Sep 25, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: "Oh, my aching..."

17-Across. *Hobby shop purchase : MODEL TRAINSome people get carried away with the hobby.

21-Across. *World Wildlife Fund symbol : PANDA BEARTimeline.

55-Across. *Florida city with over 400 miles of canals : CAPE CORALNice to look at, but aren't they full of alligators?

61-Across. *"Movin' Out" choreographer : TWYLA THARPI couldn't find a link that had decent sound and light to do this musical justice.

The reveal is found at 37-Across. Common sports injuries ... and a hint to hidden words that span both parts of the answers to starred clues : PULLED MUSCLES. DELToid, ABdominal, PECtoral and LATissimus muscles are all prone to injury...just ask me! I like how C.C. "stretched" them across the two words.

It seemed pretty easy for a Thursday, but I guess I was on C.C.'s wave length today!


1. Stick on the ground : TWIG.

5. "Notes on a Scandal" Best Actress nominee : DENCH. Love that Dame!

10. Legal suspension : STAY.

14. "How awful!" : OH NO! Mr. Bill!

15. Villa on the Volga : DACHA.

16. After the bell : LATE. Not what some teen girls ever want to be.

19. Rte. 66 goes through it : OKLA.homa, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!

20. African capital with a metro : CAIRO.

23. Health care org. : AMAAmerican Medical Association.

24. Matter, in law : RES.

26. Burning sign : ASH.

27. "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" channel : CNN. He's a bit raw around the edges, at times.

28. Glittery strand : TINSEL.

30. Utter : STATE.

32. Sweet and sour : TASTES. Nice misdirection.

36. Extremely dry : ARID.

41. Die down : WANE.

42. Kenyan's neighbor : SOMALI. I almost did a double take when the second "A" went missing. Oh, but it is the natives of the countries who are neighbors!

43. John of England : ELTON. "Loo" was just too short.

45. Spurred : GOADED.

49. Showy wrap : BOA.

50. Yale alum : ELI.

53. Batteries for mice : AAs.

54. Something to grind : AXE.

58. Lets up : EASES.

60. European range : ALPS. We're making plans already for next year's trip.

63. Flight unit : STEP.

64. Movie toy in a cereal box, e.g. : TIE IN.

65. Inner: Pref. : ENTO. Hands up for "endo?"

66. Hoopla : TO DO.

67. Early stage : ONSET.

68. Sauna phenomenon : MIST. I like mine with steam.


1. Alley prowler : TOMCAT.

2. End of many a riddle : WHO AM I? This one definitely dates me:

"I give milk and have a horn. WHO AM I?"  
(Answer appears after 62-Down.)

3. Mauritius' ocean : INDIAN.

4. Movie trailer? : GOER. Moviegoer.

5. Banned pesticide : DDT.

6. Notable Old West brothers : EARPS.

7. Sweet Sixteen org. : NCAANational Collegiate Athletic Association.

8. Holiday dishes? : CHINA. HaHa, fun misdirection!

9. Ones working around the clock? : HANDS. Cute clue!

10. Disorderly sort : SLOB.

11. "Be well!" : TAKE CARE.

12. Its 2011 landing marked the end of the Space Shuttle program : ATLANTIS.

13. Pined : YEARNED.

18. "Because we're worth it" sloganeer : L'OREAL. Cosmetics.

22. Relaxed remarks : AHs. In the 68-Across.

25. "Anything __?" : ELSE.

29. Fla. University named for a pope : ST LEO. "The Great." He makes a return visit this week.

31. Actress Shire : TALIA. In "The Godfather" she played Connie Corleone.

33. Vikings seek them, briefly : TDs. Touch downs. C.C.'s home team!

34. Rock genre : EMO.

35. Total : SUM.

37. Silicon Valley city : PALO ALTO.

38. Yet to be used : UNTAPPED. Brand new or pristine would also fit. Just sayin'...

39. Epic tale : SAGA.

40. Hanger hangout : CLOSET. My mind was on the type of hanger Dudley stores his planes in.

41. Online program : WEBCAST. Does anyone here listen to "Ted Talks"? Very informative, interesting, and sometimes funny.

44. Japanese electronics giant : NEC. Nippon Electric Company, Ltd.

46. Aquafina rival : DASANI.

47. Puts forth : EXERTS.

48. Coup target : DESPOT.

51. Game most people lose : LOTTO. How true. Even the winners often end up in bankruptcy.

52. Novelist Shaw : IRWIN.

53. Kate's sitcom pal : ALLIE.

56. Old Bruin nickname : ESPO. Phil Esposito, one of the world's greatest hockey players.

57. Shouts of support : AYES.

59. Polite interruption : AHEM.

62. Raid target : ANT.

*Answer to riddle: A milk truck.  Do you remember when they delivered to your house?

(I do.)

Notes from C.C.:

George Barany and Dave Hanson constructed this fantastic puzzle for the Minnesota Crossword Tournament in June. You can download in puz or PDF or solve on line. Let me know what you think. I loved it!

George also hosted this puzzle from Alex Vratsanos, who made today's NY Times.


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Zoomed right through today, everything made sense even though I was slow to suss the theme. Would never have caught on without the unifier! Only speed bump was Ohio before Okla - I really didn't think Route 66 went that far north, but didn't realize it was an abbr.

Thanks C.C. for another project! Morning, Marti, I remember the days of the milkman with fondness. Nobody else had a truck like that.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Not so easy for me today. Lots of little things that held me up, like not knowing that "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" was on CNN and not some science channel like Nat Geo or Discovery.

The theme didn't help at all during the solve. Afterwards, I went back to find the hidden muscles and found them all except for the one in PANDA BEAR. For some reason, AB never occurred to me since it was so short, and I kept wondering whether there was some muscle called the DAB or the DABE or something. Sometimes my brain works in strange ways, and sometimes it doesn't work much at all...

OwenKL said...

CCW (thanks Piper Tom for dubbing this Coincidental Crossword Watch!) today it's only a bit of crosswordese I'm afraid.
LAT 34d: "Rock genre" EMO
Seattle Times 44a: "___pop (music genre)" EMO
I thought I had another but it was just my faulty memory playing tricks, with DACHA in LAT both yesterday and today. I looked it up and see DACHA won't be in the ST until this week next month (i.e. it was in NYT 16 days ago). Not close enough to be meaningful, TINSEL was in ST 9 days ago.

CC & George: enjoyed your 2 puzzles. One natick in each where proper names crossed, and I didn't see the circles on the one titled Of Course, so didn't get the theme until after I was finished. Also was thrown slightly by the numeral in Number 2! Favorite clues were "hits or hides" and "pamphlet or parcel".

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Late because the computer is being really s-l-o-w this morning. Took a full 13 minutes after "fire up" to get to the corner.

I was doing fine on this C.C. offering until I hit the great southwest. I only had __LLED MUSCLES, so PALO ALTO and UNTAPPED were slow to appear. My shouts of support were RAHS before they became AYES.

Marti, I remember the milkman quite well. As a kid I sometimes stayed overnight at my grandma's house. In the morning I'd ride into town with the millkman, and get out when he reached my house.

inanehiker said...

Fun run through this one. Thanks, CC, and thanks Mari for the write-up!

In our city we can still have the milkman deliver milk to our door, they come about 4 or 5 in the morning before the newspaper delivery.

Because I'm Worth It said...

The L'Oreal slogan celebrates!

Dennis said...

Good morning, gang - I thought this was a great Thursday-level puzzle with a well-done theme. Not too hard, not too easy; matter of fact, nothing came quickly in the NW, so I started with DACHA and worked forward and backward. Couldn't remember what the World Wildlife Fund symbol was and went with POLAR, which didn't work out so well. Cape Coral was a gimme since I was just over there, and TWYLA THARP will forever be a gimme thanks to one of my favorite movies, The Birdcage.

Favorite clues, and they were beauts, were 'Movie Trailer' and 'Ones working around the clock.' Brilliant.

Stayed up very late the past couple night binge-watching season 1 of True Detective with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey on HBO OnDemand. It was recommended by a friend and I thought it was extremely well done, albeit a bit dark. Season 2 will star Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn. Has anyone else seen it?

Marti, as always, fun and informative write-up. Loved the Mr. Bill clip.

Have a great day.

Mari said...

Good morning everybody.

Great puzzle today. There were a couple of clues I really liked:

9D: Ones working around the clock? HANDS
33D: Vikings seek them, briefly: TDS

I couldn't remember TWYLA's last name and went with SHARP vs. THARP. Other than that, this was quite enjoyable.

Didn't we just have DACHA or something similar?

Have a great day!

PS: Some years back the World Wrestling Federation had to change from WWF to WWE (I think that's World Wrestling Entertainment) due to a squabble with the World Wildlife Fund also using those initials.

thehondohurricane said...

Morning everyone,

An awful weather forecast has me housebound for a bit today and a CC offering were incentive enough for me to give today's puzzle a shot. it was a bit of a grind throughout, but managed to get it done.....almost.

The south, specifically 57D, 62D & 64A did me in. Not knowing of TWYLWA THARP didn't help. Had aoks in 57D instead of AYES & i couldn't fit in Issis for 62D. Hence, the dreaded DNF.

As usual, never figured out the theme, nor tried to, but it wouldn't have helped much even if
I had.

Now I'll go read Marti's write up and find out who or what is a TWYLA THARP. which will probably be forgotten before noon.

CanadianEh! said...

A C.C. puzzle with hockey (56D) and football (33D) but no baseball!
I love the diverse subject matter of the clues.

Hand up for ENDO - I should have known after yesterday. We had DACHA yesterday also, Mari. My first thought for John of London was Loo too.

I admire the work of Judy Dench. I saw Philomena over the summer.

I didn't get the theme until I got here but it didn't matter for the fill. Thanks Marti for explaining.

Yes I remember the milkman (and breadman). We had a box in the side of the house with door on inside and outside for delivery. We got glass bottles of homogenized milk with the cream on top that my mother poured off for use in coffee! Gone are the days.

Husker Gary said...

I think I’ve pulled ‘em all! What fun C.C.!

-Dame Judi makes a perfect stoic M in the Bond franchise
-We saw anti-bird TINSEL sparkling in the sun in Sonoma vineyards
-As you can see in in this Lunar calendar, the Moon (which is too close to the sun to see today) is starting to wax and not WANE
-A desperate SOMALI could be GOADED into piracy on the INDIAN Ocean
-There’s another kind of BOA that you would not want as a wrap
-There is a Heisman campaign for Husker star running back Ameer Abdullah (AA) with these AA batteries
-I didn’t try these 348 STEPS that Galileo obviously did
-As movieGOERS, Joann and I found this Ray Liotta movie (that imagined a scenario if Elvis’ twin had lived) a fun afternoon but the critics gave it a 7% rating
-Nicholas Earp raised Wyatt and his brothers in Pella, Iowa home of the wonderful Tulip Festival
-Dudley and I were all over ATLANTIS
-These PALO ALTO NCAA football players must also be pretty smart!
-Didja ever think you’d pay more for bottled water than gasoline?
-In what song do we hear, “I’ll STATE my case, of which I’m certain”?

desper-otto said...

Husker, with that title my mind is flirtin'. I can hear old blue eyes singing it, and I'm pretty sure Paul Anka wrote it.

CanadianEh!, if it's homogenized there shouldn't be any cream on the top.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Good meaty puzzle from C.C. today.
Only kerfuffle was in the center north where I had polar BEAR before PANDA. With the change, CHINA and HANDS and thus DENCH dropped in nicely.
Favorite fill: AXE

Have a great day

Northwest Runner said...

Ento two days in a row?

CanadianEh! said...

desper-otto, you are correct. My memory fails me! It was whole milk. Thanks.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! I made like a dog today and WAGd my way through this puzzle, sniffin' out the correct words. Fun, C.C.! Thanks, Marti, I didn't figure out what the pulled muscles had to do with any of it until you explained.

Our milkman lived across the street and just walked over with our daily quarts of whole raw milk. The cow's name was Marilyn. She bit my finger when I tried to feed her wisps of hay. Really hurt. I was probably 8 yr. old.

Lucina said...

Hello, Puzzle People.

What further UNTAPPED riches must C.C. have in store? What an amazing mind to deliver so much cleverness!

I was on her wave length almost from the start and sashayed right along. Once PULLED MUSCLES appeared and I saw them that helped with CAPECORAL as I'm unfamiliar with Florida, never having visited.

However, the SW slowed me down considerably due to my own ineptness, filling URAL instead of ALPS and OBI not BOA. So when I erased those all became clear. Well, not all. I misspelled TWYLA with an I so never got AYES/TIE IN.

And thanks, Marti, for illuminating all that. I remember the milk man and the ice man, too.

Everyone, have a grand Thursday!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

I thought C.C.'s puzzle was pretty crunchy. Never got the theme until the unifier, and then AB eluded me.

Rt 66 Rt 66 goes far enough north to hit OHIO, but misses a couple of states t the west. It starts in Chicago.

I'm weak on movie and pop culture references. Knew TALIA though.

ENDO of course. PODCAST too.

Yes, I remember the milkman.

Cool Regards,

Jazzbumpa said...

Otto -

You're on the right track with that song. Think about an order at Burger King.


HeartRx said...

Jazzbumpa, OH, I remember it now. It was driving me crazy, because I could hum the tune and a few of the lyrics, but for the life of me couldn't remember the title!

I'm glad many of you remember the milkman. In the winter our milk would sometimes freeze before we got home from school. The cream would push up the cardboard cap, and we'd scoop it off, add sugar and vanilla. Voila! Home made "ice cream." My mother would yell at us, because now she had to give my father skim milk with his coffee!

Steve said...

Fun puzzle, thanks for the expo and the riddle, Marti!

@Barry - Tony Bourdain used to be on the Travel Channel with his "No Reservations" series. The current CNN-based incarnation is very similar.

If you want to see a spectacular model railway, check out this layout on YouTube. I think this is the largest privately-owned model railway in the world. The English guy that built it never opens it to the public; in fact the precise location is never disclosed (presumably he's worried about theft or vandalism).

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Another gem from our CC! Needed the reveal to catch the theme but, then, all the muscles just jumped right out.
Fav clues were for hands and goer. Partial CSO to Tin(sel). Had Pasadena before Palo Alto, but Cape Coral was a gimme, having lived near there for years.

Very nice job, CC, and ditto to Marti, whose comment about Anthony Bourdain was a lot kinder than how I would describe him.

We had a milk man, bread man, ice man, and two different produce delivery men. Those were the days, in more ways than one.

Have a great day.

JD said...

Loved this puzzle...all of it, although I didn't catch the theme.
It is raining here...HEAVEN!!...hope it helps put out the huge fire getting too close to L. Tahoe.

Looking forward to having lunch with Chickie and Garlic Gal today.

Yellowrocks said...

I enjoyed CC's puzzle and Marti's remarks. This was fast for a Thursday. The last letter to fall was the Y in TWYLA and AYE. I was positive it was TWILA. The perps confirmed TW-LA. Oh!! The I sound could be a Y!
Like HeartRx I was humming the song and some of the lyrics in my head until JzB gave us a hint.
The bottles our milkman brought had a knob at the top to separate the cream. There was a special spoon to dip it out.
Link cream top bottle
Link cream top spoon
I remember the frozen cream pushing up the milk bottle caps in the winter. Occasionally Mom would let us make pretend ice cream.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Marti, for a fine review.

We still have a milkman. Comes every Friday and leaves us milk in glass bottles. And, we can order lots of other things such as butter, sour cream, and ice cream. The milk is the best you ever drank, IMHO.

Could not get started up north so I headed south. My first answer was ELI. Then I spread from there.

Liked GOER for 4D. I had GEAR at first, but a couple crosses fixed that. Inkblot #1.

I wrote in AAA for 53A and then later changed to last A to an S with CLOSET. Inkblot #2.

DASANI was easy, even though I do not drink it. I believe all these water bottles is not good for our environment.

TIE IN was confusing to me. It was my last fill with a wag. IRWIN came with it. I almost write in TOKEN, but AYES made me stop. Anyhow, I got it without the inkblot.

ST LEO again. Amazing.

Liked CHINA for 8D. Also HANDS right next to it. Clever misdirection.

Lots to do. See you tomorrow.



Misty said...

I always love a C.C. puzzle, though this one started out as a toughie and I worried that I might not finish. But it all fell into place, with lots of fun along the way. Yesterday's ENTO helped, and I really liked the LOTTO clue. Played for a number of years until I realized I'd make a lot more money just hanging on to my bets. I don't think I've ever PULLED a MUSCLE, now that I think about it. Guess it's because I'm a pretty timid exerciser. Anyway, great fun, C.C.--many thanks! And enjoyed your fun write-up, as always, Marti.

Glad to hear it's raining up north.

Have a great Thursday, everybody!

fermatprime said...


How do you do it, CC? Another great puzzle! Thanks to you and Marti!

No problems. Couldn't see the AB, however!


Ergo said...

Thank you C.C. and Marti.

Only sticking point was "Shouts of support." I fiddled with RAHS and OLES and HIES. TWYLA and CAPECORAL contributed to the angst.

Favorite clue: 'Hanger hangout'

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody. I worked on this late last night while time-sharing with watching the Dodgers. I was doing OK with the usual amount of trouble for a Thursday until I got to the lower left corner. I had trouble with CAPE CORAL, WEBCAST, PALO ALTO, ST LEO, STEP; so, pretty much everything. Finally getting one of them led to enough crossing letters to get another and another and so on. Fun challenge.

My most common experiences with pulled muscles are groin and hamstrings. They would get pulled while running the bases in slow-pitch softball games or (years earlier) playing touch football or pickup basketball games. It happened several times. They took forever to heal.

oc4beach said...

C.C.: Great Thursday puzzle and great Expo Marti. Just enough difficulty, but still solvable with the help of perps.

CanadianEH, HeartRX, et al: I also remember the raw milk being delivered to our back porch when I was a kid. In the winter the milk would partially freeze and the cream would expand and pop the paper cap on the bottle. My sister an I would fight over who got to eat the frozen cream. We didn't add sugar or vanilla, just ate it as it was. The memory is probably much better than the "iced cream" actually was.

My Uncle was a Breadman and I would go with him in the summer to all of the farms on his route delivering bread and sweet treats. I got to carry the basket with the little cakes, pies and cookies to each house. It was a lot of fun as a pre-teen and left me with a lot of memories.

I hope everyone has a great day.

CrossEyedDave said...

WBS, except mine was a DNF. The entire SW stumped me, all I had was Boa, Alps, Step & Espo. Without Cape Coral I could not get Irwin, which made Twyla a real pain...

Ya got me CC!

Steve! That train clip was great! Except I think he is taking the corners way too fast!

Little Sally Walker said...

Anybody else think that Irish Miss has a major crush on Tin?

Missy and Tinny, sitting in a tree

Anonymous said...

No, I think Irish Miss is heterosexual.

CrossEyedDave said...

CanadianEh & PK, you reminded me of when I was 8 years old! In Sydney we had that same milk box with doors outside & inside the house, except ours was a top floor apartment in a 4 story walk up. (The poor milkman!) The bottle caps were some kind of thicker aluminum foil that we used to fly like frisbees (b/4 I had ever heard of one), & there was a special way to "flick" them with two fingers to get the best distance.

Anywho, I returned from a sleepover early one morning & could not get an answer at the door. I don't remember all the details (lucky for you) but the police were called because I knew my Mum was home and was frantic that she would not answer the door.

The police refused to break down the door (at my insistence,) & were about to leave when the little boy next door seeing my concern said "I can get in!."

The police lifted him up to the outside milk door, & he managed to jiggle open the inside latch & opened the door in moments.

We are not sure what had happened, but we think my mother was preparing a cup of Tea, when she got up too fast & passed out, in the process hitting her head on the stove knocking her unconscious, & at the same time turning one of the gas levers on unlit.

After opening the windows, clearing out the gas, & attending to a nasty bump on my Mothers forehead, I realized that's why some of my stuff was missing! The little bugger was using the milk box to get in & steal my toys!

(This was also a lesson in learning forgiveness...)

& so ends my 39 Down...

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I feel the same way Misty does: "I always love a C.C. puzzle." Some of the clues, such as Something to grind, gave me smiles. Thanks again, C.C.

Your writeup was fun to read, Marti, as it usually is. Thanks for doing them.

Best wishes to you all.

River Doc said...

Happy Thursday everybody!

Easy Peasy for a late week puzzle, only had one write-over (HMO for AMA)….

Definitely remember Joe the Milkman, who also had juice bars in the summertime. Also have vivid memories of the burnt electrical smell of my MODEL TRAIN’s transformer (apparently it was ozone….)

Unfortunately the Giants’ PANDA seems to have gone into hibernation – congrats go out to your Dodgers Bill…!

Finally, the TOM CAT that came to mind for me was this one …. Enjoy!

Jerome said...

Of course WYATT was the most famous of the EARPS... and that's what's so cool about TWYLA THARP. Her name anagrams to WYATT... and RALPH!

I also loved C.C.'s shout out to Otis Redding's "DACHA the Bay"

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-27 holes on a flawless autumn day (Sunrise is at 7:18 am and sunset is at 7:18 pm today)
-The King singing I’ll STATE my case at :30 (3:54) from Paul Anka’s fabulous lyrics.
-How many times have the appearance of a red-headed child in the family prompted the question of the color of the Milkman’s hair? ;-)
-Re: MUSCLE PULLS - This is nonsense!
-Slo-pitch softball, etc are cash cows for rehab facilities, Bill!
-Alamito Dairy employed the MILKMAN and OMAR Bread the breadman in my ute

PK said...

CED: How lucky your mum was that the little pilferer wasn't more afraid of being caught. And how lucky she was that she had a son who would call the cops and insist something be done. What a story!

Little Sally Walker: Naw! They wouldn't be sitting in a tree kissing. They'd be sitting under the tree sharing an ice-free refreshing beverage.

Tinbeni said...

Only needed Every Single Perp (ESP) to get TWYLA THARP ... guess I'm not up on remembering who the choreographer was for any movie, play, pop video, etc.

Irish Miss and I enjoy the shared guilty pleasure of Scotch.
Her's; Dewar's, On-The-Rocks.
Mine; Pinch, neat ... when I "toast" my West Florida Sunset.
Plus, she remembers when I stated here last December that "_ _ _" (my nemesis) would lead to a DNF.
[Since I refuse to put "_ _ _" in my crossword puzzles, as well}.


Pat said...

Thanks, C.C. for a fun puzzle. I had a few ink blots but solved it all in the end. I even found the theme. Enjoyed your expo, Marti!

I remember the milkman very fondly--my Dad! My parents and siblings have brown eyes, dark brown hair and skin that tans. I have blue eyes, light brown hair and skin that burns. Dad proudly told people that I was the milkman's daughter.

Have a nice evening everyone!


Bill G. said...

Thanks, River Doc. I wonder if we'll see Puig and Bumgarner having a drink together? I think Puig is very gifted with baseball talent but has the intelligence of a turnip.

Gary and Pat, we used to talk about the milkman as being responsible for our daughter's light blond hair. It wasn't until she got much older that she realized it wasn't about the milkman spilling milk on her hair making it blond.

Here are a couple of videos I enjoyed. The first is about the changes in Yellowstone due to the reintroduction of wolves, including changes in the rivers. Wolves and rivers in Yellowstone

The next one shows an amazing piece of cabinet making. I thought it might especially appeal to some of our woodworkers.
A secretary cabinet

Tinbeni said...

Husker @2:47

Elvis was nice ... but I prefer Frank Sinatra's.
My Way (5:14)

Avg Joe said...

A true Thursday level puzzle that was challenging, but workable. Had no clue on the theme without the reveal, but was able to find them all with that assistance. Good job C.C., and thanks for the writeup Marti.

I'd agree, Tin. I try to always give the bulk of credit to the the composer for any song, but there are a few cases where the actual author is merely a trivia factoid and the lifetime ownership lies with someone else. "My Way" is one such song, and possibly the best example.

Lucina said...

I really enjoy the nostalgic stories of yesteryear. CED, yours was particularly good and interesting.

Does anyone have Scwann's ice cream delivery in your city? They still deliver and I believe they have upgraded to many other products as well.

Skeptic Where a wolf said...

Bill G., I always enjoy your animal video links, but the wolves of Yellowstone Park was incredible. No, really, I have a very hard time believing that so many wondrous changes could occur merely because of the reintroduction of the species. It seems that the park rangers and the Dept. of the Interior have a huge budget to fund suave commentators, who make lovely videos, and who make sure that the taxpayers understand and marvel at all these expensive and expansive schemes. I wonder where the heck is the budget sequestration when you really need it ?

What next ? - why let us introduce the Royal Bengal Tigers into the park too. They will thrive and be above the wolves in the food chain. Plus they will cull the tourists, who - if they are smart enough - will stay away in droves - and then the ecology of the park will really take off.

Despite the animals, that we really are, we love to play God, all the time. Gullible taxpayers willing.

Argyle said...

We have a Scwann's route in our area still. And there is a lot more than just ice cream on it.

Spitzboov said...

Re: Schwann's route.

Truck comes onto our street every other Tuesday. I used to buy certain flavored ice cream or sherbet from them until they started charging for delivery.

We drank raw (unpasturized) unhomogenized milk as kids. Cream rose to the top. Mom and Dad got that for their coffee.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Whoot! A C.C. Thursday! Thanks C.C. & Marti for the write-up.

DNF at 52d / 61a IReIN looked just as good as TeYLAT for names. Oh, well.

The puzzle took a long time with fits & starts. Hands up for obi / BOA, ole / AYES, ENdO / ENTO. This late in the week I'm glad I got the theme.

Running joke in DW's family is how FIL bought frozen broccoli from the Scwann-man when everyone else, including MIL was thinking ice cream!

Speaking of DW, 9/25 was our 26th - hence radio silence.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

Fun puzzle for a Thursday - normally they're a bit harder, so it was nice to get a bit of a break on this one.