Nov 13, 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017 ~ Mark McClain

Theme: Triple A - They will give you a TOW.

17A. Saber-rattling: THREAT OWAR

27A. Shed a few pounds: TAKE OFF WEIGHT

45A. Romantic triangle figure: THE OTHER WOMAN

60A. End up just fine: TURN OUT WELL

69A. Highway breakdown need ... or, initially, feature of 17-, 27-, 45- and 60-Across: TOW

Argyle here with what may be one of Mark's easiest puzzles. It's cool none of the 'O' words are repeated.


1. Position at work: JOB

4. Busy as __: A BEE

8. India neighbor: NEPAL

13. "You __ here": mall map words: ARE

14. Banquet, e.g.: MEAL

15. Top-quality: SELECT

16. With 36-Across, Polo Grounds great: MEL. 36-Across. See 16-Across: OTT. Back when the Giants played in Manhattan.

19. Ravel classic: BOLERO

21. Car dealer's no.: MSRP. (manufacturer's suggested retail price)

22. Bro's sib: SIS

23. Carry on wildly: RANT

25. Regatta propellers: OARS

32. California's San __ Obispo: LUIS

                                       The Nine Sisters

34. Disco __: "The Simpsons" character: STU

35. More up-to-date: NEWER

37. Shed purpose: STORAGE

40. Dismantled Brit. music conglomerate: EMI. An initialism for Electric and Musical Industries, it broke-up in 2012.

41. Truckee River's lake: TAHOE. The Truckee is the outlet of Lake Tahoe and empties into Pyramid Lake. Pyramid Lake has no outlet.

43. Crude __: OIL

44. Small cut: SNIP

49. Continuous change: FLUX

50. "__ le roi!": French Revolution cry: Γ€ BAS. "Down with the king!"

51. Relaxing retreat: SPA. Retreat - A place providing peace and quiet.

54. Drop from a list: OMIT

56. Rose garden pests: APHIDS

63. After-tax: NET

64. What a password provides: ACCESS

65. Not working: IDLE

66. Rocks in a bar: ICE

67. Giggly sound: TE-HEE. I prefer tee-hee.

68. Little dog breeds: TOYS


1. Vertical door part: JAMB

2. Two-toned cookie: OREO

3. Inventor associated with telephones: BELL

4. California Zephyr operator: AMTRAK

5. "Tell it like it is": "BE HONEST"

6. Sensory organ: EAR

7. Sch. before junior high: ELEM. (elementary)

8. Wetsuit material: NEOPRENE

9. North Pole assistant: ELF

10. Seats for the flock: PEWS

11. Palm tree berry: ACAI

12. Acronym parts: Abbr.: LTRs. (letters)

15. McDonald's freebie: STRAW

18. Starting on: AS OF

20. Important periods: ERAs

24. Dorothy's dog: TOTO

26. "Sprechen __ Deutsch?": SIE

27. Ten percent donation: TITHE

28. Public commotion: FUROR

29. Edmund who played Kris Kringle: GWENNMiracle on 34th Street

30. Prefix with sphere: HEMI

31. __ odometer: TRIP

32. Ronnie in the Pro Football Hall of Fame: LOTT. Number 42 with the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Defense.

33. Beehive State: UTAH

37. Let free: SET LOOSE

38. Old Sony brand: AIWA

39. "Think __, act locally": GLOBALLY

42. Cartoon fight sound: [OOF!]

44. Merit badge holder: SASH

46. Garden fertilizer: HUMUS. Don't mix your HUMUS with your hummus.

47. Red sign over a door: EXIT

48. Syrup trees: MAPLEs

51. ASAP, to an MD: STAT

52. Brownish purple: PUCE

53. Foot part: ARCH

55. Silly goose: TWIT

57. Not yet eliminated: IN IT

58. Art __: DECO

59. Hearty bowlful: STEW

61. Word seen between married and maiden names: NΓ‰E

62. Old name for Tokyo: EDO


Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to the real Big Easy (George Simpson), who volunteers at the annual Zurich Classic where he has met the other Big Easy a few times. Off the blog, George is a very caring friend to me. I enjoyed working with him on our puzzles.

Big Easy and his wife Diane


Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture George; thank you CC.

Puzzle was also easy but fun.

OwenKL said...

Almost a DNF because of a complete natick at AIWa+aBAS, but it was successfully WAG-ed. Not EWAG, but pure random WAG.
I was expecting the reveal to be a TOW-LINE, not just bland TOW. Rich's reveals lately have been a bit -- dare I say it? -- lame.

There was an old man of NEPAL
Who averred, "Our peaks are so tall
That the moon, once or twice
Has slipped on the ICE,
And stars oftentimes TRIP and fall!"

An entomologist is what I want to be!
Spend days studying APHIDS and the flea!
A JOB of such ease
You don't need A-B-C's
All you need to know of is A BEE!

OwenKL said...

{B+, A-.}

BTW, Wilbur, thanks for noticing the subtle pun in yesterday's l'ick!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

There was a LOTT I didn't know in this one. But that was all. Thanx, Mark and Argyle.

desper-otto said...

Oops, HBD, BE.

TTP said...

Thanks Mark. Thanks Argyle. HBD Big Easy.

I didn't know Edmund GWENN. Perps solved it. Was going to Google until Argyle linked his pic. Oh, that guy !

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR without erasure for a change. I knew AIWA because I had a cassette tape changer of theirs back in the mid-1970s. Clunk, thunk and the next tape would play. But I didn't know A BAS and thought VIVA at first. I was introduced to BOLERO by the movie "10". John Derek had quite the resume. Married to Ursula Andress and Linda Evans before Bo Derek. I knew ACAI from crosswords, but had no idea they came from a palm. I have it on good authority that there is no ice in Tin's bar.

D4E4H, welcome aboard. I spent a lot of time in the era of my AIWA tape changer in the Falls City while I was dating a fine lady who lived there. My sister lives across the river in Jeffersonville as well.

Thanks to Mark McClain for a fun Monday puzzle, and to Santa for another nice tour. And thanks to CC for the picture of Big Easy and his much BH.

inanehiker said...

Quick Monday with a little crunch - I never can remember how GWENN spells his name - I just remember it is different than Fred Gwynne of Munsters fame- so perps to the rescue. Clever Monday theme with the different O words- I'm sure there were others with OF in the middle. Tug of War comes to mind- but would have also repeated the War!

Thanks ARgyle, Mark and HBD to BE!

billocohoes said...

Not all romantic triangles have TOW. Sometimes it’s TOM.

MJ said...

Happy Birthday Big Easy, and good day to all!

Needed perps for Edmund GWENN and Ronnie LOTT, and overall found this to be a slower than usual Monday solve. Thanks for the puzzle, Mark. And thank you for the expo, Argyle. I agree that it's nice that none of the T-O-W words were repeated.

From yesterday, welcome D4E4H.

Enjoy the day!

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Happy Birthday Big Easy! Thanks for being such an interesting and vibrant contributor at the Corner. Enjoy your day.

Thanks, Mark. I was warmed up for this one. I did Friday, Saturday and Sunday yesterday, so this was a relief. I liked FUROR--for some reason it seemed fresh to me.

Thanks for the tour Argyle. I especially liked the NEPAL photo.

Billocohoes: I was think the same thing about TOM and the triangle. . . .

The Athletic Director at my school asked (conned? convinced? nagged?) me into coming in on Monday afternoons as Academic Coach, one of my old jobs at school, to work the Study Table on Mondays with possible subbing for the other person on Wednesdays. A new lower GPA is in place for participation. Used to be 2.0, which was higher than the state requirement. Pressure forced the administration to lower it after more than 20 years. I had to jump though myriad hoops to get back in the building--just short of speaking to the FBI director. Now I am one well-vetted old lady!!! Aside from a small stipend, it should help me remember what day of the week it is!!

Have a fine Monday, everyone.

CanadianEh! said...

CAA TOW required today. Thanks for the fun Mark and Argyle.
This should have been an easy Monday but I had Slit instead of SNIP and knew that GWELN could not be correct! That error combined with Emo instead of EMI gave me a Trot (instead of TRIP) odometer, which might have been appropriate for a sulky race LOL.

Like Jinx, I started with Vive le roi until I reread the clue and realized that those revolutionaries were not full of good wishes for the monarch.
I also noted the ICE for Tin.
Like Madame Defarge, I liked the word FUROR. (I dislike the word PUCE which reminds me of something else!)

V8 moment when MEL and OTT filled in. Fresh clues for a common CW name. I don't know my ball parks.

HBD Big Easy.
Enjoy the day.

Husker Gary said...

-The gimmick stood out like a brick in a punch bowl but I too thought it might have more oomph
-As I mentioned yesterday, my former friend’s fling with The Other Woman did not Turn Out Well
-My JOB today is to simply watch a cadet teach badly and remain mute
-Would this label on a BANQUET TV dinner give you pause?
-Long rows of STORAGE sheds are a growth industry here
-After her first NET paycheck, my sister asked me, “What’s this FICA stuff?”
-Did you ever regret your response to “BE HONEST”? Me too!
-Lottery come-on about being IN IT
-Here come the 7th graders, got to “earn” my passive bucks!
-Happy Birthday, BE!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday real Big Easy. Nice picture.

Easy Monday solve. Sort of a Natick at the GWENN / EMI cross, but I WAGGED it right.
Didn't think about the theme until getting to TOW at the end.
Big SEG while writing in SIE.

About 1" of snow here this am. Shouldn't stay long.

Yellowrocks said...

Yes, this was a walk in the park. Perps and the cute theme took care of any doubts.
Gwenn made a wonderful Kris Kringle in the classic movie.
Madem D. I am sure you will enjoy your new part time work with the students. After I retired I loved private tutoring. I think maybe your new position will insulate you from some of the madness regular teaching has become.
PUCE gives me the shudders,too, an unfortunate name.
Wikipedia: a dark red or purple brown color, a brownish purple or a dark reddish brown. Puce is the French word for flea. The color is said to be the color of the bloodstains remaining on linen or bedsheets, even after being laundered, from a flea's droppings or after a flea has been crushed.

Our favorite vegetable soup is so thick and rich, it can almost be eaten with a fork like a STEW.
Happy birthday, Big Easy.. Have a wonderufl day. Lovely pic.
OKL, I liked your first one best. I am sure many of us, including me, enjoyed your pun yesterday.
Did you ever notice that people who keep saying they tell it like it is are not especially honest? Those who always tell you they are smart, are likely not so smart. And those who who keep telling you how great they are, sorta doubt their own greatness? "I have no faults. I am even very humble."

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was an easy, breezy start to the week. Only unknown was Lott, as clued and the only w/o was Vive/A Bas; I have never seen A Bas anywhere but I'm not really that knowledgeable about the French Revolution, either. The reveal was a surprise, to me, and, as Argyle pointed out, the theme was strengthened by the lack of repetition in the O words. Sorry about the _ _ _, Tin. It was nice to see Mel Ott's full name, for a change.

Nicely done, Mark, and thanks, Argyle, for your wit and wisdom.

Happy Birthday, Big Easy, hope you have a special celebration planned. πŸŽ‚πŸΎπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ

Welcome, D4E4H.

A few people (Lucina, YR, Swampcat, Madame Defarge?) mentioned how much they liked "A Man Called Ove" which led me to order it from Amazon, along with Sue Grafton's V, W, Y books. (Z is scheduled for a 2018 release.) I read AMCO in three sittings and thoroughly enjoyed it, so thanks for the recommendation, ladies.

Have a great day.

SwampCat said...

Quick and fun solve for me today. Thanks Mark. I wasn't familiar with French Revolution cry in French but I should have been. OldSony brand was also unfamiliar, but WAG proved correct. At least we got ELEM instead of the dreaded Elhi. I liked the theme. Argyle, the tour was great,


Lucina said...

Happy birthday, Big Easy! Wishing you a wonderful celebration!

Thank you, Mark McClain, for this typically easy Monday romp though there were some moments of pause. A BAS fortunately was filled with perps and EMI finally went in only because TRIP odometer made more sense than other options.

This past summer I was in the beautiful Truckee-TAHOE area so that slipped in easily and I love BOLERO so no problem there. Every year I try to watch Miracle on 34th Street and really like Edmund GWENN in the role of Kris Kringle. CSO to Argyle, too.

TOYS and ELF could have been linked to GWENN, perhaps.

Thank you, Argyle, for your witty review today and the lovely photo of NEPAL. I wonder why all the roofs are blue?

Have a splendid day, everyone! I think I'll go for a massage but not at the SPA.

CrossEyedDave said...

Sorry Bluehen!

As of 10:56 A.M. EST, the tortoiseshell cat owners have been found,
and the cat safely returned.

Turns out they had a death in the family over the weekend,
and in all the confusion had no idea that the cat had gotten out.

CanadianEh! said...

CED, glad to hear that the cat is safely returned.
AnonT, I guess my Toonies and your $5 are remaining in our wallets LOL!

Tinbeni said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG EASY! ... The "First" Sunset toast is to you.

Since I solved mostly with the "down clues" I didn't notice until the write-up that I entered a "certain 3 letter word" at 66-a. tears ...


C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, Mark, for a fun and easy Monday with interesting theme and fill! Got it right away with THEOTHERWOMAN.....

Thanks, Argyle, for your guidance. Loved the two pics of Nepal and San Luis Obispo.... almost appear the same!

Mark S said...

Thanks MM for a very entertaining puzzle. Argyle, your write up was very entertaining as usual. Aphids and puce unknown but perps filled it nicely.

Growing up in the Bronx, my second home was the Polo Grounds. After the games, we would run onto the field and walk with the players to their club house in deep centerfield. Willie Mays was my favorite; he never refused an autograph request. Alvin Dark was a mean one. He always told me “take a hike, kid.” Box seats behind home plate $3.50. Fifty cents to sit in the bleachers. The golden age of baseball.



oc4beach said...

Nice easy Monday solve from Mark, but I didn't get the theme until Argyle explained it.

Yesterday I got a Washington Post and solved the LA Times Sunday puzzle in it with a pencil and eraser. It took a while, but I managed to do it with only two proper name look-up cheats. More fun than doing it on-line.

Bolero was one of my favorites long before the movie "10" popularized it, so, that was a gimme.

San Luis Obispo is one of my favorite spots in California to visit so it filled in nicely.

Coooooold here. Winter is fast approaching. Try to stay warm.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! I got the theme fills easily but had no idea what the theme could be. TOW was so simple it made me laugh out loud. Good one, Mark! Good expo, Argyle. I especially liked the TAHOE-Truckee map.

OTT & LOTT in the same puzzle? TEHEE!

My son & DIW are very worried about my 16-yr-old grandson. Once the athlete of the family, he has been complaining of back pain, sleeps a lot, has no energy and did TAKE OFF WEIGHT -- 25# of it, now under 100# at 5'5". They've been making the rounds of doctors who can't find anything wrong but scoliosis. MRI is scheduled next.

Spooky thing: just before doing the puzzle, I had listened to Aaron Neville's "Tell It Like It Is" and watched Torville & Dean's 1984 Olympic Gold Medal performance to "Bolero". How's that for prescience?

Happy Birthday, Big Easy! I enjoy your posts.

CrossEyedDave said...

Happy Birthday, Big Easy!


That'll teach the kid not to leave his toys around...

Bill Graham said...

Did you know?

That one of the corner borders of California lies in the middle of Lake Tahoe?

Spitzboov said...

BG @ 1254 - Yes, I knew that. Is there a buoy or marker to indicate the inflection point?
Did you know that Lake Tahoe is a graben lake?

Ol' Man Keith said...

A nice Ta- DA! to start the week!
Thanks, Mssrs McClain and Argyle!
I got hung up briefly over the RIOT/RANT choice at 23A, but only because my preferred solving path (NW to SE) wouldn't let me use perps for a quick fix.

The photo of NEPAL reminded me of nearby Tibet. Coincidentally, I just watched the movie Seven Years in Tibet over the weekend. I thought it might be a bore, one of those vapid docs that passes itself off as an adventure film. Turned out to be engrossing - with Brad Pitt as an Austrian mountain climber shirking family and Vaterland ca. WW2. His interaction with the child Dalai Lama is sad and sweet, an education for both of them, in the Bildungsroman tradition. The commies take over, and your heart sinks as you witness our human propensity for dissing the spiritual in favor of the immediate. (Speaking as an atheist, I still honor searching in the direction of the soul.)

Didn't notice the theme at all. I was struck by the unusual number of double letters.

PK, I wish your family a speedy and happy conclusion in searching for what ails your grandson. Not knowing can be very painful. Good luck!

Yellowrocks, I'm with you in appreciating Edmund Gwenn - in my book the best Santa ever! We watch that film every holiday season. I must have been 8 or 9 when the movie came out, long before I became professionally involved in theater and learned that Gwenn had a major career on the English stage before appearing in Miracle.
He originated one of my favorite cynical characters in Shaw's Man and Superman, but I find it nearly impossible to imagine him in such a non-humanitarian role!

Have a great week, everybody!

(Ps. HBD BE!)

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. Mark McClain has a good imagination. At first I thought the theme was TW because I considered the "OF" in THREAT OF WAR to be one of those uncapitalized little words that "don't count." Then the other theme entries disabused me of that and TOW became apparent. Hand up for entering VIVE at first. Having FL--, I put in FLOW, as in go with the flow, until EXIT showed up. I kinda like that word "flux." We have used a type of magnetometer called a Fluxgate in our researches.

Argyle, thanks for the photos of San Luis Obispo and that city in Nepal. I could never tackle walking up and down such slopes these days.

Happy birthday to you, Big Easy.

My wife still takes an old AIWA radio with her when she takes her daily walk.

Madame Defarge, it's good what you are doing at that school. Thanks for that.

Yeah, Gary, what IS that FICA stuff anyway? :)

Lucina, do you still do yoga?

CrossEyedDave, good news about the tortoiseshell cat.

PK, I hope they can figure out what's wrong with your grandson and treat him successfully.

Best wishes to you all.

Jayce said...

I could go on a RANT about Tibet but I won't, not only because of this blog's rule but also because I have a feeling you all already know what I would say.

Interesting about Edmund GWENN, Ol' Man Keith, and about your thoughts regarding the movie Seven Years in Tibet.

So, today I have learned 2 new things about Lake Tahoe, a precious and pristine body of water that I hope will be preserved.

It's such a pleasure participating in this blog.

AnonymousPVX said...

CED...nice job with the kittie, you are aces in my book, we need more good neighbors like you.

Otherwise, kind of an easy romp today, funny seeing STU and STEW in the grid.

Misty said...

Aaargghh. Not a great start to the week when you goof up on a Monday puzzle. I always appreciate it when words I don't know cross words that I do know and that takes care of the problem. But today the cross between GW[Y]NN and [Y]MI turned out to be wrong. I had thought of putting E instead but it was a toss-up and I went with the wrong one. However, Aryle's picture of that sweet GWENN Santa in the movie made me smile. And I also cracked up at the "Give PUCE a chance" slogan. Oh, well, at least I got the Sudoku, Kenken, and Jumble--although for the first time in ages the Kenken turned out to be a real bear (vary rare, excuse the rhyme).

Happy birthday, Big Easy--lovely pic.

PK, hope your grandson is better soon.

So, I saw an amazing musical called "Chess" up on the UC Irvine campus yesterday. Go figure--a musical about a chess championship with the Bobby Fischer character named Freddie Trumper, of all things. So, how do you make a show about chess interesting? With absolutely fabulous music--a professional orchestra, a huge chorus of wonderful singers, and a splendid cast, all with gorgeous voices. It was a bit long, two-and-half hours, but a delight.

Have a great week, everybody, and I hope I have a better crossword week.

Spitzboov said...

More LOTT:

Lott is Doot (Lott is dead)


Lott Is Doot · Hamburger Mandolinenorchester

Michael said...

As much as I am a Californian by birth and by choice, and even though this site is due to the Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, newspaper, I feel for CanadianEh, whose geography and homeland seem to be much underrepresented in our daily festivities and abasements.

Perhaps we could give out a 5-yard head start (5 meters in Canada) for any clue referencing California, or else we could work on our knowledge of the geography of Saskatchewan....?

D4E4H said...

Thanks for each of your welcomes. Like oc4beach, 12:06, I prefer to work on paper, but I used the computer on this one with ease. Thanks each involved with the presentation.

Jim in Norfolk, 7:36, Louisville is called Falls City, and has a portion called Portland, where freight was ported around the falls. The damming of the Ohio covered the falls, but an impressive fossil bed is exposed as a result. The Ohio river is the most highly engineered river in the nation from Pittsburgh to the Mississippi.

Madame Defarge, 8:16 I too have trouble remembering what day of the week is it, or if I really am. Cogito ergo sum, cogito.

Now to prove I am not a robot, or am I? Got in on my first try.

Mark McClain said...

Thanks Argyle for a very nice (as usual) exploration of this puzzle, which though it was an easy (or indiscernible for some) theme, had some tricky trivia (notably GWENN and LOTT). Full disclosure - it started out as a T-- OF T-- theme, Rich decidedly prefers all-different "little" words in the middle, so that's where we went with it. If they're not all different, they all need to be the same, and I like it either way, but glad the variety was appreciated. Stay tuned, Monday fans - more on the way . . .

Funny, whilst I was typing this my "I'm not a robot" check-mark expired. I'm still not a robot.

Yellowrocks said...

D4E4H,welcome aboard. I never thought of the real meaning of Portland. Interesting.
PK, I hope they find the answer to your grandson's problems. It has to be a real worry to him and the family.
Yesterday we had a wonderful dance and my friend graciously accepted my dinner offer. We had a delicious dinner with good friends we have in common.
DE Dave, your birthday tribute to BE was so funny.
Another dance tonight.

CrossEyedDave said...

Learning moment: Graben Lake

Did you know that Rima Ariadaeus on the Moon is a Graben?

Ah yes, Edmund Gwenn! Loved him in Miracle on 34th Street!
It was many years later I was watching an old "B" flick called "Them"
and realized that Dr. Harold Medford's voice sounded awfully familiar.
An IMDB check revealed that
it was indeed good old Kris Kringle without his whiskers...

Trivia fun! how many famous people can you recognize in this clunker?

CrossEyedDave said...

Bonus points if you know what this guy is famous for!

CanadianEh! said...

Michael @ 2:37 - Thanks for the sympathy. I did know LUIS and AMTRAK, and although I did not know the Truckee River, TAHOE filled in after just a couple of letters from perps.
Sometimes I resort to Google for something that an American would know easily but is not familiar to a Canadian. But we all have areas that we don't know as well; for some it is pop culture and for others, sports. So I do not feel too disadvantaged. I consider it a learning experience.

I did mention yesterday that I am waiting for one of our constructors to use NUNAVUT.

And it's (5 metres in Canada) LOL!

Wilbur Charles said...

Well, a Monday with some Write-overs, specifically the aforementioned East. A SNIP creates a SLIT, here cut was a verb. Boring.

My wife got involved with cats, dogs and birds. My advice: never offer through an ad to give away a cat or dog. Take the money and donate to SPCA.

Tibet. Wasn't the Chinese invasion simultaneous to the Cuban missile crisis? Coincidence?

PK. Can I toss out Lyme disease if not previously diagnosed for?

There's another famous Polo Grounds star.

I had trouble coming up with his name. Hondo are you out there? Hint. Ted W has the A.L. distinction. He's one of seven, btw. I'll try to name them later, sans Google v

Later. WC

Irish Miss said...

CED ~ I'm glad to hear that the kitty "tale" had a happy ending. Bluehen is probably disappointed but at least the owners are happy.

PK, I hope your grandson's health mystery is solved soon.

Mark Mc, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

Off to Google graben, per Spitz's reference.

Dow Jones said...


Tuesday's edition of the Wall Street Journal (11/14/17) features C.C.'s crossword puzzle (Here's To You !). It is currently available to solve or print at

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I needed to get a NEWER tire today. The front-passenger had a protrusion the size of a golf ball after being rotated under the WEIGHT of the engine last week. Another TRIP to the city, doing 70 in traffic... That wouldn't TURN OUT WELL. So thanks Mark for the TOW and for stopping by the Corner.

Wonderful expo Argyle, thanks - NEPAL was beautiful and the pic of GWEEN confirmed Miracle on 34th. Also, you learned me there's a difference between HUMUS and Hummus (I really thought they we're spelt the same, not that I thought much about it). Right! - don't mix and dip a chip.

WOs: Eye b/f EAR, atMo b/f HEMO

Fav: Flux 'cuz this capacitor. :-)

Happy Birthday Big Easy!

PK - Hope they can figure out your grandson's problem.

Thanks Dow for the heads-up.

CED - good news about the kitty. PVX, I don't think I stipulated if CED 'doesn't find the owners...' Email me your address for the $5 in Ones. [I shoulda stopped at $5 (and not stipulated CASH) just to see if you'd give me your bank routing number :-)]

C,Eh! - LOL metre.

Cheers, -T

Picard said...

We had a blowout on our way to Oregon in August for the eclipse. By the time the TOW truck arrived I had already changed the tire. I was still glad I called in case there was a problem. Being stuck in the dark as cars whiz past at 75MPH is unsettling.

Thanks to Mark McClain for the puzzle and for stopping here! GWENN and LOTT were unknown. Saved by crosses. "Vertical door part" confused me. I was trying to picture a vertical door. I realized it is the door part that is vertical.

I stop off in SAN LUIS OBISPO at least once a year to hike Bishop Peak on my way to or from the Bay Area. Thanks for the Nine Sisters link, Argyle. Learning moment!

Here are a few photos when I did it at sunset around Thanksgiving 2015

DW and I did it in August, but it was too hot for her, so she didn't get all the way to the top.

Happy Birthday, Big Easy! Thanks for the lovely photo of them, CC!

Anonymous said...

"DW and I did it in August, but it was too hot for her, so she didn't get all the way to the top."

Sounds like you are compensating. Maybe it was too hot for you ? Maybe she's not that into you ? You might want to read Masters and Johnson, or take the Kinsey Scale Test ?

Wilbur Charles said...

Spoiler alert. Boring baseball talk follows

So. The other Polo Grounds great was Ralph Terry. Like Ted W, he's the last to hit .400. The Seven? I thought of eight:

Cobb. Of course
Nap Lajoie. Lazohway a
Joe Jackson. And he didn't win the BA
George Sisler. There's a park near Tin
named for him
Rogers Hornsby

Oh number 8? A guy named Harry Heilmann.

Somebody go to Google and check this. Oh, ok. I'll do it. HH had a fistful of .390+ but did he break 400?

Wow. I was right. Btw < 1900 doesn't count.


PK said...

OMK, Jayce, Misty, YR, IM, AnonT: Thank you for you good wishes for my grandson. I knew they had taken him to a chiropractor and he had scoliosis. They hadn't told me about the illness and doctor search until last night. Since we will see them for Thanksgiving, I guess it was time to tell me. Wilber, your suggestion about Lyme Disease was my first thought too. I forwarded it to my DIL with a couple of other suggestions. My grandson is such a neat kid, rust-colored hair and no freckles with a smile that lights up the room. He is also quiet and contemplative, studies the terrain before making a move as a skateboard champ and a novice but good snowboarder. Plays trumpet in marching band and keyboard for church.

Lucina said...

No, I don't do as much yoga as in the past. I'm concentrating more on walking though I miss the stances. Now and then I'll pull out the yoga mat.

Your photos are lovely as always. The depth is truly impressive.

Best of luck to your grandson that they find a solution to his health problem.

Today I was completely exhausted so didn't accomplish much more than rest all day.

Bill Graham said...

CED, that other guy is FP, known for playing DB.

Bill Graham said...

Oops, maybe he played DC instead...

Wilbur Charles said...

I was 7 or 8 when I saw THEM. Then I walked home through a wooded area and heard the crickets chirping. Sounded just like THEM.

It succeeded THE THING and preceded THE BLOB.

It's probably too late but THE THING had a famous actor of future TV fame too.