Jun 19, 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017 Mark Feldman

Theme: No Reveal Monday

17A. Shrewd person, to a food critic?: SHARP COOKIE

29A. Important person, to a food critic?: BIG CHEESE

47A. Despicable person, to a food critic?: ROTTEN EGG

66A. Lazy person, to a food critic?: COUCH POTATO

Argyle here. NW corner gave me pause but then it was off to the races. Now I have to race thru the blog because a line of T-storms are racing this way.


1. Brawl: MELEE

6. See 27-Down: BOOKS. 27-Down. With 6-Across, records that might be "cooked": THE

11. L.A. Galaxy's org.: MLS. (Major League Soccer)

14. Alpine climber's need: ICE AX

15. Asinine: INANE

16. Goal: AIM

19. African antelope: GNU

20. Hide: CONCEAL

21. Like skunks and zebras: STRIPED

23. Hitching post?: ALTAR. Cute.

25. 44-Across VIP: KING. 44-Across. High school dance: PROM

26. James Bond's school: ETON

33. Prevent, as a robbery: THWART

36. Female neigh sayer: MARE

37. Betray: SELL OUT

39. Avian symbol of pride: PEACOCK

46. Doze off: DROWSE

52. Math average: MEAN

53. Fencing sword: ÉPÉE

54. Witch trial town: SALEM

57. Impressive banquet displays: SPREADS

61. Acknowledged a military superior: SALUTED

65. Weeding tool: HOE

68. CIA forerunner: OSS. (Office of Strategic Services)

69. Vaudeville show: REVUE

70. "He loves me" piece: PETAL

71. Tetley product: TEA

72. Class-ending pair?: ESSes

73. Rub off the page: ERASE


1. Uncategorized stuff: Abbr.: MISC. (miscellaneous)

2. Repeat: ECHO

3. With the fat trimmed off: LEAN

4. Auditory passage: EAR CANAL

5. Kick out: EXPEL

6. Where DNA tests are performed: BIO LAB

7. Singer Yoko: ONO

8. Acorn sources: OAKS

9. Make using yarn: KNIT

10. Reader of tea leaves: SEER

11. Member of the crow family: MAGPIE

12. White sale goods: LINENS

13. Blotch: SMUDGE

18. "Cool" hipster: CAT

22. President married to Mamie: IKE. The Eisenhowers.

24. Outer edge: RIM

26. Out-of-this-world beings, in brief: ETs

28. Wise bird: OWL

30. Space: GAP

31. Rep on the street: CRED

32. When repeated, "Great speech!": "HEAR, hear!"

34. Weapon in Clue: ROPE

35. Spoil: TURN

38. Water-testing digit: TOE

40. Traveler to work: COMMUTER

41. Must pay: OWE

42. Civil War org.: CSA. (Confederate States of America)

43. Boy doll: KEN

45. Classic British sports cars: MGs

47. Did over, as a movie scene: RESHOT

48. Be against: OPPOSE

49. Revered Mother: TERESA. Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

50. Casual top: TEE

51. Deep cuts: GASHES

55. Once around, in a race: LAP. My first lap has just about run.

56. Secretly tie the knot: ELOPE

58. Land parcel: ACRE

59. "Easy __ it!": DOES

60. Santa Fe and Tucson, in the auto world: SUVs. (Sport utility vehicle)

62. "Cheerio!": "TATA!"

63. Greek vowels: ETAs. [H]

64. Give (out) sparingly: DOLE

67. Prompt on stage: CUE



fermatprime said...


Thanks to Mark and Santa!

Sharp puzzle. MLS was only unknown. Perped it.

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

TX Ms, FLN: Interesting you mentioned pickle juice as a remedy after I'd done a l'ick about (medicinal?) pickle juice that morning!

Santa Fe is an SUV? Source of Ultimate Verses!

Limerick Larry, aka Haiku Harry, aka O.N.Cale(?): I'm dying to know who you are. I promise not to reveal your secret identity, but I have to know who it is who writes such much better poetry than mine!


Said the MAGPIE to the PEACOCK, "How beautiful your fan!"
The vain one said, "Of course it is, the iridescent span!"
Said the blackbird, "That's not what I MEAN.
The peahen who was erst your queen
Fell for my charm, we did ELOPE. She's now my loving fan!"

Vidwan827 said...

Please excuse the intrusion. Regarding the dart board with two circles, math puzzle, valued at numbers 5 and 7, put forward by Bill G., on last Friday... I would like to offer my answers.
(a)The largest combination number that is impossible to achieve, of the entire universe, is 23.
(b) A universal general formula for 2 circles numbering a and b, the largest impossible number would be, IMHO, N = 2( a + b) - 1
Actually, although it looks difficult, the solution is very, very, very easy !!
Please let me know, if I am correct. Thank you, Bill, for this wonderous opportunity, and for your broad hints, which really helped. This is just like a special case of the theory of prime numbers. etc. If you saw,'The man who knew infinity', you may remember the theory of Partitions that was discussed in one scene. God bless.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Mark and thank you Argyle.

I'm sure I don't solve the puzzle in the same manner as you do Argyle, but when I finally got to the NW corner, it gave me pause too. Went with Olio before MISC because I ignored the Abbr indicator.

Also, almost turfed it in the NE corner with typos as I somehow typed MAGfpE for MAGPIE, but KpNG caught my eye and then I noticed STRIfED for the skunks / zebras clue that I previously filled.

Didn't really notice that "food critic" was in multiple clues until I hit the last one. Either I need to start having coffee before I start, or I need to use a conventional solving style.

Vidwan827 said...

The general formula is provided both a and b are odd. If one of the numbers. a or b, is even, the formula is N = 2( a + b ) + 1, except if the numbers are 2 and 3, then 'one' is only solution.
Now I am really confused ...

Jinx in Norfolk said...

I had heard of MLS, but not the Galaxy. Erased smart COOKIE for SHARP. I always thought
"hear hear" means "I agree with you" not "great speech", but then I have a car hood instead of a bonnet so what do I know.

Favorite clue today was hitching post for ALTAR.

The US lost all four races to the Kiwis this weekend in the best-of-thirteen series. Looks like America's Cup will return to NZ unless a miracle happens. Amazing that hundreds of millions of dollars are spent to win an event that doesn't have any prize money.

Still working on yesterday's grid. How do you make Jinx laugh tomorrow? Tell him a joke today.

Thanks Mark and Santa. Fun, easy stuff.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning, Cornerites.

I am so glad to be back in the fold after almost four weeks of being off kilter: Driving to help out my daughter who is still in a boot and cannot drive, covering for grandkids when school was out and parents were not, helping out with my 94 year-old MIL. Actually, lots of fun, but completely off my morning routine. I wasn't even KNITting enough to soothe my soul. I have missed all of your humor and wisdom. I hope everyone is well. Ah, KNIT--a welcome idea!

Mark, thanks for a fine puzzle as a return. Nice tour, Argyle. Thank you.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was one of those puzzles that elicits a "Why didn't I think of that?" when the theme appears. So simple, yet so pleasing. I breezed right through so I guess I'm either a Smart Cookie or, more likely, it was an easy, peasy solve.

Thanks, Mark, for a fun and clever start to the week and thanks, Argyle, for outracing the T-storms and guiding us along. It's raining right now with rumbles of thunder in the distance.

Have a great day.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

No geography, no language phrases, no nautical stuff. Bummer. Well, "To every thing there is a season ………". Seriously, thanks Mark for a good kick-off for the week. I liked the food critic descriptors theme. No issues in the solve. Liked seeing the very English word THWART.
Tetley TEA - Sorry, Abejo, no Earl Grey for you today.

TTP from yesterday. I agree with you about the soap; but BH has been doing the soap bar thing for years and swears by it. Nothin' wrong with having an extra spare bar of soap in the house.

thehondohurricane said...

Morning all,

Not issues today and other then one mis-spelling, the eraser had a day off. Had alter before ALTAR. Fortunately, I was wondering what a bio lab is. The e soon became an A and I was good to go.

Like Jinx, 23A was my favorite today, after making the correction.

Bad enough the Yankees have lost six straight, but already have heard from two Sox fans this AM. I will get even.

thehondohurricane said...

2nd sentence....lab s/b leb.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

Fun food theme today. Like others, "Hitching post?" for ALTAR was a favorite. Thanks for the expo, Argyle. Stay dry!

Enjoy the day!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks, Mark & Argyle! Thought the theme was amusing and caught on with the second one. Neither one was entirely filled at the time, so it helped.

Right out of the gate, MELEE/MISC cross stumped me. All perps eventually.

I failed to heed the spelling of "neigh" sayer so had to do a red-letter run to get MARE/CRED cross. "Rep on the street", I suppose, is street credibility or credentials or reputation or whatever the low-life is saying now. Duh!

Madame Defarge, glad to see you're back "tending to your own KNITting" as my Grandmom used to say. Hope your daughter's foot has healed well.

Quiet night was appreciated after two nights of waves of rain and thunder boomers. Guess the east coast is getting the refueled version.

SwampCat said...

Loved the theme! Yes, it was easy, but so much fun I was sorry when I finished and there was no more. Thanks, Mark. And, Argyle, always a pleasure to follow your tours.

I know the "end of class" type clues are old hat, but I always laugh at the answers...ESSES, indeed!

Owen, thanks for reminding us PEACOCKS don't always get the hen. Hehehe

Trubrit said...

Yes, IM I think it was an easy one today. I too breezed through it, most unusual for me.
I used to live near Coventry where the MGs were made, However, during the war, it was changed to an airplane factory. That's why Covenrty was so badly bombed. The ruins of the old Coventry Cathedral are still there, along side a new modern Cathedral that was built after the war.

Trubrit said...

Hey! Jinx, I think 'Hear, Hear' means "hear him, hear him", as they do in Parliament. I suppose that does mean "I agree".

Lucina said...

This was a swift sashay today, thank you, Mark Feldman! Nothing to ERASE, no pauses to take and nothing to THWART a quick solve.

All my favorite foods, too, COOKIE, CHEESE, EGG and POTATO though I'm limited in eating them. And the clever clue for ALTAR never gets old.

Welcome back, Madame DeFarge, and CSO to you at KNIT. I hope your family is doing better.

Thank you, Argyle. Please stay safe from the storms and send some rain our way, please. We're sweltering.

I hope all dads were duly celebrated yesterday.

Have a fabulous day, everyone!

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, Mark, for a fun Monday am! Laughed at the theme, and the simplicity of it! Great idea! Like IM, I'm always envious of the cute themes constructors create!

Thanks, Argyle, for the quick review. Hope you made it safely through the storms.

Argyle said...

Lucked out on the storm; the worst of it was up north. We did get a light but steady rain. Big but ... they're not done yet!

Wilbur Charles said...

Well, how about 6,7. 13*2+1=27. 27-6*1=7*3.
On 5,7 I thought 33 worked except 33-5*1=7*4
An I wrong here?


TX Ms said...

Fun Monday speed-run. As Steve would say - "Food!"

TTP FLN re leg cramps. Not to belabor the issue, but coincidentally in today's People's Pharmacy column, a person wrote that sucking on a lime slice offered immediate relief. In reply, the Graedons noted that "Neuroscientists have shown that triggering special transient receptor potential (TRP) channels in nerve cells can stop muscle cramps quickly (Muscle & Nerve, May, 9, 2017). This is an elegant explanation for why tasting strong flavors like pickle juice, mustard, ginger, quinine or cinnamon might be helpful. Perhaps lime also stimulates TRP channels."

Glad to hear from you, Madame Defarge - hope you can get back into your schedule and a boot-free daughter into hers.

Have a good day everyone.

WikWak said...

This one gave me fits in the NW too. I did finish without any assistance, but several minutes over my usual Monday time. Favorite pair was hitching post/ALTAR; least favorite was ESSES. Meh.

Beautiful weather yesterday for Fathers Day. Low 80's, with a good strong breeze. Had a house full of grandchildren and was both sorry and glad when they left; I needed a nap! Keeping up with a houseful of under 4s isn't as easy as it used to was...

Wilbur Charles said...

Oh, the Yankees have lost six straight? Oh, frabjous day. Pitching methinks. I've been following the US Open.

Owen, I like Larry and Harry etc. But, it's not a 'better' thing so much as different styles. You have a completely wacky imagination; right up my alley.

C-Moe had a different style too. All three are more than welcome.

Then there's Wilbur, who by the way got "Encore,encore" from Rich. Huh, you ask?
Check out the OWL and the GNU together.

And I've got one in the wings. Stop that groaning.

Btw. This was a smooth Monday: clever clueing and imaginative theme.


CanadianEh! said...

I'm as proud as a PEACOCK that I finished this Monday CW in short order. Thanks for the fun Mark and Argyle.

Hand up for smiling at clue for ALTAR, and I do like the sound of THWART.
My skunks and zebras were Stripey at first and I was going to complain about the meh word but the SMUDGE set me straight. That's another word that I like the sound of (smudge not Stripey!)

I wanted Ice pick but it was too long. AX fit.
I noted that we had TEE and TEA today.

DROWSE was the last to fill. I haven't heard that word lately.(drowsy is more common).

Welcome back Madame
We missed all the rain that was around us but the heat and humidity broke. Beautiful day.

Jayce said...

Nice puzzle, clever theme. You can tell I liked it. Hand up for loving the ALTAR clue. My word of the day (analogous to an earworm) today is THWART. The more I repeat it the sillier it sounds. LW thought I was chanting "fart." No dear, read my lips, see the W.

Good wishes to you all.

Misty said...

Delightful Monday speed run--a million thanks, Mark--loved the fun theme! Thank you too, Santa.

Great to have you back, Madame Defargue.

Off to Toronto tomorrow and may not be able to check in again until next week. Will miss my blog friends while I'm away. Have a good week, everybody!

Husker Gary said...

-Piece o' cake on a very busy day

Anonymous T said...

Hi All from beautiful Carmel!

The boutique-inn here (my wife has a knack for finding nice but not-cheap places to stay) was kind enough to print the Monday grid for me so I got to play along on West-Coast time. Thanks Mark for a 'food' puzzle while I noshed my fresh-fruit and granola.

Thanks Argyle for the expo in face of the storm. Much appreciated.

Yech, my grid got messy to the finish today:
WOs: CONCels [sic], EXiel [?!? Sic], NHL b/f MLS.
Fav: WEES - c/a for ALTAR.


Welcome back Madame Defarge - was wondering if we'd see you today with KNIT in the grid.

Have a good trip Misty. DW will meet you in Toronto Sunday ;-)

Yesterday we decided to bike from Monterey to Carmel along the 17mi scenic route (and it is beautiful!). We took a cab to Monterey, ate at the Wharf, and rented bikes. Away we go; and not - Work calling DW. Kid's played and we looked at the Ocean. Here we go; and not - kids wanted to play in the 1st beach we saw.
Here we go; and not - kids wanted to play in the 3rd beach we saw. We still were yet on the drive portion of the route.
We got going and then took the "bike" route. Holy cow! What a sadistic route-planner. Hills straight up. I would have had problems climbing these hills on my road bike much less these 50lb rentals. Walk up; ride down. I noticed my back caliper was pinching (so the break was on). Oy!
We kept walking w/ 1.6mi to go to Carmel and DW had enough. Wanted to call a cab!
No way. We kept plodding.
Finally, I too was ready to give in. She got out her cell to call a cab and I hailed one that just "magically" showed up. We hadn't seen a cab the whole ride and this one was a van-cab ta'boot.

The Cab took the girls and two bikes back to the hotel. DW was going to get the SUV and pick me & the other bikes up. She got lost and I wanted 90min getting colder and colder.

We finished with dinner at a wonder Italian restaurant. The roasted-bell pepper soup is something to write home about!

Tomorrow Yosemite!

Cheers, -T

Irish Miss said...

Welcome back, Madame Defarge, we missed you. Hope your daughter is on the mend and that you can take a breather for awhile.

We're in the midst of our third déluge and it's like a monsoon outside. Hope the power stays on.

Happy traveling, Misty, enjoy Toronto.

BTW, where is JAzB; he's been missing for several days, it seems.

CrossEyedDave said...

Anonymous T! tomorrow Yosemite!
(You're gonna love it!)
It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen!

FIW, NW corner did me in.
I had smart cookie, and wondered what the heck
ecmo and extel meant...

Here is a clip of the food critic from ratatouille.
It doesn't make much sense if you have not seen the whole movie, (which I recommend.)
But the look on his face when he tastes this vegetarian concoction just makes me
want to try it some time.

The thing is, do I really want to try and make this labor intensive dish
when I don't even know what it tastes like???

Oh, & P.S., From Yest:
Irish Miss, DW will not buy the Claussen Pickles for me unless they are on sale.
She says she can't abide paying $4- for a jar of pickles!
I have to go buy them myself and sneak them into the house!
But you are absolutely right about the taste!
You HAVE TO buy the half pickles, the quartered pickles do not taste anywhere near the same!
(& I am not crazy, my Mother had me tested...)
She recently bought the the quartered version, and I was disappointed with the flavor.
Then Daughter #3 accidentally bought an extra garlic version which is now my new fav!
CC! They make a spicy version! My store does not carry them, Oh woe is me...

Wilbur Charles said...

Misty, perhaps you can login from hotel computer. As​ Ulysses??


PS. I had those leg cramps and recalled I hadn't had a banana in a few days. I did take an Advil and that did the trick. My Dr doesn't like me using Advil.

If biting down on the lips relieves cramps that would give credence to the NR theory. Perhaps I'll keep a lime by the bed.


Bill G said...

Thanks for the fun, Mark and Argyle.

AnonT, I love that part of California. When Barbara and I have drive to Northern California or farther to Oregon and once to Vancouver), we have gone up the coast rather than take Interstate 5. It's slower but so much prettier and more fun.

Vidwan, I agree with your answer of 23 for the largest impossible score. My insight was that I found five scores in a row that were gettable after 23. So 23 was impossible but then I could get 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28. Then I realized that I could get every following score by just adding five. So 23 must be the largest impossible score since I could get every larger score. (Does that make sense?) What was your insight?

However, I got a different rule for any two scoring rings, a and b. If a and b have a common factor (like 10 and 15), there is no largest impossible score because all scores without that common factor are impossible. Otherwise, the largest impossible score is ab - a - b. What do you think?

Wilbur Charles, I hope I've answered your question above. I really didn't understand your notation or your question very well. We could have probably done better sitting down together rather than separated by a blog. :>)

desper-otto said...

WC, keeping a lime by the bed is a good idea. Use it immediately following the tequila shot!

Anon-T, ain't vacations grand? Nothing but fun, fun, fun. Enjoy Yosemite, and don't forget your underwear.

CrossEyedDave said...

Not sure this link is going to work,
It's from Facebook.

Just wanted you all to know how much I enjoyed Fathers day!

Here's me and my girls...

and here is my adopted next door neighbors sons...

Lucina said...

I have news for you: there are NO cheap hotels in Carmel. Believe me, I have thoroughly researched it.

I'm glad you're enjoying that wondrous beauty. It seems almost like a fairly land, doesn't it?

Lemonade714 said...

Madame Defarge, I am glad you are back before July 14. It would not be the same without you.

In my journey through hospitals and doctor visits this year, I have been advised ibuprofen, naproxen sodium and acetylsalicylic acid are metabolized by the kidneys and acetaminophen is metabolized by the liver. Know your kidney and liver functions and do not overuse any OTC medicine.

Vidwan, my brother from another mother, so glad that math brings you back. It is interesting to see people come and go and come back. Now where is Barry G.

Puzzle was fun and the write up vintage Argyle. Thanks

Ol' Man Keith said...

Strangely sticky (for a Monday), hard to open the door to this one, Mr. Feldman. But that's all right - I am much happier when a Monday pzl offers a challenge.
It might have been easier if I didn't pursue a personal path Monday through Wednesday, trying always to solve from 1A on a diagonal course all the way down to finish in the SE corner.
Today I found the first sure point of entry wasn't until 22D (IKE), a position which is clearly outside my usual Monday course.
I had to lightly ink in my "maybe" answers in the NW starters corner. FIGHT would not stand at 1A. Any possible perps did it in. The only NW fill that seemed to stand a chance of sticking was 4D - EAR CANAL - but I couldn't be sure enough of it to bear down with my nib.
At last I found the first fill that I was certain of, the one that fell directly in my wished-for path: 36A - MARE! That gave me the confidence to back pedal and use the "M" at 24D - RIM - and so on back to ALTAR at 23A, the "L" of which justified EXPEL for 5D, confirming EAR CANAL and so forth, all the way back to a clean sweep in the NW!
This is how our crazy brains work, illustrating once again how a logical progression distinguishes us from the so-called "lower" beasts.
We are so used to applying step-by-step procedures that I am fascinated by our pets' inability to do so. I watch in awe as my golden retriever cannot do something as simple as lifting the toilet seat to drink the water she so wishfully desires. She is old enough to know that her nose is capable of lifting the weight of the seat and that she could then shoulder it into an upright position. But she doesn't even try. Is it because she cannot remember how she has used her nose successfully for earlier tasks? Or has she become so dependent on humans to carry out such functions for her?
Meanwhile, I am grateful that our corner gives us daily challenges to keep our ol' walnuts as sharp as they can be. Our thanks go today to Mark Feldman and Argyle!

PS. Happy trails, Misty!

Pat said...

A very nice start to the week! Thanks, Mark Feldman! Enjoyed the expo, Argyle!

Started off at 1a with fight. Got 3d NOTE and 5d Evict, then saw the MELEE. Perps finally gave me EXPEL. Those were the only sticking points for a smooth solve.

I hope all the Dads were properly feted yesterday.

Welcome back, Mme. Defarge!

DH and I took a quick trip to Ann Arbor, Mi and the most amazing thing was, there was NO construction!! What a pleasant experience!

Have a good week!

Argyle said...

Yup, storm knock me off 'til now.

Irish Miss said...

CED ~ Thanks for sharing the Fathers Day pictures; the girls are lovely. Dad's not too shabby either! 😈. I loved the clip from "Ratatouille." Also enjoyed the clip of the preparation of the dish. Too much work, IMO, for just a dish of vegetables. I chuckled at the mental picture of your stealthy pickle-prowling!

Argyle, did I hear the weatherman say some parts of your county got 3.5" of rain earlier? I'm not sure if he said Columbia or Washington county. Glad your power is back on.

CanadianEh! said...

Misty, I hope your trip and conference are hassle-free and enjoyable. Toronto weather forecast includes some showers in the rest of this week but temperatures should not be as warm as last week (between 22 and 26C which is 72 to 79F). Are you taking a day trip to Niagara Falls??

AnonT - is your DW going to be in Toronto?? So close and yet so far! Too bad I'm not able to meet up.

Great photos CED.

Michael said...

Irish Miss from yesterday:

<< This prompts my oft-repeated lament: Nothing tastes as good as it used to. I can't remember the last time I had a pork chop that tasted like a pork chop or a tomato that tasted like a tomato. And whatever did they do to Thomas's English Muffins? You might as well eat a piece of cardboard. End of rant. >>

I would really love to disabuse you on this -- blaming it on old age, selective memory, wombats in the cellar, etc. -- but I fear that the current emphasis on the MBA degree leads to shaving away every possible mill in costs. I offer as further proof of your contention, something dear to me and generations of sick children: 7Up. The gonifs took away all the lemon and all the lime, and have left us with some vague and nebulous flavor which resembles sweetened oven cleaner. Ptui!

(The only fruit drink left with any hair on its chest is San Pellegrino from Italy.)

And the tomatoes from Safeway? Abominable! Luckily, alone among my offspring, my middle son has a green thumb, and tomatoes to die for.

Bill G said...

CED, I enjoyed the photo of your girls!

I could post a photo of my new granddaughter (Bella). She looks very cute and mostly the same as all month-old babies. :>)

I miss my community garden plot. Vine ripe tomatoes and strawberries, sweet corn, beets (mostly for the greens), beans, peas, artichokes and even an asparagus bed.

PK said...

CED: Thanks for sharing the lovely trio that call you Dad & your "adopted sons".

Misty: have a good trip. We'll be waiting to hear the highlights.

Tony: enjoyed hearing about your trip. Always risky trying to bike in terrain you don't know on machines that aren't yours, I'd guess. But then I wouldn't even dare coasting down my driveway on a bike.

PK said...

Bill: Aw come on. Show us your baby. We all love babies.

Bill G said...

I was sorry the female contestant on Jeopardy didn't win. She wasn't that good but she was delightfully ditsy.

CrossEyedDave said...

I assume the face book video was inaccessible,
probably a sign on barrier.
I don't know why they let you link pics, but not videos...

Anywho, I will keep trying,,,
You have to hear this girl sing!

Lucina said...

Thank you for sharing your photos. Your girls are beautiful! Nice looking neighbors, too and the bearded guy as well.