Nov 5, 2017

Sunday November 5, 2017 Mike Peluso

Theme: "Gridiron Glossary" - Football terms are re-phrased.

23A. Goose's medical concern? : LOSS OF DOWN. Geese seem to be here year-round now.

25A. F? : FALSE START. Creative clue.

45A. Ginger cookie factory statistic? : SNAP COUNT

69A What results from failure to stop at a deer crossing? : DELAY OF GAME. We saw two deer last time when we walked at Springbrook. They also have wild turkeys.

91A. So-so haul in the fishing industry? : FAIR CATCH

110A Home security system at no cost? : FREE SAFETY. Quite a few ADT signs in our neighborhood.

114A. "Hamlet" in progress? : PLAY ACTION
32D. Prohibited courtroom procedure? : ILLEGAL MOTION

35D. Unpleasant singles bar come-on? : OFFENSIVE LINE

Re-phrasing is one of my favorite theme types. You don't need to be a fan to solve the puzzle, though your enjoyment will be enhanced if you're into football or golf or other sports. Mike Peluso is a Seahawks fan, by the way.

Mike also arranged his theme entries nicely, placing 7 in Across and the two 13s in Down slots. Great design for a 9-themer.


1. Museum curators' degs. : MFAs

5. Considers : DEEMS

10. "Ain't happening" : NOPE. Also 28. Ain't right? : AREN'T. So is IS NOT.

14. Hobbyist's knife : X-ACTO. Owned by Elmer's.

19. 1814-'15 exile site : ELBA

20. China's Zhou __ : ENLAI. I mentioned last time that he protected many from being persecuted during Culture Revolution. Read here to see how he helped the last wife of the last Chinese emperor.

21. Pats on the table : OLEO. Not on our table.

22. Tiger Woods has won a record 21 of them : ESPYs. Of course I was thinking of tournaments. Not that I can think of any. 
27. Basketball Hall of Fame coach Jerry : SLOAN. Wiki says "Sloan had a career regular-season win–loss record of 1,221–803, placing him third all-time in NBA wins at the time he retired. Sloan was only the fifth coach in NBA history to reach 1,000 victories and is one of two coaches in NBA history to record 1,000 wins with one club (the Utah Jazz)...."

30. Hastings head : LOO. Hastings is also a county here in MN.

31. Two-element tubes : DIODES

33. Energetic mount : STEED

34. One of Jupiter's Galilean moons : EUROPA. The only other Jupiter moon I know is LEDA.

38. Woody's son : ARLO

39. Ones with will power? : HEIRS. Nice clue.

41. Discontinued allergy brand : ACTIFED. Never heard of this brand.

42. Sundae topping item : WALNUT. Brain food.
49. Brut alternative : AFTA

50. What "L" may mean: Abbr. : LGE

51. Fared reasonably well : DID OK

53. Melodious : ARIOSE. Or ARIOSO.

55. Short albums, for short : EPs

56. Crystalline rocks : GEODES

58. __ to go: eager : RARIN'

60. Troubling spots : ACNE. Saw ACNES in a puzzle once and had to ask Argyle and D-Otto.

62. Longtime Priceline pitchman : SHATNER

64. Cries over : LAMENTS

66. Perp stopper : TASER

68. Beer ingredient : MALT

72. "__ le roi!" : VIVE

73. Equally irate : AS MAD

75. Male escorts : GIGOLOS. Learned this word from "American Gigolo".

76. Kenny Rogers quartet : EX-WIVES. Crossing 71. Joe Namath, notably : EX-JET. Tiny dupe. Also 14. Crosses off : X'ES OUT.

78. Socks : HOSE

79. Subject for Archimedes : LEVER

80. Convince using flattery : CAJOLE. Nice fill.

81. Window sill item : POT. Love my pot of rosemary. So good with roasted potatoes.

82. Yellow Teletubby : LAA LAA

85. Kitchen gadget : CORER

86. Hasty departure : LAM

89. Enthused : AVID
94. Raising a ball, with "up" : TEEING

96. "Il Trovatore" heroine : LEONORA. Also 101. Verdi title bandit : ERNANI. Both learning moments for me.

98. Stop before surgery : PRE-OP

100. Pesky biter : GNAT

102. Invigorate Dry Spray maker : ARRID

104. Soprano Fleming et al. : RENEEs. Also 57. James and Jones of jazz : ETTAs

107. Private eye : TEC

108. Manila envelope feature : CLASP

109. Infamous fictional motel : BATES. That's a scary movie.
119. Martini partner : ROSSI
120. Logical beginning? : IDEO. Ideological.

121. Long-legged fisher : EGRET

122. Sein, across the Rhine : ETRE. I did not know the the meaning of Sein, "to be" in German.

123. Lessen : ABATE

124. Swiss capital : BERN

125. DEA activity : RAIDS

126. Connecticut senator Chris : DODD. Former.

1. 2-Down's boss : MEL. And 2. 1-Down's sitcom employee : FLO

3. Crunch targets : ABs

4. Hairstyling legend : SASSOON. Here is one of their ads in China.

5. Friday creator : DEFOE (Daniel)

6. Hyphen relative : EN DASH

7. North Carolina university : ELON

8. Cavernous opening : MAW

9. Rat Pack leader : SINATRA

10. Like some bank services : NO FEE

11. Chan portrayer : OLAND (Warner). Charlie Chan.

12. Bombard : PELT

13. Daybreak deity : EOS
15. Oregon port : ASTORIA

16. Auditing pro : CPA

17. Norse war god : TYR. MARS in Roman.

18. Opposite of west, in Dortmund : OST

24. Stale : OLD

26. Puts into office : ELECTS

29. Court defendant: Abbr. : RESP (Respondent)

31. Bore : DRAG
33. Go down : SINK

36. Tardy people, to some : PET PEEVE. You won't ever find Boomer late. He's always a few minutes earlier, rain or snow.

37. Courtroom figs. : ADAs

38. Leatherwork tool : AWL

40. Those, in Oaxaca : ESOS
41. "Is that __?" : A NO

43. Hokkaido noodle : UDON. I love seafood udon. 

44. Helped through a tough time, with "over" : TIDED

46. Tend to : CARE FOR

 47. Letter-shaped gaskets : O-RINGS

48. Utah range : UINTA. Looks like a great hiking spot. I recall Dave linked this clip once. I reached all the peaks.

52. Loosening of govt. standards : DEREG

54. Take in : EAT
58. Duracell competitor : RAYOVAC

59. Whac-__ : A-MOLE

61. Nitpick : CAVIL

62. Wee, in Dundee : SMA

63. Discuss in detail : HASH OVER
64. California-based shoe company : LA GEAR

65. Feature of a no-holds-barred campaign : SMEAR. Politics can be so ugly.

67. Legal thing : RES
70. Actress Palmer : LILLI
74. Costa __ Sol : DEL

77. Eroded : WORE

80. Pacific salmon : COHO. Huge.

81. Ashen : PALE

83. Toto hit that mentions Kilimanjaro : AFRICA. Helpful hint.

84. Routing org. : AAA

85. Included in the email loop, briefly : CC'ED
87. Santa __: dry winds : ANAs

88. Corp. big shots : MGT

90. Proof of paternity, perhaps : DNA TEST

92. Loan figs. : APRS. Annual Percentage Rate.

 93. The Beatles' "Day __" : TRIPPER

95. Spewed : EGESTED

97. Baby's first garment : ONESIE

99. Implored : PRAYED

102. Not leave as is : ALTER

103. Belted tire synthetic : RAYON
105. La Floride et La Virginie : ETATS. Interesting, states are all feminine. I think Mike speaks fluent French.

106. Japanese chip maker : NEC

108. Turn over : CEDE

109. Adriatic port : BARI

110. Monastery title : FRA
111. Carl's director son : ROB. Mel Brooks mentioned in a interview that he and Carl Reiner meet every day. They love watching movies together and chatting. 

112. Conductor __-Pekka Salonen : ESA

113. It's not a bad lie : FIB. I was picturing a golf ball in an uphill lie. Definitely not a bad lie. Easy to hit.

115. JFK alternative : LGA

116. Simpson trial judge : ITO
117. Command from a maj. : ORD. OK, order.

118. Actor Beatty : NED


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Mike and C. C.!

Don't know much about football, but managed to get her done. One cheat: looked up LAALAA. (Huh?)

It's really late!

Bye for now!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Managed to finish, but still didn't understand most of the theme answers. Maybe if I watched football... SNAP COUNT was the time to the launch of a nuclear response in The Sum of All Fears -- didn't know it was a sports thingee. RICER? Nope. PARER? Nope. Oh, CORER. Thanx, Mike and C.C.

Being tardy is also my PET PEEVE. DW and I cook separate meals. She always asks what time mine will be ready. Mine is always ready sometime between 6:03 and 6:05, so why ask? Hers is never ready until at least 5 minutes after mine is on the table. Drives me crazier.

Yellowrocks said...

Wow! Such a walk in the park today! I finished it 1-2-3 with just a little hiccup at the Jersey shore. I could not remember ACTIFED at first and didn't think of BRUT as after shave, just wine and champagne. When I changed ATTS to ADAS it all became clear. Although I am not a football fan, I have heard all the theme terms. I listen to the sports segment on the nightly news and spend 5 minutes on the sports section in the paper. I call it cultural awareness. And then I am not totally lost when the conversation veers in that direction. In many cases, my knowledge base is a mile wide and, when it comes to something like this, an inch deep. I depend on the other Cornerites to expand on it.
I am a very on time person. IMO making someone wait past the agreed upon time is inconsiderate.
I am surprised I remembered LAA LAA from 17-18 years ago, watching Teletubbies with my grandson for a brief time. He soon lost interest in it.
I'm off to the supermarket before it becomes a zoo. Ciao.

Mark S said...

Good news....Both my rescue dogs are on the road to recovery.

Big Easy said...

A football themed puzzle that was an easy fill in spite (or is it despite?) of the numerous unknowns filled by perps and the WAG of LAAAAAA teletubby crossing the unknown LILAI. The rest of the perps were solid. But I was wrong is was LAA LAA & LILLI.

XACTO, TYR, LEONORA, ERNANI, BARI, ESA Pekka Solonen- all unknowns. The only change I had to make was NY JET to EX JET. With four EX-WIVES, Kenny was a real 'GAMBLER'.

ACTIFED- in 1972 the Olympic committee took a gold medal away from US swimmer Rick Demont because he was taking Actifed. He didn't know it was illegal, was allergic to wheat, and 16 years old. They reversed their decision 29 years later.

LA GEAR- they went bankrupt 20 years ago after the company tried to shaft the founder, Robert Greenberg, who promptly started SKETCHERS. He got the last laugh.

GIGOLOS- 'male escort' is a relatively new definition. A gigolo was usually a younger man who courted an older RICH woman to get her money and then move on to the next woman.

CC- Tiger won 79 PGA tournaments.

Anonymous said...

There is never a justifiable reason to start a puzzle with an abbreviation. C'mon, an easy corner and that is the best you can do?
Will not mention 8 cheater squares.

Learning moment. DIODES. Didn't know the princess wrote poems.

There's an NFL team in Washington. Which theme entry contains all the letters that spell their name?

Every thing that Trump says... Offensive line.

Coach J said...

Enjoyed the puzzle. I thought it was well-clued...typical Sunday fare. Had some minor issues with the upper mideast so took a break and when I came back it all fell into place. Originally had FAA for 84D, but LAFLAA just didn’t look right...finally light bulb went off.

MISTY and others, thanks for liking my Byron reference yesterday...that old liberal arts education kicked in, LOL.

The colors have exploded here in KY, off for a nice bike ride to enjoy the fall foliage. Hope everyone has a fabulous week.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I enjoyed this and thought the theme answers were spot on and cleverly clued; the only one that seemed a bit "hinky" was the one for Delay of game. I had only a few write-overs: All/A no, Regrets/Laments, Parer/Corer but I still managed a FIW at the Laa Laa/Lilli/LA Gear crossings. I spelled Lilli as Lilie, didn't know the Teletubbie, and didn't parse LA Gear at all, as I had Lagere. Unknowns were Sloan (not into basketball), Europa, Leonora, Bari, and Esa. Noticed Lge and LGA.

Thanks, Mike, for a Sunday smoothie and thanks, CC, for an interesting tour. (I, too, make a concerted effort to always be on time.)

Mike S @ 8:28 ~ Great news about your furry friends! 🐶

Anonymous from last night: Might your criticisms be fueled by jealousy?

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-I went right down the field on this one!
-What Arthur Clarke wrote in 2010 Odyssey 2
-My BIL and his brother were left nothing by their step-mother who left everything to her daughters. The girls used their “will power” to divide everything into fourths
-I remember the horrible smell of the green walnuts from our tree
-Shatner now works for Priceline as a dad to this Big Bang actress
-Tiger promises to be TEEING IT UP again at the Hero Challenge on Nov. 30
-I have TIDED over some family members that did no good for them or our relationship
-I best remember this group of four with Kenny Rogers
-Meh ORD? Perfectly good “Army base on Monterrey Bay” – Fort ORD would work!
-No football for me today. Watching my 12-yr-old granddaughter play volleyball is a much higher priority than watching the now political NFL

MJ said...


I guess I'm in the minority today, as I struggled mightily to get this one done. The SW area that included LAA-LAA, LA GEAR, LILLI Palmer, AFRICA, LEONORA, and ERNANI (none of which were in my wheelhouse) sent me to Google to finish it up. Favorite clue/answer was "F?" for FALSE START. Thanks for a terrific write-up, C.C.. No OLEO at our house, either.

Mark S--So glad to hear that both of your rescue dogs are faring well.

Have a wonderful day!

Marilyn Probert said...

Thanks Mike and C.C. With two sons and a husband who are Giants fans, the theme answers were familiar to me. Laalaa was new to me, but I guessed right.
Hope everybody remembered to reset their clocks!

Lucina said...

Thank you, Mike Peluso. This was a bit of a slog in that it didn't flow for me, but enough words were familiar to me that I finished in good time. Oops. I see a blank cell at ADAS/AFTA. Just didn't check the grid well enough.

My PETPEEVE is also people who are late. I'm always on time and sometimes early, so much so that the family will tell me a later start time knowing the rest will be late. It drives me crazy.

LEONORA and ERNANI were totally perped. I also thought of Kenny Rogers and The First Edition whom I saw in concert in the 70s but it didn't fit. Didn't realize he had that many EXWIVES.

The clue for HEIRS was clever. Those with will power.

I had no problem with MFAS, master of fine arts. UINTA gave me fits though we've seen it before. My granddaughter loved to watch the Teletubbies and since my mother's name was Lala, LAALAA was memorable though it took a while to recall the double As.

Interesting information about LAGEAR and Sketchers, Big Easy. Mark S, it's wonderful that the rescue dogs are doing well.

Thank you, C.C. for a lovely expo.

Have a fabulous day, Everyone! My computer changed time though here we don't. I'll have to see about resetting it.

Yellowrocks said...

Thanks for a fine puzzle, Mike. Interesting. CC, thanks for a great expo as usual.
For this classical radio aficionado Leonora, Ernani and ESA PEKKA SALONEN were gimmes.I love to say Salonen's unusual (to me) name.
Mark, it is so sweet of you to rescue those dogs. I am glad they are okay.
When a degree is asked for in a puzzle my first thought is of the abbreviation. IMO MFA is more commonly used than Master of Fine Arts in resumes and in speaking. I never tell anyone I have a Master of Arts in education. I always use MA.
Rolls, ketchup, butter, etc. all are free of extra charge with the purchase of a meal. Nowadays that fact is commonly understood in the USA when we use the short hand "free" Maybe it is not official, but it is sort of an idiom.
I didn't know the Toto hit, but as CC said, Kilimanjaro was a giveaway for AFRICA.
Coach J, I envy you your fall colors. Ours were a bust this year.
Our square dance teacher is usually late. Always there is some excuse. My solution would be to leave earlier, just in case something holds you up.The students feel cheated of valuable instructional time. As the club president I am extremely embarrassed. She is an excellent teacher and gives us lessons at half price because we have a weak treasury so I am stuck.
Four weeks ago she was on time and scolded some in the class for being a few minutes late. "The pot is calling the kettle black."

Misty said...

Fun Sunday puzzle, Mike--many thanks! I got most of it before I had to cheat a little and then still goofed up by not getting LAA LAA, and with the Archimedes clue. I regretfully put LOVER, pretty sure that it wasn't right, but LIVER sounded even worse, and LEVER never occurred to me. Explanation? The sports theme wasn't really a problem, thank goodness--I was thankful for that. And thank you for the delightful and helpful write-up, as always, C.C.

How nice to hear your pups are doing well, Mark S.

Have a great Sunday, everybody. I'm hosting our Gourmet Club planning meeting tonight, and am looking forward to all the dishes the folks will be bringing.

Picard said...

CC: Are you going to grace us with an explanation from yesterday of how you knew "OH ROB"?

Thank you, CC, for explaining "A NO" which I could not parse. And RESP which made no sense. What about ADAS? What does that have to do with a courtroom? Even Google is no help.

I found this very difficult. The last to fall was the impossible Natick of UINTA, ARIOSE and ANO.

I was about to call it a DNF and an amazing coincidence happened. I was mapping a route between my home and an obscure city in New Mexico. When I looked at the map a very weird name caught my eye: "Uintah and Ouray Reservation".

I made a rule for myself years ago that if I happen to come across a solution by chance it does not count as a cheat. Your rules may vary. I was not thinking at all of the puzzle while I was working on the mapping and it came as a total bolt from the blue surprise.

This puzzle was especially challenging for me as all that I know of football was due to being forced to play it in junior high. I was a year younger than most of my classmates which made it no fun at all.

I did remember Namath from my childhood and got stuck with NY JET before EX JET.

Glad that you thought of the same electronic RATSNEST as I did yesterday, JAYCE. Today's DIODES was a gimme for me, though my DIODES are not tubes!


I only consider an unknown to be a learning moment if I think it is worth remembering outside the puzzle world. SEIN/ETRE counts as a learning moment. RAYON as a belted tire component, too.

Fascinating that with all the Asians in the US, the Swedish-American OLAND was cast as Charlie Chan! Good to know there has been some progress in overcoming racism.

Picard said...

Misty: Archimedes is credited with inventing the LEVER, along with many other basic machines we still use today. He invented a most ingenious water pump in the shape of a snail like thing.

TX Ms said...

Pretty quick fun run for a Sunday - loved all the FB terminology. Texans' kick-off is in 15 minutes. The first six games I was so excited and happy to see our rookie, Deshaun Watson, run, side-step and elude tackles, and then he tore his ACL during practice Thursday - out for the season! aargh He had led all NFL quarterbacks, including Brady, in passing/rushing TDs. Sorry, everyone, I'm thinking from the comments, there aren't a lot of FB fans here, well at least not for NFL teams.

Thanks to perps for LEONORA and ERNANI- who? Quickly filled in ESPoS, ToR sounded OK - not! Isn't there some ball player with the nickname of Espo? Well, anyway BB is not golf - I'll blame it on being 2:30 am.

Mark S - great that your rescue pups are doing well! Would love to see their pics; IIRC, you said you had a problem posting them - maybe you can send them to C.C. sometime?

Thank you, C.C., for another great recap - I always enjoy your info links.

Re last week's NYT (Chronicle is always a week late). Edited by Will Shortz; instead of constructor's name, "ATTENTION: THIS FEATURE IS NOT AVAILABLE" appeared. Can anyone tell me what that's about? Thanks. Also, last week's NYT had O-RING as an answer, but it was clued as "redundant-sounding engine parts" which I thought was a fresh take.

Have a good week everyone!

Misty said...

Thank you, Picard. Always great to learn something new on the blog.

Bill Graham said...

Hi everybody. I hope you're having a pleasant Sunday.

That was a very enjoyable puzzle and theme. Some really clever stuff. Thanks Mike and CC.

I don't like the biannual time changes. They mess up my circadian clock. Leave it one way or the other I say.

I used to take Actifed. It worked well but tended to make me overwhelmingly sleepy. I always took just part of a tablet after I had broken it.

I was thinking about Sketchers. Their headquarters is less than a mile away.

I used to use margarine. No longer. I much prefer the stuff that starts with a cow.

Pretty sure Archimedes didn't invent the lever. It had been around forever. He probably did discover the principles of its operation and the math behind them. A very bright guy; almost up there with Newton and Galileo.

Speaking of one my science heros, Galileo was the first to turn an early telescope toward Jupiter and discovered four of its many moons. He could see they circled Jupiter and therefore concluded that not all members of our solar system circled the Earth. That didn't sit well with the Church.

Picard said...

Thank you for the kind words, Misty. Yes, it is never clear who invented certain basic tools. But Archimedes definitely LEVERaged his mathematical understanding of the LEVER to many other applications.

He said this, or some variant of this:
Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world

He used this principle to invent the Archimedes Screw which is that pump I spoke of

Argyle said...

ADA = Assistant District Attorney

Misty said...

Thank you, Picard and Bill, for interesting link and science information. Good learning on a Sunday morning!

desper-otto said...

Bill G -- "..almost up there with Newton and Galileo" You do realize that Archimedes was about 1800 years earlier. Not sure it's fair to make that comparison.

Chuck Lindgren said...

actually Picard, if you are old enough Diodes were Tubes. Don't forget both TV and radio were invented before the transistor. I am old enough that my first TV was all tubes and my sophomore physics course in Electronics had a textbook chapter on vacuum tubes though we skipped it.

Pet peeve...EOS is NOT a god. EOS is a Titan !

No TADA...messed up (FUBAR) the Mideast..VA, MD and NC area. Couldn't get Exwives,,,nor the word for nitpick. Plus I didn't reread the cue and tried Offsides as soon as I sussed the theme...oh well rainy day in SoCal. Maybe just hit balls until I am a bit wet.

At least MSU and U of M won. And since they aren't scheduled until Monday the Lions haven't lost...YET

Yellowrocks said...

As a logophile I believe most learning moments for new words are worth remembering just for the sheer love of language. If I can reuse the words to solve future crosswords, even better. Many bits of arcane knowledge appear again and again in crosswords. I also strive to remember new words found in novels. I frequently look them up to fix them in my mind. I am eager to get on with the story, but am just as eager to find new words and usages. Once I consult a dictionary I can get lost in it and one thing leads to another. It is surprising how a lot of these words appear in book after book and frequently come up in puzzles. Lately I am coming across lots of Briticisms and am beginning to remember them. They, too, come up in crosswords. As a teacher, I found most people, adults and children, skip over new words if they believe they can get the sense of the passage without knowing them. Some children tend to skip hard words and then not understand the passage.

I research words from the puzzle almost every day and study their nuances a fascinating pastime. Today I have been looking up stone age uses of the lever.The stone hammer and the spear thrower, the atlatl, are examples of levers. These tools appear in Jean Auel's Earth's Children series, as well. It stands to reason early man would have used a pry bar. I agree with Bill that the lever was in use long before the time of Archimedes who discovered its principles of operation and the math behind it. That does not detract from his greatness.

Yellowrocks said...

RESP, respondent, a defendant in a lawsuit, especially one in an appeals or divorce case
ADA assistant district attorney

Anonymous said...

The clue for HEIRS is WRONG. HEIRS do not take by last wills; they take by intestate succession.

There's no such thing as an ILLEGAL MOTION in Court. It's either motion granted or MOTION DENIED.

Hash OVER?

Jayce said...

I had to work at this puzzle, and it took a while, though the time spent was pleasant. I thought of AnonymousPVX when I saw the heavy themage. At first I had Is that ALL which made it difficult to get SNAP COUNT and ARIOSE but I eventually worked it out.

Our son had allergies and ACTIFED worked well for him. Thankfully he has long since grown out of them.

Didn't know X-ACTO is owned by Elmer's. Interesting. I have used X-Acto knives for years. Have worked a lot with various O-RINGS too.

No OLEO in our house either. Like Bill G, I prefer the product of real cows. I don't like the biannual time changes either. I say keep DST all year. What with the times commuters go to work and back home, the daylight hours of DST make the most sense.

I remember the Vidal SASSOON commercials on TV. "If you don't look good, we don't look good."

Mark S, good news indeed.

I guess my PET PEEVE is when somebody mis-characterizes me or accuses me of something I didn't do or say. Related to that is the annoyance of trying to have a reasonable discussion, or argument, with someone who thinks and speaks in non-sequiturs.

Hooray for Robert Greenberg!

Best wishes to you all.

Bill Graham said...

D-O, I didn't mean to be comparing them to each other. I was just commenting on their achievements and awesome brain power. Archimedes, Pythagoras, Newton, Galileo and others. Old guys rule!

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk say...

Mark S. - I meant to comment the other day how cool it is what you're doing for the puppies. Glad to hear they're doing well. Good on you!

IIRC it was Archimedes who had the Eureka! moment when discovering water displacement while taking a bath (likely apocryphal). The King (or whatever) was happy his crown could be measured via displacement.

ChuckL. - Lions fan? Know the cornerback out of UofH? His mom is on my team @ the office. Cool folks (and his mom is a hoot!).

Bill G. - I'll have to go w/ D-O on that... Can't compare Schrodinger nor Einstein to Newton, Pythagorus, They all kept building on before. Science! //I know you know - just stirring the pot :-)

D-O: I donno if you read FLN, but you got me. I thought Dick Van Dyke @ your post and replied accordingly.... it took hours for the penny to drop. Funny.

Gigolo on Dave TV anyone? [Tawnya will enjoy].

I tried to find the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee clip, but apparently that's been taken down with Seinfeld's move to NetFlix... Reliable PBS has Carl talking about Mel.

Have a great Sunday!
Cheers, -T

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Hard puzzle for me, but fun to see the football terms show up. I'm not a football fan but know enough terms to get the theme which helped with others. thanks, Mike. Thanks, C.C. for the expo and all you do.

PET PEEVE is definitely those who never show up at the appointed hour. My husband was never on time for anything. Sometimes he would ask what time something was. My kids claimed it was because he was afraid he might get there at the proper time. One of my daughters is always on time. The other daughter has left me waiting in a crowded restaurant for hours.

Last to fill: the section with ENDASH/HEIRS/SINK/SNAP/RESP. The clue for HEIRS was my favorite. However, I tried EXECS for when I finally determined it was that type of will power. I was co-executor of two estates in three years, each with one nasty HEIR. I will never be the trusting person I was before. Seems like there is always one who isn't satisfied with a FAIR SHARE but wants it all and immediately.

Jerry SLOAN retired when I was the most avid of basketball fans. Gimmee.

Thought XACTO knife started with an E. Used one a lot laying out the newspaper in the years before we could do more of it with a computer. That was never my job, but on a small paper sometimes we all had to pitch in to meet deadline, especially on special editions.

LAALAA is the only name of TeleTubbies I remember. I have fond memories of cuddling my two-year grandson on my lap and watching this inane program. He had figured out on the clock when it was on TV and must watch it. He was a TV addict. When his brother came along, he wouldn't sit long enough to watch TV at that age. Now at 17 & 12 they both watch sports.

That movie with BATES Motel forever cured me of showering in motels where I was staying alone. And I never watched the movie only pertinent clips.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Late to the game today - guess I'll be someone's PET PEEVE - but I had a good excuse

I eventually FIW as the middle east coast fouled me up a bit with ADAS and EX WIVES RES et al making that part of the grid illegible

But the rest of it looks pristine - got all of the football references, as well as XACTO, EX JET, and eventually TYR/ESPYS once I used a TASER to engage the perps! 😜

No Moe-ku or limerick I'm afraid

To Misty and WC, I found a new brain teaser I like called Numbrix - it's in the Parade mag section on Sunday. That can be a nice challenge

SwampCat said...

Thanks, Mike, for a fun Football puzzle! I missed some of the other fills, like Conn senator Chris, but the football made it all worthwhile. TxMs, I think you are right that we are outnumbered . Good luck to your Texans.

CC! I always learn so much from your write-up. Thanks!

desper-otto said...

Anon-T, I do read the late night posts. No problem. DW often faults me for my warped-brain humor. Apparently TxMs is also warped.

Bill G, I agree. All of those "old guys" knew a heck of a lot for their time...for any time. Imagine where we'd be if the dark ages had never happened and all that knowledge had never been lost.

Misty said...

PK, I have a feeling many women curse Hitchcock daily for making us afraid of taking a shower when we're alone. That fear just stays with you decades after you've seen the stupid movie.

Chairman Moe, I see the Numbrix in the Parade magazine, but have never tried it. I'll give it a shot next week but not today--I have a dinner event coming up and have to get busy.

Big Easy said...

PET PEEVEs? I have so many that I could fill an animal shelter but do they really bother me. Hell no. But I'll list a few.

1. Litterers, who I will call out when I see them.
2. Smokers who dump their ashtrays on the side of the road
3. Habitually late people.
4. People who somehow 'forgot their wallet' when in a group and it's time to pay.
5. Bums at traffic lights who refuse to work, have signs asking for 'help' and don't even bother to hide their whiskey bottles.
6. Workers who just decide to 'call in sick' because they don't feel like working, usually when they are needed most; the rest of the staff has to pick up the slack.
7. People who claim that they have a 'right' to FREE X.Y.Z....etc.
8. People who complain about the politicians but they don't bother to vote.
9. Dog walkers who leave the crap in others' yards
10. Smug morons who somehow feel superior just because their team won. Hell, they weren't playing.
11. Graffiti- some people call it art but I classify it as vandalism; You want you house painted?

But let's face it. Stupid people are just stupid and you can't help or change them. Only ignore them.

Picard said...

Thank you Argyle and Yellowrocks for explaining ADAS. If you Google Courtroom ADA every hit is for Americans with Disabilities Act court cases.

I agree with most of Big Easy's PET PEEVEs. In general, any time someone does something with no thought of how it impacts others, it is a PET PEEVE. Here are a few of mine:

1) People who blast their car horn every time they lock their car. It is actually a violation of the Vehicle Code use of horn section.

2) People who buy goods with no thought of the impact on the environment or on the conditions of the workers

3) People who drive when they could walk, bike or use transit.

Yellowrocks said...

My horn beeps for a second automatically whenever I lock the car. Not my doing.

Mark S said...

Just finished. Great and enjoyable. Some of the answers were new to me and I loved the challenge. The blogs are very interesting to read and add perspective to what C.C. wrote. Thanks to all your kind comments on my rescues and will post photos soon.

YR — My first puzzles were all about logic and math. Now it’s all about words and meanings.


PK said...

Big Easy: your bums with signs wanting help reminded me of a current dilemma of mine. For years there has been a bum with such a sign playing with his little dog in a popular store parking lot I pass often. So I go through a fast food drive-thru a month ago and my order is taken by this barely-understandable gravelly slurred voice. I get up to the window and who is there in company uniform taking my money and passing out my food to me? The bum with his long hair in a pony tail and diligently trying to make change for me. I took the food home and ate the really hot food, but threw the roll away. I'm of mixed emotions. I am glad the man is trying to do a job. I am glad the franchise is giving the man a job, because I'm betting he has been begging for handouts at their back door for years. But he has been such a rough-looking unwashed character so long that I don't want to eat anything he has touched. And I feel bad for feeling that way -- partly because it was one of my favorite fast-food places. I can't even make myself go thru again to see if he's still there.

Anonymous said...

Yellowrocks: That is the point. It is just like when digital watches first came out and they beeped all the time by default. It is up to responsible people to correct the setting so as not to annoy people.

Perhaps your car dealer or mechanic can help fix it so your horn doesn't blast every time you lock your car.

Wilbur Charles said...

I did this in three sections. It kept coming together, then I looked up and most of the white had disappeared. The NE was last: didn't know ASTORIA, got my X in the wrong place but I knew OST from before.

My Friday was the Sgt from Dragnet. Supposedly, RC was a watershed novel much like DonQ. Another one was the Judge from the Simpsons. Oops, OJ.

ESPO btw was the HoF hockey player and founder of the TB Lightning.

CoachJ I meant to express my appreciation for your Byron l'ick.

Is Penny (Kaley Cuoco) Shatner's daughter? My favorite actress.

The long "Grids" were my salvation. I found the clueing chewy.

My main pet peeve are upscale idiots driving expensive cars recklessly. They get it from the TV ads. And YR is right, the car manufacturers have not simply substituted a ding, or similar non-nerve jarring sound for locking. No wonder they have to be regulated.

No jumble to unjumble my brain today.


Yellowrocks said...

My beep when using the fob lasts only a second and is built in . I would not dream of disabling it. When I walk away without locking, I can press the button from a distance and the beep tells me I am close enough to have the signal received. The beep is so short and innocuous. This seems to be a petty complaint. Live and let live.

Michael said...

Anent the time change --

Make it all one or t'other ... Arizona doesn't; California does: so confusing. Plus, I spent half an hour minimum, changing the upstairs clocks, then the downstairs ones, then all the appliances, then the little battery-powered ones in the front room, then the ones at church. (And there is always one more, forgotten, timepiece somewhere.)

And then I had to get out the instruction sheet for the watch, because first you have to press key "A", then press key "B" until you get to the DST and hours sections, then key "C" to go up, "D" to go down. Naturally nobody remembers this system of Casio's, so twice a year there are some very un-ariose noises coming from me.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk say...

This may come across as sanctimonious but I don't mean it like that... I've hesitated 3x in posting this (and then punched it up at the end ;-))

I've given up on PET PEEVEs. I used to get upset at little things (cap not returned to toothpaste, toilet paper "backwards" on the roller, signal-less lane changers). But now, I buy toothpaste with self closing lids, fix the roll while I'm just sitting there anyway, or watch closer and anticipate them moving in (you can see/avoid it if you pay close attention; same with cellphone-fixated drivers).

My point: Life is too short to allow oneself to get pissy/high-blood pressure'd over little things; know peoples' strengths & weaknesses and Adjust, Adapt, Overcome.

AND, It's not like I don't have my foibles - I'm sure I set off the punctuation-police, among others, daily :-)

It's The Big Things(TM) that are worth saving up strokes for. Them, and bad calls in Baseball... (Oh, and IoT and stupid "cloud" anything... Don't forget the goobers in software development who cut and paste code from the web!?!
"Right, but, other than that what have the Romans done for us? / [what do we have to be pissed off at?"])

"Um, 'smart' dashboards? The ones without tactile feed back so you have to take your eyes off the road to change the heat..."

my $0.02 (and $4 will get you a cuppa Joe) on a Sunday night. Cheers, -T

Michael said...

I'm with Anon-T here in general -- the one exception being weekend drivers.

But I saw a T-shirt about aging, which reads:

"I'm just 25 ...

plus shipping & handling."

Anonymous T said...


I love that Tee!...

OK, Now, in unison everyone, ... "Get off my Lawn!" :-) -T

Lucina said...

Big Easy:
I like your list of PET PEEVES and for too many years I wasted energy being upset about such things. Now, I'm with those who know we can't change people. They'll do what they'll do. I just try to avoid doing those things that annoy me in other people. Life is too short and for me it's getting shorter. Yikes! I have a BIG birthday coming up in December.

PK said...

One PET PEEVE I never had was men leaving the toilet seat up. I lived with a man and two boys at one time and was just thrilled that they put it up in the first place. I stumbled in during the wee hours a couple of times and sat down to water level. Geeee that's cold! Learned to feel for the seat before committing after that. Part of my anti-nag regimen.

Anonymous T said...

PK - my step-mom(n)ster was a stickler about the toilet seat being up... DW is pleased that I always close both the seat and lid but doesn't know the why/of my trauma...

Up for a little story?
Re - the lid: In grad-school, DW had a friend who once talked about her grandfather's hate of indoor plumbing. Her grands finally got an indoor toilet in the '80s (1980's) at the insistence of grandma - the grandfather always closed the lid because "I don't want an open hole in the house."

DW's friend took us out to his farm in Oklahoma for a visit. The guy was a man's-man with fingers the size of bratwurst - he had all kinds of cool tools and machines bigger than we that he'd putter on. The old man was cool as anything and Ox-strong at 70+

Anyway, he still used the outhouse 'cuz "a civilized man doesn't shit in his home." That line cracked me (respectfully) up and I remember him still.

Anyway - I put down the lid and think of his "Hole in the house" line every time... DW has never feared dropping her bum in the water.-T

Anonymous said...


C.C. constructed the crossword puzzle in the Wall Street Journal on Monday, November 6, 2017 (In The Dumps). The puzzle is available to print or to solve online at

Anonymous said...

I like to believe my glass is half full. Keep positive. But there are, in fact, terrible things that happen in our lives. For some, unimaginable horror in this world.

The toilet paper roll... the seat... people who arrive late... God, please stop.