Nov 6, 2017

Monday, November 6, 2017 ~ Brian Thomas

Theme: GRANDPA - Gr and Pa start the starred answers.

17A. *Degree earner's celebration: GRADUATION PARTY

27A. *Math student's pad: GRAPH PAPER

39A. Pop's pop ... or, divided into three parts, what the answers to starred clues have in common: GRANDPA. GR and PA

48A. *Lawn repair piece: GRASS PATCH

63A. *More promising job, say: GREENER PASTURES

Argyle here with Brian's much simpler puzzle that his debut. Here.

 Grandma already had her puzzle. Here.


1. Draw forth: EVOKE

6. Vitello __ parmigiana: ristorante offering: ALLA

10. Map out: PLAN

14. Jeans material: DENIM

15. Porky Pig or Elmer Fudd: TOON

16. Hawaiian dance: HULA

20. "Life of Pi" author __ Martel: YANN

21. Cookie containers: TINS

22. Fields of study: AREAS

23. Off base sans permission, in the mil.: AWOL

25. Italian volcano: ETNA

31. Big galoots: OAFS

35. Vermouth bottle name: ROSSI. Martini & Rossi Distilleria.

36. Dazed and confused: IN A WHIRL

38. "Lost" network: ABC

42. Foe of Chiang: MAO

43. '40s coat-and-trousers outfit: ZOOT SUIT

45. Quickly looks over: SCANS

47. Jazz legend James: ETTA

51. Dick Tracy's love __ Trueheart: TESS

53. Thin stream of smoke: WISP

54. Is __: likely will: APT TO

57. Many a freshman: TEEN

59. Triangle ratio: SINE

66. Crowd sound: ROAR

67. Casting-off place: PIER

68. The John B, e.g.: SLOOP

69. Requests: ASKS

70. Tarzan raisers: APES

71. Coin with Lincoln: PENNY. No relation to Shatner.


1. Like avant-garde art: EDGY

2. Aloe __: VERA

3. __ empty stomach: ON AN

4. Snatches for ransom: KIDNAPS

5. Flightless Aussie bird: EMU

6. Number one Hun: ATTILA

7. Pork cut: LOIN

8. Bit of unfinished business: LOOSE END

9. Cape NNW of Cod: ANN

10. Exodus tyrant: PHARAOH

11. Attract: LURE

12. Opposite of baja: ALTA. In place names, Spanish baja, literally "lower," either in elevation or geography so does ALTA mean higher?

13. Those opposed: NAYS

18. Perched on: ATOP

19. Searing utensil: PAN

24. Taylor and Fillmore, politically: WHIGS. Back in the day.

26. Ensnare: TRAP

27. Enjoy the field, as cattle do: GRAZE, but the bovines are always looking for 63-Across GREENER PASTURES and will break a fence to get to it if they have to.

28. Automaton: ROBOT

29. Neckwear for Fred in "Scooby-Doo": ASCOT

30. Ship of 1492: PINTA

32. Set one's sights on: AIM AT

33. Swiss coin: FRANC

34. Trudge through water: SLOSH

37. Hornets and yellow jackets: WASPS

40. Persians on the floor: RUGS

41. Local landing location: AIRSTRIP

44. Ragged clothes: TATTERS

46. Time-release med: CAPSULE

49. Takes an oath: SWEARS

50. Reasons to repent: SINS

52. Waiting time at the DMV, seemingly: EON

54. Taj Mahal city: AGRA

55. Golf instructors: PROs

56. Shipbuilding wood: TEAK

58. Sport with swords: ÉPÉE

60. Cold War curtain material?: IRON

61. Bright sign: NEON

62. Catch sight of: ESPY

64. UV index monitor: Abbr.: EPA. (Environmental Protection Agency)

65. Sugar amt.: TSP. (teaspoon)



OwenKL said...

Hard to please was the Hun named ATTILA,
He didn't like food with a frill "AL LA"!
When he hungered a PATCH,
A raw steak he'd dispatch!
Salads? He only liked GRASS for a HULA!

GRAPH PAPER is useful for waving a SINE,
For plotting a PLAN with orthogonal line.
Helping to scan
A diagram,
But for crossword puzzles, it's truly sublime!

GRANDPA wore a ZOOT SUIT when he was a TEEN,
When he'd ROAR around, being really keen!
We heard that he drank hearty
Then made like a PASTURE, by turning very GREEN!

Could Donald Trump have been a WHIG?
By reputation he's not a prig!
But with hair plugs
Supplanting RUGS,
He could have been a real bigwig!

OwenKL said...

{B-, B, A-, B-.}

I haven't been around for a couple days. My doctor retired a couple months ago, and I don't have an appointment with a new one until early December. Problem is, some of my Rx's ran out in October, so I'm having some delay in getting my "happy pills" that keep the depression at bay. I take 15 pills every day, plus a couple on an as needed basis, for a variety of different things, but so far it's only about 3 I'm out of. And I think I'll be getting temporary extensions until I meet with my new PCP.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Crunch...crunch...crunch. This one was like walking through snow. I did notice all those GRs, but not the PAs. Once again somebody failed to read the complete reveal clue. D'oh! Thanx, Brian and Argyle.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Cute Monday puzzle. FIR, but had to erase ATilLA for ATTLIA. Didn't know YANN, Chiang, or that LOST was on ABC. I also don't remember hearing IN A WHIRL for dazed and confused. I didn't know where ANN was located in relation to Cod, but those seem to be the two crossword choices and the clue listed the other one (I like Cape May the best, but it hasn't yet been "crossworded").

My favorite was PINTA for "ship of 1492"; we usually get NINA. I guess Santa Maria would be clued as "largest city in Santa Barbara County".

Thanks to Brian for a brain teaser, and to Argyle for the crisp tour.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. This was a good Monday morning challenge. I had a bit of trouble in the mid-Atlantic section. I wanted In A Haze, but that was one letter too short for the correct phrase of IN A WHIRL.

I quickly, however, got the GR and PA theme, which helped with the GRASS PATCH.

The Smithsonian magazine had an article about this history of the ZOOT SUIT a couple of years ago.

Up early today. It will take a few days to adjust to the time change.

QOD: There is one thing that freezes a musician more than the deadliest physical cold, and that is the spiritual chill of an unresponsive audience. ~ John Philip Sousa (Nov. 6, 1854 ~ Mar. 6, 1932)

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Saturday's CC special was too much for me, plus I drove the rig home from our great camping trip to New Bern. I've got to get into the habit of taking pictures. Such a beautiful area.

Yesterday I played computer tech. When we got home, neither of the other computers on our home network could "talk" to my laptop. Took me hours to fix it so I didn't get to the puzzle until very late, and then FIW x 4.

Anonymous said...

I always thought epee was the name of the sword, not the sport.

Big Easy said...

A very easy Monday level puzzle with only two unknowns- ERICA Hill & NSA. I never guess the BLUE theme. Oh, wrong puzzle. Wrong newspaper.

Congratulations C.C. on your "In The Dumps" puzzle that I ran across in this morning's Wall Street Journal. I haven't looked at the local paper yet.

desper-otto said...

Jinx, my W10 went through an interminable update yesterday -- I left the room, cooked and ate breakfast, and when I came back it was still only at 70%. Now I have trouble waking it up; the screen stays black and unresponsive. This morning it "forgot" the wireless keyboard until I unplugged/replugged the little USB thingee. Anybody else seeing problems with this update?

Anonymous said...

Good point, Anon. 7:17. The sport is FENCING.

Most CAPSULES are not "time-release."

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

After an early bail-out on Saturday, I can happily say T. G. I. M.

58D: I’ve always known an “ epee” to be the sword used in the sport of “fencing” and that “epee” itself is not the sport. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Yellowrocks said...

The cute theme which was not needed to solve this quick and easy puzzle. I saw the GR PA right away. I wondered why either an A, N or P was missing. Then I saw GR and PA. V-8 can moment.
I thought the novel and movie,Life of Pi, was wonderful, in spite of a brief supernatural passage. Can you tell I am not into fantasy fiction?
The dictionary defines ÉPÉE as both the sword and the sport. Four fencing categories at the Olympics have the word ÉPÉE in their titles.
I suggest a new abbreviation for the corner LIU, meaning you could Look It Up.

MY Windows 10 loaded automatically and unbidden with no problems.

Pat S said...

I kept misspelling Attila and Pharaoh even though I’m a great speller. Agree with Jinx that clue of “dazed and confused” did not quite fit “in a whirl”.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

I have been off to The Pine Tree State for a little R&R (from what I don't know) with DH to check out the colors and enjoy the vast ocean, and lots of haddock. Last week I spent almost all my time on re-entry requirements and a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry with my 7 year-old grandson. We had a ball on all counts.

Hence, the crunch in this entry was good for my brain. Due to weak WiFi, I haven't done a puzzle since 10-13. Today was a little more thinking than I usually need for a Monday. Thanks, Brian. Nicely done, Argyle. Thanks for the Brothers Four link. Wow! it's been a bit since I've thought about them.

Belated congrats to the Astros! Exciting show. Hope everyone here is well. YR, I hope you knocked on wood when you made that comment about Windows 10> ;-)

Have a fine day, everyone.

Husker Gary said...

-Clever Monday issue
-The KIDNAPPERS of O’Henry’s Red Chief soon regretted that decision
-0% APR is a LURE to buy a car but the loan is on the full MSRP of the car
-A Nebraska LANDING STRIP with a cow on a respite from GRAZING
-To lower the waiting time at our DMV (County Treasurer) you take a number. Unfortunately, the dispenser is next to the calendar and a woman came in and tore off #10 to soon see it was September 10.
-I had a great time reading the late night posts; especially the Pet Peeves! My daughters both put the TP on the roll backwards!

desper-otto said...

Mme DeFarge, am I hearing you right? You now must meet re-entry requirements to get back into the US after visiting Maine?

Yellowrocks said...

According to Collins English Dictionary and many others, "in a whirl" means "very confused or excited," fairly close to dazed and confused. We saw "awhirl" in a previous puzzle, engendering the same nits. You might be so excited and confused that you would feel dazed.
An ascot is a formal silk tie, usually grey. Fred in Scooby Doo had an informal scarf of synthetic material like those worn by us girls in the 50's and by some guys. We called them scarves,not ascots. Any of you remember your high school days with bouffant petticoats and these scarves?
Yes, I put the toilet paper on backwards. I can tell because when there are prints, they are upside down. I do it anyway. I rolls better and does not so easily unroll when least expected.
I don't understand why this would cause anyone to be peeved.

CanadianEh! said...

Good Monday CW with some crunch. Thanks Brian and Argyle.

I started out as usual doing the ACROSS clues and was drowning in a sea of white. Fortunately when I got to the DOWNS, things filled in better.

I had Educe before EVOKE and Plot before PLAN.
Misspelling PHARAOH as pharoah left me scratching my head over the big galoots=Aafs! ETNA straightened me out and got me started for the Promised Land.

I have some Swiss FRANCS in my collection of leftover coins from my travels.

Enjoy the day.

AnonymousPVX said...

A snappy Monday puzzle that presented no issues. Theme innocuous and not needed to solve. Thanks.

Also woke up an hour early. Pets gave me the stink eye while they waited the “extra” hour for breakfast.

CanadianEh! said...

Yes YR, I remember those petticoats (and itchy crinolines) and at one point, the style included a hoop (which made sitting difficult).

All of us with full or partial OCD are cringing at your "I don't understand why this would cause anyone to be peeved." statement. LOL!
After going back to last night's late comments for more Pet Peeves, I agree with AnonT and Anon@8:36am that there are more important things in life to be upset about. "Adjust, adapt, overcome" and move on.

C6D6 Peg said...

Easy, breezy Monday with few problems, and nice fill! Thanks, Brian!

Nice write-up, Argyle. Your constant Mondays and Tuesdays are a pleasure to read.

Also did C.C.'s WSJ puzzle today. Cute!

Misty said...

Well, after the toughies at the end of the last week, this Monday breeze was a total pleasure. Many thanks, Brian. I got the theme only partly, noticing the GP but not the GR PA. No matter, still a lot of fun. Argyle, many thanks for explaining BAJA. The area south of us in Mexico is called BAJA, but I never knew it meant "lower." I love learning things on the blog.

Owen, I really enjoyed your WHIG limerick. Sorry you have to take so many meds, but hope you'll get the refills and feel fine again soon.

I had a lovely Gourmet Club planning meeting at my home last night. There is nothing more delightful than seeing friends turn up at your door, carrying platters of delicious food. A number were totally novel to me, so that was exciting too. I was a little embarrassed about offering a pretty simple pear platter of pears sprinkled with pecans, dried cranberries, feta cheese and a drip of an oil-maple syrup dressing. But since there were no vegetable dishes, I think everyone actually appreciated it. Anyway, a really nice evening to get this week off to a good start this morning.

Have a great one, everybody.

Lucina said...

Nicely, done, Brian Thomas. Thank you. It was a quick sashay to the finish and I did notice the GR but, like Misty, didn't check for the PA. Still, it was fun!

Usually I check the downs even if they are already filled but it was so quick I failed to do that and drat! I missed ALTA because I had PLoT not PLAT. Argyle, ALTA means high. To say higher would be mas ALTA. And Baja simply means low, or below, to mean lower is mas baja. Baja California can be translated as lower California.

Thank you for the Four Brothers, Argyle. I love that song and their rendition.

YR, I must agree with CanadianEh! Anyone with even mild OCD will cringe at the sight of TP installed backwards.

Have a GRand day, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah My heart's in a whirl.

Brian Thomas said...

Thank you Argyle for the nice overview and to all here at the LA Crossword Corner for chiming in with some kind comments!

A lot of the clues (again) were from Rich and the LA Times staff - many of mine were probably too tricksy for a Monday. They did hold on to mine for EON and TEEN, which were a couple of my personal favorites so I was happy to see that.

Echoing what some other commenters said - I always want to spell ATTILA as Atilla instead - don't know why but it looks better to my eyes.

From a construction standpoint, the SW was the most awkward to put together. Don't think many constructors are going out of their way to stick APT TO in a puzzle. Not entirely sure why that was the case, but it came out decent enough. The middle was the most fun together - I loved running ZOOT SUIT, LOOSE END, AIRSTRIP, and IN A WHIRL along and through a bunch of theme squares.

Thanks again to all for the kind words (I really do enjoy reading them!) and hope everyone's week is off to a good start!

Mark S said...

Thanks Brian for a very enjoyable challenge. I found it a little bit crunchy but everything was filled nicely with perps and WAGs. Life of PI was a wonderful movie. One of my favorite movies, being an animal lover, is Passion in the Desert. Will see it again soon.


Yellowrocks said...

Why do such small things make people cringe and feel peeved? If the paper is not patterned what difference does it make? We accept one another's idiosyncrasies in many other things. My pet peeve is one size fits all, only one way to think, only one way to handle anything. No room for flexibility. Dogmatists make me cringe. I see gray in many areas.
My second pet peeve is like Jayce's yesterday, epitomized by the pols. You ask them a question and they answer with talking points totally unrelated to the question. My son David does that. This is not communication or in any way interesting. There is not point in having such a discussion.This peeve relates to the other one. There must be only one absolute, right answer.

Mea culpa. I left a word out of my first post, but I think you know what I meant.

Lucina said...

If you do not have OCD it's difficult to understand the problem. In my mind, for example as I believe it is for others with the condition, certain things must follow a pattern, if not, they play havoc with me. E.G., if my towels are not aligned properly on the shelf, that is, with the folded end outward and all the edges meeting, it sends me into a panic. That's only one example. I can't explain it, but that's the way it is. It may seem like just an idiosyncrasy, but in reality, it's a fixation of the brain. My paternal grandmother had a severe condition and I believe that's where we in my family all inherited it from.

Situations like the ones you describe when politicians evade the answer, are in a different category and since I'm not a psychologist I don't know the exact difference.

Husker Gary said...

-I second (third) the political effluent that flows from the pols or their flaks. After being asked a direct, uncomfortable question they invariably veer off and wind up with a statement in which somewhere is the phrase “The American people aren’t interested in that, they want us to (insert boilerplate).
-My OCD symptom on crosswords: I try to do the puzzle in vertical thirds by getting every line filled across in the upper third before I move on to the second and then third level. I only give up when it is apparent that I can’t get that done (usually an author or actor/actress). I accomplished my third/third/third compulsion satisfied on Brian’s fun puzzle today.

CrossEyedDave said...

Graduation Party?

Graph Paper?

Grass Patch in NYC...

CrossEyedDave said...

Greener pastures? There is a reason...

Ah yes, Granpa...

The great toilet paper debate is on a long roll...

Husker Gary, OCD?
I only do that vertical thirds crossword thing on Sundays...

CrossEyedDave said...

Toilet paper roll cont...

VirginiaSycamore said...

Thanks Brian for a nice Monday puzzle and Argyle for the writeup.
The 6A fill, ALLA, reminds me of the when Darth Vader orders penne alla arrabbiata at the Death Star Canteen [warning:some f-bombs in Eddie Izzard routine]:
Death Star Canteen

Clue 42A I brought up OLD school memories. Chiang Kai-Shek fought the communist MAO Zedon. Eventually, in 1949, Mao's forces took over China as the "Peoples' Republic of China" while Chiang's "Republic of China" was forced to Taiwan.
wiki on Chiang Kai-shek
Pat S. and CanadianEh! don't feel so bad about mispelling Pharaoh. The famous racehorse was mispelled American Pharoah!

Live Well and Prosper,

Michael said...


"-0% APR is a LURE to buy a car but the loan is on the full MSRP of the car"

Aha! So that's where the vigorish is. I always wondered, because these guys aren't doing this for love.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I feel for you. I remember when I only needed 15 pills a day. (I take nearly twice that now.). Any amount needed for our health & sanity is a terrible loss if we're cut off - for whatever reason. Good luck, dear colleague!
Meds are a fraught topic these days. On one hand I can curse my dependency on certain painkillers and chemical fixes; on the other I have to give credit to our over-priced (& overpaid?) medical industry for keeping me going with the genetically inferior body I inherited. I have outlived every known member of my branch of our surname by several years, and I can't honestly claim it is because of my healthy habits. A votre sante!

Sorry that today's entry must be cut short. My fancy solar-powered wireless keyboard has given up the ghost, and I have been pounding this out with thumbs on my iPad. This is all my clumsy digits and weak eyes can handle ...

Irish Miss said...

HI Everyone:

Late to the dance again but I had a busy, productive day, so all is well. The puzzle was a breezy Monday with no hiccups and a smile-inducing reveal. I don't have OCD but I do suffer from exaggerated acrophobia, so I know what it's like to get upset and/or panicky. (Picard's picture overlooking Lake Tahoe made my stomach lurch with queasiness!)

Thanks, Brian, for a fun solve and for dropping by; hearing directly from the constructor is always a welcome bonus. Thanks, Argyle, for being Argyle: Droll, Dry, and Delightful! 😈

Welcome back, Madame Defarge, you have been missed!

Have a great day.

Misty said...

Ol'Man Keith, what a brave soul you are! You're an absolute inspiration! I don't take a single prescription medication and get all upset and freaked out when I have to take an Advil PM at night or something. You and Owen and others just inspire me to admire the courage and strength of friends and colleagues with more difficult routines and lives. Thank you!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

I had a friend who had a legitimate reason to load the TP in a specific way - she had a cat that would paw at the roll until it was all on the floor if it was installed in the "over" option, so "under" it was for her.

I've never had a close association with anyone who I knew had OCD, but I used to listen to Howard Stern all the time and he has it. Being an open book, Howard would describe the things that had to be a certain way (and what his shrink thought about it). His pal Howie Mandel has it too, and it was revealing to hear the two of them chatting about the manifestations of their conditions. I remember that both HAD to wash their hands immediately if they shook hands with someone, and would go through all sorts of gyrations to avoid the custom. My hat's off for those who have figured out how to cope.

Jayce said...

Nice puzzle. Enjoyed it. Gotta go. Will write more later maybe.

Jayce said...

I just realized GReen PAaint fits this theme, too.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

And GRoin PAin

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thank you Brian for a fun Monday pzl with some real crunch in it. The East Central was my last area to fall. Fun inside-baseball too; thanks for dropping by the Corner.

Thanks Argyle for kicking off another week of after-parties and 'splainin' ALTA vis-a-vis baja.

WO: I put a K in FRANC.
ESPs: ALTA, YANN, MAO, SLOOP (as clue'd)
Fav: c/a @ EON. LOL!

{B,A+,B+,B} - sorry to hear about your medical tribulation. Hopefully you can get your meds b/f deeper depression sets in - DW dealt w/ that for years until her thyroid got better/fixed(?).

Welcome home Mde Defarge! I trust you watched the World Series. //D-O re: re-entry from Maine - funny!

Misty - those pears sound tasty and not slouchy at all! Is that olive oil? & maple syrup in the dressing; what's the ratio?

Hahtoolah - Thanks for the link for ZOOT SUIT; that was interesting... Here's the Riot the c/a EVOKEd for me [Cherry Poppin' Daddies].

CED - loved GRANDPA's memory of GRocery PAlming :-)

VS - thanks for the link to Eddie Izzard; I've seen it ~100x but looking forward to it for my night-night laugh b/f bed.

I won't claim to have OCD but I do like things properly in their place. I try not reacting to the tinge I feel when the lid is not on the toothpaste (or just fix it so it will never bother me again) or other bits aren't "right" but that tinge is there. DW thinks it's ironic considering my workspace is a "mess" - perhaps, to an outside observer, but I know where everything is. So please.... :-)

Jinx - Ouch!
Cheers, -T

CrossEyedDave said...

OCD? not me...

P.S., I am just posting so I can keep my place as to how faar I read the Blog...

True OCDs know this is true...

But really, I don't see what the problem is...

Picard said...

Nice smooth Monday ride and fun little theme. A few unknowns filled by crosses: YANN, ALLA, Lost Network.

Thanks, Hahtoolah, for the Smithsonian article on the ZOOT SUIT history.

Mostly I am familiar with the Weird Al Yankovic takeoff on the ZOOT SUIT Riot song.

Here is a version of "Grapefruit Diet" by Weird Al with the lyrics

With regard to the PET PEEVE discussion yesterday, there are indeed two sides. On the one side, people can decide to let annoyances go by.

But on the other side there is a tendency to want to make a critical mass of people aware of an annoyance. Ideally, so that those who are doing the annoyance will become aware and stop doing it.

It almost seems as if there is a conservation principle of annoyances. For example, as public smoking has reduced, it seemed there was a rise in cell phones ringing during concerts and movies.

Hahtoolah said...

I have CDO. It's like OCD, but all the letters are in alphabetical order. As they should be ...

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Ha-ha-hahtoolah - too funny.

Madame Defarge said...

NO, not to re-enter the US, but to re-enter the usual routine! 😉

Bill Graham said...

Hahtoolah, very excellent!

Madame Defarge said...

I've missed this Corner! I have laughed so hard for the last twenty minutes! CED, you are in rare form! High-larious!

Wilbur Charles said...

Hello everyone. I was running around too much to finish Monday. And I left the xword somewhere.

CED, your posts were 😄😄😄

Misty have you tried the melatonin/chamomile/lemongrass combination. The brand name is MIDNITE.

I try to stay away from the sleep drug.

I have a half day tomorrow.


PK said...

Hi Y'all! Way late today. Wanted to say to Brian, I enjoyed the puzzle. Great expo, Argyle.

Does ALTA mean high? Well, think of ALTA(I)tude.

No place to install a toilet paper dispenser in my last three bathrooms, so no problem about which way. Sits on the tank and has given very little trouble even with little users.

OCD: the first fight my younger perfectionist son had with his bride was because she did not fold the towels right (like his mother did it). He wanted me to enter the discussion and set her straight. No way, I was doing that. I had a little talk with him about what was important. They are still married 23 yrs. later but it may be because he was deployed fairly often.

I went to the grocery store today for the first time since Oct. 3. I was completely out of food except for two cans of cream soup & 2 cans of peas & carrots. I was out of all meds for allergy & digging everywhere to find one so I could breath while lying down. I dug out some chicken Saturday that tasted funny and made me ill on Sunday, my planned shopping day. Dug out the wrapper and found it was a year in the freezer. Lately, I ordered a lot of pizza delivery despite being somewhat allergic to it. (I found a place that hardly puts any tomato sauce on.) Today was the first day in a month that I felt well enough to go any place. If my posts have sounded cranky lately, that is why. Trees are gorgeous and it was a nice day to be out.

CED and Hahtoolah, good ones!

Misty said...

PK, so glad you had a chance to do some food shopping--very though when you begin running out of fresh things at home.

AnonT, the pear dressing recipe is half oil, half maple syrup, with a few drops of balsamic vinegar, a tiny bit of Dijon mustard and a tiny flavoring of salt and pepper.

Wilbur, I'll keep your Midnite recommendation in mind, but the Advil PM works pretty well for me on the rare nights when I need a sleep aid.

Have a good night's sleep, everybody!

Anonymous T said...

CED - LOL the Dr.'s office sign... I kept trying to swipe it to the "right." :-)

Picard - Thanks for the Weird Al - I'd not heard that send-up before; and I love Weird Al.

PK - I fold towels like an 'e' and refold them if I mess up*... Again, I gave up on getting others to live w/ my compulsion. If someone else folded them I'm just thankful for that! :-)

Misty - that's more oil than I imagined. So I'm guessing it tossed. I've got to mark this down so I can build that for Thanksgiving. [you had me at feta & cranberries.]

Hahtoolah- LLO!

Now that work is done, time for VS's Eddie Izzard link. Y'all have a wonderful Tuesday.

Cheers, -T
*and I have a folding-board for my t-shirts too... Um, maybe I do have a problem :-)

PK said...

AnonT: not quite sure what you mean about folding towels like an "e". I fold towels lengthwise twice so you have a long thin neat towel to put over the racks I had and then folded them down or rolled the fluffier ones which made them fit in the narrow linen cupboard I had. No other folding method fit that cupboard. I suppose the rolling is sorta like an "e".

Anonymous T said...

PK - Close... Two "short" folds (length-wise 1/2 2x) with the inside seams together, then, lay out flat - seams to the back - and then a double left-to-right flip -- you have a fluffy 'e' looking out at you. Since I'm APT TO confuse my left & right, I oft havtta do it 2x :-).

Beach towel, OTOH, exactly as you described nicely long-rolled for the pool shelf.

Oh, my. I do have a problem... -T

Anonymous T said...

PK - Like this but his 'e' is backwards... [boy, you really can find anything on the interwebz]. -T

Mike Sherline said...

Picard - thanks for the link - I love Weird Al, and he can swing just as hard as Cherrie Poppin' Daddies.

Re: annoying habit conservation. I think of it as substitution. Used to be people would get in the car and light a cigarette. Now they get in the car and get on the cell phone; I see it all the time, though it's getting harder to notice because so many of them are on it all the time. How do they find that much to say?

Picard said...

Mike Sherline: You are most welcome!

And so true about annoying habit substitution!

Remember annoying digital watch alarm beeps?

Then it was car locking horn blasts

Then it was cell phones ringing

The individual annoyance does not bother me as much as realizing that so many fellow human beings are oblivious to how their behavior affects others. An annoying noise could easily become something much worse.

TX Ms said...

Hilarious comments today - guess that's why I've become addicted to this blog. Let's see, started with (FLN) pet peeves > OCD > CDO > evolved into TP, quickly went down the sewer to toilet lids/seats (Anon-T, loved DW's friend's grandpa story and CED's granpa $1 shopping "spree"), then to bath towels, complete with a YouTube clip. Thanks, all (I'm sure I missed some), for a light-hearted send-off to the long night. Missing DST already.

Misty, please give us foodies your recipe (including measurements) for your interesting "pear plate" with oil/maple dressing. Or do we have to spend hours searching for it on the Internet? :-)

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

I generally use the mobile version. Lately, even though I’m logged in, my login doesn’t appear, my posts disappear, and when I choose preview, everything seems to reset and my post does not appear. I am writing this from the web version.

Furthermore, no posts from anyone have appears in my mailbox since mid October. Can the administrator investigate this issue?

Thank you.

Argyle said...

I don't think there is anything we can do. Have you tried renewing the subscription icon?