Aug 29, 2012

Wednesday August 29, 2012 Jack McInturff

Theme: Witty Words from Jack, who is 82 years old.

20A. Quip, part 1 : ONCE WRITING ON A

37A. Quip, part 2 : WALL WAS GRAFFITI

51A. End of the quip : NOW IT'S FACEBOOK

Hello Everyone,

Boomer here with another edition from puzzle land. Before we start though, a couple of riddling questions: First - How many months in the calendar have 30 days? Too easy, okay then - How many jelly beans can you fit in an empty one quart Ziploc bag?

On to the puzzle - fairly challenging due to a few questionable clues.


1. Folder projections : TABS - I took a STAB at this one

5. Come-on comeuppance : SLAP - If you didn't get it, you must do LAPS.

9. Enterprise doctor : MCCOY - He's the Law & Order DA. I thought the Enterprise doctor was Spock.

14. First name at Woodstock : ARLO - You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant. Preserve your 8 X 10 color glossy photographs. Sadly, now, all photos seem to be on a cell phone or a Facebook Wall.

15. Freezer cooler : CUBE - The cube doesn't cool the freezer, the freezer cools the cube.

16. Popped up : AROSE - by any other name still smells the same

17. Market pessimist : BEAR - I wonder if they sold Facebook short.

18. Like Death Valley : ARID - Yup, and the rest of the US this year.

19. All-night bar? : ROOST - We don't have all night bars where I live. "Parrot's perch" would be an easier clue. But we don't have parrots where I live either. We have crackers though if your name is Polly and you want one.

23. Bourbon barrel wood : OAK - This clue is A-OK!

24. Zamboni milieu : ICE - We're familiar with this monster in Minnesota. Last year we had a guy get a DUI on a Zamboni at a high school game between the second and third period. Go figure.

25. Thumbs-up : A-OK - How about that! An anagram of 23A. Now where is that Campground?

26. 2010 Olympic skiing gold medalist Miller : BODE - Interesting name. I have also heard about a young man named Bode from Seattle. He is less than one year old and his father took him to exactly two Major League baseball games this year. The first was Phil Humber's perfect game against the Mariners. Then he was at King Felix's perfecto just a few weeks ago. What are the odds?

28. Highly skilled : DEFT - I seem to remember a laundry detergent named Dreft. Where do they come up with these names?

30. Coppertone letters : SPF - I got this. Didn't like it. They call them CrossWORD puzzles.

33. Dictation whiz : STENO - short for stenographer. With all the word processing equipment available now, I think maybe all stenos are now in all night bars or driving Zambonis.

35. With precision : TO A T - Add an "S" and you have Toast, which is what you should do with this clue and so called word.

36. Missing in the mil. : AWOL - Absent without leave, as most of you know. What you don't know is that I was a company clerk and I really hated the paperwork involved when a soldier went AWOL.

40. Aesthetic to a fault : ARTY - "Way up at a Broadway party, I met a lady who was very ARTY, she took me home to see her studio. She held me close and whispered to me, she said that she wanted to do me, some of that paint will never come off I know." (Chad Mitchell Trio).

41. Milking container : PAIL - Not many are used anymore. They just hook up a tube and the milk never sees the light of day, but it stays Grade A.

42. Dadaism pioneer Max : ERNST

43. Cooking choice : GAS - Okay, but Broil, Boil, Bake, Grill, Saute, Fry, all came to my mind first.

44. Wonderland tea party attendee : HARE - Lewis Carroll's legend lives on!

45. Environmental concern : SMOG

46. Crew member : OAR - Wait a minute. I just watched rowing in the Olympics. The OAR was not a crew member. This clue is up a creek without a paddle.

47. See 45-Down : MOM - I guess we have Soccer Moms in Minnesota, but for about 11 months out of the year they are also Hockey Moms. The difference is that Hockey Moms need an SUV to carry all the skates, sticks, pads, helmets, gloves, and then they have to watch out for drunk Zamboni drivers.

48. VCR format : VHS - Movies that used to rent for five bucks a night are now available at garage sales for 50 cents or less. Sigh.

56. Yard neatener : MOWER - Austin, Minnesota, home of Spam (the canned spiced ham, not the email) is in Mower County.

57. Stoltz of "Pulp Fiction" : ERIC

58. French 101 verb : ETRE - The first letter of "French" is the grade I received in my French class.

59. Flip over : UPEND

60. Longing look : GAZE - pretty easy. Getting to the bottom of the puzzle.

61. See after : TEND - At least this clue wasn't "What comes after NINE D?"

62. Plaster painting surface : GESSO - Sorry, my painting experience only includes my garage door, deck, and "Circle me Bert" sign.

63. Violin virtuoso Leopold : AUER - Never heard of this guy. I have heard of MAUER.

64. Belligerent god : ARES


1. Major no-no : TABOO

2. Field of play : ARENA - Most Fields are outdoors, arenas are usually indoors now. But I think the Christians used to fight the Lions in an arena field. The lions usually won.

3. Aikido masters : BLACK BELTS - Even spell check has never heard of Aikido. Why not just say Judo or Karate and take it easy on us poor sap green belt puzzle solvers.

4. Mad : SORE - yeah, I'm SORE at the Aikido clue

5. Like hen's teeth : SCARCE- Who needs teeth when your lips are as hard as clam shells.

6. "Foreign Affairs" Pulitzer author Alison : LURIE

7. Slightly : A BIT - Fisherman try to get A BIT of a bite using BAIT.

8. Mani-__: spa service : PEDI- Never heard of this, but it must have something to do with feet.

9. She played Lois in "Superman" films : MARGOT (Kidder)

10. Curved piece : CROOK - Nixon was not one.

11. Masked scavenger : COON

12. Greek peak : OSSA- Never heard of the mountain.

13. Still : YET

21. Golfer's nonplaying wife, facetiously : WIDOW - I have all heard the term. I play a little golf, but I think C.C. falls into the Bowling Widow class.

22. Three-nation '90s treaty : NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement. Everything is a clever acronym these days.

27. "I'm __ human" : ONLY

28. Motherless calf : DOGIE - Get along little dogie.

29. __ of Gloucester: "King Lear" character : EARL

30. Fiscally conservative Democrat, say : SWING VOTER - Conservative Democrat ???? You made that up.

31. "Iron Chef" supplies : POTS - If you watch the food network, you have more time on your hands than I.

32. Pass (by) quickly, as time : FLIT - Hmmm - more like flies, mosquitoes, or Usain Bolt.

33. Booty : SWAG - Once a jolly Swagman, sat beside a billabong.....

34. Ancient home of Irish kings : TARA - I never knew Ireland had Kings. LA and Sacramento have them.

35. Unseen "Fiddler on the Roof" tyrant : TSAR - If I were a rich man ..........

36. Picked locks? : AFRO - I think Oscar Gamble had the most notable one. Then along came Michael Jordan and changed the world. Hats fit again.

38. Separated : APART

39. Lyons lady : FEMME

44. Bob or beehive : HAIRDO - I think from the 60s. Now rest in lore with 8 track tapes, hula hoops. and 8 X 10 color glossy photographs.

45. With 47-Across, modern-day chauffeur : SOCCER

46. "Catch This!" autobiographer Terrell : OWENS - A wide receiver. Didn't know he wrote a book.

47. Early American crop : MAIZE - What an unbelievable crop - but in trouble this year due to desert-like temps as far north as Iowa, Nebraska, and Frostbite Falls! This vegetable may be eaten right from the cob, canned or frozen, dried for corn meal, feed for livestock, alcohol added to E85 gasoline, and coating for pronto pups at the Minnesota State Fair - through Labor Day.

49. "Stormy Weather" singer : HORNE - that would be Lena, but I don't think she was the only one.

50. RR postings : SKEDS - Another slang word. Sounds like a brand of running shoes to me.

51. "Dream on!" : NOPE

52. Carries a mortgage, say : OWES

53. Video game giant : SEGA

54. Herr's better half : FRAU - We are almost done.

55. Old 48-Across rival : BETA - Not as old as 8 tracks. Store them in your garage with those cassette tapes by Nat King Cole.

56. Coffee holder : MUG

So if you stayed with me this far - the answers to the riddles: Eleven months have 30 days. (Some even have 31). And you can fit one jelly bean in the empty Ziplok bag, because once it goes in, the bag is no longer empty. But if you are smart enough to solve crossword puzzles, I am sure you figured this out. Have a great holiday weekend!!

Answer Grid.



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Nice solid Wednesday puzzle today. The theme remained a mystery until almost the very end (I was able to stick in BOOK once I got NOW ITS FACE), so I needed a lot of perp help. Struggled a bit coming up with the OAR/OWENS crossing, and had a little trouble letting go of BONES at 9A. Other than that, it was just a matter of grinding out the perps in order to get the theme answers....

fermatprime said...


Late getting to sleep again. Sigh.

Evil puzzle, Jack. Cute expo, Boomer.

I really fear "quote" puzzles. Finished this w/o any cheats but took a loooong time for a Wednesday.

We have had OSSA a lot as of late! Had to wait on perps to fill in unknown names from sports. Knew AUER.

Have to go to ENT guy this afternoon. Ear wax problem in right ear (going on for two months) not improving with the drops. Maybe he can think of something else?


Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and friends. Good to see you again. Not generally keen on quip puzzles.

So far, I still have power, but not sure for how much longer. Winds are picking up and they are expecting up to 12 inches of rain. Definitely a day to stay hunkered down, as they say.

Thanks for checking in yesterday, Annette. I hope your niece and family are safe. (BTW, I love your cat avatar!).

QOD: All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Unknown said...

What if all the beans enter the bag at the same time?

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Pretty straightforward today. I'm with Boomer about the few odd clues, but it's nothing that really got in the way.

What a coincidence that PEDI showed up today, after yesterday's experience therewith.

The Zamboni is a truly legendary piece of equipment! Some of you may remember the Vancouver Olyimpics, in which some ice events were delayed because the Canadian-made ice resurfacer broke down. Officials hurriedly trucked in a Zamboni from another city to get things going again.

Boomer - good to see you today, love the sense of humor!

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jack McInturff, for a great puzzle. Thank you, as well, Boomer, for an outstanding write-up. You should do it more often.

Enjoyed this puzzle. Thought the Quip theme was a nice change of pace. We used to get a lot more of those.

Could not get started in the north, so I bounced around. I also wanted BONES for 9A. Fixed that after COON, OSSA, and YET.

Slowly got the first line of the Quip with perps.

Took a while to get SWING VOTER. Had a wrong word for for 58A. I think I had ESSE. My French is horrible. Had the VO ad the ER. Finally VOTER appeared. Then SWING. Then I got ETRE.

The Quip appear finally and I thought it mwas pretty clever. Even though I do not use Facebook. Never wrote graffiti either.

Had TAR for a while for 46A. Finally got OWENS and the OAR.

Had DUKE instead of EARL. That did not last long.

Great Wednesday puzzle.

Cruciverb even worked two days in a row.

Off to my PA chores. Also have plenty waiting in IL.

See you tomorrow.


Yellowrocks said...

Very straight forward puzzle with no hang-ups and no nits. Starting with TABS and SLAP I went straight down the western half, then across the bottom. NOW ITS FACE BOOK led me to complete the quip. Then I went straight up the eastern half.

Dr. MC COY (DeForest Kelley) was one of my favorite original Star Trek characters.

zz top @ 6:10 My first thought, too. Put your fist containing a handful of jelly beans inside the bag and release them all together.

Today I learned the origin of the word ARENA from the dictionary:

This word is from Latin harna (also spelled arna), "sand." Harna then came to mean the part of a Roman amphitheater that was covered with sand to absorb the blood spilled by the combatants.

kazie said...

Boomer loved your wit--more than that of Jack, this morning.

I got all of this but the whole thing was WAGS and perps for me with all those names, mostly unknowns.

In Lyons, a lady is une DAME, FEMME is a woman or wife.

I thought COON was an abbreviation of raccoon.

Steven J. St. John said...

I also thought the quip theme was a nice change of pace. Maybe the gurus on the blog here can comment on when the last quip puzzle was? Would you guess there's no more than a half dozen a year?

Mari said...

Hi all,

I don't usually like quip puzzles, but I did finish this one. I was wondering where the quip was going - odd sentence, but I guess it makes sense.

Favorites were 36D: Picked locks? AFRO and 5D: Liked Hen's Teeth: SCARCE.

That dang TOAT got me again!

Mares eat oats and does eat oats but who eats TOATs?

Spitzboov said...

Good morning all. Thanks, Boomer, for your usual brightly worded commentary.

WEES. The puzzle suited me TO A T. GESSO was a new word for me - got it with perp help.. Note that FEMME and FRAU are in the same cw. Nice cross of SOCCER MOM. CROOK - we're not supposed to go into politics here. Could a MOWER also be someone who wrestles hay bales into the far corners of a hay mow? Glad to see the price of natural GAS is staying low. Liked the long downs of SWING VOTER and BLACK BELTS.

Hope those of you affected by the hurricane stay safe.

Have a good day.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Boomer, C.C. et al.

Fun write-up this morning, Boomer! I didn't have any problems with the clues today that you mentioned, because I was pretty much on Jack's wavelength. I did wonder whether 9A would be Spock or MCCOY, so had to check perps for that one.

I liked seeing "All-night bar?" for ROOST, and of course BODE Miller is one of my heroes!

I think the last quip/quote puzzle we had was over a year ago? I do like them when they have a funny or unexpected punchline, but this one seemed a little flat, especially since I hate Facebook and all those email alerts I get telling me how much I am missing by not reading every post or comment that one of my "friends" makes....

Montana said...

I really enjoyed this puzzle and the blog write-up. I solved it 'all over the place' but in the end, all squares were filled. AND they were correct!

My last day in Denver visiting granddaughter. Back to MT early tomorrow. Still 100+ degrees there, but I'll take that over you folks who face hurricanes. Stay safe!

Have a good day everyone,

Mari said...

By the way - LOVED the write-up Boomer.

Lucina said...

Hello! How nice to see you, Boomer. You have a wicked sense of humor! Thanks for the entertaining blog.

And I see that Jack McInturff can create easy puzzles. His Saturday offerings usually beat me to a pulp.

Normally quip puzzles make me cringe but this one filled quickly with perp assistance. Clever modern reference, I thought especially in contrast to some "old school" fill such as VHS, BETA, STENO, and some blast from the past with MCCOY and HORNE.

Alison LURIE is completely unknown to me so had to check on that though I was fairly sure about SLAP.

Congratulations on your -PEDI! I like a man with that kind of confidence. Will HG be next?

It's good to hear from you and to know you are safe. I hope all those in the path of Isaac stay out of harm's way.

Well, today I slept until 6:00 and that's a big improvement from 4:00. Believe me, I wish a restful night of sleeping for everyone.

Wishing you all a safe and wonderful Wednesday!

desper-otto said...

Good morning, puzzlers.

This one didn't do a lot for me. The quip was OK, and the fill was OK, but I didn't find anything that really stood out as cute or unusual.

My pickup went into the shop this morning. It's been making noises during startup that can only be described as expensive. And then the whole electric system briefly shorts out, the trip meter resets to zero, the radio loses all of it's preset stations, and the clock flashes 12:00. I'm at home now, dreading the phone call that'll be asking me to authorize some ginormous repair bill. I think I might prefer the hurricane.

Anonymous said...

Leopold Auer- Hungarian
June 7, 1845-July 15,1930
Teacher, conductor & composer
Wrote cadenzas for, Beethoven, Mozart & Brahms
Check Wikipedia for more info.

Avg Joe said...

Fun puzzle, amusing theme. Hilarious write-up Boomer.

Things generally perped out without snags, but really had a hard time with the L in sLap/Lurie. Just wasn't on that wave length. But then it finally hit me.

Take heart, D-Otto, you're doing your part for the employment problem. Sounds like they'll need to hire 2 extra people just to write up the invoice!

Unknown said...

I posted the anonymous comment about Leopold Auer.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

Personally, I thought this was more difficult than a usual Wednesday puzzle. I did finish w/o help but it took a long time and needed many perps. Never heard of Dr. McCoy, only Dr. Spock. Sorry, Sheldon.

The minute I saw the clue for pedi, I thought of Dudley.

Anyway thanks to Mr. Jack for a clever puzzle and to Boomer for his humorous expo.

Have a great Wednesday.

Avg Joe said...

Dr. Spock was the MD/Author from the 50's/60's era with all the controversial child rearing advice. Mr. Spock was the Star Trek character played by Leonard Nimoy. Bones was the only Dr. on Star Trek with his oft quoted line: "Dammit Jim! I'm a doctor, not an engineer!"

Ron Worden said...

Good morning to all and happy humpday. Thanks Boomer for your musings. Kudos to Mr. Mcinturf for the puzzle as the theme is unusual to L.A.Times puzzles.
My favorite Bones line is "It's worse than that he's dead Jim."
Have a great day to all and stay safe for those in New Orleans areea.RJW

Yellowrocks said...

Yay! Avg Joe. You said it! The only Dr. Spock I know is the famous MD/ author of the child rearing advice books

Mbg55 said...

Bones killed me ... Is that malpractice?

Anonymous said...

51 down I put Hope, nope I guess I was wrong, how? Tsar and czar again. I did like soccer mom answer. Put osse first instead of ossa. Skeds or scheds? Owens just got cut he should retire.

Tinbeni said...

Boomer: Wonderful write-up!
More FUN than my solving experience.

Not a fan of quote/quip puzzles.
My Tampa Bay Times also has x-wds by Wayne Robert Williams and he usually has "a quote puzzle" every Wednesday.
Generally he uses famous and well-known quotes.
(Today's was Mark Twain quote, in 6 parts).

Is this a famous, well-known quip???

My hold-up was not coming off "Bones" for McCoy. But I did enjoy the 2nd MUG of Java.

Only "All-night bar" I know is Tinbeni's and it wouldn't fit.

Hahtoolal: Geez, Isaac is a slow-poke. Stay safe.

I'd toast the 'slow-a-cane' if it would just get moving.

Argyle said...

For those that may have missed it :

Star Trekking Across The Universe(3:32)

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Before I read the comments I have to tell you, Boomer, that I loved your snarky comments about some of the puzzle. And agreed.

Now I'll read to see other's comments on your spot-on write up.


JD said...

Boomer, enjoyed your write-up. Gave me lots of laughs.

Haven't done a puzzle that has a quote or phrase since I first started puzzles 4 years ago.I think we had one once a week. Lots of fun clues, but the commentary made my day. Thanks!

Lemonade714 said...

Welcome Donna Smith:

There have been quip/quote puzzles for a very long time and they can be fun. Like marti I cannot recall one in 2012, but like the others who started with C.C. back before the LA Times, Wayne Williams did give us one every Thursday.

SJSJ. is your point that a change of pace is good even if it is an old style?

Having sat and thought about creating a puzzle, I cannot condemn any that are produced here. When you think there are probably 1500 puzzle published each year, being original is a real challenge.

john28man said...

As I recall,there used to be quips every Thursday and then,from my standpoint, they happily disappeared. As you can guess, I am disappointed that one has reappeared. I hope it is not a trend. I also agree with Boomer that the clueing was a bit suspect.

Bill G. said...

Each year, on the first day of school, the retired teachers in out district have a breakfast party. We just got back. It was nice to see the old faces again. Gary? Anybody else?

There are lots of clever quips I would enjoy seeing in a puzzle. Unfortunately...

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I haven't read your comments yet, but I have to say I thought Boomer's writeup was much better than the puzzle. Maybe I say that for no other reason than the fact I felt much the same way he did about the puzzle and had many of the same thoughts and reactions.

CrossEyedDave said...


(just a partial list,,, most of it is copyrighted these days...)

Jayce said...

Back from reading all your comments. As always, you all provide much worthwhile reading material.

Well, I screwed this puzzle up in the SW corner, so FIW. Didn't want to let go of TAR for 46A, put in NO NO for 51D, UNEND at 59A seemed A-OK, filled in GOSTO for 62A, and ended up wondering who TWENT Terrell was.

Hand up for not wanting to let go of BONES at 9A. "Jim, people are dying down there!"

I have never had, nor will I ever have, a Facebook account.

Maybe crossWORD puzzles should be called what Splynter calls them: orthorunic, or orthorune, puzzles. That way the entries can be just sequences of non-word letters (runes).

My favorite BODE is Bode Plot.

I guess I'd better get back to appreciating the Importance of Being ERNST.

Misty said...

Fun puzzle, Jack--many thanks. I love Facebook because since my husband's stroke I can't attend conferences or travel anymore. This gives me easy contact with distant relatives (even those in Europe), former students, old high school friends, etc. A lovely cure for what would otherwise have become an isolated life.

Fermatprime, I hope you get help for your ear problem. Husband had to have ears lavaged (is that the right word?) this morning. Great help for better hearing.

Have a great Wednesday, everybody!

Manac said...

Afternoon all. Not a big fan of quip type puzzles but I might have liked it if the quip was remotely humorous. I can't believe I needed a perp for Bode Miller. He hails from my neck of the woods and I have skied many of the same mountains has. I'm not as reckless now as before, no more black diamond trails for me.
Bill G. School doesn't start until next week here. One more child, one more year. BTW Hows that trade working out with the Dodgers? I only hear small snippits about it, usually starting around 5 PM. You know, Selective Hearing. She knows I don't follow baseball all that much.

PK said...

Boomer, you kept me chuckling throughout! Thanks, I needed that! I woke up cranky and the puzzle exacerbated the mood.

The NE corner conquered me. I had COON & YET but never watched Star Trek so couldn't get MCCOY. Much of the rest of the puzzle came one square at a time. But I need mental exercise, so thanks, Jack.

I put in "madam" for 39D.

What the heck does SKEDS mean? Is RR railroad?

Tattoos are epidermal graffiti to my notion.

NOPE to Facebook from me, too.

Gary, maybe you should get your mani-PEDI while on vacation. None of your golf buddies could see you and tease you then.

My AF son is still in Bossier City, LA tho his family is in OKC. Wonder if they flew the planes off the base like they sometimes do before a hurricane? Plenty of warning this time.

Irish Miss said...

Avg Joe and YR: My confusion re Dr. Spock instead of Mr. Spock certainly shows I have never seen Star Trek. What little I know about the show I have learned from Sheldon and company.

Montana said...

Bill G, in my area, retired teachers from the entire county meet for lunch the first day teachers have to report, which is usually three days before students. It is called the "Back to School, NOT, luncheon" in the local media.
I agree that it was fun to see collegues again that I only see now, this once a year. Ours was a week and a half ago. 23 of us plus 4 new retirees.


Lucina said...

Irish Miss and others who have not seen Star Trek:

When Star Trek first started on TV it was really interesting and the dialog was entertaining as well as the setting itself, outer space.

But except for The Empire Strikes back I have not seen the other movies. All those gruesome characters turned me off though I still laugh thinking about Jabba the Hutt.

Bill G. said...

The temperature is in the middle 80s. For a person who is used to 15 degrees lower with a sea breeze, this is stifling. I passed on a bike ride and will get a macchiato over ice at a local shop with air conditioning. I'm such a wuss.

There seems to be some confusion between Dr. Spock and Mr. Spock of Star Trek. And there seems to be some further confusion between Star Trek and Star Wars, none of which is very important except in crossword puzzles and Jeopordy.

Manac, the big trade is working out OK but the Dodgers can find a way to avoid getting timely hits with the best of them.

Manac said...

Used to watch Star Trek when younger.
The only other show I liked with William Shatner in it was Boston Legal
Very amusing show

TTP said...

Greetings from beautiful downtown San Jose !

Puzzle was an easy solve this AM. Took me a bit longer connecting to my nephew's WI-FI...

Jayce said...

Dachshund for sale.
"Get a long little doggie."

Jayce said...

I don't think Star Wars can hold a candle to Star Trek.

Anony-Mouse said...

Very late to the show - couldn't be avoided.

I finished the puzzle, so thank you Mr. McInturff, very nice and pleasant ... you responded, last time, to a quip I made on your name - so I remember. The actual quip, in the puzzle, I could not understand, so I'll have to think about it a little bit. I also don't understand Facebook, nor have I joined it - so I might have to think about it a big bit...

Boomer, your humor is side splitting - I loved it - I was hugely smiling, all the way to the end. I bet you and CC don't need any other entertainment, other than listening to each other !

I bot the Dr. Spock book for my daughter, who is a physician, and was expecting her first, ... and she said,'Oh good, now I can stabilize that wobbly dining room table .... '. I should have asked her for my money back.

LATE LATE ALT QOD:- I could be old-fashioned but the idea of a woman playing Judy Garland strikes me as creepy. ~ Michael McKean.

(it must be real late, because I didn't even understand what I typed out.)

Have a good night, you all ... and I pray for the safety of those in Isaac's path ... and the last person can shut off the lights.

Anony-Mouse said...

I just came across a book,'The Violinist's thumb', by Sam Kean.(non-fiction -)

He also wrote 'The Disappearing spoon', also non-fiction on the elements of the Periodic Table. That one was a best seller, and is one of my favorite books !!

His new book is about DNA, and RNA and genes ( his parent's names were Gene and Jean Kean !! ). The new book seems absolutely fascinating - to those who are into such reading.

I am also, VERY reluctantly thinking of borrowing '50 shades of Grey', from a friend. I went to a Barnes and Noble bookstore, a hour ago, but I was honestly embarrassed to tell the 50 something gentle saleswoman the title of the book !!! ... and I couldn't find any salesman in sight, so I left. If I ever bring it home, I better keep it hidden, so my wife doesn't find out.

Bill G. said...

Jayce, good one!

Manac, I used to love Boston Legal. I found some reruns on a cable channel. Old Boston Legals and old WKRPs. I love 'em.

Anony-Mouse, your problems buying '50 Shades of Grey' reminds me of my first few times thinking about buying condoms as a teenager. Inveriably there would be a woman at the pharmacy counter. I'm sure it was a much more stressful time for me than it would have been for her.

Manac said...

Bill, been trying to no avail to find the clip where a former costar of his, Heather Locklear says " who is this man and why is his face about to explode?" while watching the Pats game. Oh well, I'll have to settle with this one Denny Crane

Jayce and Ced LOL those were good ones.

Lucina said...

Bill G:
Well, as you can see I am not a dedicated fan of either Star Trek or Star Wars. To me they all fall into the same genre.

Confusion?? Maybe. Or indifference.

trekkie said...

my money is on confusion

Dudley said...

Lucina - confidence to do traditionally unmanly things comes more easily in a setting such as I had - a town with a large college population and a very liberal mindset. It's the kind of place where, say, gay couples can be at ease. A man turning up in a day spa wouldn't even register.

I don't know what Husker's environs are like, but I'm willing to believe it's more "traditional".

windhover said...

What's the Klingon word for fool (in the mirror)?

Misty said...

Jayce 6:10--I read your little joke to our two dachshunds, and they yipped with laughter!

trekkie said...

that's easy!