Jun 6, 2017

Tuesday, June 6 2017, Mark McClain

Theme: AT-titude. Two-word phrases beginning with A and T.

18. *Lighthouse landmark in Honolulu : ALOHA TOWER. In Downtown Honolulu, the landmark lighthouse first opened in 1926. From Wikipedia: As of 2013 the shopping center and Aloha Tower itself have fallen into a state of disrepair, most of the store fronts are now gone and the entire mall and tower is showing damage. Many of the ships that were once tourist attractions have ceased operating, the Falls of Clyde has been stripped of her masts and is now a derelict sitting in the harbor. Today, Hawaii Pacific University has purchased and is continuing to redevelop the space. The second floor is now used as student housing with 268 beds. The ground floor features the HPU Welcome Center as well as other student facilities, and there are also some restaurants.

23. *Club batting first, in baseball : AWAY TEAM

36. *Capital that's home to Lady Bird Lake : AUSTIN TEXAS

50. *Treaded combat vehicle : ARMY TANK

56. Best place to be, slangily ... and, when divided in four parts, what the answers to starred clues are? : WHERE IT'S AT

Melissa here. Clever reveal answer, and a perfect Tuesday-level solve. Only had trouble with one answer, SALVO - all perps.

1. Part of AAA: Abbr. : ASSN
5. Utopian sites : EDENS

10. Abrasive sand bits : GRIT

14. Round caramel candy : ROLO

15. Get Mad again? : RENEW. Re-subscribe. Favorite clue.

16. Like some Chardonnay : OAKY

17. Kingdom given to Esau : EDOM. Now southern Jordan.

20. "E," on dashboards : NO GAS.

22. Photographer's stand : TRIPOD

25. Chain of hills : RIDGE

29. Madame, in Tijuana : SE

30. Starts of typical workweeks : MONDAYS

32. Confer holy orders upon : ORDAIN

35. One-named body-image advocate : EMME

39. Stumble : TRIP

41. Pic next to a screen name : AVATAR

42. Bombardment : BARRAGE

44. Breeds, as cattle : RAISES

49. What Bo Peep lost : SHEEP

52. St. Francis' birthplace : ASSISI

55. Burst of gunshots : SALVO. New to me.

60. Bear's home : LAIR

61. Made on a loom : WOVE

62. Choppers : TEETH. Not motorcycles.

63. "How __ Your Mother" : I MET.

64. Chilled with cubes : ICED

65. Position paper : ESSAY

66. Helps out : AIDS


1. Sports venues : ARENAS

2. "Us, too!" : SO DO WE

3. "I'm Lovin' It" or "Just Do It," e.g. : SLOGAN. I carelessly started entering MOTTO, without counting the spaces. Nope.

4. Dieter's sandwich spec : NO MAYO

5. Historic period : ERA

6. Triangular river formation : DELTA

7. Huge, to a poet : ENORM

8. Grape soda brand : NEHI. Radar O'Reilly's drink of choice. (M*A*S*H)

9. Even trade : SWAP

10. "That's using your head!" : GOOD IDEA

11. How oysters are often served : RAW. Yeah, Baby ...

12. Eisenhower's nickname : IKE

13. Norse god of war : TYR

19. Ripped : TORN

21. Houston baseballers, briefly : 'STROS

24. Livestock identifier : EAR TAG

26. Beaver creations : DAMS

27. Workout spot : GYM

28. Linguistic suffix : ESE

30. Catcher's glove : MITT

31. Feature of Vegas "bandits" : ONE ARM
33. Go off the high board : DIVE

34. Santa __, California : ANA

36. Suffix with billion : AIRE

37. Lifted : UPREARED. I know it's legit, because I looked it up ... but what?

38. Dental exam pictures : X-RAYS

39. Atlanta-based cable channel : TBS

40. Crowd cheer : RAH

43. Cathedral recess : APSE

45. Roma is its capital : ITALIA

46. Hanging deli meat : SALAMI

47. Was jealous of : ENVIED

48. Hybrid garments : SKORTS. Hybrid made me think unisex, and I first tried SKIRT. Nope.

50. Burden-bearing beasts : ASSES

51. Gaucho's rope : RIATA

53. Internet location : SITE

54. Suffix for natives : ITES

56. 1914-'18 conflict, briefly : WWI

57. Ad __ committee : HOC. For a particular purpose.

58. Mother of Cain and Abel : EVE

59. Commandments pronoun : THY


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Mark and mb!

So sorry that I forgot to say HBDTY yesterday, TTP. Hope it was fabulous!

Thanks to those of you who sent good wishes for Millie's surgery. She survived and is doing OK it would seem. I am so relieved, as she is an old dog. They also cleaned her teeth. (She looks pretty weird with the bandage around her head.)

Puzzle was easy apart from UPREARED. Simple theme.

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

The prescience of the Blog: WikWak & Anonymous T discussed a SLOGAN last night.

CSO today for Anonymous T!

{B+, A.}

The soldiers had their supply sergeant to thank.
He got them an OAKY spa, in spite of their rank!
The General complained
"Who this hot tub ORDAINED?"
Sarge said, "Sir, you yourself. It's an ARMY TANK!"

Norsemen said that TYR was the AVATAR of war!
His BARRAGE would chill any foes into their core!
Though he only had ONE ARM
How he used it was a charm --
With a SALVO of aces, for a winning tennis score!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Seemed tough today, but FIR and didn't need my eraser. Guess it was just a lot of learning moments, brought to us today by Perps (SLOGAN: The crossword solver's best friend).

Didn't know EDOM, ALOHA TOWER (I wanted Diamond Head Light, sailors' welcome sign), EMME, TYR, and UPREARED.

Thanks, Mark, for an informative Tuesday puzzle. And thanks to Melissa B for another solid write-up.

Ferm - I'm so glad to read that Millie came through OK. Please let us know how her recovery progresses.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Mmmmmm. MandMs for breakfast...Mark and Melissa. Theme? Nope. That dashboard "E" gave me pause. I'm never sure where to put that third S in AS_I_SI. Don't the tennis women wear SKORTS? Just as I was about to comment that there was no dreck, UPREARED upreared its ugly head. Am I safe assuming that was the word's first cw appearance? And, hopefully, the last.

thehondohurricane said...

Morning all,

Thanks to Mark for starting my day a bit befuddled and Melissa for clearing everything up.

SALVi or SALVO, SKiRT ot SKORT? The O won out because I was more comfortable with SALVO then I was with SKiRT. UPREARED?
New to me. The eraser got a good work out today.

Realize AWAY TEAM was needed to satisfy the theme, but I always use visitors.

Have to run...saying good bye to my 16 year old Tahoe today, most comfortable 230 thousand m miles I've ever driven. Going with a Toyota Highlander. Three year lease, couldn't see buying because I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to drive. When that time does come, I'll be a real bundle of joy.

Lemonade714 said...

Hondo, I have not driven in 4 months. At first I was very uncomfortable and resentful, but with my wife and sons driving me places, I am committed to not driving. I still have my back seat driver moments, but I accept my status as a passenger.

Like all Mark McClain puzzles, this was fun and a breezy solve. UPREARED was new to me as well.

Thanks Mark and Melissa.

Husker Gary said...

-Like a mudslinging political campaign, this was a race to the bottom and A/T was obvious to even me.
-Golf league at 9 so I have to run

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Mark and thank you Melissa

Real quick solve after a slow start to the morning.

Reading the clue and already having UP-EA-ED when I glanced at the fill, I entered the H and the V.

Desper-otto, you ARE safe to assume that this is the only appearance of UPREARED since the beginning of the Corner. upreared

BunnyM said...

Good morning all!

Nice, easy Tuesday solve; no real issues and some learning moments. Thanks, Mark!
And thanks, Melissa for a great write up. We seemed to be on the same wavelength- SALVO was also new to me and I had the same thought with UPREARED: "What?" ;)
I got the reveal fill easily enough but didn't "get" it until I read the blog. I was looking back at the theme answers trying to find IT somewhere. Doh!- it was AT. Silly me ;)

Other perps were EDOM, ALOHATOWER and TYR.

Hope everyone has been well. I've really missed the blog! Been so busy with a major problem concerning a family member. It has consumed all of my energy both mentally and physically. But things are looking up and we're all getting through it together. DH and I keep saying we need another vacation since it's been crazy, stressful, non stop madness since we returned from Mexico! Lol- we are already counting down to our October trip.

I think the last time I posted was when D#1 was having her big birthday party. It was a smashing success! Great food, family, friends, lots of laughs and dancing ( I'm still recovering from the damage of that. I'm not meant to move like that anymore but how could I resist celebrating with my sweet girl?) We met the "fireman's" family- great people! I have a sneaking suspicion they will be our in-laws some day :)

Fermatprime- hope Millie is recovering nicely. Poor thing- sounds like she's had a rough time.
TTP- Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day :)

Absolutely gorgeous weather here today. So lovely that it warrants spending as much time as possible outside. Which is my plan!

Have a great day everyone!

SwampCat said...

Easy, speed run for me today. Thanks, Mark and Melissa . I was looking for a WWII theme since its D-Day anniversary , but I'll settle for WWI. And we did get IKE and an ARMYTANK.

I like oysters Char-broiled better than RAW. But it didn't fit.

Owen, your offerings were great!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

I, too, furled my eyebrows at seeing UPREARED. but I'll take Melissa's word for its legitity. Thought the theme was kind of ho hum, but overall, the puzzle was fun to solve. No issues, no searches, but used a little white-out -- I had 'empty' before NO GAS.
Thanks Mark and Melissa for launching me into the day.

Probably won't post tomorrow. Getting my Mohs surgery for the basal cell carcinoma identified earlier on my right temple. Local an.esthetic.

Hungry Mother said...

No sweat today. I liked OAKY; it has a nice sound.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Mark McClain, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Melissa Bee, for a fine review.

MB, can't believe you never heard the word SALVO before. That's been around since naval ships have been sailing (and firing salvos at each other). Anyhow, now you know it.

Fermatprime, glad Millie is doing well. We lost our old dog a few years ago. They take a lot of TLC. Now we are starting over with a new dog.

Very good puzzle. Went fast with two cups of Earl Grey.

The Clue, Lifted, for UPREARED is weird. However, I got it.

I love SALAMI.

TYR was not known. OAKY fixed that. Now I know it.

Now I have to cut my lawn. I spent yesterday reading my book club book, which was outstanding. "The Girl With Seven Names" If you want to learn about North Korea, a great book. Non-Fiction.

Off to my lawn. See you tomorrow.


( )

WikWak said...

Anonymous T - RE: growing up in SPI - My dad drove the 30-ish miles from Jacksonville to Spfld for work every weekday of his working life. He joined a veritable parade of other state employees making that commute. Sun in your eyes all the way there, sun in your eyes all the way home. My Boy Scout camp was (still is, I think) on Lake Spfld. Weird to think it's been over 50 years since I lived in J-ville.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great puzzle..............

Lucina said...

Thank you, Mark McClain and Melissa! M&M, I like that, d-o, and we had ROLO in the puzzle.

Also, as has been mentioned, a bit of CSO to DDay with IKE, ARMYTANK, SALVO and WWI. And there is even a god of war, TYR.

I also did a double take at UPREARED but if Melissa checked it, I'll accept it.

I'm glad to hear that Millie came through all right.

Good thoughts going your way for your procedure.

And I'll see you all in a week as I'm returning to Carmel and not just for the weather (it's in the 60s) though that will be welcome.

Have a safe and happy week, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Anybody have any thoughts as to whether there is a deeper meaning to the reveal? I get the "AT" part, but what is the bit about dividing the asterisked clues into 4 parts??? I know that there are 4 asterisked clues, but is 4 parts only a coincidence?

Argyle said...

divided in four parts, what the answers to starred clues are? : WHERE IT'S AT

The clue divided into four parts is 1)WHERE 2)IT'S 3)A 4)T.

CrossEyedDave said...

Wees, E for no gas...(inkblot) but only space #20, I thought it was too easy
and only inked the "E"just in case.

The hardest part for me was trying to divide the reveal into four pieces...

So, Where is it at?

Hmm, Nope, not quite right...

Ah! Of Course!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Another easy, early-week offering. I, too, wanted empty before No Gas and had Elam before Edom. Needed perps for Tyr, although I think we've seen it before. I liked Italia and Salami side by side. I sort of half-winced at Upreared but it wasn't quite as jarring as a recent entry in that "other" puzzle: Overgo. That one didn't "go over" well at all, as you can imagine.

Thanks, Mark and Melissa, for a pleasant solve and summary.

BunnyM, glad to see you back. Just earlier this morning, I was wondering where you were. Sorry to hear of your travails and hope they'll be resolved soon.

Ferm, that's good news about Millie, hope she's on the mend.

TTP, I hope you get to enjoy a belated birthday celebration soon.

Owen, Guy Fieri (Food Network) highlighted a Santa Fe restaurant yesterday but I tuned in toward the end so I didn't really get the gist of the food being served; I think it was called The Roadhouse.

Have a great day.

Bill Graham said...

I got the puzzle solved OK with some trouble in the upper-left corner. (I was sure EMPTY was correct.) But I had trouble with the wording of the 'reveal.' It didn't make sense to me, even after I had finished the puzzle. It made me feel a little better to see some others of us were a bit puzzled too. Otherwise, very enjoyable.

Thanks Mark and Melissa.

Good luck Spitz! I'll be hoping everything goes smoothly.

Gary, from yesterday: Yes I played workup often; usually when we were a little short of players. I liked it.

Yellowrocks said...

Fast and easy, no strange names or unknown words, however I missed finding the initial A …T…, even with the reveal. Four perps gave me UPREARED. It sounded legit, but old fashioned. I looked for quotes in literature. All quotes were rather old. I am surprised the dictionary doesn’t call it ARCHAIC OR OBSOLETE.
“It is odd how individuality will uprear itself before its own consciousness, in the most adverse circumstances.” From Moon Face by Jack London, born 1876.
“Of trumpets loud and clarions, He upreared His mighty standard.” from Paradise Lost by John Milton.

I have worn skorts. In ladies’ apparel they are shorts with a flap across the front to resemble a skirt.
I, too, was surprised that SALVO was not known. Besides a barrage of armament, I know it as a forceful verbal or written assault. or a sudden outburst, of cheers or praise.

I like almost every kind of seafood, except raw shellfish. I do like raw fin fish in quality sushi. There is a recall of fresh and frozen tuna just now, due to suspected hepatitis. I won’t be eating any very soon.

Welcome back, Bunny M.
Spits, I hope your procedure goes well.

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, Mark, for an easy Tuesday run..... Good theme and only WEES about UPREARED.

Nice job, MB, for the write-up. Loved the cathedral apse pic!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks, Mark & Melissa.

Hand up for thinking the reveal meant to divide the starred clues into four words. Worked much better to divide the reveal into 4 words. Aha: A & T!

Wanted "brands" instead of EAR TAGS. But Brands ID's the owner/ranch while EAR TAG ID's a specific animal in the herd.

Unknowns WEES. UPRaisED before UPREARED. MEH!

Do slot machines still have ONE ARM? I haven't been in a casino since 2000 but then all the slots were electronic with buttons instead of an ARM.

Spitz: good luck with the surgery.

Bunny, hope your relative's life smooths out. I have a couple of strange things going on right now with mine. Hard to resolve sometimes.

Misty said...

Fun Tuesday puzzle, Mark--many thanks. No problems at all except in the northwest corner, mainly because I figured the dashboard E would have to start with an E. I finally followed my instincts and worked on the surrounding clues, and then, thank goodness, the NO GAS fell into place. No problem with SALVO, either. Great story about the ALOHA TOWER, Melissa, and I too always think of Radar O'Reilley when the word NEHI comes up in a puzzle.

I guess I don't know my wines as well as I thought I did. I think of Chardonnay as being light and a bit on the fruity, rather than the OAKY.

Spitz, last year I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from a little red thing just above my lip. The surgery was simple, and it healed readily with no issues. I wish you a similar good experience.

Fermatprime, so glad that Millie is back home and I'll wish her a good recovery.

Have a great day, everybody!

CanadianEh! said...

Worked through this CW on paper with no inkblots. Easier than yesterday IMHO. Thanks for the fun Mark and melissa bee.

Like others, I struggled with the theme. Even though I got the A and T part, the clumsily worded reveal still puzzles me?! OK, Where it's A T. Meh!
But the CW itself was okay, so no complaints.

I thought of John Wayne and True GRIT, and Ripped brought visions of muscular men before TORN.

I started to enter REire for 15A but noticed the capital M (for Mad magazine) and changed to RENEW. Reire would have been too much with UPREARED on the same day!
(I chuckled at your UpHeaVed, TTP.)

Tinbeni has never 64A'd.
Unknowns were EMME and TYR but Perps to the rescue.

Good news about Millie, fermatprime.
Welcome back Bunny M.
Best wishes for a good recovery from your procedure, Spitzboov.

Have a great day!

TINBENI at the Library said...

Melissa; Great write-up. Thank you for explaining the "A.T." theme.

Mark: Good job constructing a FUN Tuesday puzzle.

CanadianEh! @1:57 ... but I have "64-a" before ... but only when it is "_ _ _ Water."
(Hey, here in Florida I drink a lot of "_ _ _ Water")

Also I had the same unknowns, EMME and TYR ... perps to the rescue.


Misty said...

Did anyone watch "If you're not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast" on HBO last night. It's a documentary about people over the age of 90 featuring famous actors in that age group (Carl Reiner, Betty White, Dick Van Dyke, etc.). I saw only about a half hour of it, but I just loved it! It made me feel ridiculous for feeling old at 72, when these folks feel totally capable and alive in their nineties. They've become my new role models!

Ol' Man Keith said...

I see several colleagues discovered EMME and TYR today. I knew vaguely of TYR, and he seems like a divinity important enough to know. He cuts a dashing figure as one-handed Týr on his Wikipedia page. As for EMME, I still don't know her. Do we pronounce her as simply Em ("Auntie Em! Auntie Em!") or should we say Em-mah?
From her picture and the "body-image" notation, I guess she is into the "be-proud-of-the-body-you-got" and "anti-fat-shaming" campaigns, right? Dandy.
Overall, a nice Tuesday pzl. My thanks to both creator and responder - Mark McClain & Meklissa Bee!

Wilbur Charles said...

I agree that this was one of the easier puzzles lately. Somebody told me they just can't do xwords; this would be a good starter.

Except for UPREARED.

Re. Piersall. He had a brawl under the stands with Billy Martin, getting much the worst of it. Much later, Martin felt bad and eventually hired Jimmy as a coach

If a Yankee and a Redsox could reconcile there's hope for world Peace.

Owen, nice l'icks but you sold yesterday short. Xcellent.

Thx Mark and MB.


Spitzboov said...

Here is a Link to a short video of the USS John Warner completing initial sea trials last mo. At about 20 secs. into it dolphins are seen riding the bow wave. A still photo adorns this month's USNI Proceedings.

Misty - 72 is not 'old'. I'm the youngest in my bridge group at 79. Our oldest member just passed his 92 birthday.
And thanks for your input on my procedure tomorrow. That's good to know.

And thanks to others for all your good wishes and words of support.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Misty, I didn't see the show, but am responding to your sense of folly at "feeling old" in your 70s. At 78, I don't feel old at all, except when I try to stand. My walking is limited to short cane-aided trips, and longer movements are restricted to one of three differently-purposed power chairs or scooters. But when I'm not pushing physical limits - such as when sitting at my computer - I think and feel just as I did in my 20s or 30s.

My guess is that, if we're lucky enough to escape mental degeneration, none of us age "on the inside." We see our newly acquired physical restraints as Nature's dirty tricks.
And when we look in the mirror, we see a stranger. A pleasant-enough chap, maybe, but one whose acquaintance I have yet to make.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

An enjoyable solve today. Thanks Mark McClain. I caught the A-T theme early on and the reveal brought a smile. WEES for UPREARED.......Thanks for taking the helm today, Melissa, and guiding us through the puzzle. What a lovely APSE photo.

Fermatprime, glad to hear Millie made it through her surgery.

Best wishes to you, Spitzboov, for your procedure tomorrow.

Enjoy the day!

Jayce said...

I usually like Mark McClain's puzzles and this one is no exception, except for UPREARED. Pretty clever clue for 1A; no way to know without first checking the perps whether the answer would be AMER, AUTO, or ASSN.

I echo Ol' Man Keith with regard to walking with a cane; I've been using and benefiting from a cane for about 3 years now and am limited in how far I can go. (I'm 75.) I just acquired a walker, the kind with 4 wheels and a seat, and am enjoying how much it helps me walk so much farther. Now we are shopping for a "crossover SUV" with enough cargo space in which to stow it; it doesn't fit into the trunk of our sedan and wreaks havoc when we wrestle it into and out of the back seat. We're checking out the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport and the Kia Sorento (hence my queries about those 2 vehicles several weeks ago.) Hondo, the Highlander is a nice vehicle.

So Misty, keep walking and keep the strength in your legs!

Lucina, I hope you enjoy Carmel as much as ever.

Best wishes to Spitzboov and all of you.

Misty said...

Thank you for the kind words, everybody. And Ol' Man Keith, it looks as though I'll have to add you to my role model list too.

Pat said...

A fun puzzle today that went quickly. I didn't even look for a theme so I needed Melissa B. to point it out to me. Thank you, Mark and MB for the entertainment!

My dieter wanted NOcArb/NOMAYO, and I had an ARMYjeep/ARMYTANK.

Fav c/a 61a Made on a loom=WOVE. In the late 1950's--early 60s, my Dad's parents had 2 looms. Mom asked for 5-6 pair of drapes which were woven to her specifications. The pair that hung in their bedroom are now in my bedroom.

As BunnyM said, the weather today is spectacular! High of 78*, low humidity, delightful! Tomorrow we don't reach 70*, then the temp starts climbing and we will be in the 90's by this weekend. Yuck!

Best wishes on your surgery tomorrow, Spitzboov.

Fermatprime, I'm happy to hear that Millie is doing well. Hope she continues to improve with no setbacks.

Have a good evening.

PK said...

Keith: I agree with your assessment of old age. However, when I look in the mirrored closet door each morning while sitting on the side of the bed trying to decide if I really want to hoist myself to ambulatory position, I see my mother. That's spooky! She's been dead 17 years. In her last two years she was so demented. The vision scares me into immediately UPREARING my rearend and doing some mental exercising. She didn't become demented as long as she could read, after her eyes failed, it was a rapid slide into goofyland. Keep on crosswording, I say.

WikWak said...

PK: I believe all slot machines (at least, all I've seen lately) still have the "arm." There are nice shiny buttons to press and most folks use them and not the arms, but the arms are still there and still work. And I miss the REAL sound of coins falling into the trays. The recorded sounds just don't cut it for me.

tawnya said...

Good evening all!

Thoroughly enjoyable puzzle today despite not getting the theme or reading some of the clues that were perped in without notice. I scoffed at UPREARED and even said out loud "That's a stupid word! That can't be real! But it must be, since it's in the puzzle..." So thank you all for affirming my thoughts. I agree that it's a word that should disappear forever. Thank you, Melissa, for the write-up. Especially the links on the ALOHA TOWER.

I've started my new job and in the middle of the two weeks of seated orientation and learning. We have a five month residency program to finish before we are officially released onto the floor by ourselves. On a side note: One of my classmates (age 23!) likes to do the crossword in the paper (which is our own LAT puzzle) and has started asking me questions while she works it. While I want to help I don't want my own experience to be spoiled when I get to it at home. But I'm so happy that a "youngster" is interested!!

Funny that someone had a case of the Mondays on Tuesday...

I thought of Radar from M*A*S*H from both NEHI and CHOPPERS.

@F-Prime: I'm happy to read that your Millie is doing well - I am sure your veterinarian was just as worried as you about the anesthesia on an older pet. Happy healing!!

Off to help DH with dinner - wish him luck ;)


Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Mark for a fun puzzle "Where every unknown is perpable." [How's that SLOGAN Jinx?]. Thanks mb for a sparkly expo; I enjoyed the picture of ALOHA TOWER.

WOs: I had a P that looked like a D and vise-versa. Both held me up a bit. [--OpIDEA was not forthcoming; same with pIVE @33d :-)]

Fav: RE NEW. I filled that recalling 'mad' in the clue; went back and re-read it to find 'Mad.' Ha! What, me worry?

Runner up: The 'STROS xing AWAY TEAM; They stand 11 road wins in a row.


Fermat - glad to hear all went well with Milli. Spitz, sounds like you're up; hope all goes well for you too.

Misty - No, but thanks for telling me about the show. I love Carl, DVD, I assume Mel Brooks is included (he and Carl eat together nightly [17m]). I find it peculiar, every one of those "old" people you mentioned are funny implying deep mental acuity.

FLN - Dow Jones: Thanks for the heads up; I picked up the WSJ on the way home for C.C.'s pzl.

I thought Where It's At would induce Tawnya to show up for the after-party. [Oh, and there she is]

Cheers, -T

tawnya said...

@Anon-T - great find! Can't believe I didn't think of it. Sigh. I'm such a Loser for not thinking of it...


tawnya said...

Also - is this where you learned about Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner having dinner every night? One of the few things I actually follow on youtube...


Anonymous T said...

Tawnya - Nice Loser follow-up and, Yep, I love that web series [one of the few I watch too]. Cheers, -T

Mark McClain said...

Chiming in late with thanks to Melissa and to others who enjoyed this puzzle. Wow! UPREARED got a lot of chatter, and understandably so. I probably won't be trying using that word again.

Anonymous T said...

Thanks again Anon Dow Jones. I had fun w/ C.C.'s pzl. Took 2 look-sees but I finally got it with a number of (>6) WOs (esp center grid).

Thanks Mark for stopping by. Hey, it was a fun puzzle, well theme'd for a Tuesday, and we learnt ALOHA TOWER and UPREARED exist. Don't worry about using the latter again; that will test our memory :-). I didn't mind the SO to the STROS from Houston TEXAS either...

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

Hi, everyone! This was a good puzzle to me, many good words, especially salvo and barrage. I happened to enjoy those words very much.

I hope everyone in this blog is doing well, so many personal stories. Wishing everyone the very best!

Anonymous T said...

HG - Your Royals put us STROS back to 0-1 AWAY. Good show for KC in the bottom of the 9th. -T