Jun 16, 2017

Firday, June 16, 2017, Christopher Shaw

Title: Friday quip

Our first new Friday constructor in a while presents us with a quip puzzle. This one has 60 spaces of theme and nice symmetry with 4 seven letter fill. I like Mitch Hedberg who is a regular on the comedy channels on Sirius XM so the humor of the quip appealed, but YMMV.  Not much room left for long fill, but we do get POOL CUE,  SWAHILI,  LET'S DO IT and DRUMMING.  There were some learning moments and some old memories dredged up. As Christopher says, LET'S DO IT. I love the the sevens.

20A. Start of a one-liner by 54-Across : MY FAKE PLANTS (12).
25A. One-liner, part 2 : DIED (4).
29A. One-liner, part 3 : BECAUSE (7).
38A. One-liner, part 4 : I DID NOT (7).
40A. One-liner, part 5 : PRETEND (7).
46A. One-liner, part 6 : TO WATER (7).
49A. End of the one-liner : THEM(4).
54A. Standup comic known for one-liners : MITCH HEDBERG (12). A very funny man in the Steven Wright mold. LINK.

1. Snake, footwise : APOD.  noun. zoology. an animal with no feet or whose feet are rudimentary. 

5. Instagram and Pinterest : APPS.

9. Bad thing to draw during a test : BLANK. Cute clue.

14. Saboteur, e.g. : MOLE. An infiltrator.

15. Fruit used in alcohol flavoring : SLOE. Used in a sloe gin fizz and a singapore sling.

16. Home for 66-Across : AERIE. I wonder if they really do go to these, or the sea eagle nickname made this answer seem correct. I am no expert on Erns. 

17. Criticism : FLAK. So don't give me any....

18. Wedding dress insert : HOOP. Are they still worn? 

19. Impatient : ITCHY.

23. Tiresome type : PILL. This is a very old fashioned word. 

24. Cavaliers, on scoreboards : CLE. Amazing.

32. Paella pot : OLLA.

33. NFL receivers : TES. Tight Ends, like Gronk.

36. Actress Skye : IONE. She used to be a crossword regular for the three vowels in her name. While she has worked professionally for more than 25 years, she will always be the daughter of  Donovan (Leitch). LINK.

37. Upset : RILED. From roil, getting the waters all turbulent.

42. Stands for funerals : BIERS.

43. Black and Red : SEAS. I needed perps to get this.

44. "__ of Light": 1998 Madonna album : RAY. This was very infer-able even if you do not like Madonna. The ALBUM was well received. 

45. Words to a traitor : ET TU. Brute.

50. Andean root vegetable : OCA.  It is available in a range of colors, including yellow, orange, pink, apricot, and the traditional red.(Wiki). Very popular in New Zealand, where they refer to it as a yam.

51. California tourist attraction : NAPA. Where is the "Valley?"

59. Stereotypically haunted area : ATTIC. Not so much in Florida.

62. One-eighties : UIES.

63. Flash, maybe : IDEA.

64. Absorbed eagerly, with "in" : DRANK.

65. It may affect a sentence : PLEA. An attempt to misdirect the grammarians. 

66. Sea eagles : ERNS.

67. "__ Stardust": David Bowie song : ZIGGY. The album, the Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars was a concept album that reflected Bowie's self-image.

68. Chihuahua sounds : YIPS.

69. Afternoon fare : SOAP. Ah the fading operas.


1. Switch letters : AM FM. I like this also.

2. Tentacled creature : POLYP. While familiar with polyps in the colon, this was either a learning moment or something I forgot. A polyp is a solitary or colonial sedentary form of a coelenterate such as a sea anemone, typically having a columnar body with the mouth uppermost surrounded by a ring of tentacles. (dictionary).

3. Start of a Norwegian line : OLAF I. Not an NCL ship but monarchs.

4. Northern Illinois University city : DEKALB. See it?

5. "Off the Court" memoirist : ASHE. Tennis great who died so sadly after a blood transfusion.

6. Splash sound : PLOP. From my youth...
"Hasten Jason
Get the Basin
Oops, Plop
Get the Mop"

7. A pro brings his own to the table : POOL CUE. This took lots of work, but I love it.

8. Flower parts : SEPALS. Petals, sepals, stamens....

9. Switch partner : BAIT. Car dealer staple.

10. "Ready if you are" : LET'S DO IT.

11. Circle segment : ARC.

12. Med. research agency : NIHNational Institutes of Health.

13. One in, or on, a chain : KEY. Island/Door Opener?

21. Calvin and Anne : KLEINS. Poor Robert gets forgotten. 

22. Born, in France : NEE.

26. Not as healthy : ILLER. Are you all sick of this fill?

27. Colleague of Ruth and Sonia : ELENA. SCOTUS.

28. Source of some issues? : DADDY. Psychobabble.

30. Comforting sound : COO.

31. Bad picnic omen : ANT. Omen?

33. Area sometimes called "The Roof of the World" : TIBET. Learning moment. READ.

34. "Downton Abbey" lady : EDITH. Edith Pelham (nee Crawley) has her own FANS.

35. Number of Maravillas del Mundo : SIETE. Seven Wonders of the World. 

37. Email again : RESEND.

39. Showing impatience, digitally : DRUMMING.

40. __ shooter : PEA.

41. Fink : RAT.

43. Linguistic origin of Kwanzaa : SWAHILI. A complicated LANGUAGE with influences from Arabic.

46. Wee one : TOT.

47. Live in : OCCUPY. Hence all the mail to "OCCUPANT."

48. Hydrophobia : RABIES. Not sure why but I have known this term since I was little. 

52. "Napoleon Dynamite" sidekick Sánchez : PEDRO.

53. Hockey setting : ARENA.

55. Repulsive : ICKY. My brain went HERE

56. Dickens schemer : HEEP. Uriah. He later was reincarnated as THIS.

57. Those, in Chihuahua : ESAS.

58. [Horrors!] : GASP.

59. Woodworker's tool : ADZ.

60. Prefix with cycle : TRI. Uni? 

61. It's game : TAG. And now you are it, as my work here is done. I hope you all have a wonderful father's day weekend, and come catch us next week. Lemonade out.


fermatprime said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks to Christopher and Lemonade!

Cute saying! Took a while to get it!

Never heard of MITCH HEDBERG. Don't know how I remembered DEKALB!

No cheats, but took a while!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I doubt Mitch Hedberg is a regular on any channel. He's been dead for over 10 years.

Argyle said...

I know of DEKALB from all the signs one may find in corn country.

I happened upon this amusing article while searching for a picture of their sign.


gespenst said...

For "It's game" is this referring to the game where there is an "it," so it is the possessive of "it"? If so, there's no apostrophe. "Its game." But maybe I'm misinterpreting the clue's meaning.

I got off to a slow start, but it came together for me. I didn't know the comic, but I actually figured out the one liner pretty early, which helped me solve.

I got a little hung up in the SW when I confused Iggy Pop with Ziggy Stardust and couldn't figure out why there was an "extra" letter there.

Random thought, do you think alternative spellings (ERN/ERNE) were invented to help crossword constructors? LOL ;)

OH, and to anonymous@ 4:15, pretty sure there are still recordings of deceased comics they can air on the radio! It would be a sad day if there were no more George Carlin recordings to laugh to! (And presumably Mitch Hedberg, though I've never heard of him)

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I like Richard Pryor. He's a regular on XM radio.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

WAY too tough for me today. I gave up fairly quickly, and after looking at the reveal I'm glad I did. Congrats for all you more accomplished solvers.

Is the Illinois DEKALB pronounced the same way - deCAB - as the county in the greater Atlanta area?

I surprised myself by knowing SLOE, AERIE, POOL CUE and ZIGGY without any perps. Like Lemony I have known RABIES for hydrophobia since I was a child. I think I learned it from watching Old Yeller, or maybe some reading inspired by the movie.

Thanks Christopher Shaw for providing me with a lofty goal. And Lemonade's write-up was golden as usual.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

With OFFS and SQUID in place at 1d and 2d, I was OFF and stumbling. Wite-Out, please. I thought of RESIDE when I should've been thinking OCCUPY, and ARCTI (oops!) when it was really TIBET. Everything finally came together, and in better-than-normal Friday time. Thanks, Christopher, nice debut.

DEKALB also meant "corn" to me, Argyle, I remember driving past corn fields where every ten yards or so there'd be a sign identifying the different hybrid variety planted there. In the midwest those signs used to be almost as common as the Burma-Shave signs.

Big Easy said...

First of all, I did complete it but it took 30 minutes. But I had to guess every single letter of the 'One liner'. I have never heard of MITCH HEDBERG and he was filled by perps. With enough 'downs' filled the one liner eventually came around, but not without some false starts.

28D-DADDY being 'Source of issues'- I'm clueless on that one. LET'S GO IN became DO IT, PRESENT became PRETEND, never heard of RAY of Light, or PEDRO Sanchez (or Napoleon TNT).

Many, many years ago my wife called me a PILL and I had no idea what she meant. It must be 'very old fashioned'.

'Hydrophobia'- I was thinking 'fear of water' and didn't know it was RABIES.

'Linguistic origin of Kwanzaa'?- SWAHILI, I doubt it. It's a made up word for a made up holiday. But we live in a world of plastic surgery, people changing their names, ghost writers for books, fake news,...etc.

Lemonade714 said...

Thank you gespenst, but anon at 4:15 does make the point that I should have said Mitch Hedberg recordings are played regularly. It is sad he died so young.

OwenKL said...


My philodendron gave a hic, and then went totally spastic!
It's not supposed to act like that. The thing is made of plastic!
I guess I'll blame my poltergeist
It's hinted to me once or twice
It wants a few dead plants to help it OCCUPY our ATTIC!

BobB said...

Started out so easy but then I spelled Dekaub. I always spelled uturns as ueys.

Vidwan827 said...

Very nice limerick, Owen. My god, you could outshine Byron and Keats !!!

Please excuse me, for a personal communication to Bill Graham, from yesterday ... since I could not, and am not able to get his email address. Bill, I sent a communication to your google+ account. I am really interested in your dart puzzle with two circles !!
In any case, you can WhatsApp me at 216 233 0398 or email me at I am now too old and too insouciant to even care about being spammed, phished or whatever.

Great blog, Lemonade, ( as per your usual high standards ...) and respectful wishes to all others at the blog. Please excuse this personal intrusion.

billocohoes said...

Always knew a PILL as an annoying person, possibly because a pill is something hard to swallow?

Big Easy, DADDY issues refer to (usually) a woman whose father was missing or deficient when she was growing up, so as an adult she's trying to remedy that with the qualities of her partner, rather than looking for someone for a real adult-to-adult relationship. Or on the other hand she was such a daddy's girl growing up she wants to stay daddy's girl in her marriage.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Darn, had APED for 1 across so couldn't understand what 2 down, ELAFI meant..kind of like covfefe...came close to completion though for a Friday waiting at the dealership waiting for my car to get serviced..

thehondohurricane said...

After first pass I had eleven clues filled and it turned out four were wrong so I take another DNF. Hectic weekend coming up. See everyone Monday.

Hungry Mother said...

Got it without knowing the comedian. I thought ADZ had a trailing "e".

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Finally got it done with only one look-uo; ZIGGY. Never heard of the one-line comic, but perps got that. Got most of the one-liner from perps and filled in the rest by educated guess. Funny one-liner. BH helped me with SIETE. DEKALB was a WAG, but couldn't think of any other Illinois cities ending in 'B'.
A good slog but it was worth it.

Yellowrocks said...

Interesting puzzle. I never heard of MITCH HEDBERG, so all perps and wags.Funny quip.
I read ISSUE in the legal sense. Dictionary, "formal law- children of one's own:"He died without male issue." The source of that issue would be daddy and mommy. I'm not onto psycho-babble, but that is likely a better explanation. Christopher,what were you thinking?"

The dog hurt its paw is not like IT'S GAME. Here IT is used as a kind of name, not a pronoun. I had TAG, but had to dope out why. ZIGGY was all perps. I wanted ZINGY, but TAG interfered.
Hasten Jason is something I learned at camp as a kid.
I had a hoop under my wedding dress. It creates a lovely, but impractical, skirt shape. If you Google wedding dress hoop you will find many current ads for them.
I was wondering why the I in OLAF I. Thanks, Lemon for pointing out the monarch.

I remember, "He's being a pill," an unpleasant or tedious person, from my childhood. It seems similar to Losing was a bitter pill for the team to swallow.

Wikipedia says, "Maulana Karenga created Kwanzaa in 1966, as the first specifically African-American holiday, (but see also Juneteenth). According to Karenga, the name Kwanzaa derives from the Swahili phrase matunda ya kwanza, meaning 'first fruits of the harvest'."

desper-otto said...

If you've got access to it, C.C. has a themeless (my cup of meat) in today's NYT.

Haiku Harry said...

Mexican golfer
From Estado Chihuahua
Quit. He got the YIPS.

CanadianEh! said...

Hello all,
I'll be back when I've had a chance to finish the CW, but I wanted to give my American Corner friends a chance to see a video that is going viral in Canada as we approach our 150th Birthday on July 1. Canadians do not often wear their patriotism on their sleeve, but this year we seem to have found our national pride.
Enjoy when you have 6:35 minutes.
(For AnonT, Geddy Lee is at 3:51!)


MJ said...

Good day to all!

Far too many complete unknowns for me to finish without Google help. Have never heard of MITCH HEDBERG, but thought the quip was cute. Favorite clue/answer was "It's game" for TAG. Thanks for the expo and links, Lemonade.

Enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

Not my favorite kind of puzzle but wonderful write-up by Lemon as per usual. Slogged through until the SE where hydrophobia was a blank and didn't know Sanchez. Hydrophobia had to be water related didn't it??? So the leading R left me clueless. Oh well! Have a great Friday everyone ! JB2

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks, Christopher. I found this easier than yesterday's. Thanks, Lemonade.

Never heard of MITCH HEDBERG. Not a real knee-slapper quip. More of a groaner. Filled it in pretty easily.

NW was last to fill. Snake, footwise wasn't "none". Switch letters wasn't a verb. Tentacled creature didn't clue me a POLYP even though I had been reading some sea creature novels lately. Hand up for "squid". I googled the NIU City. Norwegian Line wasn't an air or sea vessel. MOLE didn't seem violent enough for saboteur but I get it. As you see I was pretty clueless up there.

We used to plant DEKALB corn. Don't know if my farmer still does. We pronounce every letter but the "ALB" sounds more like "OWLB". I always thought the flying corn looked like a crow was making off with it. Sorta like "you are what you eat". Crows do like it.

Didn't know IONE or EDITH.

Vidwan: good to see your posts. Missed you. We all do personal messages from time to time.

I started out with a hoop petticoat under my wedding dress and shed it before I got out the door. I was a no-nonsense kind of girl. Hated the scratchy crinolines and hoops of the '50's. Always a fight to get them under the school desk or in the car. Mine mostly stayed home.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

The only famous one-liner comedian I knew was Henny Youngman but he was too one letter too many, so, perps to the rescue. I think I've seen or heard that quip before, but have no idea in what context so that didn't help at all in identifying the comic. YR, I thought the same as you re issue but it does work either way. The clue for plea didn't fool me one bit but yips were arfs first. Pill is an old-fashioned word that, I guess, could describe anyone who was disagreeable or just not one's cup of tea, for various reasons.

Thanks, Christopher, for a challenging but enjoyable solve and thanks, Lemony, for the interesting and informative summary.

Vidwan827, it's nice to see you again after such a long absence. I still remember you as Anonymouse.

BunnyM ~ In case you missed my post the other day, I have not received your email.

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Looks like I had too many toos! Sorry.

desper-otto said...

Refreshing, IM. Many people refuse to admit it when they've had one too many.

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, Christopher, for a rare quotation puzzle. Well done, even though I've never heard of Mitch, was able to get through perps. Fav clue was "Bad thing to draw during a test" (BLANK).

Thanks, Lemonade, for a very nice write-up.

Have a great weekend!

Lucina said...

Though I've never heard of MITCHHEDBERG the perps came through and with the quip as well. This is my very least favorite kind of puzzle but working around the unknowns was fun. That is, until the NW where I drew a BLANK. DEKALB would not have occurred to me in a month of Sundays so had to look it up.

I'm always grateful for a little Spanish in the puzzle. And I recalled IONE from previous puzzles. I knew I'd seen hydrophobia but couldn't recall it until RABIES came into view.

My daughter and granddaughter persuaded me to watch Napoleon Dynamite. It's worth some laughs just for it's quirkiness.

Thank you, Christopher Shaw for a good Friday challenge; and thank you, Lemonade, for your always erudite commentary.

Have a fabulous day, everyone!

Bill G said...

Thanks Christopher and Lemon. This was hard for me. I needed red letters a couple of times and, I'd never heard of Mitch Hedberg.

Vidwan and everybody else: Here's another good little math puzzle for your pleasure:


I’ve got an easy dart game for you. You can throw as many darts as you want at a dart board with only two scoring areas; a seven ring and a five ring.

What scores could you get? You could get a five, or a seven, or a 10, or 12 and so on. What scores are impossible to get? You couldn’t get a score of one, or two, or three, or four, or eight, or 11, etc.
1) What is the largest score that’s impossible to get?
2) (Harder question.) If the scoring rings are a and b, what’s an expression for the largest impossible score?

Misty said...

I woke up at 4 in the morning and never got back to sleep last night. So I got up at 7, figuring a Friday puzzle would take a lot of extra time. Boy, did it ever! I got almost nothing on my first run-through except our Supreme Court justice ELENA, the ever popular Uriah HEEP, and the also ever-popular ET TU. That was it. I worked some more and finally got that little Northeast corner beginning with BLANK--and thought, Gosh, I've been drawing that all morning working on the puzzle. The endless theme blanks just made everything impossible, so I started cheating, looking up IONE, PEDRO and ZIGGY and a few other items like SWAHILI. I was embarrassed that I didn't remember EDITH at first, even though I'm a huge "Downton Abbey" fan. Then slowly, slowly that funny quip filled in, with the comedian's name last, and I ended up having fun at the end. So thanks, Christopher, and you, always, Lemonade.

Got to get my tired day started, but I'll try to check in again later. Have a good one, everybody.

CrossEyedDave said...

Way too hard for me, starting at the get go
with footless snakes and tentacled creepies...
I think I only got sloe, pool cue, sepals and resend.

Oh well,

I thought you cornerites would enjoy today's Non Sequiter.

Also, I am not sure that I trust the source of today's Star Ledger Thought for Today:

"Not to know is bad.
Not to want to know is worse.
Not to hope is unthinkable.
Not to care is unforgivable." - Nigerian saying.

Anonymous said...

@Lemonade and Big Easy
Agree with Yellowrocks.
Lemonade, aren't you a lawyer? Issues are offspring, heirs, children

Husker Gary said...

-Golf and shopping this morning
-Comic one-liner masters – Dangerfield and Youngman
-The folly of the NBA season is that CLE and GS didn’t play hard until the finals
-Many TE’S are more often an extra blocker than receiver
-NAPA was very short on rain when we travelled through there
-His character was famous for PLEA agreements but not on this case
-A tentacle SQUID had to disappear
-Yes Argyle, this is what DEKALB is known for around here (no silent L)
-If a guy brings his own two-piece cue to the table…
-BAIT/Switch – “Oh, you want the model in the commercial?”
-It cost me $192 to replace my keyless FOB
-Calvin KLEIN in the movies
-ELENA, Ruth and Sonja vote the same over 90% of the time just like Clarence, Antonin and Samuel
-Vote For PEDRO was the t-shirt slogan du jour back when the movie was popular
-It appears I’m up to my three links max

Irish Miss said...

DO @ 11:24 ~ You are too, too funny! 😜

CrossEyedDave said...

Bill G, sorry I missed your Anniversary yesterday.
I had to see Daughter #3 perform in the semi finals
at this venue.
Absolutely amazing to hear these 7 semifinalists belt out Broadway Show Tunes.
It was like being at a Broadway play, one on one with the singer,
in an area about the size of my kitchen!
These people were Pros, auditioning for us!
(with remarks and tips from the Producers/Judges...)

P.S., Daughter #3 made it to the finals!

So, I hope you enjoyed the Italian restaurant,
& that they gave you one of these at the end of your meal!

What? Buon Compleano does not mean "with our compliments?"

& some Henny Youngman one liners. (5:26) I made it to 1:53 before bookmarking to watch later...

CanadianEh! said...

Back here finally. DH picked strawberries (first of the season for us) and I had to get them sorted and into the frig. YUM! We will enjoy them for dinner.
This CW took a lot of work but thanks for the fun Christopher and Lemonade. DNF for me because of the NW. I had aped not APOD, Game not MOLE (I googled and the game came up!) and a PILL is a mischief in my slang so that was not filling in either. Giant inkblot in that corner.

Hand up for Yam before OCA and UEYS before UIES. I had ESOS for the Spanish "those" (checked out OK on Google translate) until PLEA changed it to ESAS. (Masculine and feminine Lucina??).

My woodworker was using an Axe before an ADZ. Perhaps the Axe was a little overkill for woodworking!

I wanted Teas before SOAP for afternoon fare. Fortunately RABIES, SIETE and MITCH HEDBERG
filled in with perps. I figured out the quote and smiled. (I hate fake plants and enjoy looking after and watering my real ones.)

The only SWAHILI I know (besides Kwanzaa) is Jambo which was the common greeting, hello, during our Kenya trip.

Daughter used a HOOP for her wedding. She had my wedding dress adapted at the top but the bottom with all its lace and tiers remained the same. Since she is shorter than I am and the ITCHY crinoline netting inside the skirt had been removed, the seamstress had her wear a bell-shaped half-slip with hoops added to it to puff the skirt out and thus make it a little shorter. Worked well and the newer hoops seem to be more flexible.

It is getting very warm here today.
Enjoy the day.
Congrats to your daughter CED.

Lemonade714 said...

I am aware that issues are progeny, but believe the reference was to "Daddy Issues" which was my opinion at the time I was writing. I may be wrong.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Bugger of a puzzle... Took a loooong time just to get ----HH-D-E-- in the fill (with none of the quip even 1/16th perp'd (rounded up :-)].
Nailed MITCH HEDBERG!!! and went back to fill in the joke. With TO WATE- in place, knew the joke and filled most in (I thought 'I didn't' @38a). Thanks Christopher for the homage to one of my Top-10 comedians!

Thank you Lem for stopping the Ink-Bleed on my grid. After I got the joke and smatterings about I TITT and looked at your grid. Oh, OLLA, RILED, -OLYb, -LAFo, is what I had. Wanted Boor (or bore?) for 23a but knew it was wrong because of de-KAH-lb [went to NIU to take a 2-day sign-language class w/ my Mom when I was 10].

I liked yesterday's puzzle (S'Up w/ me not posting? Sorry Brian (fever came back) - 'twas great fun that I DNF'd in the NE & West. Fun debut though; won't say I HATED it :-)

Fav: The theme. Like, completely-encompassing, Awesome. Like, Vote for PEDRO [1st fill in the SE!].*


Argyle - thanks for the Article on DEKALB. Growing up in SPI I saw the signs every time we'd drive out to Chatham everywhere.

D-O - be nice to IM ;-)

CED - WOW! Fantastic for D#3 (oh, and I'm sure you're proud too).

Happy 150 C, Eh! The Great White North has a lot to be proud of [like, you're not US now :-)]. Your values and the ones we espouse are the same; it's just peculiar (to me) that Canadians have to come to the US to hit it big. Then there's RUSH - World Class. Thanks for sharing.

I've thought abooout movin' there but it's too cold, eh?

Oh, C.Eh!, I did read yesterday... T-30 (-ish) days to your tomatoes. BTW, I had to give away about 20 (+bananas peppers) today because they'd go bad before I return from...

Off to SFO tomorrow at 0-dark-thirty. We'll land in SFO, drive to the pier in San ??? For lunch, stay in Carmel for a day or so. Then off to Yosemite for a day+ and then back to SFO on Wed->Sat. I'm packing jeans & sweatshirts... I remember the last coldest-winter I spent in San Francisco 'round about this time of year.

Y'all have a great Friday afternoon; I've got packin' to do.

Cheers, -T
*Napoleon Dynamite is a movie best watched 2x. The 1st time it seems (and is) dumb; the second-time through you're laughing your butt off. I keep trying to convince MIL but she's not Game. Sweet Jumps scene.

desper-otto said...

Anon-T, don't forget to pack underwear. Went to Yosemite back in '95 for my 50th. Discovered that I'd forgotten to pack underwear. Further discovered that you can't buy it there. For the rest of the vacation it was wash-rinse-hang on lampshade. D'oh!

CrossEyedDave said...

I realize some of you may not be into SciFi,
but there is a human element to it, like any story.
Take for instance, StarTrek Next Generation.
Data (The Android) wants to be human, but does not understand humor...

Which led to this...

If you ever get the chance (Irish Miss,) you might enjoy the STNG episode
"Outrageous Okana." Which is just a retelling of Romeo and Juliet with
some stand up comedy thrown in...

I would love to link the ending, but I cannot find it.

However, I did find this bad quality clip I had never seen before...

Lucina said...

With ESAS/ESOS or estas/estos I usually have to wait for the cross to decide on which one. That goes for most other adjectives as well and even some names it it's not evident in the clue.

Just last week it was still cold in Carmel. Enjoy yourself!

Congratulations to your daughter on making the finals!

Lucina said...

Oops. That should be "if it's not evident"

CrossEyedDave said...


Can anyone explain the half canaries flying joke?

I don't get it...

CrossEyedDave said...

Ok, maybe I didn't get the canary joke, because it was just lame...

but back to SciFi,

It's got more guest appearances than soap opera's!

CrossEyedDave said...

Oh, Also, A public service announcement about the dangers of side links...

That's 5, & I'm outta here...

Wilbur Charles said...

I started c 700 am, I skipped the NW, "I'll be back". Church, breakfast, mtg. I thought completely clearing my mind(a Misty trick*) would get me going. Nope, NW had me.

As the song goes "I won't.. give..up".

I finally wormed DEKALB and FLAK but stuck with OFFS. For me, the theme helped with all the other perps but as usual my brain couldn't suss MY FAKE.

I finally had it all except POLYPS and APOD. And then TADA. It was worth all the agony. Thanks for the torture Chris.

Lemonade, I agree with you about Daddy ISSUES. I had some for sure. Rich made a rare editing oversight, forgetting the possessive ITS has no ' .Oops. There's no possessive. IT'S is correct.

I had to think outloud in here.


* Misty, you also clued me into ELENA, I completely missed SCOTUS.

PS. My KLEIN​ is Chuck, the NBAer.

PPS. Owen great l'ick. And great haiku too by HAIKU-guy.

Anonymous T said...

Lucina - I've already packed 3-pair "trendy" jeans DW bought for me a year ago but still have their tags on 'em. #TAintTrendy

CED - Loved Data/TNG clips. #SomePeopleCantTellAJoke

HG - Dele'd earlier 'cuz I was already over 20 lines; stet; LOL Back to the Future pic. Had Anne not been part of the clue I'd have not been stuck in the 1900's and green gable mind-set.

D-O. LOL undergarments! Reminds me when DW and I rented bikes in Monterey (I think, wherever Peable Beach is). We road our bikes around PB and saw a little isle and thought "LETS DO IT." We hopped rocks to the isle and played (and made out) for a bit. Then, when we were ready to return to our bikes, discovered the tide had come in (Mooooon!). We got soaked Splashing back and subsequently froze our bums off. We stopped at a London Fog outlet to get warm(er) clothes. #FunThingIWontDoAgain #stillHaveTheJacket

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Bill G - apparently I'm the only one still up (I am wrapt (not 64a!) with what I forgot to pack...). Arrrrg!

I'm not sure I understand your game. Greatest number is ∞ -1? As for the second bit, 5a ≠ 7b ∀ values > 7? Maybe Fermat or Vidwan gets the gist of your Dart game. #DoTell

Oh, that dang London Fog jacket; I may need that again. [and done!]

Car to the airport here in 5hrs. Time for a little nap.

Cheers, -T

Argyle said...

u r now

Bill G said...

AnonT, re. the dart game. You can easily score a 10 (two fives) or a 12 (a seven and a five). However you can't get an 11. You can't get a 13. Are there still bigger numbers that are impossible to get? Continuing like this, there is a larger number that is impossible and after that, you can get all the remaining totals. What is the largest impossible number? (Hint: It's bigger than 13 and smaller than 100.)

CED, remind me and I'll explain the canary thingie, It's not really much of a joke but it is kind of a physics puzzle.

Picard said...

This looked impossible, but I was surprised to FIR. Never heard of MITCH HEDBERG which pretty much took ESP. But the one-liner I was actually able to figure out along the way!

I was thinking of something from chemistry for hydrophobia.

I ride a UNIcycle, but I first thought of EPIcycle before getting TRIcycle.

Never heard of BIERS, EDITH. PEDRO, APOD, TES, IONE. When I was a child in a fussy mood my father said I should stop being a PILL. Never heard it anywhere else.