Jun 14, 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017, Agnes Davidson and C.C. Burnikel


Husker Gary here again on a Wednesday with the distinct pleasure of reviewing yet another puzzle by our favorite new pair of constructors - Agnes and Zhouqin - aka Irish Miss and C.C. 

These two lovely ladies went vertical today as the theme fill and the reveal shown below were all standing up. The themers are all highlighted in red and green and the reveal is in all green because each green part of the theme answers can have SHEET appended to their, uh, BOTTOMS to make another common phrase.

Theme answers with SHEET appended

3*Regarding the subject at hand..." : ON THAT SCORE/SCORE SHEET - Here is what I regard as the most famous SCORE SHEET ever. It shows the twenty-seven Dodgers who came up against Don Larsen and were all retired in order in Larsen's 1956 Perfect World Series Game.

19. *Like leisure suits and Nehru jackets : OUT OF STYLE/ STYLE SHEET - All blogs have "STYLE SHEETS" that can be modified with elements at the top for presentations like what we bloggers use here 

21. *Nike competitor : NEW BALANCE/BALANCE SHEET - America's BALANCE SHEET has been out of whack for quite a while

24. *Major-league : BIG TIME/TIME SHEET - Some have issues with the machine that generates TIME SHEETS

And the reveal for Agnes and C.C.:

25. Bed cover ... or, literally, what the end of each answer to a starred clue is : BOTTOM SHEET - Yeah, constructing puzzles and getting that BOTTOM SHEET on is not always that easy

Now for the DOPE SHEET on the rest of their always fun fill:


1. Wall St. debuts : IPOS

5. Land formerly ruled by a shah : IRAN and  27. 5-Across capital : TEHRAN

9. Political Ron or Rand : PAUL - Rand went into Dad's trade

13. Van starter? : MINI

14. Stuffed shells : TACOS

16. Data, for instance : INFO

17. "Big __" Delaney: "Sons of Anarchy" character : OTTO

18. "Tsk tsk" : SHAME ON YOU

20. Hawaiian priests : KAHUNAS  Or burgers from Pulp Fiction 

22. " ... bug in __" : A RUG - Snug as a...

23. Skating jump : AXEL - Wow!

24. Petrol pumper : BRIT - About  £1.19/liter or $5.74/gallon

25. Went for the lure : BIT

28. Decide : OPT

30. Starbucks amenity : WIFI - Nothing else there is free 

32. As an example : FOR ONE - Yeah, I believe Ken Jennings would think that. :-) 

34. "Street Dreams" rapper : NAS

35. Hosiery hue : BEIGE

37. Get : FETCH

38. Stretchy synthetic : LYCRA - My daughter wants me to buy some LYCRA biking shorts that have padding in very sensitive areas. I don't want to look like a 70-yr-old guy trying to look like he's 25.

40. Inc. relative : LTD

41. Ravi Shankar's instrument : SITAR - Ravi wasn't into the 60's hippie scene despite what was written about him

42. How some tuna is packed : IN OIL

43. Swiss chocolatier since 1845 : LINDT

45. Mama bear, in Tabasco : OSA

46. Standard : NORMAL

48. More than a few : MANY

49. Bishops and knights : MEN - Here a bishop and a knight have the King (who as usual is only in a supporting role) checkmated

50. Animal common in rebus puzzles : EWE

51. Permission slip : NOTE

53. "Too bad" : ALAS - poor Yorick...

55. Pac-12 team : UCLA

56. King of fiction : STEPHEN - Whenever I see a '57 Plymouth Fury...

59. Deep-fried carnival confection : FUNNEL CAKE

63. Dad, to Dumas : PERE - Alexandre Dumas' PERE a été Thomas-Alexandre Dumas

64. Morales of "The Brink" : ESAI

65. Corn Belt towers : SILOS - Omaha artists have made SILOS into works of art along I-80

66. Toy brand with a Ninjago line : LEGO

67. It's outstanding : DEBT

68. Small pie : TART

69. Thames school : ETON - On June 10, ETON lost to Wellington in Threepenny 1 Cricket by 50 runs. Bit of a sticky wicket!


1. "No harm done" : I'M OK - Ah, back to my counseling days and Transactional Analysis

2. Baba ghanouj bread : PITA

4. Iowa's __ City : SIOUX

5. "So not true!" : IT'S A LIE

6. Cheers from tiers : RAHS

7. Obamacare, briefly : ACA - Affordable Care Act

8. Baseball analyst Garciaparra : NOMAR - NOMAH at Fenway

9. "And the Putter Went ... __": golf history book : PING - But Joann, it's on sale!

10. "__ questions?" : ANY

11. Blur in a tabloid pic : UFO - They never seem to land on the lawn at MIT

12. Fox Business anchor Dobbs : LOU

15. Letter flourish : SERIF - Agnes Davidson and C.C. Burnikel - One with SERIF and one sans SERIF

26. As a precaution : IN CASE

28. How much shopping is done : ON LINE

29. Webpage option under an invoice : PAY NOW

31. Top off, say : FILL - Nah, I've still got 60 miles worth in there...

33. Retailer that abstained from Black Friday in 2015 and launched an #OptOutside movement instead : REI - I didn't do either but I like their thinking!

36. Flamboyant Dame : EDNA

39. Cup lip : RIM

44. Crime lab procedure : DNA TEST - "Uh, Number 2, we'd like to you stay"  I used this graphic on a March puzzle, but I thought it bore repeating!

47. Sprawls on the couch : LOLLS

52. Implied : TACIT

54. Cobbler fruit : APPLE

55. Foot or furlong : UNIT - I remember Dan and Jane as Parental UNITS from when SNL was funny

56. Hershey's toffee bar : SKOR - A fav of mine

57. Thus : ERGO

58. Flashy light : NEON - Times Squares now OPTS for LED lights

59. Served dinner to : FED

60. Take advantage of : USE

61. Arrest : NAB

62. Menu catchphrase : ALA - This is the third Puzzle ALA Irish and C.C. I have blogged and they have all been a pleasure! 

Well, I am finished between the sheets. You?


fermatprime said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks IM and CC!

Did not know OTTO, KAHUNAS, NOMAR and REI. However, it all worked out!

Went to hairdresser for first time in a year. (Really tired of ugly roots.) It is always an ordeal getting from chair to chair to chair (in the wheelchair).

Millie went to vet. Stitches in for another week. (She had somehow removed the ace bandage around her head.)

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

FIRbNTD! Crunchy for Wednesday. Needed the reveal to see the theme, too.
59a started as TWINKIE, but that was too short, then SNICKERS BAR, but that was too long, before perps filled in FUNNEL CAKE while I wasn't looking!

Just hover over the links below, do not click them!
[B-, C, B-, B+, C+.}

Chocolates by LINDT, toffee in SKOR,
Caramel on APPLES sold by the SCORE!
There's candy IN a CASE,
All going to waist!
Still we say, PLEASE SIR, give me more!

A DEBT collector managed to NAB the deadbeat,
Had him FETCH his checkbook to NOTE his defeat!
"PAY NOW on this bill!
The check you must FILL,
Press hard to copy to the BOTTOM SHEET!"

A TACO that's made in TEHRAN
May use chili that comes in a can.
The shell is a PITA
ALAS, 'tis a pity,
But that's how it's done in IRAN!

It's NORMAL for MANY MEN to pursue
The likeliest female that comes into view.
But some BRITS will bleat
About Scotsmen and
sheep --
If you believe it, well just SHAME ON EWE!

When FED on an APPLE made into a TART,
Or a FUNNEL CAKE, bought at a fair A LA carte,*
They'll fry it IN OIL
And wrap it in foil
So when BIT it won't fall apart!

*Or various other UFOs!

Anonymous said...

Lately my requests for assistance in folding the bottom sheet are met with a slack jaw and a far away gaze. Poor kids have no idea how to nestle the corners and make it square.

I'm getting better at the solo bottom sheet fold. Haven't mastered it yet.

BobB said...

We always use fitted bottom sheets. Wish they made top sheets with the bottom corners fitted. Easy puzzle.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Stumbled with PAYpal/NOW, but otherwise this was an easy lope to the BOTTOM of the SHEET. Thanks, IM and CC. Husker, fess up, did you really use two colors for the theme answers in the grid?

The Axel is the easiest skating jump to identify. It's the only jump where the skater takes off facing forward.

I'm OK, You're OK reminds me of an incident back in the '70s. The C.O.B. decided one individual from each of their radio stations should attend a 4-day inspirational session and bring the "good news" back to their coworkers. I was the lucky sucker who was sent to Adventures in Attitudes" When I returned I had to write an evaluation of the course for the C.O.B. Mine began, "Here's my take on 'Adventures in Platitudes'..." Our station manager called it my letter of resignation.

thehondohurricane said...

Ladies, thank you for making a nice start to my day. Puzzle had just enough bite for a mid-week test.

I'm sure I had a FUNNEL CAKE, somewhere along the line, but no recall of the experience.

My favorite cobbler is peach. Never acquired a liking for apples, except the I MAC I am currently typing on.

33D all perps. Do not remember the movement or REI.

Cooling temps today, so I'll have to think of an excuse or two so I can avoid yard work. Arthritis acting up big time which makes for inefficient effort. It will also make for a very ticked off wife, but it's the better option....I think.

inanehiker said...

Fun and clever outing from Irish Miss and CC! And I got going early enough to do the puzzle in a leisurely manner on a beautiful morning! Hope the rest of the day goes as well!

One summer we had a young lady staying with us from the UK. Being the capital, we always have a typical fun Midwestern 4th of July celebration. We took her down for the free concert on the lawn of the Capitol and had all the classic fair type treats: FUNNEL CAKE, blooming onion, homemade root beer, etc- what a gut bomb! But everyone made it home without getting sick thankfully! When I think of apples I think of apple pie or apple kuchen, but not cobbler. My favorite cobbler is blackberry!

Thanks HG for an entertaining blog as well

Limerick Larry said...

Every new APPLE hire's the best.
And what separates them from the rest
Of the companies that
Other techies work at,
Is that they have to take an iTest.

"I just got a new iPhone," said Sid.
"Wasn't cheap; about 600 quid."
"The real booger for me
Was the fifty pound fee
For protection; it's called the iLid."

APPLE recently hired designer
Of an optical tool. A combiner
That makes your eyes look neat
By erasing Crow's Feet.
And it's name of course is the iLiner.

Business prospers at APPLE; here's why:
It's because of the folks who apply.
Their employees, you know,
Must be simpatico.
APPLE likes them to see, i to i.

BunnyM said...

Good morning all

Fun, inventive puzzle from our dynamic duo- thank you Irish Miss and C.C.! I'm always impressed by the work you ladies do.

Thanks, Husker Gary for your write up- always a pleasure and I especially enjoyed the Big Kahuna Burger pic as I also thought of "Pulp Fiction" with that answer. It's one of mine and DH's favorite movies and whenever he grills burgers, he always says "That's a tasty burger!" in his best Samuel L Jackson voice.

No real issues other than not knowing OTTO (never watched "Sons of Anarchy") NOMAR, REI and PING. Thank you, perps.

FUNNELCAKE- our favorite chili parlor, Skyline has "Funnel Fries" and they are delicious! We get them to go after our regular Saturday night dinner there. Sharing an order satisfies our sweet tooth without too much guilt :)

Irish Miss- I did see your comment last week and sent you an email :)

Off to do my supervisory duty for the yard work at the firefighter's house. Hoping the rain holds off- the weather is looking more promising than was predicted yesterday.

Fermatprime- hope Millie continues to improve. Amazing how they can get bandages off by themselves, isn't it? My Mom's dog once removed a bandage that was around her torso ( it fit like a shirt) when she figured out that if she rubbed herself the right way on the coffee table that the fabric tore enough to wrestle herself out of it!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Irish Miss, CC, and Husker Gary.

Actually solved the puzzle after getting up just after 1:00 AM.

Noticed afterwards that I finished a few seconds over the time limit allowed in the Minnesota Crossword Tournament.

No real problems. The only unknowns were Big OTTO Delaney and Ninjago in the clue, but they perped in easily enough.

Just a couple of initial pass type overs that were also easily corrected. Had taupe before BEIGE and LLC before LTD.

The clue for our Spanish word today told us the answer was FEM, not MASC.

I'm overdue on getting a new pair of sneakers. Kohl's often has sales on NEW BALANCE. I like to combine those offers with the coupons for 20 or 30 % discounts that come in the mail.

Somewhat in keeping with the theme, FUNNEL CAKE made me think of SHEET CAKE, and for whatever reason, my mind went immediately to Mississippi Mud Cake. I'll OPT for it over the APPLE (or peach) cobbler or TART.

TTP said...

Desper-otto, "Here's my take on 'Adventures in Platitudes'..." That is funny.

FLN - Yellowrocks, mirror. Sorry, I couldn't resist. BTW, there are instructions for disabling the Hot Keys that enable the rotate and invert functions. I can find those for you, but it basically it would involve going to Control Panel, then Display, and then Properties or Advanced properties tab.

Anonymous T, you played the inverted image on the newbie Dell users, didn't you ? I couldn't imagine you passing up that opportunity to have a little fun.

I looked in my bureau and found my pager. Motorola Flex. The big deal was that it was Alphanumeric and had the capability for 6 or 8 lines of text. My prior pagers were numeric only. Either way, it was one-way communication. I'm sure all of can recall being on either end of one-way communications at some time or another.

Yep Jayce, Boolean Algebra and Truth Tables... Helped reduced redundancy in circuit design on the HW side. As for SW, I only used Boolean Algebra in SQL, not in any actual programming like some of you did / do. Unless one considers writing queries programming. I never did.

Anonymous said...

Fun puzzle and great write-up by Husker. More or less a speed run. Took a minute to suss out kahunas from perps. Otherwise smooth sailing. Another hot one in Chicago today. Glad the ac is working well. Have a great day all! JB2

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, IM & CC! Very nice puzzle, and new word for me: STYLESHEET. Thanks for the fun on a Wednesday morning.

Very nice write-up, HG. Loved the skater doing a Triple Axel. Didn't recognize the skater, though!

Have a nice rest of the week!

Misty said...

Woke up to a sunny morning, got the paper and sorted it while coffee was heating up in the microwave, clipped Jumble puzzle from the business page, then opened the Calendar to the funnies, and glanced at the puzzle and Woohoo! An Agnes Davidson and C.C. Burnikel puzzle--what a treat on a sunny Wednesday! Read the paper quickly and noticed an editorial on why Mueller shouldn't be fired. Done with the paper, clipped the side of the comics that has the Sudoku, Kenken, and LA Times crossword, got another cup of coffee and started the puzzle. Perfect Wednesday with a bit of crunch, worked beautifully with just a hang-up in the top left corner since I didn't know IPOS and couldn't remember KAHUNAS at first. But then Tada! it was done. Now to figure out the theme, which took me a little while until I finally got it, that the BOTTOM words would go with the word SHEET. Yay! Hurray! Thank you, Irish Miss and C.C. for a wonderful Wednesday morning! What a great way to start a sunny day. Had to come to the blog early to let you know, and enjoy Husker Gary's great write-up.

I'll comment on blog comments later, but just had to share my great start to the morning! Hope everyone has a delightful one too!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Your kind words are appreciated, as always. I stumbled a bit due to some changed clues but that's okay as it adds a little mystery.

Thanks, HG, for your detailed expo and the special links and visuals. You outdid yourself once again. Thanks to CC for being CC.

BunnyM ~ Something is amiss as I have not received your email. Please try again.

Have a great day.

Lucina said...

Thank you to our Prolific Pair, C.C. and Irish Miss! And thanks to Husker Gary for a sparkling review!

This was not quite a sashay but moved fast and I even remembered IPOS. I've not watched "Sons of Anarchy" but OTTO quickly emerged as did REI and PING. I had no idea about Ninjago but LEGO also perped itself. Otherwise, not a sour NOTE anywhere, I'm happy to say.

That is a neat picture of the painted SILOS. I'd like to see them in person.

ESAI is now our crossword immortal.

Owen, I've really enjoyed your poems these two days. The Muse is with you!

Thank you for directing me to Monday's comments. That was amusing to read and I decided I'll have to find the puzzle and print it out. At present I'm working on Sunday's cw as the carrier always leaves me the Sunday edition when I return from a trip.

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

Wilbur Charles said...

D-O cracks me up again. C.O.B. Chief of bull____?

Always great to have this threesome.

Tried LATEX first. Slow going then I picked up steam.

Misty, I have my newspaper routine too. Sports, funnies, bridge, then I force myself to read an editorial and check some news.

Finally, xword then blog


PK said...

Hi Y'all! Most fun I've had on sheets in a loooong time! Thanks, Agnes & C.C.! Thanks, Gary!

Gary, I think you are wise to avoid Lycra shorts. My son-in-law as well as my next door neighbor who are 50-ish wear them to bike. I never know where to look. Very embarrassing. And I don't embarrass easily. If I try to look them in the eye, I start to giggle. The helmet is also funny. Mostly I keep my distance if they are so clad.

Petrol pumper stumped me awhile. I was thinking of an off-shore oil rig. Of course, it's a BRIT. Who else? Canadian?

NINJAGO? That's a word? A LEGO product? Does anyone else watch "American Ninja Warriors". I can't believe they can swing from one apparatus to another and grasp it with their hands, full body dangling. Surely it's trick photography? Amazing in the truest sense of the word.

Yellowrocks said...

Delightful puzzle. Thanks, Agnes and CC. Gary, you always delight.
Alan used to love funnel cake at fairs, but not so much now. We haven't had one in years.
I fold the bottom sheet by myself and don't expect perfection.
Thanks, TTP. I only inverted the screen this one time in all these years, so I will take my chances and be more careful of the keyboard.

The sunny is shining. The skies are blue. It's 78 degrees. My computer works, my washer works, Alan went to work and seems well and happy, my square dance project is almost done. YAY!

Here's my theme song for today.

CrossEyedDave said...

FIW, ( I never could spell Sioux...)

But I enjoyed it, no need to take a Thumper...

On a more serious note...
Anyone got any ideas about how to stop the bottom sheet
from getting pulled to one side?
I have tried those elastic garter strap thingies,
& even tried safety pining the bottom sheet to the mattress...
The bottom sheet tore...

I may resort to this: except it's the bottom sheet, & it's me who steals it somehow...

Trubrit said...

Thanks IM & CC for a great crossword. Always happy when I see my favorite blogger's name on the CW.
Got quite a few immediately but got stuck on a few. Had 'cottensheet' for quite a while, but finally got 25 & 49 to correct that.
Had not heard of 'kahuna's'
Happy day to all.

Michael said...

Dear Hurricane @ 6:56:

<< Cooling temps today, so I'll have to think of an excuse or two so I can avoid yard work. Arthritis acting up big time which makes for inefficient effort. It will also make for a very ticked off wife, but it's the better option....I think. >>

How about if we give you a NOTE from the Corner....? "Please excuse Hurricane from yard work, as his nostalgia is acting up again?"

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased souix for SIOUX, paypal for PAY NOW and skol for SKOR. I only knew NAS and LINDT from CWs. As other wags have suggested, I wanted to rename APPLE cobbler "iPie".

In the business world data and INFO are not synonymous. Data are raw facts, and info is used for decision making.

DW and I have a pet term for taking contingency measures. We say we're doing it "for Justin", short for Justin Case.

I didn't remember to look for the theme fills until I had already started reading HGs fine narrative. Thanks to IM and CC for another fun collaboration.

desper-otto said...

C'mon people. I've waited for over six hours, and nobody's commented about having fun between the SHEETS. Are you all Lutherans?

Spitzboov said...

Hello everyone.

Nice offering from IM and CC today. Kinda liked the theme, 3 sheets to the wind et al.
No problems with the solve.
I've been wearing NEW BALANCE sneakers for 20+ years. Every 3 or 4 years, because the model # has changed by then, I call up the NB store in Tampa to get the exact new (last) equivalent, and order a new pair. I don't think they charge for shipping.

CanadianEh! said...

I will echo Misty's WOOHOO as my reaction to seeing that Agnes and C.C. were our CW creators today. Thanks to both of them and Husker Gary for the fun.

I made my way consistently through this puzzle and the unknowns (NAS, NOMAR, REI, PING) filled in with perps.
ACA rang a bell when it appeared but required perps also. We Canadians appreciate our universal health care!
Ecru was too short (BEIGE) and Bloomin' Onion was too long (FUNNEL CAKE).
I love LINDT chocolate and brought some back from our trip to Switzerland.

No, PK, Canadians use gas, but I think I remember hearing "petrol" in Kenya. Perhaps some of the Commonwealth countries still use the BRIT term. (Perhaps kazie would chime in about Australia.). We had the BRIT/Canadian LTD today also.
D'O@1:33 - PK@12:10 beat me to the "between the sheets" comment! (Actually PK was "on the sheets"!!

Beautiful day here.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Well, I knew it was FUNNEL CAKE even though my fills spelled it funny, as FUNLEF CAKE. I'll score this easy-to-do Weds pzl as Ta-DA!!-minus-one.

Thanks, creators AGnes and C.C., and responder Husker G, for agreeing to let me have my way...

Ol' Man Keith said...

Happy to see you so happy, even happier than me while going through much the same morning sequence in the same clime. I tend to read the Op-Eds more than the official LA Times Eds, but otherwise the similarities abound.
Now out to the garden to check on my seedlings and enjoy this SoCal sunshine...

Tinbeni said...

Irish Miss & C.C. thank you for a FUN Wednesday puzzle.

Good Job on the write-up Husker.

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.

Lemonade714 said...

Dr. 2 on my every other day tour this week. Now if i could only get them to talk to each other.

CED, my wife buys a yard of 1 inch reinforced elastic. She then cuts them and sews them to the four corners of the bottom sheet, which while fitted do not hold well. They do not let go until you tell them too.

I have not been to Canada in a while - 8 years- is the gas still sold by the litre? My first trip with the family when I was little showed prices around $0.15 per. Later I learned of gallons/litres and CAD/USD.

Happy Flag Day all.

Thank you C.C. and Agnes

Misty said...

Glad to hear that you share versions of my morning routine, Wilbur and Ol' Man Keith. And glad to hear you too are having beautiful days today, Canadian Eh and Yellowrocks!
I'm also happy for others who are having a sunny or good day today!

Glad you have a chance to get your hair done, Fermatprime, and hope Millie gets better soon. And also hope you get some relief from your arthritis, Hondo.

Time to walk my 14 year old dachshund Dusty up and down the hall, to keep him limber and in good shape. Have to bribe him with tiny pieces of kibble, but it works.

CanadianEh! said...

Lemon, yes Canadian gas is sold by the litre. Current price in Ontario is around $1.10/litre (ranging from 0.95 to $1.25/litre depending on where you are located within the province (northern and more isolated areas always are higher!). Online calculator I used puts this at $3.34/gallon for US$/US Gallon. US gallon is smaller than Canadian Imperial gallon and of course the difference in the $ must be taken into account so the calculation is not so simple.

Happy Flag Day to my American friends.

PK said...

CanadianEh: Can anyone really have mattress gymnastics between the sheets? That top sheet would never stay on at my house. LOL! Alas, no more!

Jayce said...

A pleasure to work this Agnes-C.C. puzzle today. I like the clever clues. Is it coincidence that the clue for PERE referred to Dumas, since the famous writer is often referred to as Alexandre Dumas père, to distinguish him from his son Alexandre Dumas fils?

I too like to read the opinions before I read the news. Speaking of news, so sad about the shootings in Alexandria, VA, and San Francisco, CA.

desper-otto @ 6:52, well said!

Good wishes to you all.

Wilbur Charles said...

NOMAR was almost traded to Texas for AROD. His career was cut short due to injury. Speaking of baseball...
What was the Yankee lineup that day in 1956?
Mantle and Berra. Skowron and Bauer. McDougall, Richardson? LF and 3B? Hondo?

I guess we have three pen and inkers here. EH?

Limerick Larry! We needed you last week but thx for dropping in.

I tried to find the theme but I'm horrible at that


thehondohurricane said...

Cm'on Wilbur...I 'ain't no encyclopedia! My wild, wild arse guesses are: 3B..Andy Carey, because I think he was there before Clete Boyer.

Yogi was still playing so Elston Howard is my choice. I do remember him playing the outfield. Kubek may have been the correct answer for either position because he is only other player with some talent that I can recall on the team at that time.

Mak3 the next Q easier, will ya? Want to know who were the '51 Giants position players? CLUE, The Hondo Hurricane weren't one of them!

thehondohurricane said...

Well Wilbur, I'm dead wrong because I read 1956 as 1958.
Getting old real sucks!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks IM & CC for a fun puzzle. Sparkly themers too with the idioms "ON THAT SCORE" and "BIG TIME." 'Course D-O and Tin beat me to the sheets puns.

Thanks HG for the fun expo; waited with baited-breath to see if BRIT / NOMAR was right.

ESPs: NOMAR, BRIT, OTTO, ESAI, TACOS - I was still stuck on pasta when manicotti didn't fit; though penne did but stuffing them seems a bit tedious... Ravioli? What am I missing?!? [V-8!, it's a Taco shell].

Fav: I wasn't fooled by Chess-MEN nor Rebus' EWE (ONLINE & PAY NOW was filled) so I'll go back to TACO.


D-O, LOL resignation letter. I've made a few of those CLMs [Career Limiting Move]; one was sending "Byte Me!" To > 100 computers via net * send

TTP - On that Score; yes and it was also fun to left-mouse folks who left their workstation unlocked [this was @DOD; we were strict :-)]

Misty - I newspaper Puzzle (play when stuck in traffic, computer is slow, etc.) in the AM, then, before bed, Sport, Business (read closely), Section A skipping bits NPR already filled me in on, OpEds, and finally the funnies before I turn in. WC, +1 pen&ink players.

I wish I could think of a fun link to click but it's time to make BLTs with my tomatoes Eldest & I just picked.

Cheers, -T

Big Easy said...

Easy Wednesday. Did it late today with REI ( never heard of), NAS, and NOMAR filled by perps. Is NOMAR NORMA-L? OUT OF STYLE was an easy fill by I've never heard of a STYLE SHEET.

PING-At the Zurich Classic last month I had to deliver some clubs to the PING trailer. When I walked in the trailer, it was a club-fitting and adjusting operation. I asked if they could bend my PING-ZINGs more upright and he said if I could get them into the place early he would do it gratis. Little did he know that I had a cart with free rein of the entire facility and could drive down the outside street to my car and skip security. I took my clubs to the PGA event and he did it for me. He used a torch, clamped them in a vise, hit them with a rubber mallet, and used some type of laser to align it. Titlist, Taylor Made, and all the other clubs had their own specialists that go to each tournament.

HG--LYCRA- I have FOUR pairs of padded biking shorts, and ALL four of them are attached to regular shorts, pockets included. Got them at Academy Sports. If you can't find them just get some regular biking shorts and wear them under a pair of regular short-NOT cotton.

Wilbur Charles said...

Hondo, I have you marked as the go-to guy for 50s* baseball. Yogi caught that day, viz the iconic picture of the final jump into Larsen's arms.

Anon-T, you have fresh tomatoes?!!! Our peach tree yielded a whole bunch of juicy beauties. One thing the corner is unanimous on, methinks: Fresh grown is so, so worth it.


* Because you knew Ferris Fain

Misty said...

Nice to hear about your own newspaper routine, Anon T--thanks for sharing.

Forgot to thank everybody for fun limericks this morning.

My goodness, this day started out to sunny and happy, but what tragedies on the news tonight--made me very sad. I too wish we could just have more tolerance and mutual understanding to maintain peace.

Anonymous T said...

WC - one of the PERKS of living in Houston is getting one's garden in on 15 March. Eldest and I put in tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers, cukes, and all the herbs (basil, oregano, parsley, etc). First tomatoes were ready by the time Pop was here two weeks ago.

Misty - Yes, a day of abNORMAL WTF?!? I woke at 4a to the fire in London (someone better go to jail - there's no reason that building should have gone up in flames so fast) and then again at 7a CDT to the shootings in VA. Fortunately, only the shooter seems to have died. Then on the way home from the office, I heard about SFO. Count our blessings every day I, FOR ONE, say.

And, for the worst segue ever, time to read the funny-pages. Nite.

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

During commercials if I haven't recorded a program I like to solve crosswords so tonight I finished Sunday's and Monday's cw. Both were easy though I was surprised to see Japanese in Monday's. Sunday's was neither easy nor hard, just right. I did have one empty cell which I'll have to look up. SASHAY made me chuckle and thanks to all who thought of me when seeing it. Can't be an IDLER when doing CWDS.

Picard said...

Never heard of APPLE cobbler. Only peach. But those confections hold little interest for me. Give me LINDT any day! I eat it every day, in fact.

I was in Switzerland a few years ago and was surprised LINDT costs more there than in the US!

But I found something even better: Camille Bloch Mousse bars. The best chocolate I have ever had. It does not seem to be sold in the US, though. Maybe some day!

Fun theme, fun puzzle!

REI opened a store here a few years ago and a hiking friend turned me on to them. A good source for camping and travel needs.