Nov 23, 2018

Friday, November 23, 2018, Jeffrey Wechsler

Title: The car of the year and an inspiration? The Triumph TR4

If you are not too stuffed from your Thanksgiving Turkey, or Turducken, or Goose,  welcome to Friday. Well guess who is back with an add-on letters theme. This time Jeffrey adds TR to the beginning of 4 in the language phrases. The results are pretty funny. He even sneaks in a Thanksgiving reference with his Dickens clue. He seemed a bit obsessed with a non-vegetarian slant with GOOSE, MOOSE MEAT and OFFAL all together in the middle; I guess he did not want u to veg out. Two grid-spanners and two 13 letter themers as well as including OFFICE AREA, GRABS ON, ARMORER, KOSHER SALT, MOOSE MEAT, STATE TREE and ON ONE END show his skill in putting together a grid with lots of sparkle. So now...

17A. Imaginary fish?: TROUT OF ONE'S MIND.(15). While I did not go out of my mind I loved this one.

32A. Participates in a biathlon for physicians?: TREATS AND RUNS (13). Medical humor.

41A. Where climbing plants flourish?: TRELLIS ISLAND (13). I also loved the use of Ellis Island as a base phrase.

61A. Tire-testing statistics?: TRACTION FIGURES.(15). The most well thought out combination as our toys become a useful piece of information.


1. Chicken (out): WIMP. I hope the Friday fear does not make you chicken out.

5. Mild cheese: GOUDA. Because you will have a gouda time.

10. Latticework component: LATH. This was difficult for me, but perhaps a bonus theme fill as
a lath or slat is a thin, narrow strip of straight-grained wood used under roof shingles or tiles, on lath and plaster walls and ceilings to hold plaster, and in lattice and trellis work.

14. Grandson of Adam: ENOS.

15. Behind-the-scenes retail space: OFFICE AREA. This is very convoluted, though I guess it makes sense.

19. QBs' targets: TES. Tight Ends, the best known of which is currently...

20. Second-largest W. Hemisphere country: USA. This is apparently in debate as the source I cite says the USA is bigger than Canada, but not as big of Antarctica, which is only partially in the Western Hemisphere. LINK. Please educate me if you know differently. I have read more, and it seems that Canada is larger based on total mass, which includes internal waterways, while the US is larger in land mass. No intent to slight our Canadian readers or constructors, eh!

21. Clutches: GRABS ON. Also Friday clue/fill difficulty for me

22. Ann้e quarter: ETE. French for part of a year.

23. Composer Bart๓k: BELA.

25. Email tab: SENT.

26. Water collection pit: SUMP. This the low part of an area where liquids collect when draining from something, like from a private waste pool. You often will need a sump pump.

28. Uh-huh accompaniers: NODS. You do it without even thinking.

38. Of limited scope: NARROW. Like many minds.

39. Old auto named for an explorer: DE SOTO. The history of the CAR.

44. More than a peck: KISS. Especially if you are with...

45. Yours, to Yves:  À TOI 

46. "O, that way madness lies" speaker: LEAR. Jeffrey gets his Shakespeare in this week. King Lear bemoaning the treatment he has received from his daughters.

50. Many a Ph.D.: PROFessor.

54. 50-Across' subj., perhaps: ENGlish

55. Mail creator: ARMORER. Chain mail not e-mail.

59. Texting qualifier: IMO. IMOpinion.

60. Where some drives begin: TEE. Ah some golf.

64. Common cooking ingredient: KOSHER SALT. The WHY it is used by chefs.

65. Campsite sight: TENT.

66. Language that gave us "plaid": ERSE. They also gave us the concept of plaid.

67. Architectural projections: EAVES.

68. Last letters in London: ZEDS.


1. Record-breaking, rainwise: WETTEST. California wishes it was having some of that instead of those states that are flooding.

2. Reciprocally: IN RETURN.

3. Alaskan burger choice: MOOSE MEAT. Not really true but you can sometimes find this TREAT.

4. Nittany Lions' sch.: PSU. Penn State University in Happy Valley.

5. Dickensian holiday dish: GOOSE. Famous in A Christmas Carol not as the gift, but the background. The STORY.

6. Remains at the butcher: OFFAL. This is an old word which began as a combination of "off" and "fall" - that which falls off.

7. Aerial enigma: UFO.

8. Microwave signal, sometimes: DING.

9. Hardware brand: ACER. I am typing on an ACER laptop.

10. Symbols of innocence: LAMBS. Unless you are being silent.

11. Spring up: ARISE.

12. Mortise partner: TENON. More bonus carpentry.

13. "I __ noticed": HADN'T. Well pay attention!

16. That, in Madrid: ESA. Spanish.

18. One may include a shower: TUB.

24. __ Arbor: ANN. Where the University of Michigan, another Big Ten school is located.

27. Henry VIII's sixth: PARR. It's Catherine or Jack.

29. They may be long at the track: ODDS. Cute horse racing humor; I hope it did not give you a long face.

30. Square root of neun: DREI. German division that isn't military.

31. Find (out): SUSS. A favorite puzzle solving word.

33. Long haul: TREK. Ask James Tiberius Kirk.

34. Recital numbers: SOLI. More than one solo.

35. Leatherworker's set: AWLS.

36. 2014 "NCIS" spinoff locale, briefly: NOLA. A CSO to many here.

37. Pecan, for Texas: STATE TREE. Ours is the SABAL PALM. Yours?

40. How brooms are usually stored: ON ONE END.

42. Org. affected by net neutrality: ISP. Internet service Provider.

43. Fully comprehends: DIGESTS.

46. Hanukkah serving: LATKE. The holiday is fast approaching and homemade potato pancakes are a treat. I use apple sauce, and even cinnamon apple sauce while other prefer gravy or sour cream.

47. Wrong turn, say: ERROR.

48. Bring together: AMASS. A Scrooge reference?

49. Basel-based pharmaceutical giant: ROCHE. Their WEBSITE.

51. Feature of many a Daniel Boone depiction: RIFLE. Dan'l is back for the second straight week- who would a thunk it.

52. Skips: OMITS.

53. Driving hazard: FOG. Especially if you do not know your...

56. GPS datum: RTE.

57. Land of the banshee: EIRE.

58. Civil rights icon Parks: ROSA.

62. Canadian rapper with the album "Reckless": NAV. This CSO to our Canadians comes with a Punjabi heritage. LINK.

63. Big name in snack food: UTZ.

Well I am now hungry and confused, so I will bid you all a fond farewell from Thailand and hope Jeffrey and I entertained this week. I will be back at my normal stomping grounds next Friday.
Lemonade out. I inserted a picture of Oo at the Umbrella Factory where they make and decorate all of them by hand.


OwenKL said...

Dismal. Had both NE & SW corners only half done when I gave up and went to red. 10d = SHEEP had been there from my first pass. And 4 other scattered X's. Once I knew what was wrong, the rest filled in quickly enough.

TRELLIS ISLAND has a blast
When the days of Lent are past.
They feast on GOOSE,
And cuts of MOOSE,
And everyone parties, from first to LATH!

D4E4H said...

Good morning Cornies. It is Black Friday because it is 4:47 AM EST, not because I intend to buy anything. Our local paper had a section of ads that was thicker than a normal Sunday paper. Someone wants our business.

You gave me the business Mr .Jeffrey Wechsler with this challenging Friday CW. It remained mostly white after my first pass, but I chipped away at it, and eventually FIR.

Thank you Lemonade for your informative review, and the PIC of Oo at the umbrella factory.


fermatprime said...


Thanks to JW and Lemonade!

Never saw UTZ before, but that filled itself in. No cheats.

Nice friends had me over. Swell dinner. OK for Keto dieters. (Did I tell you that I lost about 60 lbs.?

Have a great day!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Lemonade and friends. This puzzle was a challenge, but after getting TROUT OF ONE'S MIND (on the second pass), I realized that TR was added to a common phrase. I'm not familiar with cars, so would never have connected the TR4 theme.

ARMORER was my Ah-Ha moment. I loved that clue.

Interesting to have EIRE (Irish for "Ireland") and ERSE (Scottish or Irish Gaelic language) in the same puzzle so close together.

To add a bit to Lemon's article on KOSHER SALT, the large crystals help in koshering meats without making it salty.

The Bald Cypress is the state tree of Louisiana.

Catherine and Jack spelled their surnames differently. Catherine was PARR, but Jack was Paar.

No Black Friday shopping for me. I avoid the stores after Thanksgiving and return only after the Christmas return rush.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family. We had a full table of friends and family.

QOD: A people must have dignity and identity. ~ Andrew Goodman (Nov. 23, 1943 ~ June 21, 1964)

Lemonade714 said...

Well here I sit at the airport in Guangzhou (Guang joe) awaiting the flight to Los Angeles where we will connect with our flight back to Fott Lauderdale. This is a new huge airport and we learned last year it is chilly. This time we are prepared with my UConn sweatshirts
Been a great trip and to finish it with a Jeffrey offering is nest. Sorry my humor was not up to par Susan.

My shopping this year has been at night bazaars with prices in bahts

More later

Lemonade714 said...

Susan’s choice to use a quote from ANDREW GOODMAN especially timely so soon after the recent Synagogue slaughter and the church massacre. The young man was only 20 when he died. This is not politics but history. It was presented in the movie MISSISSIPPI BURNING which was partially filmed in Lafayette (la fay ette) Alabama. where my ex-wife lives.

desper-otto said...

Good FAT morning!

Got the theme with the TROUT phrase, and skated on to victory. Tripped on ACME/ACER and SEEK/SUSS, but those were minor blips. Very clever, Jeffrey. Lemonade, welcome back. I do not envy you that long trans-Pacific flight. I've done it too many times, but none recently. The first time there were refueling stops in Hawaii and Wake Island. Later planes were better.

KOSHER SALT: I keep a box in the pantry and use it when I make a roast.

NAV: Not familiar with the guy. It means "Net Asset Value" to Vanguard.

UTZ: Glad you posted a photo, Lemonade, or I would've thought it was a made-up word. Must be a regional thing. Must admit that I don't frequent the snack food aisle, though.

"No Black Friday shopping for me. I avoid the stores after Thanksgiving and return only after the Christmas return rush." Hahtoolah, my rule is to eschew all retail establishments unless they sell beer.

CartBoy said...

Really wanted NOTS/TREI (NODS/DREI). Euro-language mixup. #TIGERvsPHIL.

Big Easy said...

Good morning, especially since the NOLA Saints won their 10th straight game last night. The NE had me stumped because I was stuck on ACE Hardware and SLAT, not thinking of computer 'hardware'- great clue for ACER. And the clue for ARMORER wasn't a bad one either.

But the TR additions were easy guesses, and while they are nice, that style makes the puzzle easy.

This wasn't an OFFAL puzzle, was it? Groan.

Kosher vs Sea Salt vs table salt. blah, blah, blah. I hate to inform you but it's all NaCl. Table salt comes from rock salt (halite) which was sea salt millions of years ago, can be iodized or not, is crushed rock, and has a finer grain. The others are flaky. Once they dissolve, they are all the same. Most people eat way too much of it. High blood pressure anybody?

DESOTO- a good friend has a 1957 DeSoto in perfect condition. My son thought it was a Caddy.
Pre-Alaska state days, most Americans never realized that Brazil was larger than the USA, but even with the addition of Alaska, Canada has more square miles. But that includes a lot of water, as in Hudson Bay and all those islands up north.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks, Jeffrey, for a solid Friday work out. I eventually discovered what was going on at TROUT. Like D-O I tried acme before ACER. I was at the Hardware store, not Best Buy. ;-) I worked in the newspaper with lots of erasures.

Thanks, Lemonade, for your distance teaching. I enjoyed all your explications today. Love the photo of Oo.

Love the Bears' Motown Review end zone celebrations yesterday.

No shopping here either. I don't like shopping enough in the first place, so the madhouse of all this holds no interest for me.

Have a sunny day. Sunrise on Lake Michigan was a beauty today. Full moon tonight.

inanehiker said...

Happy Thanksgiving a day late! I was at my mom's who doesn't have a WIFI connection!
Thankful for all of you!

Northwest Runner said...

Very inventive theme today. Not sure about 50A though. I don't think Jeff or Mr Norris has spent much time in grad school if they think "many" is an accurate part of that clue.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jeffrey Wechsler, for a fine puzzle. thank you, Lemonade, for a fine review.

Started last night during Perry Mason and finished this morning. Slept in until 8:00. This could become a bad habit. Of course Monday all reverts back to the norm.

Puzzle was tough to start for me. So, I headed South and got a good start there. ZEDS became obvious right off the bat. UTZ filled in quickly. I buy their pretzels quite often, along with Snyders. All from Hanover, PA. I used to work near there in York, PA.

Theme appeared slowly. Got most of the answers before I realized the TR thing. Duh!

LATKE. I love potato pancakes, with sour cream.

Liked the clue for ARMORER. A little misdirection makes you think.

Three perps gave me NAV.

Illinois state tree is the White Oak. That was determined in 1973. Before that is was just the OAK. I confess, I looked that up.

Had SLAT before LATH.

Watched the Bears/Lions game yesterday. Good game. The backup quarterback did OK. Daniel.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Today I get me leaves cleaned up. Supposed to be almost 50 degrees and dry. Off I go, just after I have some left over turkey.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

The Wordplay Wizard strikes again! This theme wasn't quite as tricky to suss but fun, all the same. My favorite themer was Trellis Island. I was thrown by the clue for Acer as I was thinking hardware store brands. (I have an Acer laptop, too.) I never heard of NAV (have heard of NAS, though) and didn't know Parr. My slat morphed into a lath, my beep became ding, and seek turned into suss. A few years ago Utz would have stumped me, but my supermarket now carries oodles of their snacks. I've never tried any, though.

Thanks, Jeffrey W, for a fun romp and thanks, Lemony, for your witty and wise write-up. Nice pic of Oo. I believe you meant to link Harry and David's Moose Munch, but it came up as the Kosher Salt link, at least for me. Speaking of Kosher Salt, Bobby Flay was on GMA the other day and was asked what cooking product he could not live without and his answer was salt and black pepper. He also said that the major difference between a home cook and a professional is seasoning the food. Home cooks tend to be more timid about seasoning while the pros season liberally.

Ferm, congrats on your weight loss. Glad you had a pleasant Thanksgiving with friends.

No mall shopping for me, either, today or any other day. Yesterday, I took advantage of online shopping to order light bulbs, batteries, a cookbook, potato chips (Hi, oc4beach, stranger!) and, as a special treat, Florida Stone Crab Claws!

Have a great day.

Yuman said...

Arizona official state tree is the Palo Verde,is Spanish for "green stick.

Anonymous said...

This puzzle was difficult. Trellisisland, seriously?

Husker Gary said...

-Always a TRemendous puzzle from Jeffrey where wit abounds
-We had a NARROW scope of covering our deck and it turned into a four-season room
-Nice write-up and pic, Lemon!
-Many different levels where you may place your TEE
-PSU has persevered and emerged from a horrible scandal
-The mnemonic for Henry VIII’s wives Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. Catherin PARR was last in that list
-It’s the Cottonwood here in Huskerville

Sandyanon said...

Just to add a bit. Since there are four seasons in a year, été, as summer, would be one quarter of the whole année.

The redwood is the state tree of California, both the giant sequoia and the coast redwood. My favorite is the coast redwood, the tallest tree in the world -- so majestic.

Jayce said...

Fun puzzle. I liked it. I like the wordplay of adding letters to make humorous phrases.

Anonymous said...

Don't get zeds, help?

Becky said...

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my daughter's, DTLA. Wonderful food, way too much, but everyone had a great time. Her husband started complaining after dinner that he had eaten too much, had cramps and chills, found out this morning that they both spent the night cramping and throwing up. Guess what? They had salad at Sweet Greens three days before. So I guess the CDC isn't over reacting about the romaine e coli danger. No one was hospitalized, though.

Be careful y'all.


Lucina said...

I see YUMAN beat me to name our state tree.

Ay! Ay! So late. Did I oversleep you ask? Yes, by almost four hours; I guess I needed it.

Thank you, Jeffrey Wechsler! I needed this to awaken me.

I loved the long themers and it's a good thing I could SUSS them because of the many unknowns: UTZ, DREI, ISP, ROCHE (I'm familiar with the brand but not that it's Swiss) NAV.

At the University of San Diego, formerly known as San Diego Women's College, all the nuns of the Sacred Heart were PHDs and I mean every single one. In fact, as I recall there were only two lay teachers and they had PHDS as well. That was way back in 50s and 60s.

German and French in this puzzle almost beat me but they all perped. DREI and ETE. I know ETE but not annee.

My computer is an ACER.

Welcome home, Lemonade, and thank you for today's commentary!

Have a splendid day, everyone! No shopping today for me either.

Lucina said...

ZED is the last word of the alphabet in London as opposed to our zee.

Bill G said...

"Last letters in London: ZEDS."

Z is the last letter in the alphabet. Brits call it by the name "ZED."

Are you familiar with the jingle for Liberty Mutual? "Liberty Liberty Liberty, Liberty." I'm guessing some advertising company was paid a handsome sum for that bit of inane advertising. Geez...

Yellowrocks said...

This neat add letters puzzle was fun. Once I saw the TR the puzzle filled quickly.
Utz snacks are very popular all down the east coast. I love their chips.
Because the water table is high here, many buildings need sump pumps to keep the basement dry.
During a period of heavy rains and power outages the church where we dance had a badly flooded basement twice. The sump pump could not handle the influx of water because there was no electricity to run it. Now the church has an auxiliary battery operated backup pump.
On Tv quiz shows and in many other places Canada is accepted as being larger than the U.S. It seems the water area of Canada is included by these sources.
Smoke Gouda, Yum! Nice and tangy.
Since I do not kosher or brine meat. I don't use Kosher salt. Macht nichts to me. I use iodized salt for its iodine content.
Anon @ 10:39. The original phrases such as Ellis Island are real . After adding TR the resulting silly phrases are tongue in cheek or whimsical. This is the way add a letter or letters puzzles are constructed. I like the word play.
We spent Thanksgiving with my elder son and grandson and one of my sisters. David is a great cook. I made apple pie, PA Dutch potato filling and cranberry relish. My DIL was allowed to come home from rehab for most of the day using as a collapsible wheelchair. She is doing well and hopes to graduate to a walker soon.
I hope you all had a wonderful day with family. We certainly enjoyed our day.

desper-otto said...

Bill G, I notice that you remember that inane advertising. Sounds like mission accomplished.

JJM said...

I finished is really all I can say. I got the "TR" add-on quickly, just wasn't a big fan of this one.

On another note... I see that Lemonade is leaving 20 year-old is touring Thailand before coming home from school (on her way back from AUS) and is at a "Lantern Festival" (??????) in Chiang Mai. Does anyone know what this is or anything about this festival?

CanadianEh! said...

Fabulous Friday. Thanks for the fun, Jeffrey and Lemonade (safe travels home!).
I saw the TR theme with TROUT OF ONES MIND, and went on to fill in the leading TRs. Very helpful.
But I had an inkblot in the middle because I wanted Opus (but not plural) before SOLI.

I smiled at GOUDA after our Utrecht map yesterday.
I had to do an alphabet run to get the S and lightbulb moment for SUMP.

This Canadian knew ZEDS; that clue would be true for London, Ontario too. (Gotta love our Anon @12:56 and 1:04. Thanks Lucina and Bill G. for responding before me.)
But this Canadian had no idea about rapper NAV. (I wanted Drake.) But then, I am not into rap.
I did assume that the "large" meaning in 20A clue referred to area. Canada has huge swaths of uninhabitable land to the north, some of it not even mapped. Most of our population is clustered to the south, closer to the border with USA; that border is the longest undefended (for now LOL!) border, and our coastline is the longest in the world also. Justin Trudeau recently rephrased his father's famous quote, changing Mouse to MOOSE.
Speaking of Moose, I recall DH and son having MOOSEMEAT burgers at a restaurant in the Yellowstone Park area.

The Eastern White Pine is the official tree of Ontario.

I too noted ERSE and EIRE, plus the cross of LATKE and KOSHER SALT brought a smile.

I'm out of space.
Wishing you all a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

YR, glad to hear that your DIL was able to enjoy Thanksgiving at home with the family. Great progress.

AnonymousPVX said...

This was tough, a superxSaturday tough... and it’s friday...very happy to get the solve after the ocean of white space left after the first pass up AND down.

The theme made it easier though, as soon as I got 61A I went and filled in “TR” in the other spots.

Lots of markovers...PING/DING, SLAT/LATH, EMIL/BELA (no idea why I filled in Emil), ISEE/NODS, ANNE/PARR, AMOI/ATOI, UNITE/AMASS. Oh yeah, and ADZS/AWLS. Geez.

Not exactly a clean grid but like I said, still happy for the solve.

And we still have Saturday to go. See ya.

D4E4H said...

Taking the "Ass" out of Assisted Living:

On my way to lunch I was in the lobby when a woman came in the door announcing that a pair of "pajamas" was hanging on a pole out front. Naturally I had to tell her that they were mine. After lunch she brought them in to an aide. They were mine. My name was written on the tag in the back so they are identified for laundry. They are jogging pants with an elastic waist.* They are a light brown color with a soft plaid pattern, you know, "pajamas".

How they got to the pole is one of the unsolved mysteries of the universe.

*A waist is a terrible thing to waste.


PK said...

Dave4: Hope you didn't walk in your sleep, remove those p.j.s out there and hang them on the pole. That woman will be thinking you exposed yourself again. Bless your heart!

Dow Jones said...


The Saturday (11/24/18) edition of the Wall Street Journal features a delightful puzzle (Comparatively Speaking) by C.C. Burnikel

The puzzle is now available to solve online or to print from the website (free).

Bill G said...

Hi everybody. I headed off for a double espresso at a different local coffee shop; one with bare walls and a hard floor. There were four other youngish people sitting at a table, talking and laughing, so loud it was almost painful. I had a choice between saying something or leaving. They weren't doing anything wrong, just enjoying themselves in fun conversation. So I opted to finish my coffee and read my book in the front seat of my car.

I stumbled across the last third of "The Princess Bride" while looking for football games. I watched it again, maybe for the fifth time. What a great movie! If you haven's seen it at least twice, you're missing something.

~ Mind how you go...

D4E4H said...

fermatprime at 4:19 AM
I found your 60 lbs.

To honor the death of the oldest survivor of Pearl Harbor I will tie it to today's CW as follows:

On Dec. 7, 1941 2,335 U.S. military personnel and 68 civilians were killed, many interned in that 1d WETTEST tomb, Pearl Harbor. 2d IN RETURN for Japan's 47d ERROR, the U.S. military would 11d ARISE, and 48d AMASS for the 55a ARMORED 33d TREK that would 56d RTE the enemy with 51d RIFLE and atomic bomb.


Ol' Man Keith said...

Ta ~ DA!
Funny, though, I didn't see the uniformity in the theme answers (the "added "Tr") until signing on and letting Lemonade straighten me out.
I started this pzl this morning, but had to put it aside. I just finished it (at 5:15 local Pacific time), so my concentration was effectively broken up. (Excuses, excuses....)

Well, it doesn't matter whether you buy MOOSE MEAT or something else, whatever you order for your burger in Alaska, my recommendation is -- Don't!
By state law in AK, no burger may be sold unless it has been cooked to a hockey puck case of done-ness. Thus, they are all over-cooked & dry.


Lemonade714 said...

We have made to LAX and are waiting for the red eye back to FLL

Meantime LOI KRATHONG and YI PENG are wonderful festivals combined in a multi-day celebration. My Krathong was made from popped corn
When home I will post from this year

Lemonade714 said...

I was in Chiang Mai JJM
Where did she go to to see her boat on the water👘🐘? Launch her floating lantern? Next year she needs to go to Sukhothai which is the old capital of Thailand and we have been to places and it is spectacular but Sukhothai is incredible

We were At Chiang Mai this year you the Iron Bridge and by November’s on the Ping


Ol' Man Keith said...

Welcome back stateside, Lemonade!

Your trip sounds wonderful, but even so the return home is often one of the real highlights!

Happy landings!
... & get some rest,

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Today was the Thanksgiving feast for us and I'm beat. I'll just say I Wuss'd [not 1a] out in the SW corner and DNF'd it - mATsA was 3/5's right but kept me from seeing KOSHER //and, here I used at least 4 cups of KOSHER SALT today!

Welcome (closer to home) Lem.

Play tomorrow. Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

I see I never posted last night. Here it is.

PVX, I too had Emil Bartok. I also feared an ignominious DNF. The TR theme helped .
Oops, cancel that FIR, I didn't SUSS* the German DREI and NOT fit just as well as NOD.
I had ERIN as the home of the banshee. EIRE is the home of Yeats and Joyce.

* Was SUSS in this one or another?

JJM said...

Lemonade... she posted on her Instagram a video of her launching her lantern. Pretty cool actually as there were hundreds floating in the sky above.

What she needs to do next year is FINISH her senior year @ TU and get her degree. (hahaha)