Nov 3, 2018

Saturday, November 3, 2018, Brian E. Paquin

Themeless Saturday By Brian E. Paquin

What better holiday to observe after last week's National Beer Day than today's National Sandwich Day? November 3 is that holiday and we can celebrate with culinary concoctions that are easily washed down with suds or other beverages.

My favorites sandwiches would include BLT's, Clubs and French Dips and I know we all would like to know what your favorite(s) is/are.

Today's constructor is Brian E. Paquin. I have previously blogged two of his Saturday themeless puzzles this year.

Now let's see what ingredients Brian has used today to make our Saturday literary nosh:


1. "No problem": I CAN DO THAT.

11. You can only get one if you're near home, briefly: RBI - This batter is briefly near home when he hits the ball but is not going to get an RBI until the runner from second scores and the batter will probably then be on second or third

14. "What are you asking?": NAME A PRICE - Mike and Frank find "rares" on American Pickers and tell the owner to NAME A PRICE

15. Salon inventory: GELS - those salons probably don't carry Brylcreem 

That all you got?
16. Taunts on the field: TRASH TALKS 

17. Doing business: OPEN.

18. Fast period: LENT  - I have given up giving up anything for LENT. 

19. Loiter: MILL ABOUT.

21. Showing a 'tude: SASSY.

24. Emotional: TEARY.

25. Confused conditions: HAZES - Several HAZES here at a "legalize pot" rally

27. Social media movement since 2017: ME TOO - Long overdue

31. Bat coating: PINE TAR - George Brett was incensed when he had a home run taken away from him for using a bat with too much PINE TAR on it. That infamous bat is now enshrined the Baseball Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown, NY

36. Like Dorothy's slippers: RUBY RED - Speaking of famous items on display in institutions 

34. D12 comedy hip-hop song produced by Eminem: MY BAND - Google the lyrics if you have an appetite for misogyny and obscenity

35. One of two raised when rearing: FORELEG - I flipped a mental coin to choose between Silver and Trigger. Cue the William Tell Overture 

37. Tough situations: TRIALS One of my favorite PP&M songs

38. Oprah, at times: ACTRESS.

39. Linguine sauce: PESTO - Ingredients for zucchini basil PESTO

40. Non __: GRATA - Substitute teachers are persona non GRATA (person not appreciated) in a teacher's lounge

41. Largest USA steel producer: NUCOR - NUCOR plants in America 

43. Subway gate: STILE - Do STILE jumpers ever get caught?

47. Foxglove: DIGITALIS  - All parts of this beautiful plant are poisonous as they contain digitalis glycosides that can affect the heart. Ironically, parts  of foxglove can be processed into a medicine to combat congestive heart failure

51. Part of rock's CSNY: NASH - Graham Nash was with The Hollies before he joined Crosby and Stills who later added Young (clarification)

53. Corner piece: ROOK - These castles prowl the ranks and files of the chess board

54. Causes second thoughts: GIVES PAUSE.

57. Off-rd. transports: ATVS - This beautiful young girl and champion swimmer at the school where I sub lost her arm in an ATV accident two summers ago but has maintained a great attitude

58. Fair: EVEN-HANDED  - This cultural philistine interprets this line from Macbeth to say "what goes around comes around"

59. Friend of Wyatt: BAT - Masterson probably with liquor but sans PINE TAR

60. Relaxed: RESTED EASY.


1. JFK __ Airport: INTL - How 'bout this INTERNATIONAL route from JFK to Hong Kong

2. Worries: CARES.

3. Big brand in appliances: AMANA  - Amana refrigerators are still made in the historic Amana Colonies in central Iowa. BTW, this in NOT an Amish enclave as they are always asked. That is in Kalona, Iowa 32 miles south of there

4. Anthills and beehives, e.g.: NESTS.

5. Morse character: DAH - The "long" sound below

6. Go (for): OPT - I don't care who you OPT for Tuesday, just make these 44. Nonsensical: INANE. ads stop!!

7. Airport transport: TRAM - We use Uber to and from the terminal and never need the TRAM

8. Attention-getting marker: HI LITER - They can really be effective

9. "Supernatural" co-star Jensen __: ACKLES - Okay

10. Electric car maker: TESLA - Add $5,ooo for the extension cord

11. Former security, for short: REPO - Your Tesla is no longer security for you if you miss payments and the REPO man secures it from you

12. French flag couleur: BLEU - Rouge, Blanc et BLEU

13. "__ that special?": ISN'T.

15. Depart, in totspeak: GO BYE BYE

20. Base kid: ARMY BRAT  - e.g. Faye Dunaway, Newt Gingrich, Martin Lawrence, Shaquille O'Neal, Tiger Woods, Reese Witherspoon, et al

22. Spend, often begrudgingly: SHELL OUT - Some are SHELLING OUT more and more for college

23. Eastwood's "Rawhide" role: YATES - Clint played Rowdy YATES on the TV series

26. Half an upwind sailing route: ZAG.

28. Sailors: TARS - Our resident sailors didn't say anything about being called TARS but definitely did not care for being called swabs

29. People: ONES.

30. Roulette choice: ODD - Betting on an ODD number has a 48.6% chance of winning on a European roulette wheel (single zero) and 47.4% on an American roulette wheel (zero and double zero slots) not 50/50

31. Sweater outlet?: PORE - If I sweat, it's coming out of one of my PORES. Fun clue!

32. Eye part: IRIS - This kitty's IRISES (or IRIDES) are two different colors 

33. They're constantly picking up: NEATNIKS - I live with one. My wife does not.

34. Their ancestry is often uncertain: MUTTS Are MUTTS healthier than pure bred dogs?

35. Data transfer initials: FTP - File Transfer Protocol. That's enough for me to know

36. Co. that introduced the 45-rpm record: RCA  - Here's their first commercially produced 45 RPM

38. Makes it: ARRIVES.

40. Cut to a field reporter: GO LIVE - Here's one faking wind issues

42. One eying a basket: CAGER - Old name for basketball players. See below:

45. Three-time Formula One World Drivers' Champion Niki __: LAUDA - Okay

46. Sassafras foursome: ESSES - SASSAFRAS

47. Uninspiring: DRAB - How you look when you don't have an 48. Very small bit: IOTA of style

49. Type of agcy.: GOVT.

50. Shipped: SENT.

52. Lamarr of early Hollywood: HEDY - Beautiful and brilliant HEDY collaborated with her Hollywood neighbor to design a "frequency hopping" device to keep torpedoes from being jammed. It is said she drew up the plans on a napkin

55. Anonymous seashore vendor?: SHE.

56. Bachelor __: PAD.


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Zoomed right through this one, but not without a few bewildering spots. For one thing, I never heard of Ackles, and hazes was hard to absorb as a plural. It was last to fall. That Wyatt/Bat thing is still foggy,

Never heard of Nucor either, but now having read a bit about the company, I get the idea they’re a modern steel making firm - in sharp contrast with the old fashioned mills I recall from first visiting Pittsburgh, ages ago.

Morning Husker, and thanks for ‘splaining.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Ran into problems in the Tahoe area by not knowing PINE TAR. Changing CRISES to TRIALS (for the Kingston Trio it was All My Sorrows) opened that area. Finished in normal Saturday time, so life is good. Thanx, Brian and Husker.

DIGITALIS: One early teenage morning, when I was alone in the drug store, a guy came in staggering and wheezing, "Gimme one of them little white heart pills." Not knowing what to do, I called and woke up the pharmacist. He told me to give the guy DIGITALIS. Seemed to work. You don't swallow 'em. You place one pill under the tongue and let it dissolve.

YATES: Our local constable is "Rowdy" Hayden.

RCA: After inventing the 45 RPM record, they had to invent the 45 RPM player. Profitable trick for a company involved with both recorded music and electronics.

Big Easy said...

NAME A PRICE- on those 'rares'- who in the hell do they sell that junk to? And what happens to the warehouses of total trash that the Pickers don't bother with. I would hate to have to clean them out. American HOARDERS would be a better title.

D12 & Eminem-Definitely not MY BAND, which, along with ACKLES, were my only unknowns today.

CSNY- wasn't it YOUNG who joined CSN, not NASH who joined CSY?
TESLA- I haven't checked them out but I don't think they finance. Cash up front.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks, Brian, I CAN DO THAT puzzle but it wasn't EASY. Very satisfying, once filled. Couldn't have filled it without red-letter toe holds.

Thanks, Gary! I really liked the Karl Menninger quote. So true! Great expo!

Did not know: ACKLES, YATES (tried YAncy first. Well, 20% right), FTP, LAUDA, NUCOR (never heard of it).

Loiter: MILL ABOUT? Hang ABOUT is more like it.

Roulette: red before ODD. Thought they just did colors. ROOK was ESP and Gary explained it was chess.

BAT/PINE TAR on a bat/TARS: surprised to see this repetition in one puzzle.

IRIS: got it. We inherited white cats when we moved to the farm. Some had the blue eye-green eye ODDity. Those that did were all deaf. Veterinarian said that is common with the 2 eye colors in cats. White cats don't last long outside in close proximity to coyotes who can more easily see them at night. Being deaf didn't help.

Brian Paquin said...

I also remember Neil Young joining CSN (he had played guitar on Monkees records before the boys learned how to play instruments).
In a previous puzzle, the clue for 'TENS' confused many of us, and this time I had to pause at 'ONES'. "People"? Oh, OK.

Brian Paquin said...

I tried to avoid the PINETAR/BAT duplication by cluing PINETAR as "baseball stickum", and going with BAT the lawman (or whatever he did).

PK said...

Thanks, for stopping by, Brian. That wasn't a criticism about the pine tar thing, just an expression of surprise that threw me off a while in entering BAT & TARS. I enjoyed the challenge of the puzzle. It got my mind off less pleasant matters.

billocohoes said...

ACKLES and NUCOR were unknown. Took a while to suss the commercial spelling HILITER. Suspected but had to look up foxglove to break the SW. Not helped by having 57A uTeS and 59A doc (Holliday).

PINETAR better be only on the handle, not the business end of the bat.

How many people do you need before loitering becomes MILLING? I don’t think one person can mill.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I had a few miscues along the way but, overall, this was a smooth and satisfying solve. I must admit, however, that I was seeing Hi Liter as one word (missed the "marker" association completely) and kept asking myself what on earth is a Hiliter? I even Googled it and found nothing but the marker and finally, finally saw the light. Talk about dense! My other (real!) unknowns were; My Band, Nucor, Ackles, FTP, and Lauda. My Hazes were Dazes, and my steel company was Alcoa instead of the unknown Nucor. I also mixed up the horse's legs, going from Back>Hind>Fore. Despite these stumbles, I finished in 21:59, which is a good time for me on a Saturday puzzle. My favorite C/A was Sweater outlet=Pore.

Thanks, Brian, for an enjoyable challenge and for dropping by and thanks, HG, for the usual sparkling and informative review. Loved the pretty kitty.

PK @ 7:29 ~ Your very last sentence wins the award for Understatement of The Year.


OMK, I can understand why your wife likes that website so much. I spent more time than I should have reading some of the recipes and looking at the step by step directions/photos. Chef Jeffrey has a way with words as well as with food. Thanks for the suggestion.

Have a great day.

Yellowrocks said...

FIR, but no zooming and no 22 minutes. I eked it out slowly. NUCOR, YATES, FTP, ACKLES were new to me, but perpable.
Inane first reminded me of Inane Hiker, who is not inane, at all.
Then I thought of inane ads. More annoying than being inane is that they are transparently deceitful.
Yes, Gary, what goes around comes around. Some who cry about how badly they are treated, treat others just as badly or more so. My mom used to say,"You can dish it out, but you can't take it."
Inane Hiker not being inane, reminds me of Average Joe who is not average. Hey, Joe, we miss you.
Talking of subs being person non grata, when I chatted up a sub in the teachers' lounge my name was Mudd.
IMO "Isn't that special" is very nasty.
We used to see Bat Mesterson in westerns in the late 50's and early 60's.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Challenging but enjoyable puzzle from Brian today. Ended up gravitating to the East, at first, and then gradually filling in the rest. WAGGED DIGITALIS. Had 'Doc' before BAT, my only white-out.
RBI - Had the same thoughts as Husker.
Favorite clues/fill was for SHE and ROOK.
MILL ABOUT - I think the Brits say Mill Around. Once, way back when I was involved in a live NATO exercise which culminated in a sea assault into southern Norway, a Britsh Vice Admiral came into our command center to get updated. Asking about the Amphibs, he looked at a large map of ship symbols and queried: "Are they just hanging about?" Just the same language being different.

Brian Paquin said...

Now that people have raised the point, I do realize that "mill about" is a British phrase. The clue should have been "Loiter, in London". My puzzles would be much better if I could run them past this group before submitting them!

Clay said...

Actually, as much as Husker tries to make sense of the clue on 11A, it's just a bad clue. I think the constructor thought that the person who scores the run gets the RBI; no, it's the batter who drives in the run who gets the RBI -- hence the name: "run batted in." And as Husker pointed out, the RBI doesn't occur until the batter (who was, it's true, "near home" when he was batting) gets at least to or near to first base. You also get an RBI on a sacrifice fly, in which case the run doesn't score until after the batter is called out on the caught fly ball.

AnonymousPVX said...

I agree that 11A is a clumsy clue. “Baseball stat” would have worked better without trying to be cute, which 11A wasn’t, just confusing.

Otherwise, a nice walk in the park, especially for a Saturday.

Minimal markovers....FRETS b4 CARES, UVEA b4 IRIS, DEAD b4 DRAB and DOC b4 BAT.

From yesterday.....don’t forget to FALL BACK.

CrossEyedDave said...

I do not normally post on Saturdays, as this days
puzzle is serious business. (& there is no theme to make fun of...)

But HG struck a (political?) nerve when he said:

"43. Subway gate: STILE - Do STILE jumpers ever get caught?"

So pls forgive the following rant, (or just jump over it - pun intended..:)

Turnstile Jumping - Serious business? (2:33)

Another view (6:28)
Ah a country where it is the national sport!
(Maybe I should give French language second look...)

However, in my "ute,"
I remember having to ride the rails to look for a job.
And often, the fare was a choice between looking for work
or paying the rent and eating. (& the fare was .20 cents!)

Let me close with my favorite quote:

"The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread." -

Anatole France (16 April 1844 – 12 October 1924)

( he also said: )
"When a thing has been said and well said, have no scruple: take it and copy it."

Picard said...

Brian Paquin thanks for stopping by! MILL ABOUT seemed familiar to me in American English. But maybe just familiar from my English visits.

Husker Gary thanks for the illustrated write-up. Sad indeed about the beautiful young swimmer and the ATV. Good that she has kept a positive attitude.

That INTL air route is notably impressive, indeed!

I use FTP every day to upload my photos to my site. Hopefully to be enjoyed by at least one other Crossword Cornerite!

Thanks for the reminder about HEDY Lamarr and her genius in inventing spread spectrum! Used now for WiFi and so many other purposes! I first learned of her in Blazing Saddles as a recurring joke. Anyone else?

Here are some best picks of HEDleY LAMARR in Blazing Saddles

Can someone explain why REPO is "Former security"? I saw the movie REPO Man so I know what it means. But I don't get the clue at all.

I arranged TRASH TALKS for our Sierra Club group. Our Tajiguas Landfill is getting full and the County had plans to present to us. Tajiguas is on prime coastal real estate west of Santa Barbara. But if the landfill were relocated further away it would mean more transport and energy use. Recycling and other innovations ideally will extend the life of the landfill.

Here are some of the documents and my photos from our Tajiguas TRASH TALKS and tour!

I knew DIGITALIS from my herpetology days. It turns out certain amphibian toxins are chemically similar to DIGITALIS!

Plenty of unknowns: NUCOR, LAUDA, YATES, MY BAND (thanks for the review, Husker Gary!)

But I was done in with ACKLEy/HAZEy which seemed just as good to me.

I have REARING FORELEG photos from our Fiesta Parade. But nothing to match the one you shared, Husker Gary!

Brian Paquin said...

My submitted clue for 11A RBI was "Goal at the plate". The published clue does seem to be a bit much.

inanehiker said...

Well today was a challenge only because my paper ran the puzzle so enlarged that the bottom couple of rows of the puzzle were cut off - as well as the Down clues for 5-8. I know I could have gone on-line to get the puzzle - but it was an amusing challenge to fill in answers with no grid and also have no clues but have the grid. I did well in the south, but
didn't do well in northern MN/ WI at all!
I have heard of MILL ABOUT here - so I don't think it is that UK centric of an answer.
Fun to have the CSO with INANE and the kind words from YR!

We don't use DIGITALIS much anymore - mostly because it has such a narrow window of having enough to be effective, but not so much to be toxic. There are much better options - but it used to be standard when the heart pump wasn't working well to give it a boost in its pumping ability.
Thanks for stopping by Brian and for a challenging puzzle - and for the always entertaining blog HG! It's halftime with the Huskers ahead of Ohio State - hope they can hold on for the win!!

Misty said...

Well, Saturdays are toughies for me, puzzle-wise, and this was no exception. At least I got AMANA, ACTRESS, and HEDY, for a start, along with LENT (I know my religion), and RCA (my dad worked for them for forty years or more). But I goofed on BAT because I put in DOC for some reason. But once the cheating got me going, it was a lot of fun, and like Irish Miss, the SWEATER/PORE was my favorite clue and solution. So, many thanks, Brian, and thank you for checking in with us. Great write-up, Husker Gary, and I loved your SHE cartoon--cracked me up.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Picard said...

CrossEyedDave thank you for the valuable insights on STILE jumping. That Anatole France quote has been one of my favorites for years.

From yesterday
Mike Sherline if you enlarge one of the Michelle Feynman photos you can barely make out the title of the book:
"Perfectly Reasonable Deviations From the Beaten Track"
A collection of over forty years of Feynman's letters

I also had tried to Google it and came up with the TEDx talk, too!

Glad that you enjoyed my Feynman story!

AnonT I am easily fooled, so I am grateful that Sandyanon got there first with the Gladys explanation!

Glad that you also enjoyed my Feynman story! If not for you I might never have written it down!

Your prime numbers as a wave idea indeed is out there! I would be interested to know more!

I had mentioned that my B'NAI B'RITH article on recent hate crimes would be published soon.

Here is my B'NAI B'RITH solidarity event article if anyone is interested.

Yellowrocks said...

Brian, your clue was better than the one that was published. I, too thought the clue was odd.

I pondered repo for a while. As Gary said, If you use your auto or something else as security, it becomes former security when it is repossessed. But, are cars often used as security? I doubt it.

So LIU and I found this use of repo by investors:
"Repurchase agreement where a seller of a security agrees to buy it back from a buyer (investor) at a higher price on a specified date. These agreements are in effect loans (or short term swaps) between investors to sellers (the difference between the buying and selling prices being the investors' earnings), and are used usually for raising short term finance by banks and corporations."
Read more:

Brian, which did you mean?

TTP said...

Thank you Brian and thank you Husker Gary.

Much delayed start this morning, and fully awake for the solve. FIW in a very quick 18:50. Had no idea on the Supernatural co-star, and didn't notice the plural in Confused conditions. Did notice the past tense in confused, so I entered HAZEd rather than S. No TADA.

After completing the grid, I spent a few minutes pondering FORELEG before realizing horses.

That piece of tack on Silver that runs from the nose to between the legs and tied at the girth is called a martingale. It's used to keep a horse from throwing its neck and head back too high. Good thing for the Lone Ranger, or he might need Tonto's help to get off the ground.

Watching Rawhide on the Heroes and Icons channel has become part of my weekday morning routine. Easily riled Rowdy Yates calls Trail Boss Gil Favor "Mr Favor" and is always ready to fight anyone that disrespects Mr. Favor. Pete Nolan is the scout on their thousand mile cattle drive on the Sedalia Trail. The drovers can move the longhorn beeves ten miles on a good day. Wishbone is the cook and sometimes medic. Mushy is Wishbone's assistant.

My wife calls the show "Pickers."

Time to pay attention to the Huskers / Buckeyes game.

Brian Paquin said...

My clue for Repo was "Recovered vehicle" which is too bland on second look. At least the editor's clue GIVESPAUSE (54A)

Jayce said...

Nice puzzle; I liked it. Laughed out loud at the clue for SHE, then laughed again at the cartoon Gary posted.

Husker Gary said...

-I opened up the Omaha World Herald this morning and while searching for today’s puzzle, it struck me that I had already solved and blogged it. Where do you get this stuff?
-I knew the CSNY chronology and have clarified it
-What a treat to hear from Brian. It’s interesting to hear that “TENS clue” confused him as well.
-I knew the DAH, DAH, DAH was an O as SOS is dit dit dit, DAH DAH DAH, dit dit dit…
-I had coaches at lunch this week look at the RBI cluing and they had no better answer than I did. It was too cute by half
-Me too, YR. I talked to someone during my first month of subbing and persona became even more non grata. The teachers would wig out if their kids treated a new comer that way.
-Brett later joked that it was a good thing he got stopped before he got to 6’6” 250 umpire Tim McClelland who called him out

CanadianEh! said...

Super Saturday. Thanks for the fun, Brian (and for dropping in here) and Husker Gary.
I finished in good time for a Saturday and FIR.
I stuck with PINE Gum for too long which made the centre the last to fill as HAZES would not appear. I knew the sailing route could not be a LEG as we already had a FORELEG. HAZES gave me ZAG.

I moved from Loll ABOUT to MILL (I have heard the expression here in Canada).
I had Aim before OPT, and Dull before DRAB.
LAUDA, NUCOR, YATES required perps. I got BAT but had to come here to learn that BAT Masterson was associated with Wyatt Earp. LIU.
I saw the BAT dupe but figured the two meanings (person vs. object) made it OK.

Smiled at misdirection for PORE (I wanted the sweater outlet to be the neck.)
I echo Jayce's "Laughed out loud at the clue for SHE, then laughed again at the cartoon Gary posted."

Digoxin (from DIGITALIS plant) is still used a bit in Canada but secondarily now. (Requires blood work to assure safety because of low therapeutic index, as inanehiker stated).
d'otto@7:07 - I'm sure you were referring to nitroglycerin not DIGITALIS in your drug store story. Nitro tabs are dissolved under the tongue and used for acute angina; they are not very stable with exposure to air/moisture after opening the bottle and have been superseded by nitroglycerin spray.

Enjoy the day.

Ol' Man Keith said...

A good 'un. Ta vera much, Mr. Paquin!
And thanks for a rich response, Husker G! I especially appreciated the quote from Macbeth and the extra context given to HEDY Lamarr's career. Many actors IRL are quite brilliant.

Nice to see that pic of the Lone Ranger & Silver. When I was a kid I loved the WT Overture - so much so that it was one of the first things I captured from the radio with my new tape recorder. I taped especially the end of the show when they played it out at length.
I listened to it over and over.

Irish M ~
Again, you are most welcome.

Misty ~
I started with DOC too. A very good guess. Just wrong. Then before I got to BAT, I went to SKY, which is actually a pretty good joke....


Brian Paquin said...

Husker Gary, I meant to mention that the "GOLIVE" video is hilarious, and the SHE cartoon is a good laugh. Dunno where you find this stuff!

Yellowrocks said...

Is my face red! I didn't chat up that sub. No suggestive hanky panky. We just yakked a lot because we had so much in common. But, it's true, the regulars resented that, which is odd. We had all the best subs, because we expected them to really teach. If they didn't meet our standards, we asked not to have them assigned to us. So the reward for being so competent was being ignored? 58A- not at all FAIR.

PK said...

YR: You asked if cars are often used as security. Yes, they are. When you get a loan to buy a car the entity giving the loan, secures it with a lien on the car and thus makes it vulnerable to repossession if you don't make payments. In our state, at least, the lien holder's name is put on the title to further give security. The car can't be sold legally without repaying the loan and securing a statement of lien release from the holder.

oc4beach said...

Great puzzle Brian. Gary did an admirable job at explaining Brian's creation. I was able to get through it without cheating today.

Perps and a few key solves were what it took for me to get the puzzle filled in. HILITER was total perps and I still didn't see it until Gary Hi-Lited it.

Watching football today. HG, I was really hoping your Huskers could win today. They played well and almost pulled it out.

Have a great day everyone. And Brian, come back again soon.

Mike Sherline said...

Picard @1243- I'm pretty sure more than one of us enjoys your pictures.

It took awhile, but with Husker's explanation I finally figured out that 11d REPO is a "former security" in that a vehicle is security for the loan you take out to pay for it. If you don't pay and the vehicle is repossessed, it's no longer security for the loan. I think this is a simpler version of what Yellowrocks said @1300.
At 25a - HAZES because the clue is plural (...conditions)- as mentioned by TTP @1303.

Your report on the B'nai B'rith solidarity event was uplifting, and it starts to soothe my aching old soul to know that these gatherings and observances by people of all (and no) religions are occurring all over the country. We outnumber them and just have to be louder about it.

I vaguely remember reading about Hedy Lamarr's invention a long time ago, pre-Blazing Saddles. I thought the Hedley joke in the movie got a bit old after many repetitions.

Your landfill presentation is impressive. Is picture #519 some kind of gas capture apparatus? If methane is burned to generate electricity is it as harmful as just letting the gas escape into the atmosphere? If so is there an efficient way to sequester it?

Misty - I think you put in Doc instead of BAT (59a) for the same reason I and others did - because Doc Holliday was the most famous friend of Wyatt Earp.

Mike Sherline said...

PK @ 1520 - sorry for the rehash. Your post, with your very clear explanation of 11d, went up while I was typing and posting, and I failed to refresh and read before posting mine.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Whoot! I got a Sat w/ no outside help! And, it only took about 45min (Sats usually take me 2hrs before tossing the towel -- I don't rush, just an EASY pace)...

I couldn't get anything until 15a wanted 'dyes.' Perp-checking got me GO (not LIVE) BYE, BYE / GELS. Like Spitz, the East filled and then I had to go back and peck in the West. SW filled OK, but not until I got PORE and IRIS did things flush out. Z in HAZES was last letter inked.

Thanks Brian for the puzzle and stopping by The Corner. Re: RBI, I believe the batter, if hitting a homer, gets +1 to both his HR and RBI stats; the clue stands, IMHO.

Thanks HG for the expo; glad you didn't know ACKLES nor LAUDA either. I smiled that you gave HEDY her due on frequency-hopping; it wasn't just for torpedoes - the same technology is used in ONES GPS and secure WiFi.

WOs: Blue/BLEU (I knew wrong as I inked it; I blame my hand), hangABOUT b/f luLL b/f MILL. ARRIVEd @1st.
ESPs: BAT (as clued), ACKLES, LAUDA, YATES, DIGITALIS, MY BAND. -AG for sea-route took a 26-letter mental ABC run.
Fav: great clue for SHE.

{AWOL - I just checked the; he's OK. Whew}

Teachers: Why would ONE snub a sub? You can't get a day off without them... Seems like you could chat 'em up (I didn't take that as hanky-panky YR) and see if they know your material too (like HG; competent to sub many subjects).

Funny twist on TRASH TALKS Picard... I was flummoxed at first how the Sierra Club was going to taunt...

MikeS - really? I thought the "That's Hedley!" running-gag got funnier as it went on.

FTP - last week a Jr. Analyst thought he found exfiltration over IRC (Internet Relay Chat). We (after trying to get him to find/read the RFCs) had to explain to him that FTP, unlike other protocols, uses both a data-channel and control-channel (uses two ports) and, in passive-mode (RFC1579), the data channel can be anything. Kids these days...

Have a wonderful Saturday afternoon.

Cheers, -T

CrossEyedDave said...

Re: Picard,

Actually, I am still scratching my head from one of his pics
from last week...

I don't recall the Pic #,
but why would there be a damper motor
bolted to the wall in M.I.T's basement???

Misty said...

Thank you, Ol'Man Keith, and thank you, Mike, for explaining that I wasn't totally crazy for thinking DOC might have been Wyatt's friend. A big relief!

Anonymous T said...

Sierra Club taunts?
"Yo mama likes Smog!"
"Yo mama so dirty, she's a super-fund site."
"You so ugly 'cuz you wash your face in nuclear waste."
"My water is cleaner than your water."

Cheers, -T
//I had one more, but it might be deemed too political :-)

Anonymous said...

As a (North) British English speaker I wouldn't connect loiter with "mill about". To me loiter implies being stationary while "mill about" implies motion in a limited area. On the other hand I'm not a good judge of crossword clues. The two words aren't completely unrelated so perhaps it is an acceptable (if challenging) clue?

Ol' Man Keith said...

There are a lot of three-letter answers that fit into 59A, but SKY ain't exactly appropriate.
SKY Masterson may be a distant relative of BAT, but he can't claim friendship with Wyatt.

BobB said...

Got it done and looked at 8d and said when in H is hiliter. Did not suss
hi-liter until I read the blog.

Anonymous T said...

HG - to your question in celebration of Sandwich day... I love 'em all. While Reubens are way up there, another fav, I got today.

Youngest had a dental apt; our dentist is DW's friend who's in-laws own a Vietnamese restaurant (handily, next-door), and I got a Banh mi sandwich surprise in the fridge. Add a little hoisin sauce... mmm, mmm, so good.

Cheers, -T

SwampCat said...

I’m very late, but I just have to say I absolutely loved this puzzle!! Thanks , Brian, and don’t listen to the objections. MILLING ABOUT is fine .

All those BATS?? No problem!! Great puzzle.

HG, thanks for all the fun.

Yes, I liked PORES for sweaters best, too!!

Wilbur Charles said...

FLN, I never managed to post but did manage an FIR. But when I guessed LOMAN(Willy) I said to self "I never knew he was a beer salesman".

Sat:. Bradley would have caught that ball

And Bowie Kuhn overruled the umps, doubly incensing George Steinbrenner

I really wanted Doc(Holiday) but no fit
I hear another auto pilot Tesla crashed

After his lawman life Bat became a NY Sportswriter. Misty might recall his appearance in Toronto on that Series???

Always enjoy HG write-ups. And Owen's poems. And Picard's pics.

I had a lot of write overs and I had to labor on. One was VARNISH which may very well be on the bat.

My only FIW of the week was TUSH < TESH. And...

YR, thanks for the Maupassant link. I read him en Francais in HS


WikWak said...

SwampCat—you were earlier than I

Lately it seems that I can’t even get to the puzzle until after dinner. Today’s no exception. Anyway, I liked it. A lot. And Husker, you outdid yourself today. I must say, though, that in 35 years of middle school teaching I seldom if ever saw the "don’t mix with the subs" thing happening. Many times they may not have been included in the conversations, but not actively excluded either. And I don’t ever remember a teacher being chastised for being friendly with a sub. Weird.

But I digress. I did finish in about 25 minutes but not without several uses of red letter help. Hand up for getting REPO and not understanding why it was correct until I came here. Some of the long fill (GIVES PAUSE, EVENHANDED, TRASH TALKS) came easily and that helped a lot.

If I don’t get moving there won’t be time for either of my pre-bedtime naps…. G'night, all.

SwampCat said...

Wik Wak, I also subbed for years and never felt snubbed. The subs in my school were part of the “ staff”.” We even got invited to the Christmas party. I guess every experience is different.

PK said...

Mike Sherline: no problem at 3:47. Having worked at two car dealerships in my life, I typed up a lot of car loan contracts, notes and titles. Long ago now.

Sandwiches: Reubens or hamburgers are what I order, depending on the menu.

Picard said...

Yellowrocks, Mike Sherline Thanks for the various attempts to explain Former security for REPO.

Brian Paquin your "Recovered vehicle" clue made sense. I am still not satisfied with understanding "Former security".

Does Rich Norris ever read our comments and comment?

Mike Sherline thank you for the kind words about my photos.

Yes, I thought CONFUSED CONDITIONS should have a plural answer. But HAZEY could make sense for CONDITIONS. But I suppose it is an unusual spelling of HAZY.

Thank you for the kind words about my B'NAI B'RITH report. Glad you also found it uplifting! I had not realized until that event that the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh had been singled out for its support of refugees.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my TRASH TALKS photos so carefully!
You are very observant. Yes, image #519 indeed is a gas capture device.

Trash dumps put out huge amounts of methane. As discussed in another recent post, methane is far more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2. Burning it to CO2 has a double net gain. It reduces the greenhouse effect dramatically. And it is used to generate electricity, displacing the need for other fossil fuels. Yes, sequestering the CO2 would be a triple net gain, but they are not doing that.

AnonT glad you enjoyed the HEDley LAMARR bits in Blazing Saddles! I saw it alone as a teen, so I had to ask my parents later to explain that reference.

I also appreciate that you appreciate my TRASH TALKS twist! I often re-read the puzzle several times before deciding on photos to share. My favorites are cases like this where the connection is not so obvious!

CrossEyedDave thank you for taking the time to look so carefully at my Tomb of the Unknown TOOL photos from MIT! No one commented at the time, so I assumed no one even bothered to look.

Here again are my photos in and around the Tomb of the Unknown TOOL in the MIT sub-basement.

Yes, that damper motor in image #2666 is there for a reason. You will notice in some of the other photos that area is filled with a bunch of huge ducts of various sorts. I am guessing that motor actuates a damper that diverts HVAC air from one duct to another. It is bolted to the side of a duct, not to a wall.

The note next to the motor reads:
Please don't mess with our damper motors.
Keep putting stuff on the Dome!
-- Facilities

The Facilities people were saying some hacking is fun. But it is not fun when it causes actual harm that they need to repair.

Do people know the reference to "Keep putting stuff on the Dome!"?
Of course, I have some stories...

Misty said...

Sorry Wilbur, I don't remember Bat's later life (or his earlier one, for that matter).

Anonymous T said...

Picard - I love the yellow 'Hacker Ethics' sign in the Tomb of the Unknown Tool. There's some stuff cut off but I know it. Don't break shit that might hurt people is #1 rule.*

I met tan (member of l0pht) at CanSecWest in the late 90s. I understand, as a pre-teen, he dumpster-dived at the MIT campus to obtain userIDs and passwords to get time on their systems. I missed him and the team at DefCon26 this year but have the video of their reflection on the 20+ years since L0pht.

Cheers, -T
*My buddy & I, on an Apple ][e w/ 300bps modem, got into railroad switches in central IL and figured out how we could move them back and forth remotely - but we didn't!

Abejo said...

Good Sunday afternoon, folks. Thank you, Brian Paquin, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Husker Gary, for a fine review.

Did this mostly on Saturday night after the Polls were closed and I was killing time waiting for the County truck to show up to pick up the election gear, which they did at 11:40 PM. So, I got the puzzle done anyhow.

Puzzle was tough. Saturday.

Got a foothold in the SE corner. Spread North and West from there.


And some tough ones: The rest of the puzzle.

Glad I was able to finish.

See you on Monday.


( )