Nov 8, 2013

Friday, November 8, 2013, Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme: Hum the Homonym Hymn

It is Friday, and JW is back with a fun 'sound alike' puzzle where the second word in each of the 5 theme answers is a four-letter word which sounds like the end of the first word, but spelled differently, all clued whimsically. A very classic Friday format, with a central theme answer bracketed by two others top and bottom. Once you get the gimmick the theme is easy and very helpful. The fill has enough 3 and 4 letter words to make it doable and enough 8- letter fill like ALL HEART, ELEVENTH, I HOPE I DO,  LAST NAME,  SIDE DRUM, TORI AMOS to make it a challenge. What I did not know lined up nicely by perp. It also is one letter short of a pangram (for the newbies: a puzzle containing all 26 letters) and I will not whine about the missing one. Instead let's dance...

19A. Stadium section for charity workers? : VOLUNTEER TIER. (13). Speaking of Tennessee, did anyone watch the CMAs the other night?

26A. Really old hardwood? : ANTIQUE TEAK. (11).  This is a little different since it has five letters sounding like four.

35A. Disney's "Bambi"? : WHITETAIL TALE. (13). Nice clue, as they were all whitetail deer; the quotation marks tell you it is not the character. Interestingly DEAR DEER are also sound alikes.

44A. "Merrie Melodies" theme song? : CARTOON TUNE. (11). Warner Brothers cartoons pop up again. I was looking for a specific song at first.

54A. Emperor Justinian as a young man? : BYZANTINE TEEN. (13). This is a little different as TINE has to be heard in context.  This EMPEROR is one of the most influential of all time.


1. Something to pass or lower : THE BAR. Not the easiest way to start; I have done both in my life.

7. Crocus kin : IRIS. I am not good at flower families.

11. Samosa veggie : PEA. How many three letter veggies are there? For Jeannie.

14. Biblical dancer : SALOME. The Dance of the Seven Veils. While associated with the Christian bible as the cause of John the Baptist's death, she is never mentioned in the New Testament. How about RITA? (6;30).

15. Item in a musician's kit : SIDE DRUM. Not familiar with this term; it appears to be another term for snare drum, which did not fit? My musical mavens, help!

17. Western, e.g. : OMELET. Time to break some eggs people.

18. Kind and caring : ALL HEART. A clear shout out to our own divine one.

21. Keats work : ODE. Are we Keats intensive or what these days? 25A. Keats' "Sylvan historian" : URN. One of the ODE ON poems.

23. Steam : IRE.

24. Calypso relative : SKA. More island music.

32. "Phooey!" : RATS. I love that this is placed next to...

34. Give a damn? : CURSE. I really enjoyed this misdirection.

41. Paralyze with dense mist, as an airport : FOG IN.

42. "Horse Feathers" family name : MARX. Now we get to horse around. Go Groucho.

50. One of two single-digit Yankee uniform numbers that aren't retired : SIX. Two being the only other one, but after 20 years of Derek Jeter, can it be far behind? Can you name all the retired numbers through 10? 1 was the hardest for me.

51. A, in Acapulco : UNA.

52. "Mazel __!" : TOV. Literally luck good. Schlemazel made famous by Laverne and Shirley is its opposite.

53. Ranch handle : TEX. Fun clue.

61. "That's my intention" : I HOPE I DO. A rare four word phrase.

62. Around the bend, so to speak : INSANE.

65. "Flavor" singer/songwriter : TORI AMOS. I really like complete names. LINK.(4:06).

66. Beat badly : PUMMEL. Rhymes with pommel sometimes.

67. Letters to the Coast Guard : SOS.

68. TV component? : TELEvision?

69. Quick : SPEEDY. "Quick Alka Seltzer" just did not sound great as a company mascot.


1. Chicken general? : TSO.

2. Boar's Head product : HAM. The masters of meat.

3. Like November, in a way : ELEVENTH. Month.

4. Simple tie : BOLO. Back when I first was in a courtroom, a young attorney from the panhandle of Florida appeared before a judge wearing a BOLO; the judge would not let him speak until he had on a 'proper' tie.

5. First name in flight : AMELIA. More H(e)art.

6. Library requirement : RETURN.  Who doesn't love Mr. BOOKMAN. (2:36).

7. "The wolf __ the door" : IS AT. A very common expression during the depression.

8. Get to : RILE.

9. Sit in traffic, say : IDLE.

10. Very, in Vienna : SEHR. Sehr gut, getting some German in.

11. Words of tribute : PRAISE.

12. Golden State motto : EUREKA. From the gold rush days followed immediately by

13. California Zephyr operator : AMTRAK.

16. "Law & Order: SVU" rank : DETective.

20. Bottom line : NET. Do they rhyme?

21. Word of possession : OUR.

22. Western challenge : DRAW. Is there any more famous? CLIP. (2:35).

27. Terse refusal : I CAN'T. Is this better than I won't?

28. Who, in Paris : QUI. Moi!

29. Item shortened at : URL. This was totally beyond my computer knowledge.

30. Md. hours : EST. Eastern Standard Time in Maryland.

31. Cooperative group : TEAM. Go Dolphins.

33. Cake recipe word : SIFT. So many four letter cooking words, I had to sift through all of them in my mind to get this.

36. As well : TOO.

37. Massage beneficiary : EGO. Not pec or lat; ah well.

38. Its atomic number is 50 : TIN. Tinbeni gets shout outs on so many Fridays, and today, two. 56D. Bar order : NEAT.

39. Common sorting basis : LAST NAME.

40. Lakeside Pennsylvania city : ERIE.

43. Love letters? : XXX. OOO.

44. Ark units : CUBITS. Another ancient word, basically the length from the elbow (Cubitum in Latin) to the tip of your middle finger.

45. "As I was sayin' ..." : ANY HOO. I can hear our dear California coven using this phrase.

46. They may be straight : RAZORS. No un-pc jokes needed here. (Send to my email).

47. 4 x 4, briefly : UTE.

48. Policy at some restaurants : NO TIPS. Really!?! I have never eaten in one. And I am only part French Canadian.

49. Align carefully : EVEN UP.

55. Prefix with culture : API. Despite loving Sherlock Holmes books etc., the reference to bees (Latin APIS) would have escaped me without perps.

57. "The devourer of all things": Ovid : TIME. There is even a series of coffee mugs featuring Ovid quotes. LINK.

58. Statue of Vishnu, e.g. : IDOL. Indian deity.

59. Oenophile's criterion : NOSE. A quick recall of yesterday's wine theme.

60. __ Squalor: Lemony Snicket character : ESME. I do not know the books or Jim Carrey movie, but I did recall the short story. What does the Lemony mean in his name? Am I a Snicket?

63. Composer Rorem : NED. We get Ned often, so a TASTE of his music. (2:06).

64. English cathedral city : ELY.

I must stop putting off my trip to England; I will not put off my trip to a long week end. Enjoy and remember all the veterans including our own, Dennis and all you others who served.  Until next time, thank you Jeffrey and thank you all for reading. Lemonade out.


OwenKL said...

The stadium had a VOLUNTEER TIER
For the unsung who toiled through the year.
The seats, they were royal
For helpers so loyal,
With a tap at each seat for free beer!

The hall floor was ANTIQUE TEAK
To step on it made the teak creak
It did nothing of the sort
When the ghosts would cavort
So instead they'd make visitors squeak!

The film was a porn WHITETAIL TALE
About a bunny named Bambi (female).
Now Bambi was randy
With Ann and with Andy;
But when raided, bimbo Bambi did bail!

The opera made a fine CARTOON TUNE.
The thunder and lightning festoon
The stage, for the climax
The Valkyrie's last acts
When Bunhilda falls down in a swoon!

Consider this BYZANTINE TEEN;
His pranks are a Rube Goldberg dream.
It can't be disputed
His plots, convoluted,
(When they work) are really a scream!

(The Bambi one is best, I think. And you all recognize Bugs' opera, I'm sure. I so wanted one of the lines to end with "opportune," but my muse wasn't cooperative, so it just wasn't to be.)
[Really depended on the red letters, as expected of an end-of-week puzzle, but the theme came easy and helped everything else along. The NW corner was the section I found most difficult.]

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Took me awhile to figure out the theme, but once I did it helped immensely and I blazed through the rest of the puzzle.

Well, except for the NE section, where I almost met my Waterloo. Never ever heard of SIDE DRUM, couldn't think of SEHR, wanted RISE instead of RILE (figured water could RISE to a certain level, which was the same as "get to" that level") and just couldn't parse ASL_EART as anything.

I finally managed to pull SEHR out of somewhere (I vaguely remembered that SEHR gut means "very good"), which got me to ASLHEART. That was enough to let me change RISE to RILE and get ALL HEART. Still don't know what a SIDE DRUM is, though...


Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Lemonade and friends. This was quite a challenge to me. After a couple of passes, I finally got VolunteerTier. That really helped with solving the rest of the theme clues and the puzzle.

Did IDLE and IDOL jump out to anyone else?

Lots of misdirections. I especially liked Western, e.g. = OMELET. Lots of times the Western clues leads to Oater, but that word was too short.

QOD: The world can forgive practically anything except people who mind their own business. ~ Margaret Mitchell (Nov. 8, 1900 ~ Aug. 16, 1949)


HeartRx said...

Well, you got yourself a nice Friday puzzle, Lemony. I thought of you right away at 1A, and thought it was a clever clue for THE BAR.

I flew through the top half because the theme was obvious from the first entry. But I got stuck in the SW with I HOPE I DO, TORI AMOS and ANYHOO. Finally replaced augusTINETEEN with BYZANTINE TEEN and slapped the rest together.

kjinkc, congrats on turning blue! (Somehow, that doesn't sound good, out of context!)


Argyle said...

After watching Rita, I think I know where Oksana got some of her moves!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I was reading Lemony's snippet when I must have pressed some "magic" button on this fruit-based machine and suddenly I was back on Thursday's blog with no way to return to Friday. Even retyping the URL put me back on Thursday. I finally had to restart the browser.

I'm pretty sure the names of those already-retired jerseys are 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9.

Nice shout-out to Abejo (ERIE) and Tin (NEAT).

Anybody else start out with COUPLE rather than CUBIT as the ark unit?

There aren't many westerns in my movie collection, but High Noon is one of 'em.

I don't understand 4X4 = UTE. Is that like saying a sixteen-year-old is a UTE? I think of a 4X4 as a fence post.

desper-otto said...

Oh, I think I got it. Four-Wheel-Drive is a utility (UTE) vehicle. Pass the V-8 can, please.

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thanks Jeffrey and thanks Lemon.

SW corner was my Waterloo.

Where does This shortened link take you ?

Have you seen the new U-Verse commercial ?

Lemonade714 said...

D-O pretty funny answer to my Yankee question. Let me rephrase, please list names of the players who had their number retired playing for the Yankees.

Big Easy said...

No tips? Only at Burger King or MacDonald's.
Side drum- never heard of it
anyhoo? Anyhow or anyway- anyhoo?

thehondohurricane said...


Givens: Babe, Gehrig, Joe D, Mick, Yogi, Dickey, Scooter, Ford, Rivera, Guidry, & Donnie Baseball.

I think: Billy Martin, Reggie, Stengel (did not play, but a Helluva Mgr) Munson (never thought he was there long enough, but considering the untimely circumstances..........

Maris & E Howard??????????????? Can't recall.

I heard the announcers mention Rivera would be the seventeenth during one of his farewells.

Now to google to find out.

thehondohurricane said...


Last two were WAGS, Lefty Gomez is another possibility.

oc4beach said...

This took a while, but after the perps revealed -----teertier it started to fall into place. A good challenge.

What happens when they retire too many numbers? Will they start using letters or start the numbers at 100?

Husker Gary said...

Repeating Lemon’s summary would be gilding the lily. Yesterday SYRAH grape and today SIDEDRUM were “What the Hey?”

-I thought of this from yesterday’s tempest in a teapot. Unhappy governess – UNMERRY MARY
-Golfers who expect to shoot par, have to LOWER THE BAR sometimes. Men and women in a bar at last call?
-If you see SAMOSA as SAMOA you might want P__ to be POI
-I’d love to hear Keith’s favorite Shakespearean curse
-For Physics teacher’s EUREKA conjures up the image of naked Archimedes shouting this while running down the streets of Athens after coming up with displacement in his bathtub
-The Dolphins have some serious leadership issues to address this week after bullying on their team has dominated the sports headlines.
-There’s still no electric that shave like a straight RAZOR
-NO TIPS is better than automatically adding 18%
-Best poem about TIME devouring all
-Subbing for 5/6 math today and I have to administer a spelling test. Read y’all later.

Lemonade714 said...


Great job on the Yankees. This is the LINK . Obviously Derek Jeter and Mariano will get there.
There are 25 people on a team during a season, 40 on the roster. you start out with 99 choices, so we have a way to go if 18 or 19 (Jackie Robinson retired on all, but Mariano shared the number).

Lemonade714 said...

oc4beach, are you near an ocean?

Anonymous said...

today's puzzle may contain the greatest fatwa of all time.

37. Massage beneficiary : EGO


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Solve started out with difficulty, but then grokked the above theme fills, and voilĂ , the rest came easily. Held back on ANYHOO, but then entered it because SOS looked good. Wondered what Cubans might be doing on the Ark, but then came the aha! with CUBITS.

TEAM - “Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.” - Jean-Paul Sartre

Welcome aboard, Kjinko.

oc4beach said...

Lemonade: I spend some time in Ocean City MD at the beach, but live in central PA.

Right now there are snow flakes in the air in PA, so the beach is looking pretty good, especially further south.

fermatprime said...


Thanks for the fine offering, Jeffrey, and diligent expo, Lemonade!

Caught the theme rather quickly. But some of the clues really baffled me at first. Ended up with no cheats, but rather a struggle. Really had doubts about SIDE DRUM.

Desper: You use the CONTROL key, which brings up a box to bring up a link in its own window. Then you can easily get back to the previous window.

Have a fine Friday, all!

CanadianEh! said...

Fun puzzle today. I caught the theme with VOLUNTEER TIER and that helped.

No restaurants with NO TIPS in this neck of the woods.

Shall I repeat my Rhett Butler CURSE from yesterday!


Didn't know TORI AMOS and have not heard of SIDE DRUM. Didn't really want ANYHOO but SWS did not make sense for Coast Guard letters.

Yes Hahtoolah @6:14 I noticed IDOL and IDLE. Also several linked clues such as BAR ORDER and PASS OR LOWER, WESTERN OMELET and HAM.

Lucina said...

Greetings, friends! Thank you, Jeffrey and Lemonade. You have started me on a great day.

EUREKA! What I thought would be a slog turned into a fairly SPEEDY solve. SALOME, CUBIT, TSO, and HAM started me off then some hard thinking led me to the theme.

I had only a few write overs, however, ALPHABET/LAST NAME, HAMMER/PUMMEL, ANYWHO/ANYHOO (dumb one, I know)and misspelled TOV as TOF but EVEN UP corrected that.

Favorite clue:
Massage beneficiary, EGO

Of course TIN and NEAT reminded me of you know who.

Today's learning: SEHR of which I had no idea but it perped itself.

All PRAISE for the constructor and reviewer!

Today is my annual physical so have to get going.

You all have a stupendous Friday!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Got the theme early on but perps and wags were needed in several areas. Nice job, Jeffrey, and smart expo, Lemony. Thought of Abejo at Erie, and, naturally, Tin, at tin and neat.

Am I the only one who thinks Person of Interest is getting a little too far-fetched? Some of the story lines just seem implausible to me.

Kudos to Owen, per usual.

Have a super Friday.

Anonymous said...

"Side drum" is the British and Scottish term for a snare drum.

OwenKL said...

"Eureka" is Greek for "This bath is too hot." -- Tom Baker as Doctor Who, in the episode "The Talons of Weng-Chiang".

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Nice tidy puzzle today! One of those instances where the theme helped immensly with the solve.

Chiming in about no-tip restaurants: tipping is largely unheard of in Australia. I found I really like it that way - after all, tipping has become pretty much obligatory here, irrespective of the quality of the service. In Oz, everybody gets paid at prevailing rates.

Cheers All

Lemonade714 said...

Spitzboov, I love the mental picture of Cubans on the ark, smoking cigars!

oc4beach, I took oc to = obsessive compulsive, not ocean city. the next 4 months are just wonderful weather here.

I found Person of Interest to be too far fetched from the beginning, but I guess you enjoyed it.

Lemonade714 said...

I wonder if Fidel watches Duck Dynasty ?

Ol' Man Keith said...

Not too rough for a Friday, although I needed to Google for TORI AMOS. That SW corner needed the icebreaker.

Elsewhere my only write overs were OUR for OWN and UNA for UNO.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Husker Gary,

There are plenty of curses in WS's plays. I have scores of them on tee-shirts and mugs from my sons. But my favorite is the *real* one, the one Will left behind on his grave. You can see it Right Here in this guided tour of Stratford u/Avon.
It's a ten-minute video, but if you cut right to the 4:30 mark, you'll see it.

This curse is gender specific. There was once an attempt by a woman to circumvent it, but she didn't follow through. Later, she went mad, so... Could it be the curse sussed her intention?

Anonymous said...

Theme was easy enough to get, but did not like the puzzle.
Did not care for 13d, 45d, 49d, 34a.
Hated the clumsiness of 61a, and I am a drummer, and don't refer to any drum in my kit as a side drum.

Tinbeni said...

Thank you Jeffrey for a FUN Friday puzzle, and Lemon for a great write-up.

Learned today that my "Atomic Number is 50" ...
But when I don't pass THE BAR and enjoy Pinch NEAT my "proof" is 80 ...

D-O, I also got the V-8 can smack from UTE for 4 x 4.

Only need "every-single-perp" to get SEHR, ESME, TORI AMOS and NO-TIPS (as a restaurant policy I've never heard of here in Tampa Bay).

ANYHOO I really enjoyed the solve.
Cheers to ALL at Sunset!!!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Nice puzzle, Jeffrey! Thanks, Lemon! This puzzle was easier than some Fridays for me, despite unknowns such as Samosa. The theme had soaked in so well, BYZANTINE TEEN came magically to mind with just BY____.

My son had a trap drum set in my Victorian parlor during jr-sr high school. Side drums is what he called the smaller drums surrounding his main snare and bass drum. They were tuned to different pitches somehow so each made sounds different than the others. He'd start at one end and bomety bom bom bom bing bang down to the other end. Sounded neat the first few times he practiced. Caused a headache after an hour. Then my head needed Tin's un-neat icebag.

I watched part of the last hour of CMA's after I woke up from my impromptu nap. I probably heard the rest of it.

Yesterday I posted then my comments disappeared. My lawn guy came so I didn't redo it. Didn't say much anyway.

HeartRx said...

Bill G., I thought you might enjoy this flashback to yesterday...

"The Ol' 9 to (Factorial of the Square Root of 9 - 9/9) Grind"

PK said...

My daughter's favorite waitress in their favorite restaurant, a big steakhouse chain, quit her job there. When my daughter saw her somewhere else she said the restaurant paid almost nothing, considered everyone part-time help so no benefits, and as a single mother she couldn't support her kids on tips.

After receiving a $5 tip at my door, a nice-looking young lady pizza deliverer blurted out, "Oh thank you, thank you! I've got a master's degree and can't get a job in my field. I really appreciate your help." I was taken aback since $5 isn't that much.

Lemonade714 said...

Anon at 11:47, what about 13D California Zephyr operator : AMTRAK, did you not like?

Likewise 45D "As I was sayin' ..." : ANY HOO?

49D. Align carefully : EVEN UP?

And 34A Give a damn? : CURSE, which I really liked.


loched said...

Retired Yankees 1-10
1 The unklikely Billy Martin
2 Soon to be Jeter
3 the Babe
4 The Iron Man Lou Gehrig
5 Joe D
6 Could be Torre one day
7 The Mick
8 Two for the price of one
Yogi and Bill Dickey
9 Roger Maris (the real home run
10 Phil Rissuto

Bill G. said...

Good Friday puzzle; fun and fair. Clever theme. Very excellent! Thanks Jeffrey and Lemon.

Also, thanks for all the responses to yesterday's math puzzle.

Everyday, Ellen signs off from her show with an image of a person wearing saddle shoes. The person crosses her legs and she says "Anyhoo..." It's like the conversation has a pause and she is saying something meaningless while wondering what to do next.

desper-otto said...

Anyhoo is heard frequently in these here parts.

PK, I would have let her keep it, rather than takin' it back. :)

Misty said...

Woke up to find boy dog Dusty squealing in pain, second day in a row. So had a trip to the vet before doing the puzzle. Dusty is still there getting x-rayed, etc. I'm praying he'll be okay.

The puzzle was a comfort--many thanks, Jeffrey--even though the SW corner stumped me, like some others. But I got the theme right away and it made the rest so much fun. And always enjoy your expo, Lemonade.

Many thanks for your help with returning to blue, yesterday, C.C. Unfortunately, it's gone again this morning but I'll use yesterday's instructions to work on it again, when I have a chance.

Hope I don't have an even more stressful weekend coming up. And hope everyone has a great Friday!

Degenerate said...

BillG: Actually it is ANYWAY...

I watch her every day before our local news comes on. I mutter 'anyway...' to myself as if to say 'well the fun is over and now back to the depressing reality.'

Be kind to one another.

Bill G. said...

Degenerate: Ah yes, that sounds right. I can hear it now. I watch a little of some of the late night shows. They all have their good moments but her show is consistently more creative and funny with very few bad choices.

Kittens aren't very smart but they sure are cute. A kitten vs something very scary.

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2 (while the urchins are at lunch!)
-I had a girl named Danica in 6th grade today and I asked if she was name for Danica Patrick the race car driver and she said no. She said she was named for Danica McKellar who played Winnie on The Wonder Years. I knew that Danica had written math books like this but also posed for, uh, posed for pictures like this!
-Bill G, I’m sure I learned 0! = 1 somewhere but I had forgotten it big time. I found a cool video with guys at a bar doing those problems
-We tip big for exceptional service and have stiffed some that were horrible
-Fun Shakespearean CURSE/Insult Kit. Keep clicking for more Thou dissembling rampallian hugger-mugger!
-Man! Are 5th and 6th graders ever different from 8th graders!!

Lutheran pseudo worshiper ?? said...

It is apt that Justinian the first! is worshipped as a Saint by certain orthodox Christians and notably, Lutherans,

and his Saint day is November the 14th.

Any day now.

Bill G. said...

Gary, I've seen those bar videos. In fact, that's where I found that puzzle.

I agree that 6th graders are different from 8th graders but in what ways were you thinking of in particular?

I used to enjoy The Wonder Years. Winnie could help me with my homework anytime.

hip0 said...

I'm orthodox and I think videos are not bad

Spitzboov said...

How about:

Classy duck - genteel teal?

Sleeping digits - comatose toes?

Push-pins levy - thumb tacks tax?

Occidental uey - western turn?

Avg Joe said...

More Shakespeare inspired insults :-)

Doodle Perplexed ... said...

I don't know if anybody's mentioned this before, up above, but today's Google Doodle is on the Rorschach (spelling ?). Ink blot test ... And gives a random ink blot for you to decipher or make sense of , or analyze or parse or suss or stare at ... Or make wags at .... No perps included.

Each time you enter the page, it gives a new random ink blot. Cute, if you're into this. Someone complained, at my last posting, a few days ago, on the missing doodle, ( it was gone -) ....... you have to see it today - it'll be gone by midnight, tonight ...

.. Like Cinderella' s coach .... But not her slippers.

...Another one of life's and fairy tale eternal mysteries .... If Cinderella's footmen, coach, dress, driver and horses disappeared at midnight ..... Why didn't her slippers ?

In modern US fairy tales, the dress is the FIRST to disappear ... before she signs her modeling contract ... preferably, with playboy ..

Anonymous said...

Misty, why did you let the poor dog scream in agony for TWO days before you took it to the vet??? I would have had it there at the first whimper...

Misty said...

Anonymous 4:07 pm Fair question. Dusty has chronic back problems and I have medications for that: Prednisone (for swelling)and Tamadrol (for pain). Yesterday, the meds seemed to work for several hours, then another squeal, then he again seemed fine for several hours, and so on throughout the day. I gave him meds before bedtime, but when he squealed again this morning, it was clear that something else or worse was going on, hence the early morning trip to the vet. It turns out to have been an intestinal problem rather than back, and hopefully he'll be okay now. Our dogs are ten years old so we'll have more crises coming along in the next few years, I'm afraid.

HeartRx said...

I have to link one for dog lovers…hell, even I loved this one. That is one determined pit bull pup… (Loved the music, too!!)

CrossEyedDave said...

Daves not home...

Using Dw,s IPad, lots of blank spaces where the videos should be.


I do not haVe my PC, so I can't email.

Hi Sallie!

Husker Gary said...

-Bill, the bar video I saw had a guy with a TEXAS SWIMMING log on it and it was fun to hear their thought processes. I did just fine until 0! was required.
-5th/6th kids are less mature, sillier and want to tattle on each other. They also want to “tell you stories”. When telling them that I was in charge, I said, “This ain’t my first rodeo!” and immediately two kids raised their hands saying, “Ooo, Ooo I went to a rodeo once…” Subtlety is lost on them. Once you get them to a baseline of work, they are very good and are fun to be around but sometimes it’s like herding Dave’s cats!
-Amen on Danica and you can see why one her books has this very apt title!
-Nice candidates Spitz!

Husker Gary said...

Addendum, what a great treadmill/puppy video, Marti! We have a new treadmill but the users all have only two legs.

aka thelma said...

D otto.... 6:56am... when my mac takes me back to something I am not doing and don't want... :) which it does often... I just hit my back arrow and it takes me back where I was.... I know that Fermatprime gave you another way to do it, which I have not tried yet... :) but I just thought you might find this a bit easier... hope it works for you....

The puzzle was beyond me today.... I failed miserably and didn't have time to sit and stare at it... :) but I do thank all for their efforts....

Hope you all have a great weekend and Vererans Day... many thanks to all our veterans...


Spitzboov said...

and how about

Muted sea bird - taciturn tern?

Mythical creature-like sculpted crest - centaur tor?

Island nation ball holders - Maltese tees?

Anonymous said...


Clue? sourpuss

and yes it does rhyme*

*everywhere but Boston.

Manac said...

Evening all,
Got the theme early with ...teer/tier
but the SW almost did me in w/55D API.

Drove over to Keene today to bring Nicole home for the long weekend. Now I have a bunch of her friends here raiding my fridge! I hope they don't find the Mystery Pack:)

Anonymous T said...

G'Eve All!

Well it only took 5 Googles (and lots of disturbing ink-blots on their home page) to suss this one out, but I got it! Thanks Jeffrey for the wonderful theme and Lem for the write-up.

WEES +, I so wanted an O at 48d. NO ToPS - that must be a policy somewhere in France :-)

I had hEm at 20d for NET, 21d was Own and I can't even read what is under everything in the NE.

kyinck - Welcome. I hope it wasn't me that bullied you to "go blue." A few proded me when I would pipe up early this summer, so I thought I'd pay it forward :-)
Glad you're here.

D-O in the Chron they had the clue at 47d "474 x 4, briefly" I did the math, but realized it wasn't going to be Roman numerals. TOV confirmed it!

TTP - U. Verse vid is cute. That and their Kid's Commercials are some of the few I don't FF through.

IM - POI got old for me @ 3rd episode with root. The story arc just got silly.

And Owen - great effort again!

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

This season I decided against watching POI; not only was it beyond realistic, it was too formulaic.

Bill G. said...

The sounds of the local high school football game are wafting across the glen and into our windows. The drumline and the cheering sounds good. It used to be that the announcer's over-amplified voice would be heard too, maybe even louder than the others. Very annoying. We used to go to some of the games when our daughter was a cheerleader. The volume of the PA system was almost painful. I spoke to the guys in the press booth but they didn't want to change things much. After all, this was the way it had always been and their description of the game seemed very them, more so than my aural discomfort. Finally, somebody higher up than they were agreed with me. Now it's just the enjoyable Friday night autumn sounds. It brings to mind one of my favorite TV shows from a few years back, Friday Night Lights.

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Jeff Wechsler, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Lemonade, for the fine review.

Still busy in Los Gatos. Leaving Sunday for Illinois.

Had a busy day. Started the puzzle early but then had to quit to go to a meeting. Worked on it off and on.

Took me forever to get the theme. Once I did it helped.

Notice that my hometown was in again, ERIE. Thanks for noticing D-O.

My last theme answer was BYZANTINE TEEN. Took me a while to get that.

CUBITS was slow on coming. Kept trying to think of some animal answer.

Anyhow, I am shot and am going to hit the hay right now. Hope to get Saturday's puzzle done a little earlier.

California Coven. Think I am in your back yard.