Nov 26, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Split and Filled - Three types of shirts that are ripped open and stuffed with other letters to form an unrelated phrase.

20A. Marinade for many Japanese dishes : TERIYAKI SAUCE. TEE shirt.

36A. Bovine Old Testament idol : GOLDEN CALF. GOLF shirt.

44A. UPS alternative : DHL EXPRESS. DRESS shirt.

57A. Pompous sorts ... and what can be seen in this puzzle's circles? : STUFFED SHIRTS

Argyle here. I hope you had the circles and they were in the right spots.


1. Grimy residue : SCUM

5. Stumble : TRIP

9. Myopic cartoon Mr. : MAGOO. A more PC Magoo without Charlie, the house boy.


14. Lessen, as pain : EASE

15. Excellent : A-ONE

16. Say "bo's'n," say : ELIDE. Slide right over some letters when saying boatswain.
17. Got wiser, hopefully : AGED

18. Take the elevator to the penthouse : GO UP

19. "When pigs fly!" : "NEVER!"

23. Cartoon frame : CEL

24. Nervous mannerism : TIC

25. Sr.'s income source : IRA. (individual retirement account)

28. Blast furnace product : PIG IRON. "The traditional shape of the molds used for these ingots was a branching structure formed in sand, with many individual ingots at right angles to a central channel or runner. Such a configuration is similar in appearance to a litter of piglets suckling on a sow. When the metal had cooled and hardened, the smaller ingots (the pigs) were simply broken from the much thinner runner (the sow), hence the name pig iron. As pig iron is intended for remelting, the uneven size of the ingots and the inclusion of small amounts of sand caused only insignificant problems considering the ease of casting and handling them." Wikipedia

32. Fireplace shelf : MANTEL

35. Oklahoma city : ADA

39. "Little Rascals" girl : DARLA


42. Jr.'s jr. : III. The Third.

43. Lite cigarette claim : NO TAR

47. Numbered rd. : RTE. Like I-10.

48. Hang around : LOITER

49. Doused with a hose : SPRAYED. And if that doesn't work there's always spayed.

52. PC backup key : ESC

53. Punch reaction : [OOF!]

56. Tibetan ox : YAK

64. Father Time feature : BEARD

66. Defect : FLAW

67. Paltry : MERE

68. 7-Down house : IGLOO. 7D. Alaska native : INUIT

69. Exile isle : ELBA

70. Sour trumpet note : [BLAT] Is this an official musical term?

71. Was admitted : GOT IN

72. Rough file : RASP

73. "I screwed up!" : "OOPS!"


1. Plane reservation : SEAT. By the window for me.

2. Batting practice area : CAGE

3. Amazon visitor : USER

4. Noble Florentine family : MEDICI. Italian family of bankers, merchants, and rulers of Florence.

5. Language of the Philippines : TAGALOG. From Tagalog: taga "native to" + ilog "river."

6. Corner chess piece : ROOK. Also known as castle.

8. Cola choice : PEPSI

9. List of courses : MENU

10. Novelist Waugh : ALEC

11. "Just taste some!" : "GIVE IT A TRY!"

12. Shelley's "__ to the West Wind" : ODE

13. Above, to Shelley : O'ER

21. "__ out!": ump's call : YER

22. Top : ACME

26. Tell : RELATE

27. Dynamite inventor Nobel : ALFRED

28. Ping-Pong need : PADDLE

29. Some spuds : IDAHOs

30. Blended seasoning : GARLIC SALT. Shout out to Garlic Girl

31. Grim film genre : NOIR. I wonder what a grimy film genre would be.

33. Raggedy __ : ANN. Here with her brother, Andy.

34. Sgt., e.g. : NCO. (Non-Commissioned Officer)

37. Commit perjury : LIE

38. Ph.D. hurdle : DISSertation

40. Ping-Pong do-over : LET. Also in tennis but no longer in volleyball, or badminton, it appears.

41. Can : AXE

45. Faculty VIP : PROFessor

46. Covert agent exchange : SPY SWAP. A dramatic highlight in some old movies.

50. Pep rally cry : "RAH!"

51. With hands on hips : AKIMBO

54. Good news at a job fair : OFFER

55. Bub : FELLA

58. Counselor to Captain Picard : TROI. Deanna TROI, everyone's favorite Betazoid.

59. Noodle bar order : UDON

60. Applies gently : DABs

61. Move, in real estate lingo : RELO

62. Lint collector : TRAP

63. Hollywood workplaces : SETS

64. Popular : BIG

65. Self-regard : EGO


Note from C.C.:

Here's a great photo of our super talented Owen, whose daily crossword limerick brightens up our little corner. Please click here for more photos of Owen.

Owen & Brenda (Feb 28, 2009)


OwenKL said...

Thanksgiving, when his diet he perverts
By huge turkey dinners and desserts.
When belts are unbuckled
And waistbands uncoupled
And buttons pop off of STUFFED SHIRTS!

Teen Daughter:
I'm thankful-est for clothing, I guess.
Though Mom and Dad try my taste to oppress.
I dress like my friends,
They think it offends,
But I can't imagine this shirt with that DRESS!

Some times I'm not thankful enough
For help, when things start to get tough --
Like to clean the garage
(When he's not off to lodge,
Or with friends playing GOLF in the rough!)

Young Son:
I'm thankful, I think, that I'm me.
There's no one else that I'd rather be.
If I weren't, I'd have problems;
Like the wrong books and albums;
While this way, my clothes fit to a TEE!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Double dose of C.C. today, for those of us who also do the NYT puzzle. I have to say I enjoyed this solo effort from her much better than the one she did with Don G. in the NYT (despite the fact that I had no circles and couldn't make sense of the theme).

Pretty smooth overall, although there were a few minor bumps in the road. I knew that the game of tennis had LETs, but had no idea that Table Tennis did as well. DISS held me up for awhile since I just didn't realize we were looking for an abbreviation and really wanted ORAL in that spot. And who knew there was actually something called a "noodle bar" (well, plenty of people, I'm sure, but not me...)?


OwenKL said...

Ghaak! CC, you're going to crack everyone's screens posting a picture of my ugly mug!

Finished without using red letters today, but a little confusion on the west. I had GAR and finished it as GARDEN HERB before GARLIC SALT, and parallel to that started with DEAN and then PRES. before finally getting PROF.

Timed at 4:36 today! Well, that was the second time through. Did it at the Mensa site first, but no circles, so had to redo it at the LAT site to find out what the theme was. I was expecting more scattered letters, for synonyms of pompous.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Well, I could not sleep, so I got up. Tried the IPad since my paper is not here, but no cruciverb today. So i printed it from the Trib site. I did have the circles.

This puzzle seemed a little tough for a Tuesday.

AKIMBO? Never heard of that word. thank goodness for six perps.

UDON was an unknown. Perped it as well.

Tried DEAN for 45D, but PROF showed up after a bit. A little extra ink there.

Theme and circles worked out. No problem.

Liked your poem OwenKL. Your third stanza hit home. Good photos, as well.

Off to my eye doctor for my right eye laser today.

Putting a set of tires on my daughter's car. Taught her how to change a flat yesterday. She did well.

See you tomorrow, when we head to Southwest Ohio for Thanksgiving. Oldest daughter and family are there.



Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. After getting the TEE and GOLF, I thought this might be a golfing theme. I am so glad it was about shirts instead.

I really wanted Linger in lieu of LOITER for Hang Around.

Very cold, wet and rainy here today. I hope all who may be traveling for Thanksgiving are safe.

QOD: I will never give in to old age until I become old. And I’m not old yet! ~ Tina Turner (Nov. 26, 1939)


TTP said...

No paper. No circles.

"List of courses" = MENU, and GIVE IT A TRY for "Just taste it"

Fatted calf before GOLDEN CALF.

Human Desire was on late night TV the other night. So I watched it again. I'm an on/off fan of the genre. Lots of rail yard grime and scum in that one.

DHL no longer competes for domestic pickup and delivery service as it once did in the US.

Owen, nice to meet you !

Thank you CC and thank you Argyle !

OK, I've delayed long enough. No TADA !!! I had AKIMfO instead of AKIMBO. I've never heard of that word. Looked it up.

Time to go make the coffee. Abejo, take care !

buckeye bob said...

Thank you C.C. for the puzzle. Thank you Argyle for the expo and the great explanation of ELIDE. A learning moment for me.

About right for a Tuesday, a little longer than Monday.

I love the word AKIMBO. It just flows!

Didn't know BLAT. Had to perp it. Wanted to spell DISC. instead of DISS. Two more learning moments today.

Lucina said...

Good day, friends!
I now believe C.C. stands for Crafty Constructor. Good job, C.C. I enjoyed this.

One sashay across the grid with one write over and one pause. I had SOOT before SCUM and have never seen the "Little Rascals" so DARLA took a while to suss but after I had DAR__ then LET and AXE and it perped itself.

I've seen the expression "standing with arms AKIMBO" in many books. It is quite graphic when you think about it and tighter than saying "with arms on hips."

Argyle, I appreciate the explanation of PIG IRON as I've often wondered about the name. Very interesting.

Owen, it's good to match the face with the name. Thank you for sharing.

Now I'm going to reclaim my lost sleep. This aging business is not fun!

I hope you all have a gorgeous and peaceful day, everyone!

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Like Hahtoolah, I thought we were in for a golf theme when I saw TEE and GOLF in circles. But wait, what does a DRESS have to do with golf? Maybe ADDRESS the ball?? So the STUFFED SHIRTS revealer was quite an "Aha" moment for me.

Thanks for the explanation of PIG IRON, Argyle. I knew the term, but never really thought about how it came to be. Makes sense!

I also did Don and C.C.'s puzzle in the NYT today. Do Rich and Will collaborate to get constructors' puzzles published on the same day?? Not only that, but DARLA, that Little Rascal, was in both of the puzzles! I thought it interesting that the NYT clue was "Friend of Porky and Spanky"," giving no hint to the show or gender (I was thinking Porky Pig), while the LAT clued it as "Little Rascal's girl." Aha, both the TV show name and gender, to make it Tuesday friendly!

OwenKL, nice to finally meet our resident corner poet. And congrats, C.C. on your double whammy today!

Martin said...

I wanted BARE for MERE and FLAT for BLAT but that gave me AKIBFO and RALO so I wasn't happy. I also wanted NET for LET. I figured in ping pong the thing to do is get over the NET. That gave me DARNA instead of DARLA. Well, DARNA is a name too.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Salamat Po, C.C.! I think that means "thank you" in TAGALOG. When getting military haircuts in the Philippines the local barbers would be chattering away in TAGALOG, confident that the swabbies couldn't understand them. When they finished up we'd say "Salamat Po" and look at the expression on their faces.

Owen, good to see you. I guess you've gotta be a facebook member to see the other photos. I haven't joined.

We haven't seen AKIMBO in a while. I'm not sure I've ever seen BLAT in a cw. I think of it more as a trombone sound than a trumpet.

I always think of this song when I hear Pig Iron 2:11.

Still cold, wet and nasty. Another day to stay inside by the fire with a good book.

Mari said...

Good morning everybody! What a great puzzle from CC today. I'm not a big fan of circles (because I write so big and sloppy) but this one I enjoyed.

My favorite clues were:
- 18A: Take the elevator to the penthouse: GO UP
- 42A: Jr.'s jr.: III

It's always nice to put a name and a face together. Great to see what you look like OwenKL. Thank you for your enjoyable additions to each day's blog.

Have a wonderful day! I'm off to read your posts.

Avg Joe said...

A nice Tuesday offering C.C. And thanks Argyle. Nice to learn about the name pig iron. I'd always thought it just meant low quality iron that was prone to breakage.

Akimbo shows up with some frequency. Nice to see it again and a perfectly good opportunity to link some Tom Waits Nighthawks Postcards (akimbo reference at 10:47)

Unknown said...

Good Morning! Fine Tuesday grid; CEL held me up for awhile, as did TAGALOG and NOIR but stayed with it.

Montana said...

I saw the puzzle was by CC so struggled through it with the LA Times site on my iPad. The struggle was with the site, not CC's work. The site is sure a lot better than it used to be, though.
CC's puzzles are always fun to solve!

My newest daughter-in-law and grandson's native language is Tagalog. Both have good command of English, so communication is not a problem. My caffeine drink is Pepsi. As I started the puzzle I thought CC designed it just for me.

Enjoying wonderful weather for Thanksgiving in Colorado,


Yellowrocks said...

Nice puzzle, CC. I started at the bottom and came across the unifier early. That made this an easy Tuesday puzzle. I love the Little Rascals, so I knew Darla. Argyle, thanks for the interesting explanation of pig iron.

73 A “I screwed up,” reminds me of “My bad,” which I detest, especially when it replaces “I’m sorry.” I never hear it any more. Do you?

I got BLAT from just the B. It seems so appropriate for a sour trumpet note. Although it is likely related to BLEAT, it seems onomatopoeic to me. I can hear new brass students blatting away.

When we were young, my older sister used to tease me that when I was displeased I posed with arms akimbo, just like Grumpy, one of the Seven Dwarfs. On this trip I noticed that she walks up steep hills with arms akimbo.
For inexpensive lunches in Japan we went to noodle bars which served ramen and UDON. You also could purchase yakitori from street vendors. They are small pieces of chicken barbecued on a skewer. I make them at home now. The least expensive lunch of all was to go to the basement of a large department store and taste so many different free samples it filled you up. Finding a place patronized by locals only was also an option. They are usually less expensive. I had yaki soba (fried noodles) in one of these. Yummy. I could practice my halting (very poor) Japanese there, gathering much appreciation and rave reviews by the locals. OOPS! Here I am again pretending to be a travel agent without a license.

oc4beach said...

Here in central PA I had to search through 3 inches of snow in my front yard to find the paper before I could do the puzzle. Luckily the paper was in a plastic bag today so it wasn't a soggy mess. More snow, sleet and freezing rain predicted, so it will make a rough trip for the kids coming home for Thanksgiving if they decide to come.

Enjoyed the puzzle C.C. I tried to put GOOP in the first spot, so that got me off on the wrong foot. Eventually the perps kicked in and I finally solved the puzzle. I didn't figure out the theme until I was almost done, so the circles didn't really help, of course I always get the theme.

I hope this storm that is sweeping to the east doesn't mess up everyone's holiday. Have a great Thanksgiving.

oc4beach said...

I meant to say that I "don't" always get the theme.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Like you, Montana, I did the puzzle at the LA Times site and, while it may be better, it's still frustrating and a real slog to navigate. There were no circles, but after the reveal, I sussed out the shirts easily.

Thought there was a bit of a bite to CC's crafty creation. I, also had fatted calf before golden and there were a couple of other tricky areas, but finished smoothly. Thanks, CC, and Argyle. Congrats, CC, on your double puzzles.

Nice photo, Owen, and, as usual, great limericks.

Abejo, good luck with the laser treatment.

We have about an inch of snow on the ground. I think the storm headed our way is going to bring lots of heavy rain, not snow.

Have a great day

CrossEyedDave said...


(learn something new every day...)

Aside from Tagalog, I stared at Tee, Golf, Dress, for a long time & was totally oblivious to the connection to "stuffed shirt."
Thanks for "splain'n" it Argyle!

Owen looks like a cross between Hagrid, & Paul Bunyan.
(Impressive, just like his poetry...)

Here's a shirt you can stuff for Thanksgiving!

& one for Vegans, if you have the ego for it...

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Nice picture, Owen. Good to connect a face with a name.

Fairly easy today. Agree with IM about the bite. Ended up solving clockwise with W last. Had SSA before IRA. GIVE IT A TRY paved the way for a smooth passage thru the NE. In the W I flirted with Fed? EXPRESS, but DHL EXPRESS is a clear answer. TAGALOG was a gimme and ROOK was easy for a chess player. Thanks C.C. and to Argyle for a good write-up, as always.

Have a great day

Lemonade714 said...

Kamusta sa lahat ng tao.

I have the pleasure of knowing many from the Philippines, and also was involved in bringing Filipinos to the US to work, so TAGALOG was easy. If you say it out loud you can hear the strong influence of the Spanish who settled the islands.

Congrats on another double dip C.C. the NYT was crunchier; and Argyle, as always, great.

Husker Gary said...

Lovely puzzle with theme that was fun at the reveal but not helpful in doing the puzzle and indiscernible without the circles.

-Most PhD’s seemed to be STUFFED SHIRTS to me
-J.H. wit, “Have a nice TRIP? See ‘ya next fall”
-I have a game where kids call out two word phrases where both words begin with M. They don’t know Mister MAGOO. I have 15 others but would take some from youse guys.
-Ray is told to EASE his pain in fabulous Field of Dreams
-How ‘bout going UP TO these Manhattan Penthouses
-RG III is stinkin’ is having a bad year for the Redskins
-Much cooler YAK (2:05)
-The MEDICI’s decided what was art with their pocketbook
-We were allowed to PADDLE kids when I started. I did it once and was repulsed.
-Kids coming in, I will read ‘em and blog after the thanksgiving me the Home Ec. (FCS) kids are preparing for us today!)

Misty said...

Ooh, what a fun! A Tuesday C.C.--and with circles yet! It doesn't get any better than this. And, great expo, Argyle. Was amazed at your explanation of PIG IRON. Who knew?

Nice pic, Owen, and fun Thanksgiving limerick.

Got AKIMBO because the Laguna Playhouse put on a charming play called KIMBERLY AKIMBO a few years ago.

Yellowrocks, I love your Japanese travel stories. I too remember stopping in a humble eatery in the airport, I think, and finding the food simply wonderful!

Lucina, hope you get some more sleep. Sleeplessness is devastating, I find.

Hope Dad and brother don't have problems getting through Atlanta airport today. I'm keen to have them here for the dinner for the first time since last Thanksgiving.

Have a great Tuesday, everybody!

desper-otto said...

HG, I hope you meantt "meal" rather than "me." I can just see the school body gathering around for HG a l'orange.

Here are some M&M's for your game...
Marilyn Monroe
Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Mighty Mouse (enough with mice)
mealy mouth
monster mash
Malt-o-Meal (maybe that's not legal)
malted milk
Monday Morning
Mamma Mia

Dr. Mist said...

Husker: you need to get out more. With your rather parochial statement about Ph.D's, you managed to insult about half the bloggers here.

Point of order said...

Mickey Mantle
Manny Mota
Marcel Marceau
Melba Moore
Michael Moore
Michael Moriarty
Marsha Mason
Maureen McCormick
Maureen McGovern
Maureen McGovern
Moses Malone

Ellen said...

I wonder if Rich had put the kibosh on referencing that blowhard Baldwin when cluing for ALEC?

Finally, the rage-alholic's slurs with anti-gay overtones have caught up with him. It took several outbursts, along with diva like behavior, to get him fired from MSNBC but it is done. Is Capital One next? Let's hope so. His act is old and repulsive.

Husker Gary said...

-Point well taken Dr. Mist. I had my tongue in my cheek but that was not very evident in my posting. Blogging with teenagers in the room is not conducive to clarity or wit. I have known PhD’s on both sides of the fence (no resident stuffed shirts here) but the ones who kept reminding me of their lofty academic standing stood out more vividly when I was musing and the word “some” should have been in for “most”. Thanks for the gentle reminder to turn my filter up a few notches.
-Mea Culpa tune (2:43)
-Thanks for the MM ideas!
-Otto, I did mean “meal”. Once again I was blogging with adolescents in the room and did not mean to infer cannibalism. The FCS kids did a great job!!
-Great snap of our bearded bard!

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody! I enjoyed the puzzle and the writeup. Thanks CC and Argyle.

I happen to be the III; my father was Jr. I never used it in my signature except for when I was very young.

Owen, I enjoyed seeing your poetic visage.

Not knowing exactly what I wanted or where to go next, I took one math course toward a PhD called Real Analysis. It was about the second week of the class and I was already having trouble with some of the homework. Since others were too, we asked the instructor to do one of the proofs for us. He began filling up the board. When he was up to Step 15 or so, he backed up and began staring at the board and pacing back and forth. He was saying something like, "Do you see the problem here...? Do you see the difficulty...?" Well, I could see the problem. It was that he didn't know what to do next. So I decided that a PhD wasn't in the cards for me and I walked over to the Registrar's office and dropped the course.

HeartRx said...

HG, some more M&Ms:

Spitzboov said...

Meow Mix
Mad Max
Max & Moritz
Minor Mishap
Mucous Membrane
Mar MediterrĂ¡neo
Murmuring Mermaids
meddling mother-in-law
major medical
Marine Major
Middle Management

Ol' Man Keith said...

Great photo of our talented Owen! Thank you for posting it!

Somehow I'd breezed over the explanation (at 57A) for the three-shirt theme, so couldn't for the life of me figure out what the circled letters meant-- until reading the blog. Oh, well...

My only write-over was PROF for DEAN. Like others I assumed DEAN as the real VIP. Bring a PROF myself, I can't honestly say I feel so Veddy Important.

Argyle- I love the flying pig statues; where did you find those?

TTP said...

Mister Microphone
Marisa Miller
Marissa Mayer
Merrie Melodies
Magic Mushrooms
Magic Marker
Mexican Mafia
Master Mason
Mark McGwire
Michael Moore
Michael Madsen
Michael Myers
Mike Myers
mu mu :)
McDonalds McRib, McMuffin etc
Man Made
Machine Made
Merry Maids
Mercedes McCambridge
Michael McDonald

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Cute puzzle, C.C! I had a little trouble getting started but perps took care of that.

I noticed that in the middle of the puzzle 23a was CEL, 24a was TIC. Wondered if that a shout out to the CELTIC ball team or our resident bard. Sure and he has a look of one whose ancestors tread the oulde sod near Limerick. All he needs to achieve leprechaun status is a pot from which to pull his rhyming golden goodies.

Didn't know DARLA, but made up for it by knowing TAGALOG. (The name of, not the language itself.)

I lived next to a MR. MAGOO clone in Texas. Friendly man, but frustrating to try to visit with since he couldn't hear or see. He even laughed like the cartoon.

I love TERIYAKI SAUCE but have trouble spelling it. Tried to leave out the "Y".

My DIL in Oklahoma is planning to bring her four boys to our Thanksgiving. My heart skipped a beat when I saw vehicles sliding around the snowy roads in OKC on TV. An email assured me her house is 30 mi. north of the worst storm and just had a skiff of snow. But one boy was not feeling well. Oh, the suspense of it.

PK said...

Great expo, Argyle. I once did a story on a newly opened forge and saw them pour "pigs". Enjoyed the tour, but it was the dirtiest I ever got on a story. I had dressed for it though. I was coughing up black iron dust for days.

An editor in the aircraft industry told me he just hired men as writers because he'd found that the women he hired didn't want to get dirty and didn't last. I told him he was hiring women who were too attractive. Some of us relished getting down and dirty for a story.

Lucina said...

On your lists I haven't seen:
Maid Marian
Minute Maid
Mini Me
merry month of May

TTP said...

Miller Moth
Mail Man, Milk Man ?
Music Man, Muscle Man, Mountain Man
Marvin Miller
Mag Mile ...magnificent mile
Mister Mustard
Mr Majestyk
Military Museum, Medals
Mixed Martial (arts)
Medicinal Marijuana
Monday Morning
Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mcauley, Mother Mayi :)
Michigan Militia
Morel Mushroom
Mimeograph Machine
Marsh mallow ?

desper-otto said...

Dang, how did we manage to miss Morel Mushroom? Shame on us. Good catch, TTP.

Lucina said...

Thank you for your concern. I actually had two hours of sleep more after I posted and normally I sleep eight hours per night. Every now and then, though, I awaken at 4-5 and stay awake. Luckily the newspaper arrives well before that time.

Argyle said...

The winged boars frame the gates at Hogwarts.

Lemonade714 said...

Point of order: a little Maureen McGovern crush? My My.

TTP don't stop now I am sure you have a least 30 more in you.

I liked seeing Marilyn Monroe first.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Good to see you all this fine day. You too, Owen. Nice photograph; you are a nice looking man. May I assume Brenda is your wife? Fun puzzle today; I enjoyed the long answers, as I always do, and catching glimpses of how your mind works, C.C. Blazingly circuitous! Best wishes to you all.

OwenKL said...

Mars & Murrie

Yellowrock, I also enjoy your travel stories, so keep them coming!

My wife Brenda refers to me as her big leprechaun, so you're not the first to notice that resemblance, PK. I don't have any Irish blood in me, but back when I was plying my hobby as a storyteller, St.Patrick's was my favorite holiday. (Halloween was second and no others were close.) I have a store of Irish stories I used to tell. I've also been compared to Paul Bunyan before, but this is a first for Hagrid, CED.

Argyle said...

Here's one pk should get:


TTP said...

You encouraged me.

Manac Monday (Bangles)
March Madness, Midnight Madness, Money Man, Marathon Man
Monkey Man (Rolling Stones)
Mr Mom, Motor Mouth,
Money, Money, Money (ABBA)
Mony, Mony (Tommy James),
Miss Manners, Mississippi Mudcake, Malignant Melanoma, Minor Mishap, Monthly Maintenance, Music Maker
Maggie Mae
Maggie May
Midas Muffler, Micro Manager (and Management), Mortgage Meltdown,
Montessori Method, Married Man, Mass Media, Military Maneuver
Macho Man (earworm)
Mercy Mercy Me Marvin Gaye
Monday Monday (The Mamas and Papas)

JD said...

Good evening Argyle, C.C. and all,

No time to read the blog yet, but I did enjoy your write up, Argyle, as usual and had forgotten how much I used to enjoy Mr. Magoo.Also enjoyed the pig iron tid bit.
As the boys took their afternoon naps, I stole DH's sports page to do the CW. I was delighted to see it was yours, C.C.I was sailing thru until the III/diss spot and have never heard of DHL Express.I had prin for proff and even though I had tee, and golf, I had trouble filling stuffed shirts. It was a fun little challenge.Thanks! Luckily Alfred and troi fell into place with no help from me.

Oh how I loved those little rascals and that theme is now running thru my head. :(

Owen, so nice to finally see our poet.

akimbo?I never saw it either, but I learned from a TED You Tube today that if you just type in define akimbo, it pops right up. I checked it after I finished the puzzle. I don't know why. I always believe that the constructors know what they are doing.

Bill G. said...

I encountered a little problem in interpersonal relations with a stranger this afternoon and I would appreciate the opinion of the Crossword Corner manners consultants. I was in a fast food chain for a snack and decided to make a quick stop at the rest room. As I approached the urinal, another fellow about my age was just beginning to wash his hands. (We were the only two people in the small restroom.) The urinal obviously hadn't been flushed. I was annoyed but didn't say anything. In hindsight, I kinda wish I had but I can't see anything good coming out of that situation. No matter what I said, I'm guessing he wouldn't appreciate my comment. I can't imagine anything I could have said would encourage him to change his behavior. Instead, he probably would have gotten defensive and angry. So what to do?

Anonymous said...

Mind your own business!

Lemonade714 said...

Proud of you TTP, you make into the all star game with CED MANAC and HG

Anonymous T said...

G'Eve All!

C.C. what fun! Arygle, I needed the write-up before I the aha on 41d) Seeing Can AXE juxtaposed made it obvious.

Faves - 17a (I hope!), OOF, and MAGOO. Too, I laughed with RELO next to TRAP.

I knew DARLA only thanks to Eddie Murphy's SNL Rascals.

51d - there, I learned a new word. It's a good day.

PK, I had TERrYAKI until I figured there had to be more vowels in an Italian name.

at 70a) I didn't like FLAT for my answer. Once MERE appeared, I had to go on an alphabet run to change the F. It didn't take long as I started from a :-)

Owen - fave was Daughter poem. And nice BEARD!

Bill G. Frequent establishments with magic auto-flushing toilet. I wish bars had those!

And to Play M&M!
TTP - You beat me to Manic Monday
Mony Mony
Marilyn Manson
Mr. Mister
Magical Mystery (tour)
Muckety Muck

Cheers, -T

Misty said...

Lucina, so glad you had a bright and awakened day!

Misty said...

Well, Husker, just to confirm, I'm Misty, not Dr. Mist. But I guess the point is that many of us with Ph.D.s worked our butts off as waitresses, lab technicians in hospitals, staff in day care centers, and lots of other ordinary but important occupations before finishing graduate school. So that Ph.D. doesn't make us STUFFED SHIRTS because goodness knows, we've had real lives (and still have real lives) as did and do all our folks and friends.

Having said all that, I know you were only making a little joke and that's perfectly fine!

Bill G. said...

To me, Golden Retrievers seem to be happy and smiling. I guess it's just their normal physiognomy but it's a nice characteristic for a dog to have.

Do you suppose Alex Trebek is a little ill-at-ease socially? He seems that way to me.

Regarding my earlier post, I think germs don't live long on cold, metal surfaces. So when somebody leaves a toilet unflushed, I think it's their personal 'ick' factor in play. Their 'ick' factor seems to trump the next person's discomfort at having to confront their unflushed toilet. My 'ick' factor with public toilets is small enough that it can be dealt with using a little soap and water.

Anonymous T said...

Bill G. Cold, metallic, & _dry_ surfaces are not conducive to bacteria, but viruses can live on door-knobs for days.

As far as ick. Dealing with an un-flushed urinal is nothing compared to a commode. Wasn't it Ally McBeal that had the one character with a remote flusher for a "fresh bowl"? Ok, enough potty talk...

On PhDs, DW is a PROF with a PhD. She gives a more aesthetic meaning to STUFFED SHIRT.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

So Bill G. does that mean you were pissed-off?

Anonymous said...

I imagine the stuffed shirts here know who they are. I sure do.

Many teachers are always teaching.

I'm obnoxious.

Lucina said...


Anonymous T said...

I just got off the phone with MIL. 42a was one of her faves. And she added to the M&M game with Mensa Material.

I did a search and none of us came up with it. What does that say? Are we just MERE Mortals? -T

Bill G. said...


I'm surprised the Mensa site lets me go there to solve these puzzles!

Rich must wake up every day and thank his lucky stars for CC and Marti. I wonder if they are the most prolific LAT constructors these days? I think it used to be Dan Naddor. Quantity and quality, a great combination.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How now brown cow.

Argyle said...

What a hoot.

Anonymous said...

Baby Talk

So this is controversial...

Anonymous T said...

Argyle - They must have attended The Eminem School of Lip-Sync'ing. Thanks for sharing... -T

Anonymous said...

equal time for equal time

Anonymous said...


kjinkc said...

Just me late again. Still days/nights mixed up.

Argyle, great expo. Loved what can happen if spray requires spay. Have heard pig iron but never exactly knew what it was, so learning moment.

CC - nice misdirection on Amazon visitor, I wanted thinking snakes or fish or such maybe in the rainforest or River. Loved the Darla and Mr Magoo reminders. I must be getting really old, as these don't stump me but bring back fond memories.

Owen - nice to put a face with a name...I also have to confess I could only view the one pic as I still refuse to setup facebook much to the chagrin of my kids, grandkids, friends, well, just about everyone I know.


Anonymous said...

never there

kj in kc

tell us your story

Anonymous T said...

kjinkc - not just you, but it will be soon... Funny, I the rain forest never occured to me until your post. I kept looking for the Amazon c/a to know what you meant and found it at 3d. Keep holding out against the Facebook. I have an FB acct setup, but only for, erm, testing... -T

kjinkc said...

Anon @2:14...not to be too difficult or rude, it's just that when you are 'blue' you are able find out more info on bloggers. What I can say is: retired systems consultant and traveled quite a bit with that job around the world and now have settled back in the kc area where most friends and family reside. And I spent an hour or so one night and couldn't think of a better id...just wanted to finish in a hurry.

kjinkc said...

Okay, time to close it down. Just reread my last post and what I intended to say was that I spent an hour or so one night setting up the Goggle account so I could be a legit blogger. At the end of that ordeal, I just caved and put the simplest id I could think of. Time to go nighty night before I make any more ridiculous statements.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Can you check your Gmail? I need your computer advise. Thanks.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Bill G,
Someone has complained this on the blog a few times. Please don't spoil puzzle constructor for others who solve the puzzle later than you do.

Anonymous said...

@4:13a: did you mean Barry G?

Argyle said...

No, she didn't.

Anonymous said...

Ok then, I must have missed something. Didn't see Bill G. give anything away - I first read about C.C. and Don G.'s NYT in Barry G.'s morning comment.