Nov 12, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 Ed Sessa

Theme: Voice Types - Part in the end of first word and second part in the start of the second word, living in perfect harmony.

21A. Playskool's Rocktivity products, e.g. : MUSICAL TOYS. Alto.

26A. Clinic helper : LAB ASSISTANT. Bass.

43A. Decree that spells things out : WRITTEN ORDER. Tenor.

50A. One's toughest critics, often, and, literally, three different words hidden in 21-, 26- and 43-Across : INNER VOICES

Argyle here. A workman-like Tuesday. There is some fresh stuff to be found.


1. In short supply : SCANT

6. Basics for Dick and Jane : ABCs

10. XT computers : IBMs

14. Mandel of "America's Got Talent" : HOWIE

15. Actress Lollobrigida : GINA. She's a classic.

16. "La maja desnuda" artist : GOYA

17. Primary artery : AORTA

18. First name in advice : ABBY

19. Baseball's Hershiser : OREL

20. Amt. : QTY.

24. Mugs, e.g. : CUPS

25. Old British coin : GUINEA

31. Big concert setting : ARENA

32. Gambler's IOU : CHIT

33. Lawyers' org. : ABA. The bar.

36. Peer pruriently at : OGLE

37. Kermit's color : GREEN


39. Coffee-brewing choice : DRIP

40. Boozer : SOT. Get some of that coffee in that sot.

41. High-fiber food : BRAN

42. Longtime "Masterpiece Theater" host Alistair : COOKE

46. Nighttime shindig : SOIREE

49. TV warrior princess : XENA

53. Internet letters : WWW

56. Uses a straw : SIPS

57. Fairy tale start : ONCE

58. D-Day beach : OMAHA

60. Promote big-time : TOUT

61. Slangy turnarounds : UIES

62. Poe's "ebony bird" : RAVEN

63. Tiny hill builders : ANTS

64. Criteria: Abbr. : STDs. (standards)

65. Trapped on a branch : TREED


1. Cager-turned-rapper O'Neal, familiarly : SHAQ

2. Old grump : COOT

3. Haywire : AWRY

4. "Picked" complaint : NIT. We know about them.

5. Olympians in red, white and blue : TEAM USA

6. Andre of tennis : AGASSI

7. Netanyahu of Israel, familiarly : BIBI. (Benjamin)

8. "Squawk on the Street" airer : CNBC

9. "Huh?" : "SAY AGAIN?". A universal word? Could be, according to NPR.

10. Outfielder's cry : "I GOT IT!"

11. B in chemistry : BORON

12. "Poppycock!" : "MY EYE!"

13. Doritos scoopful : SALSA

22. "What can Brown do for you?" shipping co. : UPS. There you go, Splynter.

23. Manhattan's __-Fontanne Theatre : LUNT

24. Mr. Peanut prop : CANE

26. Vietnam neighbor : LAOS

27. Golden Fleece vessel : ARGO

28. Suspenders alternative : BELT

29. What a hound follows : SCENT

30. With 53-Down, stadium fans' rhythmic motion : THE. 53D. See 30-Down : WAVE

33. Yankee infielder, to fans : A-ROD

34. Ride the Harley : BIKE

35. Copycat : APER

37. Heartrending : GRIEVOUS

38. Scavenging pest : RAT

39. Cartoon explorer : DORA

41. Uncle Remus's __ Fox : BR'ER

42. Monarch's spouse : CONSORT

43. Tears (away) from : WRESTS

44. Superabundance : EXCESS

45. Maiden name intro : NEE

46. Slangy sibling : SISTA. My last fill and a sour note. The woman doesn't have to be related to be a sista.

47. Bulb in a garden : ONION

48. Addition to the conversation : INPUT

51. Attending to a task : ON IT

52. Like some coffee or tea : ICED

54. Roller coaster cry : [WHEE!]

55. Hand-held scanner : WAND

59. Vandalize : MAR


Note from C.C.:
Here is a sweet picture of JD and her 4 grandsons. They were together celebrating the 72nd birthday of Bob (JD's husband) two days ago. JD lives very close to her two daughters and the boys come over every Sunday for dinner. Dylan is Cameron's little brother, and Grady is Truman's little brother. Click here to see all the JD pictures I compiled.

Left to Right: Cameron, Truman, Grady, JD & Dylan


Lemonade714 said...

I was slower by the MY EYE which looked bad when I had the Mye__ and took a moment to recall LUNT but otherwise a smooth Tuesday.


Thanks Ed and Argyle

HeartRx said...

Good morning all!

Argyle, that was a great article from NPR. Thanks for sharing.

Pretty typical Tuesday for me, although I was slowed down by searching for the theme as I went along. Nope, didn’t even see it coming. Very clever!

CED from last night, I was horrified to hear about your fireplace explosion. But I had a real belly laugh when I read Anon’s advice @ 8:23:
The next time you run that contraption, .... Handcuff the installer to it, for the next 24 hours. That way, you'll be really sure.
What a great way to insure good work!

JD, I loved looking back at the pictures of your grandsons. It is really fun to see how they have grown, and you are a very lucky woman to have such a close-knit family!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Brilliant hidden word theme today. I really loved the fact that each theme hid a different word.

As with Lemonade, I hesitated a bit on MY EYE since it doesn't appear to be in the language. Unlike Lemonade, I never did recall LUNT (but the perps took care of it).

Funniest mistake was putting in ALUE instead of AROD at 33D for no apparent reason. I was sure it was correct until I stared at the resulting DLIP at 39A in confusion...

Nice to see ICED instead of ICE for a change with regard to coffee and tea!


Goya said...

La Maja Desnuda?

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Ed Sessa, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the fine review. Also read your link, Huh?

OwenKL, where are you?

Did not know SHAQ was a rapper. Got 1D with three perps and a wag.

COOT was easy. Occasionally I get called that. Hmmmm.

Liked the painting from GOYA that was linked. Beautiful.

Did not catch the theme until I had INNER VOICES. Then they all appeared. Very good, not me, the constructor.

COOKE was unknown. Appeared on its own.

Loved ONION. I had the best ONION crop this past summer. Can't wait until next spring to start again. I applied to take Master Gardener schooling this winter. Have not been accepted yet. I am on pins and needles.

WHEE is what some people do on a roller coaster. Others, like me, scream bloody murder.

JD, great family shot. I am sure they keep you busy and happy.

I have lots to do. Refrigerator is leaking water.

Snow on the ground from last night. Nothing stuck on the pavement, just the grass. 24 degrees when I got up.

See you tomorrow.



OwenKL said...

No verse from me today. Major crash. Oh, the machine's okay, but over a years worth of customization is lost. Like trying to switch from a PC to an Apple. A pre-Mac Apple! I've spent the last several hours restoring what I could, and will probably keep on doing so intensely for the next few, and odd items for months. :((
Got a similar problem with my vehicle. The Little Woman had a fender-bender Friday, so we've got a loaner while it's in the shop for a week or two. Different controls, and no manual. Bah.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This was a chewy Tuesday, but a quick one. Never got the theme, as per usual. Thought BIBI was spelled BEBE.

Only an academic would describe "Huh?" as a call for other-initiated repair.

UPS reminds me, do any of you watch the "Making Things…." Nova episodes with NYT columnist David Pogue? On a recent show David spent a day trying to outsmart the UPS delivery algorithm . At the end of the day, David had to turn in his "browns." Interesting stuff.

Lemonade714 said...

JD wonderful pictures.

Alaister Cooke brought back many memories as he was there to present wonderful shows like I Claudius which overlapped my move to Florida.


Husker Gary said...

Are you like this – You see the reveal clue containing multiple numbers coming and you have the obvious fills you need and so you try your best to get the theme without the clue? Well I do and I didn’t get it this morning but had a fun time anyway.

-WRITTEN restraining ORDERs seem to be of little help to some women these days as seen in Louisiana yesterday
-My INNER VOICE has wisely counseled restraint lately
-Were these a big part of your childhood?
-Kermit’s anthem for middle school kids could be It’s Not Easy Being (insert characteristic)
-This Cereal is a fav around here and has a predictable effect
-Reciting the WWW is quite unnecessary any more
-Joann’s uncle was on OMAHA beach a few days later and said it was still dangerous
-The football betting TOUTS say if they don’t give you enough winners on a football weekend they’ll give you their service for free the rest of the season. Anyone see a flaw in that offer?
-SHAQ and onetime girlfriend
-Nobody said I GOT IT (:44). Oops!
-Broken GFI plug yesterday? I was ON IT. Uh, the task, not the plug.
-5 lovely faces in that picture JD!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Well, the puzzle was fun, but the theme eluded me. I though "INNER VOICES" meant a conscience. The nearest thing I could get after determined study was US IS IT out of those theme phrases. It made sense at 2 a.m. Not so much now.

Had to perp my way to BORON & BIBI & COOKE (not my first thought, mOOrE, when the "O's" appeared).

17 degrees this morning which probably dooms my big gorgeous pots of red Vodka begonias on the porch. I've had to give up my summer pastime of watching my grass grow. All the green is now entirely covered by yellow maple leaves.

At my age, winter is a GRIEVOUS thing.

PK said...

HG: SHAQ and friend don't look well matched, but how many 7 foot women can you find? I saw one once at a truck stop on one of my bus tours. A guy on the trip who was under 6' couldn't stop staring with his mouth open. I finally told him he'd feel better if he faced another way, but he said the image was indelibly imprinted on his mind. She had on a tank top and shorts. Looked like she was smuggling watermelons.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

I'm starting to look forward to Ed's puzzles. Only white-out area was LUNT, which came with perp help and then the aha! moment. The theme fill came without help, but they did help get ……VOICES…… in the unifier. No NITS, no searches needed.

"A magician worked on a cruise ship. The audience was different each week so the magician did the same tricks over and over again.

There was only one problem: the Captain's parrot saw the shows each week and began to understand how the magician did every trick.

Once he understood, he started shouting in the middle of the Show."Look, it's not the same hat!" or "Look, he's hiding the flowers under the table!" or "Hey, why are all the cards the ace of spades?"

The magician was furious but couldn't do anything.
It was, after all, the Captain's parrot.

Then one stormy night on the Pacific, the ship unfortunately sank, drowning almost all who were on board. The magician luckily found himself on a piece of wood floating in the middle of the sea with, as fate would have it ........ the parrot.
They stared at each other with hatred but did not utter a word. This went on for a day.....

and then 2 days...

then 3 days...

Finally on the 4th day, the parrot could not hold back any longer and said ......

"OK, I give up. Where's the Ship?" "

kazie said...

I got it all today, but like Desper-Otto started with BEBE for BIBI, and have never heard of LUNT. the other unknown connections (sports names) were familiar after they fell in.

Great pix, and yes, you are extremely lucky to have them all so close. Enjoy!

Qli said...

This was a fun puzzle by Ed, and good write-up by Argyle. Thanks for the Kermit link; I think I loved that frog more than my son did! I'm tickled to think that huh, one of the staples in my vocabulary, could be a universal word!

I had BORAX instead of BORON, but that was fixed early on. Didn't know LUNT.

My sister the birder taught me that what we always called mudhens are in fact American COOTs. Funny looking little birds.

CONSORT, WREST, and GUINEA remind me of a British historical romance. Not that I ever read any....

I do remember Alistair COOKE from Masterpiece Theater. I thought of him as the epitome of class.

Qli said...

PS: thanks for including pictures, C.C. Fun to see what our fellow bloggers look like. Lucky JD to have all of that family close by!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Clever theme and a Tuesday-level solve. I did find the voices after filling in the unifier. Early on, with toys and lab I was thinking about a dog-related theme. Thanks, Ed Sessa, for a fun romp and, thanks, Argyle, for your usual smart expo.

JD, lovely picture. I'll bet those 4 boys keep you on your toes.

Owen, sorry to hear about your trials and tribulations; better days ahead!

Nice shout-out to Splynter and Tin and his UN-iced Pinch!

CED, please stay safe and sound.

Have a great day.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Smooth sailing today, just a little tricky at the My Eye fill. Didn't know Shaq gave a go at Rapping, wonder how that worked out.

Morning, Argyle, fascinating link to the universal word! On a European trip some years ago, I noticed that speakers of a variety of languages used "kaput" as a handy, recognizable word.

Husker - Dick and Jane phrases are still seared into my memory!

D-Otto - Those "Making Things..." episodes on Nova are probably interesting, but we don't watch them because we find David Pogue to be annoying and insufferable. I sincerely wish they'd employ a different host.

Lucina said...

Hello, friends! Thanks, ED and Argyle. That was fun.

A speedy sashay today with only one write over, BORAX/BORON then onward and downward.

Since Masterpiece Theatre has been an all time favorite for years, Alistair COOKE slipped right in and I remember his classy intros to the show.

Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne were once the rage in acting and a beautiful couple, too.

GOYA painted another Maja and she is quite nude.

Thank you for the treat. Such a handsome family!

I wish you all a wonderful day!

Misty said...

Delightful Tuesday romp--many thanks, Ed! And you too, for a fun expo, Argyle!

Only small detour came when I had LYNN before LUNT. But the rest was smooth sailing (loved your parrot story, Spitzboov!).

Great stroll down memory lane: Alistair COOKE (oh yes, an elegant fellow), sweet, GREEN Kermit, funny HOWIE Mandell, gorgeous GINA L., and often crusty Dear ABBY.

I even got the sports folks this morning: SHAQ, AGASSI, and TEAM USA. That makes this a great Tuesday, for me.

Oh, Owen, so sorry to hear about the computer problem. Shouldn't happen to a poet.

JD, how lucky you are to have such a lovely family nearby.

Have a wonderful, day, everybody!

Just the facts ma'am, said...

DesperOtto, @7.08, thanks for the stats on the UPS deliveries. There is an entire field on the mathematical algorithms on scheduling, called Operations Research. Graduates do their MS and PhD's on such matters.

It applies to very diverse fields like airline departures, beer stocking, and even the arrangement of classes and schedules at an average university. Despite the fact that the science itself, is over 100 years old, and the computing capacities have increased a billion times over, it is still a very challenging vocation. Still, the enormous numbers involved are fascinating.

Did you know, that each Boeing Dreamliner airliner, is Re-insured with over 1,200 insurance companies? No small group of insurance companies could afford to take such a big hit in case of a disaster. That too, is a field of op research.

john28man said...

I was only slowed sown by two writeovers LUNT and UIES where I had LYNN and UIEY at first. I knew the couple were Alan Lunt and Lynn Fountanne.

Ol' Man Keith said...

A good Tuesday puzzle. I didn't catch the embedded words until I caught onto the theme at 50A.

My write-overs were to be expected. I had LYNN before I changed it to LUNT. (I once wore Alfred Lunt's girdle in an outfit Yale rented from a NY costume house.) And I wasn't sure between OTHER VOICES and INNER VOICES, although I certainly should have been.

Much house-cleaning on my list today. My wife returns tomorrow from her two week visit with her mom! The place must look BETTER than when she left....

JD said...

Good morning all,

Thanks Argyle and Ed for bringing me my morning entertainment. Quickly filled the top 1/2, looked for a theme and saw bass and sic, so gave up. Had to zig zag to fill written order and inner voices, with some write overs, like Zena to Xena.

Argyle, interesting NPR article.. had never thought that some languages use a falling intonation for a question.

Never a day goes by that I don't feel lucky that I am able to be close to my family. Truman, now 6, is the reason I retired.Being a grandma certainly has its rewards. Thanks for your nice comments. Getting "real" smiles for the camera is nearly impossible.

Owen and CED, so sorry for you both.

JJM said...

I never got the theme until i read the write up. That often happens with me.

I just started watching "Modern Family" recently (from the ABC site/iphone app ). Man, that show is hilarious! Every character is funny

Ol' Man Keith said...

They were quite the pair, Lunt and Fontanne. They dominated Broadway theater for a couple of generations.

I saw them only once, when they toured to San Francisco in THE VISIT in the late '50s. He was the sympathetic victim of her long-nurtured revenge. She scared the bejaysus out of me.

Husker Gary said...

-Dave, I found out that having an iffy BBQ igniter can also put a crimp in your colon when it finally lights the flame after you’ve had the gas on for 30 seconds. Yikes! And, oh yeah, DW’s default position is that it’s my fault.
-Owen, manuals can be found online. I look all the time.
-JD, we have been less than an hour from our grandkids for their entire lives and would be destroyed if we lost contact. Our friends just moved to Cincinnati to be near theirs.
-Middle School kids end their sentences with rising intonation.
-Here’s an Edsel limerick loaner while our Cadillac composer is temporarily in the shop:
Playboy appeals to a man who will leer
At women whose lingerie is sheer
And while he OGLES
Anatomical moguls
Pretensions of reading disappear

Anonymous said...

I'm do the LA Times crossword everyday and I usually come here to read the recap when I'm done, and enjoy the comments -- though I've never commented before, I have to pick this NIT today... The double-meaning of "inner voices" just doesn't work here.

In musical theory, the inner voices are the middle 2 voices in a 4-part harmony, as opposed to the "outer voices," which are the top and bottom voices. Since bass is the lowest voice, it is always, by definition, an outer voice.

Tinbeni said...

Thank you ED for a FUN Tuesday puzzle and Argyle for a great write-up.

ONLY needed 4 perps to get LUNT, otherwise a smooth solve.

Irish Miss: I thought "my" shout-out was at 40-A, SOT ... just sayin' LOL !!!

Well "It's Five O'clock Somewhere" ...

Bill G. said...

JD, I know what you mean about trying to get 'natural' smiles. When he was younger, Jordan either wouldn't smile or later, would make a very fake-looking smile. It's all better now.

JJM, I agree about Modern Family; clever writing and good comedic actors.

I thought I was the only one who tended to get blamed for everything...

Irish Miss said...

Tin - In my mind, you are the "Ice Man" only. :-)

Lucina said...

I interpreted "inner voices" as being hidden inside the theme. It's nice to know that it is an actual technical term,though. Thanks.

dodo said...

JD, I'm so glad I logged into CC today and saw you with your adorable foursome! You must be the luckiest granny inn the universe! They are just the sweetest bunch and you can see how their fave is Grandma!

Everybody Else: Hi and love to you all. I must be improving in cross wording. Got today's with no help. Course, it's only Tuesday.

I haven't read all thecomments yet and won't have time till later but I see from your posting, Bill G, that there is conversation about Modern Family. Count me in the fan club. What a joy to have something really funny on t v, and without graphic sex or 4-letter vocabulary!

Love that Christopher Lloyd. Remember Taxi? He proves there are still a few fine writers around. I hope the networks keep digging!. We need more.

Lemonade714 said...

Dodo great to see you, and glad you are improving; I am fading.

Keith, you are correct Lunt and Fontanne were wonderful here is a CLIP which also has Helen Hayes and Katherine Hepburn.

CrossEyedDave said...

I thought it would be a Tuesday speed run, but the NE stopped me cold...

Guinea, Goya, IBM, MyEye, Boron just refused to be filled.

Funny Inner Voices:




& light the fireplace...

Ol' Man Keith said...

Lemonade @ 3:13,

Thanks for the clip. I just happened to catch "Stage Door Canteen" on cable a couple of weeks back. It's a predictable gag, but funny anyway: "Aren't you Alfred Fontanne?"
Makes you realize why the missus chose NOT to be "Lynn Lunt"!

fermatprime said...


(My phone and internet went out. So I saved my comment and went to swim. Now everything is OK. A miracle, eh?)

Thanks Ed, Argyle!

Nice puzzle. No problems.

Envy your family, JD. Great pictures. Have you put in an order for a granddaughter?

I have been reading David Pogue's books and columns for years. He is a hoot! So I enjoy his contributions to Nova.

Anyone watch Homeland this week. I miss Brody. As to The Good Wife, "weak explanation."

Stressed out over three months' filing with help from Harv. I hate filing. In the summer after my degree in physics was forced to take a job filing. (Two guys in my graduating class got better jobs at the same firm. The secretaries did not allow me to speak to them. Who do you think had the highest grades?)


ARBAON said...

Cookies anyone can make (can be doubled)
1 cup any kind of pbutter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
Mix well. Drop by tsp on ungreased sheet. Crisscross with fork dipped in equal parts flour and sugar (just enough to make it non-stick)
Bake 350 for 8 minutes. Let sit a minute then remove to wax or parchment paper to cool.
If you need a name, these are "Frieda`s Cookies"
JD: Grandsons are so cute! Any hope of a grand daughter someday?

PK said...

Arbaon, isn't there any flour in those cookies?

River Doc said...

Happy Tuesday everybody!

Straight forward romp today....

Favorite clue = What can Splynter do for you...?

Rewatched ARGO on TV again last night - good flick...!

I always thought a CONSORT was more of a mistress....

I've driven past BORON CA (of 20 Mule Team fame) many, many times on I-15....

Hands up for liking Modern Family....

Finally, whenever I'm at a baseball game and see the crowd doing THE WAVE, I enter E-10 in my scorecard....

HeartRx said...

HG @ 7:58, yeah, they tried to foist “Dick and Jane” on me in first grade, and I was totally insulted. I had already read “Davy Crockett and the Coonskin” in kindergarten, and wanted much meatier stuff…

And @ 12:02, LOL, funny limerick!! Did anyone ever really “read” Playboy??

Dodo, glad to hear from you!

Arabon @ 4:46, I bet even I could make those cookies! (^0^) But now, I must get back to my Pappardell with Chicken, Mushrooms and Wine (of course!)

HeartRx said...

(Damned autocorrect - pappardelle!!)

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Man, I thought this puzzle was going to be themed on proper names. So many people's names! Starting right off with Shaq, Howie, Gina, Goya, Abby, Agassi, Bibi,and Orel all crammed together up top. Whew.
Best wishes to you all.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, I thought I was going to have a hard time with this puzzle, but once I had a few words in it became a matter of just filling in. I agree with Jayce, that there were a lot of names today, but all were doable with the perps. I did know a couple on my own which helped.

Owen and CED, Sorry to hear about your troubles.

Dodo, I'm glad to see that you were able to post today. Nice hearing from you.

Meetings and gardening have kept me busy these past two days.

Have a great rest of the evening, everyone.

Bill G. said...

After looking at the pictures and cartoons, I would read most of the rest of Playboy. By the time I was finished with the magazine, I had probably read over half of it.

Related to our earlier discussion of wanting to be treated fairly by businesses, I contacted Chloraseptic about their throat spray. It comes in a small, plastic bottle with a pump spray on top enclosed by a small plastic cap. The whole thing is covered by some strong plastic shrink wrap. How to get it open? There is a little arrow on the top seeming to indicate that you should tear the covering material there. I couldn't do it. I tried a short pointy gadget and a small pair of scissors. Not much luck. I finally got it open after a struggle. I called their 800 number. The lady wasn't much help and seemed to have the attitude as if I were a little unreasonable and, after all, they needed to keep their product safe. She promised to send me a coupon for a free bottle. I then wrote to their 'Contact Us' e-mail explaining my difficulty. It seems like a simple thing to me. Either explain what I'm doing wrong and show me how to open it more easily or thank me and tell me that they are fixing the problem. We'll see...

ARBAON said...

PK:No flour in the cookies...just the three ingredients.

Manac said...

I had Musical then Bass and tried to make the theme from there, Wrong! Took the reveal to finally get it.

JD, Great pictures of your grandsons! The energy output of the older ones have got to surpass that of Seabrook :) You truly are blessed.

Argyle said...

Slow about some high-flying comedy?


Blog friend. said...

Sir Argyle, .... My computer is a little messed up on the youtube right now .... Just for curiosity ... Was your link to a youtube for an non stop bugs bunny show ?

That's what I seemed to be getting. I'm not complaining, just want to know, if that was what your link was for ... Which means my computer is not that messed up ... Or was it for something else ... Which means my computer is really messed up. Just a small hint will suffice.

BTW, great blog. .... Hope you are doing well. Take good care of your health, and your feet, and whatever else ails you. God bless.

Manac said...

What about some Low-flying Comedy ?

Argyle said...

Friend, you didn't say which link you meant but in any case, I haven't linked any Bugs Bunny

Anonymous said...

With apologies to Manac and Argyle, the funniest post this evening was from BillG@7:22p.

His post had me spitting coffee all over my monitor and I don't even drink coffee.

C'mon Bill, really? You couldn't figure out how to open a safety sealed package? Maybe ask your grandson to open these things for you when he visits. Kids seem to be very adept at opening child-proof packaging plus it will give him a sense of accomplishment by completing a task that grandpa couldn't.

aka thelma said...

Thanx Argyle for the video.... I was chuckling... :) and thanx too for your always spot on write ups...

And thanx to Mr Sessa for a puzzle i could do... :) the only help I needed was to ask my son if Shaq had really done any rap... :)

Spitzboov funny funny joke... LOL... :) thanx

River Doc... isn't boron what they are mining out in the Blue Diamond area... ??

I know it is late... and I do hope you all have a great and peaceful nite.......


Manac said...

Forgot to mention, Made the trip to Keene and back today to drop off Nicole. It is actually a very calm and peaceful ride. Mostly back roads through small towns. One of her room mates moved out which left me scrambling to find a fridge and TV this weekend.
Thought I was going to have a stroke carrying that fridge up two flights of stairs and across the end of the dorm.
I let her take my man cave TV as I have other options.

Anonymous T said...

G'Night All!

What a fun puzzle from Ed - lots of not-to-oft' used words (I almost DNF'd w/ SOIREE / GRIEVOUS and two Ns in GUINEA before V8 can gave me MYEYE. Only error (which I will give myself) was BeBI and GeNA. As names they can absorb any vowel :-)

I didn't get Ed's theme until Argyle pointed it out. Thanks!

Manac - I enjoyed the Airplane clips. I couldn't watch Argyle's video (not sanctioned for iPad) - oh well. I enjoyed all the other links too.



JD said...

Hand up for loving Modern Family!

Dodo, so good to see you today.

Fermatprime and Arabon, I had wanted a houseful of boys when I first got married, but was blessed with 2 wonderful daughters.I am so happy now to have these little guys; the families are now baby girls in the future.

Blog friend 2 said...

Thanks anointedT, now I know why I couldn't see Argie's video, - I have an IPad as well. Well, anyway, whatever it was, hopefully it was funny.

Manac, ... There, I frustrated autocorrect, .... You do a LOT for your daughter ... I hope Nicole realizes and appreciates it. You hauled up a fridge ... Are you sure you can do that ... That requires a lot of strength. I've learnt sometimes that it is better to pay a little more for someone else to exert their muscles. Old age may have its benefits, but it has a hell lot more of disadvantages.

Anyhoo, nighty nighty all.

Anonymous T said...

AnointedT, I like the way that rolls off the tongue. :-) (Sorry if you get an ad too).

I too was glad to see dodo here today as well as Chickie. And Manac - we do the jobs daughter's can't...

Cheers, -T

OwenKL said...

-T: The Wile E. Coyote clip had some strange dialog! According to the closed captioning, it was:
[ the economy of haiti students in years / that's the way that rule / selves / why heat I you don't even soon for thirteen / the ]/[ one of the hemorrhaged / still continues ]