Nov 11, 2018

Sunday November 11, 2018 Patti Varol

Theme: "Hunger Games" - Each theme entry starts with a synonym for "eat" and it's punnily clued as what a hungry person whose profession is mentioned in the clue might do.

23. A hungry actor might __: CHEW THE SCENERY.

30. A hungry film critic might __: TAKE IN A MOVIE.

53. A hungry locksmith might __: BOLT THE DOOR. This is a really hungry locksmith.

68. A hungry librarian might __: DEVOUR A GOOD BOOK.

 89. A hungry janitor might __: BITE THE DUST.

107. A hungry banker might __: DOWN PAYMENTS.

120. A hungry angler might __: SWALLOW THE BAIT.

What a great title, so apt describing what's happening in this puzzle. 

You all know Patti is Rich's assistant. She's also the editor for The Crosswords Club. This puzzle represents nicely what Patti is looking for in a puzzle: fun theme, tight theme set and clean fill. No weird abbreviations or entries only known to sports/musical fans, etc.

Patti Varol


1. Comfy cover-up: CAFTAN. Same structure as tunic.

7. Didn't toss: KEPT.

11. Elemental variant: ISOTOPE.

18. Loosen, in a way: UNLACE. Here is D-Otto's Hook and Loop New Balance, in case you wonder. He said they're the most comfortable walking shoes.
19. "Spare me your excuses": SAVE IT.

21. Spot for doodles: NOTEPAD.

22. Land at Mexico City Airport?: TIERRA. Spanish for "land". Nice misdirection.

25. Poison sumac exposure risk: ITCH.

26. Nonstick cookware brand: T-FAL.

28. "It matters how you get there" app: LYFT.

29. Dollars for quarters: RENTS.

34. Compote component: FRUIT.

36. Polish literature?: EDIT. Another fun clue. Of course I was thinking of Poland.

37. Exile: CAST OUT.

39. Bird feeder food: SUET.

43. "How you holdin' up?": FEEL OK?

46. "No __ done": HARM.

48. Subjects of the film "Blackfish": ORCAS. Unfamiliar with the film.

50. Music-licensing org.: BMI. OK, Broadcast Music, Inc.

51. Not quite right: AMISS.

52. Some is changed regularly: OIL. And  56. Pentagon address: SIR. Love both clues.

57. Clever barb response: OH SNAP.

60. Loch with a mystery: NESS.

61. Seriously ticked: IRATE.

62. Cartoon desert island sight: TREE.

64. Passé: OLD. This bag was super popular in China around 1981. Imagine my surprise when I saw Cameron Diaz sported it again.

65. Special forces mission: RAID.

67. Competed using blades: SKATED.

73. Cherry-topped dish: SUNDAE.

76. Venerable English school: ETON.

77. Dinghy need: OAR.

78. "Thor: Ragnarok" actor Idris: ELBA. Sexiest Man Alive.

82. Live, TV-wise: ON AIR.

83. Bouquet bearer: VASE.

85. Mariano Rivera, memorably: YANKEE. Rich is a Yankee fan. Patti loves her Mets.

88. Alley in comics: OOP.

92. Shade: HUE.

93. Curved plumbing piece: P TRAP.

95. Call __ day: IT A.

96. Monopoly buy: HOTEL.

97. Somber notice: OBIT.

99. CafePress purchase: T-SHIRT. Barry G has a shop at CafePress.

100. Comes together: GELS.

102. Kellogg's toaster pastry: POP TART. Never had one.

104. Philistine: BOOR.

105. Inched: CREPT.

113. Point of contention: ISSUE.

116. Swearing or swearing-in words: OATH.

118. Cookie grain: OATS.

119. Mystique: AURA.

124. Lanai furniture material: RATTAN. Never saw a rattan palm in person. Looks very spiky.

126. "One man's struggle to take it easy," for "Ferris Bueller": TAG LINE.

127. Intimidating words: OR ELSE.

128. Password preceder: USER ID.

129. Poor rating: ONE STAR.

130. Actress Falco: EDIE.

131. Reason: SANITY.


1. Measure up: CUT IT.

2. Singer Baker: ANITA.

3. 14-time Grammy-winning banjoist Béla: FLECK.

4. North Carolina team: TAR HEELS.

5. Unlike this ans.: ACR. Across.

6. One who picks up a lot: NEATNIK.

7. Mexican painter Frida: KAHLO.

8. Night before: EVE.

9. Chapel bench: PEW.

10. Champ's collection: TITLES. The kids Boomer coached the past eight weeks finished 3rd in their division (4 teams) last Friday.

11. Trains: INSTRUCTS.

12. A behavioral sci.: SOC.

13. Ferrell's "SNL" cheerleading partner: OTERI.

14. Guiding principles: TENETS.

15. Willing to listen: OPEN.

16. Auto store buy: PART.

17. "Grand" ice cream brand: EDY'S.

19. Ponzi scheme, e.g.: SCAM.

20. Psalm pronoun: THY.

24. Sincere attempts: EFFORTS.

27. Oft-chewed item: FAT. Tiny clue/answer dupe with one of the themers.

31. Defiant response: I DO SO.

32. TiVo predecessor: VCR.

33. Foot that's part of a meter: IAMB. Poetic foot.

35. Four Corners state: UTAH.

38. City on Lake Erie: TOLEDO.

40. WWII sub: U-BOAT.

41. Gush on stage: EMOTE.

42. Wiped out: TIRED.

43. Ramadan ritual: FAST. I can't imagine the will it takes not to eat.

44. Abu Dhabi dignitary: EMIR.

45. Name on Irish euros: EIRE

46. Veda reader: HINDU.

47. Resembling: A LA.

49. Omega rival: SEIKO. Only Grand Seiko.

52. Capital north of Berlin: OSLO.

54. Like some bagels: ONIONY. We also have 71. Breakfast-on-the-run pickup: DONUT.

55. Pond papa: DRAKE.

58. Stopped at sea, with "to": HOVE. Another learning moment for me.

59. Chatters: PRATES.

63. Terrier on "Frasier": EDDIE.

66. Before now: AGO.

67. Fit to be tied: SORE.

69. Word before or after "mother": EARTH.

70. Outcome: RESULT.

72. Really feel the heat: BAKE. Excited that the local Hmong farmers here started to grow Asian sweet potatoes. The ones I got at the farmers' market this year were so good. Taste of Xi'an.

73. Pulitzer-winning Ferber novel: SO BIG.

74. Work together: UNITE.

75. Present at birth: NATAL.

79. Actress Petty of "Orange Is the New Black": LORI.

80. Tusked critter: BOAR.

81. Cal. entry: APPT. Thank God for Google Calendar and reminders.

83. Naysayer's weapon?: VETO POWER. Great fill.

84. Highly skilled in: ADEPT AT.

86. Often-seared tuna: AHI. You can find it in your local Aldi.

87. English Derby town: EPSOM.

90. Last element in Pandora's box: HOPE.

91. Lawn-Boy parent company: TORO. Based here in MN.

94. Menace: THREATEN.

98. Texter's "Oh, and another thing ... ": BTW.

99. Geoffrey the Giraffe's store: TOYS "R" US. Still open in China.

101. River racers: SCULLS.

103. Stick (to): ADHERE.

104. Carlsbad Caverns dweller: BAT.

106. Bright again: RE-LIT.

108. White __: NOISE.

109. Party spread: PATE.

110. __-Grain: breakfast bar brand: NUTRI.

111. Blue eyes, e.g.: TRAIT.

112. Baseball Hall of Famer Koufax: SANDY. One guy at our flea market has this Life magazine.

113. Ratio phrase: IS TO.

114. Adult cygnet: SWAN.

115. Herb used in turkey dressing: SAGE.

117. E'en if: THO.

121. "Based __ true story": ON A.

122. Retirement spot: BED.

123. "Moonlight" Oscar winner Mahershala __: ALI.

125. Comparison words: AS A.

Boomer updates:

We had a consultation with a radiation oncologist on Thursday. Then Boomer got tattooed. He's going to start his daily radiation treatment on Nov. 14th. The procedure ends on Nov. 28th. Weekends are rest days. At the moment, they're just going to focus on the area where he has the T 11 fracture.

He's also going to have more blood work done next week. Then we'll meet with Dr. Thomas Downs for the monthly follow-up. Eager to see if the Eligard shot works on him. So far, Boomer still has not had any hot flashes, so I'm a bit nervous. 

He's also going to have the Zoledronic acid infusion next week.

Happy Veterans Day to all the veterans on our blog: Spitzboov, Boomer, Jayce, D-Otto, TTP and Anon-T! Sorry if I forget others.



OwenKL said...

FIWrong. 85a, YANKEE, was my bete noir. I had no idea who that was, and it messed up 3 perps without me realizing it.
The theme didn't take too long, but figuring what fit the pattern was bad. The last one to fill was TAKE IN, as it doesn't strike me as food-related. You may take in a foster child, a dress, a view, but not a potato chip, except maybe in the most clinical of circumstances!

Several CSOs to me. ISOTOPES is the minor-league(?) baseball team in Albuquerque. CAST OUT was my poem just yesterday at the _J. I always FEEL OK, even when I'm sick, since that's who I am, O.K. Lorion. Frida KAHLO was Georgia O'Keefe's partner, so had ties to northern NM. IAMB is a poet's term. The 4-Corners is only a couple hours drive (and would be half that if there weren't some mountains in the way). Carlsbad caverns are at the other side of the state, but it's still New Mexico. And anyone who likes my doggerel probably needs to check their SANITY!

Yellowrocks: Do see my _J poem this morning.

She wore her sheer CAFTAN, to please her mate.
Then tormented him, TAKING her time to UNLACE!
She knew that a TENENT
Of controlling men went:
His desire can be KEPT, by making him wait!

A BOUQUET was brought by ANITA's latest beau,
And into a VASE it needed quickly to go!
But all she could find
Was a bottle from wine.
He thought it looked fine when she added a bow.

{A, B.}

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Patti and C.C.!

Really liked the theme!

Things that gave me pause were: BMI, YANKEE, P TRAP, T-SHIRT. TAG LINE, FLECK, ACR and ALI. Only total unknown was FLECK.

Late to sleep tonight.

Best thoughts going to Boomer!

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

TENET, not TENANT, blockhead!

Lemonade714 said...

Thank you for the follow up information on Boomer. We will continue our prayers or you both.

The puzzle was a delight. The theme except for bolting the door down was great. I had the pleasure of building a Sunday puzzle with C.C. who as Gary said provided so much insight an expertise in a language she did not
begin speaking.

I did not know Mr. FLECK have trouble rememebering KAHLO loved OATH next to OATS .


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Wow, twice this week d-o got the theme! Oh wait, today starts a new week. Belay my last. My only Wite-Out moment was changing SEED to SUET. C.C., those shoes are the right "model," but mine are white -- at least they were originally. You usually hear HOVE in the present tense, as in ordering another boat to "heave to." I enjoyed the outing. Thanx, Patti and C.C.

SEIKO: In 1987 I received a 5-year award Seiko watch with the company logo on the face. It's still in the box; never been worn. For my one-year award I received a Cross pen with the company's "Z" logo on the clip. That evening, at the local watering hole, bartender Linda Zapp saw it and had to have it. Never saw it again.

TORO: A fellow I worked with at the crane manufacturer in Cedar Rapids moved to the twin cities to take a job with TORO.

P-TRAP: There's one under your sink, but oddly, not under your toilet.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Big challenge for me from Patti. Thanks for an amusing theme which I got on the first one after reading the TITLE.

C.C.: thanks for a very interesting expo and the info on Boomer. Praying for good results from the treatment for dear Boomer.

Don't we all HOPE to become ADEPT at crosswords? I thought this one was hard with the theme entries needing a lot of perps to fill since some of this stuff wasn't normally eaten for real. However, if you have no appetite for what these workers are having, we can have a SUNDAE with EDYS, a POP TART, DONUT, PATE, or AHI. Then just CHEW the FAT.

Last to fill: NE section CAFTAN & TIERRA with ACR for ACRoss not landing in my mind either. I made a beautiful new light-weight CAFTAN once. The first time I wore it with guests in my home, I stepped on the hem as I sat down and it tore from armpit to mid-thigh. Had to go change. Promptly forgot the word CAFTAN.

Tried Bern & Riga before OSLO, Ascot before EPSOM. Always thought EPSOM Downs is funny because on a horse, you jogs "ups um downs".

Kept trying to cram FAO Schwartz into the TOYS R US slot. Thought I just had the wrong initials. DUH! Maybe there are still TOYS R US stores in China, C.C., because that's where a lot of the TOYS are made?

The best way to ruin a Thanksgiving turkey IMO is to do a SAGE rub. Dislike the taste of SAGE.

Did not know: Mariana Rivera, CafePress, TAGLINE, FLECK, KAHLO, LORI, ALI. Can't ever remember Idris ELBA. Never seen him in anything that I know of. Never mind he's a cw staple by now.

Happy Veteran's Day all ye Corner heroes who served. We're glad you all came home. I thanked my veteran son & his wife who also served by keeping the home fires burning.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Patty and C.C.
I completely surprised myself working this puzzle. I had all but about 8 answers filled in last night. This morning, at first glance, they seemed easy. BUT, I did not get OHSNAP or PRATES.
I admit to having the 'red letter' link on, though, so it helped me with vowels.

I’m headed to Connecticut for the next couple weeks. Sounds like my cold weather is going to accompany me! Nearby ski slopes opened yesterday. Earliest Opening, ever.

Have a good week, everyone!


(I couldn’t get past the pictures to prove I’m not a robot. After 15 tries, I will just post Anonymously.)

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased cud for FAT, NUTRa for NUTRI (UNITE was fill, but untie wasn't) and nmex for UTAH. A pal once brought me a souvenir tee shirt from a Four Corners (NM) bar that had a card room in the back. The tee featured the name of the bar and their slogan "Liquor up front, poker in the rear".

Like Lemonade I liked the theme except for BOLT. Loved D-O's observation about the lack of a PTRAP in the bathroom. That's what underwear is for.

I liked EDIE and EDDIE in the same CW.

Thanks for the fine Sunday puzzle, Patti. My favorite was "dollars for quarters" for RENTS, but didn't like the showbiz Natick of LORI x ELBA. And thanks to CC for the always-fun review. I add my hopes and prayers for Boomer to those of the other Cornerites.

BTW - One fantastic election outcome was that Florida voters overwhelmingly approved a measure that will end greyhound racing by the end of 2020. Now if we can just get Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa & West Virginia to follow suit this barbaric practice will be a thing of the past in the USA.

Prairie Woman said...

Good morning! Thank you, Patty, for a fun morning. The NE was the last to fall. After getting a start in the middle North things went step by fun step..
Thank you C.C. for a pleasant beginning of my day. Thank you for the news on Boomer. I hope he does not get the hot flashes. My husband has them and it makes him very uncomfortable.

DO- This is one of those “it’s a small world thing s. Around 1985 the equipment manufacturing that employed my husband was downsizing greatly. The crane company in Cedar Rapids interviewed him and then had us both come to CR and even had a realtor show me all around. About two weeks after we decided it wasn’t a fit for us, that company started laying off. We were glad of our decision though my husband was impressed with the cranes.

It is a beautiful day here! I hope it is for all of you.

billocohoes said...

Had to be FLECK because Lugosi and Bartok didn’t fit.

desper-otto said...

billocohoes, you forgot Karolyi.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I love Patti's puzzles and this one is definitely at the top of my list. The theme was fun, the fill was fresh, and the cluing was fantastic! The grid was so smooth that I had absolutely no w/os and just three unknowns: CafePress (T Shirt), Lori (Petty) and Ferris Bueller's (Tagline), feats unheard of, for me, solving a Sunday puzzle. I, too, liked the Oath~Oats (Hi Lemony) proximity but I missed the Edie~Eddie duo (Hi Jinx) plus Edy's! My favorite theme entries were: Bite The Dust and Devour A Good Book.

Thanks, Patti, for the fun and pleasant solve and thanks, CC, for the detailed review, especially the comments from a constructor's viewpoint. Best wishes and positive thoughts to you and Boomer.

Montana @ 7:40 ~ Try posting by ignoring the "I'm not a robot" box and just hit Publish. I do this and never have a problem. Have a great trip to the Nutmeg State! You're right about the cold weather; there were some scattered snowflakes on my deck this morning!


Anonymous T ~ Great dance performance. Youngest must be very proud of her daring and caring Dad!

YR, your poor DIL. I can't imagine the pain and discomfort she is in and the difficult rehab she is facing. On the bright side, I'm glad Alan is doing better.

Have a great day.

Big Easy said...

Good morning C.C., everyone else, and maybe Patti. I caught the eating theme at CHEW THE SCENERY and finished it on one pass. But there were a ton of unknowns solved by perps this am. FLECK, KAHLO, OH SNAP, ORCAS, IDRIS & LORI, YANKEE, T-SHIRT, HOVE & HOPE, EDDIE, ALI, and a WAG for HINDU. I guess CafePress is a coffee shop; I don't drink coffee. TAG LINE and OH SNAP are not sayings that I'm familiar with but they filled.

As many of you might have noticed baseball, movies, and television are not my cup of tea (which I never liked) and I rarely, if ever watch. Basketball also.

Best clue. "Naysayer's weapon"- VETO POWER. Only if you are the head honcho.

Husker Gary said...

-I agree with C.C.’s summative paragraph although I would mention that I don’t know many banjo players, actors named Thor or Mahershala or Mexican painters. :)
-DOWN PAYMENTS was my fav. Would Patti have considered, “Upfront money on stuffing for pillows?”
-TOLEDO’s favorite fictional son and Hot Lips today
-SAVE IT – Just say you’re not ready and be done with it
-I CREPT over to my school at 25 mph in Friday’s snow
-Election ads rarely address real ISSUES honestly
-Six HS VB teams won TITLES in Lincoln yesterday. For towns like Ewing, NE (pop 387), it’s a big deal
-SCAMS even can reach Downton Abbey
-Today we HEAVE yesterday we HOVE
-It took me a while to remember where I had seen LORI before

Sandyanon said...

Note that greyhound rescue groups are already gearing up to find homes for thousands of dogs in the next year+. I understand that greyhounds are calm and affectionate and make great pets.

Misty said...

Delightful Sunday puzzle--many thanks, Patti. I woke up early this morning and didn't feel in a rush doing this big puzzle, and was amazed that all but a few items, like in the northwest corner, filled right in. I can't remember when I did this well on a Sunday puzzle, but I think it was because the clues were either straightforward, or easy to guess if they were tricky. As soon as I saw 'Polish literature' I put in EDIT, for example. The 'using blades' clue for SKATED was clever, though that one took me a little longer. Like Desper-otto, I had SEED before SUET, which gave me trouble getting TIRED (and almost made me tired). But the one clue that just baffled me until C.C. explained it was ACR for the 'unlike this ans.' That was just too tricky for me. And I also didn't know SEIKO or HOVE, but perps filled them in. So again, many thanks, Patti, for a pleasurable Sunday puzzle.

Many thanks, C.C. for the helpful and fun write-up and for your update on Boomer. How wonderful that the students he coached did so well. He'll be in our thoughts with all his medical events in the coming week. And I hope he'll do the crossword commentary tomorrow.

Your second poem made me laugh, Owen.

Liked your sad CAFTAN story, PK.

Have a great Sunday, everybody.

Yellowrocks said...

I found the Jumble blog, but I can never find the poems.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Thanks CC and others for the heartfelt Veteran's Day wishes.

Enjoyed Patti's puzzle. Straightforward; no issues.
52d OSLO - - Only 4 letter word capital near north of Berlin and near its meridian.
59d - PRATES. German has no direct cognate, but Dutch has 'praten', to talk. The 'a' has the sound of 'a' as in bar.

triple crown said...

Hang in there, Boomer.

Sandyanon said...

Did you click on the phrase about comments, under the date? Owen's poem counts as a comment, and they don't show up unless you click on that.

Yellowrocks said...

Patti, clever theme, which helped in the solve.
CC, thanks for the update on Boomer. He will be in my thoughts this week.
FIR. Unfamiliar clues or ans. were Ali, Fleck, Rivera, Kajlo, all names.
I love sage dressing with pork or turkey. Today, Nov. 11, is National SUNDAE Day. I TAKE IN too many calories.
I read all of Edna Ferber's books in many early teens. Recently I read most of them again.
As a camp counsellor in my college days, I was an expert at attracting poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. I was itching and blistering all summer long. Sumac was the worst. The most common sumac here is staghorn which does not contain urushiol which causes the itch. We had plenty of poison sumac at our MD camp. At college many couples canoodled in the cemetery which had lots of poison ivy. I don't know where I picked up the rash, but I was nowhere near the cemetery.(Maybe other places, but not there.) I was teased unmercifully.
Thanks, IM for your kind thoughts. I phoned Motoko today. She is in quite a bit of pain. She said her muscles in her hip are in very bad shape.
I'm off to a nearby 5 hour regional square dance this afternoon. I used to dance at national conventions from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM with only a break for meals. These day 2 or 3 hours is all I can take. I will arrive late and leave early. "The old gray mare ain't what she used to be."

Hahtoolah said...

Good Afternoon, C.C. and friends. This was a fun "edible" puzzle.

We haven't seen Cheri OTERI in quite some time. She used to make very frequent guest appearances in the puzzles.

Idris ELBA has been in the puzzles before. Previously, I never remembered his name, but we just finished watching The Wire, and he played Stringer Bell on that series. I am not familiar with his portrayal in Thor, but recognized his first name in the clue.

Jinx, I'll take your EDIE and EDDIE and raise you an EDYS. I laughed to see all three in today's puzzle.

My favorite clue was Somber Notice = OBIT.

Hand up for trying Seed before SUET.

I misread Mariano Rivera and thought we were looking for a River.

All the best to Boomer on his treatments.

QOD: Man only likes to count his troubles; he doesn’t calculate his happiness. ~ Fyodor Dostoyevesky (Nov. 11, 1821 ~ Feb. 9, 1881)

Lucina said...

I DEVOURED this puzzle in good time! Thank you, Patti Varol! And C.C., too!

After scanning across the top I quickly filled TIERRA then the entire eastern seaboard bloomed all the way south! Lovely clues and fill!

I love "dollars for quarters" RENT. Great clue and answer.

To see IDRIS ELBA in action is a thing of joy. His energy is palpable and he is eye candy as well.

Thanks, again, Patti and C.C., for a delightful Sunday experience.

I'm still not 100% well and made the mistake of drinking coffee instead of tea this morning which aggravated my stomach once again. At least it all stayed down.

Thank you for the update on Boomer. I'll keep him in my prayers so that all will proceed well.

Have a nifty day, everyone!

Lucina said...

That is the first time I'd heard of Georgia O'keefe and Frida KAHLO being partners. Nothing was mentioned in the movie about that.

Greyhound racing:
Arizona hasn't had it in many years.

Picard said...

CC thanks for the Boomer update. Can you please explain the tattoo reference? We are all wishing the best for him.

Happy Veterans Day!

Here is my video of a spectacular Veterans Day parachute jump with an American flag. DW and I had a prime viewing spot next to the landing zone!

Got the theme quickly and enjoyed the fun with it! But, wow. So many crossed Naticks for me in the fill.


Learning moment the under-sink trap is a P TRAP.

Have people heard the terms HOVE (is it HOVE TO or TO HOVE?)? CHEW UP THE SCENERY? Totally alien to me.

SANDY KOUFAX is one of the few sports names I know. He was a star when I was a child. Apparently he was also notable for refusing to pitch in the 1965 World Series on the Jewish Holiday of Yom Kippur.

Once again I am intrigued by what others do and do not know in the case of FRIDA KAHLO. She has become quite a pop icon in recent years. Especially after the popular movie FRIDA in 2002.

Here we had an entire FRIDA KAHLO ensemble in this year's Solstice Parade!

The FRIDA KAHLO with the monkey is my friend Diane Stevenett who I was with yesterday at a "Celebration of Life" for another Solstice friend who just died.

Here I was at Paramount to watch FRASIER being shot in 2003

In the final photos you will see they brought EDDIE out for us to meet up close!

My first project in graduate school was to make a very specific kind of WHITE NOISE generator. It was to calibrate and test an autocorrelator for a particle sizing instrument. I later did other work on that instrument for my thesis project and that turned into my first job after grad school. So, WHITE NOISE had special meaning for me!

SE Pensy said...

I do the daily puzzle and usually find Friday and Saturday to be the most difficult. I complete the Sunday puzzle about 60% of the time. My downfall is that I never get the theme of any puzzle. I work through in a very pedestrian manner either knowing it or not.
Today was the easiest Sunday puzzle that I have done but still did not see a theme.

desper-otto said...

SE Pensy, welcome to the did-not-get-the-theme club. I'm a charter member, though I did manage to get the theme today.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Picard, Radiation Oncologists put a small tattoo on the patient's body as a reference point for the radiation procedures. Think of a bulls-eye in shooting / archery sports. By pinpointing the radiation they can treat the desired area more effectively, while avoiding collateral damage to surrounding tissue.

Abejo said...

God afternoon, folks. Thank you, Patti Varol, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for fine review.

Puzzle went along pretty easily. Caught the theme right off the bat. That helped.

My final words were CAFTAN and CUT IT. Could not figure that out for the life of me.

Liked LYFT. I have used that service.

POP TART. I have never had one in my life.

EPSOM was tough since I did not know Mariano River was a ball player.

I just DEVOURED A GOOD BOOK. "Origin" by Dan Brown. Now I am reading "Killers of the Flower Moon, The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI" by David Grann.

Hang in there, Boomer!

See you tomorrow.


( )

Wilbur Charles said...

Jack FLECK beat the immortal Ben Hogan in the 1955 US Open.
Doesn't the SAGE go into the stuffing?

I remember a "Splendor in the Grass" episode that resulted in my girlfriend having to coat her legs in Calamine lotion. I wisely wore long pants that week to hide my own poison ivy. Somehow, no one caught on.

I thought we had a ACC(Across) for the NC TARHEELS. Fortunately, I said "Self, why wouldn't Patti have clued it that way?". Then my meagre Spanish came up with TIERRA.

Lucina, if you can find licorice root tea I've heard of great results with same for this type of bug.

Picard, hand up for never heard of Frida KAHLO. c Jack FLECK reference. BTW, I'm reading an Adrian Monk book which is a humourous take off of Star Trek: "Mr Monk in Outer Space". I caught on via a Will Wheatley reference because of TBBT*

As to the xword: without the theme, easily spotted, it would have been one of the more difficult Sunday puzzles. BTW (2), DW is really into Vedic astrology.

Boomer , Semper Fi


* That's The Big Bang Theory. And... I've seen virtually all of Frasier but needed perps to get EDDIE

CanadianEh! said...

Super Sunday CW. Thanks for the fun, Patti and C.C. (Thanks for the update on Boomer. Continued thoughts and prayers.)

I filled in about 3/4 of this CW before going back to get the theme fills. Like others, the NE was the last to fill.
Lots of food today.
I smiled when I saw SUET (hand up for Seed first) because I just wrote it on my shopping list. No I don't need it for the birds, I need ground suet to make my Plum puddings for Christmas. Almost time to get them done and put away to age. I inherited the old British recipe, the ceramic bowls and the cast iron steamer.

Unknowns included FLECK, KAHLO, ALI, LORI, CafePress.

EDYS, ELBA, OTERI I learned doing CWs. DH gave me PTRAP and SANDY.
Smiled at EDIT for Polish literature. Where is Krijo?

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada. Special services with bell ringing in honour of 100 years since the end of WWI.
Thanks to all those here who have served.
"To remember is to work for peace"

Lucina said...

A special word of thanks to all who have served or are serving in our military forces! I am deeply appreciative of your service.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk Say...

{A, A-}

Jinx - thank you for the tattoo explanation. I was thinking "is Boomer getting a one-pin?, a block of strikes? At this time? No! tattoos can cause infection and radiation lowers the imunes-yst..." Oh. Nevermind.....

Hahtoolah - your QOD made me smile. Fyodor told me years ago he took his hacker-handle from Dostoyevsky. Being a moron, I had to LIU; a fun rabbit-hole of info to CHEW ON (and stuff I could talk to DW about!)

Picard - nice video of the Jump. I can only admire folks that jump from a perfectly good aircraft.

D-O: Toilets have a built-in S(**t?)-Trap in them so p-traps aren't needed. But you already knew that...

Cheers, -T

OwenKL said...

Lucina, re: O'Keeffe and Kahlo -- I looked up several citations on their relationship, and the best one I found was this one . That article introduced me to a new word I had never heard before: scenius. It entails so much of what this blog is!

SwampCat said...

I spent the day at WWII museum this Veterans Day. So inspirational to talk to these veterans who risked their lives for us. It is a privilege to honor them.

The hardest for me emotionally are the Vietnam Veterans who received no welcome home. They all seem shocked that we at the museum honor them too. Emotional day...

Wilbur Charles said...

My wife Betsy thinks she knew the original Rosanne Rosannadanna. Your SNL link brought me to her. Then again Betsy said she knew (Mr and) Bobby McGee.

But.. You want to talk a little Dostoevsky? We think of Crime and Punishment and Brothers Karamazov but my fav was "The Idiot". It's a very readable, entertaining story.

I naturally identified


SwampCat said...

WC, I loved The Idiot, too.

Bill G said...

This was one of the little stories on Sunday Morning today. I really enjoyed it.


D4E4H said...

CanadianEh! at 3:57 PM

Thanks for posting that "today is Remembrance Day in Canada."

World War I (often abbreviated as WWI or WW1), also known as the First World War or the Great War, was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918. It was contemporaneously described as the "war to end all wars". Wiki

"This year’s Veterans Day also coincides with the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. The war, which claimed the lives of millions, including more than 100,000 Americans, ended Nov. 11, 1918.

Veterans Day, originally called Armistice Day, began a year later." Hawaii Tribune-Herald


CrossEyedDave said...

Just lurking today,
but Desper-otto's post @7:01 caused a couple of flashbacks...
(or it might have been I ate too many leftover chicken wings from Saturday nights take-out.)
There IS P-trap under toilet!, I even looked it up...

(only to have the V-8 can smack me in the head at Jinx's post @8:37...)

Good one Desper-otto, ya got me good!

Oh well, I was never very good at P traps. The one under our downstairs bathroom
sink is supported, and held in place by a roll of paper towels. Probably
because I didn't know there was supposed to be a washer...

Someday I will have to take it apart and fix it, but for 25 years, it has worked
without a leak, held in place by a vertical roll of paper towels, wedged
between the floor, and the bottom of the P trap. Hidden behind the pedestal sink.
(many things in my house have been fixed with these zany contraptions.)

The other flashback was my Flight Simulator game, IL-2 Sturmovick, Cliffs of Dover.
We often would fly Bombers (Blenheims) out of Crepon, or Carpiquet (Caen) France
to attack German positions at LeHavre. I don't know the name of the river out of Caen
to the Channel, but where it meets the Sea it has a very peculiar shape that we Bomber
Pilots would call The P-Trap.

Yes, I remember several times getting on the radio and screaming for assistance because
of German 109's attacking us at 8,000 feet over The P Trap!

(Hmm, I wonder if my aversion to French was due to a previous life bailing out
and not knowing how to say Wine PLease in French...)

On second thought,

Jeez, I wonder what was in those Chicken Wings!....

Lucina said...

Thank you for the link to that article; I had not previously heard of a connection between those two artists and I interpreted your original comment to mean something more. I did know that KAHLO was seriously injured and suffered greatly but also that she was married to Diego Rivera.

Bill G said...

A direct quote from a Hill Street Blues rerun.

"Nothing happened last night between Joe and I." Aargh!

Mind how you go...

Anonymous T said...

Swamp - I found it! Your post made me think of The Barney Miller[22:48] episode that addressed the issue of Vietnam Vets. I was only a wee-lad at the time it was ON AIR but I internalized both sides. -T