May 31, 2017

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 Samuel A. Donaldson

Theme: here is it is in full.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

20. 2010 Best Picture Oscar winner : THE KING'S SPEECH.

27. Become born-again, perhaps : GET RELIGION.

37. United Nations gathering : GENERAL ASSEMBLY.

44. Self-publishing option : VANITY PRESS.

The theme fill contain some of the key words of the specified rights, and the unifier seals the deal.

52. Source of the freedoms found at the ends of this puzzle's four other longest answers : FIRST AMENDMENT.  Of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Well, here we have the two things that we do not discuss here - politics and religion. We do need to report on and discuss the content of the puzzle - and most particularly the theme - but let's all please respect the spirit of the ground rules.  The theme is well timed, coming during the week of Memorial Day.

So, let us ASSEMBLE our wits, PRESS on, and SPEAK FREELY about the rest of this puzzle.


1. Resorts with body wraps : SPAS.  Saunas, towels and robes.

5. Hook-shaped ski lift : J-BAR.  

9. Canon setting : F STOP.  The ratio of a camera's focal length to the diameter of its aperture, hence a dimensionless number relating to lens speed.

14. Formal agreement : PACT.  Treaty, deal, settlement.

15. Deep sea predator : ORCA.  AKA killer whale

16. PEN/Faulkner, for one : AWARD.   Recognition for achievement.

17. Wastes away : ATROPHIES.  Withers, shrives, shrinks.

19. Beantown team : CELTS.  Pro basketball.

22. Env. insert : ENClosure.

23. Former Mississippi senator Trent : LOTT.  Was in the House of Representatives from 1972 to 1988, then in the Senate from 1989 to 2007.  In 2008, opened a lobbying firm with former Senator John Breaux.  Careful, now.  More politics.

24. Post-J.D. degree : LLM.  Legum Magister, Latin for Master of Laws.  [In Latin the plural of a word is abbreviated by repeating the initial.]

33. Ready for a kick, with "up" : TEED.  In football, a kick off is generally executed with the ball placed on a kicking tee.

35. Society page word : NEE.   From the French word for "born," generally referring to a married woman's maiden name.

36. City bonds, for short : MUNIS.  Municipal Bonds are securities issued by a local authority to finance a capital project.  The are frequently exempt from federal taxation.

41. Layer with a hole : OZONE.  An upper atmospheric layer. 

42. Pocatello sch. : ISU.  Idaho State University.  Their mascot is Benny the Bengal.

43. "The Da Vinci Code" priory : SION.  Well - this is confusing.

48. Health products chain : GNC.  General Nutrition Center.

49. One who may converse in Erse : GAEL. Gaelic person from Ireland or Scotland. 

50. Top bond rating : AAA.  Indicating the highest degree of credit worthiness.

59. Argue with : JAW AT.  

60. One selling wheels : CAR DEALER.   "Wheels" being vernacular for a vehicle.

61. Online party notice : E-VITE.  A portmanteau of electronic and invitation.

62. Pelee Island's lake : ERIE.  Located in Canadian waters, but for me, this hits close to home.

63. Zilch : ZERO.  Nada, nuthin'.

64. Decreases in strength : WANES.   Or any other measurable characteristic.

65. Phone-answering asst. : SEC'Y.  Administrative Assistant.

66. Social sci. major : ECONomics.  The flip side of the political coin.


1. Cross words : SPAT.  An argument.

2. Way to go : PATH.  A route from point A to point B.

3. Farm fraction : ACRE.  Land area measure.

4. Feed with fuel : STOKE.  Specifically, solid fuel, as coal.

5. WWE wrestler in the film "Trainwreck" : JOHN CENA.  No idea.

6. Naval lockup : BRIG.   Jail on a ship.

7. Pocket rockets, at the poker table : ACES.  A holding of pocket aces in the game of Hold 'em.

8. Fight, in the sticks : RASSLE.  Wrestle, in the city.

9. Video chat option : FACE TIME.  Proprietary Apple app.

10. Trees with fragrant sap : SWEET GUMS.

11. Gymnast's powder : TALC.   Used to absorb moisture and as a dry lubricant.

12. Straight: Pref. : ORTH.  From the Greek.

13. Troopers' gps. : PDs.  Police Departments.

18. Troubling engine sound : PING.

21. D.C. figure : POLitician.

24. No. 2 at the statehouse : LT. GOV.  Lieutenant Governor.

25. Talk show host who won "The Celebrity Apprentice" in 2015, familiarly : LEEZA.  Gibbons.

26. Runners occupying bases : MEN ON.  They want to go home, but often do not get there.

28. No. in a contacts list : TELephone.

29. Broadcast again : REAIR.

30. With a lot at stake : IN BIG.   As a wager or financed deal.

31. Rub __: lubricate : OIL ON.

32. "Bye Bye Bye" boy band : NSYNC.  Mainly popular in the late 90's

34. Bad-mouth : DENIGRATE.  Disparage, belittle, denigrate.

38. Samples again, during cooking : RETASTES.  This entry feels awfully strained, and not especially in the language.

39. Memphis-to-Mobile dir. : SSE.   Tennessee to Alabama.

40. "The Partridge Family" actress : SUSAN DEY.  [b 1952]

45. To date : YET.  Up to now.

46. Pre-curtain call : PLACES.  Everyone get into position.

47. "Smooth Operator" singer : SADE.

51. Floor : AMAZE.  Frex: I was floored by that revelation.

52. Broad bean : FAVA.  Pairs well with a nice Chianti.

53. Triumphant shout : I WIN.

54. Stable mother : MARE.  Just horsing around.

55. Old Norse explorer : ERIC.  When you get exiled for being too obnoxious even for the Vikings to put up with, you might as well go sight seeing.

56. Util. bill : ELECtricity.

57. Detective Wolfe : NERO.  Created by Rex Stout.

58. 1982 sci-fi film with a 2010 sequel : TRON.

59. Passover observer : JEW.  Start with politics, end with religion.  Passover commemorates the Israelites departure from ancient Egypt.

Well, folks, that wraps up another Wednesday.  Hope you were able to exercise your freedoms and still get through the puzzle without too many arguments.

Cool Regards!

43 comments: said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks to Sam and JzB!

A few things gave me pause: LLM, ISU, JOHN CENA, LEEZA and SADE. All perped at least partly. Otherwise OK.

Have a great day!

TTP said...

Good morning.

Thank you Sam and thank you JazzBumpa

No TADA, with two dumb errors. Making a lot of typos lately and dropping entire words in my emails.

Became become. GET got. Wrong tense in my answer there. I would have recognized JOHN CENA had read the clue.

Faulkner got A WARt. I knew the perp was PDS, and that D was what made AWARD obvious, but none the less, he got a wart.

The L in LEEZA was my last fill.

Gotta run. TTYL !

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This one had some nice stuff in it (DENIGRATE, SWEETGUMS, ATROPHIES), and some not so nice (JOHN CENA, JBAR, LLM, RETASTES). Overall, I liked it. No write-overs to own up to. Thanks Samuel not-the-newsman and JzB.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but needed lots of perps. Didn't know J bar, but all the skiing I have done involves a tow rope and a flotation belt. I've heard of a Faulkner award (I think), but don't know where PEN fits in. I erased LLD for LLM, which is new to me. My geographic ignorance was exposed with Pocatello and Pelee Island. I'm glad I didn't know the WWE guy, but probably should get to know FAVA beans.

I don't think of "arguing" for JAW AT, I think of what a drill sergeant does to a recruit. Also thought OIL ON was clumsily clued, but have to admit that ever since I was a teen I fantasied about rubbing OIL ON SUSAN DEY. (Hey, the rules don't mention "no creepy".)

Big Easy from yesterday - I used to drive by Hughes Helicopters on my way to my boat in Marina del Rey, CA and have seen copters chained to the ground while hovering above a platform. Sometimes the old ways are best.

Thanks for the challenge, Samuel Donaldson. And thanks to Jazz B for the nice write-up.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Pretty good puzzle - only the one nit.

I have to send my lap top off for repairs, so I'll be out of touch for a while.

The Royals bring up a rookie for his first start and the Tigers make him look like Cy Young. The entire team can't hit. Sad.

Cool regards!


Lemonade714 said...

Truly a puzzle that opened the door to C.C.'s 3 commandments and coincided with the the religious giving of the 10 commandments starting last night Shavout for educational purposes.

I love the creation of the SION mythology and prefer the Kevin Smith view DOGMA rather than the the DaVinci Code .

Fava beans also go well with brains I am told.

Thanks Samuel and JzB

Hungry Mother said...

Very crunchy for me today, but I slogged through it. I'm not a fan of abbvs or names.

Anonymous said...

LLM and JD are good examples of misnomers or, at least, a reversal of terms. LLM = "master of laws" is, as the clue indicates, one step up from JD = "juris doctor" = "doctor of jurisprudence" (sometimes translated as "doctor of law," but there is no such word as "juris" alone in Latin; "lex" is Latin for "law").

In the academic world a doctor's degree is higher than a master's; in the lawyer world it's the reverse. The JD is equivalent to a master's degree, not a Ph.D. = "doctor of philosophy." It's just a step up from a bachelor's degree (and sometimes not even that, as there are still law schools that accept students with only three years of college). Some law schools issue LLB = "bachelor of laws" degrees to first-level graduates instead of JD's.

But then there is the LLD = "doctor of laws" (note the plural, as in LLM). An LLD degree is higher yet than an LLM.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

OK for a Wednesday. thought a few of the fill like INBIG were a little bland, I really liked the long downs such as DENIGRATES, SWEET GUMS, and FACE TIME. Most of it fell easily enough, but I had to Google the 2nd L in LLM; because I didn't know LEEZA, either.
FAVA - Considered 'lima' but the F and V clinched it.
PING - "Give me a ping, Vasili. One ping only, please."
ERIE - WSJ had a great clue the other day - I'm paraphrasing: "Lake often used in crossword puzzles"

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Samuel Donaldson, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Jazzbumpa, for a fine review.

Got through ,out of this easily for a Wednesday. Caught the theme. Very good. "THE KING'S SPEECH" was one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Had a problem with LEEZA and OZONE. Got them eventually.

My old lake again, ERIE. Yes, half of it is in Canada.

Tried SECR before the Y became obvious.

I really liked THE DA VINCI CODE book and movie. Book better.

No idea who JOHN CENA is.

Of course I spelled RASSLE wrong the first pass.

Off to my day. Our Crossing Guard end-of-year meeting and luncheon will be happening in a couple hours. What will I do each morning now? Guess I could work the crossword.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Husker Gary said...

-I’ll be right with you after I stow some opinions of mine
-I had no idea on _EEZA but L seemed logical for L_M and so I got ‘er done
-I’m always smarter after a Jazz write-up. BTW, I watched that KC game last night and the cameras spent as much time on his beautiful mother as on him
-An alternate take on GETTING RELIGION
-Astronaut muscles ATROPHY significantly while weightless in orbit
-NEE – If Sally Johnson-Rogers has a child with Bill Olson, what is the babies surname?
-Our E-VITE for a graduation party last week had the wrong address and we wound up 25 miles away. What do you mean that was no accident?
-It turns out that one of my favorite lines has no elements of GAELIC.
-Farmland a mile from here was worth $6,000/ACRE. Costco paid $20,600/ACRE to use it for their $300,000,000 chicken plant
-Never say RASSLE to a wrestling coach
-Joann has used FACETIME like this to get my opinion
-Under most circumstances I never DENIGRATE someone else’s POL
-Big Easy – interesting info about helicopters yesterday

Big Easy said...

No politics or RELIGION today. Of course writing on a blog is a type of one's personal VANITY PRESS. But we have freedom of SPEECH here- unless C.C. decides it's a no no.

Tougher than the usual Wednesday. Never heard of J-BAR (only T), JOHN CENA, LEEZA, LLM, or Pelee Island and let the crosses had to work, especially the WAG of LEEZA and LLM ( same as TTP)

Anon@8:15. IMHO I think requiring a BS or BA just for admission to Law, Medical, or Dental school can be a monumental waste of the student's time and money. On my two-block street there are three medical students and one Vet school student. Two of the med students are twins that graduated with a 4.0 GPA. One got accepted two years after graduating and two three years after. Starting Med school at age 25 will mean these three won't be earning any money until their 30's. But none of their relatives are doctors and they didn't have the inside track.

Anonymous said...

The King's Speech was in 2011.

Anonymous said...

Not 2010

MJ said...

Good morning to all!

The NE just about did me in. I read 9A as "Cannon setting", and had no idea what PEN/Faulkner alluded to. Finally wagged my way to the finish. Fun puzzle overall. Thanks for the thorough expo, Jazzbumpa.

Enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

No such team as the Celts. The Celtics do play in Boston but there was no abbreviation in the clue. Reair, retaste - meh. Interesting write-up and comments re LLM - learning moment. Happy hump day all. JB2

Whitey said...

The King's Speech was released on Christmas in 2010. It won the Oscar in 2011 for best 2010 picture.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Another "kept me in the dark" until the reveal! I love it! There were a few crunchy places but, overall, a smooth solve. Didn't know John Cena, LLM, J Bar, Sion or Sade, as clued. I know Susan Dey from LA Law; she and Harry Hamlin were an item. I wasn't sure where Pocatello was located but had no hesitation filling in that ubiquitous lake. Hey, Abejo.

Thanks, Mr. D., for a mid-week treat and thanks, JazB, for being such a thoughtful guide.

Ditto on "The King's Speech" being an excellent movie. Colin Firth was superb, as was Geoffrey Rush as his speech therapist. Mr. Rush was on "The Talk" the other day promoting his upcoming "Einstein." I missed hearing whether it's a commercial movie, an HBO special, or some other vehicle but, if possible, I plan to see it. If anyone could capture the essence of Einstein, it's Geoffrey Rush.

I can't see Fava beans without hearing that chilling, creepy voice of Hannibel Lecter, aka, the one and only Anthony Hopkins.

The good news is that right now it's not raining. The bad news is that it's going to later in the day. End of rant.

Have a great day.

CrossEyedDave said...


Rerun b/4 reair

NW Corner did me in, Canon setting=F Stop perped with sweetgums and Greek(orth?)
surrounded by PEN/Faulkner and Beantown sports names?

Also, I misspelled DenEgrates, Oh the vanEty!

And curiously tripped up by 45d To Date = Yet (should have got that...)

Lemon, I must watch "Dogma" again.
It went by in a blur of confusion the 1st time I saw it.
Definitely one movie you need to watch twice!
(God is played by Alanis Morissette?)

(but you can't watch it without reading the disclaimer...)

Hmm, posting a silly link that is PC about the !st Amendment
just doesn't add up...

Lucina said...

Samuel A. Donaldson strikes again! This was clever and a good way to recall our FIRSTAMENDMENT rights.

I loved THEKINGSSPEECH and in fact, watched it again just Friday night. Colin Firth is smooth and superb and Geoffrey Rush is bombastic and competent. Helena Bonham is good, too.

JazzB, that's the first time I've seen an explanation for FSTOP. Thank you! My hesitation came at LLM/MENON so looked it up to reassure myself it was right.

Thank you Samuel and JzB!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

CanadianEh! said...

Tough slog today. Thanks for the workout Samuel and JzB.

I was just not "in the constructor's wheelhouse" today and I will assert my right to claim that I was disadvantaged as a Canadian with many of the clues. I had to rack my brain to remember the First Amendment. Canadians have the Charter of Rights & Freedoms which has a more wide-ranging scope.
"Section 2: which lists what the Charter calls "fundamental freedoms" namely freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of expression, freedom of the press and of other media of communication, freedom of peaceful assembly, and freedom of association."

We don't have troopers in our PDs, LT GOV is at the provincial legislature not the statehouse. I did not remember LOTT although we have had him before. We have Giller AWARD (and others) not PEN. I've never heard them called MUNIS here.
As a result, I found this CW to be a slog and did not really enjoy it. One of these days, I should attempt a Canadian-clued CW. LOL!
One consolation, I did get ERIE and I have been to Pelee Island. Beautiful spot and Canada's most southerly location.

Sen moved to POL, Celt to GAEL, Rerun to REAIR, TBar to JBAR. SAE to ENC, Sect to SECY, LLD to LLM.
Other unknowns were LEEZA, CELTS, ISU.
Yesterday we FOUND GOD; today we GOT RELIGION.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.
Enjoy this one.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! I really liked this fun form of reviewing the FIRST AMENDMENT so soon after Memorial Day. Such importance to our country. Thanks, Sam! (Didn't we just have a puzzle by him?)

CanadianEh! I enjoyed your information on the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms. Thanks.

We don't have Troopers in Police Departments unless you count the appearance of SWAT teams as storm troopers. Nobody calls them that. We have State Troopers patrolling our state highways.

Last to fill was the "J" at square #5 with a red-letter run. Never heard of JBAR or JOHN CENA.

CELT before GAEL then couldn't figure out what the Boston team was on the first pass there. Duh!

As a photo-taking reporter, I used F-STOP daily but never STOPped to understand that the "F" meant Focal. Duh! Thanks for explaining one of the BIG mysteries of my working life, JzB.

SION, re: Gary's link: Apparently there have always been "alternative facts" and "false news".

Yesterday in my hometown paper, writing about Pearl Harbor, a writer misquoted "A Day that will live in Infamy" as "A Day that will live in Infantry". I didn't know whether to laugh or cry for the state of journalism there. The current editor was an art major. Well, she probably knew what F-STOP meant, so I better shut up.

Irish Miss: Raining here. I have to look at the temperature every day. More sweatshirt days in May here than short sleeves.

Misty said...

Well, I rarely have to cheat on a Wednesday, but this was a toughie with too many unknowns (e.g. JOHN CENA, F STOP, GNC)for me to handle easily. Still, I got the theme early and really liked it, so, many thanks, Sam (and welcome back). And what a tactful write-up, JazzB, while drawing our attention to the fact that there sure was a lot of politics in this puzzle. Anyway, this all made for a challenging and interesting start to the day.

CanadianEh, I too appreciated your Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom info, and your observing the sequence of FOUND GOD and GOT RELIGION cracked me up. So did your story about the Infamy/Infantry mix-up, PK.

Irish Miss, is it "Genius" that you'll be watching? I saw the first episode but was turned off by Einstein's handling of women in his life. Not the fault of the program, I suppose, but made me less interested in following his journey.

Abejo, I too feel as though ERIE is beginning to show up in every crossword puzzle I do. But as a Pennsylvanian, I don't mind.

Gloomy day here in California, but can't complain. Have a great day, everybody!

Lucina said...

I also appreciated the civics lesson from you on the various freedoms. That's very interesting about our neighbor to the north. I, for one, don't know enough about Canada.

How I wish there was a way to share some of our warmth with you. Our temps are now in the upper 90s and 100s. I'm now packing for a return trip to Carmel and it's hard thinking about cooler temperatures because it's in the mid 60s there. I am, however, looking forward to that!

Wilbur Charles said...

CED, in a different way I'm helpless about CENA and LEEZA. I know my CELTS though. Like Beantown, CELTS is a nickname.

Whence Beantown? From Boston baked beans which we had on Saturday night with Frankfurters (not hotdogs)

I'll come back later when I get a better connection


Unknown said...

CanadianEh... American's don't have Troopers in their Police Departments either so the NE was a bust for me. I also agree there is no such team as the "celts".

Irish Miss...Genius is on National Geographic Channel. As a lapsed physicist I was interested in the series but it's 80% on who Einstein had carnal relations with rather than the history of the science. Plus they had his first wife speak like a struggling undergraduate physics major rather than an intellectual near equal. The remarkable thing about Einstein was the simplicity of his major theorems. His Gedunkens were my favorite part of my studies. So "Genius" for me is a bust.

Irish Miss said...

Misty and Chuck Lindgren ~ Thank you for the information on "Genius." Where I got the idea that is was titled "Einstein", I have no idea. Probably from the same brain cells that prompted me to mix up Pablo and Pancho (Harrison) the other day. Based on your critiques, my interest in watching it is waning, Geoffrey Rush notwithstanding.

Where is Tin, BTW?

SwampCat said...

I guess I was on the right wavelength. Not as tough for me as some. There were lots of unknowns, as others have mentioned but it all fit together for me. The timing of the theme was great Thanks Samuel. And JazzB, you cleared up some mysteries. Thanks!

Jayce said...

I liked the theme and much of the fill. Didn't know JOHN CENA, SWEET GUMS, or what PEN is. For too long I was thinking of Canon in some sort of religious sense, not the camera. Nice job, Mr. Donaldson.

Does stating the historical fact that Trent Lott was a senator from 1989 to 2007 violate the no politics rule? Does stating the objective fact that observing Passover is a Jewish tradition violate the no religion rule? Does my above statement about Canon violate the no religion rule?

Best wishes to you all.

Argyle said...

"PEN" is an acronym for Poets, Editors and Novelists... ~ Wiki.

AnonymousPVX said...

Got the solve, no thanks to what I consider very sloppy clueing.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Today we have a pointed lesson in the power of private assembly. Congress can't make any rules forbidding political or religious chat, but WE can! None of that bunk here!

Jayce, I'll venture to say you're on safe ground. The very cautious nature of your comments underscores your respect for the Corner's rules.

I join you and JzB in admitting to ignorance re. Mr. CENA. My lack of knowledge is even broader, as my wife had to supply SUSAN DEY for me.

Mr. Donaldson, thank you for reminding us of our precious freedoms, rights that are all the more to be celebrated and honored in the present era.
(Oops, did that slip by me?)

Yellowrocks said...

We have a higher standard of civility in our home than just meeting first amendment rights.The same is true with employers and clients. I appreciate the Corner's civility standards. Otherwise I would not partake. Thank you, CC for the warm family atmosphere here.

PK said...

Owen, are you stuck in the doldrums again? I'm thinking fresh winds for your sails. Let us know you are okay.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

FIW - I had LrM > J.D., GoT RELIGION, and SECr [oh that DEY! who we see all the time (I had DEe b/f SECr). Thanks IM]. Oh well, it was mostly fun Samuel. Thanks.

Thanks JzB for the expo, fixing my bad squares, and kicking off the after-ASSEMBLY of cruciverbalists who are mindful of the limits of SPEACH at the Corner.

WOs: I put ACRE in at 14a; OILiN; I started writing Weaken in 64a b/f I realized I'd soon be short of squares

Fav: TRON - I loved that video game as a pre-teen at the arcade. I knew the patterns and could usually get through level-ALGOL.

What D-O said re: Sparkle (and less-sparkly).

CED - D'Oh! I had Dogma on my list a long time ago and never got a round tuit [mine start square and they take time to round-off the corners :-)] The credits are funny and made me think of another movie's credits [3:50]

C, Eh! - A Canadian Theme'd Pzl? Take-off, eh? :-)

Cheers, -T
mmm... Mckenzie, Trebek - can't add those to a word easily, but Moose Head beer [14] (not quite 'cuz it's real), ooh,ooh, RUSH hour traffic [15].

Lucina said...

I would love to see a crossword puzzle by AnonymousPVX. I'm sure it would be perfect in every respect.

Wilbur Charles said...

The SION link was interesting. I got wrapped up in HBHG when it was first published. Learned a lot of non-traditional history.

Note: ORTHodox historians were very late in accepting ERIC The Red's successor Leif Erickson's discoveries

I was a big Rex Stout fan. I liked his early ones

This was a nice xword from Mr D. and the usual excellent write-up from JzB

Yes Owen, come lay some licks on us. Or quatrains.


RetFizz said...

Late, as usual. I've been away from the Corner for ages, but still doing all the puzzles. Busy, busy. Thanks to Samuel and JzBo. The puzzle seemed fairly easy - I looked for the theme clue early, which helped. Stuck on Canon; thinking of my ex-BOL, a former canon in the Episcopal Church. The problem was starting the answer with FC. Coming back after a break, the answer jumped out at me.

I have comments on Comments:
Jinx - that’s water skiing you're describing, not skiing (sniff).
PK - actually, your paper got the quote doubly wrong; the correct version is "... a date which will live in infamy."
Misty - You must be near the coast. We often get June Gloom in coastal CA - morning marine layer that usually burns off later.
Chuck Lindgren and others - Don’t judge Genius by the 1st episode. It's based on Walter Isaacson’s bio, the best (of several) I’ve ever read. He did an amazing job of explaining Gedanken (thought) experiments.

CC: Should I re-post this for Thursday's pzl? I have a suspicion that you check for late posts like this one.

Picard said...

Politics and religion represent our deepest values. The whole point of the FIRST AMENDMENT is to have open discussions of our deepest values. Not because it feels good. But because it is the key to a successful democracy.

I once witnessed an ORCA killing a baby whale as its mother helplessly watched. ORCAs don't look as cute anymore for me.

Correctly did a WAG at the unknown crossing of LLD and LEEZA. But FIW when I spelled her name SUSAN DAY. Hand up with Jinx that I totally had a crush on her back in the day.

Thanks, Jazzbumpa, for explaining PDS which for some reason I did not understand.

Anonymous said...

Typo on 20 across:The 2010 Best Picture Oscar Winner should read 2011 Best Picture Oscar Winner.

Argyle said...

Whitey said...
The King's Speech was released on Christmas in 2010. It won the Oscar in 2011 for best 2010 picture.
May 31, 2017 at 10:29 AM

See, the award ceremony was held in 2011 but the awards were for the Best whatever in 2010. "The award for Best Picture in 2010 is The King's Speech" was spoken in 2011. Best Picture 2011 probably hadn't even been seen yet.

Unknown said...

Thank you! I wrote in the Hurt Locker as that was best pic in 2010!

Unknown said...

Thank you! Best pic of 2010 was The Hurt Locker! Got stuck on this!!!