Feb 25, 2018

Sunday Feb 25, 2018 Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme: "Kinda Sorta" - ISH is added to each theme entry.

23A. Snow in southwest England? : CORNISH FLAKES. Corn flakes.

36A. Golf-loving priest's dream? : PARISH FOR THE COURSE. Par for the course.

48A. Pastry with a metallic taste? : STEELY DANISH. Steely Dan.

66A. Result of certain radar screens conking out? : WEATHER VANISHES. Weather vanes.
86A. Media outlet in Pennsylvania Dutch country? : AMISH FM RADIO. AM/FM radio.

94A. General-use gesture? : ALL-PURPOSE FLOURISH. All-purpose flour.

112A. Cause of an origami flaw? : FOLDING MISHAP. Folding map.

Three first word changes. Four second word changes. No odd man out.

The new words and the old words share no root. Jeffrey is truly the master of letter addition theme.

1. JFK's 109 : PT BOAT

7. Gives in : BENDS

12. Egg white protein : ALBUMIN

19. Ronzoni rival : BARILLA. Here in Minnesota, Creamette is very popular.

20. Open, as an aspirin bottle : UNCAP

21. Quarters and halves : COINAGE

22. It's often written in stone : EPITAPH. Headstone.

25. Snack : EAT. Verb.

26. Hayseeds : HICKS

28. Salad bar container : CRUET

29. EKGs may be done in them : ERs. Also 83. CPR provider : EMT. Also 99. Source of brain research data: Abbr. : EEG

30. Nice : PLEASANT. Like our regulars on the blog. You guys are the best!

33. Waikiki wreaths : LEIS

34. Rte. finder : GPS

43. Cal. locale of the Latino Walk of Fame : EAST LA. Guessable.

46. Bottom-row key : ALT

47. Fixed : IMMOBILE 

52. Steamed : MAD

53. Boodles, for one : GIN. Learning moment for me.

54. Renaissance painter della Francesca : PIERO. Forgot. We had him before.

55. Auto body problem : RUST

56. Eye layer : UVEA

59. "Gracious!" : OH MY

60. Since Jan. 1, in accounting : YTD

61. Start of many a riddle : WHAT

63. Ben Gurion carrier : EL AL. Don't know how Steve puts up with the constant flying hassles.

64. Freight unit : CRATE

70. Ski resort aids : T-BARS

72. Mishmash : OLIO

73. "M*A*S*H" roller : JEEP. Here is a Chinese military jeep.

74. Dec. setting in Denver : MST

77. Lea sounds : BAAS

78. Rum-and-water drink : GROG

79. Tusker hunted as game : BOAR

81. Hostile calls : HOOTS
84. Brazilian map word : SAO

89. '90s golf club-making innovation : TITANIUM. Boomer bought a Big Bertha at the 2nd Swing a few years ago. I don't remember the LOFT (13. It's measured in degrees for golf clubs).

92. Coughing, perhaps : ILL. Try Robitussin cough drop. It worked for me. Such a tough flu.

93. Provides fare for : CATERS

100. Unresponsive (to) : DEAF

101. Like delicate fabric : FINE-SPUN. My childhood clothes were all made from the cloths my grandma wove. Rough fiber.

105. The Jungfrau, e.g. : ALP

107. Makeup malfunction : SMEAR

109. Take as one's own : CO-OPT

111. Binary code basic : ONE
116. "Just like us!" : SO ARE WE

119. Genteel café relative : TEA ROOM. Now I'm like Abejo. I bring my own loose jasmine tea with me.

120. Conclude : CEASE

121. Feeling guilty : ASHAMED

122. Charming small-town street array : AWNINGS

123. Old lab heaters : ETNAs

124. Became less hostile : THAWED


1. Like decrees from Francis : PAPAL

2. Overused : TRITE

3. It might come from the horse's mouth : BIT

4. Portuguese hi : OLA. No suffix today.

5. Nuclear decay emission : ALPHA RAY. Got via crosses.

6. Sesame seed paste : TAHINI. You can get it at Trade Joe's.

7. Rudolph's dad, e.g. : BUCK. Oh, the reindeer.

8. Baseball Hall of Famer Slaughter : ENOS

9. ATM maker : NCR

10. See 51-Down : DANCER. And 51. With 10-Down, Waikiki entertainer : HULA

11. Scrooge visitor : SPIRIT

12. Flu symptom : ACHE
14. Fed. budget unit : BIL. We also have 79D. Tell what's due : BILL and 27D. Small change: Abbr. : CTS

15. Merkel of "Destry Rides Again" : UNA

16. Fixes : MAKES RIGHT. Sparkling fill.

17. Eisner's successor at Disney : IGER

18. Fabled loch : NESS

19. Attraction for a cartoon coyote : BEEP

24. Dish using seaweed : SUSHI. I'll tackle the eel roll first.

31. More to the point : APTER

32. Less healthy-looking : SALLOWER

33. Auction array : LOTS

34. "I approve" : GOOD

35. Stout server : PUB

37. Pediatrician Asperger : HANS. I did not know his given name.

38. Move like a moth : FLIT

39. Poet Lazarus : EMMA

40. Entertainer of the Year org. : CMA. Garth Brooks is a multiple winner.

41. Muck : SLIME

42. Child's counting word : EENY

43. Notice : ESPY

44. Feuding : AT IT

45. Acorn, functionally : SEED

49. "Phooey!" : DRAT

50. Name on a spine : AUTHOR. Book spine.
57. Mayflower roller : VAN

58. Prophet associated with Passover : ELIJAH

59. Western alliance: Abbr. : OAS (Organization of American States)

62. Is down with : HAS

63. Bolivian president Morales : EVO. Since 2006. Wiki says he is "widely regarded as the country's first president to come from the indigenous population".

64. Role in "Evita" : CHE

65. Put another way : REPHRASE

66. Existed : WAS

67. Symphonic rock gp. : ELO

68. European capital on its own gulf : RIGA. Also 80. European capital : OSLO
69. Feudal peasant : SERF

70. Sri Lankan people : TAMIL

71. Armed forces strategy : BATTLE PLAN. Another great fill.
74. Manner : MODE

75. Commotion : STIR

76. General __ chicken : TSO'S

77. Head of Byzantium? : BETA. Just the first letter.

78. Rise : GO UP

82. Court declarations : OATHS
84. Warm and comfy : SNUG
85. "The __ bites shrewdly; it is very cold": Hamlet : AIR

87. Annoy : MIFF

88. Eponymous apple grower : MCINTOSH
90. Mimic : APE

91. Web surfing tool : MODEM
95. North Atlantic navigation worry : SEA ICE

96. Part of a telemarketer's gear : EAR SET. I just call it earphone.

97. "The X-Files" sighting : UFO
98. Attacks, as a wrapped gift : RIPS AT

102. Vichy verse : POEME. Also a Lancome fragrance.

103. Matchless? : UNWED. Ha ha.

104. Requirement : NEED

105. Aqua Velva alternative : AFTA
106. Movie mogul Marcus : LOEW. See also 108. Theaters associated with 106-Down: MGMS

107. Neck, in Nottingham : SNOG

109. Acapulco abode : CASA

110. Unlocks, in verse : OPES

113. Wash'n __ towelettes : DRI

114. Charged thing : ION

115. Dynasty after the Qin : HAN. Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang are four dynasties whose capital was Xi'an. Most of you know how I got my Mandarin name Zhouqin.

117. "Eureka!" : AHA

118. Cold and rainy : RAW

The 41st American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (March 23-25, 2018) will be held at the Stamford Marriott in Stamford, Connecticut. For those who attend, don't miss the Cru Dinner organized by the great Mike Alpern.

The Cru Dinner officially kicks off the tournament and is a great opportunity to meet with constructors and fellow solvers. Our own Jeffrey Wechsler stopped by there last year. He's been ACPT judge for a few years.

The space is limited, so be sure to contact with Mike ( as soon as possible.



OwenKL said...

If you're amused by this story, SO ARE WE!
It's about what happened on a CORNISH LEA.
A sheep (perhaps named Wright?)
Found an ovine MODE of flight,
And up among the clouds there now SOAR EWE!


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

That makes twice for Jeff Wechs in just three days. Got the theme and finished in better-than-normal Sunday time. I always confuse UNA Merkel with UTA Hagen, also prophets ELIJAH and ELISHA. My binary morsel was a BIT until it came out of the horse's mouth. The majority stockholder in my former employer is LOEWS Corporation. Cute puzzle. Thanx, J.W. and C.C.

maripro said...

Thanks C,C. and J.W.I enjoyed the write-up and puzzle immensely.
I always have trouble with lea sounds: baas, maas, or moos? Thank heavens for perps!.

Bluehen said...

What a sparkly, clever and fun puzzle. Thank you Jeff Wex. And thank you for another always erudite expo, CC. I had many of the first thoughts that you did while solving. I had forgotten Creamettes "Macaroni" from my formative years in the Midwest. It was all called macaroni back then. I don't think you can even find it in this neck of the woods. I had also forgotten our painter friend, Piero, but I know we've bumped into him before. Who could forget that, um, profile.

Another dreary, drippy day. Lord, I'm tired of this. Of the 25 days so far this month, 18 have involved precipitation of some sort. The castle on the Bluehen Ponderosa is now surrounded by a moat of drainage ditches.

Italian seasoned pork loin roast tonight, with garlic mashed, glazed carrots, and broccoli scampi. I expect the roast to be big enough that we can have Cuban sandwiches another day. To whomever wanted recipes. Sure, if you like but let's keep it private. My email address is I'll warn you, I don't write (or follow) recipes very well, but I'll do my best.


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This offering more than makes up for my lukewarm reaction to Friday's puzzle. As soon as I filled in Cornish Flakes and checked the title, I was off and running. Not that it was a stroll in the park, though; there were plenty of pitfalls along the way: Ague/Ache, Adopt/Coopt, Mien/Mode, McDonald/McIntosh, and Mouse/Modem. Noticed the duos of Bil/Bill and Han/Hans. Cute to see Hula dancer and Leis, also. I wasn't keen on Sea Ice and Ear Set but if they pass Rich's muster, they're fine with me.

Thanks, Jeffrey W, for a fun and enjoyable solve and thanks, CC, for the grand tour.

Lucina, FLN, thanks for being our resident movie critic. (You, too, inane hiker.) All of the movies mentioned are already in my Netflix queue. I believe I read that Daniel Day Lewis is retiring from acting. If true, he will be missed. Laurie Metcalf is being highly praised for her work in "Lady Bird" and another current release and, also, the "Rosanne" remake. Some of you might remember her as Sheldon's mother in TBBT.

I'm going to a birthday party later and am looking forward to the Lebanese menu, especially the Kibbee and Taboolah!

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-The theme fills were fun and then the change in the sound for MISHAP made me laugh out loud
-Correctly guessing “A” for BARILL_/T_HINI made my day. Natick, get thee behind me! Alas, ALBUMEN/EGER
-FB defensive teams brag that they BEND but do not break
-OH MY was his famous tagline!
-Gibbs, “Want some TEA, Ducky?” Ducky dismissively, “That TEA bag is just TEA powder!”
-SPIT THE BIT sometimes is used to describe an athletic failure
-Admit your guilt, apologize and MAKE IT RIGHT!
-I always heard it as MEEP, MEEP (:07)
-“Are you a STOUT server? Uh, let me REPHRASE that, do you serve STOUT?”
-Longstreet disagreed on the BATTLE PLAN of marching into the Union lines at Gettysburg but it is what Lee ordered and so Pickett’s Charge became a nightmarish reality
-Speaking of theaters, here’s what’s planned five miles from me

Lucina said...

Not much time to read or comment. I really enjoyed JW's fine challenge today; it was just RIGHT for a Sunday. Thank you, Mr. Wechsler.

C.C. and all, I'll read you later.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Lemonade714 said...

Speaking of retro, welcome back Jeffrey. Long time no see. Sunday puzzles still take me a long time to fill, which is a good thing. I have never been into speedsolving.

The theme was nice, my favorites being CORNISH FLAKES, PARISH FOR THE COURSE and ALL-PURPOSE FLOURISH.I did not know Aspergers's first name. ALPHA RAY and PIERO's name was more forgettable than his nose.

A nice daily double from JW. Thank you, CC.

Yellowrocks said...

Fun and fast. The theme was evident in the first few minutes at Cornish flakes. I enjoyed the resulting fill. I don't strive to prevent write-overs. I often write possible and "iffy" answers either lightly or in erasable pen. My battle plan is to change them when perps show the way.
We have had Creamette pasta in NJ as long as I have been grocery shopping. I buy whatever is on sale.
HANS and EVO were unknowns, but easily perped.
Many of Rachel Ray's recipes call for EVOO, extra virgin olive oil.
I know snog from reading British authors. They use sorting and organising so much more frequently than we do and in different contexts. Many of the Briticisms I read show up in crosswords.
I agree Blue Hen that we have had more than our fair share of rain. It is RAW and damp again today. We surely could use some sun.
EASTLA always throws me for a minute.
CSO to Bill G. Hi!
I am restless today. I should be typing contracts for square dance callers, but I need to move around. Alan wants to go pants shopping. Good excuse! I'll take it. Ta Ta.

February 25, 2018 at 11:23 AM

C6D6 Peg said...

Really loved this puzzle, JW. Thank you for the entertainment. Fav was ALLPURPOSEFLOURISH!

Thanks, C.C. for the always informative write-up. You all do a great job!

Big Easy said...

DRAT! I'm ASHAMED to say, but I'm on a losing streak (except for weight). Three days in a row with a DNF. Solving all the ISH's was easy, with STEELY DAN-ISH being the hardest to get. The cross of PIERO and SALLOWER took a one out of five ( and sometimes 'y') guess and none made any sense to me-never heard of either. The Florida Keys also was not finished with my delicates FINE SEWN instead of SPUN, which would not allow anything to complete POEME (unknown) or UNWED. My sloppy handwriting didn't help, as I mistakenly filled RIPT AT instead of RIPS. Maybe I need an EEG.

BEEP is wrong, It was always BEEP BEEP.

EVO, president of Bolivia, where the next fill, CHE (may he rest in hell), was killed.
As luck would have it, last week my wife bought some BARILLA brand bow-tie pasta, or that would have been a hard fill for me.

For "city slickers" who like to look down on 'Hayseeds', I say: Try to grow your own food and see how long you last. Slaughter your own livestock.

In New Orleans, with a huge Italian population, the number of brands of pasta is endless.

My Nike driver is 10.5 loft and my 3-wood (made of medal; hadn't seen persimmon in a while) has a 13 degree loft.

Picard said...

Surprised others found this so easy. I found it more like a big Friday puzzle. But it was a fair challenge and it was satisfying to FIR! Some unknowns, but all had fair crosses. And the theme was fun!

Stuck awhile thinking NEUTRONS were the nuclear decay emission. Anyone else? Hand up with Husker Gary that FOLDING MISHAP was not like the others!

Not long ago I was a SOURCE OF BRAIN RESEARCH DATA in this EEG setup.

My friend Tiff Thompson is exploring new ways to use EEG for biofeedback.

This Polynesian HULA DANCER at a local festival offered a version maybe a bit different than in WAIKIKI.

The local festival is our French Festival, but it includes French Polynesia.

I have to take this opportunity to again share my photo of my favorite EPITAPH ever from Mel Blanc.

He was the voice of the famous CARTOON COYOTE and the BEEP and a thousand other cartoon voices.

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday puzzle. Going down to NOLA soon, can't wait.

Spitzboov said...

IM @ 0929 said she wasn't keen on SEA ICE. Could you elaborate a little, please? (Not a criticism; just trying to improve my own perceptions.)

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle very much, and got many smiles and chuckles from the theme entries. Very PLEASANT. Some really excellent fill and top-notch cluing. There wasn't a single answer that wasn't gettable through perps, the ultimate in fairness, and what I believe is the essence of the ideal crossword puzzle.
I remember BARILLA from the TV commercials. Yes, I guess a commercial can and does sometimes leave a lasting impression.
Good wishes to you all.

Irish Miss said...

Spitz @ 12:53 ~ Thank you for the well-deserved comeuppance for my flippant remark on Sea Ice. I treated it as a not-in-the language term because I had never heard it before. Lesson learned: when in doubt, look it up. 😉 My sincere apologies to Jeffrey W.

MJ said...


Thanks to JW for an enjoyable puzzle with a very clever theme. Unfortunately by brain is moving slowly today, so I needed major perp help, but had fun along the way. Thanks, C.C., for the expo and links.

Best wishes to all!

Bill G said...

I enjoyed the puzzle. I was expecting cleverness and wit and I got it. Thanks Jeffrey and CC.

YR, thanks. I had to go back and look for the CSO but there it was.

Something from Bluehen's post reminded me of this query from an English teacher friend. "Which is correct? I'll give the candy to whoever/whomever wants it."

I think I'll have some pea soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.

SwampCat said...

What a delight! Sparkling fill and devilish clung. Thanks, JW, No, of course I didn't finish but I got a lot - including the theme and long fills.

CORNISH FLAKES was great, but I liked STEELY DANISH better. I loved Mishmash just above M.A.S.H. roller. And Mayflower roller coming so soon after the fill JEEP. My one tract mind was still thinking of vehicles. Well, yes. A VAN is a vehicle but I was thinking of the wrong Mayflower. Oh too complex and such fun to battle!

I loved the fresh clue for our old friend HAN. That's what makes a good crossword. It was a wonderful workout.

C.C. It's awlays fun to get your insight. Thanks for guiding us.

Owen, Hehehehehehe!

Spitzboov said...

IM - Don't self-flagillate. Probably the type of safety concern most would think of is 'icebergs'. But there is plenty of SEA ICE to go around in the littorals of Labrador, Greenland, Spitsbergen, and some other areas. Ships trading in those areas are built to ice-strengthened classes. Here is a link to a site giving SEA ICE status SEA ICE

Lucina said...

WEES. I had much the same experience as most of you, especially Irish Miss, with the same write overs. It was such a fun workout and well said, Jayce, the "ideal crossword puzzle." I especially liked STEELY DANISH. ha ha ha and CORNISH FLAKES.

Thanks again to Jeffrey Wechsler who is a genius constructor. And thanks to C.C., who is a genius, period.

I'm busy preparing ribs for my family who are all coming over later today. This weekend all the children are home so it will be fun to see them. On alternate weekends they spend time with the other parents. They seem to grow so much between visits.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Raining here the past two days so I had no internet. I was having crossword withdrawal symptoms. It froze during the night and the internet was back on at 4 a.m. Dry & sunny today. I'd read all night but I was eager to try the crosswords. Jeffrey's was hard but I enjoyed it. Then I tried Saturday's and gave up since sleep was overtaking my brain. This afternoon I undertook that puzzle again and found it difficult, but did finish, Thank you. Also thank you C.C. & Gary & all you commenters. Two days without contact left me forlorn.

This past six weeks have been a sad time. Someone I was once close to has died in each of six weeks. My husband's brother died Friday at age 89, but don't bother to offer condolences since he was my LEAST favorite person in the whole world. Thumper! I mention him because his lovely wife died just ten days ago -- the only nice thing about him. Her daughter died a few months ago. Wham! Wham! Wham! Her other children are left with funerals and cleaning up. Her daughters are darling people so I feel bad for them. Can't travel to the funeral, but it is probably a good thing, because I'm not sure I could act appropriately to the occasion.

Bluehen said...

A groaner that I was reminded of watching "Nat Geo Wild" today. A buzzard decides to get lazy and catches a flight south. As he buys his airline ticket and checks his bag, the ticket agent notices a dead rabbit under his arm. "Are you going to check that, too?" "No, that's carrion". Hi Steve. Bye.

Northwest Runner said...

Interested in people's take on today's WaPo puzzle. Do you think Evan cheated on the construction? I'll withhold my opinion, but I'm especially interested to hear from constructors. I won't give away the issue for those of you who haven't done the puzzle, but it will be obvious to those who have done so.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Jeffrey Wechsler, for a fine puzzle. thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

Bill G.: I hope the pea soup is from Pea Soup Anderson's. I lived on that when I lived in California. Great stuff!

Puzzle was excellent, as usual from Mr. Wechsler. The theme was fine. Took me a while to get it. Once I did that did help with some answers.

Tried MOOS before BAAS worked.

Did not know PIERO, but perps helped.

Wanted ICE BERG for 95D. However, SEA ICE fit.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Bill G said...

Abejo, yep, Pea Soup Anderson's in a can (with bacon).