Jun 27, 2017

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 Herre Schouwerwou

Theme: Rhyming - Phonetic rhymes.

36A. Old group of movie kids that, in a way, the answers to starred clues could be a member of: OUR GANG

17A. *Time for discount drinks: HAPPY HOUR

23A. *"Homicide: Life on the Street" Emmy winner: ANDRE BRAUGHER

48A. *Dictator's authority: ABSOLUTE POWER

59A. *Kiefer Sutherland's "24" role: JACK BAUER

Argyle here. Tad difficult due to the proper names. Herr's second appearence in LAT.


1. Valuable quality: ASSET

6. Place for piggies: STY

9. Water carriers: PIPES

14. Honking birds: GEESE

15. Rebel Guevara: CHE

16. Atlantic __: OCEAN

19. Durable suit fabric: SERGE

20. Song from Verdi: ARIA

21. Funny bone's place: ARM

22. John or Paul (but not Luke): BEATLE. A little twist there.

26. Hunch over: STOOP

27. Homebuilder's lot size: ACRE

28. Read the riot act to: SCOLD

29. King's scary St. Bernard: CUJO. Stephen King.

31. Scissors sound: SNIP

35. Chewie's shipmate: HAN. Star Wars.

39. Mex. neighbor: USA

40. Poems of praise: ODES

42. Scoffing sounds: HAHs

43. "Death of a Salesman" family name: LOMAN. "Willy" Loman.

45. Slack off: LOAF

47. In a funk: MOPEY

53. Hot Wheels toymaker: MATTEL

54. Wrestling's __ Flair: RIC

55. "Not gonna happen!": "NOPE!"

58. City in upstate New York: UTICA. Big beer making town.

61. Green energy type: SOLAR

62. Inquire: ASK

63. Hard-hit baseball: LINER. The old frozen rope.

64. __-level job: ENTRY

65. Cry with a fist pump: "YES!!"

66. Easy paces: TROTS


1. Ottoman honorific: AGHA

2. Charbroil: SEAR

3. Antique photo feature: SEPIA TONE

4. Language in Sevilla: ESPANOL. They speak Spanish in Seville.

5. Mystery writer Josephine: TEYWiki entry

6. It may be tied: SCORE

7. Mitten part: THUMB

8. "Programs! Git __ programs here!": YER. "Can't tell the players without a program."

9. Big phony: POSEUR

10. Very cold periods: ICE AGES

11. Western Australian port: PERTH

12. Sharp-eyed bird: EAGLE

13. Lip-curling look: SNEER

18. Plucked instrument: HARP

22. Part of 60-Down: BACON. 60-Down. Layered sandwich, briefly: BLT

24. Extinct flightless bird: DODO

25. Mumbai bigwigs: RAJAs

26. Whole bunch: SCAD

28. 2017 "Twin Peaks" airer, for short: SHO. (SHOWTIME)

29. __ brewery: independent beer maker: CRAFT

30. "That's just nasty!": "UGH!"

32. Big cheese: NUMERO UNO

33. "What more can __?": I SAY

34. Frying utensil: PAN

37. Trailer rental company: U-HAUL

38. Post-sunset effect: GLOW

41. Toy racer on a track: SLOT CAR. You can get them powered by bicycles now.

44. Like many summer concerts: OPEN AIR

46. Chicago Fire Mrs.: O'LEARY

47. __ turtle soup: MOCK. What Is Mock Turtle Soup? If you are so inclined; Link You might say, "30-Down".

48. Get a laugh out of: AMUSE

49. Stick passed on a track: BATON

50. Clown's leg extension: STILT

51. Remove pencil marks: ERASE

52. Mining tools: PICKS

56. Amanda of "Something's Gotta Give": PEET

57. Slips up: ERRS

59. Noisy bird: JAY. A little something to drive your cats crazy.



fermatprime said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks to Herre and Santa!

Some things were filled in by other fills: RIK, UTICA, PERTH, and NUMERO UNO.

Not terribly difficult to do!

Over 100 degrees here today!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

Sonny Wortzik said...


Argyle said...

UTICA! City where the first Woolworth's opened, 1879.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This cereal had just enough crunch to keep from becoming soggy. SEPIA TONE, SLOT CAR and ESPANOL were nice. Thanx, Herre.

Argyle, if you remember O Brother, Where Art Thou?, you'd call that store a Woolsworth. Our local (5 miles away) grocery was a Food Fair. Because of that movie, we started calling it the Food's Fair -- very descriptive.

BobB said...

Sepia tint to sepia tone was the final cog.

Woolworths or Woolsworth

In the south we go to "The Walmart"

desper-otto said...

We call it Wally World. CU recently rated 62 national supermarket chains. Walmart came in dead last -- better than average on pricing, worse than average in all other categories.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

RVers call Walmart "Camp Walton", since they can stay overnight at many of them for free. DW and I prefer "real" campgrounds, since we only drive about 250 miles a day and have plenty of time to look around. Most only charge 20 - 40 dollars per night, and we get commercial power, security and a bath house.

Misty - I'm so happy that Dusty is doing better. I'm not a believer in pet insurance. We had a wolfhound puppy that got cancer, and all of the treatments, travel and follow-on care cost in excess of $25,000. After he got better I looked at some of the offerings, and found that they would have all paid less than $1,500 toward his treatment. (He was worth every penny, by the way. He went on to live to a ripe old age of eight, very good for a giant breed, and was a wonderful dog.)

Erased slump for STOOP, ease for LOAF, and had to fix kUJO. Didn't know BRAUGHER, RIC Flair (RIC is the airport code for nearby Richmond International) or TEY. I also didn't know the spelling for POSEUR, although I knew term.

It's forecast to be very nice here today. High will be 80 with low humidity. Unusual for this time of year.

Thanks for a crunchy Tuesday, Mr. Schouwerwou. I hope you appear tomorrow as well, but I guess you are Herre today, gone tomorrow. And thaks to Santa for doubling back on coverage.

QOD: "Of COURSE you can dance!"
- Tequila

kazie said...

Minor nit with's the state capital of Western Australia, but the true port is Fremantle at the mouth of the Swan River, while Perth is further upstream.

billocohoes said...

Not bad other than MOodY form MOPEY.

A LINER isn't necessarily hard-hit, it's a function of launch angle. Grounders and fly balls can be hard-hit. You can hit a soft liner, it just doesn't go very far.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Herre Schouvervou, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Theme eluded me. Once I got here it made sense.

I was distracted for 20 minutes when the furnace repairman showed up. My furnace in Johnsonburg quit working this spring, so when I got here I checked the obvious things. Everything looked good. I called the guy that installed it, he came out at 8:00 AM and had it fixed by 8:20. Loose connection in the starting mechanism. Charged me $50. In Illinois that would have been a $200 call.

Puzzle was pretty straight forward, with a couple of crunches. ANDRE BRAUGHNER and JACK BAUER were unknowns. Perps.

Same for CUJO. And for POSEUR.

Remembered Willie LOMAN. I saw that play/movie many years ago.

O'LEARY is a Chicago staple.

BLT is my favorite sandwich. Just had a couple on Sunday when I got to Johnsonburg, with some corn on the cob.

Went to a HAPPY HOUR at a casino in Stateline, NV (Lake Tahoe) where I was working years ago, and proceeded to lose all my cash. Never forgot that and never did that again.

Well, I have to plant some seedlings I brought with me and then work on my wife's cousin's water problems with her well.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Husker Gary said...

-Now that was a fun theme. BRAUGHER took every perp to fill and the other themers to get pronunciation
-It’s all PIPES! (:51)
-Some Nebraska Games people rounded up our GEESE and gently moved them off the course last week
-Death Of A Salesman speaks to father/son relations and vicariousness so painfully well
-I just learned yesterday that our fair city is going ahead on a big SOLAR project
-The SLOT CAR set I bought for my girls went unopened. Hmmm… who did I really have in mind when I bought it?
-Recent conversations here caused Joann and me to speculate how much we would spend on Lily for medical care. It would be quite a bit.
-Time to put on a jacket for my 9 am tee time.
-From yesterday – I have nothing but tremendous respect for today’s kids and say so constantly here and in person. I have been hip deep in kids since 1968 in school, cornfields and Orlando.
-Of course Colin Cowherd is an ass. He is paid to be one just like Howard Cosell was but they both broach(ed) interesting topics

Argyle said...

A friend of mine calls it Walmark; drives his wife insane. Excuse me, more insane.

Yellowrocks said...

FIR, IMO not a Tuesday puzzle with ANDRE BRAUGHER, and then JACK BAUER crossing PEET. I remembered CUJO after filling in all the perps. POSEUR was familiar. Reminds me of pols.
Sorry, I can't find Our Gang members in the fill.
Once my grandfather caught a snapping turtle and my grandmother made soup. Not at all like the mock turtle article relates.
Verdi is one of my favorite opera composers. I prefer Italian to German opera.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Thanks to all who wished us well on our anniversary. You are a good group which I am humbled but honored to be a part of.

Good puzzle today from Heere. Sounds very Dutch.
Liked the 'OUR' homophone sequence. No issues. Had moody before MOPEY. Got unknown names from perps.
UTICA - Will be driving down shortly to see dental tech.
Seville - Do they grow oranges there, too?
PERTH - An obvious answer since the west coast is scant of population and ports. Albany also comes to mind. I think others are used mainly to export mining products/ores.
JAY - in the Corvidae family along with crows and ravens - the largest Passerines.

desper-otto said...

YR: "Our Gang" is a gang of "our" sound-alikes.

CanadianEh! said...

Quick solve today. Thanks for the fun Herre and Argyle.
I didn't get the theme until I got here. Thanks d-otto.

Hand up for Moody before MOPEY.
Perps filled in the unknown names for me.
I'm waiting for tomatoes from my garden for the best BLTs!

Off to celebrate 36 years of wedded bliss.
Cooler here today (60F).

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Herre and thank you Argyle.

No real problems because the perps filled in the unknowns. Never heard of Andre Braugher nor the program

The annual Turtle Soup Stag Supper was one of the ways our volunteer fire department raised funds to cover operating costs. The other main event was the annual Chicken Dinner at the fire station.

Utica - I recall that Spitzboov made or makes his home near there.

Abejo - I believe your order would be, "BLT, hold the mayo".

Husker Gary - No need to respond or defend yourself from comments opined by the trolls. You are well respected here.

Speaking of sap suckers, I have to spray my Magnolia again. The soft scale is proving to be a resilient adversary.

OOPs. One last check before I post. There's Spitzboov, heading to Utica.

Yellowrocks, rather than the characters in Our Gang, each of the last names rhymes with "our".

BunnyM said...

Good morning all

Thanks Herre Schouwerwou for a nice puzzle; a tad crunchy for a Tuesday. Took me a bit but I did get the phonetic theme for OURGANG (loved watching that show with my brother when we were growing up. It would AMUSE us to no end) Lots of fresh clues, IMO which was fun.

Thanks Argyle for back to back tours- that BLT pic had my mouth watering. Now that the good tomatoes are available at our local produce stand, it's time to make some tasty sandwiches. Actually bought a couple yesterday along with some Honey Bun corn. I can make a meal just out of those two things- such a yummy combo!

I played the Blue JAY video for my kitty Mia. She had no interest but she's pretty indifferent about birds. She will lay on the deck with hummingbirds flying right by her and cardinals stealing her food without batting an eye (or paw)

Only unknowns gotten via perps were TEY and ANDREBRAUGHER. I looked up his pic and did recognize him from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" but have never watched "Homicide"

Two days in a row with SERGE

Like billocohoes, I had Moody before MOPEY

MATTEL SLOTCARS- my brother and I loved racing these. We had quite a collection of Hot Wheels

Re: Walmart- Ugh. I try to avoid it. DH does buy parts for our oil changes there as well as wiper blades, car batteries, antifreeze, etc as they're much less expensive. It's the only shopping trip I never want to be a part of. I spend a bit more by going to Target for household items but it's worth my sanity ;)

Re: yesterday's comments:

CanadianEh- Happy Anniversary! 36 years- how wonderful:)

Misty- I do hope Dusty is doing better. My Albus had back problems a few years ago after falling down our deck steps (about the time his eyesight was failing. He's almost completely blind now) It was terrible as he could barely walk and was constantly crying. Vet put him on an anti inflammatory, muscle relaxers and pain meds. It got to the point where we were told he'd need surgery which was estimated at $4,000-6,000 but with no guarantee it would work. This all happened shortly before I was scheduled for neck surgery and I knew once my DH went back to work and wasn't home with me all day, I'd be in a pickle trying to care for Albus. We had fashioned a sling of sorts out of a tote bag (those large canvas ones for groceries. We cut the sides off, leaving the bottom and handles) to carry him out for potty breaks. It was difficult to lift him without hurting him (he was terrified of any stairs by then) and this worked well. He would lay on top of the bag and DH would carry him around:) I kept telling Al "You have to get better- I won't be able to lift you after my surgery " I was so worried but miraculously, he woke up one morning about a week before my fusion and was back to his old self! He hasn't had anymore back issues but of course, he still avoids going down steps ( he will go up) and doesn't jump too high- he must associate/remember what happened. We're very careful lifting him, taking care not to pull his back. I hope to never see him that miserable again. Good luck with everything- it is frustrating trying to figure out what they need sometimes. If only they could talk, lol :)

Another gorgeous day here. I'm enjoying it while it lasts as this is very rare weather here for late June (low humidity, low 70's)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

CrossEyedDave said...

FIW, Poet instead of Peet...

Never got the theme, I can't spell half these names let alone pronounce them...

Also, Moody b/4 Mopey.

And, another thing. (minor nit...)
I reallly wanted 32d big cheese to be number one.
Shouldn't the clue have been "Queso Grande?"

Happy Anniversary Canadian Eh!

I don't think I could sit through an entire Our Gang episode today,
but a few clips wouldn't hurt...

Hmm, there is one episode i might peruse, I believe it was called Birthday Blues.
Where the cake in the oven went Wee Waaa... (or something like that...)

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

As others have mentioned, there was some crunch today but nothing serious. I went astray by thinking it was Number One instead of Numero Uno but that got corrected quickly enough. The Paul-John but not Luke didn't fool me one bit and Utica was a gimme. Chicago Fire Mrs. had me wracking my brain for the wives in the TV show! Never saw Homicide but I knew AndrΓ© Braugher from Men of a Certain Age which also starred one of my favorites, Scott Bakula, who is Truebrit's son-in-law. Have also never seen Jack Bauer in action but knew the name.

Thanks, Herre, for a Tuesday treat and thanks, Argyle, for keeping the home fires burning! Your friend's Walmark reminds me of my late husband's Meryl Street and Afaghanistan.

Misty, a big welcome back! You were missed! So sorry to hear of Dusty's health issues and hope he is on the mind. Oodles of t-rubs from me! Glad your presentation went well.

Canadian Eh, congratulations on your 36 tears together! Hope you celebrate in style!

I envy those who are enjoying corn and tomatoes in June. We won't have corn until late July and decent tomatoes, August, decent translating to edible and a few steps up from cardboard, taste-wise. BunnyM, I, like you, could live on good corn and tomatoes all summer! πŸŒ½πŸŒ½πŸ…πŸ…

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Dusty can be on the mind while he is also on the mend! Sorry.

Lucina said...

I vaguely recall Herr Herre's previous appearance. Thank you for today's nicely CRAFTed puzzle which I thoroughly enjoyed.

And not until the second and third explanation did I see the theme and in fact had ORPHANS before OURGANG. So did have to ERASE that one. ANDRE BRAUGHER is completely unknown to me but Willy LOMAN is well known. Amanda PEET, too, but not sure why. CUJO is familiar only from seeing the title at the bookstore but I'm not a fan of Mr. King's genre. RIC? Okay.

PERTH was the featured city in THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS by M.L. Stedman, a beautifully written book and poignant story.

HAPPY HOUR for me is the time in which I solve crosswords though it's much less than an hour.

Congratulations Canadian Eh! on your anniversary! How wonderful for you.

Have a fantastic day, everyone!

Lucina said...

Oops. Thank you, Argyle. Like Santa you always have nice gifts for us.

Yellowrocks said...

IM and Canadian Eh, I, too, impatiently wait for the late summer tomatoes and corn, but it is well worth the wait.
Have a super anniversary Canadian Eh.

I sympathize with all of you who have ailing pets that can't explain their problems. Years ago my beloved dog, Gypsy, was unable to eat and was wasting away. I spent a fortune on an exploratory operation and other care. I had to waitress at night in addition to teaching during the day to pay for it. The vet did not find the cause, instead the operation gave Gypsy more pain and hastened her demise. Two cats died of cancer, including my dearest feline buddy. No more pets for me.

I daily face the same problem with Alan. He does not articulate his complaints well. He is so vague. The symptoms are many and overlapping, hard to untangle. In the last few months Alan has added phantom complaints to avoid going to work. When I decide to quit the game playing and put my foot down,sometimes the complaints are real, and even serious."Nobody knew health care could be so complicated."

On a happier note I am enjoying the weather this lovely week, low humidity and temps in the 70's.

Trubrit said...

Thanks for another fun crossword. I thought it was going to be another easy, breezy one but was stuck on 'outdoor' and after realizing 'Power' went with 'absolute' knew I had something really wrong. I too, remember Andre Braugher, Irish Miss. I thought he was a good actor. Haven't seen him lately. It is so nice having Scott home for so many weeks. I tell him about you. He sends his regards.

Have a good day.

TTP said...

Canadian Eh, Congratulations to you and your husband !

Hungry Mother said...

Very doable. I had "micro" instead of CRAFT for a while. No other writeovers.

AnonymousPVX said...

Fair and straightforward Tuesday effort, nicely clued, no complaints.

Misty said...

Delightful Tuesday puzzle, Herre--thank you so much! And you too, Argyle, for the great pics this morning. I breezed through this puzzle even though I didn't know the longer names (ANDRE BRAUGHER, JACK BAUER). But I did know LOMAN and HAN, and I figured out the theme early, which helped a lot. So, lots of fun on my first calm morning back home after my trip.

Thank you all for the kind wishes for Dusty, who is much better this morning--probably thanks to the anti-inflammatory med, like the one Bunny M got for Albus. Jinx, I think we got pet insurance for our first set of dachshunds many years ago, but discovered that it stopped when they were 8 years old. Of course, their medical problems all started after that. Sorry for the sad pet experience, Yellowrocks, and hope Alan feels better again soon.

Congratulations on your 36 years of marriage, CanadianEh! How wonderful!

Turtles. My late husband Rowland acquired a desert tortoise of the species Gopherus Agassisi (did I spell that right) during his first marriage (I am wife #3). She was nicknamed "Gophie" and is now 60-plus years old, if you can believe it. They live to be over 100 years old, so she is listed in our Trust because she will outlive both of us and will need a care-taker after I'm gone. We had a curved pen built for her when we re-did our patio, which has a shaded corner where she sleeps at night, and a wooden floor with a drain so she won't get flooded during rains. I just gave her her morning mixed lettuce (she likes red better than green) and she is out there right now enjoying the sunshine.

Have a great day, everybody!

desper-otto said...

Misty, is Gophie a good tennis player?

Jayce said...

I echo what AnonymousPVX said.
Congratulations, CanadianEh!

Tinbeni said...

Good job on the write-up Argyle.

Herre: Thank you for aFUN Tuesday puzzle.
Enjoyed the "OUR GANG" theme.

CanadianEh! Congratulations on 36 years.

Fave today, of course, was HAPPY HOUR.
It only "lasts" for 24 hours of everyday here at Villa Incognito.


Misty said...

I should have seen that one coming, Desper-otto! I just looked up the species on Wiki, and found that the spelling is Gopherus Agassizii. I was shocked to find that their life span is only 50 to 80 years--much shorter than I expected. I hope our Gophie is not at the end of her line yet. Even though she is not friendly (not domesticated) it still gives me a lot of pleasure to see her every day.

Spitzboov said...

Happy Anniversary to Canadian Eh.
I didn't realize June 27th was so close to June 26th, Eh!

TTP @0909 - re: UTICA. CSO tag? LMAO.

Irish Miss said...

Truebrit @ 11:57 ~ And my best regards to your charming son-in-law, as well.

DO @ 1:19 ~ "Wicked sense of humor." Sound familiar?

I watched (most of it) Alfred Hitchcock's Rope last night and was shocked at the stilted acting of Farley Granger and the other lead actor (?). Jimmy Stewart was in it, also, and I guess he was okay but the movie certainly lacked any gripping performances, especially considering the story line.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Herre! Thanks, Argyle!

The big puzzle remains: how the heck do you pronounce Herre's first & last names? Inquiring minds want to know.

Happy anniversaries, Spitz & Canadian Eh! IM congratulated Canadian on their "36 Tears together". I hope you were lucky enough to only have 36 Tears. Laughs are so much better.

Irish Miss said...

PK @ 3:35 ~ Thank you for catching my error; that makes two today and that's two too many! Better proofreading necessary, methinks!

My sincere apologies, Canadian Eh. Congratulations on 36 YEARS.

Lemonade714 said...

We are all getting used to spell check doing the proof reading which leads to the types of little errors from IM. Since both MEND and MIND are words, you get no warning. Likewise 36 T(Y)ears.

Oh technology.

I loved C.C.'s WSJ today- awesome.

I think his name is pronounced as it is written.

SwampCat said...

Crunchy but doable Tuesday. Thanks, Herre, for the fun. And thanks, Argyle, for the tour. I didn't get the happy HOUR until you splained it.

I seem to come by later and later. No excuses any more. Our weather is finally calmer after all the storms and near– storms. Has anyone heard from Boo Luquette ? He was in the bad area. And Anon T?. I know he personally is away from home, but Texas got hit. How long till October??

Big Easy said...

Thanks to the "Little Rascals", aka OUR GANG, I was able to finish the puzzle. A 'Tad Difficult' for me too. ANDRE BRAUGHER and JACK BAUER were all perps, complete unknowns and unheard of. The watch 'Tag Hauer' I would have known. Also CUJO, TEY, SHO, Amanda PEET, and MOCK Turtle soup.

We have plenty of turltes in S. Louisiana. No fakes needed.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Dang it took forever to drop the E and U in ANDRE BRAUGHER. It was the only thing that fit after 3 ABC-runs. Thanks Herre for a Tuesday with crunch; it took me a bit to get on your wavelength.

Thanks Argyle for kicking-off HAPPY HOUR at the Corner. I kick'd back with a CRAFT brew (Lagunitas' Little Sumpin' Sumpin') while reading the expo.

WOs: kUJO (Hi Jinx!), I ASK b/f I SAY @33d [hey, there's ASK at 52a!]
ESPs: ANDRE B, TEY, PEET, AGHA and SCORE (V8 - I was thinking literal tie). I needed 60% perps to get JACK BAUER [i've heard the name but would recognize him if he introduced himself]

Fav: NOPE, I'm not going to TROT out my yummy tomatoes we PICK'd and say BLT - that would be bragging :-). I'll have to go with BACON - everything's better with BACON.

We had offices in PERTH but sold them off before I got to go DownUnder. I'm not too upset about it -- everything living-thing there can kill you.

Happy 36th C, Eh! I think IM's ERR was a happy-accident as PK pointed out. Funny.

SwampCat - I've been back since Sat night and the house is still here. Not heard from BooL in quite some time; hope the swamp din't eat-'em.

BunnyM - Pop's outdoor cats are keen on birds and get at least one a week. A few years back, during a visit, I saw Dylan sitting in the bird-bath still as a statue just a'waitin.' It was so funny - I expected water to fountain out of his mouth ala a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

Who knew there was a U in POSEUR? I'm sure C, Eh, Steve, and truebrit did - they add U's to everything :-)

Cheers, -T

MJ said...

Greetings to all!

Just now finished the puzzle after spending the last two days in the Los Angeles area helping out my mother. It was dreadfully hot (hi Fermat), and her house doesn't have AC. UGH! As for the puzzle, it took some staring at the completed theme answers before the lightbulb went on and I finally saw the connection to OUR GANG. Very clever. Thanks for guiding us along today, Argyle.

Congratulations CanadianEh! on 36 years! I hope you enjoy many more.

Wilbur Charles said...

96 Tears? Stones? Pop culture, especially TV, is my downfall. I did get the two Naticks. Btw.. I finally posted on Saturday's agony drill.

Misty, you'd be proud of me for staying with it for three days. And for finally cheating to finish(Buckley).

Canadian-eh, congrats the math says 1981.
Argyle, I loved your mock turtle link I knew Alice would eventually show up. And then, lo and behold a baseball legends quiz popped up.

I got 43/48. Believe it or not I didn't recognize Pedro. Don't tell the boys up in Boston.

Wasn't Alfalfa in OUR GANG?

Utica is the halfway point betwixt* Nashua and Grand Rapids. I made that trip dozens of times. Two dozen.

WC in the gloaming

* If Mr Diehl can use TRICE ...

PS. Speaking of constructors. Nicely done, Herr Herre

PPS. I cherish the quality of the posts in here especially from the most admirable ladies of the Corner

Wilbur Charles said...

Since we had it recently I could have said HERE, HERE HERR HEIRE


PK said...

I'm sorry for calling out your error, dear IM. To an old newspaper writer, Typos can be almost as hilarious as puns and the 36 Tears just really tickled my funny bone. So apt, because I don't know how anyone ever got through 36 years of marriage and life without more than a few tears.

I still can't figure out how to pronounce Herre's name. Where are you, man? Please help.

Anonymous T said...

I'm a bit to young to know OUR GANG on black-and-white TV. Eddie Murphy on SLN and REO Speedwagon's Tough Guysintroduced me. CED - good clip. Thanks mate.

Eldest just called me (seriously, she's upstairs and called cell-to-cell) --- It's So On like Donkey Kong! Tomorrow night is Young Frankenstein [trailer]. Eldest just found it on Netflix. [And Petya* can bugger off!]. Gotta Teach Your Children Well [Sorry, the sound is bad but I couldn't pass up CSNY + The Boss + Robin WIlliams (?)]

Cheers, -T
*That's the RansomeWare you may have heard about today. Unless you do business with the Ukrainians; not a real issue. Cute how the new guy was worried - I've been here since Morris, I Love You & Code Red viri & worm;s not my 1st rodeo. We've got our shtuf squared away. What, Me Worry?

Anonymous T said...

There you go IM - I made 3(+?) ERRS in one post (and I tried to fix it 2x!). Humans - we suck :-). -T

Argyle said...

Lost power for 5 hours this afternoon. They're not making trees like they use to. First strong wind and ...POOF...they're gone-and taking the wires with them.