Nov 15, 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013, Jerry Edelstein

Theme: I'LL be back.

The sound of "I'LL" is attached to the end of in the language phrases to create a new and entertaining phrase. The second effort in the LAT by JE, who was introduced to us by Argyle back on D-O's birthday. All the words that are added on to are three letters, with only one part of a three word phrase. This type of consistency is part of creating a sound grid, I am told. Structurally, this does not seem like a Friday puzzle, as many of the words are 3 or 4 letters long, but the cluing of many of those requires some patience to find the fill. let's see where he takes us this time.

16A. Porky's jacket and tie? : PIG STYLE. (Pig Sty) (8). Another cartoon reference; I like cartoons.

27A. Prohibition at the Ivory soap factory? : NEVER SAY DIAL. (Never Say Die) (12). My favorite, mental picture, with lots of bars of soap floating in the factory.

44A. Pre-law classroom exercise? : COLLEGE TRIAL. (College Try) (12). Along with Beer a common Friday topic.

60A. Bad place to be shipwrecked? : EVIL ISLE. (Evil Eye) (8). My favorite SCENE. (2:58).


1. "__ goes!" : HERE. I needed to wait on this simple phrase.

5. Runway model? : JET. Really cute misdirection, and a way to make a three letter answer Friday word.

8. Brewery shipments : CASES. The Friday Beer reference out of the way early.

13. U.S. citizen : AMER. Ooo, a tortured abbreviation.

14. "Come __ the sea, / Maiden with me": Thomas Moore : O'ER. How appropriate here at poetry central that we have this POEM.

15. Area : LOCALE. The what becomes of hicale?

18. Hunter's trophy : ANTLER. Normally we nit about an unnecessary plural, here I wonder how a hunter would get just one.

19. Source of many dialogues : PLATO.

20. Big name in game shows : MERV. Griffin, who brought back Jeopardy and created Wheel of Fortune as well as having his own talk show, years as a band singer and hung out in Manhattan with Eva Gabor.

22. FDR power program : TVA. Tennessee Valley Authority. one of the earliest and most comprehensive of programs in response to the Great Depression.

23. Longing : YEN. Do Japanese people long for money when they are short?

24. Circle : REVOLVE. Revolve the wagons just does not have the same zip.

32. __ ghanouj: eggplant dish : BABA. The dip, quite yummy. Learn HOW.

35. Theoretical foreigners, briefly : ETS. Aliens, Extra Terrestrials

36. Declaim : ORATE.

37. Twist et al. : OLIVERS. I like it better when a second one is added, like Twist and Hardy, but that may be too easy for Friday.

39. Compact containers? : GARAGES. Another simple but effective misdirection.

41. It rarely happens at home : STEAL. A baseball clue, hidden here.

42. Equinox mo. : SEP. Along with MAR.

43. "__ you be my neighbor?": Mister Rogers : WON'T.

48. 1993 Disney acquisition : MIRAMAX. Nobody really knows this, but after a while it emerged.

49. More, in Morelia : MAS. Roberto Duran now denies saying "No mas" in the Leonard fight.

52. Spice : ZIP.

55. Daredevil Knievel : EVEL. More "evil' in our puzzle; where is Mike Myers?

56. "Awake in the Dark" author : EBERT. Movie critic intensive lately. BUY?

58. Waiting to buy tickets, say : IN LINE.

63. Allows : GRANTS.

64. Sermon topic : SIN. Do they sin in Cincinnati?

65. Making waves, perhaps : ASEA. An A word that is very common in puzzles.

66. Excites : SENDS. YOU SEND ME. (4:19).

67. Geometry shortening : TANgent. One way to get a gent in this room.

68. Go down : SINK. Well, I guess it is time to go to the down clues.


1. __ hour : HAPPY. Are we really limited to 60 minutes of joy per day?

2. Rousseau's "__, or On Education" : EMILE. No clue as to this BOOK.

3. Duke of Cornwall's wife, in Shakespeare : REGAN. In King Lear, who also has been popular lately. Love me the Shakespeare.

4. Back then, back when : ERSTwhile. A real but probably archaic word.

5. Delight : JOY. More than hour.

6. Fish with no pelvic fin : EEL. So that's the difference.

7. Seismograph readings : TREMORS.

8. __ belt : CONVEYOR. This is nice long, original fill, which I had from the perps.

9. Legislative decision : ACT.

10. Season, in a way : SALT.

11. Height meas. : ELEV. Denver really is 5280 feet.

12. Day song word : SERA. We had this song as the basis of a punny theme answer last week.

15. Baby bug : LARVA. Hi John Lampkin.

17. Rent : TORE. Really very difficult clue/fill, as the mind wants to think of a lease payment, not a garment ripped apart. As I said, while the puzzle has lots of short fill, like earlier in the week puzzles, much of the cluing is challenging.

21. Little League starters? : ELS. A nice change from the Golfer Ernie, clue.

25. "Oh, when will they __ learn?": Seeger lyric : EVER. The only song for which I know all the words.  Where have all the flowers, gone. Especially if you live up north.

26. November honorees : VETS. A few days late, but we all should honor our vets every day of the week.

27. Maritime : NAVAL.

28. "Gone With the Wind" feature : DRAWL. The Southern accent affected by the cast.

29. "Aladdin" parrot : IAGO.

30. "... with __-foot pole!" : A TEN. I would not touch that with a ten foot pole...

31. For fear that : LEST. I end up with all those cooties.

32. Bartlett cousin : BOSC. The most famous pear pair.

33. Musical range : ALTO. Another theme word returns.

34. Jessica of "Total Recall" (2012) : BIEL.  The remake of the Arnold movie. Two minutes for the boys. LINK. (2:03).

38. Halogens, e.g. : ELEMENTS. Our periodic LESSON of the day.

39. Lysol target : GERM.

40. Samoan port : APIA. The capital and largest city. I love the Mai Kai restaurant here in Fort Lauderdale and their Polynesian show.

42. Most hackneyed : STALEST. hey I know some of the jokes are old, but...

45. Hosts : GIVES.

46. Poetic preposition : ERE.

47. Dorothy Hamill maneuver : AXEL. Always a shout out to our dear departed Clear Ayes.

49. Soccer star Lionel who won the Ballon d'Or each of the last four years : MESSI. For those who like to shout GOAL. (2:06).

50. "Stormy Weather" composer : ARLEN.  Great song by HAROLD.

51. Salisbury __ : STEAK.

52. Sharp turns : ZIGS. Do not zag.

53. Memo start : IN RE. Latin. 59D. Great Lakes st. : INDiana. 62D. Place to retire : INN. A final misdirection, not where you go when you are through working.

54. Blueprint : PLAN.

57. Decision clouder : BIAS. Oddly phrased clue.

61. Through : VIA. Latin.

I did not struggle too much with this one but it did take work, and I hope you all did not either. Thank you Jerry and see you next time. We begin with Porky and end, that way. BYE. (0:09). Lemonade.


HeartRx said...

Morning everyone!

Fun write-up this morning, Lemony, and a spot-on summary! (Great "theme" title!!)

I love a pun-ny puzzle, and this one was right up my alley. My favorite entry was NEVER SAY DIAL.

I had ERaT at 4D, and just didn’t want to let it go. After finishing the rest and realizing the theme, I went back to that section. It finally dawned on me that the base phrase would be “pig sty,” so STYLE finally appeared. Whew!


OwenKL said...

Ad Verse
GEICO has a swine in the sky.
On a passenger plane he can fly.
Can the duck from AFLAC
Go as quick, there and back?
No, he can't, not in a PIG'S EYE!

Knight Trains
Before Luke could become a Jedi
His fighter he must lift high and dry.
Yoda said, "Do,
Or not, up to you,
But never say "NEVER SAY TRY!" "

Uni Verse-ity
If their moms saw their room, they would cry.
Littered with take-outs (mostly Thai).
But the dorm room is typical,
Neat guys are just mythical,
And HazMat knows that old COLLEGE STY!

Dungeons and Doggerel
I enjoy playing games, can't deny.
And sometimes from a dragon I'll fry.
But when it it happens again,
And again, and again,
Then I know I have hexed, EVIL DIE!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I could tell the puzzle was trying to be harder than it actually was, what with all the "tricky" clues. But I was on Mr. Edelstein's wavelength for most of it and got through pretty easily. Kept waiting for a theme reveal that never came, but I figured out the theme on my own early on and enjoyed the punny answers.

Got stuck in the SE corner where ARLEN, MESSI and EBERT all collided. Didn't know the first two at all and didn't think of the last one for awhile. Once I finally thought of EBERT, however, everything was good.

I usually think of TANgent having to do with trigonometry and not geometry, btw...


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I zigged, zagged and ZIPped through this one, though I thought Salisbury might be a PLAIN and had to wag the "B" in BIEL. Two minutes of video later, I doubt that I'll forget her next time.

My IRS tax package is due to arrive today, so I can begin studying for the qualifying exam for next year's tax season. I'll give it the ole COLLEGE TRy.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Good one from Jerry E.! Lemony, you were more like your old self today. Bravo!

Plato eluded me, crossed with unknown EMILE & REGAN. Finally WAGd the latter.

My brewery shipped CASkS before CASES. Oh, beer. Right!

Never heard of BABA ghanouj. Can't imagine under what circumstances I'd ever eat it. But I got BOSC immediatly.

IAGO is a parrot? I never would have guessed.

How does a hunter get one ANTLER? He runs over it with his pickup and ruins a tire. My husband came home and threw down one ANTLER that some deer shed and told me the price of the new tire.

Owen, IN RE: UniVerse-ity. My sons were and are both naturally neat. Their room was always neater than half of their sister's. One daughter leaves a mess in her wake.

Yellowrocks said...

NEVER SAY DIAL was my first theme answer which helped considerably with all the others. Each common phrase ended with an I sound to which you add an L sound to make the punny answer. Clever and fun to solve.

Getting MAX early on made MIRAMAX easy.

We studied tangents in geometry. According to Wiki, “In geometry, the tangent line (or simply the tangent) to a plane curve at a given point is the straight line that "just touches" the curve at that point.”

The last to fall was the SE. 49D was all perps and 50D was perps and wags. I finally thought of EBERT. “Awake in the Dark” is a clever title for his movie review book. BIAS certainly is a decision clouder, especially in Congress. It took a while to get it, but I liked the clue.

One of my favorite sites on my trip to Israel was Jaffa which we visited just after dark. Roaming the windy alleys with all the artists’ galleries lit by old fashioned street lamps was delightful. We saw recycled plastic shredded into soft fibers which were attached to fabric to make scenes. Lovely. There were wire sculptures and avant-garde art among others. There were so many unusual methods and materials. Then we stopped in a great restaurant for a delicious middle eastern meal of multiple courses, including BABA ghanoush. A member of our congregation who has a middle eastern husband makes it. I think i will try Lemon's recipe.

kazie said...

A bit of a workout, but eventually I got it all with no misses. Had to guess most of the unknowns, and didn't get the theme until I was halfway through, but then it definitely helped. At first I thought 27A might start with LEVER, wondering if that was the right soap company, but NAVAL corrected that misdirection.

I met my DH standing IN LINE waiting to buy a train ticket from Granada heading east in 1971.

Husker Gary said...

A just right Friday that wasn’t a sprint but made for a lovely stroll.

-Kramer, a victim of the EVIL EYE
-ANTLER happens
-“Look kid, the world doesn’t REVOLVE around your belly button”
-I ORATED in extemporaneous speaking on our high school declam team
-GARAGES built in 1920 can barely hold a compact today
-Whether Roberto said NO MAS or not, Leoanrd thoroughly humiliated Duran who quit (2:07)
-Has anyone else ever loved a movie that a critic like EBERT hated? Me too.
-Disney must own a waiting IN LINE franchise
-GRANTS – How ‘bout Ulysses and Lou, Lemon
-I immediately thought of Sam Cooke’s version of You Send Me but enjoyed Aretha
-There is such a huge crop this year and no place to put it, that CONVEYOR belts are being used to do this
-A 6’ 11” Pole
-Not fair? BIEL’s career will end quickly but these careers go on and on

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Lemon - Good summary. Thanks.

Tough to get started but I was able to suss the theme early, which accelerated the solve. Wasn't sure about EBERT, but WAGGED MESSI and ARLEN and got lucky. Many misdirections, and use of 3rd or 4th level dictionary definitions. No searches needed.
Chuckled at the juxtaposition of ASEA and SINK.
Good Friday workout.
Speaking of HAPPY hour remember that "A hangover is the wrath of grapes."

oc4beach said...

This was a tough Friday puzzle. At first I thought that all of the V's were going to have something to do with the theme, but they didn't, and as usual, I didn't get the theme.

Lemony: Most people say that you always want something fresh, but like the stalest puns and jokes, sometimes the stalest ingredients make for a good end result. The stalest bread makes the best turkey stuffing and bread pudding. So, keep them coming.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A tough but ultimately doable Friday challenge. Got the (cute) theme early on which helped with the solve. Fav was Compact containers=garages.

Thanks, Jerry E, for a fun romp, and thanks, Lemony, for a great expo.

Our weather today is more like early Spring than late Fall. (My wedding day was 38 years ago today; it was sunny but cold and blustery.)

Have a great day.

Lucina said...

Hello, friends! It's a happy hour when Lemonade blogs. Thanks to you and Jerry for today's fine entertainment.

I was on his wave length almost immediately with O'ER; if it's poetry, what else could it be?

So the upper midwest filled quickly which gave me JOY and I then sashayed right along one after the other.

I really enjoyed the punny fill; PIG STYLE cracked me up but BABA/BIEL held me up as did EBERT/MASSI. After WAGging both I checked and discovered MESSI but the others were correct. Oh, JOY!

Oh, and ILL before IND but that soon righted itself. Fun! Fun!

Loved the cluing for GARAGE and JET.

From last night: my dyslexia has always been mild but has lately increased. I wear readers and perhaps I do need stronger ones.

RE: the Red Cross
I know they spend a lot on administrative costs but they are global and ready when the crisis hits. I know from experience when a relative's home burned. They were there right behind the fire fighters and supplied vouchers for food, clothing and shelter.

I'm vastly interested in the details of your trip as I'm planning to go there next year.

Have a super Friday, everyone!

Lemonade714 said...

Happy Anniversary IM, and many more.

oc4beach, I agree that new does not always mean better. Pasta often tastes better the second day, and if something works you do not need to change it. In the law, you learn to use what had come before. Thanks for the implicit compliment.
Also PK and marti and SB, thanks

Misty said...

I couldn't believe how simple this puzzle looked at first, with all those short answers. But of course it was a lot more challenging than that and a lot of fun, to boot. So, many thanks, Jerry! And you too, Lemonade, for your always delightful expo.

Favorite clue: GWTW feature, DRAWL.

Toughest clue: had PLAYS, PLOTS, and a bunch of others before getting PLATO for those dialogues.

Always enjoy the stroll down memory lane: sweet PORKY PIG, my favorite Peter, Paul, and Mary, and Pete Seeger song, heroic Roger EBERT.

However, my absolute favorite is MR. ROGER. Saw him interviewed by Dick Cavett many years ago, and feared he would ruin his persona by turning out to be profane or a jerk. But he stayed perfectly, flawlessly in character--making me love him even more.

Irish Miss, best wishes for happy anniversary memories.

Have a great Friday, everybody!

TTP said...

Irish Miss,
Happy Anniversary !!!

Irish Miss said...

Sorry I wasn't as clear as I should have been; today would have been my 38th anniversary but DH is deceased. Thanks for the kind thoughts, anyway.

Lemonade714 said...


To me it is still an anniversary. I still say a toast to my parents anniversary every year and they are both long gone.

Has anyone done the NYT today?

Tinbeni said...

Lemon: Nice write-up & links explaining my Ink Blot, DNF. **it happens.

Faves (of course) were HAPPY hour and the Brewery shipments, CASES.

Irish Miss: My "First toast" tonight at Sunset will still be dedicated to you.

PK said...

Irish Miss: Your anniversary is of a milestone in your life and still should be commemorated. How long has your husband been gone?

Irish Miss said...

You are all so kind and thoughtful; thank you. PK, my husband passed away 10 years ago this past March.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Technically DNF cuz I had to google MESSI. The perps didn't do it for me, and what real AMER really remembers any other soccer star than PELE?

john28man said...

I didn't get the theme until I came here.
It was a plug away at it for me but I finally got all of it. Liking puns made this one a happy though long experience.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Three best clues were for JET, GARAGES, and ...

(my fave)


Maverick said...

I had lots of trouble with the NW and SE corners today. I had the theme but had to work hard to get the PIGSTYLE to unlock the NW. The SW was stuck because I had a "BIAS" towards a geographical "Salisbury _____": PLAIN, HILLS, FIELD? I had my V8 and finally got the STEAK. But, the three names in that corner did me in: MASSI *sounded* right, ALLEN looked better then ARLEN or ASLEN, leaving me with and EBALT?

Tinbeni said...

Keith @12:38
I consider myself "a real AMER" and I know a lot of soccer players not named PELE.

In fact, MESSI was my first entry today ... though I really think the best soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo.

The FIF Ballon d'Or award is given annually to the player who is considered to have performed the best in the previous year. It is awarded based on votes by coaches and captains of international teams, as well as journalists from around the world.

Bill G. said...

Happy Friday! I always start at the upper-left and I immediately had trouble. I was afraid this puzzle was going to be too tough for me but after I got a few answers, lots of other stuff began to fill in.

Irish Miss, warm anniversary wishes for you.

I went over to Jordan's school to see him get an award for learning his division facts. He always misses me if I'm not there and then I would feel guilty.

Off to buy a few groceries.

CanadianEh! said...

Enjoyed the puns today. I got NEVER SAY DIAL early on and that made the theme solve easier.

Caught the misdirection with RARELY HAPPENS AT HOME=STEAL but took longer to figure out RENT=TORE. Chuckled at PLACE TO RETIRE=INN, RUNWAY MODEL=JET and COMPACT CONTAINERS?=GARAGES.

Yes all the flowers are gone here (except perhaps a few hardy chrysanthemums)!

Appropriate week to have VET and LEST (we forget). We call it Remembrance Day here.

Have a good day all.

CrossEyedDave said...

Great, now I've got Pigs with Style stuck in my head...

It never occurred to me before, but you don't need a gun to go antler hunting, they shed them every spring & can be found everywhere. I found a video of it by the UDWR, but at 5 minutes, it's just too long. So here is the shortest shed hunting video ever! (0:30)

Poor Mr. Rogers has been parodied by just about everyone....

Lucina said...

I also offer my congratulations even though your beloved is gone. It was a special day and one to be remembered.

My recollection is on April 5 every year. Back then it was a lovely way to celebrate spring break!

Lemonade714 said...


I love the World Cup, remember when football great Kyle Rote's son,Kyle Jr., became the most successful American soccer in world play, Gerd Mueller opened a restaurant here in Fort Lauderdale, David Beckham and his spicy wife are pretty famous and Landon Donovan of the US gets around.

One of the things which makes puzzles so hard, is not just obscure words and variant spellings (see today's NYT)it is the mind games we play on our selves, like wanting a town for Salisbury, or wanting RENT to always mean a lease payment, or even recalling rivers flow, and Nice with a capital is going to be French. Add to that the mindset of puns and I have a lot of fun.

Thanks Lucina, that is sweet.

Yes YR, send us more details on your trip, you can email me if you would like.

Qli said...

PIGSTYLE was my favorite answer today, and I loved CED's link!

Argyle said...

FYI: BONES has moved to Friday night at 8:00.

Manac said...

Managed to finish unaided but for 34D the only Jessica I could think of for the longest time was Alba

HG, Now here is an Evil Eye

fermatprime said...


Thanks for the challenging but ultimately doable puzzle, Jerry; thanks also to Lemonade for the thorough review!

The only killer was MESSI, but the perps filled that in.

Lots of flowers still here! Roses, bougainvilleas and some cactus flowers. (Had a devil of a time getting the spelling of bougainvilleas right.)

Anyone watch Covert Affairs? Season finale next week. Can't wait to see if they finally do in the bad guy.


Anonymous T said...

Good Friday Eve All!

This was a slog for me and I thought after the 1st Google I was in for #FAIL. 2 more strategic Googles and re-arangigng 27a's letters gave me NEVER instead of reVERSAl or some such idea. Then things began to fall into place. Yippie. Thanks Jerry!

LEST I forget Lem's thanking LEM for his writeup... Thanks.

Only the NE was easily solved. Even at 1a I knew it couldn't be HERE with out an 'it' somewhere. e.g. HERE goes it! before a COLLEGE TRY.

My other big hang-up was 38d. Only once did I read it as the inert gas. Every subsequent time it was read as hooligans... When the answer finally appeared, I thought, "well, hooligans are bad ELEMENTS..."

So glad for ZIGS and not uies again...

No one with deN before INN?

I'm obviously dumber than most of you - I was thinking TV dinners from the 70's with 51d and filled it on 1st pass.

Owen - how long does that take to come up with such? Mixing and matching for the limericks - Brilliant!

IM - I don't know what to say. Sorry for your loss, your feelings for him are obvious.

Lucina - Backstory... We had youngest tested for dyslexia and were supprised she didn't have it like the rest of us. Turned out she couldn't see! I have no excuse for my dyslexia, I can see 20/10 (even now) for most letters. Thought, I'm nothing close to Buggs :-)

CED - Carson video was funny. HG - love Seinfeld. Manac - I've got tools that fix tools - I've got tools! Arh,Arh, Arrrh.

Cheers, -T

Lemonade714 said...

Anonymous T. the only time I ever had a Salisbury Steak was part of a tv dinner, though it was back in the 60's. We were so impressed by the modern technology that allowed my mother to not cook after working. Also your Bugs Bunny link and the always impressive work of Manac and CED remind me if you can think it, you can find it.

Anonymous T said...

Lem - If you can think it you can link it.... :-)

INRE: TV dinners. Mom couldn't/wouldn't cook, that's why I can.

Cheers, -T

Lemonade714 said...

Also HG for the links. You all have changed write ups because we can all depend on getting great links from the comments.

I wonder if putting Bones on Friday night means the show is almost over. Friday is usually a graveyard for shows. I watch everything on DVR so it does not matter.

Manac said...

Not sure how we got on this subject but I used to live on Dinty Moore beef stew and Swanson's Salisbury Steak dinners as a Bachelor in my ute.
Ahh...The good old days :)

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Jerry Edelstein, for an excellent puzzle. Thank you, Lemonade, for a great review.

Started this in the morning. Had a meeting most of the day, so I put it aside. Worked on it after the meeting. Could not finish. Had a meeting in the evening. Finished while sitting in the evening meeting while there was some slack time. Worked this puzzle with the Tribune. With the newspaper you never really know if you got everything right, until you come to the blog. With an IPad, you know right away. So, when I came to the blog I found that I had it all right. Happy Days!

I enjoyed this puzzle more than most. It was outstanding! It was tough all the way through. I got a foothold in the NE corner. CASES helped me out there.

Next foothold was the SW corner. IN RE got me started there.

For the rest of the puzzle I just bounced around. A word here and a word there.

PIG STYLE was my first theme. EVIL ISLE was my next. The last two took me a while.

ELEMENTS came fairly early. CONVEYOR, not until the end.

Thought OLIVERS was a great clue/word. Took me forever to figure that out.

GARAGES was another tough one. Once I had it, it was simple. Duh!

MESSI and ARLEN were unknowns. Perps to the rescue.

All in all, I really enjoyed this puzzle. Kudos to Jerry!

Happy Anniversary, Irish Miss.

Lucina, April 5th is your day, I see. That is my day also, but only my birthday.

Well, it is 10:30 PM, and I have not eaten supper. I guess I will nosh a bit.

See you tomorrow, probably late. I have a full day tomorrow.



Anonymous T said...

Abejo - Your solve sounds very much like mine with the same toe-holds and theme sequence. I did it in the paper and needed 3 Googles throughout the day to finally get it. (I was actually walking to the car after work when NEVERSAYDIAL hit me and then thought of the grid and went, duh - NAVAL!)

C, -T
Argyle - thanks for keeping the blog clean!

Martin said...

Almost finished but I wanted PEP for ZIP and LIES for BIAS.