Nov 18, 2018

Sunday November 18, 2018 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: "Bro Hug" - Nine synonyms of "bro" bookend each theme entry.

23A. Corporate criminal's undoing: PAPER TRAIL. Pal.

25A. Orbit, e.g.: CHEWING GUM. Chum.

39A. Sparty's school: MICHIGAN STATE. Mate.

68A. Football helmet part: CHINSTRAP. Chap.
97A. 1898 battle site: GUANTANAMO BAY. Guy,

116A. "Miracle on Ice" setting: LAKE PLACID. Lad.

118A. Bit of thrill-seeking equipment: BUNGEE CORD. Bud.

38D. "10" co-star: DUDLEY MOORE. Dude.

43D. Puff, e.g.: MAGIC DRAGON. Man.

This is a simple theme with a simple design. Most of my themes and grids are very simple.

Rich allows theme queries for Sunday puzzles. When I first sent out mine, I included two entries with MATE hugging. Thankfully he noticed my goof immediately.


1. Stack in a cabinet: LIDS. And 93D. Stack in a till: ONES.

5. "What a surprise to run into you!": OH HI.

9. Fraternity letter: KAPPA.

14. Out of juice: DEAD. Our car battery was dead at the flea market once.

18. "It's my turn!": I'M UP.

19. Quick looks: PEEKS.

21. Used at the table: ATE ON. And 28. Sign at a takeout window: ORDER HERE.

22. Actress Swenson: INGA.

27. Public row: SCENE.

30. Ethereal glows: AURAS.

31. "Basket of Bread" painter: DALI. Homemade, Gary!

33. Finish off: DO IN.

34. Decline the invite, perhaps: RSVP.

36. Benchmark: Abbr.: STD.

43. Game show hosts: MCS.

46. Most faithful: TRUEST.

48. Glass work: OPERA.

49. Old cereal box no.: RDA. Replaced by DRI (Dietary Reference Intake).

50. Traditional Indian wedding garment: SARI. Very pretty.

51. Support person: AIDE.

52. Cantina hors d'oeuvres: TAPAS.

54. Elle Girl rival: TEEN VOGUE. No more print editions. Online only.

56. Scandalous biographies: TELL-ALLS. And 72. Personal account: MEMOIR.

58. "Dude, you with me?": C'MON.

60. Cease: DESIST.

61. K.C. to New Orleans dir.: SSE.

62. "Get my point?": SEE.

63. Corporate deal: BUYOUT. And 91. Corp. bigwig: CEO. Rich greatly improved my fill in the middle. 

65. Facial hair, for short: STACHE.

66. RB's gains: YDS.

71. Strange: ODD.

75. 82-Across' powerful patients: AKITAS. 82. 75-Across' docs: VETS.

76. Glorifying tribute: ODE.

78. Bit of sunshine: RAY.

81. Plaza Hotel girl: ELOISE.

83. Place for slanted columns: OP-ED PAGE.

85. Gets rid of: ABOLISHES.

87. Big name in winter boots: SOREL. Quite pricey.

89. Double-curved arch: OGEE. Super gluey.

90. Fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres: DORY.

92. Tamiflu producer: ROCHE. I still have not got my flu shot.

94. Rockies range: TETONS.

96. Barnyard mom: EWE.

100. High degree: NTH.

101. Tune for two: DUET.

102. One writing birthday wishes, at times: ICER.

103. Food-inspection org.: USDA.

105. Thrash: FLAIL.

108. Is pure perfection, scorewise: RATES A TEN. Then we have 124. Brutal reviews: PANS.

112. Sundance flick: INDIE.

120. Fail to include: OMIT.

121. Tavern sign abbr.: ESTAB.

122. Didn't take well?: STOLE. Rich's clue.

123. Sweet place?: HOME. Our sweet little home is the only place I've lived in the US.

125. Straight from the mint: SHINY.

126. Manipulative type: USER.

127. Mideast sultanate: OMAN.


1. Carmex targets: LIPS. Nivea is my favorite.

2. Apple variety: IMAC.

3. Deceive: DUPE.

4. Lay out: SPEND.

5. Make a call: OPT.

6. Like a super saver?: HEROIC. And 74. Get out of a jam: RESCUE. God knows how many times D-Otto got me out of a jam. 

7. Get the news: HEAR.

8. "Just joshing": I KID.

9. Pueblo spirit being: KACHINA. Never know if these are antique or remake.

10. Rival of Sparta: ATHENS.

11. Equal: PEER.

12. Sports drink brand: POWERADE.

13. Darth's childhood nickname: ANI.

14. Bring to light: DIG UP.

15. Many an MIT alum: ENGR.

16. Isla surrounder: AGUA.

17. They may make lakes: DAMS. Rich's clue also.

20. Heavy hammers: SLEDGES.

24. OfficeMax purchase quantities: REAMS. Someone should fix the paper cut problem.

26. Basilica section: NAVE.

29. Sound from a happy crowd: ROAR. And 35. Place to see fans: STANDS.

32. Pint-size: LITTLE.

36. Color commentator's data: STATS.

37. Puts to the test, as patience: TRIES.

40. See 41-Down: HOPS. 41. Beverage made with 40-Down: IPA.

42. Starbucks size after Venti: TRENTA.

44. Trounce: CRUSH.

45. Lucky roll in el casino: SIETE.

47. Sargasso Sea spawner: EEL.

50. "What a shame": SO SAD.

53. Guinness of "Doctor Zhivago": ALEC. I love "Doctor Zhivago".

54. City on the Loire: TOURS.

55. Nixed: VETOED.

57. Birthplace of St. Francis: ASSISI.

58. Minor surgery targets: CYSTS.

59. Longest-serving Dodger coach Manny: MOTA. From 1980 to 2013.

63. They may be stationary: BIKES.

64. Body of soldiers: UNIT.

67. Lacy place mat: DOILY.

69. Wear: HAVE ON.

70. Issuer of bulls: POPE. Papal bull.

72. Victor at Gettysburg: MEADE.

73. Jostling joint: ELBOW.

77. Mouth features: DELTAS. River mouth.

79. Hollywood role: AGENT.

80. "Aw, man!": YEESH.

83. Apt name for a tuxedo cat: OREO.

84. Flower holder: POT.

86. Hot weather woe: HEAT RASH. I spent this past summer rash-free.

87. Insects in hieroglyphic: SCARABS.

88. Omega, in physics: OHM.

92. Zoomed past: RACED BY.

95. Steve's singing partner: EYDIE.

97. [This is gonna be bad]: GULP.

98. Venetian old master: TITIAN.

99. Mess up: BUNGLE.

101. Plans often ignored around holidays: DIETS. What are you having on Thanksgiving? We just bought a turkey. Last year we had ham.

104. Dried poblano chili: ANCHO.

105. Playwright's worst nightmare: FLOP.

106. Priest of the East: LAMA.

107. Similar: AKIN.

109. Follower of a rising curtain: ACT I.

110. Ballerina attire: TUTU.

111. Nephew of Abel: ENOS.

113. Destine for failure: DOOM.

114. Hogwarts librarian __ Pince: IRMA. Learning moment for me.

115. Early sinning site: EDEN.

117. Brown of jazz: LES.

119. Eternally, in poetry: EER.

Boomer updates:

Boomer's PSA is down to 11.25 last Wednesday, thanks to the hormone shot. They're going to put Boomer on Abiraterone (tablet), a drug for metastatic prostate cancer. The nurse practitioner talked to us over 20 minutes about this drug. Very toxic. They'll check on Boomer's liver and white blood cell on a monthly basis. We were quite scared of the side effects, but felt better after reading Nina's email asking us not to worry too much. She said doctors are very careful in how they handle chemo drugs.

Here is Boomer having his Zoledronic acid infusion last week, with the stiff back brace under his shirt. He brings his smile and humor wherever he goes. He did have awful chills and lost his motor skills on Thursday night, but he got better on Friday morning and we went to VA for his third radiation. The daily radiation continues next week, but we get Thursday off.


Lemonade714 said...

I did not know SOREL or IRMA PRINCE
Liked the theme
And mostly I admire the courage you and poker are exhibiting

D4E4H said...

Good morning Corner-readers, and Corner-writers.

I saw the letters C.C. and knew that this Sunday CW would be challenging, and fun. Thank you for reviewing your own CW, and for the update on Boomer.


OwenKL said...

FIWrong. DEnTAS + SOREn. Never heard of SOREL, and couldn't stop thinking about a person's mouth (something to do with dental), never considered a river mouth.

Kachina is a CSO to me. I used to have a collection of bolo ties that I constructed myself, all of story-teller dolls. They're not Kachinas, but they come from the same tradition.

The young KACHINA was having a crisis, he didn't who he was!
He had a name, He-is-who, the Great Spirit had made him with love.
But a Kachina is a spirit of a place, or work, or activity.
He-is had no such an assignment, nothing he needed to be.
An older Kachina took him aside, counseled him with wisdom.
"You must seek out what you want to be, then be that in everything done."
These words were wise, these words were strong, these words are a key.
Decide to be good, decide to be happy. Then your name will be --


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Stumbled here and there, but crossed the finish line on time, so life is good. Had the circles, so I was able to see the theme. DRI was a learning moment. Sounds like a brand of deodorant. DEEP SIXES where ABOLISHES needed to go. But that's what Wite-Out is for. Four letters, baseball-related, named Manny -- gotta be ALOU, right? LIU and found out Alou's name is Matty. D'oh! Thanx to today's duo, C.C. and C.C.

SOREL: New to me. Nobody wears winter boots around here.

KACHINA: There's an excellent collection at the Heard Museum in Phoenix. I'll bet Lucina's seen them.

ASSISI: I'm never sure where to put the double-ess. Someday I'll remember. Riiiiight.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

What D-Otto said, except for the deep sixes thing, which I didn’t think of but wish I had!

Hand up along with Owen for thinking dental, somehow, but it didn’t fit.

Morning, C.C., thanks for your construction insights today! I admire the resilience and fortitude you both are bringing to the battle.

MiMi said...

Fun puzzle. Thanks, C.C. I knew Sorel because I took a friend shopping this week & she bought a pair. She paid a ridiculous amount for the few times she’ll wear them, but she only buys the best. You’ll never convince her the most expensive isn’t always the best, or the best for her. She wastes more money than I spend, but my Mother raised a penny wise daughter. Thanks, Mom. It helped when raising my daughters.

Big Easy said...

Well, who should I congratulate, the constructor or the blogger? They're one in the same----C.C. The male names, descriptions, monikers...etc were obvious after PAper trail and CHewing gUM but I never noticed the DUDE and MAN in 38 & 43D. No PANS for C.C. puzzles.

C.C. almost DUPEd me in the NW with the LIDS; we don't stack lids but they stay on the pot they go on. DEAD battery? I had to but two car batteries in the last six weeks.

Otto- DRI was Gillette's Soft & DRI, which was Right Guard in another can for women. RDA it will always be. DRI is just some petty bureaucrat's idea whose ego was bigger than his IQ. Never hears of either TEEN VOGUE or Elle Girl, TRENTA, SOREL boots, ANCHO peppers, or IRMA the librarian. Perps for those unknowns.

I see BO DERK was missing but we got DUDLEY MOORE and RATES A TEN today.
CARMEX originally came in a very small jar (the only option) and was labeled "Carmex for cold sores".

Pint-sized being little. Remember when Coca-Cola came in two sizes in returnable bottles- 6oz and their KING size, which was a huge 10 oz. The they came out with a GIANT size because Pepsi had one. It was sixteen fluid ounces, one PINT.

Best wishes to Boomer and hope for a speedy recovery.

JJM said...

CC...Simple Theme??? I for one never saw it. So don't sell yourself short. Had I not read the review, I still wouldn't have gotten it. Well done!

My AKITA, who has since passed, lived to age 12 and was 145 lbs. What a great dog!! A picture of him is on my profile page.

Lots to do today before the Bear game tonight where we beat the Vikings, albeit narrowly. (Sorry C.C. & Boomer). Do my ride, then do a COSTCO run for Thanksgiving. My wife & I wondered.... has anyone ever bought their pre-made mashed potatoes? I know, coming from an Irish guy, that's blasphemy, but lots of people at our tables this year.

My daily prayers are with Boomer!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

As I've mentioned before, a Sunday CC is extra special because it gives her a much larger grid to showcase her talents. I saw the theme as soon as I filled in Chewing Gum, based on the title. Knowing this helped with a few of the other less obvious answers. I had only a few (for a Sunday) unknowns: Sorel, Powerade (I've only heard of Gatorade), and, as clued, Roche and Irma. Harry Potter characters will do me in every time. Not to many w/os: Omega/Kappa, Tacos/Tapas, Hive/Home, Stadia/Stands, and Eaten/Ate on. Lake Placid was a gimme and Yeesh mimics Jace's Sheesh, sort of, anyway. I liked the Bungee/Bungle crossing. Great bug CSO to Dudley, who is our great big "Ten".

Thanks, CC, for a fun and enjoyable solve and for critiquing your finished product. Thanks, also, for the update on Boomer. You are both in my daily thoughts and prayers. Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast.

We're in for some very cold temps this week but the holiday looks dry, so that's good news for those traveling. We may get a light snowfall tonight, but nothing to cause any problems, if the weatherman is correct. It's time to break out my fur (faux) jacket!

I was all set to watch the Syracuse-Notre Dame game last night but when I tuned in for the 6:00 news, I discovered the game was over. Oh well, the bright side is ND won 36-3. (36 or 38, I forget).

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Haste makes waste and typos: Too (not to) many w/os and Big CSO (not bug) to Dudley.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIW x 2, SOlEL and YEEcH. Many unknowns cured by crosses.

I know that language evolves and sometimes becomes less precise, but "cease" doesn't mean DESIST (at least in a business law sense). Cease means STOP IT! DESIST means DON'T DO IT AGAIN! I fear that as we colloquialize the vernacular we lose our ability to comprehend what the experts are really saying.

No idea about carmex, sorel, dory (except a rowboat), irma warthog or ani (telco's erstwhile Automatic Number Identifier).

PAPER TRAIL is more often used for exoneration of falsely accused corporate employees. Ask any HR exec.

Thanks to CC for the fine puzzle. My favorite was "puff" for MAGIC DRAGON. Not that I have ever puffed. And even if I did, I didn't inhale. Much. My heart is with Boomer in his brave battle with the big C. My BIL just found out that his prostate cancer can't be addressed robotically due to an old sports injury. The VA is assessing next steps. And thanks for your informative tour through your work.

Congratulations to the Furman Paladins on knocking off the defending NCAA basketball champions Villanova last night. Since my granddaughter attends, does that make them my grandteam?

Also congratulations to the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team on their win over North Dakota. They have now played at least one team in all 50 states over the years, and have a winning record against all states except Connecticut.

Off to the NC state fairgrounds tomorrow for the holiday week.

Irish Miss said...

JJM @ 9:53 ~ I know nothing about Costco's mashed potatoes but I did try Bob Evans on my sister's recommendation. She liked them a lot but I found them too salty for my taste. (We had potatoes in one form or another at every meal and, with roasted entrees, much to my chagrin, my mother's favorite, turnips. I have two words for turnips: Yuck and Yuck!) Good luck, JJM.

Husker Gary said...

-The Huskers beat Sparty yesterday in a cold, windy snowstorm 9 – 6
-C.C.’s puzzle never fail to amaze, entertain and instruct!
-Ha! One day late for Bread Day! :)
-DOWN for Finish stood until KACHINA jumped into my feeble mind
-One lovely teacher’s AIDE I had heard my jokes/stories for years and still laughed
-Baseball’s first TELL-ALL book
-Flu shot? Yes! Shingle shot? We’re 200th on the waiting list
-Fav DUET singers? It’s between Phil/Don and Bobby/Bill
-Joann offered FUJI for 4-letter Apple. When I told her iMAC (which she uses everyday), she said, ”Oh, C.C.!”
-Husker STANDS have been sold out for every FB game since 1962 and every VB game since 2001.
-We used this to get atop the hill at ASSISI
-Some think MEADE could have ended the war if he had pursued Lee after Gettysburg
-In The Producers, having a FLOP was the goal
-I first saw Boomer’s great attitude in Minneapolis and I see he still has it!

Lucina said...

Thank you, C.C., twice over! I wondered who would review your opus.

This was mostly easy and fun. Like d-o, no one here wears SOREL boots. In fact, sandals are worn almost all year.

Ditto on the CSO to DUDLEY! Also one to my niece, EYDIE.

Since I don't frequent Starbucks I had GRANDE before TRENTA. Thank you, perps.

HEATRASH is a big problem for babies in the sizzling summer temps. They must be kept dry at all times.

Sparty's school was a challenge for me, but MICHIGAN STATE emerged after only a few perps.

Thank you, C.C., for today's fun and my best wishes and prayers for Boomer's continued good health as he battles the big C.

Have an excellent day, everyone!

CanadianEh! said...

Super Sunday. Thanks C.C for the fun, both with the CW and your blog. Thanks for the Boomer update. Love that smile. Continued thoughts and prayers.

I got the theme which helped somewhat. Several misdirections like that Apple variety (below HG and Joann), and mouth features (hello Owen and Dudley).
Also great new clues for OREO and ICER. HOME clue was "sweet"also. Plus, FLOP crossing PANS.
I did wonder if DUDE in a themer and Dude in the CMON clue was allowed.

Unknowns included ANCHO, KACHINA, MOTA. I required several vowel runs to reach the Y in EYDIE.
I have DOILIes crocheted by MIL. Keepsakes now.

This Canadian know SORELs; if you want warm, dry feet in a TRUE(no EST) Canadian winter, they are worth the money. Uggs was too short to fit.
Smiled at MAGIC DRAGON with our new Canadian cannabis laws. May cause some problems for border-crossing?
And of course we have Loonies not ONES in the till. We should have had a Loonie under the ice at LAKE PLACID.

Enjoy the day.

CanadianEh! said...

Sorry for the typos; I find it harder to edit on my IPad (vs. iMAC!).
That should be a hello to HG and Joann, and add an s to "know".

I thought of Cease and DESIST. Adding and... to the clue might have satisfied Jinx.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you C.C.

I started the puzzle in the early edition of the newspaper yesterday afternoon. I saw the circles. Only got a few rows done, as I was paying more attention to college football and then went shopping. Started all over again this morning.

Had to change from gatorADE to POWERADE, and from omega to KAPPA, but then spelled the Pueblo spirit being cACHINA.

Also had bomb before FLOP. For me, it's easier just to type the answer in, and see if it fits the subsequent clues, rather than reading a group of clues and then penciling or inking in the answers. Plus, I have a hard time reading my own printing.

Had HEAT wave before HEAT RASH. It didn't last very long.

Wouldn't have got SORELS without knowing SCARABS. Never heard of a tuxedo cat, but sussed it must be black and white. OREO ! What a cute name for a black and white cat.

The MICHIGAN STATE game was televised here yesterday. Sparty struggled in Lincoln and fell to a 6-5 record in a low-scoring 9-6 game, while Nebraska improved to 4-7.

I was watching Ohio State try to lose to the Maryland Terrapins. Turned off the TV in disgust as they were down by 7 points with the clock ticking down near the end of the 4th quarter, and went to the store for a few things. WOW was I surprised to see that they scored in the waning seconds of the fourth, and then won in OT, 52-51 !

JJM, we shop there but haven't tried their mashed potatoes. I can't imagine prepackaged mashed potatoes. Their scalloped potatoes are really good. We aren't hosting this year, but we'll bring the homemade pumpkin pie.

Time to get ready to watch the Steelers and Jaguars.

Yellowrocks said...

It was fun to find all the males in the circles. I had one bad cell. I never heard of SOREL boots. I almost never wear boots of any kind. I find indoor boots hot and uncomfortable. I prefer leather sneakers in place of outdoor boots, except for walking in snow.
I should have gotten OREO instead of OLEO because I knew the tuxedo cat was black and white. I wondered why the puzzle used oleo which is orange. DUH! That L for R was my bad cell.
We saw KACHINA dolls for sale when we visited Arizona.
I would never use a crocheted doily for a placemat. Food getting in all those holes would be hard to wash out. I could use a plastic facsimile, maybe. My grandma was an expert at tatting lace and crocheting. I could never blow my nose on one of her hankies with gorgeous tatted lace.
I thought delta was clever.
Boomer and CC you are so Brave. You both are in my thoughts every day.
Time to take Alan to the gym.

Misty said...

What a Sunday treat: a C.C. puzzle along with a C.C. commentary! Woohoo! Sunday puzzles don't get any better than this! I started out with almost nothing at the top half, but the bottom filled in pretty readily, and then I went up both sides and got the top, and in the end had trouble only in the middle. Loved the brief and clever theme, even if they were all boys and no girls. Some clues really threw me, as they did others, I gather from the comments. Would never have gotten that Glass OPERA, for example. STOLE for 'Didn't take well' cracked me up. And I still don't understand how 'Orbit' is a CHEWING GUM unless it's a brand name? And I also have never heard of SIETE. But, hey, that's what puzzles are for--to learn new things every day. So, many double thanks, C.C. for giving us a delightful morning. And thank you so much for the update on Boomer, and especially for that lovely smiling picture of him. Please keep us posted--he is in my daily thoughts and prayers too.

Have a great week coming up, everybody. I'll be here tomorrow but then gone for an entire week until November 29.

Acesaroundagain said...

Enjoyed the puzzle as I always do with yours CC. Thanks for the update and pic on Boomer. I'm wishing him all the best all the time.

Spitzboov said...

Hello everyone.

Enjoyed C.C.'s puzzle this morning. Didn't focus on the theme, though. Just lots of nice fill that made you want to stay with it 'til you were done.
Favorite clue was 77d; DELTAS (mouth features).
The Loire is the longest river in France.
LAKE PLACID. - In the past I have accompanied BH to see "Miracle on Ice" at their season's start in Lake Placid. A fine show.
CHIN STRAP - My Combination Hat sports a CHIN STRAP, but I've never actually had to hook it around my chin to keep it on. Now these guys wear theirs permanently; (probable due to the Antarctic gales.)

Anonymous T said...

Spitz - now that was funny. D4, Spitz didn't bold his links so look hard for them...

C.C. - I'm going to forget (almost) everything I read today and print your puzzle tomorrow. Those doll-things will be a FIW for sure, otherwise, I'm sure I'll enjoy.

Boomer - your picture shows your still in good humour. Keep it up MATE - stiff upper-lip and all that. God Speed.

-Sunday Lurk.

Madame Defarge said...


Thanks, C.C., for doing double duty. Nice on both counts.

JJM, now that we've sold the Bears tickets, we are really relaxed about night games. . . .
Also PM me so we can include you in our currently unscheduled next lunch meeting of Chicago area Cornerites. Or contact Abejo, TTP or WikWak. We'd love to meet you in person.

Potatoes or stuffing? Lots to make? Keep 'em warm in the crock pot/slow cooker. That's what I do--and plug it in away from the kitchen to provide more space.

You're doing great work, Boomer!! We're all behind you.

Enjoy this busy week.

Picard said...

CC hand up thanks for the puzzle, review and Boomer update. Good for Boomer to keep good spirits in a most challenging situation.

Got the theme. I am guessing this is a fairly easy theme construction with short theme bits scattered at random in a big puzzle.

Hand up for unknowns: CARMEX, SOREL, DORY, IRMA Prince, ANCHO, MOTA, Tuxedo Cat
Hand up for DOwN before DO IN

Crosses saved them all to FIR!

In real life I am an RB. Not a Running Back. Those are my initials. This MIT alum studied Physics, Math and Philosophy. Never planned to be an ENGR. Life had other plans.

Learning moment that MEADE won the Battle of Gettysburg
Learning moment that RDA is now DRI. Direct Relief International is headquartered down the street from us.

One of the most elaborate weddings I have ever attended was this INDIAN WEDDING of my friend Mallika who used to come on my hikes.

Here was Mallika getting married. Plenty of SARIs all around.

In my experience, such elaborate weddings end in short marriages. This was no exception, sadly.

When I saw OH HI I instantly thought of the nearby city of OJAI, pronounced the same way. Ojai is about an hour away. I have a number of friends there and plenty of photos there!

Here we were at OJAI Mardi Gras last year!

Also have photos of TETONS, SCARABS and more!

Lucina said...

As a toddler, my sister's great-grandson couldn't pronounce the name of their cat, OREO, so he's now known as Oleo. He's the one that uses the toilet and flushes!

Orbit is the brand name of a CHEWING GUM. It was my late SIL's favorite. It's one of the items I always bought for her on her birthday and for Christmas.

Today is not my birthday but some friends are going to celebrate with me and another of our friends. Hers is November 8, mine, Dec. 6.

That escalator in ASSISI must be quite recent. When I went we just walked up the slope.

I've never seen any of the Harry Potter movies so relied on perps for IRMA. Witty writer would have worked for me.

Time to go meet my friends for lunch. Ta! Ta!

Jayce said...

Such a pleasant puzzle. I had a good time working it.

Becky said...

JJM, I've heard that the Costco mashed potatoes are really good. I know their red potato salad is really good, but seasonal.


Misty said...

Many thanks for explaining Orbit to me, Lucina. One learns something new everyday.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review. I think this is the first time I have seen a constructor review his/her own puzzle. No problem. Just a comment.

Had a hard time starting up North, so I went South and worked my way up. It all worked out and I finished easily. Much better than yesterday, where I did not finish.

Caught the theme. I had the circles so it was easy.

Liked 77D Mouth Features, DELTAS.

Did not know TITIAN for 98D. Perps.

Liked HOPS and IPA. One makes the other.

Best of luck, Boomer. We are all with you.

JJM: Yes, contact us. We plan on getting together occasionally in Chicago-Land.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Bobbi said...

Sick all morning but thought an afternoon of solving would make me feel better. Shoulda stopped after 1A "Stack in a cabinet" came out LIDS! That was the first downhill lame defs of this slug! Made me feel worse, not better. Sorry, guys and gals, this wasn't the cup of tea that made me feel any better!!

HowardW said...

As someone who stops by only occasionally, this is the first I've heard of Boomer's troubles. My best to him, and you. Hope that he soon returns to good health.

D4E4H said...

Anonymous T at 1:26 PM
Wrote "Spitz - now that was funny. D4, Spitz didn't bold his links so look hard for them..."

Thank you for your cue. I missed them. They were also small words in sentences sans any offsets.

Picard at 1:59 PM

Your PICs show what little I know about Hindu wedding rituals. The next to the last PIC - shows the couple with a sash connecting them. It also showed his bare feet, and the sock feet of the man with them.

- - In the first PIC it looks like the bride is being coated with mustard to make her more tasty.

Mardi Gras, wow!


Misty said...

Bobbi, how are you feeling? So sorry you were feeling so bad this morning. My goodness, so few Cornerite posts? Did they not register on my website for some reason? I've gotten no messages since Howard's 8:26 pm post. Hope you all have a good next week, in any case.

Bill G said...

Hi everybody.

I had Gala and Fuji for the apple, all the time while I was working on my iMac. Geez...

Boomer and CC, my very best good wishes are coming your way.

60 Minutes was really depressing tonight. I couldn't even finish watching it.

Good night all.

Ala Fred Thursday, Mind how you go...

Michael said...

Jinx@ 10:07 -- "Many unknowns cured by crosses."

Or, in my case, curSed by crosses ... that area around Vicksburg took forever, until 'Akita' came into view and everything else suddenly cooperated.