Jun 4, 2017

Sunday June 4, 2017 Jim Holland

Theme: "Product Expansion" - Additional letters are added to the end of each product name.

22A. Automaker's expansion into music? : HONDA ACCORDIONS. Honda Accord.

45A. Candy company's expansion into exercise equipment? : HERSHEY BARBELLS. Hershey bar.

72A. Drink container company's expansion into bakery products? : DIXIE CUPCAKES. Dixie cup.

95A. Jewelry company's expansion into fishing for delicacies? : TIFFANY LAMPREYS. Tiffany lamp.
122A. Cleaning products company's expansion into arena seating? : CLOROX BLEACHERS. Clorox bleach.

14D Writing implement company's expansion into jewelry? : BIC PENDANTS. Bic pen.

71D. Kitchen supplies company's expansion into security? : SOS PADLOCKS. SOS pad.

The answers are all in plural form. Very consistent. Most work perfectly as the newly formed words do not share the same root as the old words.

We have 82 black squares today. A bit on the high side.

You can read here about Jim's background. Hmm, he loves golf and bowling. Sounds like someone I'm very close to. So what's your bowling average, Jim?
1. Icy coating : RIME. Or HOAR.

5. Heroine in the "Divergent" films : TRIS. Tris Prior. I learned from another puzzle.

9. Route shower : MAP.  I saw the show-er trick immediately. But not the answer.

12. Castro, for one : CUBAN

17. Unlike spring chickens? : AGED

18. __-car : RENT-A. Did not see the partial coming.

 20. One-of-a-kind : LONE

21. Bud in Baja : AMIGO

25. Tijuana restaurant staples : TACOS

26. Work out : STAY FIT. Great fill.

27. "SNL" parody Baba __ : WAWA

28. Behavioral oddity : TIC

30. Fore relative? : PRE. Ah, now I see why.

31. "Are you __ out?" : IN OR

33. Dizzy's jazz : BEBOP

36. Story line : THREAD

38. __ port : USB

41. Antitoxin : SERUM

43. Lamb by another name : ELIA. Charles Lamb. This clue can't fool our regulars.

44. Observed : SEEN

49. Studio amendment : RE-DUB

52. Run : FLEE

53. Supermodel Sastre : INES. The Trésor model.

54. Self-satisfied : SMUG. I felt quite self-satisfied fixing our dryer pipe leak with 3M duct tape. Turns out you have to use the real shiny stuff like below. D-otto said "Duct tape is good for lots of things...but not for ducts.  It can't take the heat."

56. "Family" actress Thompson : SADA

57. Like some twins : FRATERNAL

61. Final financials : YEAR-ENDS. It's a noun? I always thought year-end is an adjective.

63. __-de-France : ILE

64. It may quash dreams of a musical career : TIN EAR. I'm tone-deaf. We were only taught those patriotic communist songs.

68. Ed's title : MISTER. This is why MR ED is frowned upon by editors. Same as DR WHO.

69. Air-escape sound : SSS

75. Montevideo Mrs. : SRA

76. "Tough!" : TOO BAD

78. Rouse to action : BESTIR. Not a word I use.

79. Co. that merged into Verizon : GTE

80. Like car carburetors, for the most part : OBSOLETE

82. Victimized by bad spelling? : POSSESSED. Great clue.

87. They often have quotas : REPS. Oh, sales reps have sales quotas.

88. Stella __ cookies : D'ORO. Never had it.

90. Singer Horne : LENA

91. Emphatic type: Abbr. : ITAL

93. Shelley's Muse : ERATO. Muse of poetry

100. Figure (out) : DOPE

102. Latin trio part : AMAT. Amo, amas, amat.

103. Older Obama daughter : MALIA

104. Turf : SOD

105. "Route 66" co-star : MILNER (Martin). Unknown to me.

107. Saint Kitts' island partner : NEVIS. The Caribbean islands. Wiki says English is their official language.

109. Agree to, in a way : SIGN

110. Mil. address : APO. Army Post Office. We also have 121. U.S. Army rank qualifier : RET

111. Classical start : NEO. Neoclassical.

113. Draft category : ONE A

115. Med. diagnostic procedure : MRI SCAN. PET/CAT too.

120. Shell lining : NACRE. Learned from doing crosswords.

126. Comic book artist : INKER

127. Bits : TADS

128. Jeer : TAUNT

129. Cosmo competitor : ELLE.  Elle China always has noisy covers.

130. Sends a fly flying : CASTS. Fishing.

131. Be in a red state? : OWE

132. Place : SITE

133. Political group : BLOC


1. Fan sounds : RAHs

2. "__ You Babe": 1965 #1 hit : I GOT

3. Actress Suvari : MENA. The girl in  "American Beauty".

4. What goes around : EDDY. Nice clue.

5. Work newbie : TRAINEE

6. Clergy abode : RECTORY. Got via crosses.

7. Forbes competitor : INC

8. Pack away : STOW

9. Farm sound : MOO

10. Gothic novel pioneer Radcliffe : ANN

11. Unrelenting annoyance : PEST

12. One usually crouching : CATCHER. Who am I?

13. Thurman of film : UMA

15. Selling spot in Sparta : AGORA. Those Spartans would be stunned to see our Mall of America.

16. Went snooping : NOSED

19. Many an Omani : ARAB

20. Held to account : LIABLE

23. "__ Called Wanda" : A FISH

24. Stereotypical pocket protector wearers : DWEEBS

29. Part of TGIF : IT'S

32. Repeat annoyingly : RUB IN

34. Louvre displays : OILS . Also 47. Museum pieces : RELICs

35. Ancient Syrian trade center : PALMYRA. Learning moment for me. Must be their Mall of America.

37. Piece maker : REESE'S

38. Broadcast format: Abbr. : UHF. Ultra High Frequency.

39. __-employed : SELF

40. __ Rabbit : BRER

42. Sea cow : MANATEE

46. Blue map area : SEA

48. Respond to defamation, say : SUE

50. Milk container : UDDER

51. Iraq's main port : BASRA

55. One of two zygote producers : GAMETE.  Dictionary shows this root: "New Latin gameta < Greek gamet- (stem of gametḗ wife, gamétēs husband), derivative of gameîn to marry". Funny how a Greek word becomes male once you attach S to the end.

58. Word before wave or pool : TIDAL

59. Slurred in pronunciation : ELIDED

60. T. __ : REX

62. High grounds : RISES

65. Kook : NUT

66. Anaphylaxis treatment : EPIPEN. D-Otto has one in his fridge.

67. NATO, for one : ACRONYM

69. Target, for one : STORE

70. Grave : SOBER

73. __ Peninsula : IBERIAN

74. Metric wts. : KGs

77. Second-easternmost U.S. state capital : BOSTON. After Augusta, Maine.

81. Wee one : TOT

83. Rooms in a casa : SALAS

84. Beatle Paul's title : SIR

85. Nice summers : ETES. Nice the city.

86. Ballpark rallying cry based on a 1950s hit : DAY-O . "The Banana Boat Song".

89. "How silly __!" : OF ME

90. Bodega patron : LATINO.  Our Golden Lion here has a big Asian and Hispanic food section.

92. Trip provider : LSD

94. Corkscrews, essentially : OPENERS

96. Party gifts : FAVORS. Does this refer to political party?

97. Food : ALIMENT

98. Move periodically : MIGRATE

99. __ button : PANIC Also 105. Frenzied : MANIC

101. Byron's "before" : ERE

106. Bucky Beaver's toothpaste : IPANA

108. Racy message : SEXT

112. Prefix with -pus : OCTO

114. Down with, in Dunkirk : ABAS. "Abas le roi!"

116. "The Purple People Eater" singer Wooley : SHEB. Don't know the song or the singer. I  associate "The Purple People Eaters" with the Vikings.

117. Holding area : CELL. Prison cell.

118. Woody's boy : ARLO

119. Brief time pd. : NSEC

123. Prosecutor's field : LAW

124. Tribute in verse : ODE

125. Him, to Henri : LUI


fermatprime said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks to Jim and C. C.!

Really cute theme.

Did not know TRIS and INES. Otherwise no problem. Went really rapidly.

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

The Prescience of the Blog: Spitzboov mentioned ACCORDION (Friday, but I'm just now catching up.)

{C, C+, B-.}

There once was a merman, BR'ER MANATEE.
From his RENT-A-CAR job he had to FLEE!
Here are the fact, see,
He knew driving a taxi,
Not locomotives, but he'd be a TRAINEE!

A certain LATINO, to his AMIGOS known well,
Worked as bartender at a rogue TACO Bell!
His biceps he flexed
At the waitress he SEXT,
She helped him STAY FIT, his taco-BAR BELLE!

Paul C.: sorry I was off my feed when your puzzle ran on Friday. Still not really in good form, so my apologies on the quality as well as quantity, but I will try to make up for missing that day.

Kangaroos and KOALAS live in the Down-Under area,
Near where MOAS once lived in the shade of ARAUCARIA.
It would puzzle a monkey,
Who would find branches funky,
But zoo hunters like the wood for making a 'roo carrier!

Argyle said...

Trivia moment: Sheb Wooley played Pete Nolan on TV's Rawhide. Here is a musical clip(3:12) that features him on Rawhide.
Shelby Fredrick "Sheb" Wooley (April 10, 1921 – September 16, 2003) Wiki

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Enjoyed the puzzle despite a plethora of problems such as REPS/AGTS, MAPS/GPS, MALIA/SASHA, LATINO/LATINA. Wasn't NEVIS a buddy with Nuthead? I even managed to get the theme.

Argyle, the high-brow among us would also recognize Sheb Wooley as Ben Colder from Hee-Haw. He also appeared in serious roles in the westerns High Noon and The Outlaw Josey Wales.

Thanx for the SOs, C.C. Did you ever find the shiny foil tape at the home center?

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thank you Jim Holland and CC.

Slept-in on the new mattress, so I am late.

No real problems today. Some real unknowns, like Sheb Wooley. I too only know of the Purple Peaople Eaters as the 70's Vikings defensive line/team.

Party FAVORS are typically small gifts of inconsequential value that a person receives from the host(s) of a party. Something you can take home, store in a drawer, and then later rediscover when looking for something else. Then you will see it and remember the party and the fun you had. Hopefully.

You are CC but that is AJ.

Laptop is running hot. Have to shut down. See y'all later !

MJ said...

Good morning to all!

An enjoyable puzzle from Jim Holland today, well executed theme. Many unknowns slowed down my solving time. MENA Suvari, ANN Radcliffe, INES Sastre, SHEB Wooley, MILNER of "Route 66", and TRIS of "Divergent" films all arrived via perps. Favorite clue/answer was "Victimized by bad spelling?" for POSSESSED. Thanks for the expo, C.C..

Enjoy the day!

Wilbur Charles said...

Owen, your l'icks weren't missed, a great pinch-hitter showed up. Stop that groaning. I liked your ACAURARIA take. Welcome back and I hope you had a HBD.

This wasn't too hard. ALIMENT for food puzzled me. And of course had CATSCAN.

MILNER reminds me of the American Graffiti cruiser.

Also had RULER before the obvious CUBAN.

We have a plethora of WAWAs here in Tampa Bay


PS. Thx for the write-up CC. Don't be a stranger Jim. Your theme answers were extremely clever

Jinx in Norfolk said...

WMJS. One bad cell: REEcES x cADA. I knew Palmyra because of the town by the same name in So California, and of course Abejo and I knew GTE because it was a CSO to us. I always knew of the ALIMENTary canal, and now know why it's called that. I Wanted Remington for "piece maker" but it wouldn't fit. Glad to see MANATEE make an appearance. They are wonderful, gentle and endangered creatures.

Will I ever learn - erased SAKI for ELIA. Also was thinking veni, vidi, vici for the Latin trio, but it never is in crosswords.

I remember the one eyed, one horned flying purple people eater song when I was very young - 5 or so. Same era as "Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight". I always think of the purple people eater song when I hear Blondie's "Rapture" on the oldies stations I frequent.

My only nit today is UHF used as a format. UHF describes a frequency band, but the format for UHF is the same as for VHF. Maybe I'm overly sensitive from my stint as a broadcast engineer for WMUL-TV, the PBS station at Marshall University. To do the job required a first-class radiotelephone license, and I was proud to have one. After the government stopped issuing them I decided that BS and MBA degrees were less likely to become OBSOLETE, so I got those (in addition to a PMP).

Thanks to Jim and CC for a fun start for what promises to be a glorious day.

desper-otto said...

Jinx, I also had a first-phone back in the day. I remember studying tank circuits until my eyes crossed while preparing for the licensing exam. Now the only tank I'm familiar with has gasoline in it.

Argyle said...

It Was A One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater Clip(2:15)

Husker Gary said...

-A very easy and straight forward puzzle where theme fills were easy to see
-I have no brand-loyalty for RENT-A-CARS or airlines. Just show me the cost
-The THREADS of many movies today start in the middle
-Friends RE-DUBBED (or just DUBBED) (:17)
-My MIL’s mower carburetor was not OBSOLETE, just filthy dirty, so off it went for a $100 repair
-Quotas probably cost this most famous literary REP his job
-ELLE China – who knew?
-My daughter was a State Farm trainer but got involuntarily shifted and became a TRAINEE
-When I was SELF-EMPLOYED I made some big bucks. I taught the rest of the year
-How lonely did sailors have to be to mistake these two creatures?
-Cherry trees ring D.C.’s TIDAL Basin and got hurt by cold weather this year
-Recent EPIPEN controversey
-Our local Hy-Vee stores has a big Hispanic section too for our burgeoning LATINO population
-I wonder why didn’t Jim use the French spelling?

Yellowrocks said...

The expansion of common products made this puzzle very easy and a lot of fun. The names I didn't know perped in without any trouble. TRIS, ANN, SHEB. I knew Sheb's face from many westerns, but not his name. Thanks for the clip Argyle.
There were many cute puns. Victimized by bad spelling=possessed. In a red state=owe.
Informally, year end is used to mean year end report or year end summary. We called them that when I was on the church board.
My dad used to say, "Can you DOPE it out?"
I just realized I have seen NACRE in print scads of times and have never heard it. It is pronounced NAKER. like NAKED with the R replacing the D.
Tiffany is a kind of CSO to Alan. He assembles Tiffany jewelry boxes at work.
Jinx, for piece maker I first thought of a gun, too, but, of course, that would be PEACE.But when cowboys shoot up the saloon, they make PIECES of the furniture. LOL

Wilbur Charles said...

I see they're making a movie about Dunkirk. 6/5/40 was a commemorative date into the fifties.

Was the creature purple or did it only eat purple people.


maripro said...

Thanks C.C. and Jim. I liked the theme, especially the Tiffany lampreys. I also liked C.C.'s comments about the crossword's construction. Very edifying.
My brother lives in Palmyra, NY as did Joseph Smith and his followers before they left and ended up in Utah.
Have a lovely day, everyone.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a fun and clever theme but, even knowing the theme early on, there was enough crunch to chew on. Hand up for Map/GPS, Chet/Sheb; I remember the purple people eater song but not who sung it. Tris Prior was an unknown but she could pass as Shalene Woodley's twin sister. Wasn't fond of bestir and aliment without the ary was new, also.

Well done, Jim, and thanks, CC, for guiding us along.

Have a good day.

Anonymous T said...

Lurk to Jinx - Rapture. -T

Irish Miss said...

My observation that Shailene (correct spelling) Woodley and Tris Prior look like twins led me to Google Tris Prior and, lo and behold, Shailene's picture appeared. Tris Prior is the character's name in the movies, portrayed by Miss Woodley. Proves that old adage about the word "assume!"

Lucina said...

Thanks to Jim Holland and C.C. for today's amusement. I enjoyed all the Spanish, too.

I liked the theme and managed to complete each one once the product was filled. Nice! And Nice, France doesn't fool me.

Thomas Jefferson was born in NEVIS which is why I remember it.

DORO, TRIS and INES are unknowns but they emerged with perps. Italian peninsula changed to IBERIAN with OBSOLETE. I see MOO and UDDER here, too.

PALMYRA is where many art works were destroyed by ISIS. Such a tragedy!

This was fun and just right for a Sunday.

Welcome back, Owen. I hope you feel better soon.

Have a splendid day, everyone!

Yellowrocks said...

ALIMENT was an easy wag from ALI----It is another word found mostly in print. I have seen it in period novels, medical novels, and non fiction.

“It is exceedingly nutritious, and was readily borne by the stomach when that organ refused to tolerate other aliment.” Parsons, Mary Elizabeth
“The rank forests of the tropics are as unproductive of human aliment as the less luxuriant woods of the temperate zone." Marsh, George P.
“In lieu of these crude articles of food, Isis gave them bread and other more wholesome aliments." Zahm, John Augustine

I have also seen it in the sense Wikipedia uses, an allowance family members are obligated to provide for maintenance.
"Aliment, in Scots law and in other civil systems, is the sum paid or allowance given in respect of the reciprocal obligation of parents and children, husband and wife, grandparents and grandchildren, to contribute to each other's maintenance."

Stream of consciousness thinking:
In western novels ranch hands are provided with FOUND, a noun meaning free food and lodging in addition to wages.

desper-otto said...

"Holmes, how did you know the victim choked on a sausage?"
"Alimentary, my dear Watson."

Misty said...

Woohoo! Woohoo! I got a whole Sunday puzzle with not one bit of cheating, looking up, nothing--just got the whole thing! Not that it was that easy. The theme answers had me stumped for a while because I would get the product but then have trouble with the rest until I finally figured out HONDA ACCORD and realized there was a middle word that was linked to the first one. After that it was a hoot getting those themes in place. There were also some names I didn't know (TRIS, MILNER, MENA) but also lots I got (UMA, ARLO, MALIA,SADA).

Totally fun puzzle, Jim--you've made my day, my weekend, and probably my whole week to come! And C.C. thank you for explaining GAMETE and especially for helping me see that SPELLING in POSSESSED had to do with a hex and not with the alphabet. That's why this was such a fun puzzle.

Have a great Sunday, everybody!

WikWak said...

Wow, this one went down in a hurry! Speaking of 'down,' I never even got to the downs... just across, line after line, and hey presto it was finished. I loved the theme; right down my alley. Thanks, Jim and C. C.

C.C., a party favor is one of the little gifts a host gives to those who come to his/her party. I see it most often used with children's parties.

I'm pretty sure the Vikings' nickname came from the song. When I was younger my dad used to drive me to a YMCA summer camp near St Louis. I well remember one trip during which he threatened to make me walk the rest of the way if I turned up the radio one more time when KXOK played "that song." At least he let me listen to my station instead of making me listen to his.

I'm with Jinx and desper-Otto. I ground my teeth (did you hear me?) at defining UHF as a MODE. Not nohow, not no way!

Also wasn't too thrilled with SSS.

I remember Martin Milner from Route 66, but I remember him much better as Pete Malloy in Adam-12.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

YellowRocks, I wasn't thinking of a peacemaker, I was thinking of the slang term for "gun" used by the made men (hey Tony, which piece you takin' to that ting tonight - the Glock?). I still miss the Sopranos, and hold out hope they will one day take a mulligan on the final episode.

D - O, I failed Element 4, mostly because of fatigue from taking Elements 1, 2 and 3. Passed 4 easily the second time after driving hundreds of miles and finding a place to buy a money order (the US Government wouldn't take US currency, checks or credit cards). Your second post was verrry punny and much appreciated.

CanadianEh! said...

Fun Sunday puzzle. Thanks Jim and C.C.
I saw the theme very early which helped but almost a DNF because of cross of TRIS and INC. But my WAG was correct.

I had ERE for Fore relative (I had the right idea) but then needed it for 101D. I also had Remix before REDUB.
Nerds and geeks did not fill the spaces for DWEEBS.
Those twins could have been Identical or FRATERNAL. I filled in the AL and waited for perps.

We have no Target STOREs in Canada any more. They did not make a go of it and packed up shop. I think the cross-border shoppers who loved them were surprised that their prices in Canada were not lower than their Canadian competitors. They also had a very poor rollout with insufficient stock.

INKER could be clued as a tattoo artist.
WAWA could be clued as a Canadian town (north of S.S. Marie) known for its large statue of a Canada goose overlooking the Trans Canada highway. Look it up on a MAP. Beautiful drive to get there with views of Lake Superior ( but a wicked drive in winter!).

I smiled when I realized the misdirection with the bad spelling. Especially because I had been watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee on Friday night. Those kids are amazing and 12 year old girl who won was a spelling machine. Even more of a coincidence was the location of the article about the Bee right below the CW in my newspaper.

Enjoy the day.

Wilbur Charles said...

DO, I liked ked that joke and play on ALIMENTARY Canal. Ànd CC, would that be Joe Mauer when he DONNed the tools of ignorance?


Lucina said...

What, no one noticed my spectacular error about Thomas Jefferson? It was Alexander Hamilton who was born in NEVIS. Jefferson could not have been president had he been born there or anywhere outside the U.S.A.

I should never post before drinking coffee!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fun & amusing theme, Jim! Fun expo, C.C. Thanks.

Last to fill was square #38: "U" in the USB/UHF cross. I can't remember all those initials.

Route shower was not "wet" rain on the road, nor GPS, but a MAP to show the route.

Didn't know MENA, ANN, INES, ELIA, SADA, MILNER or LUI (always forget about "him"). Hand up for thinking SHEB's name was Chet. I didn't play the Purple People Eater link since I remember when the tune came out. It was an ear worm that hung around for days.

Favorite fill: milk container = UDDER.

pANIC before MANIC.

NEVIS was a gimmee since son's family vacationed there one spring.

Owen did you see all your birthday wishes yesterday?

Now I'll try once more to post this. Typed it once and it disappeared. Think I hit the wrong button.

Spitzboov said...

Hello everyone.

Thanks, Owen for the SO.

Solved on-line at the Mensa site. Interesting theme. I don't think the LAMPREY invader in the Great Lakes would be found a delicacy, though. Average difficulty for a Sunday.
41d - BRER - I use Brer Rabbit blackstrap molasses regularly on my oatmeal.
64a - TIN EAR. I'm perplexed by C.C.'s claim to be tone deaf. She has explained , as have others, about her native language being tonal and how pitch is important in conveying the intended meaning.
114d - À BAS- Seems to me the clue should have been spelt 'Dunkerque' since the answer is in French. 'Dunkirk' is the Flemish and English spelling.

Today is the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Midway. WSJ had a great op-ed piece this weekend, and our paper carried a news article about the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park getting a bronze sculpture of Wade McClusky, a Buffalo native and one of the battle's heroes. (His character was featured in the movie and played by Christopher George.)

CrossEyedDave said...

Owen,you had us worried!
Sorry I missed your Birthday yesterday.

I was at a wedding at the Alice Austen House on Staten Island.
What a 300+year old treasure!
Danced the night away on a front lawn overlooking New York Harbour.
Inside the house is remarkable, the one thing I remember most is
in the dining room, a pot belly stove is right up to the table like
some one waiting for dinner!

Spent some quieter moments sitting at this tree.
A single picture cannot do it justice as the Verazzano bridge is just to the right,
and Bayonne to the left. What panoramic spot!

CrossEyedDave said...

What the wedding looked like...

And, I found a pic of The dining room!

Forgive me, but "Victimized by bad spelling=possessed" went right over my head.
I don't get it, what's the pun?

MJ said...

CED--What a lovely place for a wedding. Thank you for sharing the photos. To put a hex on someone would be to cast a bad spell on them, and they might end up POSSESSED. Hope that explains it.

billocohoes said...

Wilbur Charles - from the lyrics
I said, "Mister Purple People Eater, What's your line?"
He said, Eatin' purple people,
And it sure is fine.

Lucina, Jefferson (and Hamilton) would still have been eligible, as they fell under the clause "natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution"

Bill Graham said...

Hi everybody. Thanks Jim and CC. I always enjoy the Sunday puzzle and this was a good example.

But I would appreciate some help and/or explanation. Misty writes: "... especially for helping me see that SPELLING in POSSESSED had to do with a hex and not with the alphabet." I think there must be more to this clue and answer than I realized at first. What's going on (that I missed) that makes this clue so clever that it's worth mentioning several times?

OK, I went back and reread everything a couple of more times. Is it that POSSESSED doesn't have a problem with misspelling but is referring to someone putting a hex on you? Geez! How can I solve these puzzles seven times a week and still be so dense sometimes? (Ah, it seems as if CED had the same confusion as I did. Thanks CED!)

Wilbur Charles said...

Actually, I thought the whole reason for the "birth" clause in the Constitution was to keep Hamilton out.

Too late for the earworm warning. It was running through my head this morning. When it persists my remedy is to sung Linda Ronstadt's Blue Bayou.

If I've got to have an earworm better that one.

The earlier reference to Salesman (REP) I thought was about Miller getting blacklisted by McCarthy's​ gang.

In fact, speaking of High Noon, the Director of same WAS blacklisted. Terry Gross interviewed him for a book he wrote. HN is a metaphor for the persecution.

Somebody ask CC who that catcher was. My figuring was "Twin that I might know:" population 1.

That Possessed clue should get into the early running for CotM.


Bobbi said...

One thing that has increasingly annoyed me with LAT puzzles LATely is an overabundance of foreign words. For those of us who are not multilingual - and there are many of us - it makes solving a slog as you try to find a translator on the Internet. As I've said here before I will NEVER use a cheat site ( "crossword solver"). I DO use almanacs, thesauruses, synonym dictionaries, et. al. I'm blessed with a sketchy knowledge of Spanish, and that helps and the study of vocabulary sometimes helps with Latin. Cute theme today, once it dawned on me. Still don't comprehend 20D (" held to account")???

CrossEyedDave said...

Ah, thank you, I get it now.

Victimized by bad spelling=possessed

I was looking at all the "SS"'s.

CanadianEh! said...

Bobbi @5:11
If you are LIABLE for an accident, you may be held to account and charged by the police. Or if you are LIABLE for a loan, you will be held to account by the bank and must pay.

Belated Happy Birthday, Owen. Glad to see you back.

Wilbur Charles said...

Bobbi, I can do the Fwanche as Splynter calls it but very little Latin, Spanish or German. I didn't know NAVIS today.

As you pointed out, cottoning to the "Products" was a big help and Jim had mercy on us there.

As I said once previous, wednesday?, When I google I realize I could have sussed it out.

Nice to see you posting


PK said...

CED: thanks for the wedding photos. Surely that can't be Trump's blonde hair in the middle front row by the basket of white flowers?

My husband saved a pot belly stove from his family farm when people were trying to take things that didn't belong to them from vacant houses and had tried to move it. The stove looked just like that one in your dining room picture. It was in my barn loft for years and just now I realize I have no idea where it went. Someone latched onto it sometime. My only consolation is that they had a hard time getting the heavy cast iron thing down the narrow stairs. Husband took it up with a block and tackle and still had a hard time. He & my son "rasseled" it into a far corner because it was too heavy for any of the dollies we had.

Bill Graham said...

WC, I love Linda Ronstadt's Blue Bayou too. Also, Emmylou Harris's Together Again. Try it. You'll like it.

Bill Graham said...

Here's a little word puzzle slightly related to the POSSESSED clue.


Answer below.


It's "A bad spell of weather."

CrossEyedDave said...

For any of you that have ever had cats,

10 minutes of your life you won 't get back again...

(But it was worth it...)

Chuck Lindgren said...

She was a One eyed one horned flying purple people eater... great song

way before the dang Vikings harassed Lion QBs for 10 years.

I agree with the comment on foreign words and phrases. I have two years HS latin and still don't see why amat (he she or it loves) is part of "latin Trio"...I could buy veni,vidi,vici as something a learned American might have but a latin trio could be sum es est or many others.

Chuck Lindgren said...


Boeing was NEVER headquartered in Wichita. Wichita was and assume is the home of commercial aviation. I spent one month their one weekend in January trying to push them into the 21st century without success. Boeing did own one or two of the GA's ( piper, Cessna???) but Boeing itself was incorporated in 1910 in Seattle and has been their more or less ever since. For some obscure tax reason they are legally incorporated in Chicago.

When the Vietnam war ended Seattle featured billboards that said " when the last one leave, turn out the lights"

At Hughes we ere doing fine and massive numbers of qualified Boeing Engineers applied. I cautioned against hiring them. And true to my prediction they all left a few years later when Boeing recovered.

PK said...

Chuck, I don't know why you don't think Boeing was in Wichita. My son-in-law's parents worked in accounting in Seattle then transferred to Wichita. Here is an excerpt I found on line from the Wichita paper: (Also please learn to use the correct "there".)

Boeing set to end 85-year history with Wichita

A company that helped Wichita become known as the Air Capital of the World is leaving.

Boeing, one of the city’s iconic manufacturers, said it will close its sprawling facilities in south Wichita by the end of 2013.

The decision ends Boeing’s 85-year history with the city and affects 2,160 workers in Wichita, their families and the community.

“It’s tremendously disappointing for a company that’s been here since” 1927, said Steve Rooney, Machinists District 70 directing business representative. “I never thought I’d see an Air Capital of the World without Boeing.”

For decades, Boeing was a major Wichita employer, and generations of Kansans worked there. During World War II, it became a vital center of military production, building trainers and the B-29 Superfortress.

The closing comes less than a year after Boeing and state officials celebrated the company winning a huge contract with the Air Force to build a new generation of aerial refueling tankers. Wichita’s site, according to Boeing officials, would be the finishing center for the tankers.

But Boeing officials said cuts to the nation’s defense budget and high overhead costs at the Wichita plant led them to Wednesday’s announcement.

“There is nothing else we can do in Wichita to survive this environment,” Mark Bass, vice president and general manager for Boeing Defense Systems’ Maintenance, Modifications & Upgrades, told workers in a mandatory employee meeting at the plant Wednesday morning.

Bass said in a statement released by Boeing that the decision to close the site “ultimately was based on a thorough study of the current and future market environment and our ability to remain competitive while meeting our customers’ needs with the best and most affordable solutions."

Read more here:

Abejo said...

Good Monday evening, folks. Thank you, Jim Holland, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

Started this on Sunday, but finished tonight. It was fairly easy, but with s few tough areas. The theme was interesting and after I got it, it did help with some answers.

Liked WAWA. I have been to HERSHEY, PA. Lots of history there with the Hershey Company. The largest shareholder in the company is the Milton Hershey School.

PALMYRA is a learning moment. Lots of history in that area of the world. Hope they don't blow it all up.

Remember IPANA and Bucky Beaver very well. I guess IPANA is gone. I use Arm and Hammer.

Yes, Jinx, GTE means a lot to both of us. As we speak they are tearing down the old Automatic Electric Northlake factory building. 2.2 million square feet under one roof. Used to have 15,000 people working in there, covering three shifts.

Well, I have to run. It is approaching 9:00 PM and I still have a lot to do tonight. See you Tuesday morning.


( )

Picard said...

Unknowns: TRIS, INES, SADA, MENA, SHEB. Only know ELIA from these puzzles.

Hand up with WikWak that I only knew MILNER from Adam-12.

The Archbishop of BASRA spoke here in Southern California in the 1990s. He explained that the US blockade of Iraq was keeping out chlorine for their water treatment plants as well as critical medical supplies. And this was killing thousands of civilians each month.

It was an important moment for many of us to realize that a "peace" with "sanctions" can kill more people than war.