Nov 17, 2013

Sunday November 17, 2013 C.C. Burnikel

 Theme: "Logical Connections" - ERGO is hidden in the middle of each theme entry.
24A. Imaginary kids' author : MOTHER GOOSE

31A. NFL commissioner since 2006 : ROGER GOODELL. The most powerful man in sports. 

49A. Zeus or Thor : THUNDER GOD

52A. Job interview subject : CAREER GOAL
87A. Sport with orange balls, perhaps : WINTER GOLF. Argyle gave me this clue. Golf is his passion.

89A. Lynne Cheney's predecessor : TIPPER GORE

103A. Hand-crafted belts, e.g. : LEATHER GOODS

114A. Vision-distorting condition caused by a few too many cold ones, slangily : BEER GOGGLES

And reveal entry:

122A. Logical connection hidden in eight puzzle answers : ERGO

C.C. here. 

This puzzle title is Rich's. Most of the clues are his too. You can click here to see my original submitted clues.

I initially had ERGO placed as the last Across entry, but it resulted in a pair of dupes:

1) SEES FIT (35A) &  SEE NO (107D)

2) ELSA (48D) & ELSIE  (113A)

So I moved ERGO one row up. Little 3-word dupes are tricky on Sundays, esp for fill like EAT/ATE.

Initial Lower Right Corner


1. Like Narcissus : VAIN

5. Tiny tiff : SPAT

9. The pyramids, for 28-Across : TOMBS. And 28. Pyramid figures : PHARAOHS. Too close not to be cross-referenced.

14. Yawn : GAPE

18. Two-time Italian prime minister Moro : ALDO. He stumped me last time. He was kidnapped and killed.  Wiki said this: When Moro was abducted, the government immediately took a hard line position: the "State must not bend" on "terrorist demands".

19. Zero __ : HOUR

20. Troubled greatly : ATE AT

21. Affected : ARTSY

22. Rewards for Fido : PATS

23. Kitchen add-on? : ETTE. Kitchenette.

26. Missouri River city : OMAHA

30. Flies into a rage : ERUPTS

33. [Like that!] : SNAP

34. Scrub : SCOUR. I like scouring my pots and pans. Therapeutic.

35. Deems proper : SEES FIT

38. "The Newsroom" channel : HBO. Created by Aaron Sorkin, the guy behind "You can't handle the truth!"

41. "Oh no!" : ACK

44. Miss the mark : ERR

45. Bob and bun : DOs

46. Cold cube in Cologne : EIS. Just ice.

47. Sign of life : PULSE

54. Bausch & Lomb brand : RENU

55. Bitty bites : NIPS

56. End of time? : SILENT E. Rich's clue.

57. Calendar rows: Abbr. : WKS

58. Prank : ANTIC

60. Gave a darn? : SEWED

62. Indulge, with "on" : DOTE

63. Lamb's lament : BAA

64. Bitty bits : ATOMS

67. Utter : SHEER. The sheer meanness of some anonymous posts on our blog! So glad our regulars don't engage them. They don't deserve our attention.

69. "Toy Story" composer Newman : RANDY. Very impressive career.

71. Water__: dental gadget : PIK

73. Us, in Cannes : NOUS.  Every girl was reading "Entre Nous" a few years ago.

75. Relevant, to lawyers : AD REM

77. Unlit? : SOBER. Also Rich's clue.

80. 1996 Olympic torch lighter : ALI

81. Short-range weapons : MORTARS

83. Too colorful : LOUD

86. Pure delight : GLEE. My feeling after watching Spitzboov's Guangzhou clip last week. Want to see the historical sites in my hometown Xi'An?

91. Kept under wraps : SAT ON

92. U.K. record label : EMI

93. Paper Mate rival : BIC

94. "Eww, spare me the details!" : TMI

95. Panda Express cooker : WOK. Boomer prefers the Super Grand Buffet here in MN.

96. California's Marina __ Rey : DEL. Five miles north of where Bill G lives. This photo is exactly 1-year-old. Jordan is now 9.

Bill G & his grandson Jordan

97. Toaster treat : POP TART

99. Henchmen : THUGS

101. Interpol home, locally : LYON. We add S, we also add S to Marseille. I don't know why.

108. Grocery load : ARMFUL

111. "Carmen" aria : HABANERA

113. Kama __ : SUTRA

116. Close link : BOND

118. Baseball feature : SEAM

119. Small part : CAMEO. I had a trivia for this one.

120. Square one : START

121. Being aired : ON TV

123. Wild plum : SLOE

124. Support staff: Abbr. : ASSTS

125. Unwanted sprout : WEED. And 56D. Sprouts-to-be : SEEDS

126. Slugger who hit his first home run off Clemens : SOSA. Did you know this trivia, TTP & Husker Gary?


1. Steam, e.g. : VAPOR

2. Texas landmark : ALAMO

3. Luggage clip-on : ID TAG

4. Bites : NOSHES

5. Every other hurricane : SHE

6. Mishmash : POTPOURRI

7. Name on a spine : AUTHOR. Book spine.

8. Tire pattern : TREAD

9. They may be hot : TAMALES. Lucina, do you prepare tamales for Thanksgiving also?

10. "Lawrence of Arabia" star : O'TOOLE

11. John Wesley's relig. : METH

12. Words of disgust : BAHs

13. Holy mlle. : STE

14. Occasionally awkward show of affection : GROUP HUG. I'm sure Dave and Manac will find the awkward ones.

15. Perching on : ATOP

16. Hushed "Hey!" : PSST

17. Spud's buds : EYES

21. Bhopal Shatabdi Express stop : AGRA. Easily guessable, right? It's hard to come up with fresh clues for AGRA or OREO.

25. Flat rate? : RENT

27. Like most golf shots : ARCED

29. Patch, as a lawn : RE-SOD

32. Bridge immortal : GOREN

33. Assent showing respeto : SI, SENOR. Respect.

36. Close tight : SEAL

37. Let go : FIRED

39. Detailed : BLOW BY BLOW

40. Yodo River city : OSAKA. Never head of Yodo River.

41. Razor handle : ATRA

42. "Big Brother" host Julie : CHEN

43. Gambian-born "Roots" character : KUNTA KINTE. I learned about slavery from watching "Roots".

45. Teaspoons, maybe : DOSES

47. Fusses in front of a mirror, say : PREENS

48. Model/actress Pataky : ELSA. She dated Adrien Brody for a few years.

50. Nantes night : NUIT

51. Rte. finder : GPS

52. Apple product : CIDER. Not iSomething. How do you like your Mac so far, D-Otto?

53. Jazz legend James : ETTA

59. Scam artists : CON MEN

61. Berth place : WHARF

65. Keep from drifting away : MOOR

66. Operation VIP : SURGEON

68. Dig find : RELIC

70. Big name in rap : DOGG. Snoop (Lion now) or Nate.

71. Bear hands : PAWS

72. Trojan War epic : ILIAD

74. Jazz dance : STOMP

76. Swabbing need : MOP

78. Gateway Arch designer Saarinen : EERO

79. Smell bad : REEK

82. Made a touchdown : ALIT

84. Play for higher stakes : UP THE ANTE

85. Beg to differ : DEMUR

88. Like most customer support numbers : TOLL-FREE

89. Powerful deity : TITAN

90. Mid-'40s World No. 1 tennis pro Bobby : RIGGS

93. Chicken servings : BREASTS

97. Sport with horses : POLO. I've got to link Nacho Figueras, the face of Polo.

98. Nobelist Camus : ALBERT

99. High chair : THRONE

100. Barflies : SOUSES

102. '80s-'90s Serbian auto import : YUGO

104. Quarterback known for kneeling : TEBOW (Tim). I thought he'd be another Tom Brady.

105. Alamogordo's county : OTERO

106. Party poopers : DRAGS

107. Island group near Fiji : SAMOA

108. Early lessons : ABCs

109. Bona fide : REAL

110. Staff note : MEMO

111. 5'4" and 6'2": Abbr. : HGTS. That's mine and Boomer's.

112. "Poor me!" : ALAS

115. Govt. property agency : GSA

117. Redbox rental : DVD



OwenKL said...

MOTHER GOOSE, for children, has time.
She lulls them with rhythm and rhyme.
But she's hardly P.C.,
As teachers must be;
ERGO, what she rhymes is a crime!

Thor is the Norse THUNDER GOD,
Greek Zeus hurls a mean lightning rod.
They are Donner und Blitzen,
There's storming betwixt 'em;
ERGO, they ride mortals roughshod!

At retreat, they were all given roles
To help visualize CAREER GOALS.
For some it was hell
Even though they did well;
ERGO, they were doomed wage-slave souls!

(Careful, that last line ^ is a tongue-twister!)

WINTER GOLF is played with red balls
So you can see, on the snow, where it falls;
ERGO, when they're white,
Spring must be in sight.
(Year round men will play with blue balls!)

Black LEATHER GOODS for bikers getting kicks.
Black leather corset for a cruel dominatrix.
Leather intimidates,
Black adds to the quakes;
ERGO, pink and leather don't mix!

When seen night before through BEER GOGGLES
Your bed partner excited some ogles.
This morning, you suspect
A profile should have been checked;
ERGO, you should have had Google Goggles!

(DNF for me. EI_/SI_ENOR did me in, plus needing red letters to trial-and-error a few spelling uncertainties. 105D at least was easy for me, since I'm in the same state and have been there a few times. The Space Hall of Fame there is my favorite spot.

If any of you want to share my list from yesterday, I made an image meme of it.)

Paul said...

Yesterday was my first day and after receiving all the comments, I think there needs to be a 14 down.
Just saying. Or someone will 30 Across.
We have an Eis House here in town. Good place to eat.
Miley is a Poptart.

Hang on to your hats today!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Absolutely delightful puzzle from our fearless leader today. God a bit hung up on GOREN (tried HOYLE at first), made a successful guess at OSAKA and needed all the perps for ELSA, but everything else was like butter.

Really enjoyed all the clever cluing today -- fun, without being obnoxious. "Unlit" for SOBER baffled me for a bit, but elicited a smile once I got it. Also liked the literal misdirection of "Apple product" for CIDER. Etc., etc., etc.


HeartRx said...

Good morning C.C. et al.

I was excited to see your puzzle today, and started off great guns with VAIN, SPAT and TOMBS. But then I rashly entered "bore" instead of GAPE. (Shoulda checked the perps first!!)

The theme eluded me until nearly the bitter end when I filled in ERGO. It was especially elegant to have the "Logical Connections" all split in exactly the same place, between the words. My favorite entry was BEER GOGGLES. Fun fill!

Have a relaxing Sunday, everyone!

Lucina said...

Good day, all! Surprise! What a lovely C.C. puzzle ready for me to sashay over; I'm VAIN enough to think that!

What an enjoyable POTPOURRI of cross culture topics from ancient EGYPT, opera, the law, etc., etc.

My PULSE quickens as I glom onto such punny stuff as flat rate, RENT, end of time, SILENT E, MEMO, SI SENOR and hot TAMALES (not puns,but fun).

In our family TAMALES are made only for Christmas. It's a labor of love and a gift to our family.

OSAKA was a pure WAG.

I'm still tired from last night's event. Details later, maybe.

You are all included in a GROUP HUG!

Have a special Sunday, everyone!

fermatprime said...


Wonderful puzzle and write-up, CC! A personal best on the time today! Cute theme!

A few things filled in somewhat by perps: ELSA, OTERO, OSAKA.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

TTP said...

So much to like about this puzzle ! Great puzzle and great write up !

27D Like most golf shots = ARCED. I hit plenty of worm burners when first learning the game.

BASKET BALL was a good fit, but only character count wise, for clue "Sport with orange balls." Compounded that error by absent-mindedly entering STALL for berth place. DOH !

Really liked Flat rate = RENT, Apple product = CIDER, Spuds buds = EYES, 77A Unlit = SOBER, Square one = START,

111D 5'4 and 6'2. I was going to write, "I couldn't figure out how to abbreviate CC AND BOOMER's HEIGHTS, RESPECTIVELY ..." but you already beat me to it !

BEER GOGGLES !!! Har Har ! Good one.

Party Poopers... I had PRIGS, and for Fusses in front of a mirror... I had PRIMPS. Prigs and Primps. Someone should write a book.

18A, 19A his. 24A yours. I liked your 26A clue better, but I guess he had to get some more geography in there. 46A yours, 54A his. 56A tossup. 64A yours. 67A his. 77A, either way. Both funny. 118A, 119A, his. 125 yours. 126A His was more difficult, but yours was fine.

Speaking of 126A "Did you know this trivia, TTP & Husker Gary?" I must admit that I was running through ball players with a 4 letter name that could be considered sluggers during Clemens era, so AROD, Kent, Dunn, Alou... and then looked for the perps to finalize mu entry. Then DOH, V-8, SOSA !

Have a great day everyone.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Wow, a C.C. puzzle blogged by C.C., herself! I have to do the Sunday puzzles on my tablet, since the Barnacle has gone over to the dark side. Still, I managed to finish with ten minutes to spare. I didn't realize it was a C.C. production until I got to the blog.

Never heard of BEER GOGGLES, but I suspect I've worn them more than once. I didn't know OSAKA was on the Yodo River -- or any river, for that matter. But it was the first Japanese city I visited, and where I first encountered female attendants in the men's room at the airport. C.C., I enjoyed the video tour of Xi'an. Over 9 million people -- I had no idea!

BOBBY RIGGS is probably best remembered for going down in defeat against Billie Jean King in the Battle Of The Sexes. The match was played in the Houston Astrodome back in '73.

OTERO county and Cheri OTERI are vowel-rich and make frequent appearances in cw's.

C.C., I'm getting used to the IMac. I do find the autocorrect to be a pain. It insisted that I meant "appearances in cow's" above. Every now and then I do something that causes the on-screen print to get absolutely huge, and I can't undo that. All I can do is close that application and start over. But Mackey and I are getting along much better than we were at first. It's going to be fine, I'm sure.

Husker Gary said...

GO, GOO, GO GOO but I couldn’t move two letters back and see ER in CC’s lovely Sunday exercise. Loved the cluing expose’ as well. Hmmm… Berkshire Hathaway’s location not well known enough for Rich but Bhopal Shatabdi Express stop is?

-I live next to a Nebr. Educ. Assoc. union representative and she told me that one of her jobs was helping stupid young men with bad decisions. ROGER GOODELL does that times 100!
-Orange golf balls are harder find in the leaves this time of year
-Most famous purveyor of ACK!
-Atlanta built Turner Field for those 1996 Olympics and now the stadium will be demolished in 2017 and the Braves will relocate 10 miles north of there
-That BIC works as well as a Mount Blanc for me
-In the last World Series, Ortiz could read the SEAMS on the fastballs
-Most prolific CAMEOS in movie history? (3:50)
-I did not know the SOSA trivia, CC, but it is so sad that the memory of his career will be marred by his corked bat and using PED’s.
-The school secretary had a bowl of these but they burned my tongue
-TEBOW, et al discovered that college FB success doesn’t always portend pro success
-What hilarious movie had Michelin model XGV, size 75r, 14 TREADS in the plot?

Husker Gary said...

Two ERR stories
-Joann breathlessly rushed in at 8 am this morning while I was here in the sunroom doing the puzzle and exclaimed, “Aren’t you supposed to be subbing in Arlington today?” After my heart jumped into my throat, I thought about it and then reminded her that it was Sunday. All the days and WKS look the same when you are retired.
-The Huskers ERRed 5 times (5 turnovers) yesterday and lost a game that they could have easily won but after lucking out on the last two games, athletic karma stepped in.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

What a nice Sunday surprise to see CC's name on this delightful offering. Was baffled by the theme until getting the unifier, then, Ergo, TADA.

Finished w/o help but had a few write-overs: primps/preens, Alou/Sosa, and Chin/Chen. Thanks, CC, for a super puzzle and expo.

Tin, you just can't escape the eis (ice), can you? Except at Villa Incognito! -:)

Happy Sunday.

Barry G. said...

BTW, warm welcome to Paul and Barbie from yesterday!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.
C.C. - Good intro. Interesting clip on Xi'an. Thank you.

Straightforward solve today. The few unknowns or misdirections were easily gotten from the perps. Interesting theme. Didn't know Zeus was a THUNDER GOD, but Thor was enough for me.
BTW - We get Thursday from Thor.
German - Donnerstag, Dutch - Donderdag; both meaning 'Thunderday'.

SILENT E - Here is Il Silenzio

CrossEyedDave said...

Rainy day here on the East Coast, (just spitting really, but too wet to do the leaves.) I haven't done the puzzle yet, saving it for later. But I was going over the late night comments about WWII planes & just had to throw this in...

About a month ago I posted "how to start up & fly a real Spitfire."

Check out the graphics on this tutorial of how to fly the game simulation version in IL-2 Sturmovik, Cliffs of Dover, (15minutes, if you are going to watch it, full screen is a must.)

I think I have got the Spitfire down, next I am going to try & fly the Me109, but I have to learn how to read German first...

Anyhoo, this rainy day seems perfect for doing an extra big CC puzzle in a long hot bathtub soak...

(Hmm, is that too much information?)

Oh well,,,

BarbieMom said...

I loved posting yesterday. I just finished the puzzle. I never get finished early. It was a lot of fun ERGO I enjoyed working it. Someone asked for a little background info. I live just south of Richmond, VA. I love "you know who" which is why I chose that identity.

River Doc said...

Happy Sunday everybody!

Got ROGER GOODELL on general sports knowledge, then the unifer ERGO popped up, which helped fill the remaining theme answers….

Always fun to have the constructor and blogger being the same person – it gives an interesting perspective on the puzzle, so thanks C.C…!

Sort of a racy Sunday grid today, what with RANDY, (Kama) SUTRA, NIPS, LEATHER GOODS, A TEAT, BREASTS, and a TART, or am I just looking at the puzzle through BEER GOGGLES…?

HG – I thought the most famous ACK was performed by this cartoon character….

Finally HG, I’m sure that make and model defines the most popular tire sold in the U.S. How sure am I? I’m POSITIVE….

Bill G. said...

I enjoyed this puzzle a lot. Lots of clever, tricky clues thanks to CC and Rich. I've never heard of BEER GOGGLES though. You? ERGO was accidentally filled in with crossing words so I never noticed the theme until coming here. Rats!

Sunday Morning was all about John Kennedy today.

CED, wouldn't it be great to be able to fly in a real Spitfire or Mustang? (The feeling of anticipation would have to be tempered by the dread of likely airsickness though. I've always had a problem with motion sickness; air, boat, car... . I guess I'd take a dose of Marezine and hope for the best.) Great video!

HeartRx said...

HG, I believe Mona Lisa Vito correctly identified the tread of Michelin model XGV, size 75r, 14 TREADS (and therefore, what car it was on) during her stint on the witness stand in "My Cousin Vinny."

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Double our pleasure today with C.C.! Thanks.

I finally saw the theme -- cute! However, it came too late to help with any of the entries. I was doing down fills and missed seeing ERGO completely at first. Went back looking for the unifier and ERGO.

My last fills were 36D & 37D, the middle "men". I didn't know EIS. SEAL & FIRED escaped me from those clues. Huh?

DOC, I had finished typing in BREAST & found the first three letters of TITAN next to it. Whoa! Way DF! Oh, there's a suffix...

Spitz, that skinny little girl doesn't look like she'd hold enough air in her chest to play that trumpet, but the sound was as sweet as she looks. Enjoyed it!

Now I'm excited to go back for a leisurely tour through C.C.'s home town. C.C. you are certainly a good will ambassador for the Chinese people, even though you are a bonafide American now.

Manac said...

Afternoon All,
Took my time with this one and got the theme early on. There were a few Huh? moments like 21A, But... No blood, No foul.

114A gave me a chuckle Beer Goggles

And of course Group Hug

Weekend reader said...

From yesterday,

thank you AnonT for the book, and the movie 'The higher calling', where a German ace fighter pilot , held his fire, and purposely saved the lives of an American bomber crew, on their first mission, who were crippled by AA fire, and were trying to make it back to England, after a bombing sortie,

and how the US pilot and then German flight-lt., met 40 years after the WWII in Canada. Humanity takes the strangest forms.

And to the Anon. who's been on Bill.G.'s back, forever,

- go away.

You're the bitterest taste on the blog.

Anonymous T said...

G'Day All:

I started this last night and then the crud crept back in, so more antihistamines....

C.C. Swell puzzle & even better write-up. I thought you wouldn't comment on your own Sunday, but you did and provided even more fun! Thanks.

R-Doc: Bill the Cat came to mind instantly! I miss Bloom County.

Bill G. - BEERGOGGLES was the first to fall in that corner (yeah, I was feeling cocky). We would say that in college to keep buddies from going home with the last one standing. Being marriied (still so), I was their wingman SOBRE enough to kept my drunk friends from staying the night with regret. It was simple "Dude, take off your beergoggles..."

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Weekend Reader - Looks like we were posting at the same time. I read the book (I didn't know there is a movie) and it re-enforced my belief of what it is to be a real man and do what you know is right. And for the former enemies to get together after so many years and swap stories shows that time heals all. Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

JB in VA
Been following this blog a while and have really learned a lot. I am finally commenting. By the time I do the puzzle and read the postings, all I can say is WEES. Today, I had few problems, except the same area as Owen K. Could not see Si, Senor.
HG - I am a U of MN and Viking fan. Went to the U in the early 70's and dreaded each time the Huskies came to town to play. Their win over Nebraska was the first since 1960!
BarbieMom - I'm from Virginia and also live south of Richmond. Small world.

Argyle said...

I guess it's up to me to link this.

Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On.

Lemonade714 said...

Happy Sunday all; thank you C.C. for the Ernie Banks special, puzzle and blog. It was all fun, and except for that ELSA, all somewhere in my brain.

Welcome JB, Paul and Barbie Mom (it is so sweet you love your mom).

HG, I love the Hitchcock link, but I think for quality of performances you need to watch all of the Stan Lee appearances in the Marvel Movie Madness. Some are priceless.

I have gone back and compared the cluing changes and was impressed by how many of your clues Rich kept in tact. I also thought some of the changes took away from the puzzle (adding Zeus, who had so many powers) to Thor, Yawn:GAPE, taking out your Gucci reference and removing the lovely golf clue duo were meh, but I really am sorry he took out Happy Ending: HOUR, which I thought was very fair and funny, especially with BEER GOGGLES. I understood the change for LYON, and maybe the Husky Treat: TAMALES was more a Friday clue, because not many will think of corn husks. It is however an odd field where editing is done without input from the author, and as much as 75% of clues can be changed for publication.

Lucina said...

Well, now that I've been awake for most of the day, I went back to study the grid and loved the way ERGO was sandwiched in the middle, C.C.

Today I had one of those 5 A.M. awakenings so only partially awake while posting.

Has any of you been to a body building competition? I didn't know exactly what to expect but 513 Charles Atlas look alikes almost did me in. It was open to men and women so that offered a little variety and I still don't know who won awards as I left as soon as RANDY, my S-I-L got off the stage.

From last night: I hope you hooped and hollered with Shakespeare's abridged works. I've seen it twice and really loved it.

Banana bread, anyone? It's almost done.

fermatprime said...

I really don't get what BEER GOGGLES means. Drunk on beer and seeing things?

fermatprime said...


turn off auto-correct

Lemonade714 said...

Fermatprime, if you click on Manac's link for BEER GOGGLES, or Argyle's, you will understand the simple concept. I believe it is a combination of the way you see things drunk, as well as the image of looking though glasses made from the bottom of a beer bottle.

BTW, I agree with marti, finding all of your theme answer where the break was ER GO was brilliant. Solving acrostics, which include puns, anagrams and run ons which I used to do with my mother doing the Sunday London Times puzzles make this kind of theme easier to spot. The theme is hidden, but sometimes it just jumps out as you solve.

Lemonade714 said...

SB, interesting information on Thursday in German and Dutch. I guess the French liked Loki better, as they chose JEUDI, which means Play Day.

Manac said...

Lemon, Thanks for explaining that. BUT...

And on the subject of Beer One For The Guys

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, again, C.C., for the fine review. Boy, that was spooky!

Got started easily in today's puzzle. Pretty much zipped through it. A few sticky areas, however.

Got the theme early. It did help with the puzzle.

I missed on NUIT. Had NOIT. Technically a DNF because of that error. Since I did this in pen and paper I did not know until I came to the blog. That is the one advantage to doing it online, or via cruciverb and the IPad. The program tells you when you have it all correct. Oh well. It was still fun.

BEER GOGGLES was a new term to me. Not sure why. I thought I knew every beer term there was. Crosswords is a learning experience.

A little misdirection on 52D. I was looking for an Apple Computer word. So, CIDER appeared.

I have played golf in winter in Ohio. Yes, we used orange balls. What I remember was getting some hellacious drives. With the frozen ground they went forever.

Well, we had some big-time storms today near Chicago. They shut down Soldier Field and delayed the Bears/Ravens game a couple hours. The game has been resumed and the Bears are currently winning with two minutes to go.

See you tomorrow.



Tinbeni said...

I usually skip doing the puzzles on Sunday ... but when I saw it was a C.C. grid, I decided to "give-it-a-shot" while I watched the Tampa Bay Buc football game.
Two surprises, the puzzle was FUN and the Bucs won.

The ERGO theme reveal at 122-A brought on a V-8 can smack.

My only question is how does the clue at 67-A "Utter" indicate the answer should be SHEER?

Fave today was 77-A, Unlit for SOBER ... my usual starting point. lol

Irish Miss ... now they are tormenting me in German. ACK !!!

Spitzboov said...

Tinman said: "how does the clue at 67-A "Utter" indicate the answer should be SHEER?"

Utter nonsense - SHEER nonsense?

Tinbeni said...

With "nonsense" behind each word (as you indicated) it makes sense.

But the clue was JUST "Utter" ...

Funny thing, I had it via the perps before I even saw the 67-A clue.

Anonymous said...

They are synonyms.

UTTER: complete; total; absolute: her utter abandonment to grief.

SHEER: absolute; downright; unqualified; utter: sheer persistence

Manac said...

Oh! Mother Goose ( and Grimm ),Where to start?




Jayce said...

3 ogyploaHello everybody. Just want to check in. Xi'An seems to be an interesting city, with some must-see attractions. Lots of history there! The first emperor, Chin Shr Huang, was a heck of a leader! Got things done!

Fun puzzle today; enjoyed it, Really interesting to see your thought processes, C.C.

Best wishes to you all.

Pat said...

Whoo-hoo! I finished a Sunday puzzle! OK, I had to check the answer grid a couple times, but it was to make sure I had the right answer. Which I did most of the time. Thank you, C.C. for the fun!

Storms have moved thru and no severe weather here. Thank goodness. I hope there is no additional loss of life tonight.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy what is left of the weekend.


buckeye bob said...

From the Urban Dictionary:

Just one of 7 definitions...


"the effect that alcohol (particularly large volumes of beer) has in rendering a person who would one would ordinarily regard as unattractive as sexually alluring"

buckeye bob said...

@ Lemonade 3:03 p.m.

"Ernie Banks Special" -- clever!

Bill G. said...

Fall/winter weather is here for this week anyway. Local temperatures in the 60s. I needed a sweatshirt on my bike ride.

My friend, who sometimes accompanies me on bike rides, was discussing charity with me last Friday. He contended that evidence confirms that people who are politically conservative are more charitable than liberals. Assuming he is correct, that surprised me. What do you think?

Did you watch Jeopardy last night? Did you think the final question was worded in a fair manner? Two of the contestants and I all interpreted it one way but not the way that The Powers That Be intended. As a result, they both got it wrong. I didn't win any money either. UTTTERly unfair say I.

JD said...

No time to read the blog tonight, but wanted to say I LOVED your puzzle, C.C. It is the 1st time in awhile that I have done one on a Sunday. It only took me 30 min, but Bob did give me 2 answers. Had a hard time with SE corner, since goods didn't come flying into my head.

Had to change frees to fired and a draw to adrem, whatever that is.

Bill, enjoyed seeing you and Jordan. You sure can tell he loves his grandpa!

fermatprime said...

Merl's puzzle a real doozie. (Note that was given in LAT was absent on Wash. Post site.) Huge amount of effort by Merl! Rather long time for me to solve!

Lemonade714 said...

Buckeye Bob, thanks. Bill G., clearly your question is political, like asking which left or right satisfy their wives in the bedroom.

CED you ok? Thanks Manac. Nice to see you Pat.

Lemonade714 said...

BTW AD REM is a variation of IN RE all from RES- Latin for thing. AD means to EX means from, etc.

Anonymous T said...

LEM - since you're obviously trolling for feedback*, it is politcal and I emailed Bill G off-blog. Yes, from what I've read, the "right" does donate more. I think it has to do with houses of worship, but I'd have to crunch numbers to say for sure.

Cheers, -T
*Joking - see pre-Argyle clean-up Friday & Sat. Argyle - how do you put up with us? :-)

OwenKL said...

I'm the one who should be trolling for feedback. I don't think anyone reads my poems before commenting, else the comments on Zeus being/not being a thunder god and questions about what beer goggles are would probably have been worded a bit differently. Ah, well,
I'm sure you all like
My weird stabs at poesy,
You just comment first,
While thoughts are still rosy.

Anonymous T said...

OwenKL - I read your poems / limericks every day, as do most, after I finish the puzzle and enjoy >90% of them. I've said before, you have the talent to turn these into some kind of book - puzzle on left leaf and muses on right.

I think that's 5, so, -T out. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

This discussion has been boring. Here's something for C.C.: Bruno

Fun puzzle C.C.. Thanks