Jun 1, 2017

Thursday June 1st 2017 Agnes Davidson & C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Hide from GOgres: Three kinds of bedding, three little words hiding beneath them.

As  you can see in the grid, the word "GO" is found beneath three sets of covers as the reveal explains:

62A. What narcs may do ... or what can literally be found in three pairs of puzzle answers : GO UNDER COVER

Agnes, AKA Irish Miss here on the blog and C.C. back with another joint effort. Neat theme and smooth fill. I did look a little askance at "EMB" but it's not an uncommon entry, so no harm, no foul. What else? Let's hide and go seek:


1. Wines that can be white or red : PINOTS. Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio, for example. Some of the best Pinot Noirs come from the Santa Ynez Valley here in California. I go up there wine tasting two or three times a year. I've got a couple of 2010's in magnum that I should be thinking about drinking soon. Here's one signed by the winemaker, Kathy Joseph.

7. Greetings : HI'S

10. Lighthouse view : SEA

13. Widely recognized : ICONIC. Nice word, nice letter progression for a crossword.

14. Sleep on it : SERTA. Mattress brand.

16. Immediate caregiver, briefly : EMT

17. Highlighted publication part : CENTER SPREAD. Fresh entry, never before seen in the LAT, and a themer to boot.

19. "All Things Considered" airer : NPR

20. Mongrel : CUR

21. Brest bestie : AMIE. Brittany port city. It's really an effort to go to Brest, it's on the west coast of France and not on the way to anywhere else. Any further and you'll fall into the Atlantic Ocean.

22. Howe of hockey : GORDIE. GO Gordie!

24. Singer DiFranco : ANI

25. Halves of some master-servant relationships : GENII. If I tell you that my first try for 6D was SCRAP, then you'll understand why I was a little surprised when a different word appeared here.

27. Little pitchers have big ones, per an old maxim : EARS

28. Pioneering computer : ENIAC. A few computer throwback entries today. All a stroll in the park for me.

30. Stick-in-the-mud : WET BLANKET

33. Cabbage : MOOLAH

35. Insect stage : IMAGO. GO insect emerging from your pupa!

36. Quarterback Roethlisberger : BEN. Pittsburgh Steelers' signal-caller.

37. Nice and easy : NO HASSLE

40. Degree for Dr. Oz : MBA, And an MD. He obtained both degrees when he graduated from Penn in 1984. That's quite some achievement.

43. Southwestern lizards : GILAS

44. Traveling from gig to gig : ON TOUR. I saw U2 on their "Joshua Tree" tour at the Rose Bowl the weekend before last. That's quite a tour, I lost count of the number of big rigs that trucked in the staging and lighting and were parked outside the bowl.

46. Score keeper? : SHEET MUSIC. Nice clue.

51. Takes care of : TENDS

52. Boss of fashion : HUGO. GO suit designer!

53. Procedures involving suction, familiarly : LIPOS

55. FDR agency : NRA

56. "How nice!" : I'M GLAD

59. Bridge, e.g. : GAME. Took a while for the penny to drop on this one.

60. Dandy : FOP

61. Sought office : RAN

66. "Microsoft sound" composer : ENO. Brian, co-producer of  "The Joshua Tree" album. Here's the opening track.

67. Meanies : OGRES

68. Result of a big hit : BRUISE

69. Circle div. : SEG.

70. Vicious of the Sex Pistols : SID. The various "Sid and Nancy" documentaries were fascinating and depressing all at the same time.

71. Levels of society : STRATA


1. Short movie? : PIC

2. Quebec Winter Carnival race vehicle : ICE CANOE. Total guess. Never heard of one. Looks like hard work!

3. Like some workers in an open shop : NON-UNION. Was thinking along the "suntanned" or "frostbitten" lines at first.

4. Seeking exoneration, in a way : ON TRIAL

5. Deadlock : TIE

6. Skinny sort : SCRAG

7. "I found the place!" : HERE IT IS!

8. Wrath : IRE

9. Deer fellow : STAG

10. "Where the Wild Things Are" author : SENDAK

11. Rome, once : EMPIRE

12. Not moving : AT REST

14. Chiropractor's concern : SPINE

15. Bother : ADO

18. Fish-eating duck : SMEW. Pretty-looking thing, unless you're a fish.

23. Truckee Meadows city : RENO. I thought it was a city in its own right, but nope, it's part of Reno.

26. Pioneering PCs : IBMS. They set the standard for commercially-available personal computers. We got one of the first when I worked at a bank in London. We found we had to go buy the operating system DOS which didn't come in the box and the computer didn't have a hard drive, just two floppy drives. Ever wondered why your hard drive is drive C? That's because the two floppies were A and B.

28. Diplomatic HQ : EMB.

29. "Oh, be quiet!" : CAN IT!

31. Composer Schifrin : LALO. Thank you, crosses.

32. Secret Service title : AGENT. I think there was a chance to cross-reference this with the puzzle reveal; perhaps Agnes and C.C. decided against it.

34. Fighter Holly who ended Ronda Rousey's undefeated streak : HOLM. I wouldn't want to run into either of them in a bad mood in a dark alley.

38. Schlep : HAUL

39. Given as homework : ASSIGNED

40. African capital named for an American president : MONROVIA. Learning moment. The capital of Liberia and one of only two national capitals to be named for a U.S. president. Hmm, I wonder which is the other?

41. Capital on the Danube : BUDAPEST. Two cities, Buda and Pest as we've explored before.

42. Horace's "__ Poetica" : ARS

43. Natural sci. : GEOL

45. "Copy that" : TEN-FOUR

46. British counties : SHIRES. A lot of them, but not all. Devon, Cornwall, Avon, Essex, Norfolk are some non-conformists that spring to mind. And remember the lesson I taught you about how to pronounce Worcestershire? You can apply the same principals to Leicestershire. Now Hertfordshire, Herefordshire and Hampshire? A dearth of hurricanes. Also, a dearth of enunciating "shire" in the first two counties. Good luck trying to figure out.

47. Compassionate : HUMANE

48. Creamy quaff : EGG NOG. Staple of the holiday season.

49. Popular tablets : IPADS

50. Show up : COME

54. Some Croatians : SERBS

57. In the past : AGO

58. Ballpark fare : DOGS. GO Dodgers! Or should that be OG Dodgers?!

63. The Rams of the Atlantic 10 Conf. : URI. University of Rhode Island.

64. Old PC component : CRT. Cathode Ray Tube display.

65. Blues-rocker Chris : REA. Let's play out with one of his hits.

That was a fun ride, definitely not a "Road to Hell" - here's the grid!


61 comments: said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks to IM, CC and Steve! (No food, but some wine, for Steve.)

Didn't know BEN and ICE CANOE. Also, REA and MBA.

Computer and iPad Pro both behaving strangely. Gremlins?

Have a great day!

Hungry Mother said...

A bit of a slog today. Wondered if it would be ENIAC or "EDVAC". Nothing really difficult, just a lot of crunchy stuff.

billocohoes said...

LALO Schifrin was a gimme, as he was featured in the credits of Mission: Impossible when I was growing up, for his theme and background music. A lot of other shows and movies too.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Had to trade in my TOBOGGAN for an ICE CANOE. Who knew? Probably CanadianEh! Guess who didn't read the full reveal yet again? I recognized that they were all covers, but totally missed the subterranean GO. Thanx, C.C. and I.M. and Steve for the "mightier than the sword" expo.

My first computer had drives A, B and C, but they were all floppy drives...a "massive" 100K per drive. Operating system in A, program in B and data in C.

Many cargo ships are registered in MONROVIA. Liberia has lax regulations. Similar to why many US corporations are registered in Delaware.

CED, thanx for reminding me of Dogma yesterday. I went diving through the closet, found the DVD and watched it again last night. I'd forgotten just how irreverent, raunchy and hilarious that movie was. Just thinking of George Carlin as a minister makes me smile.

Argyle said...

2-Down: The Lake George Winter Carnival has OUTHOUSE races and it was the right number of letters. Too bad it was wrong.

BobB said...

The other world capitol named for a US president is Washington DC. Did any one think it was Trump?

thehondohurricane said...

Morning all,

Age has got to be catching up with me because nothing is coming easy lately, including the daily XWord challenges and today was no exception. Perseverance made it a successful day, but there were a few ?????'s.

Considering CC was involved, Bruise was not on my mind for 68A.

MONROVIA, Liberia was unknown and sure not on my travel list. I'll stick with our upcoming trip on the Queen Mary from NYC to Eng and back.

Gordie Howe finished his career in Hartford playing for the Whalers. And he could still play, even at his age. Sadly, he passed away recently.

Rain has stopped so I'm hoping I can restore the hayfield that has grown where my lawn once thrived.

kazie said...

Bob Niles, just so you know, not all capitals have capitols. CAPITOL comes from the Latin capitolium, referring to the dome shape of a roof. CAPITAL is used to reference the city.

That said, I didn't do very well here today, mainly due to unknown names. Often, I have to poke away until enough perps appear and I can guess the missing parts. But today I was stuck at the top because of some miss-cues. TEAL for the duck, not knowing SCRAG, SENDAK or GORDIE, and having BETE for AMIE...thinking besties a weird spelling for beasties...meant I was nowhere close in that whole area and never did see the theme despite getting all the bottom half out.

Anonymous said...

Some Croatians are SERBS? Is that like, some Arabs are JEWS?

MJ said...

Good morning to all!

A number of unknowns made this a slow GO today. BEN Roethlisberger, Holly HOLM, HUGO Boss, and Chris REA (we usually get Stephen) all arrived via perps. A clever theme, well executed. Congratulations to C.C. and Irish Miss. Thanks for the informative expo, Steve.

Enjoy the day!

Yellowrocks said...

Neat puzzle, Agnes and CC. Although I got PINOTS, ICONIC and CENTER right off the bat and quickly sussed that the theme involved bed covers, this was still kinda crunchy. I wondered about the pair part of the theme. I never did see the GO under the covers. Clever.
During our wonderful cruise on the Danube we visited BUDAPEST. This was the first I learned: "Budapest became a single city occupying both banks of the Danube river with the unification of Buda and Óbuda on the west bank, with Pest on the east bank on November 17, 1873." Wiki.
We had the A,B, C floppy discs drives in our schools years ago.
Argyle, my sister's town has outhouse races and toilet seat decorating contests on Founders Day.
Ice canoe is new to me.
Anon, your analogy is not accurate. There has been a substantial Serb population in the territory of what is today Croatia since the Early Modern period.
I was surprised Dr. Oz has an MBA.
What is that bright yellow disk in the sky? I vaguely remember seeing it along time ago.

Northwest Runner said...

Trying hard to keep away from politics. Croats and Serbs are ethnic groups. Croatia and Serbia are independent countries. A Croatian is a citizen of Croatia, and some of these people are ethnic Serbs. So the clue and answer are technically correct (but I would also say editorially unwise). As to Anon's comment, Arabs are residents of the Arab world, and while they are primarily Muslim, some observe other religions.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

I agree with Steve's comments on Irish Miss' And C.C.'s puzzle this morning. Fun to solve.

Favorite clue was for SHEET MUSIC. Liked MOOLAH, too. No searches or erasures were needed.
EMB reminded me that as part of my professional "duties", I had been privileged to attend receptions at both the US ambassador's residence in Ottawa, and the Canadian ambassador's residence in Washington.

What was the only US warship to be named for a foreign capital?

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Fun time today - thanks IM & CC. Clever reveal too, Steve, especially your comment on 25A. Let's see, rub lamps and you get GENII, rub (oh never mind). Hand up for missing the GO part of the theme. Cute.

Favorite clue was "score keeper". I missed the Natick of LiLO x IMiGO. I also didn't know that Dr. Oz has an MBA. That's one thing we have in common. HUGO Boss? Chris REA? Thanks, perps. I never thought of Monrovia as being named for Monroe, but I knew the city because of seeing ships of that port of hail, and for working in a telco office (actually it was some of my engineers who worked there, I just visited) in Monrovia, CA.

Anonymous said...

Decent, if not exactly fun, puzzle to me and great write up as always by Steve. At one time, Chicago was said to have the largest population/concentration of Poles outside of Warsaw. Would that mean - some Americans are _____? Needed an alphabet run to get scrag/genii - knew or at least believed penii wasn't right. Score keeper - great clue. Much less enthused about "pic" for short movie. Anyone watching the America's Cup races? JB2

SwampCat said...

Spitzboov, the only warship I know of is USS Canberra (spelling?). From WWII, battle of Okinawa. Is there a more recent one?

Lucina said...

NO HASSLE! That's what this puzzle offered today. Thank you, Agnes, AKA IrishMiss, and C.C. The theme eluded me until Steve uncovered it for me. It's really clever!

My pencil took off like a flash and filled the entire eastern hemisphere in almost no time. The west slowed me down but I got it eventually, one cell at a time. I loved the clue for SHEETMUSIC which also finished HOLM for me.

I had not heard of ICECANOE and was also surprised the Dr. Oz has an MBA. HUGO Boss also took a while to emerge. I have heard of SID Vicious but spelled it SYD and failed to see URI. Drat! I would have known it as a Swiss canton.

But this was enjoyable thanks to Agnes, C.C. and Steve!

I can tell you where that yellow orb is located and delivering very hot rays which I wish I could direct toward you.

Have a delightful day, everyone!

CanadianEh! said...

Great fun today. Thanks Agnes and C.C., and Steve.
I got the theme but completely missed the GO under the covers until Steve explained it.

Yes d'otto, this Canadian knows about ice canoe races. Carnivale in Quebec City in February is great fun (you must dress warmly for it)! The Ice Canoe race takes place below Chateau Frontenac across the St. Lawrence to Levis and back. Not for the faint of heart. Here's a hilarious video with comedian Rick Mercer. If you stick it out to 5:50, you will hear the definition of a Canadian that I have givn you here previously. I will plead the 5th (or 11c under the Canadian Charter) if you ask me whether I am a true Canadian LOL!

Nice to see HOWE instead of ORR for a change.
Also enjoyed the cute sayings CAN IT, I'M GLAD, HERE IT IS.
Favourite clue was for SHEET MUSIC. Spreadsheet could have been a theme answer with a double theme.

Unknowns included LALO and SENDAK. I had Ecol before GEOL.

Enjoy the day!

Spitzboov said...

Swamp Cat. You are right. I think the Canberra served until the 1970's.
Related, we have a DDG named USS Winston S. Churchill, an Arleigh Burke class destroyer.

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, IM and CC, for a fun Thursday puzzle. Very creative! Never heard of Ice Canoe races, but I have played Softball in 3 feet of snow!

Thanks, Steve, for another great write-up. Sorry you didn't get any "FOOD!" entries... maybe next week!

CrossEyedDave said...

Never saw the Go hidden under the cover!
(had a little trouble digesting Ani and Rea,
circled them for Blog explanation...)

Thank you Canadian Eh for the Ice Canoe link!
I was going to research it, but you saved me from
an excruciating, arduous,, (oh,forget it! I'm worn out!)

Obvious link...

Not so obvious link...

I'll be back when my shift is over...

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you CC and Irish Miss, and thank you Steve.

HERE IT IS, my response to today's offering. A delightful puzzle ! Some nice fresh cluing for some crosswordese answers. Got the unassisted TADA, but hand up for failing to notice GO beneath the bed coverings.

Hand up for favorite clue "Score keeper". That one kept me wondering what the answer was going to be when it started with SHEET. Almost turfed it by having Holly HALL which really made seeing SHEET MUSIC and NO HASSLE problematic...

Remembered Schrifin had an uncommon first name, but needed three of the perps to recall that second L.

I also had ecol before GEOL.

Litle pitchers have big ones ? Never heard that maxim before. With E--S, went with EgoS for a moment.

BEN was a no-brainer for this Steelers fan.

Heard what sounded like a small explosion in the house yesterday. The torsion spring on the garage door snapped. The serviceman will be here in a bit to fix it. That's one job I leave to the pros.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Irish Miss (April 5th) and C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Steve, for a fine review.

Puzzle was a good Thursday level. A little tough, but I did succeed in finishing, with a couple inkblots along the way.

Tried MUT for 20A. CUR was written in later.

Tried ANN for 24A. Changed that to ANI. Tried EGOS for 27A. EARS became the word with perps.

Got the three types of COVERS, but did not notice the GO until I came here. I should be more attentive.

ENIAC was easy. We had that recently.


Two learning moments, MONROVIA and BUDAPEST.

Canadian Eh. Watched your link on ICE CANOE RACES. Very interesting. Looks like fun.

I am sure there are SERBS in Croatia. There was at least one SERB in Chicago. He became our Governor, Blagoyevich.

Beautiful day here in NE Illinois. Lots to do outside. I had better get at it.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Bill G said...

As always, I started (by habit) in the upper-left corner. That was a hard beginning place for me. Still, very enjoyable. Thanks Agnes, CC and Steve.

TTP, yep, me too. Those springs are tough! Not like a slinky...

Irish Miss said...

Hi Everyone:

You would think I could speed right through this but, as I've said before, it's surprising how much you forget because of the time lag before publication. Additionally, Rich does change clues so that causes some hiccups, too.

Thanks, Steve, for your nifty write-up and thanks to all for the kind words. I'm glad most enjoyed the solve, crunch and all. I believe this is our first Thursday appearance, therefore, the cluing is a couple of notches above a Monday or Tuesday difficulty.

Have a great day.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Oh what fun we always have with Agnes & C.C.!

I was really puzzled when I had GOUNDER parsed as one word and hadn't read the clue. I first read it as GrOUNDER which side tracked me to baseball. Read the clue, reparsed to GO UNDER and had a light-bulb moment where COVER appeared. Found the COVERS, thought as a theme it was a bit bland for our dynamic duo. Missed the GOs until Steve 'splained it. Veeery tricky, girls!

With CUR & DOGS, it had to be Agnes. She always goes to the dogs. LOL!

CanadianEh! I'm not tough enough to be a Canadian, I see, after watching the ICE CANOEing. I'm trying to decide if that is really more fun than staying inside during the dark months and drinking excesses of PINOTS. As for being a "true Canadian" -- boy, you guys sure do everything the hard way! And here I thought you were a country of people who never "rocked the boat".

Lucina said...

Thank you for posting the ICECANOE clip. That was fun to watch and all I can say is you Canadians are a hardy bunch!

CanadianEh! said...

PK, you brought my chuckle for the day with your "rock the boat" comment. LOL! Also, I think the Canadian approach to the cold is to figure out how to enjoy it, and then come indoors and enjoy the PINOTS or Hot Toddy.
Glad that you all are enjoying the link.

PK said...

Steve: Just finished listening/watching the MUSIC links. I'd never heard of Chris REA. The MUSIC of REA & U2 both suited my mood after another night of noisy rain. Thanks very much. One of the side links on U2 is very interesting, called something about "where the streets have no names". Could have stayed on the site and listened all day, but I need to do something useful.

The sun is flashing off and on here -- sorta mooning us or something equally disrespectful. Sweat shirt weather again yet at this hour.

AnonymousPVX said...

Pretty crunchy today, IMO.

I'm surprised "DR" Oz has those degrees - as they seem to be wasted on such a commercial scammer. Has there been one "weight loss of the week" fad he hasn't shilled on his show? I find him and others like him completely disgusting.

CanadianEh! said...

Can anyone here explain why, when Safari on my IPAD crashes when I am on the Corner (which it often seems to do especially when there are lots of pictures), it reloads to the July 3, 2016 Corner page? Happens every time!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

I agree with AnonPVX about Dr. Oz. Such a shame to sully ones own name for a few sleazy bucks when legit earning potential is nearly unlimited.

Irish Miss said...

PK @ 11:59 ~ Had I had any liquid in my mouth when I read your dogs/cur comments, I'd be in a "fine kettle of fish" as Oliver Hardy used to say! I burst out laughing, as I do so often when I read your posts.

CanadianEh @ 1:00 ~ I don't have an answer to your question, but I can relate to your crash problem with Safari. I had such bad experiences with it that I no longer use it. My present browser is Dolphin which I've been using for quite some time with very few problems.

Husker Gary said...

-A clever gimmick and some challenging fill. Just right!
-My blog – a cursory mention of PINOT. Steve – an expert discourse
-LeBron has supplanted Michael as the ICONIC face of basketball
-TV’s first EMT’s?
-Anyone else ever hear, “TEND to your own knitting!” growing up?
-Town hall meetings with constituencies today are so contentious, it’s a wonder anyone RAN for office last fall.
-A fun GAME whose object is to fill circle SEG’s
-EMPIRES fall when they ignore the law of diminishing returns
-Mr. Wizard showing things AT REST desire to remain so and scares a little girl in the process
-He made TEN FOUR part of the language

Unknown said...

How can "sleep on it" be a clue for Serta. One sleeps on it perhaps.

Don't know my ducks unless they are the local NHL'ers and didn't even know scrag was a word. Never heard it or read it. Spell check here doesn't like scrag either !

WikWak said...

I had some problems in the northwest but perseverance and dumb luck finally won out. One reason for my problems was me... for the longest time I read BREST BESTIE as BREST BEASTIE and OGRE didn't work... there. I finally saw my error, fixed it and moved on, and then found OGRE for real. Funny.

Abejo is right about Blagojevic (whom the newspapers usually just called Blago). Probably his biggest claim to fame is being one of at least 3 Illinois governors who ended up in jail. He's still there.

Husker, you made my day with the Highway Patrol and Emergency! links. Both were favorite shows of mine back (WAY back) in the day. I still enjoy watching reruns of Johnny and Roy, but I recently saw an old episode of Highway Patrol and was amazed at how stilted the dialogue was.

Misty said...

Opened my paper this morning to find a Thursday Irish Miss and C.C. puzzle! Exciting! And, to my delight and relief, I sailed through this one until I got to the southwest corner and then got stuck. Never heard of HUGO and RAN and SEG didn't help much (I had NOG but not the EGG, darn it). So it took a cheat to finish that corner, but that's still not bad for me for a Thursday. And overall, I loved the COVERs although I didn't get the GOs under them until Steve's write-up. What a clever, clever thematic design--brilliant! Kudos to both of you, C.C. and Irish Miss! And, Steve, I loved the cute SMEW.

Northwest Runner, what a careful and thoughtful explanation you offer. Thank you for that.

Have to go get a haircut in preparation for my trip to Toronto in a couple of weeks.

Have a great day, everybody!

Steve said...

@PK - actually, I linked the wrong song. "Where the Streets Have no Name" is the opening track on the album. The track I linked is the second :)

CrossEyedDave said...

TTP, at least torsion springs stay in one place.
I have the standard kind that run vertical to either side of the door,
the installer insisted on running a safety wire thru the center of each as
they have been know to kill anyone to close when the dang thingies fail...

Canadian Eh,
My Ipad II mini does the same thing after a while.
The RAM memory is maxed out.
try deleting unnecessary videos, pictures, email, photos in messages etc...
and any apps you do not use.
Most important is to periodically go to "settings"
scroll down to "clear history and website data"
tap "clear history and data."

Note you will lose stuff like your zip code in the tv guide website...

I also have my Wifes old Ipad One, with the original operating system,
now only suitable for use as a doorstop...

Ol' Man Keith said...

The NW corner was the only sticking place for Yrs Truly, but even that gave way under my persistent attacks. ICE CANOE seemed a strange compound, but I had no choice, whereas SCRAG had a poetic ring. And I thank the creators for teaching me SMEW today.

Oh! Is that really you, Irish Miss? I'm glad Steve and our colleagues blew your cover, dear Ms. Davidson, or I would not known it was you to thank--in cahoots with C.C.--for today's delightful pzl!

Yes, it was definitely a "fun ride," as pronounced by Steve, who deserves his own credit for abetting today's cruciverbal pleasure.

TINBENI at the Library said...

Pinch, Pinch ...

D-N-F ... but an enjoyable "Non-Solving" experience.

Irish Miss & C.C. Thank you for a FUN Thursday puzzle, Liked the themes.

Fave today would have been EGG-NOG ... except I refused to get off ARC as my Circle div. at 69-a.

Too many other unknowns ... I'm lookin' at you SENDAK and SHIRES (where I didn't notice I had shireA off that ARC).


TTP said...

Cross Eyed Dave, yep, when extension springs fail, it's best to have that cable running through the center so they don't go flopping around. I had those at one time and one snapped. Also had the drive cable/chain break one time and it left chain marks down the center of my wife's hood and trunk.

Years ago my friend's 16 year old was just learning how to drive, and his mother decided to let him pull their car into the garage. He hit the gas instead of the break and took out the middle framing supporting the header over the two doors. The car was totalled by the insurance estimator. Front end, roof, trunk etc. I was helping him clean up the debris and kept telling him to be very careful around that torsion spring that had come down from one of the garage doors. I was removing and pulling on one of the splintered 2x4s and the torsion spring sprang off it's clamps, and the end of it grazed across my adams apple. Another inch closer and I probably wouldn't be tying this note.

Canadian Eh, I liked your ICE CANOE link. Think I've watched that guy before. BTW, those images that keep reappearing after a crash are loaded from cache on your computer. You could clear cache and get a different set of images stored by refreshing the blog. Then Steve's images would probably load the next time you have a crash.

TTP said...

break, brake. DOH !

Spitzboov said...

TTP - re: torsion spring. I'm with you. When my doors open or close, I strive to stand some distance away. They are probably more dangerous when the door is in the closed position since the spring is at max stress then. We've had our replaced several times.

TTP said...

it's, its. double DOH !

tying, typing. triple DOH !

Let's all hope I run out of posts soon.

Decided I'd better reread my earlier post. litle, little. Good grief. How do you all put up with my posts ? I've probably set more hairs rising on the backs of necks than that poster that has the dismal outlook.

Lucina, one of our golf league members is headed to sunny Arizona to spend ten days on vacation. I asked him if he knew it's already in the 90s and 100s, and he said he's looking forward to it. He savors the dry heat for his joint ailments.

PK said...

My iMAC did a strange thing today. When I turned on email, all of the emails from Amazon which I'd archived appeared on the screen with the original dates. Very weird. Delete...delete....delete...

Keith: where have you been? Agnes & C.C. have several fun puzzle collaborations in the past year. We've talked about this before.

AZ Tchr said...

GILAS is just so WRONG for lizards. There are lizards named "Gila Monsters" but they are NEVER called "gilas"! That just doesn't make sense.
From one who knows!

TTP said...

Spitzboov, good idea. We use the gdo on one garage side multiple times daily. The other side gets opened once a week or so. The serviceman upgraded to a heavier spring with more "cycles". Both were ten years old, and he told me the typical life for the torsion spring I had was five to seven years based on average usage. They have a formula. He cut the spring with a torch, from lengthy stock springs on his truck.

I thought about asking him to replace the other side as well. But when the first one failed, I needed to pull my pickup out the other side, and the battery was dead and wouldn't take a charge.. So today after he left, I bought a battery for it. Bought an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery after reading reviews. That's new to me. I was only aware of wet cell automotive and truck batteries.

Jayce said...

I didn't notice the GO under each cover either. Pretty clever theming there! I also didn't know what a bestie is. At least I knew Lalo Schifrin; I've always found his Mission Impossible theme to be clever and catchy.

I liked my IBM PC but was surprised at how slow and clunky it was compared to my Commodore PET. At least it had floppy disk drives; all the PET had was a cassette tape drive, although it was implemented very well.

What kind of duck is that?
A smew.

One time Arby's patron said...

On ordering an ersatz sandwich at the drive thru 20 odd years ago: Order taker.: "OK, one French dip. Au jus?" Me: "Ghesuendheit!"

Didn't sink in at all. Pearls before swine, if you swill. Still worth it.

Lucina said...

Hi, Katherine Paty!
Welcome to the Corner. I admit to having winced when I saw GILAS but then forgot to mention it.

That's right! Many people with arthritic pain come to Arizona for exactly that reason: the heat eases their pain. I'm sending a "warm" welcome to your friend.

CrossEyedDave said...


AGM batteries have been around since the 80's,

in brief, they are the ones that are sealed and do not openly release hydrogen gas.

I believe the small battery I have in my gas scooter is an AGM because
when I leave it in the summer heat, even disconnected, it dies and will
no longer take a charge. You will not have any problems if you charge it once a week.
Mine sits for 6 months sometimes, I need to get a float charger.

Making a better battery has been the Holy Grail of battery technology since it was invented.
And guess what! Some one "just" invented a better battery!

Google John B. Goodenough battery for more info...

Trubrit said...

I've been in Palm Springs for 6 days so missed the last few crosswords but was happy to see Irish Miss on today's CW. It turned out to be a little difficult for me today. Perhaps one gets out of the 'drift' when we're off for a few days.
Don't really know Irish Miss but there is something about her I love.
Happy June.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thank Yous Agnes and C.C. for a fun puzzle. Like others, I missed the GO under the COVERs until Steve pointed it out. What befuddled me was the SERTA on top of the SPREAD, but I won't IRE making an ADO about it.

I must say, c/as look obvious in hindsight, but it was a letter here, a letter there for some time.

Thanks Steve for the expo and the music! Never heard of Chris REA; nice. Here's what I was humming @66a: I'M so GLAD [Cream].

I heard an interview about a year ago featuring SENDAK - took me SEND-K to remember his name.

Ok, someone, please, explain EARS / Little pitchers. Baseball or ewer? I'm sans a .clue in my ~.

WO: mUt b/f CUR (Hi Abejo)
FIW IMiGO / LiLO xing

Fav: since everyone else said SHEET MUSIC (which was great c/a) so I'll go w/ MOOLAH's c/a.

Welcome back TIN. We were getting ready a search party if you didn't COME back soon.

Jayce - I could wax forever on the Apple][e I got to play w/. My 1st PC was an IBM-clone 386-25DX (math-co) 4MB RAM w/ both 5.25" and 3.5" floppies. Never got to play with an ENIAC though.

TTP - Pop nor I touch torsion springs on the garage either [and Yikes! when helping your pal]. I have CED's lateral kind at my rental and I prefer those (I can fix 'em). CED, that line is necessary; when one of mine snap'd it bent the angle bracket holding up the door-runner.

My battery charger has an AGM / STD switch on it. Now I know what it's for.

CED - Chopping Block App for your old iPad :-)

C,Eh! - LOL video. Re: your 5m mark: American beer is like making love in a CANOE; It's f'ing close to water :-)

Cheers, -T

Sam Stone said...

Little pitchers have big ears:

Argyle said...

Little pitchers have big ears. It means watch what you say around small children lest they hear sumin' they aughten.

TX Ms said...

Anon-T, probably you've not been around country folk; a li'l enlightenment per

"'Little Pitchers Have Big Ears' in Culture:

Adults must be careful about what they say within the hearing of children. The saying refers to the large handles (ears) sometimes attached to small vessels."

Think of it as kinda code-speak.

Anonymous T said...

Thanks Sam Stone for the usage example.

Thanks Argyle and TX Ms for what it means. Seriously, all I could envision is this type of vase/pitcher or Mossi on the mound as a Little Leaguer :-)

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

CED - I just watched you video @7:47, Yeah, Goodenough is better than good. I read about him on /. and an article in the paper later the same week. He's the real deal and UT ain't a piss-ant school. [note: I just gave the 'Horns a SO'; I hope the Sooner alumn don't see it]. I'm sure it will take 5-10yrs to put the battery into production quantity/quality, but I don't plan to be dead by then. The batteries will power my robot overlords, which, frankly, is better than the future battery the Matrix depicted. C, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

Ha. Don Mossi! Most of his career was spent with the tigers. Perfect catch.

I didn't even notice that it was CC and IM. I didn't know LALO but ol' GORDIE I sure knew. ORR is still the greatest.

I too questioned GILAS.

Good night


Picard said...

One more hand up for missing the GOs under the COVERs. The reveal mentioned "pairs" of puzzle answers, but I still couldn't figure it out. Thanks, Steve!

And thanks, Irish Miss and CC for a fun puzzle!

As usual with CC, there were sports references utterly unknown to me. GORDIE, URI.

Learning moment for me, too, about MONROVIA being named for President Monroe. About 20 years ago I attended a unicycle (!) convention in MONROVIA, CA. Turns out that was named for a local rancher, also named Monroe.

BUDAPEST easy for me. My brother's wife is from there.

Learning moment that SHIRES are English counties. I thought it was just something from the distant past. Did you know, though, that the word "sheriff" is a contraction of the term "shire reeve"?