Apr 22, 2019

Monday April 22, 2019 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: SCREEN TIME (55A. Amount of TV watching limited by parents, and a hint to the last word of the answers to starred clues) - Last word is a type of screen.

16A. *Last bit of decoration: FINAL TOUCH. Touchscreen.

34A. *Coastal wetland often exposed at low tide: MUD FLAT. Flat screen.
10D. *Talks big: BLOWS SMOKE. Smoke screen.

26D. *Lone Ranger's shout: HI YO SILVER. Silver screen.

Boomer here.

Hello everyone. I seem to have another C.C. puzzle to review. I certainly hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter.  Our snow is all gone, and I hope it stays that way. I had an opportunity to prepare our garden area on Saturday and I'm looking forward to getting a few flowers in the ground before Mother's Day.  We also keep a small plot in our back yard for a few vegetables.  Tomatoes work very well and I hope to revive the green beans which failed last year.


1. River-end formation: DELTA.  Not Sun Country.

6. Sprinted: RAN.

9. "Dancing Queen" group: ABBA. Or - "Take a Chance on me".

13. Disney mermaid: ARIEL.  Walt Disney was amazing!

14. "A Doll's House" heroine: NORA.

15. Snow remover: PLOW. All winter they came. Now in the spring I found little pieces of driveway on the lawn.

18. "Dirty Jobs" host Mike: ROWE.  I remember Dad taking me fishing, and my dirty job was to "Rowe" the boat.

19. Casual tops: TEES.  Interesting clue, because these are the things I will be putting in the ground shortly to make the ball easier to hit.  I will be wearing a tee shirt when I play.

20. Pressure cooker sound: HISS.  Just remember this, a hiss is just a hiss, a snake is just a snake.

21. New Zealand fruits: KIWIS.  Available in a six pack at Aldi.  C.C. likes them, I'd rather not, thank you.

22. Standing tall: ERECT.  Made me think of the Erector set I had.  I could not build a windmill though because my set did not have a motor.

24. Off the leash: LOOSE.

25. Sentence part: PHRASE.  Needs a subject and a predicate.  What the heck is a predicate??

27. Ones gathering for a will reading: HEIRS. This is a bit of a morbid clue. How about "Ones gathering for Easter?"

28. Kimono-clad entertainer: GEISHA.

29. Droop: SAG.  Keep from drooping. Step on the GAS.

30. Little devils: IMPS.

33. Pony up: PAY.  The Kentucky Derby is in the near future.  I believe you need to pony up at the betting window there.  Lotsa Luck.
37. Corrida cry: OLE. Ole went up to his boss Sven and asked for a day off to attend a Norwegian wedding.  Sven granted the day off, but Ole did not return for three days.  "Vhere da heck haff you been barked Sven.  "Vell", Ole said "At da vedding, I won second prize at the banquet, Three days and nights vit da bride."  "Holy smoke!" uttered Sven." Vhat da heck vas first prize then?"  Ole replied, "Twenty pounds of Lutefisk !"
38. Moving like sloths: SLOW.  "Slow down, you move too fast, Ya got to make the morning last!"  Simon and Garfunkel, "Feelin' Groovy"

40. Spanish river: RIO.  There were a few questionable things going on there three years ago at the Summer Games. 

41. Heart-shaped photo holder: LOCKET.  Rhymes with "Davy Crockett", king of the wild frontier.

43. Suddenly became attentive: SAT UP.

45. Beat the goalie: SCORED. There have been many hockey and soccer announcers that take several minutes to say this word.

46. Rural storage buildings: SILOS.  We have many of these in Minnesota.  Sadly this year they are full of unsold soybeans.

47. Serta alternative: SEALY.  I remember visiting a San Francisco beach that was very sealy.

48. Church ringers: BELLS.  "There were bells, on the hill, but I never heard them ringing."  Professor Harold Hill's on hand and River City's Gonna have a boys band !  "CASH for the chickens and the pickens and the flypaper."  You can talk, you can bicker !

49. Gives a hand: AIDS.

50. Religious subdivision: SECT.

54. Like many ESPN broadcasts: LIVE.  "From New York, It's Saturday Night!!"

57. "__-doke!": OKEY.  I think the clue should be ____dokey.  But what do I know.

58. Harbor structure: PIER.

59. Slugger Judge: AARON.  I think he joined a dozen Yankees on the DL this week.  "Slugger Hank" would be a better clue.  Probably too easy.

60. Party pooper: BORE.

61. Pop-up annoyances: ADS.  Especially on Pogo games.  Also annoying on TV but I suppose the money moves the world.  I noticed during the Final Four, there we none of the annoying "Ask your doctor" ads.  Clever ones about Larry BIRD and Charles BARKley .

62. Mix: BLEND.


1. Nutty: DAFT.  I try.

2. Only Great Lake that borders Pennsylvania: ERIE.  I believe I have said enough about this wet clue.  Since it is C.C.'s puzzle, I am trying to be nice.

3. Ticket booth annoyance: LINE.  Let me tell you -- Sun Country check in LINE is the world record annoyance.

4. Commercial lures: TEASERS.  I am still trying to figure out how EVERY company can save you money on car insurance.

5. Every bit (of): ALL.  I think there's a laundry detergent that can clean ALL of your clothes.

6. Awaken rudely: ROUST.  Reminded me of Basic Training at Fort Campbell.

7. Fly ball trajectories: ARCS.  Goi, Goin, Going, GONE !!

8. "Don't think so": NAH. Nah Nah Nah Nah Hey ay ay, Good bye !

9. Presupposed by experience: A PRIORI.

11. "Space Oddity" rocker David: BOWIE.  I don't think he made the knife used at the Alamo.

12. Fills with wonder: AWES.

14. "Hold the rocks": NO ICE.  Reason to cancel the January outdoor fishing contest.

17. Synonym-loaded reference: THESAURUS.

21. Zen garden fish: KOI.  Would not have caught any of these at the fishing contest anyway.

23. __ Emanuel, Obama's first Chief of Staff: RAHM.  There is also a PGA pro named Jon Rahm who is pretty good.

24. Attorney's job: LEGAL CASE.   24 bottles of Bud I suppose.

25. Gong sound: PEAL.  Sadly, there was no peal of chimes at Notre Dame Cathedral yesterday.

27. "2001" computer: HAL.

28. Rte.-finding aid: GPS.

29. Bay Area airport letters: SFO.  Tony Bennett left his heart there.

31. Implored: PLED.

32. Good to go: SET.  At least six volleys in a tennis match.  About 650 baseball cards.

35. Guacamole, e.g.: DIP

36. Jack or hammer: TOOL.

39. State fish of South Dakota: WALLEYE. Wow, I would think C.C. would clue this as "Every holiday meal in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota".  I know South Dakota stole the State Fish moniker from us.  Wikipedia lists about 400 lakes in South Dakota.  We have over 10,000.  Where do most of the Walleyes call home ? 

42. Seer's __ ball: CRYSTAL.  If you have a crystal ball, you may see Billy Crystal.

44. How-__: DIY guides: TOS.

45. Meal at Passover: SEDER. And a blessed Passover to my Jewish friends on this blog.

46. Fancy watch brand: SEIKO.  I have my Mom's Seiko in a drawer.  Works fine.

47. Stable studs: SIRES.  Are they too old to participate in Louisville in a couple of weeks ?

48. Gooey mass: BLOB.

49. Etching fluid: ACID.

51. County Kerry country: EIRE.  This is Gaelic for Ireland or for people who do not wish to spend three extra letters of ink. 

52. "Let's do it!": C'MON.  I went to Billings, Montana several times for business and once to bowl in the USBC National tournament.  On all trips I stayed at the C'mon INN.  Nice place.

53. Take care of: TEND.  This could be the start of Ten Dollars.  Pay me.

55. Place for a massage: SPA.

56. Arrest, as a perp: NAB.



PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thunder boomers kept me up after I finished this great puzzle, so I might as well post. Thanks, C.C. & Boomer for an enjoyable start for the week. Glad your snow is gone.

I wasn't sure I understood the theme and I didn't until Boomer 'splained. I was trying to mate the other theme last words with TIME instead of SCREEN. Didn't help that I've never had a TOUCH SCREEN so that didn't jump out at me. I do have a FLAT SCREEN TV tho. Fine theme nonetheless.

Learning moment: A PRIORI. New to me.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but I had to erase the Chicago mayor RhoM.

Zoe had anther potty emergency, waking me at 3:30. Thought she was well, but I guess not yet. Hope she is OK now, since I teach the next three days and all week next week. Can't deal with the early AMs for BMs then.

Did the CW on the desktop. Easy and fun, but didn't have the chance to look over the starred clues after the TADA. Still think I prefer paper and pencil. I never time my solves, but the computer did this time: 13 minutes.

Thanks for the easy, fun puzzle, CC. And thanks to Boomer for all the chuckles. Sounds like there is something fishy in the frozen north.

thehondohurricane said...

Howdy all,

Fun puzzle from CC today making it a nice start to the week. Only guesswork today was the crossing R for ROWE and APRIORI. Never heard of Mike Rowe or PRIORI. Went with t R I remembered a pretty good pitcher from the '40's & 50's named Schoolboy Rowe.Thought the baseball background was CC's motive. Now I wonder if she had ever heard of him.

AARON JUDGE went on the IL Saturday. The Yankees now have their entire starting outfield, 75% of the infield, and the #1 catcher out with injury. And a tough West Coast trip in front of them. All my RED SOX "friends" have kept my phone active. Lots of expletive deletetive expressions being uttered.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Zipped through this one as fast as I could write. No Wite-Out needed. No theme noticed. Thanx, C.C. and for the humorous tour, Boomer.

NO ICE: CSO to Tin.

AARON: Gotta admit, read the clue and thought Hank AARON was now apparently employed judging other sluggers. It seems there are new baseball players almost every year.

PLOW: No snow plows around here. No cars rusted out from road salt, either.

BELLS / PEAL: Why repair Notre-Dame de Paris? Just stabilize it and let it remain a roofless tourist attraction. Think of the great things they could do with all that money.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and friends. I zipped through this fun Monday puzzle. My only confusion was like PK's ~ I tried to match the starred answers with TIME instead of SCREEN. Then the light bulb flashed on!.

Fun to see ERIE and EIRE in the same puzzle at opposites of the grid.

A CSO to our friend Tinbini with the NO ICE!

QOD: We look at the world once, in childhood. The rest is memory. ~ Louise Glück (b. Apr. 22, 1943), American poet

TTP said...

Thank you C.C. and thank you Boomer.

Zip, zip, and it was done. However, I managed to fill in BELLS as BELSS. Bet that doesn't happen often on paper.

DW gets those KIWI fruits at Aldi as well. She loves them. None for me, thanks.

Boomer, no bowling report. I went on the IRL after bowling three weeks ago. Elbow ligament in the bowling arm. Ulnar cruciate ligament. Think Tommy John, but no surgery. This Thursday is the finals and roll off. We are guaranteed 1st or 2nd place.

Boomer, our load of recruits got off the buses at Ft Knox around 11 PM. We got to bed way early in the morning, probably around 3 AM. Some 'cruit asked if we were going to be able to sleep in. About an hour and a half later, the empty metal garbage cans started getting thrown up and down the floors by the drill sergeants.

D-O, I still can't get over how that frame rusted out on that 2003 Chevy van. Our 2001 Camry that was also a daily driver with 45K more miles had very little rust, and spent all of its years in Illinois. That van was in Texas until 2008, which is why I think it must have been in a salt water flood.

Husker Gary said...

-Another Monday made better by the House Of Burnikel!
-My former student made big money with his snow PLOW this year but lost big money in the flood
-Kevin LOCKETT, his son Tyler Lockett and his brother Aaron LOCKETT all played FB at Kansas State and in the pros
-If you don’t like OKEY-doke, Boomer, maybe you should contact the constructor :-)
-Does this ARC info enhance your viewing of the game?
-Is there another word for THESAURUS?
-Shore lunch of freshly caught WALLEYE in Saskatchewan prepared by four Cree guides may be the best meal I’ve ever eaten

D4E4H said...

FIR in 25:23 Min.

I understand that this is the new TREEtment of one's CW results.

Great morning Cornerwriters!

Thank each of you Burnikels, C.C., and Boomer for your part in my pleasure.

My solving technique took me to 55 A -- early so I learned the theme in time to use it.

45 A - Meal at Passover: SEDER -- One keeps the accessories for this meal in a SEDER chest which must be Kosher, oh sher.

We residences of Wesley Manor are going to learn about, and partake in SEDER this afternoon.

Mazel tov!


Yuman said...

You may not know Mike Rowe, but you might have heard his voice, as he has hosted and narrated several shows on the Discovery Channel
Including “Deadliest Catch” and “Dirty Jobs”

Yuman said...

Happy Earth Day! This year’s theme is “protect our species”
Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970

Anonymous said...

I bought an off-brand thesaurus once. Not only was it terrible, it was terrible!

desper-otto said...

This is for the Anon@8:55 last night: Ladle Rat Rotten Hut

Note: It may help to read the words HERE while Dennis Mead reads them aloud.

Jerome said...

If Mike's boat broke loose from its mooring would you yell, "Rowe, Rowe, Rowe, you're boat"

Thesaurus sounds like a dinosaur

Lemonade714 said...

Yes, next year it will be 50 years since we heard WALTER CRONKITE tell us about EARTH DAY .

Gary: ask and you shall receive: reference book, glossary, lexicon, onomasticon, terminology, vocabulary, sourcebook, a storehouse of words, a treasury of words and word list.

I agree with Boomer that okey-dokey is best known. It has over 2 million hits on google vs. 350,000 for okey-doke.

This is how I know MIKE ROWE .

Thank you for the Burnikel bundle.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Dyngus Day!

Easy, and a nice smooth solve. Got the theme easily but didn't need it. Nice to see APRIORI and THESAURIS. Secondary seed words maybe? Thanks C.C. and to Boomer for easing me into the day.
RAHM - German for cream. L. German Rohm.
PLOW - British 'plough'. German Pflug, L. German Ploog. The 'g' is pronounced with a glided gutteral as in 'ach'. The gh in plough is silent which was replaced by the 'w' in American 'plow' which is also silent although we get the 'ow' sound as in 'cow' but not in 'row'.
Some coastal engineering terms:
BORE - as in tidal BORE. The Qiantang River in eastern China is know for its tidal BORE. (You Tube has it.)

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I can think of no better way to begin the week than solving a CC creation and reading a Boomer narration. CC worked her magic again with a simple, yet oh so clever theme. Somehow, when there are down themers, it's harder for me to spot the theme and that leads to a nice, Aha reveal. No w/os and no unknowns, but plenty of satisfaction and enjoyment in seeing numerous CSOs: Imps (CED and Jinx), Erie (Abejo), Tin (No Ice), HG (Silos), and Legal Case, A Priori, Pled, Heirs, and the timely, Seder (Hatoolah and Lemony).

Great job, CC, and Boomer, you are one funny man! Lots of chuckles this morning, so thank you!

Inanehiker, I loved your Sale of the Century story!

PK @ 4:17 ~ You and I may have dead batteries and sore feet in common, but we certainly have differing sleep patterns!

Have a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, C.C. and Boomer.
After a busy Easter weekend, I moved through this CW quickly with just a couple of inkblots.
It took a moment's thought at the end to see those SCREENs.
I had to think about the spelling of THESAURUS but that middle U gave me the M in RAHM as MUDFLAT filled in.
ROWE and AARON (as clued) also filled with perps.
I smiled and thought of Tin with NO ICE.

BOWIE reminded me of Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield, singing Space Oddity in space.
Here is Hadfield's version and reflection on it at Bowie's death.

Happy Earth Day.

Misty said...

Woohoo! A Monday C.C. puzzle with a Boomer commentary--weeks don't start better than this. And I got this fun puzzle without any trouble or errors--Woohoo! Loved hearing the Lone Ranger again, after all these years (the first TV show I watched when I came to this country in 1955). Interesting to see A PRIORI fall into place. Lovely picture of the GEISHAs, Boomer. And I'm now going to have "Feeling groovy" in my ears all day (hey, not a bad feeling for a Monday morning). So, thank you both, C.C. and Boomer.

Yuman, thanks for reminding us of Earth Day. I still remember going out and planting some little trees with my boyfriend on that day in 1970.

Have a good week, everybody!

CrossEyedDave said...

I was unable to parse apriori,
but the perpage was solid, so I came to the Blog for clarification.

I have two screentimes...

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Zipped through pretty fast.

Figured out the theme after I was done. Was pretty simple. Made sense.

My first answer was 1D ERIE. I swam in that lake as a youth. That's back when it was pretty polluted, from Cleveland. It is cleaned up a lot now.

Cruciverb was out to lunch again, so I printed the puzzle from Mensa. Easily done. No problem.

Weather is great today. Finally!

See you tomorrow.


( )

Lucina said...

Hola y buen dia!

Hooray! Mr. and Mrs. Burnickel start Monday with a grid that made me SIT UP and take notice! Boomer, you are in good form. Thank you for the laughs.

The reveal opened the theme nicely. I loved seeing THESAURUS, one of my favorite tomes. I have three different ones, Roget's, Webster's and Houghton-Mifflin. The latter two were distributed at educational conferences.

GPS has been my life saver since it was available.

Hand up for OKEY dokey. One of my aunts used that all the time.

I had no idea about AARON Judge but the perps did a solid job.

Earlier I went to the endodontist for an evaluation and yes, I need a root canal! Friday will be RC day.

Have a grand day, everyone!

Madame Defarge said...

Good morn--OOPs--afternoon.

Lots of fun yesterday. My grandkids were in rare form. My 9 and 13 y.o. engineer grandsons were upset all my wiffle baseballs were gone. So they made their own: balled up printer paper with a small rock inside and painters' tape--what else!

I wonder if it will take another week to put everything away. . . .

What a fun Monday from the Burnikel Household! Thank you.

I noticed ERIE and EIRE were almost kitty corner, or catty corner as your case may be. This was a romp for me today. Again on paper. I even noticed the theme early.

I think I'll start putting the dishes and silverware away. Have a sunny day everyone.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Good day, all!

A neat Monday pzl from our C.C.--and a fine Boomer response!

THESAURUS reminds me of the great help we find in the online version. I wasn't a regular user of Roget in hard copy, but I sure rely on online assists. How often when I'm composing a paragraph do I need to use the same word twice? But stylistically it would be too clumsy.
Now all I have to do is access "Synonyms," and I'm home free... Whew!
DR: C.C.
joins the gang with another 3-way diagonal cluster--on the mirror side. I think that makes for four (or more?) 3-ways in the past week.
Let's see what anagram we find in the main line. Hmm...
Ah yes.
Today we have a reminder that human error may follow upon the drinking of an intoxicating Polynesian beverage.
Thank you, C.C. We are well-advised to take great care when imbibing!
Moderation in all things, lest we find ourselves committing a ...

Ol' Man Keith said...

Yes, Yuman, Misty, Lemonade, CanadianEh! et alia ~
Happy Earth Day!
What are we going to do about it? [Sigh]

A sad day yesterday.
So very strange that maybe the most memorable aspect of this Easter was the massacre of nearly 300 innocent souls in Sri Lanka.
My wife and I were reflecting on the fact that Easter no longer seems the celebration it was when we were children. Although we are now non-theists, we respect the humane spirit that many religious folk keep in their lives, but we were remarking on how the general public seem to be paying less and less attention these days to the old church holidays. (Except of course for Christmas.)
And then the news came in from Colombo.
This is not how Easter should be remembered.

Jayce said...

I liked this Burnikel puzzle and Boomer's blogging. As desper-otto says, no Wite-Out needed. So cool to see fill like THESAURUS, LEGAL CASE, A PRIORI, and BLOWS SMOKE.

There is a local television reporter named Emily Turner whose on-line handle used to be Turner LOOSE.

I learned from Edgar Allan Poe that BELLS tintinnabulate. I guess they can PEAL too.

I just looked at my wrist and saw the SEIKO there. It keeps on ticking even though I've never given it a licking. It did stop ticking when the battery died, though.

Jinx, I hope Zoe gets better soon.

I actually like kiwi fruit. (Heck, I'll eat almost anything. No sea slugs, though.)

Anonymous at 9:26 AM, that was funny!

Lucina, good luck with your RC on Friday.

Good wishes to you all.

Lucina said...

Your observation of fewer people participating in religious holidays is not supported by our church attendance. Yesterday we had three venues, the church proper, the school gym and the smaller, original church. In the main church, chairs were set out in the foyer. This also happens at Christmas. I attend in the main church and it was packed!

If the cathedral of Notre Dame were left roofless I believe the elements would soon ruin the entire interior. The church itself provides work for the hospitality industry. I read that 300 million tourists visit every year. Think of how that benefits restaurants, hotels, museums and other city attractions. Of course, people would still visit Paris, but Notre Dame is one of its main draws.

PK said...

Lucina: I was seeing the people rioting in protest about billionaires giving money to rebuild the church. They thought the money should be given to the poor. Why not employ those protestors to rebuild the church. That way they'd learn a skill and get some money from the billionaires. Don't understand some people! Hard useful work can be enjoyable and satisfying. Also lucrative.

PK said...

IM: Boy, are you lucky you don't have my sleep habits.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Lucina ~
Sorry. I didn't mean to offend.
I didn't say that fewer folk are attending church ("participating") but that in the eye of the general public there is less attention given over to the holidays. On special days like Easter I remember much more attention paid by radio, TV, and newspapers.
Now, this could be just my memory playing tricks, but I am pretty sure it's true.
Maybe it's a sign of our growing multiculturalism. Today about 3/4 of Americans identify as Christian; when I was a kid (1950s) it was nearly 95%.

I wouldn't have noticed Ash Wednesday this year except some TV talking heads showed marked foreheads. Even Mardi Gras, the most secular of pre-Lenten blow-outs got little focus.
As for church attendance, we used to have packed services all day long in the Presbyterian church--both upstairs (for the grownups) and down (for the kids). It was the one service a year my mom would sit through--until she (and her pew mates) got scolded in Dr. Creighton's sermon for their poor attendance.

AnonymousPVX said...

It’s Monday, right? This puzzle had some crunch!


That’s what happens when I don’t have my coffee first.

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate enough to visit Paris many years ago now. While there I went to Notre Dame and arrived inside just as vespers were being held. I wasn't raised Catholic but even so it was a moving experience. I hope they are able to return it to its original glory.

Michael said...

OMK @ 2:48:

"On special days like Easter I remember much more attention paid by radio, TV, and newspapers. Now, this could be just my memory playing tricks, but I am pretty sure it's true."

No, it's true. There have always been skeptics, but their influence has grown, along with the general idea that "we" don't want to be "provocative." As the mean of public opinion has shifted, Easter has generally been reduced to schmaltzy egg hunts and bunny suits.

Patricia Heaton said...

Did you see my tweets? I said it all and stand by remarks. The news no longer reports facts, they pursue agendas.

Boomer said...

Hello TTP - I just jumped back on to read the posts. (C.C. owns the computer for most of the day). Sorry to hear that physical difficulties are keeping you off the lanes. That was my story last fall. For now, my Monday travelling league is over for the summer and I shot 558 last Thursday which ended the season there too. This Thursday is a no tap tournament so I expect a 600 with no ten pins to miss. I will be bowling a unique Spring League for the next eight Mondays (Except Memorial Day). It's unique because it is 4 games where you bowl two games against one team and then move to a new pair and a new opponent for the other two. I like it because there is only 3 person teams and it is handicap so I cannot rally hurt the team as long as I stay around my average. I also plan to bowl the 700 club scratch tournament in May. Even though I have struggled this year, I am in the over 70 division so I think I can compete. I'll let you know.. Boomer

Lucina said...

Oh, I see what you mean and I guess just haven't noticed it. Our local news is composed mainly of the current shootings, car wrecks, etc. with an occasional spattering of other events. It's pathetic, really. I mostly watch news on cable and on the internet.

Lucina said...

smattering, not spattering.

Alex Trebek's mustache said...

To alll those who have not viewed tonight's episode of Jeopardy!, make sure to see the interview portion of the show(just after the first commercial break).

Our current champion, James Holzhauer, tells a quick story about his father and crossword puzzles.

Jayce said...

I have totally lost all confidence and respect for most news sources, especially TV news. In fact, just 5 minutes ago the talking head pronounced Dieter Kowalski’s name as “dye et er” as in one who is on a diet. Proof that she doesn’t even know what she is reading.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

WEES - what a nice way to start the week w/ C.C. & Boomer. Thanks both of you.



Anon @9:26a - LOL.
Jerome - A dinosaur with spectacular vocabulary.
Like'd the DR OMK.

MdF - I also noticed ERIE and EIRE cattywampus or, nearly, catty corner*

Jayce / IM "If it bleeds it ledes." - The only shows I watch for news are the comedy shows - seems they know/care more than any of the talking heads regurgitating headlines. //yes, I know they have a slant but mostly they're about comedy.
Thank goodness for newspapers.

Jeopardy! Spoiler: Roy Wood Jr (comedian) responds to Final Jeopardy! //If you've never seen/heard his standup, he's funny. Fresh Air interview.

Cheers, -T
This expression, meaning “diagonally opposite,” was formed from a misspelling in English of the French word quatre (“four”) prefixed to “corner.” Although the word has nothing to do with cats or kittens, in various dialects all three spellings are acceptable: “catty,” “cater” or “kitty.”

Alice said...

Hi All, Easy and fun puzzle.

D-O, I can't bear it if they don't restore Norte Dame. Churches have burned throughout history, but they are rebuilt. It means too much to too many people to leave in wreckage.

Hahtoolah, Who said: the past is never dead, it's not even past? Every moment in our memory makes up who we are today.

Hahtoolah said...

Alice: William Faulkner.