Jul 10, 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017 George Jasper

Theme: Stuck in the middle with you (Stealers Wheel) - A partner to the target word (AGE) may be found in the middle of the theme answers.

17. Beverage from a German vineyard: RHINE WINE. New Age.

27. Unauthorized recording: BOOTLEG ALBUM. Legal Age.

44. Nuclear power: ATOMIC ENERGY. Ice Age.

61. Period after young adulthood ... and a hint to each set of circles: MIDDLE AGE

Argyle here. George Jasper appears to be a newcomer. Very easy except .... I think one might still find the AGEs without the circles. They aren't perfectly in the middle but they do span two words.


1. Stinging insect: WASP

5. Storied broom riders: HAGS. I didn't remember Hogwarts librarian Irma Pince.

9. Distinctive aroma: SCENT

14. Govt. workplace monitor: OSHA. (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

15. Yemen neighbor: OMAN. They are the toe and heel of the Arabian Peninsula boot.

16. Copier need: TONER

19. Wheel spokes, geometrically: RADII

20. Triangular Greek letters: DELTAs

21. Coexist peacefully: GET ALONG

23. French fashion monogram: YSL. (Yves Saint Laurent)

24. Boot front: TOE

26. Anteater's slurp in the comic "B.C.": ZOT

33. Do the play-by-play, say: ANNOUNCE

36. Like Cheerios: OATY

37. Slightest: LEAST

38. Medical ins. plan: HMO. (health maintenance organization)

40. Tree trunks: BOLES

41. "To know me __ love me": IS TO. No need for sugar in your coffee this morning. 60A. Whitney Houston's "__ Always Love You": I WILL

42. Musician at ballparks and churches: ORGANIST

48. Put the kibosh on: NIX

49. Klutz: OAF

50. Noah's boat: ARK

53. One of a group of versifiers that included Wordsworth: LAKE POET. The Lake Poets were a group of English poets who all lived in the Lake District of England. Wiki link

58. Stubby piece: NUBBIN. A variant of Middle Low German knubbe, knob?

63. Excessive enthusiasm: MANIA

64. Partner of proper: PRIM

65. On a yawl, say: ASEA

66. Small hippo type: PYGMY

67. Trillion: Pref.: TERA

68. Mix together: MELD


1. Verbose: WORDY

2. Barbecue residue: ASHES

3. Con man's setup man: SHILL

4. Breathe heavily: PANT

5. Question in response to "I need this in a hurry": "HOW SOON?"

6. French friend: AMI

7. Criminal group: GANG

8. React to pepper: SNEEZE

9. Layer upon layer: STRATA

10. Mined fuel: COAL

11. Prefix meaning "within": ENDO

12. German no: NEIN

13. Pre-calc math course: TRIG

18. Go to a steakhouse, say: EAT OUT

22. Get dolled (up): TOG

25. Make an engraving: ETCH

27. __ buddy: BOSOM

28. Citrus fruit: LEMON. CSO.

29. Senseless: LOONY

30. South Pacific resort island: BALI

31. Sport-__: versatile vehicles: UTEs. Sport-youths?

32. Classic PC game: MYST

33. Et __: Latin for "and others": ALIA

34. Source of many tweets: NEST

35. Partnership for Peace international gp.: NATO. (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

39. Sandwich cookie: OREO

40. "Baa Baa Black Sheep" wool unit: BAGFUL

43. Mom's mom: GRANDMA

45. Not out-of-bounds, as a ball: IN PLAY

46. AFL merger partner: CIO. (American Federation of Labor / Congress of Industrial Organizations)

47. Not subject to taxes: EXEMPT

50. Demean: ABASE

51. Bright Orion star: RIGEL. (Beta Orionis)

52. Work, as dough: KNEAD

53. Like a wet noodle: LIMP

54. On a trip: AWAY

55. Mattress option: KING

56. Kind of tournament round, briefly: ELIM. Usually, a single-elimination tournament.

57. Run out of gas: TIRE

59. Smile broadly: BEAM

62. S, SE or SSE: DIR. (direction)



fermatprime said...

Hi all!

Thanks to George and Santa!

Had not heard the term LAKE POET. Otherwise very fast!

Must catch some sleep. Only 2 hours since 7 PM Sunday. (DWP fire blogged yesterday.)


PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks, George, pretty easy with no red-letter runs. What I didn't get at first was apparent with a few crosses. Thanks, Argyle. Enjoyed Whitney.

No circles. MIDDLE AGE didn't clue me in. Had to wait for Argyle to explain the theme.

Play by play didn't say ANNOUNCE to me. I tried ANalysis first.

Didn't know RIGEL but did know LAKE POET for some unknown reason.

ORGANIST: my mother, sis, and BFF have been. My BFF is in her mid-70's and still playing weddings, church fill-ins, etc. several times each month. She was one of my mom's students. Mom was still playing in the nursing home in her 80's.

Fermatprime: Thinking of you and hoping you are okay. Fire in your area is so scary! That would definitely disturb anyone's sleep. Low blood sugar from no supper would also contribute. 4th of July celebrants in my neighborhood with their careless ways sure messed up my sleep patterns again & that's nothing compared to your area hazard.

Hungry Mother said...

A bit crunchy, but quite doable. Never heard of the LAKEPOETs.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

There was a little crunch in today's morning cereal. Tasty. Had the circles; didn't notice 'em. Totally missed the theme. Natch. Still, I liked the puzzle. Thanks, George.

Argyle, I don't remember Irma Pince, either.

NUBBIN: Didn't realize this was a valid word. I thought it was one of those old-timey regionalisms.

CIO: Evoke's an image of Garrison Keillor's Federated Organization of Associations which was sometimes the Organization of Federated Associations and at other times the Association of Federated Organizations. And don't forget POEM -- the Professional Organization of English Majors.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you George and Argyle.

What fermat said about LAKE POET and what Desper said about NUBBIN.

Anteater's slurp in the comic "B.C." ? Sure didn't know that one. Nor Rigel.

Didn't see a few of the downs until Argyle's review. e.g. BOSOM, AMI and EAT OUT.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

I thought this one was tough for a Monday. Last week I saw "TOG up" for the first time in my life and here it is again. Didn't know BOLES,LAKE POET or BAGFUL. I was so sure BAGFUL had to be wrong that I looked it up. If I ran the language, BAGFUL would be an adjective - "your sail looked very bagful today" - but I don't.

My mattress was firm before it was a KING, causing me to grin before I BEAMed.

My first question to "I need this in a hurry" was "what's it worth to ya?", but it wouldn't fit. I loved the sitcom "BOSOM Buddies" starring Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari.

Welcome, George Jasper. Nice job. And thanks to Santa for your always interesting reveal.

Yellowrocks said...

Here is one of my favorite Wordsworth poems. It reminds me of seeing miles and miles of lovely daffodil fields when I visited Ireland.

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the milky way,
They stretched in never-ending line
Along the margin of a bay:
Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

The waves beside them danced; but they
Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:
A poet could not but be gay,
In such a jocund company:
I gazed- and gazed- but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought:

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.
William Wordsworth

Yellowrocks said...

Thanks Jayce and Tony for your thoughts last night.
Ferm, your DPW fire and subsequent power outage were in the news. How horrible for it to happen on one of the hottest nights. Please try to have a few nibbles nearby in case of missing dinner to avoid low blood sugar. I worry about you when you do not eat.
I was sure I knew the name of the poet's group, but it took two perps to remind me.I really enjoyed English lit. all those years ago.
No unfamiliar words. I know MYST only from X-words.
When I was young we called pencil stubs nubbins, a gimme.
The cake took two cupfuls of flour. Three carfuls of teens went down the shore. Over the weekend they had a houseful of guests. I bought six bagfuls of groceries yesterday. -ful is a common suffix used as a measurement. Some dictionaries do not list carful, but some do.

billocohoes said...

MacBeth called the witches "secret, black, and midnight HAGS"

OwenKL said...

Oh, my! I thought I figured out where the circles should be, but I guess not! I had NEW AGE, LEGAL AGE & ATOMIC AGE!

{B, B-, B.}

Said the WASP to the witch, as they flew ALONG
I think that your broom is singing a song
Said the HAG, "Just ignore it.
It's in a broom chorus,
And they think that sweeps week they'll belong!"

Said the witch to the WASP, "Now don't sting me,
But it seems, for your kind, you're a PYGMY."
Said the wasp, "It it true,
It was slowly I grew --
A GANG in my NEST called me "KING Bee"!

The islander women from BALI
Thought covering BOSOMS a folly!
They say that cloth rubbin'
Against tender NUBBINS
Left them too tired out to "get jolly"!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Normally, I breeze straight through a Monday puzzle with nary a hesitation or write over; not so today. I had Paper/Toner which was kind of silly and, for some reason, King mattress took forever to surface. I've heard of the Lake Poets but Rigel was unknown. Needed the reveal to catch the theme, so that was an added bonus.

Thanks, George, for starting the week off on the right foot and thanks, Argyle, for your usual sparkling summary.

PK, my mother was also the organist at our parish. This was in the Latin Mass era when the priest would sing each part and the organist (and choir at a High Mass) would respond, all in Latin.

YR, thanks for posting that lovely poem.

Lucina, I'm still trying to sort out the entire episode of Prime Suspect. I won't go into details because someone might have taped it for later viewing, but I will say that I was shocked by a couple of events. I never saw the original series with Helen Mirren but I ordered the complete set of DVD's from PBS and they're due to arrive today. I believe there are 9 or 10 disks, covering the 6 or 7 years it ran, so I'll have an antidote to the summer doldrums of reruns and silly game shows.

Have a great day.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning,

Great Monday run for me, especially with all these grandkid breaks. I like to have them here one at a time. One here with full attention and one home getting special time with Mom and Dad. Lotsa puzzles and Scrabble. AND yes to TTP from two weeks ago, I did take LSD to the History Museum. Always a a breath taking drive.

I didn't see the theme here at all. I did love NUBBIN; I haven't heard it in ages. I like DOLLED UP. DH and I use it all the time in a sort of teasing way. After he puts on long pants instead of shorts to head out to dinner, "Hey, you're sure all DOLLED UP!" Both our moms used that phrase all the time. He laughed this AM when I told him it make the CW. ;-)

Thanks for the fun George and Argyle.

Have a sunny day, everyone.

PK said...

YR, I love daffodils and relate to the poem. I think I read it years ago. Thanks.

desper-otto said...

Madame Defarge, why are you taking LSD? No wonder it was a breath-taking drive.

BunnyM said...

Good morning all

Thanks to newcomer George for a nice puzzle; liked the theme. Thanks to Argyle for the tour and for the "Stuck In the Middle With You" link which will be my ear worm today :) It always reminds me of the film "Resevoir Dogs"

No real issues except BOLES which was a learning moment as was RIGEL. ZOT was a perp too but once I saw it, I remembered it in the B.C. comic.

Tried Atvs/UTES

Just read some of yesterday's blog ( never finished the puzzle due to not feeling well and napping/ reading most of the day) so trying to catch up.
Happy (belated) birthday. Tony! Hope you had a wonderful day. For my fellow Rush fan, I had to find some appropriate Wishes

Fermatprime- please take care and do try to get some rest. You are in my thoughts.

Misty- I haven't seen "Downward Dog" but it looks cute! I will check it out on Hulu. Thanks for the recommendation :)

We had a terrible tragedy in our neighborhood Saturday night. Nine people shot, several were children; one woman dead and another lost her unborn baby. It's being called a mass shooting. Just terrible, senseless and sad. Although IMO it's not random, it's unsettling that the shooters haven't been caught. The incident took place less than a half a mile from our house. I heard the police cars and ambulances before going to bed and knew by the amount of them that it was something bad. Here's the Story for those interested

As usual, I'm verbose/WORDY so I'll take my leave, lol
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

MJ said...

Good day to all!

No circles, but getting the reveal showed me where they would have been. It seems like we've had a lot of "circle" puzzles lately. I needed perps to finish NUBBIN. For me it has always just been NUB. Perhaps it's a regional thing. Thanks for today's entertainment, George, and thanks for guiding us through it, Argyle.

Enjoy the day!

Bill G said...

Hi everybody. It's still really hot here. It will be cooling slowly but not enough for me.

I too LOVE daffodils.

I did know ZOT, RIGEL and MYST; LAKE POETS sounded familiar. I've never heard of BOLES though. BTW, if you've never played MYST, I highly recommend it. No shooting but lots of clever puzzles to solve.

Lucina said...

Thank you, George Jasper, for a swift sashay through the ageing process! You left out my phase which though is "old age" thankfully I feel like I'm in MIDDLE AGE most of the time.

I loved studying English Lit and the LAKE POETS were some of my favorites. Besides Wordsworth, it included Coleridge and Southey among others. Visiting that area of Britain it is understandable how it inspired such rich poetry with its lush and misty, breath-taking beauty.

NUBBIN is a new word for me though "worn to a nub" is familiar. Stubble is what we called worn down pencils and that's what they became after 9 & 10 year olds chewed them down.

Please do take care to stay hydrated and at least snack on something as others have said. That is a terrible situation in your area and I really hope they control the fires soon.

Irish Miss:
Since I recorded Prime Suspect, I plan to rewatch it because they packed a lot of action in that one episode.

Have a fabulous day, everyone! Every day is a gift!

Lucina said...

Argyle, thank you for explaining CIO which I don't believe I had ever seen before though AFL is often spelled out in the newspaper. You rock, Santa!

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, George, and congrats on the debut. Easy enough puzzle, but definitely more crunchy than most Mondays.

Thanks, Argyle, for the fine write-up, as usual.

Trubrit said...

Hello Bloggers,
I found today's puzzle a little difficult for a Monday. Didn't know boles/had barks, stacks for strata, so took awhile for album added to bootleg. Thanks YR for that poem by Wordsworth. I remember we had to memorize it at school. It is one of my very favorites. I gave each of my daughters a bunch of daffodils for Mother's day this year and added that poem. I write poems in my daughter's and grandchildren's birthday cards every year. I have then on my computer and enjoy re-reading them, as some are very funny.
It's a wee bit cooler here today, thank goodness.

Have a great week.

CrossEyedDave said...

Hmm, slow day, with all the bad news I had hoped to
post something to chuckle over. Alas, This is all I've got...

Just one of those new age days I guess...

Legal age, yes, I do seem to remember trying to get into a bar with a guy named Woody....

Bluehen said...

If this is Mr. Jasper's initial offering, he did himself proud. Great puzzle and great expo too, Argyle. Did not know Rigel or that use of Boles, but both were easily perped. The name George Jasper seems vaguely familiar. Maybe as Jasper George? Is somebody playing games with us?

I am familiar with the Lake Poets, of course, though I kind of favor Coleridge. The daffodil poem is one of my favorites of Wordsworth's. He can sure paint a pretty picture, can't he? I think my favorite line about daffodils is from a Nat "King" Cole song about the day he met his true love and they were lying in a meadow and "Crowds of daffodils, Were showing off their skills".

Meatless Monday tonight. Mafalde alla Florentina, garlic bread, fresh corn on the cob, a Caesar salad, and maybe a little vino. Life is good.

Northwest Runner said...

After last week, we all got bootleg immediately, right? Possibly the toughest Monday I've seen in a while. An enjoyable puzzle for me, but seemed more like Wednesday difficulty. No gripe with the constructor, but the editor needs to go easier on novice solvers.

CrossEyedDave said...

Personally, I am glad we are not heading into another ice age...

Do you really want to know The Truth Of Middle Age?

SwampCat said...

Crunchy Momday with lots of new clues/fill. Thanks George. I knew LAKEPOETS and ZOT. Even BAGFUL. But not BOLES or NUBBINS.. But is was fun to learn. Thanks, Argyle, for telling us all about it.

Owen, naughty but nice. Thanks!

TX Ms said...

Good Monday puzzle - not too easy.

D-O - I wondered when you would pipe up after I read Madame Defarge's blog - lol.

Fermatprime - take care of yourself. Hope this ordeal is over soon for you.

Misty and Irish Miss (from yesterday) - Downward Dog is cancelled? Arrrgh! Loved that show! As a dog-owner for 40 years, that show channeled my thoughts about what my dog(s) were thinking about my/their lives I thought the show was thought-provoking. Loved the background story about “Martin” – a real-life rescued shelter dog.

Per Internet – “… Co-creator Samm Hodges tweeted news of the cancellation Friday. (6/23/17) “Got the very surprising news today that ABC is not moving forward with Downward Dog,” Hodges wrote. “They loved it creatively and really wanted to make more but COULDN'T FIND A FINANCIAL PATH TO DO SO.” (emphasis added: TX Ms)

I was also addicted to “Welcome to Sweden”, and it got cancelled. But mindless shows like “Survivor” and “The Bachelorette” continue for years?! I won’t comment further per blog rules.

Northwest Runner said...

Yeah, Downward Dog a little to specialized for network TV. A good candidate to be picked up elsewhere though. Loved Allison Tolman in Fargo and hope she gets more roles.

WikWak said...

D-Otto: LSD = Lake Shore Drive. Hugs the Lake Michigan shoreline in Chicago. Often called LSD around here.

Bill G: i never get tired of playing and replaying MYST. One of my all-time favorites. If I let it go for a year or so, I can do it all over and enjoy it as much as the first time.

I didn't find today's puzzle to be crunchy; Mr Jasper must have been right on my wavelength (or was I on his wavelength? Hmm). Very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Today's puzzle? No argyle in mine

Jayce said...

A rather interesting puzzle. As Peg said, easy enough puzzle, but definitely more crunchy than most Mondays. I don't know why I remembered LAKE POET; perhaps it was in a puzzle recently. Or maybe I heard of the Lake Poets from an Inspector Morse, Inspector Lewis, or Endeavour show. It's from those shows I learned about a painter named Inchbold and a group of writers who called themselves Inklings. Oxford University is quite a place; reminds me a lot of Yale.

How come when something fails, it always fails "miserably"? And is there another adjective to describe a BOSOM other than "ample"?

Our son is in town for a conference, and we are going to EAT OUT together this Friday. Grandson and his girlfriend will be coming up, too, so we all EAT OUT again on Saturday. Peruvian food. Should be interesting.

Fermatprime, I join the others in encouraging you to keep something available for you to snack on in the event you otherwise miss a meal. It worries me you don't eat right and don't get enough sleep.

Best wishes to you all.

Anonymous said...

I knew I had heard YR's poem before. To show how cultured I am
Daffodils: by Bullwinkle

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Madam Defarge - When I switch from shorts to slacks, DW and I call it "putting on big people's clothes".

I think the best-known Jasper today (at least in the USA) is Dana Perino's Vizsla. He is subject of Dana's book "Let Me Tell You About Jasper...How My Best Friend Became America's Dog".

Misty said...

I loved doing this puzzle and pretty much zipped through it until I got to the bottom--and then Disaster! Not your fault, George. At the Wordsworth clue I got LA__POET, and then was totally stumped. Mind you, I'm an English professor who taught literature classes for almost 40 years before retiring, and I couldn't believe I couldn't get this answer. What was wrong with me? The only thing I could think of was LAWN POET, but I knew that wasn't right. So in the end, I left it blank--my first Monday DNF in a very long time. As soon as I saw LAKE POET on the blog, I knew I should have gotten it. I think I just panicked. But the rest was fun, even though I also didn't know NUBBIN, RIGEL, and BOLES, all of which were helped with perps. Anyway, thank you for a great debut, George, and for your always helpful write-up, Argyle.

Thank goodness, I got ZOT, at least. My university, University of California, Irvine, elected the non-macho ANTEATER as its mascot when it was founded in the 1960s--so ZOT is familiar to me.

Yellowrocks, many thanks for giving us the entire Wordsworth Daffodil poem. I know at least three of the verses by heart, but I couldn't get LAKE POET---aaarghh. But I love the poem.

And I loved hearing from Northwest Runner, TX Ms, and BunnyM about "Downward Dog." I'll keep my fingers crossed that some other network picks it up and that I'll be able to keep hearing sweet Martin's voice every week.

Have a great Monday, everybody!

desper-otto said...

WikWak, I knew that, but I couldn't resist. When I moved to Texas, lo those many years ago, it was a corporate transfer from the Chicago area.

Jayce, in this internet age it could be an "epic" fail. Your "ample bosom" comment reminds me of CanadianEh!'s comment last night -- "My cups moved to mugs and never got to JUGS."

Tinbeni said...

Good job on the write-up Argyle.

Thanks George for a FUN Monday puzzle.

Yup! I needed ESP (Every-Single-Perp) to get LAKE POET, learning moment of the day.

No faves today. That happens when there are "No Booze Clues/Answers." LOL
Hey, I have scruples ... they're low ... but they are there.

A "Toast-to-All" at Sunset.

Husker Gary said...

-Hardest Monday in a while for me. BOLES was unknown and UTV’S wouldn’t go away.
-Hawkeye upon receiving fragrant mail, “I wondered who SCENTED it?”
-An NFL game – about 190 min. Total time of actual plays – 11 min. ANNOUNCERS – fill.
-The ORGAN solo @ 1:00 in this fun tune is one of the few places I like this instrument
-Is every librarian you have known PRIM and Proper?
-SHILL – the garage where I get some work done has his employees park inside so from the street it looks like they are busy
-I found TRIG harder than calculus
-Even here in Nebraska STEAK HOUSES are becoming rarer by the year
-I thought was BALI was too rustic to have a highway system like this
-Joann is ready for this size of mattress

Madame Defarge said...

D-O at 9:06--

You made me chuckle! Nothing like Lake Shore Drive. Anywhere, I've found. ;~)

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Nor like Lower Wacker Drive!

Ol' Man Keith said...

I'm going to stop remarking on how Monday pzls have become tougher than they used to be. I am just happy to see it happen. I remember now how disappointed I once was to retrieve the Monday LA Times, knowing the crossword would be a breezy disappointment. Now I can look forward to a challenge on each day of the week.
Thanks be to the editors for ringing in this new dispensation!
That said, I'm also happy to cry Ta-DA!! Thank you, Mr. Jasper. Thanks too to Argyle - and to the latter for posting the ZOT cartoon. My campus, UC Irvine, is famous for adopting the Anteater as our mascot, and our cry is ever "ZOT!"

Lucina said...

I thought of you at RHINEWINE and was sure you would like it.

TTP said...

Northwest Runner,
Not me. I thought of pirated album before bootleg album. It fit, but not with the perps. Then it was quickly, "Oh yeah, just like last week."

So we have two UCI ZOT emeriti here ? Neat.

Temp is 82 here, but the humidity is 72%. Very muggy and the heat index is 88. Cooler by the lake.

CrossEyedDave said...

So that is where I learned all that poetry!
With apologies to OwenKL.

I remember there was some LSD that was called sunshine,
But really?
What do you have to take to write a poem about a metropolitan highway?

AnonymousPVX said...

A nicely put together Monday puzzle.

Argyle said...

Lake Shore Drive led me to Lake Shore Dive. Thank you.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

WEES - Crunchy and fun. I had the circles so no problem there. Thanks George for the morning's fun. Thanks Argyle for continuing it and explains LAKE POET [hand-up: never heard of 'em either.]

WOs: Yep, Firm b/f KING and the G in grin b/f I check'd the perps to discover BEAM.

Fav: LOONY it's just a fun word. ZOT was fun too and having TOG just last week (nope never heard it it 2 weeks the week before either! :-)) got me the O instead of the A I considered.

Jinx - BOSOM Buddies came to mind there too.

Thanks YR for the Wordsworth (there's an aptronym for ya') POEM. I've not read it for a spell; dittos to @1:06p Anon and CED for Rocky & Bullwinkle.

D-O: I knew you knew better re: LSD and LOL!

Thanks BunnyM for the RUSH birthday wishes. Speaking of MIDDLE AGE, I'm lucky if yesterday marks it; I WILL be around at LEAST until 94! :-)

Dad always said to say "Yes Sir" "No Sir" "Three BAGSFUL, Sir!" Good advice.

Cheers, -T

TX Ms said...

NW Runner @ 12:30 - I agree somewhat, but I would like to add that shows like "Downward Dog" and "Welcome to Sweden," I think, are too cerebral for the general/average American audience to understand or appreciate; hence, Exhibits A and B: "Survivor" and "The Bachelorette." Though I do love "Life in Pieces" and, of course, TBBT and NCIS (hanging by a thread). My apologies to fans of Survivor/Bachelorette - they do offer diversion/entertainment - my BIL is a fan. [end of rant]

C-E Dave - as always, I get such a hoot from your links - except your "middle age" cartoon today - kinda touched a raw nerve! Ouch!

Madame Defarge said...

Anon T,

I've been so in and out lately, I missed your BD. I hope it was quite a happy one. Cheers to you!

PK said...

Bunny: stay safe in your neighborhood. I'm thinking "gender reveal" parties are dangerous. I read of one last week where a tree fell on the new father and broke his legs. Now this in your area. If I'm invited to a GV party, I'm not going. I'll wait until the baby is born. Let them call me "old fashioned".

Heat has arrived here. My a/c labored all day with a 75 degree thermostat setting. I finally looked at the thermometer and it said 77 degrees. Do central a/c units freeze up? Freeze-ups used to happen with window units. Turned off a/c. Turned on ceiling fan. 3 hours later with the sun down, inside temp was 80. Have the a/c back on and it is blowing cool, not cold, air. May have freon leak again. Getting an a/c tech out to look at it may be a problem. Several government facilities here lost a/c today.

Wilbur Charles said...

I just never managed to post yesterday. Hope there are some bloggers who check back in here. Else, ether again.

I have to confess to an official DNF. I misspelled RIGEL and NUBBIN. I had an E.

And, I had trouble with the BOLES area until the circles gave me LEGAL and the L for LOONY.

YR, never hesitate to brighten our say with any poet that ever hung around the lake. "We Are Seven" I particularly liked as it was so helpful when my mother of five children died.

LSD gave me a chuckle, hardly a man is now alive..that never partook. Except ol' Wilbur who was off on his windmill quest to Asia.

And another chuckle for Misty's brain-bark on LAKE Poets. It reminds me of the Honeymooners episode and Gleason not knowing Swanee River on his big chance to win money on music trivia.

I wonder if it's on YouTube?