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Aug 28, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 Ed Sessa

Theme: Hey, Mister... - Click here. All the 11 Misters & MISTER itself are symmetrically placed in the grid.

26A. *Monopoly cards : DEEDS
33A. *Warty leaper : TOAD. from "The Wind in the Willows".

41A. *Robin's egg color : BLUE

51A. *Scrub : CLEAN

2D. *With 13-Down, roasted aromatic seed : COFFEE

6D. *Oz ruler : WIZARD

13D. *See 2-Down : BEAN

30D. *Pop's partner : MOM

36D. *Tom Hanks film : BIG. from "Sex and the City"

47D. *Piece of packing material : PEANUT

53D. *Bird's beak : BILL

And the reveal: 49D. Title associated with the 11 starred answers : MISTER

Mister Argyle here. Not much left to do after getting the above done. 56 theme squares, 80 total words, 12 entries that are longer than the longest theme, 2 three-letter theme. This came out of left field and landed on Tuesday.


1. 6-Across, for one : ACTOR

6. Friday portrayer : WEBB. (Sergeant Friday/Jack Webb)(Dragnet, "51-"59) I'll add the other old TV guys here. 17A. Zimbalist Jr. of "77 Sunset Strip"('58-'64) : EFREM. 48D. Michael who played Cochise : ANSARA. (Broken Arrow, '56-'58) 61D. Christopher Carson, famously : KIT. (Bill Williams in the title role, '51-'55)

10. Flag down __ : A CAB

14. Totally lose it : GO APE

15. Modest reply to a compliment : "I TRY"

16. Sported : WORE

18. Playwright Akins and Tony winner Caldwell : ZOEs. Zoë Atkins(Wiki), Zoe Caldwell(Wiki).

19. Et __: and others : ALIA

20. Repeatedly, in poems : OFT plus 4D. Reveal, in verse : OPE

21. The first Mrs. Trump : IVANA

23. Reaction to a pun, perhaps : GROAN

24. Driver with a permit : LEARNER

28. Snickered at : DERIDED

29. Start of a confession to a priest : "BLESS ME ..."

32. Ed.'s workload : MSS. (manuscripts)

34. "You've got mail" Internet giant : AOL

35. Recedes to the sea : EBBS

38. "Oedipus __" : REX. Greek Legend.

39. Beggar's request : ALMS

40. Spanish aunt : TIA

43. Cookie container : JAR

45. Concur about : AGREE ON

47. Mary's little follower : PET LAMB

52. Latvia neighbor : ESTONIA. And Lithuania, Map.

53. Sonic bursts : BOOMS

55. Make joyful : ELATE

57. Cold War initials : SSR. (Soviet Socialist Republic)

58. Prefix with Chinese : INDO

59. Silly smile, maybe : GRIN

60. Inline roller : SKATE

62. Sly glance : LEER

63. __ platter: Chinese menu choice : PU PU

64. Tuckers (out) : TIRES

65. Use intense light on : LASE

66. Laundry challenge : SPOT

67. Begin : START


1. From long ago : AGE OLD

3. Fish-and-chips sauce : TARTAR

5. Helps remember : REMINDS

7. School for English princes : ETON

8. Place for pumpernickel : BREAD BOX

9. Fly-__: air passes : BYs

10. Military medals, e.g. : AWARDS

11. Really huge : COLOSSAL

12. "Carmen" highlight : ARIA

22. Victory signs : VEEs

23. Turned right : GEEd. Gee and haw, voice commands for horses (interjection ) and the action (verb).

25. Canyon perimeters : RIMS

27. Portuguese "she" : ELA

31. 2012 British Open winner Ernie : ELS

33. Peg on the links : TEE

35. Terminal expectation: Abbr. : ETA

37. Lines on labels : BAR CODES

38. Second-place finisher : RUNNER UP

39. Folk singer Guthrie : ARLO

41. Swarming stingers : BEEs. It's that time of year when they get nastier.

42. Mauna __ : LOA

43. Kid around : JEST

44. Swears to : ATTESTS

46. "Get Shorty" author Leonard : ELMORE. The movie came out in 1995.

50. Most meager : BAREST

54. Fit for military duty : ONE A

56. Fat removal, briefly : LIPO

59. Navig. aid : GPS. (global positioning system)


Note from C.C.:

Here are 3 happy pictures of Jazzbumpa (Ron), his wife Gloria & their 11 grandkids. Click on each one for a clearer view.

The pictures were taken when Ron's stepson Tom (with Air Force Special Ops) visited back in April. He said: "We only get all 11 grandkids together once or twice a year, so it's always a treat. We've been taking kids on the couch pics since long ago when we only had three. Now, they won't all fit."


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Easy breezy Tuesday puzzle for me today. Didn't even notice the theme until the end, which is fine because I would have struggled with BLUE had I been actually looking for something that started with MISTER. Never, ever heard of MISTER BLUE, sorry...

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Ed Sessa, for an excellent Tuesday puzzle. Thank you, Mr. Argyle,for the swell review.

Cruciverb worked today. So I got an early start.

This puzzle was pretty easy. I went through without noticing the starred clues, at first. Finally I did and my last entry was MISTER for 49D.

I spelled EFREM as EFROM at first. Fixed that.

Could not remember PUPU. Perps helped.

I did remember ANSARA for 48D. That was amazing.

Good shots of Jazzbumpa and family. All look very happy.

See you tomorrow.


fermatprime said...


Will pay dearly for staying up this late, but there was a fabulous Eddy-Macdonald festival on Turner Classic movies!

Great puzzle, Ed; nice expo, Argyle! A bit more difficult than yesterday, but still very reasonable.

Sorry that I missed yesterday's blog. Belated Happy Birthday to you two youngsters, Lemon and Mouse!

Nice photos, Jazz.

Monday was one disaster after another, which I will not bore you with, for a change.


Lucina said...

Good day, MISTER Argyle et ALIA. What an elegant grid today.

This early waking at 4:00 A.M. is getting to be a habit with me. I hope it stops soon.

I SKATEd through MISTER Sessa's puzzle with only one rewrite, HER LAMB instead of PET LAMB but PEANUT soon corrected that. Then went back to review all the MISTERs and if I had to guess them would have been in a fog about MR. BLUE, MR. DEEDS and MR. BILL.

ANSARA was a pure WAG.

Thanks, Argyle, for all the illustrations. When I'm more awake I'll check them out though I have to go for a dental crown later this morning.

Now I'll try to recoup some sleep. You all have a great Tuesday!

grams said...

Great family pics!
4:00 o'clock been my hour too! Drat it! Fun puzzle. Great write up. Had frog before toad. Looks like we missed hurricane. Thank the Lord!

TTP said...

Very fun. Thank you Mister Sessa (where was Tibbs ?) and Mister Argyle ! And how about the symmetry of the theme answers. That was neat !

I liked ESTONIA above SSR. Long occupied by the Soviets as one of the SSRs. Consider themselves Nordic rather than Baltic, but probable that the country will always be known as a "Baltic" nation.

Nice pics JzB !

Talk to you all later !

Argyle said...

Here we have today's musical guest:

Mr. Mister doing Kyrie(4:15).

"Kyrie eleison" is Greek for "Lord have mercy on us".

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Pretty easy ride today, certainly didn't need to figure out the theme. That EFREM spelling seems odd, but apparently it's correct.

Super collection of images and clips, Argyle! The Fleetwoods brought back memories - they were on the HiFi a lot when I was little.

desper-otto said...

Good morning, everybody!

WEBB, EFREM, ANSARA all zipped right onto the paper. ANSARA taught me the work "wikiup." It must be a sign of growing old -- I can remember actors from 50's TV, but don't know the names associated with the current shows.

Barry, you must remember Mister Blue -- I'm Mister Blue (Wah-oo-wah-oo)...

I noticed in the newspaper this weekend that the complete "Carol Burnett Show" is coming out on DVD. I was shocked to read "more than 30 years after the last show first aired." Can it really have been that long?

Is AOL still a "giant?" I doubt it. I wanted SDI before SSR appeared. I've only heard them referred to as SSR's in cws.

Time for that 3-mile march...

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. I must be distracted with Isaac preparations, because I struggled with this Tuesday puzzle on the first pass. The perps filled in MISTER for me, but I still was unaware of Mr. DEEDS and Mr. BLUE.

I was initially thinking that the Friday Portrayer referred to Robinson Crusoe instead of Sergeant Friday.

Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. (who is still around at age 93, by the way) was also an FBI agent on The FBI.

Our GPS has saved many a fight while traveling. Now if my darling husband makes a wrong turn, he can blame the GPS instead of me!

ESTONIA is a beautiful country. Go visit if you have a chance.

We stocked up on Pumpernickel bagels so we'll have something to eat during the storm. They are not stored in the BREAD BOX, though.

The wind is picking up and I expect to have no electricity by this time tomorrow.

QOD: The hurricane flooded me out of a lot of memorabilia, but it can't flood out the memories. ~ Tom Dempsey

Argyle said...

And a word from Mr. Tibbs:


Barry G. said...

Barry, you must remember Mister Blue -- I'm Mister Blue (Wah-oo-wah-oo)...

Sorry, don't recognize it (even after listening to the clip). A bit before my time, I'm afraid...

Yellowrocks said...

Like Lucina I skated through this puzzle quickly, usually with the first answer that came to mind, but I had to work out ELMORE. I didn't use the theme.

Argyle, fun clips and pics. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.

Hand up for the 4:00 AM puzzle solvers. Ain't it awful!

I enjoy the pu pu platter when I am with someone who would like to share it.

Mary had a little lamb,
A little pork, a little ham.
A little lobster on the side--
It's little wonder Mary died!

Hahtoolah said...

How many of these famous Misters can you identify?

Spitzboov said...

Good morning all. Great MR links.

WBS. Puzzle must have been finished recently, because of the ELS inclusion. Liked GO APE. Some Portuguese today - ELA; sussed frome the French 'elle'. Usually see only 'são'. Don't think I've ever had PU PU. ONE A means: available for military duty. The military doctors will decide of someone is 'fit'. Good job, Ed.

JazzB - nice family pictures.

Enjoy the day.

Mr. Pibb said...

What about me?

Mari said...

Good morning everybody. Good puzzle today, I caught the theme and spotted the MISTERS easily. There were a lot of formal name clues in the early acrosses - this slowed me down but didn't do me in.

Mr. Deeds is an Adam Sandler movie. Hands up for not knowing MISTER BLUE (Wah-oo-wah-oo)...)

Favorite word: COLOSSAL.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe.

Mari said...

JzB: You've got quite a brood. Are they all as witty as you?

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

We're very proud of all those kids.

Nice puzzle today. Different sort of theme layout. Must have added a lot of extra work.

I remember Michael Ansara from Broken Arrow. I think we've had PUPU platter before. The name is a bit off-putting.

Mary had a little LAMB,
She also had a bear.
I've often seen her little lamb,
But I've never seen her BARE.

Now I need to infuse some ground up roasted aromatic seeds.

I'll be out of touch the next couple of days. My MiL might or might not be having surgery, plus I have a funeral to attend.

Well - cheers anyway,

Seldom Seen said...

The only Mr. Blue I have ever heard of is from this clip. *strong language warning*

Avg Joe said...

I knew all of the Misters except hand up for not knowing Mr Blue. Even after listening, not a clue.

The closest I could come was Mr Blue Sky

But twas an enjoyable puzzle with no major hangups. Didn't use the theme to solve, but it added a pleasant layer.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et ALIA

I didn't even think about the theme until I read Argyle's stellar explanation and links (great stuff there!) With so many theme entries placed symmetrically in the grid, this one must have been a bear to construct, and even more difficult to make it an early week puzzle!

No hiccups today, but I did wonder if many people (other than Catholics) would know the start of the confessional rite, "BLESS ME father, for I have sinned...". I also wondered about putting "her" LAMB just like Lucina did, but a quick check of the down clue made it PET.

Great pics of the grand-kids, Jazzbumpa. They look like a fun bunch, and I bet they all make grampa proud!!

desper-otto said...

Hahtoolah, I identified 23 of the 34 misters. After giving up and looking at the answers, there were only two more where I even had a chance. Interesting quiz.

Hahtoolah said...

Marti: I thought the start of a confession was: Father, I (have sinned). It fit, but the perps gave me the correct answer.

Desper-otto, I didn't know all the Mister's either.

chin said...

Great and fun puzzle today. Thanks for all the clips, they brought back a lot of memories.

I might take exception to "One-A" meaning available for service. The medical exam was part of the process that determined fitness for service. The One-A category was only assigned after the physical and other testing.

Yellowrocks said...

Great family pics. So many grandikids. I only have one, who is the first and last. I love him dearly.

Earlier I posted, then deleted,a rhyme we said in grammar school.

Mary had a little lamb.
He stood beside the heater.
And every time he truned around,
He burned his little p****.

Q. How do you present yourself to the confessor?
A. I kneel at the feet of the confessor and I say: "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned."
We do this rarely in the Episcopal church, but I have seen it often in movies.

Spitzboov said...

chin - "available" for service is Selective Service's own definition.

Elephants mud bathing. Try to watch it near the end when 'Mama' and others help the little one out of the pool.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

Easy but fun Tuesday offering. Thanks, Ed, for a clever puzzle and ditto to Argyle for a super expo.

YR and JzB, loved your little ditties about Mary and her lamb. JzB, great looking group of grandkids.

Happy Tuesday to all.

Ron Worden said...

Good morning and happy Tuesday to all. Fun puzzle thanks to Ed Sessa,and Argyle for some great clips that brought back some fond memories.
To JazzB great pics this summer we had all ten of our grands at our house. Our oldest is only 8,but they do grow fast.
Mary had a little lamb it's fleece was white as snow.
Every where that Mary went that lamb was sure to go.
One day her father shot it dead,and now it goes to school with Mary on two slices of bread.
Have a great day to all RJW.

Qli said...

Nice sunny morning, and nice Tuesday puzzle from Mr. Sessa. Thanks for all the links, Argyle. I knew all the MISTERs but Mr. BLUE, but by then I had figured out the theme.

The NW corner gave me fits at first because I filled in Jacks instead of ACTORS. Thank goodness I got enough perps to fix that.

That mud bath clip was so touching. I thought it was touch-and-go for the little guy for a while there; all those huge feet in a slippery bath! I think that elephants are such interesting creatures.

Wasn't EFREM Zimbalist the father of Stephanie Zimbalist, who starred in "Remington Steele" , with Pierce Brosnan?

JazzB and wife look so happy with all those grandkids!. Lucky them.

Hope you have a better day today than yesterday, fermatprime.

Sorry to hear about all your four o'clock awakenings. If anyone comes up with a foolproof, drug-free remedy, let me know. My DH has been waking up at four for years.

Anonymous said...

Mary had a little lamb
She passed her plate
And had a little more!

Great puzzle today.

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Thanks for all the MISTER links. WOW, this write-up must have taken all night.

Ed Sessa; What a nice FUN Tuesday offering.

Spitz: I'm with you. I was "ONE-A" all through the Vietnam years.
Never had a "military physical or other testing". It was assigned automatically when I registered for the draft on my 18th birthday.

Enjoying all the "Mary had a little lamb" poems.

Hahtoolah: 'OPE it all goes well with Isaac.
(7-days and STILL only a Tropical Storm. Geez, just get outta-here!)

Cheers to all at Sunset!

JJM said...

One little piece of trivia, and don't ask me why I remember it but, Michael Ansara was once married to Barbra Eden ("I Dream of Jeannie")!

Anonymous said...

Mr blue was a character in Reservoir dogs also an old vaudeville song by George Formby(English comedian)

Misty said...

Fun Tuesday speed run--man thanks, Ed. And you too for the always fun write-up, Mr. Argyle.

Had the same problem with EFREM as many others (spelled it EFRAM). Why did I think PU PU platters were Hawaiian specialties? And I loved the stroll down memory lane to all those old TV shows and movies. I even also remembered that Michael ANSARA was indeed once married to Barbara Eden!

Great way to start a Tuesday! Have a good one, everybody!

Anonymous said...

Good morning everybody.

Great pics, Jazz. Beautiful kids, and you and Gloria aren't so bad either.

Spitz, the elephant mud bath was great to watch. It's interesting how they cooperate.

Argyle, the videos were great, as was your write up. Thank you.

I thought this was a bit hard for a Tuesday. Couldn't get the NW corner until DH said COFFEE for BEAN. That opened it all up.


Anonymous said...

Tinbeni, how were you fortunate enough to miss Vietnam if you were 1-A all through the war?

Anonymous said...

PS DH is off to see 2016 at the movies. I refuse to accompany him.

So I shall go to the library.

Enjoy your day.

Mbg55 said...

Good puzzle, though I spelled it Efram. Really good blog on the puzzle.

Bill G. said...

Great photos JzB. A good-looking crew.

I enjoyed your link Hahtoolah. Spitz, what a great elephant video! Fun puzzle, clever theme and thanks for the writeup, Argyle. You really brought back fond memories with that clip of Mr. Wizard. I really loved his shows. He took the time to explain and teach, not just dazzle.

Anony-Mouse said...

Thank you Ed Sessa for a very nice, and relatively easy puzzle ... and thank you, Argyle for the enormous lot of work for all those clips. I loved your blog as much as the puzzle.... and all the 'misters' had me dripping in sweat .... would have been good for my indoor plants, though... especially my ferns.

To those who asked yesterday, 'arranged' marriages in India, at present are about 35%, ( among Indians in the US - 8%), horoscope matching in India - now about 16% ( in the US 1%, if that - ). I have personally heard of very accurate and reliably credible predictions, based on the horoscope(s)... but the overall accuracy is like the Mars NASA landers (less than 40% ).. plus who would want to know their future ? not me. No reliable double-blind studies have ever been conducted, so the predictions are as good as a crap shoot. Gypsies (proto-indians ... ) seem to specialize in fortune telling .... if you ever see a gypsy, run away like a bat out of hell.... !!!

HeartRx said...

Hahtoolah @ 9:08, in all my years of Catholic school, we always said, "Bless me father, for I have sinned. It has been (insert shortened length of time here) since my last confession. These are my sins:
(insert abbreviated list here)...."

I always would add "I lied" to the list, since I always lied about the length of time since my last confession, and left out my worst transgressions. (I was not a very good Catholic girl...)

Spitzboov, great elephant video!!

Anony-Mouse said...

Jazz Bumpa, may I say, a lovely family and lovely and charming kids ... may they, both, continue to bring you joy and happiness.

Thank you Spitz for the wonderful elephant video. Their caring nature shows how human they are, even more so than us.

The only other Mister I could think of was Mister T.

ALT QOD:- Plenty of crazy people in New York. I think one out of every one person is completely out of their mind. ~ Louis Szekely ( Louis C. K. ).

(I have never heard of this guy before .)

Argyle said...

Mr. Lucky : Movie and TV series.

TTP said...

And from Ronco, the makers of the Pocket Fisherman, Mr Microphone

Dennis said...

Ah yes -- tried the old 'Mr. Microphone' trick many times...

Tinbeni said...

Anon @11:05
In my draft number year, they went up to the number 3 below mine. So I wasn't drafted.

However, I did some work for an "initialed" agency that got me in 'Nam three years later.

TTP @12:02
My "Pocket Fisherman" worked really great when I brought along a "pocket-fish".

Dennis @12:15
How was your Isaac experience?

Dang, it must be Sunset ... somewhere. Cheers.

Dennis said...

Tin, it was, in fact, a windy rainstorm, much to the chagrin of our local forecasters and my hand-wringing critics. Winds got up into the 50s, according to a neighbor's anemometer; it felt pretty intense on the beach -- I weigh 230 and it was moving me around fairly easily. Very enjoyable, save the 10 inches of rain here in Palm Beach County.

Just before I got out of the Marines, I, along with three other guys in my outfit, got approached by a couple suits who intimated that they worked for The Company, and wanted to know if we were interested in pursuing employment. I had other plans (read female), and I think one guy actually took an offer. I'd love to know what that was all about, given that our skill set was in the 'extermination' business.

Great 'pocket fish' line.

Jazzbumpa said...

Thanks, guys.

Hanging around with Bumpa's 11 keeps me young.

Efram Zimbalist, Jr. is indeed Stphanie's father. His father, Ef Sr., was a famous concert violinist in the first half of the previous century. Jr's mom was Alma Gluck, an American soprano.

Talented bunch, them Z's.


Avg Joe said...

Let's not forget about Mr. Obvious

windhover said...

I bounced back and forth between 1A and 3A for about 4 years. I never had a physical. They just kept changing the rules pertaining to student status, marriage, and parenthood. My closest encounter was ROTC in college.
So I dodged some figurative bullets, but no real ones.

Dennis said...

Well damn, Windhover, if you'd have just enlisted I suspect we coulda had that war over a lot sooner.

Mari said...

Anon @ 10:44 am: Of course! I should have remembered Mr. Blue in Reservoir Dogs! Isn't he among the first to get killed? (Great Movie!)

Mari said...

Did we miss MISTER ED?

Bill G. said...

I was never a big fan of Bob and Ray but that Mr. Obvious clip was great! Thanks.

Here's an MSNBC article about a guy who does beautiful artwork using BIC pens.

Jayce said...

Loved Henry Fonda playing Mister Roberts.

TTP said...

DW and I have been waiting for today for over a month. Finally taking a vacation. First "real" vacation in a four or five years. Heading out to the land of Melissa and Jayce. Nephew and his wife have a fairly full schedule planned for the next eight days.

Just my luck that my back started to spasm Saturday night. Argh! Hopefully it will relax and I'll be able to do all of the touristy things. Taking my laptop just in case I'm laid up. I'm not looking forward to the 4.5 hour flight.

Next post is (hopefully) from the hometown of the Sharks.

CrossEyedDave said...

Well i am 0 for 2 this week already,,, yesterday i was sure i got everything right & threw out the puzzle, then when i read the Blog, i did not remember "jape", & have no idea what i put. Today i penciled in "basest" instead of barest, & totally missed SSS hissing at me!

Don't forget Mr. Fix-it!

& the cutest "mister".

NIck said...

I know Mr. Blue from Reservoir Dogs :D

Marge said...

Hi all,
I haven't read all the blogs yet, but will later.

Kit Carson-his last years were spent in Taos,NM where there is a small museum in his home. We visited one time when we were there-very interesting.

41D Bees! I know they are good to have around but I am mad at them right now. We have a humming bird feeder outside the dining room window but, where there was only one bee a couple weeks ago there are now almost a dozen(they won't stay still for me to count). They chase all the huming birds away.

I enjoyed the puzzle, it was easier than yesterday.

Have a good evening!

Lucina said...

Your grandchildren look so cute and smart. I know some dance and others play instruments. Do you all ever perform together say for the family?

No time for all those clips today. I was offered a reading class this semester as the grammar one did not have enough students to make the cut and so I have much to do in preparation. Luckily I have kept the reading books.

Dudley said...

Hey Puzzlers, do you remember a mild sort of challenge I made to Husker Gary last week? To the effect that I'd go get a Man Pedicure if he would?

Well now it's on, Husker! Just had it done. Frankly, it was marvelous. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, or maybe in 6-8 weeks. In your face!

Mari said...

Nick @ 2:43 pm: You know that actor?

Anonymous said...

Windhover, I didn't see a 3 across in today's puzzle. Maybe you are referring to a different puzzle?

Argyle said...

He was speaking of his draft classification.

Anonymous said...

I don't think ANY puzzle can have 2a or 3a.

PK said...

Then there is "Mr. Bigshot" Chauncey Billips who sinks three-point basketball shots in clutch situations to win the game. NBA

JZB: cuties, all!

Fermat: Hearing about your disasters always make mine seem smaller (though just as painful).

Bravo Ed & Argyle!

Lemonade714 said...

Mr.Blue was played by Eddie Bullard, a small time crook most famous for being the youngest man ever imprisoned at San Quentin, who became an authot and a bit player in movies. Since Tarentino's movie was "an homage" to many old crime movies, it makes sense to have Mr. Bullard in the movie.

JzB., you are clearly one very lucky Bumpa. Wonderful!

Jazzbumpa said...

I am lucky, indeed.

Thanks for all the nice comments.

Lucina - no family show, yet, though I do have some thoughts kicking around.

I'm picking my brother in law from CA up at the airport this eve - or perhaps tonight. After a T-storm delay in Dallas, they went back to the gate with a mechanical problem.

I think going back to the gate was an excellent choice.


Tinbeni said...

CED ... You really do come up with some great clips. Keep'em coming.

Dennis: and that was just a Tropical Storm.
Sounds like you got the rain they said was headed to the RNC in Tampa.
We did get 6" of rain over the 4 days of gray-weather here.

Hahtoolah: Stay safe!
geez, Isaac is one slow moving Hurricane (Slow-a-cane?)

PedantTheBrit said...

Mary had a little lamb
Its feet were black as soot.
And into Mary's bread and jam
His sooty foot he put.

Seldom Seen said...

@Mari: Mr. Blue was played by Eddie Bunker. I should have mentioned in my post @ 8:23 that the clip I linked was the scene from Reservoir Dogs where the gang received their names.

Btw, Pink, the pop star, took her name from Steve Buscemi's character, Mr. Pink. While still in high school she told everyone to call her Mrs. Pink because she liked the character's sarcasm.

windhover said...

I kinda doubt that, based on the number of demerits I got in ROTC and the hours I marched in that WW2 era wool uniform.
And besides, the warm and humid environment I wanted to get into wasn't a jungle.
Well, it sort of was.........

Manac said...

Couldn't turn in without posting something ROTC

Husker Gary said...

Fun puzzle done from Chadron, NE which is an hour south of the Black Hills.

Dudley, now I'll have to get that pedicure!

Annette said...


Watching The Weather Channel, thinking of you. I hope all is well there! I look forward to seeing your "all clear" post as soon as the power comes back on - or better yet, hearing that it never went out!

My niece's family is riding out the storm at home too, in Houma. My biggest concern is their 5 month old son.

Be safe!

eddyB said...

TTP. Too bad the Sharks wont be playing while you are here.

Was classified 5-A by the local board when I turned 18. 1-A when I
enlisted and passed their tests.
Was in and out before Nam.

Saw the nephrology doc today.

Take care. eddy

Anonymous said...

Pupu Platters are Hawaiian. Meaning appetizer platter. I can't fathom how the term is now associated with a Chinese food menu item.