Nov 3, 2017

Friday, November 3, 2017, Daniel Nierenberg


Husker Gary here taking over the Friday bridge for a few weeks. Daniel has a supplied a delightful challenge to you and me as he does some word EDITING on the word GENE under the rubric of GENETIC EDITING we see in his reveal:

50. Molecular manipulation technique ... and a hint to the starts of the three other longest puzzle answers : GENE EDITING - Which is shown symbolically here

Since our mission here is in the linguistic and not biological sciences let's confine our discourse to the former and not the latter. Daniel has taken the word GENE and has edited that word by replacing the fourth, second and third letters respectively and using that product as the first word in three fun theme entries. Very cool!

Let's start by looking at Daniel's three themers:

21. Counseling for boomers' kids? : GENX THERAPY (the E is edited to an X) - 

A Medical Procedure and GEN X Prototypes
who are getting some Breakfast Club therapy
26. Sign on a film studio employee's door? : GONE SPLICING (The E is edited to an O)

A Medical Procedure and a Film Editor's Job

43. Altered clone of actor Richard? : GERE MUTATION (The N is edited to an R)

A Medical Procedure and RICHARD GERE altered
and not really mutated 😜
Now let's see how Daniel tested our genetic makeup today:


1. Free : LET GO - Verb not adjective

6. Crusty formation : SCAB

10. One in a farm array : BALE - Round BALES have mostly supplanted old, labor intensive rectangular ones

14. Truism : AXIOM - The whole is greater than the part - Euclid

15. Kappa preceder : IOTA

16. Entry : ITEM - My lovely OCD bride checks every ITEM on every receipt when we get home!

17. Saint toppers : NIMBI - No idea for this verbal cowboy and since I chose the Y for 5. "Yikes!" : O MI GOSH (which yields NIMOY? across), I'll take one bad cell and go to my room.

18. Equine footwork : GAIT

19. Glitz : GLAM - GLAM rock was not a big part of my world

20. Renewed one's energy, in a way : ATE

24. Santa __: Sonoma County seat : ROSA - So much was destroyed in the recent fires

25. Complimentary writers : ODISTS

31. Words of desire : I WISH

32. Room at the hacienda : SALA

33. Fast hit : JAB - Derek Jeter wants no part of a JAB from "The Greatest"

36. Gave for a while : LENT

37. Some rank indicators : BELTS - Judo BELTS
39. Corona product : BEER

40. Disturbance : ADO

41. "Write once, run anywhere" software : JAVA - Cross platform for sure. 

42. One with many mouths to feed? : HYDRA

46. French gambling game : ECARTE Ce jeu est nouveau pour moi (This game is new to me)

49. Zero : NONE - Describes my previous knowledge of ECARTE after I saw the answer was not baccarat 

53. Sudden turn : ZAG

56. Advantage : EDGE

57. Bunches : A LOT

58. Immune system component : T CELL - An important topic in HIV discussion

60. Food preservative : SALT - The Lincoln, NE minor league team is named for this valuable resource found there 150 years ago

61. Cithara relative : LYRE - The oldest cithara shown here was not big in GLAM rock.

62. Clear, in a way : ERASE

63. "__ bien!" : TRES - My granddaughter's description so far of her semester in Grenoble, France

64. Word appearing twice in a Woody Guthrie title : LAND - This LAND is your LAND

65. Synthetic polymer : NYLON


1. Turner of "The Bad and the Beautiful" : LANA - She plays a woman who is victimized by a studio head played by Kirk Douglas. Nah, that could never happen!

2. It's a turnoff : EXIT - If you miss EXIT 193 on the Florida Turnpike, the next one is 48 miles away

3. What's up at the deadline? : TIME - I can't tell you how many kids have their project done the day AFTER the deadline

4. Mushy lump : GOB

6. Traffic or turn follower : SIGNAL - "Is my turn SIGNAL working?" "Yes, no, yes, no..."

7. Influence with flattery : COAX - More carrot and less stick

8. Studying like crazy, say : AT IT

9. Tub soothers : BATH OILS

10. Interstate rumbler : BIG RIG - Two BIG RIGS hauling a, uh, BIG RIG

11. Condemned Titan : ATLAS - He was condemned to hold the Earth (Gaia) on his shoulders

12. Jumped : LEAPT

13. "Game of Thrones" accumulation : EMMYS - I'm the guy who has never watched it

22. Zener cards presumably tested for it : ESP - He never had a chance did he?

23. "Show Boat" author Ferber : EDNA

24. Take a load off : REST

26. __ monster : GILA

27. Was required to pay : OWED - To whom is the money shown here OWED?

28. Yucatán youngster : NINO - Who is this kid and why is he messing with our weather?

29. Sunni's religion : ISLAM

30. Indoor __ : CAT - Our Lily is clearly one and it appears she brought M & M's to the manger

33. Force user : JEDI

34. NASA prefix : AERO - My golf pro's daughter is on the left and is a member of the UNL AEROspace Engineering team that is building a retractable arm to be used on a future NASA vehicle at Langley.

35. Muffin option : BRAN

37. Left nothing out : BARED ALL

38. Big event lead-in : EVE - All Hallows' EVE just passed 

39. Data measure : BYTE

41. Ballet jump : JETE - A dramatic view of one

42. Do a surfing maneuver : HANG TEN - Toes overboard!

43. Shakes hands with, say : GREETS

44. Bonded : UNITED

45. Weigh station unit : TON

46. Get rid of : EGEST - I get Amazon videos but this is not making my playlist

53. Gusto : ZEAL - A little too much being shown in the EGEST movie above

47. Wood for grilling planks : CEDAR

48. What "x" may be in trigonometry : ANGLE

51. Former NHL winger Kovalchuk : ILYA Я не имел понятия об этом парень! (I had no clue about this guy!)

52. Uncertain : TORN

54. "Just one more thing ... " : ALSO

55. Narrow valley : GLEN Oh Danny Boy, The pipes, the pipes are calling. From GLEN to GLEN and down the mountainside

59. Sound of woe : CRY


It's time to SPLICE your responses to this exposition:


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Daniel and Gary!

A bit of chore, but got her done sans cheats!

Arm killing me. Must stop.

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

tawnya said...

Got it done! Thank you, Daniel! And thanks to HG for filling in the blanks.

I had to google NIMBI because I fell into the frequent trap of telling myself "that's not a word" only to be proven wrong. So here's the cut/paste:

plural noun: nimbi
1. a luminous cloud or a halo surrounding a supernatural being or a saint.

I also googled Cithara - to find it's "an ancient Greek and Roman stringed musical instrument similar to the LYRE." Hoping I remember this for next time as that's a very creative cluing.

My favorite Richard Gere roles:
Way to go, Paula!
He did all his own tap dancing

From yesterday:

@Jinx - you asked and I'm delivering :)

@C-Eh - I couldn't remember how I knew of that photographer! Thank you for sharing :) I think he recently had a spread in National Geographic?? Very talented but I was a little disturbed to see that he actually gets in the water!! I'm not afraid of water but that lake looks angry, cold, and merciless. No thanks!

@IM - like CED says, always ask google about whatever problems you have with your iProduct. I've always found what I'm looking for in at least 5 different places. I'm comforted to know that others are equally frustrated. And you might also try downloading the app for the email service you use and see if that app can push notifications for you. I've used the gmail app before and got annoyed by all the notifications so switched back. Also, for safety reasons, please update your stuff.

Off to bed!! Happy Friday!


OwenKL said...

FIW before a ta-da with LutE > LYRE, but caught the error without help, since I figured TOtN was wrong already, and with that one last correction FIR! ALOT of w/os. But I did manage to get the gimmick without the reveal, and even guessed correctly what the reveal was going to be! Very nice science nerd theme!

The GLAM of a saint as a neighbor is flimsy.
One can't sleep at night for the light of their NIMBI!
LAND value is shrunk
With a hermit or monk,
It's best to COAX them to go elsewhere, NIMBY!

A glass full of BEER would be at maximum.
To truly be empty would require a vacuüm.
Half beer and half air
Would still be all there,
But the glass is too big would be an engineer's AXIOM!

{B+, A-.}

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Started strong with LOOSE above ADAGE and LANA and ODOR in the first two downs. Then everything went "south." Wite-Out, please. Thanx for the workout, Daniel, and for the expo, Husker.

JETE: I do believe ballet is the only art I like even less than opera.

ILYA: Anybody else think of Ilya Kuryakin, The Man From Uncle?

Turn SIGNAL: Seldom used here in redneck land because a) the driver already knows where she's going, and b) signaling is a sign of weakness.

Can't believe that HISD closed the schools today so the kids could attend an Astros parade.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

I was thinking like Husker Gary today, sans the snappy reportage. My only bad cell was OMyGOSH. I did have an EWAG at ILYA x LYRE, but got that one. Erased theXers... for GENXTHE... had BATHsalt before OILS and iffy before TORN.

I didn't know that GLAM is a word. I know Zener diodes, but not cards. I proudly know nothing about Game of Thrones. I know NIMBy - that's a phrase used when discussing the location of the new prison - but not NIMBI. ECARTE? ILYA?

Tawnya, thanks for the link. I miss Freddy Mercury.

DO - I'm in favor of letting the urchins out to attend the parade. I think a lot of the problems we are seeing with our utes are aggravated by a lack of a sense of family / community. I can't imagine they plan many snow days in Houston, but they are bound to have some contingency days built into the school schedule.

Thanks Daniel for a fun puzzle. My favorite was "complimentary writers" for odists. And thanks to Gary for another fine tour.

Coach J said...

I don’t allow myself any googles, etc until I finish as best I can. I struggled with the T in JETE and ECARTE crossing as well as the Y in ILYA and LYRE crossing...guessed wrong on both. Oh well, still fun solve. Favorite clue was 42A “One with many mouths to feed?” (HYDRA)...very clever!
Hope all have a great Friday!

Yellowrocks said...

I really liked this puzzle and its fill. Although I sussed the theme, I didn't care for it, very rare for me. FIW, Y instead of I in NIMBI, so obvious now that I see it. V-8 can moment. I had LUTE instead of LYRE, so I missed the Y in Ilya and the R in TORN. By that time I was out of patience and didn't even try to find a relative of LUTE.
Gary, great expo.

After one freezing day and night , we are having glorious early September weather.

desper-otto said...

Jinx, Hurricane Harvey delayed the start of the school year by two weeks, and for some Houston schools, even longer. Contingency days are gone. Far gone.

Big Easy said...

I had a hard time starting with no gimmes until EDNA, ISLAM, & NINO showed up midway in the downs. Many mis-starts in the NW- AURAS to AURAE to HALOS to NIMBI and ADAGE finally became AXIOM. I caught the G EDITING but not the GENE as I worked the puzzle top to bottom. I finished with the cross of two unknowns- LYRE & ILYA- as the Y was the only letter that made any sense.

LANA Turner- even the movies took shots at other studios' execs- the 'casting couch' is not a new term. Don't leave out Record Producers. How do you think Diana Ross became the lead singer of the Supremes? But it didn't work out for Monica.

EMMYS-HG- add me to your list of 'never watched' Game of Thrones'. Who wants to be Vice-whatever in N. Korea? There's the real 'Game of Thrones'.

OMIGOSH- that term was in a puzzle a few months ago. I missed it then because I didn't know or think it was a real word. Got it this time.

Anonymous said...

42 across....I️ always thought a hydra had one mouth and a few tentacles to grasp any unsuspecting prey that came too near the tentacles and then were “harpooned” by poisonous nematocysts that paralyzes and then transports the meal to the rather large “mouth.”
Magnified, the drama is fascinating to watch.

Ray o sunshine said...

Wrong answer "halos" for saint toppers replaced by another error "nimoy?" Nimbi...really?? So unfortunately came close but DNF

Yellowrocks said...

Anon 9:16, I thought so, too. My research agrees.

Ray o sunshine said...

Hydra in Greek mythology was a monster with nine heads.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Well, I finished w/o help but not w/o difficulty. It took me a long time to figure out what was going on but, finally, the lightbulb came on. I don't think I've ever seen this exact construction device before; it's quite clever. W/o's galore: adage/axiom, coat/coax, nada/none, iffy/torn, casa/sala, and beta/byte. I also stumbled on Ecarte, although I've heard of it, but I entered Chemin, as in Chemin de Fer. (sp?) I also assumed nimbi was the plural of nimbus; a check with Mr. G says they are synonymous.

Thanks, Daniel, for a brain-twister Friday and thanks, HG, for another sparkling and scintillating summary. Particularly enjoyed seeing Lily, the manger, and M and M's! Was the candy for the Wise Men? 😈

Tawnya @ 4:41 (What an ungodly hour!) ~ I, also, check with Mr. Google for just about everything I want to know, but, this time, none of the solutions applied. I agree with Jayce that my problem is a result of some internal change made by Apple. This explanation has been reinforced by this morning's screen showing all my emails, before I even swiped to unlock. That has never happened before. Me thinks the gremlins are afoot!

Jayce, what do you make of the fact that my IOS is at 9.3.5 and you've been updated much higher? Is it because I have a Mini that is 2-3 years old?

Have a great day.

Yellowrocks said...

Ray o sunshine, of course, the Hydra of myths. Thanks. Anon and I were thinking of thew real hydra.

MJ said...


Fun puzzle. Loved the clue "Complimentary writers" for ODISTS. Hand up for never having watched "Game of Thrones", though I have heard of it. Thanks for the expo, HG. It looks like your sweet Lily owns the house, as most cats do.

Enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

Overheard last week at a Halloween costume party:

Host: What are you?

Guest: A harp

Host: Your costume's too small to be a harp.

Guest: Are you calling me a LYRE?

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with "the kids" missing a measly day of school so they can enjoy some good news for their city. Really, how much could they miss? Maybe in a few years when they can't figure out the hypotenuse of a right triangle, they'll look back and think, "If only we had not missed that day of school back in November of 2017..."

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

FIW/DNF - missed NIMBI (had NIMOY, and did not have a clue other than O MY GOSH seemed plausible for 5d). Also, I completely passed on the 3 x 4 section in "S Texas". There must've been a "wall", as I couldn't get LYRE, LAND, ILYA, or TORN.

Two write-overs: PLIÉ > JETE; CASA > SALA. I "got" the theme, but like YR, I wasn't too thrilled by the clueing of the theme. There were plenty of clever clues, but overall I'd give this a B- Oh well; can't like them all, I suppose. Another Yeoman's effort by HG in the recap; kudos!

What's up with Lemonade? Haven't seen him in awhile ...

In the TMI category, I've BARED IT ALL more than once. I first did as a college campus streaker in the early '70's; but more recently, when traveling to Belgium and Germany. Public displays of ones bare body in a spa are quite normal and accepted. In hindsight, the streaking was probably pretty stupid, but hey, I was young and, well, I am a Stooge ...

Owen, not to criticize, but sometimes your lim's are a bit too cerebral for me. The second one today, not so much; but the first one I didn't get ... but please keep doing them, as it's inspired me, WC, and Coach J to throw in an occasional ditty

So, I'll offer this poem for your, and others' review and hopefully, enjoyment:

Re: our language, I'm starting a rant
About definition I'd like to supplant:
Instead of "a fireplug",
Define it as, "nine-headed bug
That spews water". The word is: HYDRAnt.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Chairman Moe said...

That is most excellent !!

Yellowrocks said...

I liked OKL's first one best. NIMBY, Not In My Back Yard

Lucina said...

Thank you, Daniel Nierenberg, for today's challenge. And a challenge it was, not so much in the north as the bottom center. Like others, I LETGO of Loose then the corner filled in but FIW with NIMBY and didn't analyze it.

Santa ROSA was so much in the news, unfortunately but I didn't realize it was the county seat. I love Richard GERE so that fell easily. It was the ILYA/LYRE/TORN/LAND section where I had to ERASE so much. Finally, I got EDITING and that brought it all together though never heard of ILYA Kovalchuk and couldn't decide if a cithara was a LUTE or LYRE. It finally worked out.

My favorite clues were for HYDRA and EXIT. GONE SPLICING made me smile thinking of how much my late DH loved to go fishing.

D-o: the school district administrators likely realized children would miss school to watch the parade so they made it official. It will have to be made up.

Thanks, Gary, for ably subbing. I hope Lemon is all right.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Misty said...

Well, this felt like a Saturday--not a Friday--puzzle to me, and although I got some areas in the middle, I gave up and started cheating early. It helped that I got EDNA, ISLAM, and GILA in the middle. Like others, I had NIMOY instead of NIMBI, and thank you, Tawnya, for explaining this to us. I also had PLIE before JETE. But I agree that it was a clever theme--though, again, I wish this had been a Saturday and not a Friday.

But, hey! I got an entire Diabolical Sudoku this morning as well as the Kenken and the Jumble. I was always much better with words than with numbers as a kid, and would never have imagined this weird reversal in my senior years.

Husker Gary, great video of BALEs and BIG RIGs.

Anon 10:58, I loved your Halloween party joke.

Fermaprime, I hope your arm feels better soon.

Have a great day, everybody!

Anonymous said...

Sports can bring a entire community together during trying times. For New Orleans after Katrina, the Saints did. After 9/11, the Yankees did. And for Houston: Love this couple. We'll worry about the walls later...for now, let's have a beer and watch the game...

Always reminds me of this. NYC beginning to heal. It allows us to throw out politics for a short while.

Let the kids have a day! Life is too short to fret over one day of school.

desper-otto said...

Don't mean to be a Grinch, but HISD has already had nine hurricane days "forgiven" -- they won't have to be made up. I suppose throwing in an additional day for the parade won't matter. Why not just cancel the rest of the school year?

Wilbur Charles said...

I was completely stuck on the bottom center. Then I remembered Misty's advice: "Go do the Jumble!". And then I WAS OUT OF THE WOODS 😁

I was TORN about the B from BELTS. I recall a runner who'd BARED ALL at the Boston Marathon.

By now C-Moe has grokked NIMBY as have I which raises #2 to a solid W. As was Moe's.

With all my Dostoevsky, I should have gotten ILYA. Except I can't think of an ILYA off hand. Except of course the fore-mentioned Kuryakin.

Yep, in Florida signalling is known as "tipping your hand".


PS. I should have recognized the write-up as being Gary. And the clueing by Daniel was Friday devious. A compliment of course. But I FIR'ed, no cheats but an inky mess.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Another hard one from Daniel, the second in one week with last Saturday's also being his. I'm not on his wave length, but I did fill it with red-letter help. Thanks, Daniel for the work you put in. Great expo, Gary!

The NW was blank until last, then I remembered LANA Turner. How could I forget her? Before I was trying to think of a TV show with that name, then realized it was a long-ago movie. Filled in the rest fairly easy then.

No idea that Cithara was a musical instrument. Sounds like Zither, though. Also unknown were ECARTE & ILYA. No "Game of Thrones" for me either. I think movies of this type teach violence, making it common place for girls. Girls definitely need to know defensive skills, but aggressive skills?

Houston kids displaced by the storm may be too traumatized to learn much this year anyway. Give 'em a break!

inanehiker said...

Very creative theme- especially switching a different letter in gene with each theme answer.

GONE SPLICING - reminds me of a television program I grew up watching with my grandad "The Sportsman's Friend" with Harold Ensley -
the theme song was "GONE Fishing - instead of just a-wishing"
Hard to believe that show was on for 21 years many of those in prime time against network shows like "Ben Casey"

Gorgeous fall day today- have a good weekend!
Thanks HG and Daniel!

Misty said...

Well, the Jumble was a lot easier than the puzzle, Wilbur.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle and admire the construction. Nicely Friday difficult. Husker Gary, your terrific write-up was icing on the cake.

Irish Miss, there are the iPad Mini, the iPad Mini 2, the iPad Mini 3, and the iPad Mini 4. The Mini 2 was introduced on November 12, 2013. Is your Mini older than that? All but the iPad Mini can run the newer iOS versions. The iPad Mini can only go as high as iOS 9.3.5. I suspect that is the one you have. (Heck, I still have and happily use my trusty old iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1.3!)

Speaking of ILYA, I betcha Pyotr Ilyich (often anglicized as Peter Ilich) Tchaikovsky's father was named ILYA.

Best wishes to you all.

Irish Miss said...

Jayce @ 2:00 ~ I have the original iPad Mini which came out in late 2012 and which I purchased in August, 2013. (It's older than I thought.) It is the 9.3.5 version which, so far, hasn't been an issue for me. (I still have the original iPad which still works but is really outdated. Lord only knows what IOS that has!)

Ol' Man Keith said...


P&P was all it took.
Mr. Nierenberg's pzl had some of the signs of a Friday toughie (incl. forcing me to abandon my preferred NW to SE solve), but it turned out to be a generous offering to Ol' Keith's ego!
Nice response, HuskerG!
And very nice to see ODISTS again, joining ranks with familiars EDGE, IOTA, & SCAB. Now that I look back, I see far more of the short common fills than I realized. ITEM. ALSO. A LOT.
A reminder of course that there are only so many useful shorties in Xwd land...

I admit to being a little surprised at how many fellow solvers hit the DNF button. P&P is all I can counsel. I will swear by it - until of course the next time I land in the hole.

Misty, glad you have your Jumbles and Sudokus to compensate!

Wilbur Charles said...

One of my other Write-overs was EUCHRE.

Misty, the trick seems to be using a different part of the brain. Sometimes, just driving around gets me the V8 can.

I would recommend"The Idiot" if one hasn't read it. I'll try to find an ILYA.

I think the naked sex and naked violence are the appeal of GoT.


Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

NIMOY is right out. FIW.

Thank you Daniel for a nearly doable Friday. I really like what you did with the theme. It took a small leap of faith to go w/ SPLICING but then the penny dropped. Ironically, the reveal took me forever to complete [GENE[T|E]D(?)--ING]. Alas, it was the NW that was my downfall. //You'd think after 15 years of two girls in ballet I could spell JETE.

Also there was some great Sparkle, c/a for JEDI & HYDRA, learning NIMBI and ECARTE.

Thank you HG for the fun expo... I always enjoy your animated .gifs but the two BIG RIGs hauling the Bigger thingy took the cake. BTW, like CED's rabbit, I think your CAT has a FLAT :-)

WOs: Anna @23d, I WAnt b/f I WISH, the aforementioned JETe->Jett->JETE
Fav: BEER xing BYTE - ever heard of the Ballmer Peak?. Just add JAVA.

Speaking of JAVA, Sun developed it but ORACLE bought it. [See: DO FLN]. Note JAVA ≠ JavaScript.

{A, A+} {cute}

Fermat - what's wrong with your arm?

Gotta link Woody's this LAND is Your LAND.

@12:08Anon - Thanks for the color snap. I saw that picture in the H-Chron in B&W - It's much better in Orange! (And I noticed the candy-toting pumpkin in the bottom left).

DO: Last night Youngest came home incensed...
"HISD gets tomorrow off for the parade but LCISD didn't give us the day off!"
"Did you want to go to the parade tomorrow?"
"No, but I wanted the day off"
"Oh, OK. I woulda pulled you from class if you wanted to go." (I get Friday afternoons off)
"Wait, whaa???"
"Too late" Ain't I a stinker? :-)

//Coda - I heard on Houston Matters that they canceled school because too many teachers were calling in "sick." #ItsNotForTheChildren

Cheers, -T

Yellowrocks said...

When too many students and teachers stay home you have a wasted day regardless. It may count for the state minimum requirement but anything taught will need to be repeated later. Especially these days many parents, unlike mine, do not mind pulling their kids out of school. In NJ you are required to
have school 180 days unless there is a dire exception. If you declare a day off you could need to extend the school year.

I endorse P and P when solving and usually will never say die. Some days my patience is thin. I always regret it when I realize I "coulda" prevailed.

Misty said...

Ol'Man Keith, since I'm clearly having a really dumb day, can you remind me what P&P stands for? Wilbur, I'll have to figure how to access those other parts of the brain (well, besides the math skills, which were in great shape this morning--yay!).

Anonymous T said...

Misty - IIRC, Patience & Perseverance.

I listened to the ASTROS parade coverage on HPM (Houston Public Media, basically, NPR). I've got it recorded from TV's CH11 so when Bro from CHI gets here tonight we can play it in the background. He got his last year w/ the Cubbies now he can see how HOU parties.

Went 'Stros! Cheers, -T

Michael said...

Irish Miss said...
Jayce @ 2:00 ~ I have the original iPad Mini which came out in late 2012 and which I purchased in August, 2013. (It's older than I thought.)

Ah, dear lady, we are ALL "older than we thought"!

Time marches on, for sure, but it also marches right OVER us.

AnonymousPVX said...

I thought this rather tough, even for a Friday, plus some deceptive clueing.

Only error was OMYGOSH/ NIMBY, I want to call a Natick there.

Picard said...

Welcome back, Big Easy. Was wondering about your absence.

Hand up that NIMBI was a challenge, but I did WAG it correctly. It was especially hard for me because I did not know LANA Turner. Just TINA Turner. Could have been LARA for all I knew.

But then I thought of NIMBUS clouds and my two years of Latin taught me that NIMBI would be the plural of that. Clouds are ethereal and so are angels and maybe saints. Good WAG.

Hand up the only ILYA I know was from the Man From UNCLE. I remember that show was replaced by Laugh In when I was a child.

Hand up for not knowing GLAM, but able to WAG it from crosses. Likewise with ECARTE. CITHARA utterly unknown. Thought it might be a kind of animal! Thought maybe LION was the answer! But I did WAG and cross it correctly.

Tough puzzle, but seemed fair and satisfying to FIR. And I enjoyed the theme. I first thought the molecular manipulation had to do with LASER TWEEZERS, but as theme answers filled in I realized it had to do with GENEs.

Proud to get IOTA as a payoff for recently memorizing the Greek alphabet in order!

I chose this Greek alphabet to print out for its elegant simplicity and completeness

I realized that it was not so hard to memorize the order as long as you knew the letters. There are long runs that are almost identical to our own alphabet with a few insertions and swaps. And a few missing letters.

Think of it like this:
A B [Gamma] D E [Zeta Eta Theta] I K L M N [Xi] O P R S T U [Phi Chi Psi] [Omega]

Zeta Eta Theta sounds like a woman named Zeta ate a thing called a theta. Everyone knows the last letter is Omega. So not much left really to memorize. Anyway, it worked for me!

Yellowrocks said...

I believe my automatic Windows 10 update protects me. Do I need a tech or other program to protect my Kindle and router from Krack and Ransomeware?

Misty said...

Thank you, Anonymous T. I think I have plenty of patience, but maybe I need to start working on the perseverance. I do give up at some point in the morning rather than coming back to the puzzle later on in the day. I'll see if I can work on this.

Wilbur Charles said...

Misty, I was stuck. When I came back from the Jumble*, a whole five minutes, it all became clear. What I hate, from my earlier solving experience, is seeing how grokable the answers were.

A lot of it is psychological.


* Btw. You did catch the woods pun

Ol' Man Keith said...


Perseverance can be swapped for Persistence. We put it out there a while back, requesting to know if there's any diff between the two.
So far, no response...

TX Ms said...

Puzzle with enough head-scratching to be fun - though looked up NIMBI to be sure of my perps. Knew my fav "imported" BEER was Corona - maybe a fav for Tin? Immediately thought of HYDRA, have not a clue why on that one. ECARTE I remembered from past cws, having CEDAR as the grilling planks - I've seen lots of recipes/restaurant reviews serving grilled salmon on cedar planks. Lute or LYRE? Who the heck is Kovalchuk? WAG, it must be someone with L as the second letter in his name but not Clem. Finally, decided LYRE not LUTE, and LAND appeared.

D-O @ 6:46, loved it - yeah, that's SOP down here in Houston. What really drives me crazy is when they suddenly brake hard and then turn "them" signals on as an afterthought - a complete reversal of what we learned in driver's ed. Oh, wait, that was a class offered for 16-yr-olds in school. Now, the parents have to shell out bucks for a private driving school.

Don't know which came first (poor reporting) - either HISD issued "no school tomorrow" or HISD received 900 no-shows from bus drivers and teachers so they closed HISD schools. Whatever, a Park-N-Ride friend who works downtown was livid as to why they didn't have the parade on Saturday. ALL DT workers had to compete with parade goers for seats on the bus (free rides for all). I have to agree on that one.

H-G - GREAT links, once AGAIN! Will check other posts later.

Wilbur Charles said...

Okay. In case anyone was wondering: Out of the woods was the answer to the jumble. At least the one in TBTIMES.


Bobbi said...

AAARRGH! Only got to this one at 7 p.m. after a rough, busy day...bad decision! Between dozing off and my complete mystification about the theme (still don't get it)I should have tossed it in the recycle bin, but I slogged on. Sad to say, didn't even finish half the puzzle. Not a wise use of my leisure time after a brutal day! Come on, LAT, have SOME mercy on Friday for us working slugs! NIMBY - NIMOY - what??? Think the editors were asleep on the job today??

Misty said...

Yep, that was the Jumble all right, Wilbur!

Chuck Lindgren said...

well if I ever need Nimby I will get it, but I have already forgotten the French. bad enough to use foreign languages but this is pretty obscure and I have played dozens of different card games and know all the casino games. Blah.. not to mention "gene cloning" fit nicely with "Oleg" for the Russian hockey player. OH well at least my golf game was terrible...

Anonymous T said...

YR. - WIndows 10 protection is Meh but good enough if you're not surfing porn or gambling online. You probably don't need to worry too much -- but if you do really want "protection," look for a product called Cylance. I deployed it 4 years ago at $Company and nary an issue; I put the "personal" version on Eldest's computer connected to the STD* CollegeNet for extra protection ($5/mo).

Inre: Krack- It's a proximity attack so, unless you're in the city jumping promiscuously on WiFis, there's no worry. Kindles and other minor devices aren't RansomeWare worthy/targets because they're not a lot of value (to the hacker) in that.

Hope that helps you sleep better. -T
*Student Transmitted DamageWare[TM]

Lucina said...

Would that stave off spam e-mail? My regular security used to stop all that but lately I've been getting inundated with unwanted e-mail and it's driving me crazy. I'm shutting down now so answer tomorrow, please. Thank you.

Anonymous T said...

Lucina - It's already tomorrow for me :-)

No - It's not a SPAM filter but it will protect you if you click on (most) links in SPAM. For SPAM protection $Company uses ProofPoint that is about 99% effective... Which isn't as good as it sounds when you think that it only blocks ~1,000,000 SPAMs/day company wide.

Sadly, there is no personal solution sans your email provider / end-point mail client for SPAM.... I know, I don't like Spam! either [did you know e-mails you don't want is called SPAM 'cuz of nerd-loving Python geeks?]. I still get ~4/day w/ the $$$$ "solution." Just hit delete and eschew the erection pills, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

Chuck. I did the exact thing with OLEG/CLONING. Sussing TORN helped.