.C. explained it.

TTP -- that thingy is called a cedilla (I think), and it indicates that the 'c' should be pronounced like an 's' rather than a 'k'.

Unknown said...

I managed to get through it without too much help. Didn't get the theme at all. That's ok.

At about age 5, my grandson used the word HENCHMEN. I asked him what it meant, and he told me. Last week he used the word hence correctly.(He's 12)

LYS threw me, had to look that one up, wanted LIS. Keeps me on my toes.

Husker Gary said...


-YR, your erudite contributions and lovely online persona are greatly appreciated in this corner. Thanks for your contributions that teach me many new things.
-Oops, our phone hero used a pull tab (that alone tells you the movie is over 20 years old) not a coin.
-A TEE box was where my back went south three weeks ago. I talked to Tin yesterday and he echoed my wife in saying that maybe 18 holes per day is enough. Now if I could just get him on SKYPE ;-)
-Breaking Bad is a very dark series about a high school chemistry teacher who cooks the best meth around. Yikes!
- The last phone booth I saw (the middle of the picture)
-My “money guy” got me into a investment that freezes my mutual fund where it was 4 years ago when the DOW was high and guarantees me 5% per year without diminishing the first net value.
-QOD corollary posited by a spelling challenged colleague, “People who only know one way to spell a word lack creativity”. Yeah, she’s a spelling teacher and runs the spelling bee.
-Fore! (18 only, Tin and Joann).

TTP said...


Very good. Thank you. I just read the Wikipedia article on cedilla. As in "facade." Excellent.

Lemonade714 said...

Happy Humping all:

C.C. another wonderful creation, so perfectly presented by JzB who obviously does not need us to amuse himself.

I think Kristen Stewart is the leading nominee for this year's Oscar for being Unfaithful.

Je ne sais quoi is an in the language American idiom to describe the indescribable.

Wheere is UP?

Lucina said...

Hello, puzzle people. NICE (42A) job, Jazz! Sometimes you SLAY me.

And very NICE from our Creative Constructor, C.C. I sashayed fairly comfortably through this one with only a few bumps, CRANKY then CRABBY corrected by CARBO and LIS changed with AHOY.

Didn't know DIANE LANE, though love her work, perps handled that and was shocked at AGASP! Not familiar with that word.

PATRICK RAFTER also a total unknown. But Casey KASEM was very popular for his top 40 hits program.

Slowly but surely my French vocabulary is growing.

From yesterday, if anyone knows how I can restore my profile and sign in please feel free to e-mail me. Bill G? CED?

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

Hahtoolah said...

Kazie: I, too, like Euphoria. You have good taste! LOL. I was not fooled by C.C. clue for OPIUM. When I saw the clue, I vaguely remembered once that she said she liked that perfume.

The Big Easy does just refer to New Orleans, but the clue was a Louisiana nickname, which does not necessarily refer to the entire state. Since NO is in Louisiana, it fit the clue.

Lucina said...

I also value your insights and the thoroughness of your reviews and have learned much from you. Keep it up!

Lemonade714 said...

For those of you who want a French cheat sheet for puzzles or learning I like this LINK.

YR, welcome to my world; it is fun having a stalker.

Misty, sorry about your issues so I am catching up.

Irish Miss said...

YR-The best way to deal with nasty people is to ignore lthem. Fortunately, they are way, way outnumbered by those of us who appreciate learning and sharing new information, ideas, experiences, etc. I, for one, have learned so much since I joined this caring and close-knit community. "Hugs" to all.

Lucina said...

Well, never mind. I fiddled around with it and found my identity! Thank you for the offers of help CED and Bill G.

Lemonade714 said...

BTW, Colonel how nice to see you. It is a treat whenever an old friend stops by and says hello, especially with pleasant news. Congratulations on all of your work in the puzzling world of puzzles.

Misty said...

I found this a bit of a toughie for a Wednesday, but any C.C. puzzle is a great one, as far as I'm concerned. And I did get it all in the end, except for the companies--so thanks, Jazz B., for pointing them out. You can tell that I just barely glance at the business section of the paper.

Have a great day, everybody, and thanks again for all the sweet support yesterday (and today, Lemonade).

tampagirl said...

Good day all. The RNC convention beginning next week is turning out to be a real PITA. I enjoyed this puzzle. Had to google diane lane but managed to strain my brain a few times. All you bloggers are such warm, caring people and have such charisma. Already I feel like family. I would like to see less sniping of others though. This is a fun game not a one man up contest. Blessings for yall.

Yellowrocks said...

Thank you to all who gave me a vote of confidence. There are very many posters on this blog who know a great deal more about a variety of topics than I do. There are many who have had interesting, unique experiences. You all open up my horizons to topics I might not have pursued by myself. You have made learning exciting and fun for me. I am hoping that I might do the same for you.

Jazz, that was an outstanding effort this morning. Thank you for the time you commit to informing and entertaining us.

kazie said...

Thanks for clarifying the Big Easy.

I neglected to say earlier that I too missed the actual stocks in the themes despite getting DOW. I watch it every day, but as my son tells me, watching it doesn't make it do what I want! LOL!

I also wanted to thank you for explaining the French in your post. It meant I didn't feel obliged to. Your info is always welcome, good and thorough.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Chiming in with a vote of appreciation for one of my favorites, Yellowrocks!

"Illegitimi non Carborundum". Another of my favorites. :-)

TTP said...

Lemonade, thanks for the French link. Bookmarked it.

As to, "Where is UP ?." If you are catching up on yesterday's posts, my bad. UP is commonly known and accepted by those of us in the upper Midwest as the short form of Upper Peninsula (of Michigan). It's an area inhabited by Yoopers, and they take no offense at that term. See Wiki on Yoopers for background. If you've never heard Yooper-speak...similar to the men-uh-sew-ta accents of some of the characters in the movie Fargo.

Ron Worden said...

Good afternoon to all and happy hump day. Thanks C.C. really good theme and cluing. Thanks Lemon for your write-up and musings. One of my favorites treats is a jr. roast beef sandwich,and a jr. chocolate shake from arbys.
To Tampagirl maybe the hurricane will come and blow them all out to sea. Just kidding.
Have a great day to all RJW.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this one sucked. Got the theme answers but not the connection. Thursday puzzle definitely. Hated 4 across clue "Leave In Stitches," SLAY? Pushin' it huh. Favorite clue in a while was 14 a, answer PICA. Apu, obi and Emu again. Where is Ono and the Gabor sister? Can't wait til Friday. Go Petaluma! Win the LLWS!

Ron Worden said...

Also forgot to mention thanks YR I always appreciate any learning moments.

TO HuskerG cute grandkids and great pics. Also from a couple weeks back my dad was also a brooklyn dodgers fan. RJW

Yellowrocks said...

fermatprime, I am so sorry to hear about your very expensive bathroom repair. Good luck.

We have a shower we don't use because water somehow infiltrates to the wall next to the shower and to the floor in front of it. Also the bathroom is not ventilated to the outdoors causing other problems. This fall I will likely remodel and update the entire bathroom. Big $$$$. I am hesitant to choose a contractor.

Mainiac, you seem to understand these issues. Would you mind if I emailed you about another water problem?

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Full disclosure: I did not know what je ne sais qua meant, and had to be rescued by Google translate.

tampagirl -

Welcome. You will see that the sniping comes from cowardly anons, not those in the community.

Did some yard work this morning, now ready for a nap.

Cool regards!

Ron Worden said...

To JzB sorry I thought it was Lemon today must be thinking about Friday my apologies to you.RJW

Bill G. said...

I thought this puzzle was harder than expected. Good though. Thanks for the writeup JzB.

Gary, very nice photos of the grandkids.

The stock market has been mostly kind to us. I tend to invest in mutual funds that outperform the market (I hope). We also have some Apple. Funny thing. Several years back, I went online to my Fidelity account and placed an order to buy some more shares. A little while later, I noticed that I had inadvertently put an extra zero in the order and had bought 10 times more than I had intended. I was about to call my representative when I noticed that Apple was up significantly during the last couple of hours. So it turned out to be a lucky mistake.

Yellowrocks, I enjoy reading your posts. Let the anons crawl back under their rocks.

CrossEyedDave said...

Late again, i should have taken the puzzle to the Doctors office, it would have been better than those old magazines.

CC, i had trouble with the SE corner, & had to look up Rafter. After that, everything fell into place.

Except the theme, went totally over my head. I was looking for some variation of the letters D,O, & W,

Oh, hand up for Cranky b/4 crabby, & voice b/4 vocal.

Lucina, glad you figured it out! (life is full of puzzles!) & since i messed up my Google account, i am sure i would have made things worse!

YellowRocks, you are GOLD to me!!!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I felt the same as most of you described after solving this puzzle today. For example, I too wanted LIS instead of LYS until AHOY forced it. And I too didn't see the company names hidden in the theme answers. Interesting pattern of black squares.

Lucina, glad you got your log-ins, profiles, etc. straightened out. It's those doggone cookies, which are tied to a specific browser.

Jazzbumpa, thanks for a fun, humorous, and interesting writeup.

Best wishes to you all.

Lucina said...

I also failed to mention that the theme eluded me although DOW made its appearance.

Glad to have Jzb to 'splain things.

So that's what it is! Normally I love cookies! That is, the edible kind.

Jayce said...

Mmmm, soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies!

windhover said...

Not as smart as you @8:04,
As one of my personal heroes and fellow Kentuckian said (and I've quoted here several times), "It ain't braggin' if you can really do it".
Clearly, she can, and I would say that she is "smarter" than either of us in terms of knowledge about a wide variety of subjects. Nice of you to point it out, but not cool to object.
Hope it's comfortable under your rock.

Lemonade714 said...


Nice to see you, as always. Stop by and ignore the trolls and let's talk about puzzles, or goats, or sheep. The past keeps slipping away.

Manac said...

Afternoon all, home a little early today to celebrate my daughter's 23rd
birthday (Boy, I'm starting to feel old ) but I wanted to comment on a few things today. 8a clue and answer Dab had me in the dark until YR's intelligent post shed some light on it. Thank You. I learn something new every day. Never, ever, heard of it as a coin telephone, always a payphone round these parts. Once I got my mind out of the gutter and put in rib meat (Hey, don't judge me,
it would have fit!) the rest fell easily.

CrossEyedDave said...

Outmoded Street Fixtures:






Manac said...

Forgot to mention. Breaking Bad is one of those shows where you have to follow it from the beginning. You understand how and why a timid chemistry teacher get into the meth business and all that follows. It is a a dark program but is highly addictive ( no pun intended ).
Oh, and YR, you and anyone else here are more than welcome to email with any questions related to home improvement.
If I can offer some insight, I would be happy to. I only have one thing to ask of you YR, there are no i's in my name. Fermatprime, I hope I can point you in the right direction, that just sounds too much in my book.

Spitzboov said...

CED #5 - - LMAO. In Stockholm, there was a kind of green funnel arrangement off the sidewalk near the rear of the royal palace.

YR - I love your posts. They're bright, decisive, usually right and apt and fun to read. I second others' INC (Illegitimus non carborundum) or “Noli arrogantium iniurias pati “.

Anonymous said...

"If his momma named him Clay, I'm gonna call him Clay"

Manac said...

Spitz, I'm glad you commented on #5 before I did. I didn't want to come off as being Abby normal.

Bill G. said...

Manac, thanks for that. I'm sure that Young Frankenstein is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Teri Garr was HOT also.

Manac said...

Bill G. OK you forced this one out of me. no comment

Bill G. said...

Guess what? I totally knew that you were going to pick that clip; one of my all-time favorites.

fermatprime said...


Puzzle took longer than expected, but no cheats. Thanks, CC. Great expo, Jazz!

Yellowrocks: Really enjoy your posting. A pox on your detractor.

Husker: Really cute kids!

Manac: Was going to write you after I deciphered the contract, but it proved undecipherable. Some jerks showed up today and started tearing apart the other bathroom! I was appalled! (Also, amount is $28K; heard that wrong.) Swimming partner, known for a real temper, went in and chased them away before they destroyed the bathtub. Luckily, she did not have a stroke. Especially after screaming at me for 15 minutes for stupidity. Contractor supposed to have come at 6 to revise contract. It is 7:20 now. I only slept 3 hours last night. When I tried to blog after swimming, I fell asleep, despite noise in adjoining bathroom. (Am really tired of using @#$%^& portable toilet in my bedroom. I know, TMI.)


Lucina said...

This morning I forgot to mention how cute your grandchildren are. Thank you for sharing.

Love those clips!

Manac said...

Bill G. I guess great minds think alike so one more for you The bags
fermatprime, I don't know how far you are into this with this contractor but I would stop any and all activities with them until you have talked to someone like the AG about thier business practises. 28k is an absurdity. Email me any pics of it and I'll give you my honest opinion. good luck