Nov 16, 2018

Friday, November 16, 2018 James Sajdak

Title: Let’s get down with UP!

James is  back for his second Friday this year. He was more prolific back in 2011 when C.C. INTERVIEWED him . His roots are Wisconsin based but his presentation is eclectic with only a mini-theme of Oscar winning directors. The theme today should jump out to almost all, with the sweet reveal telling you UP is put at the end of the 4 themers. Swaddling, Said I do and Sheepskin are all nice long fill and words like Panacea and Veldt are cool. From there it is a fun, fairly easy Friday frolic. Lots of stuff from so many fields. Enjoy.

17A. Novice hiker's predicament?: TRAIL MIXUP (10). I am sure he had some gorp in his backpack.

23A. Relief pitcher?: DIAMOND BACKUP (13). This is a play on the name of the Arizona team - the Diamondbacks. 

38A. Flipped ... and what four puzzle answers are?: UPENDED (7).

50A. Showoff with gags?: HOTDOG STANDUP (13). My favorite, combining comedians with showing off.

62A. Tenement for one on the lam?: PERP WALKUP  (10). If you do know the term WALK UP Apartment, this could be tough.


1. "__ simple, duh!": IT'S SO. Well that is a challenge to start us off.

6. Gobi container: ASIA. Cute clue, as the Gobi is in fact in Asia (as am I).

10. Pollutants targeted in Great Lakes cleanups: PCBS. Why were they BANNED?

14. "Sorry, bro": NO WAY. José.

15. Brits' foul-weather gear: MACS. The Mackintosh or raincoat is a form of waterproof raincoat, first sold in 1824, made out of rubberised (notice the spelling) fabric. The Mackintosh is named after its Scottish inventor Charles Macintosh, although many writers added a letter k. The variant spelling of "Mackintosh" is now standard.

16. Devastated sea: ARAL. We have had this so often with illustrations, I feel like I have been there.

19. Taboo: NO NO. Nanette?

20. DUI fighting org.:  SADDStudents Against Destructive 
Decisions has become about much more than drunk driving. LINK.

21. Card game shout: UNO. I learned this game and Skip-Bo from my grandmother who always traveled with various decks of cards. She also loved cribbage.

22. Dairy prefix: LACTO. This clue has milked dry.

27. Spot for a springbok: VELDT. This is the open country, bearing grass, bushes, or shrubs, or thinly forested, characteristic of parts of southern Africa, home to these small antelopes.

29. Allay: EASE.

30. "Cats" source: ELIOT. T.S.

31. Stopped working: DIED. My 5 year old iPhone 5 just up and died causing me to upgrade to a phone I need to learn how to use.

33. Snarky retort: AS IF.

37. Cheshire can: TIN. A dual purpose CSO to Steve, Nice Cuppa etc., as well as our toastmaster.

41. Where Charlemagne reigned: Abbr.: HRE. Holy Roman Empire.

42. Extended account: SAGA.

44. Sources of some barrels: OAKS.They are the preferred wood source for aging whiskey. Today's LESSON.

45. Salty expanse: OCEAN.

47. Boone, to his buds: DAN'L. What you need to KNOW.

49. Put oil and vinegar on, say: DRESS. A salad; you would want it nekkid in public would ya?

56. Swashbuckling Flynn: ERROL. A tribute.
57. Employ: USE.

58. "¿Cómo __?": ESTA. Usted.

61. Digitize, in a way: SCAN.

65. Director Gus Van __: SANT. I hear much about this MAN but only know one movie.

66. Barb: GIBE.

67. "A Fish Called Wanda" Oscar winner: KLINE. When Jamie Lee was young and hot.

68. 3-Canada competitor: ESSO. James worked in Canada.

69. Erelong: ANON. One of my favorite words from Shakespeare. not our trolls. Though I do agree, not all anons are bad, though some should be...

70. Worked with osier: CANED.


1. Cornerback's coups, briefly: INTS. Interceptions in American football.

2. One-third of a WWII film: TORA. This is a movie which shall live in infamy.

3. Wrapping tightly: SWADDLING.

4. Got married: SAID I DO. And I am glad I did.

5. Olive __: OYL. As a small child I was overcome with the irony of Popeye and Bluto fighting for her affections, but like Shallow Hal, I am not into big feet.

6. Acid type: AMINO. The building blocks of life and the key to your health. RESEARCH.

7. Ivanhoe, e.g.: SAXON. I read this over the summer in high school.

8. Post-OR stop: ICU. First to recovery, then only if necessary to the Intensive Care Unit.

9. Nile biter: ASP. I think this is a nail biter pun.

10. Cure-all: PANACEA. Such a cool word.

11. Bunch of baloney: CROCK. Of...

12. Linguistic group that includes Zulu: BANTU. I love seeing this with 24D. Western tip of Alaska: ATTU.

13. Single-master: SLOOP.

18. Silent: MUM.

22. __ Palmas: Canary Islands city: LAS. Las Palmas is a capital of Gran Canaria, one of Spain's Canary Islands off northwestern Africa. A major cruise-ship port, the city is known for duty-free shopping and for its sandy beaches,

25. Closing documents: DEEDS. A repeat from Saturday and CSO to my work which these days is primarily real estate closings, drafting and reviewing deeds and title.

26. Expressed, as farewell: BADE. Fondly, I hope.

27. Checks out: VETS.

28. Oscar-winning director Kazan: ELIA. Two Oscar winning directors in one puzzle?

31. Gives a hand: DEALS. Not helping or clapping.

32. Press: INK.

34. Grad's award: SHEEPSKIN. Such nice letters in  9 letter fill.

35. Nest egg choices: IRAS. Individual Retirement Accounts.

36. Bogs: FENS.

39. Early Atari offering: PONG.

40. __-Frank: 2010 financial reform bill: DODD. This BILL also is a form of CSO as I was also doing loan closings in the 2000s and saw the absurdity of lending practices which were based solely on making money for lenders and mortgage brokers with values inflated by the need to keep selling. While I was growing up, CHRIS DODD's father, Tom, was one of the senators from Connecticut.

43. Enlarge, as a house: ADD ON TO. My father built an addition to our house in 1959 to expand the kitchen and buy a pool table. Good choice.

46. First name in Disney villains: CRUELLA.

48. Verizon subsidiary: AOL.

50. "Siddhartha" author: HESSE.

51. Black-and-white cetaceans: ORCAS.

52. Mission opening?: TRANS. Transmission next to...

53. Supercharger: TURBO.

54. Steamboat Springs alternative: ASPEN. More likely Keystone, or Winter Park.

55. Fresh: NEW.

59. Piece of music: TUNE.

60. Impersonated: APED.

62. Woods gp.: PGA. Tiger, who is half-Thai.

63. Strauss' "__ Heldenleben": EIN.

64. Pedigree-tracking org.: AKC. American Kennel Club.

Some pics from Thailand:
Oo's son- before

Another puzzle in the record books and my sweet Oo had another birthday in Thailan. I hope you enjoyed sharing today's do venture with me. Thank you James and all who responded these words. Lemonade out.


OwenKL said...

Oh, shed a tear for the ARAL SEA,
Soon it will no longer be.
It will be AS IF
A climate shift
Had changed it to the Arid Sea!

Once there was a game named PONG,
That early gamers doted on.
Back and forth,
Forth and back.
Those paddles played a ping song!

{A-, B-.}

Oas said...

PK FLN fifty golden years and counting :-)

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Yup, d-o got the theme. That's twice in one week, and may be a record. Never read Ivanhoe, and entered SCOTT, thinking Scot. Wite-Out, please. That was my only stumble. Thanx, James and Lemonade.

SHEEPSKIN: I had one stored in the bottom shelf of the bookcase. Many years ago a cat decided it should be anointed. Both are long gone now.

INTS: Total mystery until Lemon 'splained it. Had no idea what "cornerback" was.

UNO: Lemon mentioned cribbage. It's arguably the very best card game for two players. "Fifteen two, a pair is four, eight's a duzz, and nobs makes 13."

desper-otto said...

Oops, just realized that pair should've been included in the eight!

Big Easy said...

Good Morning. It was a slow start in the NW but after a getting NOT SO & Olive OIL out of my head and filling NO WAY and Popeye's girlfriend ( who's Sweet Pea's daddy?), it was a blaze to the finish. No MIX UP today. After BACKUP, the end was in sight and with UPENDED in the center the puzzle became easier.

CATS, SANT, HESSE- unknowns with a WAG on the cross of the latter two.

Superchargers and TURBOchargers are not the same things. But both boost HP, decrease mpg, and wear out the engine faster.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

DNF, not uncommon for me on Friday. Didn't know "springbok", and when I LIU had to WAG between VELDe and VELDT. WAGged correctly. Also erased topDOG for HOTDOG, and my closing docs were "obits" before DEEDS. My Cheshire can was "loo" before TIN.

Even as a former avid sailor, I first thought of "dangerous brake system" before SLOOP. I was a passenger in an old VW bug with a single master brake system that failed. Our DD (to keep SADD happy) jerked on the emergency brake and we skidded to a stop just barely in the intersection. Scary, but with a happy ending.

I've been reading Steve Berry lately. His books are present time with historical connections. My current read, "The Charlemagne Pursuit", made HRE easy.

Thanks to James for a fun puzzle that was only slightly out of my reach. My favorites were "press" for INK and VZ subsidiary for AOL. Didn't like "supercharger" for TURBO nor SWADDLING before it is even Thanksgiving! And thanks to our foreign correspondent Lemonade for providing the chuckles.

BobB said...

Very easy Friday. A supercharger runs off an engine crankshaft pulley, a turbo is powered by exhaust gas and is more efficient. Ford Ecoboost is a turbo. Both system force more air into the engine to increase power.

billocohoes said...

The Red Sox ballpark is in the section of Boston known as “The FENS,” hence the name Fenway Park.

At&t and soON before AOL and ANON, otherwise I was in like Flynn, a phrase in use before ERROL’s acquittal in a trial for consorting with two underage girls.

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

Regarding your comment on 31A:

My 3 year old iPhone 5S refused to keep a charge. I went to the Apple store to have the battery replaced. They said the battery was fine but couldn’t determine the discharge problem. I upgraded to a 7. I think the phones are programmed to fail after a certain period as a ploy to sell more phones.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was relatively easy for a Friday, probably due to the clever but obvious theme. No w/os but perps were needed for Veldt, Orcas, and Saxon.i liked seeing AKC next to Cruella. I never saw the animated Dalmation movie but the live version with Glenn Close as Cruella was very funny. Hugh (can't think of his last name) from "House" played one of the bumbling dog-nappers? Nice CSO to our Tin.

Thanks, James, for a fun Friday and thanks, Lemony, for the long distance expo. Congratulations to Oo's son.

Steve, I recently saw a few episodes on the Create channel featuring an Irish chef by the name of Rory O'Connell. Have you heard of him? I enjoy his laid-back delivery and his lilting Irish accent.

Oas, belated Happy 50th Anniversary. (Ours would have been 43 yesterday.)

Have a great day.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Not a difficult solve, admirable symmetry though - the placement of the unifier is particularly nice.

Hand up for pausing at the Turbo entry, based on the same thinking already posted, but then I adjusted according to this logic: an engine driven supercharger and an exhaust driven turbosupercharger both perform the same function, which is to increase induction manifold pressure. Another name for that action is, simply, supercharging. Turbo in this sense is an abbreviation.

The missus and I just concluded that neither of us has ever seen an Erroll Flynn movie, so we just picked three of the most promising ones on Netflix. Soon we can sit back and watch some swashes get well and truly buckled.

JJM said...

Finished very quickly, I guess.... but I never got the second "T" ATTU, so to be honest I did not get the "ta-da"

Tinbeni said...

Lemon: Nice write-up ...

But I am 66 years old ... and I think Jamie Lee is still "Young and Hot!!!"

Agree with "Big Easy" @7:14, Superchargers and TURBO chargers are NOT the same thing.

Hope everyone has a great wwekend.

It will "kick-off" with my Sunset Toast to you all.

Lemonade714 said...

Magilla my 5 year old iPhone 5s did the same thing but I ent all the way to an 8

Yellowrocks said...

I am charged up by this cute theme. As many have said, surprisingly easy for a Friday.
I needed that upbeat experience as I am feeling beat up. My neighbor boy kindly shoveled my driveway enough for me to get my car out. YAY! Two hours later the condo crew came and cleaned up the edges throwing the snow in a big heap right in the middle of my driveway, expecting the plow to comer back in a few hours and move it. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I had to shovel before I could use the driveway.
This was a humdinger of a storm, not a blizzard, but causing a lot of problems. Many roads were at a standstill. Some school buses were trapped for hours by stuck cars blocking the roads. The commute from NYC, always problematic, was horrendous. I am glad David and Motoko were not in the city yesterday. I picked Alan up at 12:00 noon and today his workshop is closed because the buses cannot pick up on some of the back roads.
If expensive smart phone have such a short life, do I need one? I look at people whose eyes are glued to the phone at the gym, walking down the street, while eating with friends. No thank you. I have texting, and if very occasionally I feel the need for email or Google while out, I bring my tablet. I will duck as you yell, "Ludite!"

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi Gang -

A little on the easy side for a Friday. Had a much harder time with C.C's yesterday.

I'm UP with this clever theme!

Overall good puzzle. No CROCKS, no nits.

Well - one nit - Mission opening? Sorry, no.

Today's weather report --

snow blankets the ground
while flannel sheets warm the bed
winter is now here

Got a gig tonight. Happy weekend, everyone.

Seasonably cool regards!

Lucina said...

IT'S SO SIMPLE! Yes, that's how this puzzle felt. Thank you, James Sajdak.

But, as Lemonade pointed out, it contained some nice fill. And who can object to ERROL Flynn and T.S. ELIOT and the two dynamic directors? ADD ONTO that, a little Spanish, some Walter Scott and a graduation award.

Then there is MUM and SADD and the DIAMONDBACKS and a trip to the VELDT. I just like the way that word trips off the tongue!

Thank you, Lemonade, for the icing on the cake as well as sharing the photo of your step-son! Congratulations to him!

Have a magnificent day, everyone!

Husker Gary said...

-I’ve just got time to comment on today’s fun puzzle. I’m in for a PE teacher and just finished with forty 5th graders playing Battleship Hockey! Don’t ask!
-Even worse – I just had lunch with fifteen secondary teachers who are blaming the kids for not “learning” the material. What a CROCK!
-It could also be Students Against Distracted Driving
-ERROL swashed many a buckle in his day and said “My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income”
-The most important and improbable INT in FB history
-Gotta run! Thirty ninth graders are here for weight lifting class.

Roy said...


Caught the UP theme early.


I doubt Boone's friends actually called him DAN'L.

Americans dropped the first word of "tin can," the Brits dropped the second.

Roy said...

No idea what a cornerback does; WAGged INTerception.

Jayce said...

A fun puzzle; I liked it. Agree that words like Panacea and Veldt are cool. I got the gimmick with TRAIL MIXUP but flubbed the reveal because I had ATTA as that westernmost Aleutian Island. Et tu, Attu? (Now I'll remember it.) I also misspelled Gus's name as Van ZANT which was an obstacle to remembering the author of Siddhartha, which I remembered wrongly as Gunther Grass anyway. Just a bit of a snafUP on my part there, albeit short-lived as I "got it sorted" quickly. And, just because it's crossword puzzle land where an ISP and a delivery method such as DSL can be the same thing, I am very loose about conflating a supercharger with turbocharger. By the way, the new Volvo cars have both!

I have two iPhones (one for work one for personal) but I don't constantly look at them. I use them only for phone calls and occasionally to look something up on the internet. Oh, and my personal phone makes a nice little pedometer so I can keep track of how far I walk. I keep it in my pocket all the time.

We once had SHEEPSKIN car seat covers. I didn't particularly like them because they were hard to keep clean and to keep from shifting around and getting wadded up. My wife loved them, however, (which is why we bought them in the first place), and was convinced they made her feel warmer. I vastly prefer the (not covered) leather seats in our current car. She's perfectly okay with them too. Maybe that's because she now prefers being cooler to being warmer, which gives rise to the subject of thermostat wars ...

Speaking of FEN, and otherwise apropos of nothing, I have always had a crush on Sherilyn Fenn. Yeah, TMI, I know.

Best wishes to you all.

Misty said...

Busy morning with my visitor finally taking off. Got the whole east side of the puzzle, up and down, without any problem but needed help with the long answers--even though I got all the UP endings early on. Lots of fun, many thanks, James. And fun write-up as always, Lemonade.

Took me a minute before I remembered that T.S. Eliot inspired "Cats." But got ELIA and SAGA. Also got ERROL although kept thinking it should be ERROLL. Haven't seen SWADDLING in a puzzle in a long time, if ever.

Have a great weekend coming up, everybody.

Spitzboov said...

Hello everyone.

Relatively easy. No searches were needed. I just frolicked until it was done. I did not know Ivanhoe was a SAXON but PERPS were firm. Same with HESSE, but led with a WAG.
@ 24d - Toyed with Nome, but perps pointed to ATTU. ATTU and Kiska were occupied during WWII by Japan. ATTU is west of the 180th meridian, causing a large zag in the Int'l Date Line.
VELDT; also Veld in Afrikaans. Dutch veld, German Feld, and L. German Feld all mean "field", a close meaning to VELDT.

I've always enjoyed James' puzzles lo these many years.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thank you, James, for this UPbeat puzzle. I got the theme with the first two which definitely helped with the others.

Thank you, Lemony, for another great expo. While you are there will you "THAI one on"? (Whatever that means. I thought it was funny.)

With "flipped" I couldn't come up with UPENDED but okay after a few perps.

Last to fill was the N central bloc: ASIA/MACS/ICU/SAXON. I wanted some form of canteen or jugs for Gobi container not the geographic ASIA. Meh! Never read IVANHOE so did not know he was SAXON.

In 1979-80 I was a reporter sitting in on city council meetings in three little towns. When the EPA orders came down to change out all the capacitors & insulators with PCB in their electricity distribution systems, there was much talk. One town only had one city employee with training to do this work and no money in the budget for the new stuff and another employee. That one employee was on the verge of quitting until one of the council members who had the right training volunteered to help him. They completed the job during the councilman's vacation from his real job. PCBs were thought to cause cancer. I hadn't thought of it before today, but both men suffered from cancer about 10 years later. The city employee died. The councilman survives still. Wonder if those PCBs contributed to their ill health?

DNK: "Siddhartha" or HESSE, DODD, HRE (should have remembered this).

OAS: saw your post late last night. Good for you both to make it work so long!

IM: Hope you are having many happy memories of your marriage.

YR: I shudder to think of you out there shoveling snow! Glad our 3 little snows all melted without having to shovel or plow. They just salted the roads. Sunny and above freezing here this week. Is your DIL back in home territory now? How is she?

desper-otto said...

Jayce, have you been watching S.W.A.T.? Sherilyn Fenn plays the dowdy parolee mother of a once-SWAT, now wanna-be-SWAT, police officer. Quite a change from her role on Twin Peaks.

billocohoes said...

YR, I find the iPhone a good backup when the laptop is in the shop, as mine is now. I can do about 90% of what I do on the phone, except for real letter-writing, finding the url of a page I’m on (because I’m using Safari?), and doing the Daily Jigsaw ( screen’s too small.) Hope the laptop’s fixed before I have to start printing Xmas card envelopes.

Sounds like I’ve got about a year left on this phone.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Ta ~ DA!
... and the Diamondback team is a play on the name of an infamous Rattlesnake.

Fun! This exercised my imagination without demanding too much pain.
A 3-way on the mirror side. The top diag is an anagram that might be interpreted as a slam against Mr. Sajdak's less colorful friends, as they are being slammed here as...

Bill G said...

I always liked Errol Flynn's "Robin Hood" better than any of those that followed. I liked the way he swashed his buckles I guess.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

DNF & FIW - What letter seems reasonable to you to put into the crossing of VELD_ | A_TU? T was not on my short-list; I just left it blank. Still, though, a satisfying solve.

Way to OLDSPICEUP(?) our Friday James! Thanks for the fun puzzle with no DOWN-side [other than I couldn't finish].
Thanks Lem for the expo and Fish Called Wanda clip. Nice pics of Oo's Son.

WOs: OiL, DIEs, eyeS b/f VETS (both which didn't allow for loo, which, like Jinx, I really wanted).
ESP: DAN'L (really?)
FIW: Van zANT(?) [6:14]. 50d's clue was meaningless to me...
Fav: PANACEA - that's my sandbox's name! //sandbox: where I detonate potential "bad" CyberStuff and analyze the results.
RunnerUP: KLINE, I almost started Cleese there...

Theme: My first themer solved was PERP WALK UP. That's when I noticed UP at the end of other themers and guessed (quite successfully, I might ADD) the front-ends. That shoveled a lot of snow and I was finally able to fill the West. Unlike most y'all, I found this puzzle's clues Sat-hard.

{A, B+}

Dudley - I too appreciated the center-placement of the reveal.

HG - sorry, I must. WTH is Battleship Hockey?

I still have an iPhone5s - I like the form-factor [newer ones are too big for my slack's pocket's inner-pocket]. When my battery DIED, I got a NEW i5s at BestBuy for dirt-cheap, swapped the SIM, restored from iCloud, and was back in biz. BTW, if you have an iPhone6 or better, don't let them not change the battery. Apple messed UP the power-system.

Cheers, -T

Yellowrocks said...

PK, thanks, I did OK with the shoveling. It only took 5 or ten minutes, but I resented the thoughtlessness (cluelessness) of the worker. It was so unnecessary to pile the snow in the middle of the just cleared path from the garage to the street. Then I saw my retired neighbor's much worse predicament. They left her with a very much larger mess in her driveway which she previously had cleared herself with much hard work. She and I decided it was too much for us to clear by ourselves this time and we wanted to leave the evidence so we could complain to management. The crew finally came back after 3:00 pm and cleaned up. My neighbor's car was trapped in her garage all that time. I was upset for her.
All kinds of little glitches are UPENDING me today. Good example of the word, irascible. Good thing this puzzle didn't need P&P. I will try singing "Tomorrow, the sun will come out tomorrow."
On the bright side, on Tuesday my DIL was taken to a rehab facility near her home by ambulance. The trip was covered by her insurance. She sounded bright and positive yesterday. She was getting around by wheelchair and practicing walking at PT. She even went to the salon at rehab to get her hair washed.
Alan had a simple bacterial infection last week, which is now gone. It is almost impossible to tell at the time what is serious and what is not. In my mind this episode does not count as an interruption of his upward streak. I am relieved.
Dudley and Jayce @1:09, I LIU, the cognoscenti see a big difference in the current use of turbocharged and supercharged, but I accept the crossword puzzler's license explained by Dudley and noted by Jayce.
Among my reason for resisting the smart phone is dreading the learning curve needed to operate it. I used to be a quick study.

AnonymousPVX said...

Well, this themed puzzle is of the giveaway variety, you get the “up” and then you can fill in cells without knowing the rest of the answer, which is exactly what I did.
Otherwise a typically tough Friday puzzle, with some devious clueing thrown in.

Superchargers have no lag, you get power from the instant you press the go pedal...turbos generally have a short “lag” while they spool up. I prefer the “right now” of the supercharger.

A couple markovers, SAIDYES b4 SAIDIDO, EYES b4 VETS.

And on to Saturday.

Lucina said...

I'm so sorry to hear you have to shovel snow! I can't even imagine that kind of cold right now and I won't mention the temperature here.

I just went and bought another turkey as I gave the first one to my daughter for our Thanksgiving dinner. It's such good meat and so inexpensive!

Did you see my e-mail?

Wilbur Charles said...

PVX, I had the same write-overs.

IM, I hope yesterday was a day for fond memories and not sadness.

Billocohoes, when I visited my grandmother in Roxbury, my father was paranoid about our wandering anywhere near said FENS. Apparently, drownings there were common in the 20s and 30s.

Press=INK???? CSO to Moi who "inks" his xwords. And FENS as noted. I liked both of Owen's Lick's today.

I have had a project, dormant for several years since I dreamed it up, of an "Ivanhoe" musical to rival "Hamilton". My idea actually preceded it. Ivanhoe, IMO, is basically misunderstood. fe. Ivanhoe is not the hero and Scott didn't intend him to be.

Hamilton did pave the way for anachronisms. fe. again. The big joust would be viewed via closed circuit TV although perhaps a play by play AIRing.

Malcolm Butler. We were just talking about him but I forgot his name. Why was he benched vs Philly. Mystery persists.
Btw, the next link was Jets vs Raiders and Namath took a hit whilst being five yards out of bounds. No flag, how FB has changed. eg. Then they played for the dough as Maynard says at the end of the link.
I actually INKed this quickly unlike yesterday.


Jayce said...

desper-otto, because we liked Shemar Moore in Criminal Minds we started to watch S.W.A.T. when it first aired but couldn't stomach it. Frankly we thought it was awful and have never again watched it, so I was unaware that Sherilyn Fenn was in it. Thanks for letting me know. I looked it up in imdb and learned a bit more about the show. While Ms. Fenn is as gorgeous as ever it seems from the majority of the reviews the show is as bad as ever.

On a business trip not long ago our son rented an Audi A4 with a turbocharged engine. He said the turbo lag was quite noticeable (i.e. severe). I'm going to ask him if he'd be willing to rent a Volvo next time and give us his "review."

Wow, hard to believe New York City was immobilized by a mere 6 inches of snowfall.

The air here is really stinky and is officially categorized as hazardous to health. I hope the wind changes soon.

Irish Miss said...

PK and Wilbur ~ Thank you for your kind sentiments. I do have a lot of meaningful, happy memories and I focus on those.

YR, your DIL's positive attitude should serve her well with the rehab. Best wishes for a rapid recovery. Good news on Alan, also.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I recall from my years of living in snow country (Conn., Mass.) how November was often the month of heart attacks.
Older gents who had no known history of heart problems would go out to shovel their drives and begin dropping to the right and left of us.
I'm glad I am back in California now for many reasons, not the least of which is that we have no snow--and I have a good cardiologist.

Lemonade714 said...

I too shoveled my last snow years ago. Thanks for the Sherilyn Fenn tip, i also tried and passed on S.W.A.T.

billocohoes said...

Yes, WC, Press (as in good press, publicity) = INK (story in a dead-tree newspaper)

Liked Flynn in Gentleman Jim, about boxer Jim Corbett, if you’re not one of those people who only watch color movies.

It’s beeen 25 years since I was digging the driveway after a two-foot blizzard and I asked myself what I was trying to prove, went out and got a snowblower. Now I’m ready to give it to my SonIL for their new house and move myself up to a two-stage.

Yellowrocks said...

West Orange,NJ had 23 inches of snow and Roseland had 19.7. Near there Rte 280, where the school buses were trapped, is notoriously slippery on the hills with every single snowstorm and is soon blocked with stuck cars and trucks that can't make the hills.
NYC at rush hour is almost at a standstill on normal days with its failing antiquated train system and huge numbers of commuters. Often several train lines are out of service. During storms the switches freeze shutting down more lines. The NYC bridges can get very slick with just a thin glaze and the ramps leading up to them are a skating rink. Several bridges were closed due to ice on Thur. You cannot imagine the huge crush of people at rush hour. Port Authority had so many stranded people that the second and third floors could hold no more.
Years ago I was traveling on hilly Rte 80 in PA during the start of a snowstorm. With only a thin coating of snow the road it was a sheet of ice. It doesn't take much snow to cause havoc. Lots of experienced truck drivers skidded off the road into ditches. It was white knuckle driving.
Another time I was in a blizzard when the snow was falling so fast that within 15 minutes after the plows came through the snow on the road was six inches deep again. The windshield wipers were constantly clogged with great balls of snow and I had to stop to clear them. If I had left 20 minutes later, the snow would have been so deep I wouldn't have made it home.
Traveling during winter weather warnings is hazardous, especially when the weather forecasters are off on the timing and intensity of the storm, as was the case here.

Picard said...

Surprisingly easy, fun ride for a Friday! Got the UP-ENDED theme quickly which helped!

It's AMINO World Without Chemists

Learning moment that is what GIBE means. Got it with ESP.

LA PALMA in the CANARY ISLANDS was the site of an extraordinary demonstration of Quantum Spookiness

In a couple of weeks I am going to present this experiment to our research group. It shows how one measurement can affect another experiment that has already ended 144km away on another CANARY ISLAND (Tenerife). Spooky.

Enjoyed DEALS for "gives a hand".

As a hike leader, I have had more than one TRAIL MIXUP. But so far I have always straightened it out with no ill effects!

Once again, here I was on Broadway to see CATS.

I think it was the longest running Broadway show at the time. I did not actually think it was that great. Not much of a set as you can see.

Our freshman orientation guide had a glossary of terms that we would be hearing often. One was CROCK. Defined as "Earthenware container". "As in CROCK of sh--".

Lemonade714 said...

Last time I was in Connecticut in the winter, we were there for my uncle’s funeral in 1976
We had three blizzards in a week and kept postponing our flight home
Never again

Bill G said...

I'm guessing I'll be in the minority here but, I don't like CATS very much. I saw it years ago. It had one great song but not much else. From my viewpoint, it had no story and the rest of the music was forgettable. Not my cup of catnip tea.

~ Mind how you go.

fermatprime said...


Thanks to James and Lemonade!

Neat theme.

FIR. Only unknown was HESSE. Just whizzed by. Very unusual for a Friday.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Husker Gary said...

Tony - Battleship Hockey - 8 kids on offense trying to knock over 8 plastic bowling pins on a line from 10' away and 8 kids on defense trying to prevent the pins from getting knocked over and all 16 with hockey sticks swinging at 10 whiffle balls. Let the games begin!

PK said...

YR: good news about you DIL & Alan. I'm glad you are okay after the shoveling. Girl, you've got more guts than a government mule to try to do those things. I just marvel at you. I think I've done something when I roll the trash can down the drive to the street.