May 23, 2017

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 Ed Sessa

Theme: Two Different Words That Start With The Same Two Letters - La/La

20A. *Teaching aid for learning foreign tongues: LANGUAGE LAB

59A. *Deep blue gemstone: LAPIS LAZULI

5D. *Superboy's girlfriend: LANA LANG

11D. *Satisfaction after setbacks: LAST LAUGH

35D. *Cowboy star with a bullwhip: LASH LARUE

41D. 2016 Best Picture (no, wait; it wasn't!) ... and a fitting place for the answers to starred clues?: LA LA LAND

Argyle here. All the other letters except J and Q. Entries in rows: 2, columns: 4. Cute reveal.


1. Place for wet cannonballs: POOL

5. Volcanic rocks: LAVAs

10. Move like a river: FLOW

14. Vineyard unit: ACRE

15. Plant used in tequila production: AGAVE

16. Spencer of "Good Morning America": LARA

17. Really wiped out: BEAT

18. Private's denial: "NO SIR!"

19. Like many resold items: USED

23. Tot's piggy: TOE

24. Like an accurate hockey shot: ON GOAL

25. Arbor Day month: APRIL

27. Brute: BEAST

30. Tackled, as a task, with "at": HAD A GO, hopefully done...

33. With competence: ABLY

36. Orderly: NEAT

38. "__ I lie to you?": WOULD

39. Spy org. created under Truman: CIA. (Central Intelligence Agency)

40. Appetizer often served with duck sauce: EGG ROLL

42. Prefix with centric or caching: GEO

43. Dermatologist's surgical tool: LASER

45. "__ girl!": ATTA

46. "Believe" singer: CHER. The song featured audio processor software, Auto-Tune, which became known as the "Cher effect".

47. Theater guides: USHERs

49. Sun-related: SOLAR

51. Plunders: LOOTS

53. Died down: ABATED

57. Place to de-stress: SPA

62. Angelic glow: AURA

64. Dreadlocks wearer: RASTA

65. "__ la Douce": IRMA. (1963 romantic comedy starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine)

66. Essential point: CRUX

67. Promotional connection: TIE-IN

68. Black, to a poet: EBON. Shakespeare's jet?

69. Ship's backbone: KEEL

70. Mortimer on Bergen's knee: SNERD

71. See 63-Down: ROSE63-Down. With 71-Across, rocker whose first name anagrams a West Coast airport code: AXL. (LAX / Los Angeles Airport)


1. Picasso who painted Gertrude Stein: PABLO

2. Arctic or Indian: OCEAN

3. Sumatran ape: ORANG. (orangutan)

4. Allow to pass: LET GO BY

6. Intensely excited: AGOG

7. Ming museum piece: VASE

8. Hometown of St. Teresa: ÁVILA, in 52-Down. Iberian Peninsula country: SPAIN

9. High-ranking angel: SERAPH

10. Winter ailment: FLU

12. Layered cookie: OREO

13. Get one's tootsies wet: WADE

21. Dubai's fed.: UAE. (United Arab Emirates)

22. Saloon slugfest: BRAWL

26. Altar words: I DO

28. Sonic the Hedgehog game company: SEGA

29. Small fruit pies: TARTs

31. Pure joy: GLEE. Eating tarts.

32. What the nose knows: ODOR

33. Civil rights gp.: ACLU. (American Civil Liberties Union)

34. Skewed view: BIAS

37. Terrier on the Yellow Brick Road: TOTO. Not in Kansas.

40. Filmdom's Flynn: ERROL

44. Fair-hiring letters: EEO. (Equal Employment Opportunity)

46. Comparatively outlandish: CRAZIER

48. Inaugurates: STARTS

50. Case workers' org.?: ABA. (American Bar Association)

54. Supercharger: TURBO

55. "St. __ Fire": ELMO'S

56. "Cheers" waitress: DIANE. (Shelley Long) Different bar from 50-Down.

57. Potato holder: SACK

58. Like 24-karat gold: PURE

60. "__ skies of blue and clouds of white ... ": "What a Wonderful World": I SEE

61. Recipe instruction: STIR


51 comments: said...


Thanks to Ed and Santa!

Nice puzzle!

No problems.

Have a good day!

OwenKL said...

{B-, B.}

You may cannonball into a POOL to get wet,
But never WOULD into liquid LAVA, I'd bet!
Nor WADE, touch a TOE,
In that hot magma FLOW --
But Progressive issues Flo insurance you could get!

A staid and PURE miss from AVILA
Thought her life was too NEAT and vanilla.
She ran off with an ORANG,
Became a RASTA, joined a gang,
Now she's a housewife, but her mate's a gorilla!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! With Ed's name, I was sure it would be hard, but what the "LL" do I know? It took some thought, but Ed's done CRAZIER puzzles. I got the LL theme after it was all filled.

NW was the last to fill. I had OO with OCEAN & ORANG, & ACRE, but the big round wet hard cannonballs stuck in my mind. I had to ruminate awhile before the kid jumped off the diving board in my head. Then the rest filled easily. Was there ever another Picasso besides whats-his-name who was CRAZIER than anybody else.

Didn't know LANA LANG, but did know LASH LARUE. (A sign of old age?) Never heard of Sonic Hedgehog. ESP

Jack Lemmon was such a master at understated comedy. Never will forget the undressing scene in "IRMA La Douce" with Shirley McLain. Too funny. Shy guy's first time with a lady of the night.

I remember seeing ERROL in "Captain Blood" as a child. (Egad! another sign of old age.) He could have swashed my buckle anytime thereafter. But I was probably ten at the time.

PK said...

Oops! forgot to thank Argyle for the great expo. The music clips hit the spot. I was able to watch them for the first time in a long time since my son installed Chrome for me.

Yep, IM, I'm up early again, but I'm seeing some daylight these days. I went to bed at 9 p.m. and woke up at 4 a.m. Makes it hard to stay awake to watch evening TV though. I missed the second hour of The Bachelorette. Oh well, at least I was awake to see my grandkids last weekend.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Ed and thank you Argyle.

Knew neither LAPIS LAZULI nor LASH LARUE, but they perped in easily enough.

Figured out AXL ROSE with the 53D anagrammed west coast airport clue and no perps.
Guns N' Roses - Patience is perhaps the softest song they did.

No Auto- Tune needed. AXL ROSE was once named the 'World's Greatest Singer" based on a study of vocal ranges. Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine In response, he reeled off of other singers that he would prefer to listen to rather than himself.

PK, from yesterday. Congratulations on your granddaughter's accomplishment.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. This puzzle began as a bit of a challenge, but I persevered and got it done. We saw La La Land, but were disappointed. It didn't live up to its hype.

I liked the sound of FLU crossing FLOW.

More rain today.

PK: Pablo's daughter Palmona, is a fairly well known artist of jewelry. Out of my pocketbook range, though.

QOD: If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it. ~ Margaret Fuller (May 23, 2017 ~ June 19, 1850).

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Ed Sessa, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Good Tuesday level puzzle. Found the theme after I finished.

Just had MAGMA the other day and now LAVAS. Same stuff I think.

We get EGG ROLLS at the Filipino Commandery, Silangan. They are delicious. I like them better than the Chinese version.

I remember LASH LA RUE. That goes way back.

I actually knew SERAPH. Good for me.

Have to walk the dog for a few minutes, guard the crossing, go to the dentist, prepare my vegetable garden for planting, and go to a Grotto dinner in Elmhurst tonight. That is my day. so far.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Wow - lots of unknowns for a Tuesday - lapis lazuli, Lana Lang, Avila, seraph,Lash Larue (but I do know Snidely Whiplash). Erased Carla for Diane (I liked the smart-ass Carla better), and I had the potato in an oven instead of a SACK.

TTP from yesterday - I get the two confused. Falling Waters is where vessels are documented in the USA (meaning state registration numbers are not required, among other benefits). Robert Byrd of WV was one of the best pork politicians ever, and I'll bet he is responsible for landing the office there.

Thanks Ed and Santa for a solid Tuesday effort.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I noticed the L-L, but not the La-La. Dagnabit! Missed the theme again. LASH LARUE -- you've gotta be a real old fart to remember that name. Yeah, I do. Thanx, Ed and Agyle.

Glen Campbell was a one-time member of The Champs (Tequila), but not when they recorded that hit. Shortest lyrics ever -- "Tequila"

Hungry Mother said...

I hated "Lala Land", way overrated. I thought this was pretty tough for someone younger than I.

Yellowrocks said...

Quick little Tuesday puzzle. POOL made for a quick start. I saw the LA LA connection early on with LANGUAGE LAB and LANA LANG. CSO to La La Linda.
GEO caching reminded me of CE Dave. Do you still participate, Dave? My brother and SIL used to be into it, but now my SILL has serious heart problems.
I like my EGG ROLLs with hot Chinese mustard. I find the duck sauce too sweet.
I guess I must be old. I remember LASH LARUE. I think I saw him in reruns and movies on TV, later on.

I love the sound of LAPIS LAZULI, which makes it memorable.I learned it from historical novels. Wiki says,"It was used in the funeral mask of Tutankhamun (1341–1323 BC).
At the end of the Middle Ages, lapis lazuli began to be exported to Europe, where it was ground into powder and made into ultramarine, the finest and most expensive of all blue pigments. It was used by some of the most important artists of the Renaissance and Baroque, including Masaccio, Perugino, Titian and Vermeer, and was often reserved for the clothing of the central figures of their paintings, especially the Virgin Mary."

We taught the difference between magma and lava. Lava is hot molten rock that already erupted; while magma is what is inside earth's crust.

Congrats to PK's granddaughter. How wonderful!

CanadianEh! said...

Speed run this morning which was nice after the holiday weekend. Thanks Ed and Argyle.

I got the LA LA themes early which helped. Last to fall was CRAZIER because I had misspelled LAPUS LAZULI as Lapuli.
I had heard of LASH LARUE. Perps filled in ACLU and EEO which are not as familiar to Canadians but I am learning from CWs.

We had a hockey discussion recently. It does not matter how many shots are ON GOAL, it is the shots that go in that matter! Intense game last night in Nashville. Will they face Ottawa or Pittsburgh in the finals? The

OREOs are cookies today not biscuits, and ERROL has only one L.

I am used to plum sauce with my EGGROLLs.
CHER is well-preserved. She and Celine Dione were featured on award show the other night.

Enjoy the day.

SwampCat said...

I was on the right wave length for this one. Breezed through. Guess I'm getting old to remember Lash Larue and Errol Flynn! Thanks, Ed. My only nit was lava . Is molten rock still rock? Maybe so. It filled in easily anyway.

And thanks for the tour, Argyle. I loved the music.

TTP said...

Jinx, thanks. I did not know that about Falling Waters. Such a small town to have that role, so yeah, there must have been some political connection.

I read the Wikipedia entry on Lash LaRue and then watched some of the YouTube videos. Before my time.

Also, ARTEL from yesterday. We've had it five times before. Four of those were on Sunday. CC mentioned in one of the reviews that China also had that concept.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I enjoyed this as I do all of Mr. Sessa's offerings. Saw the theme early but only the L L, until the clever reveal with La La Land. There was a little crunch here and there but no real hang-ups. I remembered Magma from other puzzles, as well as Lapis Lazuli but needed perps for the correct spelling. Also thought of CED at geocaching.

Thanks, Ed, for a Tuesday treat and thanks, Argyle, for guiding the way.

PK, it sounds like you're getting closer to getting back on a normal sleep schedule; I hope it continues.

Have a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

Here are Cher and Celine at the Billboard Music Awards (sorry , i can't link on my iPad)

Welcome back Hahtoolah. Happy to see your QODs again.

RIP Roger Moore.

Big Easy said...

After filling LANGUAGE LAB and LANA LANG the LA was obvious and LA LA LAND was sure to be somewhere in the puzzle. Mr. Sessa almost had the LAST LAUGH because I've heard of the gemstone but really didn't know the spelling of LAPIS LAZULI- thank you perps.

I've never watched GMA or 'Cheers' so LARA and DIANE were perps. I didn't think DUANE would be a waitress's name but LAZULE looked as good as LAZULI, as I had never seen it written before, and as long as DW doesn't want me to buy any I hope to never see any of it either.

BAR- could have been the answer to 57A- 'Place to de-stress'

MJ said...

Good day to all!

I enjoyed today's puzzle from Ed. Fun theme. Thanks for the expo and musical links, Argyle. So sad that "Over the Rainbow" singer Israel passed away at such a young age.

Enjoy the day!

CrossEyedDave said...

Once again, posting before doing the puzzle...

Just had to let Anonymous T know I would have responded
to yesterdays late nite if I was awake.

Sorry about the crickets.

I dunno,there is something about math problems that makes my eyes glaze over...
(with apologies to Bill G:)

Oh well, maybe this will help. (10:02:09???)

(now where did I put todays puzzle?)

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

A scurry of marmots crossed our lawn early this morning. Mother woodchuck instructing her 3 kits? in the finer arts of furtively eating the neighbor's grass.

Easy one today.Always like puzzles with fill like CRUX and LAZULI. No searches were needed.
KEEL - In addition to THE keel, our ship had a Bilge KEEL on each side. (Bilge Keel is a piece of plate set perpendicular to a ship’s shell along her bilges [near the chine] for about one third her length to reduce rolling). One day the leading portion of the bilge keel began to break away from the hull during rough weather. It acted like a large spring loaded hammer and kept rapping the hull outside my berthing compartment. (No sleep that night.) The damage was deemed serious enough that we were released from the task group to proceed to port where divers could cut it away. It would be fully repaired at the next scheduled dry docking. We then rejoined the Task Group with the partial Bilge Keel, and completed our scheduled at-sea period.

Lucina said...

Thank you to Ed Sessa for a clever puzzle. I was on his wave length and buzzed along nicely to the end. I'm in the "old enough" group to know about LASH LARUE and ERROL Flynn. LAPIS LAZULI is also familiar for the reasons given by Yellowrocks: historical novels about medieval times and how artists created their colors. It was expensive even then.

LANGUAGE LAB is something with which I'm very familiar. We had a good one at the college where I taught.

Ditto on my opinion of LALALAND, way over rated. The Oscar should have gone to Hidden Figures or Fences, IMHO.

Nice CSO to CED at GEO caching; he is the reason I even know about it.

Hahtoolah, it's always nice to see you back. I miss you.

I'm enjoying my new computer, a Lenovo; the laptop is fine for temporary usage but the PC is better.

Have a delightful day, everyone!

CrossEyedDave said...

I don't Geocache as much as I used to,
since they changed the website format I have trouble navigating it...

I am not sure if you have to log on to view it,
but if you type in GC28V2R you should be able to see my Geocache
that I hid about 5 years ago. Of course it is a "puzzle" cache...

Part one will take you to a small unknown park that has a sundial made from a girder
that was part of the World Trade Center.

In order to find the coordinates for part 2, you have to read the
inscriptions on the memorials there.

Part 2 is another hidden park, with a lake, and trails around it.
Great place to walk the dog,or go fishing. It is stocked with Bass.

AnonymousPVX said...

Kind of an easy one today, perfect for Tuesday. No issues. The L/L thing made it easy, even as I dislike theme puzzles, this one was fine.

Wilbur Charles said...

Owen. C-Moe didn't like grades, just Pass/Fail. So for his good ones I created Pass with Distinction. And for your excellent efforts yesterday, I added***s.

I could use (g)ood, (G)rear and (E)xcellent.

This was a smooth Tuesday with a nice twist. I smoked through in a big hurry. I was wondering how to spell LAPIS LAZULI.

There was a Western on TV that penultimate afternoon October 1951, when my mother got all excited and said change the channel.

I turned in time to watch the Dodgers walking off the field, the "Agony of defeat" carved on their faces.

That's why I don't gamble: AofD Trump's TofV.

I also learned from Owen that I was using QOD when I meant CSO


Misty said...

I too was a little nervous when I saw it was an Ed Sessa puzzle--expecting a toughie. But what a joy this one turned out to be! I just breezed right through it with no problems whatsoever--and even though there were a number of items I didn't know (LARA LANG, LARA Spencer, SEGA), perps took care of them. I agree with others, that this puzzle was just perfect for our age group. So, many thanks, Ed, for giving me a great Tuesday morning after a tough night's sleep. Totally cheered me up! And great pics, as always, Argyle.

Have a great day, everybody!

Wilbur Charles said...

But it wasn't LASH LARUE. Maybe Hopalong Cassidy

Husker Gary said...

-Just back from a round of golf where I could see my breath!
-I really enjoyed doing Ed’s fine puzzle before I went.
-Arbor Day home. The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time is now.
-Many times those TIE IN’S are with fast food places or cereals but…
-Most people add a letter when saying ORANGATAN and omit a letter when saying dentist
-LA LA LAND did not live up to its hype for me
-CHER has had more work done than a fully restored ’57 Chevy but who cares

PK said...

Hahtoolah, thanks for the Paloma clip which I found interesting. Also thanks for the invitation to LA. Don't expect to get down there unless my health improves. But it might happen.

I just happened to tune into the Billboard Awards the other night to see Cher. Wouldn't it be nice to have a ton of money to spend on plastic surgeons and a glam team to keep an old facade looking young? She's 71! But it must hurt a little to have all those cut and mold things done. And then prancing around in high heel shoes... I don't think my Nike basketball shoes would look right with all those sequins. Bless her talented heart. Always enjoyed her endeavors from first years on TV.

Yellowrocks said...

Lucina, did you read Tracy Chevalier's Girl with the Pearl Earring, a great tale? In the painting Vermeer used ultramarine made with lapis lazuli. One time I chose LAZULI for a gazillion points in Scrabble. My sisters didn't believe me.
I have read many Egyptian novels from the time of Tutankhamun, where lapis lazuli was mentioned.
Cheers was fun in reruns. I have seen many episodes.
Canadian Eh, I am sure I would like plum sauce on my egg rolls. Do you use hoisin? The other day I tried a hoisin glaze on salmon. Excellent change of pace, although our favorite for salmon is a miso glaze.
Satchmo (Louie Armstrong) always comes to mind when I hear What a Wonderful World.

TINBENI at the Library said...

Good Job on the write-up Argyle.

ED: Thank you for a FUN Tuesday puzzle. Probably my favorite of "yours" ever.

Fave today, of course, was the answer NEAT ... the only way to drink scotch at Villa Incognito.


CrossEyedDave said...


the puzzle is done,

it has been discussed at length,

but one of the interesting things about reading this Blog,
is that the puzzle, and comments can take you in many different directions.

This is where it took me today.

& also here,30 years later...

RIP Roger Moore

Bill G said...

Hi everybody.

That was a very pleasant Tuesday puzzle. I did well with hardly any need for a red letter. Thanks Ed and Argyle.

I've bought Barbara several nice pieces of jewelry made of lapis lazuli. It's a beautiful blue semi-precious stone and not very expensive (in spite of Mr. Easy's dissent).

Ol' Man Keith said...

Fitting it is that today brings us another spelling of ERROL, the one with which, I wager, most of us are familiar. From Robin Hood to Don Juan, he championed our youth. Sadly, the image was tarnished by unnecessary newspaper accounts of his final days. I hated to see photos of the bloated face of our once glorious Robin. But he crammed a lot of living into fifty short years.

Thanks for the memory, Mr. Sessa, and for the pleasant Tuesday pzl. Thank you, Argyle, for your commentary - and for posting again the most delightful rendition of Over the Rainbow.

Lucina said...

Yes, I read The Girl With the Pearl Earring, loved it, and have the DVD. That's one of the books where I encountered LAPIS LAZULI but I believe there have been others, too. It's a wonderful book and movie, greatly enhanced by the presence of Colin Firth, of course.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks ED for a fun puzzle. For a Tuesday, this had some crunch; AVILA next to SERAPH; LASH LARUE [vaguely recall hearing that], LAPIS LAZULI [never heard it]. All's well that ends as such.

Thanks Argyle. I don't have time to listing to all the great songs you link'd [Pop's here and we have kids' performances today]; If Pop knocks off early, I'll go back...

WO: AGAVa; EOC b/f EEO, LANA LANe b/f I ROLL'd the EGG.
ESPs: See para 1.

Fav: RASTA; made me think of "That's my RASTA guy.... Slappin' da' baas" in the Funny or Die RUSH sketch.

CED - I'll listen to the crickets later too :-)


Gotta run. Cheers, -T

CanadianEh! said...

Yr and Lucina, I read The Girl with the Pearl Earring (on the recommendation of someone here on the blog, YR I think) and thoroughly enjoyed it.
I just finished The Woman in Cabin 10 and it was a good read!

YR, I must try hoisin or miso on salmon. I often just steam it with lemon thyme.

Bill G said...

Hi again.

Barbara just got back from the doctor. The Sword of Damocles has moved away from our heads. The doctor congratulated her for a clear CT scan. Both of us have been worried sick. Whew, what a relief!

TTP said...

Bill, that's good news ! Glad to hear it !

TTP said...


You should have seen Mike Scott pitch that clinching no-hitter. I watched it, albeit on tv. Great day among many in 'Stros history.

Best I ever saw, except perhaps Steve Blass' two complete games in the Pirates '71 World Series victories against the Orioles, or Doc Ellis' supposed LSD no hitter.

Yellowrocks said...

Bill and Barbara, great news!

Bill G said...

While getting my bike on my car for the drive down to the beach and back, a high school girl walked by. I started to say Hi but she had an unhappy mien about her. Maybe her boyfriend just broke up with her or maybe she just got a bad grade on a final or ... maybe she just has an unfortunate BRF (Bitchy Resting Face). I hope someone has her best interest at heart and can help her fix it. That unpleasant demeanor is going to continually work against her in life. A pleasant personality and friendly smile will open a lot of doors.

Irish Miss said...

Bill G and Barbara ~ That is the best news I've heard in a very long time!

Wilbur Charles said...

I echo the corner in congratulating Bill and Barbara on the great news.

I've heard about Doc Ellis and the magic dust no-hitter. That's a lot of baseball excitement from the 1967 Redsox, '68 Tigers 69 Mets, the Orioles defeat of the invincible Reds and the Pirates doing the same to those invincible Orioles.

Hmm. ORIOLE Sunday, REDs and METs Monday.


PK said...

Wonderful news, Bill and Barbara, thank you for sharing it with us.

I read "Girl With a Pearl Earring" years ago and liked it. However, I didn't remember lapis lazuli in it, although I do remember he was grinding pigments and mixing his paints.

Did anyone else watch the Dancing With The Stars finale? I voted for Normani & Val and thought she deserved better than third but I liked Rashad & Emma okay. Just thought Normani was best. I don't like all the flashing lights they have incorporated into the show especially spot/searchlight beams behind the dancers. I feel they detract from the dancing.

Lucina said...

Bill G:
That is wonderful news for you and Barbara! I'm so happy for you both.

Bill G said...

Thank you all for your thoughtful sentiments. It's quite a load that's been lifted, that's for sure.

Anonymous T said...

Bill G. - That's great news! There's no fun in awaiting ones fate - especially one that 'big!' Thanks too for sharing a win; those are always great to hear.

OKL - I forgot earlier - {A-, B+}

TTP - I wasn't in HOU when Mike Scott was (or was still a Cubs fan) but I've watched those gems on tape. Kinda sucks knowing how it ends but the raw talent is fun.

Speaking of fun... We saw Youngest's talent at the 'show.' We were the only "adults" (I use that loosely for me & Pop :-)) in the audience. Her self-ctorreirgraphed dance to a Hamilton (the play) song sent the crowd wild as she did a plié and then landed in full-split on the floor.
Eldest sang solo tonight (after we got back in the auditorium from the halls after a Tornado Warning) and nailed it. She was also awarded / presented with the scholarship from the HS for her future voice endeavors.

Pop and I will be playing with power-tools tomorrow so I'll type-in if I still have all my fingers ;-)

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

You must be so proud of your daughters! They are all so talented. They undoubtedly have good genes.

Bill G said...

AnonT, congratulations for your and your girls. Very excellent! You always come across as a proud and caring poppa.

Has the eldest starting going out on dates? How are you coping? I thought it might be hard for me but I mostly managed very well (I thought).

Anonymous T said...

Lucina & Bill G - I am proud of these girls. We gave them space to explore (and $$!) and around town DW toted & doted [DW's the loving one, I just say s*** like I see it; they run to her for 2/3rds of their issues [there's a math puzzle in there somewhere]).

Both girls have finished their AP exams and papers are turned in so they get to 'skip' school for the rest of the week. They want to go to visit their teachers. Nerds. I've successfully bred nerds! [insert It's Alive!!! here :-)]

Ooh, Ooh, Other fun today - Garden to table BLTs w/ my 1st two LOOT'd from the back-forty* heirloom tomatoes (saved them for Pop - he just got his 'maters in). Eldest was here for lunch so she got one w/ Pop & me (actually, we BEASTs had 2 EA). Youngest is sore 'cuz she was at school -- and all she got were the pictures we texted :-).

Pop's turned in; y'all have a great night too!

Cheers, -T
*I call it the back-forty; it's just the 85sq-ft behind the garage.

Picard said...

Fun, quick ride!

As PK noted: I am puzzled that Ed felt it necessary to say more about Picasso! I visited the Picasso Museum in Antibes which is a short train ride from Nice. A very beautiful area.

Our guide explained that Picasso was a shrewd businessman as well as a skilled artist. He was able to sell every doodle and rough sketch. Certainly no starving artist.