May 23, 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013 David Poole

Theme: "Call Me Madam." (Harking back to a common thread lately!)

Let's start with the reveal today:

60D. Title for the starts of 20-, 25-, 37-, 46- and 55-Across: MRS.

20A. Showy bit of plumage : PEACOCK FEATHER. Mrs. Peacock is one of the suspects in the game of Cluedo. (Called "Clue" in North America.)

25A. Mae West's request to Beulah in "I'm No Angel" : PEEL ME A GRAPE. Mrs Peel is every guy's heartthrob from the show "The Avengers."

37A. N, in Morse code : DASH-DOT. Mrs. Dash is the brand name for a line of seasonings. Developed by a real-life Mrs. named Carol Bernick. Before settling on the name "Mrs Dash," the company also considered the name "Mrs. Pinch."

46A. Quadrennial mathematics awards : FIELDS MEDALS. Another real-life lady who started a cookie company with her own secret recipe.
55A. His work was done by Friday : ROBINSON CRUSOE. One of my favorite movies is "The Graduate." I will never forget this famous film cougar!

Just missing a "J" for a pangram. Did this seem like a Monday puzzle to you? I have to admit, I wondered what the connection was for the themers, and had an "Aha!" moment when I read the reveal.  Trivia for today: "MRS" is the abbreviation for "mistress," which is the feminine form of "Master" or "mister."  It originally applied to both married and unmarried women. Around the 17th century, the word "mistress" was divided differently to designate a married (Mrs) or unmarried (Miss) woman.


1. Bigger than big : EPIC.

5. Spender of rials : OMANI. I always have to wait for perps before entering OMANI or Irani. Yemeni can be determined by the number of spaces. They all spend rials.

10. It makes cents : ZINC. This was my last fill, and a real "D'OH" when I finally figured it out. (It makes sense, now!)

14. Hawaiian girl who adopted Stitch : LILO. A 2002 Disney film that was made into  a TV show, airing for only two seasons that ended in 2006.

15. Assume : POSIT. I just love that word!

16. Fishing, maybe : ASEA. Obligatory "A" word.

17. Bulky bovids : OXEN. Nice alliterative clue.

18. Oscar-winning composer Korngold : ERICH. Won for his 1938 score of the love theme of Robin and Marian in "The Adventures of Robin Hood."

19. Family : CLAN.

23. First name in talk shows : ELLEN. DeGeneres. She also played Dory in "Finding Nemo." Fun clip. 4:58

24. Big Ten or Big East org. : NCAANational Collegiate Athletic Association.

32. Place for stop-and-go traffic? : REST AREA. Funny clue!

35. Asian currency name meaning "round" : YUAN. Looks pretty rectangular to me... (From C.C.: The coins used before paper currency were all "round".)

36. Plains native : OTO.

41. Box set component : DVD.

42. Selene's Roman counterpart : LUNA. Moon goddesses.

44. Blue moons and hen's teeth : RARITIES.

50. Traveling : AWAY.

51. Splenda rival : EQUAL.

60. Home of H. Matisse's "The Dance" : MOMAMuseum oModern Art.

61. Scarlet fever cause : STREP.

62. Ambiance : AURA.

63. Leeway : ROOM.

64. Refrain from singing about a farm? : E-I-E-I-O. (Mr. McDonald's farm, that is!)

65. "Phooey!" : RATS.

66. Plato's promenade : STOA.

67. iPad pictures : ICONS.

68. David and Goliath's battlefield : ELAH.


1. Surprise your friends, wedding-wise : ELOPE. Fresh clue.

2. Point of resolution : PIXEL. I wonder if that is where the film studio Pixar got its name?

3. Intestine-related : ILEAL.

4. Notion : CONCEPT.

5. Vienna-based commercial gp. : OPECOrganization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Originally based in Geneva, Switzerland.

6. '70s-'80s TV attic-dweller : MORK. from Ork.

7. "Fat chance!" : AS IF.

8. ___ Creed : NICENE. A profession of faith in Christianity, it was adopted by the first Ecumenical Council in Nicaea.

9. Cornell's city : ITHACA. In the Finger Lakes of New York.

10. Millard was his vice president : ZACHARY. Millard Fillmore and Zachary Taylor. Millard went on to become POTUS when Zachary died of cholera. There were suspicions that he was assassinated with poison, but that was disproved. His doctors probably had more to do with his death by treating him with ipecac, calomel, opium and quinine, bleeding him, and blistering him. Nice.

11. Man, for one : ISLE. This one threw me for a bit.

12. Almost : NEAR.

13. Slammer : CAN. Hands up for "pen" at first? If I had figured out that tricky ZINC clue, I might not have gotten hung up in this corner.

21. Early Christian year : ONE A.D. Very early.

22. ___ sale : TAG.

26. Stat for Justin Verlander : ERAEarned Run Average. I feel lost when trying to decide between RBI or ERA.

27. Bandleader Brown : LES...and his "Band of Renown." 2:43

28. 1984 Olympic slalom champion : MAHRE. Phil Mahre and Bode Miller were my heroes when I was growing up.

29. "Truth in Engineering" automaker : AUDI.

30. Smooth, in a way : PAVE.

31. They may be tight or right : ENDS.

32. Massage deeply : ROLF. Learned this from crosswords.

33. Sewer's case : ETUI.

34. Unit of loudness : SONE.

38. Martin Sheen, to Emilio Estevez : DAD.

39. ___ pro nobis : ORA. "Pray for us."

40. Bathroom renovator : TILER.

43. Country band named for their home : ALABAMA. "Tennessee River" was their first #1 hit. 2:55

45. Drafting implement : T-SQUARE.

47. SADD concern : D.W.IDriving While Intoxicated, refers to being inebriated on alcohol. DUI is another common term meaning "Driving Under the Influence" (of either drugs or booze.)

48. Japanese immigrant's grandchild : SANSEI. Issei, Nisei and Sansei are names used in Australia and North America to refer to first generation immigrants from Japan, their children, and their grandchildren, respectively

49. Sufi, e.g. : MYSTIC.

52. Garden variety : USUAL.

53. Corpuscle's passageway : AORTA. Because "artery" was too long and "vein" was too short. AORTA was juuuuust right!

54. Boxer's restraint : LEASH. Anyone get pulled into the boxing ring misdirection?

55. Origin : ROOT.

56. "Typee" sequel : OMOO. I'm going to read that one some day...

57. Three-layer treat : OREO.

58. Dusseldorf denial : NEIN.

59. USN noncoms : CPOsChief Petty Officer. What do you get when you have three CPOs? ;-D

Signing off, until next week!


Note from C.C.:

Here is a sweet photo of Max, 8-year-old grandson of our dear Spitzboov (Al). Max lost his mother Gretchen in January. Al told me they just held a memorial service for Gretchen last weekend.


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Definitely not Monday-like to me! I didn't know ERICH or FIELDS MEDALS, misspelled MAHRE as MAHER, went with APOLLO instead of NICENE and totally blanked on SANSEI for awhile.

Worst of all, though, I was utterly convinced that 10A was MINT (especially since the IN fit so nicely) and really didn't want to let it go.

The perps took care of the first set of problems, and I finally realized that 10D had to be ZACHARY. Cents are primarily made of ZINC, but is it actually correct to say that ZINC "makes" cents? Poetic license in service of a pun, I suppose..,


HeartRx said...

Barry, I thought you meant APOSTLES instead of APOLLO. But I looked it up, and now I see that APOLLO Creed was a character in the "Rocky" films. So thanks for the new bit of knowledge!

I also wanted "mint" at first instead of ZINC. That's why that corner was a little crunchy.

Lemonade714 said...

So Bode Miller was an idol while you grew up,interesting. I did think most of the puzzle went quickly like a downhill race and of course it would be the J which was missing

Les Brown was with Jackie Gleason Gleason when they did the shows from Miami.

Posit is a word lawyers love and Millard is buried in Buffalo, not all that far from Ithaca.

I enjoyed the theme, recalling And Bancroft and the wit wit in the cluing and the expose/ thanks

thehondohurricane said...

Good day all,

This sure was no Monday for me either. I managed to get through the North & South relatively unscathed, but the Central was a slow grind. REST AREA. DASHDAT, RARITIES & FIELD MEDALS were the cu;prigs. The perps, which were relatively easy, saved my behind.

The F for ROLF & Field.... was a wag. I did not know either word and I'm sure they will both be soon forgotten.

I wasn't a fan of the theme clues, but there was a lot of clever cluing in this puzzle.I'd forgotten MORK was an attic dweller.

Been to ITHACA once....a loooong time ago. An uncle brought so I could see Michigan's band perform. He said the game would be a blow out. It was. Cornell beat them either 14 to 7 or 21 to 7. It was a quiet ride back to Ct. But the band was terrific.

thehondohurricane said...


cu;prigs s/b culprits. Sorry/

desper-otto said...

Nope, not a Monday in sight!

Here's another hand up for MINT. Dang, I was sure that was right, until it wasn't. I finally saw that the slammer had to be CAN, so my last fill was the Z.

Why do we have three different terms for the Japanese generations? We don't do that with any other nationality that I know of.

I thought ROLF was something you did while on your knees, hugging the white porcelain fixture.

Back in the '40's each of the big bands had a featured vocalist. LES Brown's was Doris Day.

Wouldn't you know it? I lashed my critter cam to the tree at sundown aimed at one of the hummy feeders. This morning the feeder was unmolested. I did get a photo of me turning off the camera, though. Maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog, HeartX.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

This wasn't a Monday-ish puzzle for me but I did move through it without too many problems. The two areas that held me up a bit were the NE - 'Mint' before ZINC for me, too and the crossing of FIELDS... and ROLF. Once ROLF fell into place, I remembered that we've had it before.

I liked the theme but I'm not sure I would have had it without the unifier. All the ladies were familiar to me, although FIELDS MEDALS was an unknown.

~ My husband's and JzB's Detroit Tigers won last night with Justin Verlander pitching.

~ Needed perps for ERICH, YUAN, and MAHRE.

~ Favorites: 32A - Place for stop-and-go traffic - REST AREA and 64A - Refrain from singing about a farm - EIEIO.

~ A wonderful write-up, Marti - interesting info and great comments!

~ Spitzboov - you have a beautiful grandson. I'm sure he is of great comfort to you in your loss. I've thought of you and your family often through your difficult time.

Mari said...

Good Morning Everybody!

Nice puzzle today, I really liked 10A: It makes cents: ZINC and 32A: Place for stop-and-go traffic? REST STOP.

Yesterday I was reading a book and came across a word I wouldn't have known if it wasn't for this blog. Who remembers what ZAFTIG means?
(I felt so smart knowing the answer without having to look it up.)

Nice looking lad, Spitz.
Keep us updated on your camera shy critters, Otto.

Mari said...

Gordon @ 2:07 pm yesterday: DH and I watch both Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares regularly, and we did see "the one episode where Gordon was unable to help." I was wondering if the show was over-exaggerated, or if there was any truth to it. I felt sorry for Amy's employees.

HeartRx said...

Spitz, I just noticed C.C.'s comment at the bottom of my write-up. What a beautiful grandson! Did he do the painting?

Mari, "zaftig" is such a great word, isn't it??

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Fairly tough one today. But going back and forth; down and up, and it all came together. Wanted 'mint' before ZINC, too. ZACHARY helped out in that corner. Nice misdirection for Man - ISLE. didn't 'get' MOMA. but Marti explained it.
A CPO is an E7; equivalent to an army Sergeant First Class (SFC).

Thanks for the kind comments on our grandson. Marti, the painting was a gift to our daughter's employer who honored employees that had recently passed away. Painting by an amateur painter named Eck.

Husker Gary said...

-I almost called a Natick on the play with ROLF and SANSEI because this math teacher had never heard of FIELDS MEDALS but the fun theme saved me.
-Far from a Monday for me, Marti but loved your write-up
-MRS. Peel could take MRS. Peacock (or me) in a heartbeat
-Cents are now 97.5% Zn and only 2.5% Cu
-ELOPE? I’m taking that blender back!
-My current camera has lots and lots of PIXELS. Great if you’re making a poster
-No one was a Christian yet in ONE AD ;-)
-FYI, Verlander is a RH pitcher with a great ERA and doesn’t get AB’s for RBI’s because he is an ALER who has the DH. Now don’t you feel silly, Marti ;-)?
-I always associate LES BROWN with Bob Hope and Sammy Spear with Jackie Gleason
-We’ve been waiting for years for the state to PAVE Hwy 77 around Wahoo, NE so we can cut 10 minutes off our drive to Lincoln. Speeding tickets are a real source of income for them.
-This ROOT rivaled Brylcreem in my ute. If you saw white ridges on your comb, you had used enough.
-Three CPO’s? Of course you have Star Wars I, II and III!
-Good looking boy, Spitz! They’re a joy, aren’t they?

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, David Poole, for a swell puzzle. Thank you, Marti, for the very good review.

Kind of scanned across and 8D, NICENE, became my first answer. I always remember that one of my heroes, the Emperor Constantine, caused the NICENE Creed to be written at the Council of Nicaea in the 4th century, AD.

Then got ITHACA right next to it.

I also had MINT for 10A. After a long time ZACHARY fixed that to ZINC. Then CAN worked for 13D.

ROBINSON CRUSOE was my first theme answer. That gave me MRS for 60D. That helped with the rest.

I did not know Mrs. DASH at 37A. But, I did know that DASH DOT is an "N" in Morse Code. Learned all that from Boy Scouts many decades ago. Too many decades.

My tough area was YUAN,DVD, and PAVE.

MAHRE was with perps.

Mari: I remember the word ZAFTIG in a puzzle, but cannot remember what it means. I am sure someone will tell us. Maybe I will look it up.

Cool here today in NE Illinois. Still wet from yesterday.

See you tomorrow.



Yellowrocks said...

Cute picture of Max, Spitz, My
heart is with you at this time.

In English we say first generation, second generation.etc.In Japanese ichi (IS combining form) ni, san mean 1,2,3. Issei is the first generation,the immigrant, nisei is the second generation, and sansei is the third generation. These terms are not used in Japan. Only expats use them.
I cannot stand typing on this Kindle.

desper-otto said...

Husker, I remember Wildroot Cream Oil (Charlie) quite well. When I was a kid my barber used it. He'd ask if I wanted some goose grease and skunk oil.

YR, typing on a tablet is no fun. But it is easier/faster when you use a stylus. Have you got one?

kazie said...

Definitely a Saturday for me. Too many naticks and missteps to count. Absolutely no clue on LILO/ILEAL, ZACHARY/YUAN (I had looked up Asian coin and found/put QUAN). Had IRANI/OMANI, MINT/ZINC, didn't know the Mae West quote, so blanks there weren't helping to get PAVE, TAG, (what is a tag sale?) ERA or MAHRE. Also never having heard of sufi meant I didn't know what to look for at MYSTIC, and had no idea that STREP has anything to do with scarlet fever, or that CPOs are NCOs, or that ROLF was a massage method.

Adding insult to injury I misread MRS as MRs. (misters), so didn't understand or recognize the theme people.

You have a really cute grandson. I didn't remember knowing of your loss in January, so please accept my condolences now.

Montana said...

Good morning, all. By noon, EDT, I should have a new grandson born in CT!

I always start Thursday puzzles with red letter help on. I surprised myself by doing very well today. Never had to do a run of the alphabet and only a few wrong letters here and there. I really struggled in the SE corner, but back and forth and back and forth again and again, and I got it done. Still a DNF, though.

Loved the clue and RESTAREA. I’m a math teacher, but have never heard of FIELDSMEDALS.

Like a ‘blue moon’ all the blog links worked on my iPad today. Thanks for the write-up, Marti.

Have a safe weekend, everybody,


Clue Alert said...

Stan Newman Newsday crossword 5/18

YEN [Japanese word for "round"]

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was definitely NOT a Monday for me. I did finish w/o help but it wasn't easy. Rolf/Fields came only because of the unifier. Liked the clues for rest area and leash. Had Ute before Oto, male before Isle, pen before can

Kudos to David for a challenging exercise and thanks to Marti for making sense of it all.

Mari - We were right about Dawson and Mills; I just knew she still cared for Casey. And we saw a segue into the spin off when Mills went to apply at Chicago PD. Can't wait for the new season. (I can hear my mother whispering in my ear: " Stop wishing your life away.")

Have a terrific Thursday.

Irish Miss said...

Forgot to tell Spitz what a handsome boy Max is. Such a beautiful smile!

Misty said...

Hurray! I never thought I'd get this one. I too got stuck in the NE corner with MINT and had to fail at a Sudoku and come back before finally getting CAN and then ZINC. But what a fun theme--many thanks, David. And you too, always, Marti, for the great expo!

My other hang-up was first putting IRANI instead of OMANI. Guess I'm not great at Mid-east money, culture, or geography. But once I remembered that MORK lived in an attic, it all fell into place.

Lovely grandson, lovely painting, Sptizboov. What a sad time you've all experienced.

Have a great Thursday, everybody!

CrossEyedDave said...

Totally out of my wheelhouse...

I am not very well versed, & I am still having trouble trying to figure out why Omoo (pronounced OH-moo) is so prominent in Crosswords...

(Why would anyone want to read a book about a bored cow???)

61Rampy said...

While todays puzzle was not Monday-like, I managed to zip through it relatively quickly.
Hand up for MINT/ZINC. ISLE was one of the first words filled in. Had more difficulty in the Western area. Didnt know ROLF, so I had ROLL. Unifier helped fix that. MRS LIELDS?
One can only hope that tomorrow's puzzle will be this easy...

Anonymous said...

"Mrs Peel is every guy's heartthrob from the show 'The Avengers.'"

Every guy who likes women with chicken lips. Otherwise, no, she's not every guy's heartthrob. Not by a longshot.

HeartRx said...

Anon @ 10:21, LOL. But somehow, I don't think most guys even noticed that she had lips...

JJM said...

In the early 80's I tried what was then considered "New Age" medicine. I was rolfed, I tried sensory deprivation chambers, even went to a scream therapy session with some friends. etc. You get the idea. And, actually some of it was beneficial.
I hadn't heard the term "rolfing" in quite some time so I was surprised when I saw it in the puzzle.

TTP said...

Hello everyone !

Like many, had mINt rather than ZINC and could quote Abejo's comment word for word as to how I resolved that New England area.

Marti, at 54A no, not fooled into the arena of the sweet science. Alas, I entered chain, but TSQUARE later gave me EQUAL so LEASH became apparent. My neighbor just got a young Boxer. Fittingly named him Chompers. He likes chewing on stuff.

My trouble spot was due west with the stack of RES, OTO and LUN. Like Irish Miss I had UTE. Had ETUI. Stepped away for quite awhile and stared at that area again until I realized that could also be OTO. That gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get the missing letters of SON, LUN and ROL.

Officially, I am a perfect 0 for 4 this week. The intersecting O at OMOO and STOA kept me from raising the average up to .250. Strike 4.

That attic dweller actor later costars in a movie about a janitor at MIT and a FIELDS MEDAList. Anyone ?

Have a good day everyone !

Anonymous said...

Good Will Hunting
He (Robin Williams) won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Anonymous said...

OREO made me think of this tool.

I always carry my sandwich cookie dippers on my person. I call them fingers!

Jayce said...

Filled in MINT. Could only think of UTICA for too long, before ITHACA. Got PEACOCK and ROBINSON, and thought the clue was about birds. ROLF and YUAN were gimmes. Wanting REST STOP messed me up in that area for a while. Wanted TEE SQUARE until EQUAL turned on the light bulb.

Spitzboov said...

I'm not sure who was herding who, here...
I kept waiting for the cows to stomp the living crap out of the little truck....but they were like curious cats.

Move em out...head em up! Rawhide!


Mari said...

Montana @ 9:49 am: Is that your "fire dog"? Very cute!

Irish Miss @ 9:57 am: I've got Chicago Fire in the DVR and haven't seen it yet. Mills is going to the CPD?!!! Woah! This The plot turns in this show really keep me on my toes! Looks like I have something to look forward to tonight. :)

CED @ 10:02 am: "Bored cow" - too funny!

Anon @ 10:21 am: "Chicken lips" - too funny!

Keep 'em coming guys and gals!

Montana said...

I am a gramma again at noon today, EDT. Timothy Arthur, 8# 5oz. born in CT.


PK said...

Hi Y'ALL! The most doable Thursday puzzle we've had in a while for me. Thanks, David! Thanks, Marti!

Loved to dance to Alabama back in the day. One of the best musical revues I ever attended was at Alabama's Theatre in Myrtle Beach, S.C. We were disappointed the band wasn't there, but they had some good young talent on display.

Not only did I "mINt", but when I got Z, I was sure it was spelled with a "K". Duh! moment of the day.

Who the heck knew ERICH Corngold?

How'd a history buff like me miss ever hearing about how ZACHARY Taylor died, I wonder?

Those steers won't get very prime running after that car! LOL! Poor dog is out of a job if you can herd with those. My DH used a little motorcycle to herd, but he rode it. I can attest to the curiosity of cattle. They used to stand at attention when I hung out clothes on the line then watch them flap. Pasture living is boring, so anything different gets watched.

PK said...

Congrats on the new descendant, Montana!

Spitzboov, nice looking grandson! Must take after grandpa. Hope you see him often.

HeartRx said...

Congrats to Gramma Montana!!

Bumppo said...

3D ILEAL is not a word. Ileac is a word. Ileal may be in Collins' English dictionary, but only as an alternative to ileac; and it's not in a real dictionary. It's not even in my medical dictionary.

Irish Miss said...

Mari - I am sorry I gave TMI about Chicago Fire but you still have a lot more to learn when you watch it tonight.

Spitz - that cow link is hilarious. Also got a chuckle when I read Jace's comment: "Got PEACOCK and ROBINSON, and thought the clue was about birds." Sometimes I wonder about why certain things strike me as being so funny.

One thing I didn't find funny was an increase in the price of my Dewar's Scotch; last month it was $33.99 for the 1.75 liter and today it was $38.99. Plus 8% sales tax. I guess I should be thankful that I don't smoke; I think name brand cigarettes are close to $10.00 a pack.

Montana - Congratulations on the newest addition to your family.

Bill G. said...

Oh Gary, I used to get white ridges all the time on my comb from Wildroot Cream Oil. If a little bit was good, more must be better... But I had laid off the stuff by the time I went to ITHACA.

Montana, Gary, etc., the Fields Medal isn't meant for math people like us. It's meant for math people like in "Good Will Hunting" and beyond.

Good job by Marti, Spitz and the Midnight Straggler on the geography questions late last night. I have a few more, maybe coming up later.

CED, Omoo is common in CWs not because it's such a great book but any word that is 75-percent vowels is a constructors dream. But I'm sure you knew that already. (I'm just trying to chime in whenever I find a little spot.)

Well, count me in as a Mrs. Peel fan. Maybe not a heartthrob though. Maybe more of a luster-after.

Spitz, best wishes and good thoughts for you. I loved the cows vs. the RC truck video.

Congratulations to our new grandma!

Thanks for all of the good wishes. Barbara is getting a little better every day.

LaLaLinda said...

~ Congrats to Gramma Montana and welcome to Timothy from a fellow CT'er!

Anonymous said...

Who knew Windy was a farmer AND an attorney?

HeartRx said...

YR, I forgot to mention that you can buy a bluetooth adapter for your Kindle for only about $10. Then, you can plug any bluetooth compatible keyboard into the adaptor and you won't have to deal with typing directly on the Kindle. They sell them on Amazon.
Duragadget link.

Bumppo, ILEAL (or "ileac") is the adjective form of the word, meaning "related to the ileum." It is very common to see it used that way in medicine. Ileal loop, ileal artery, Ileal Crohn’s disease, etc. I’m not sure what kind of medical dictionary you are looking in, but it does appear in my Gray’s Anatomy.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Neither a Monday nor a toughie, but just about right - for me. I think it might have been easier except I locked myself in with UTE instead of OTO in the west sector. That simple error kept me from seeing the simplicity of SONE and ROLF, and those in turn prevented me from filling the larger FIELDS MEDALS.

When I finally thought of OTO, I admit I checked through Google to be sure it is a real tribal designation - so under my own rules this was finally done and finished but "with help."

BTW, I really liked ZACHARY, as it handed me ZINC --and apparently a lot more easily than for some others here.
Thanks, Mr Taylor!

Jayce said...

Congratulations to you and the parents of your new grandchild, Montana. You probably already know what a joy it is to be a grandparent. Easy, too!

-- theme -- I meant to say I thought maybe the theme was about birds. Thank you, Irish Miss.

Hmm, Irish Miss:Swiss Miss::Scotch:chocolate? haha

TTP said...

I was remiss earlier. Thank you David Poole and thank you Marti !

Spizboov, I knew cattle could be curious when they weren't eating and sleeping and making cow pies, but never would have dreamed of what I saw in that video you posted.

Montana, congratulations ! I heard along somewhere that moms with newborns often need an extra hand. Perhaps you should avail yourself and start making travel plans.

Lemonade714 said...

Wonderful news Montana babies are wonderful and grandbabies awesome

Manac said...

Congrats Montana, I'm sure you are elated with the news.

On the other subject.. Chicken Lips???
They look Great to me ;)

CrossEyedDave said...

I tried to find some funny theme entries, but the only good one was Mrs. Peacock.

I did get sidetracked with "Peel" however. When I saw this peeled orange I thought, what a lovely presentation, I wonder how you do that? Which led to a parade of ridiculous video clips that I will not bother you with.

Crazy Russian Hacker had an interesting way to peel an orange, but I think I linked it a couple of weeks ago. The nice thing about it is you can fill the wick end with olive oil & it make a nice candle. (Outdoors only, doesn't look to stable.)

It turned out that the video I was looking for was under How to peel a Mandarin Orange.

Still looking for a funny Mrs. Dash....

Michael B said...

Saved by the review! Had UTE 36A.
No OTO in Websters Collegiate, (except for a reference to the ear)
but American Heritage (much fatter and in the other room) has Otoe with Oto listed under "Also".
Got the theme early, but that did not help with 46A, FIELDS MEDALS.
Took a break, did chores, then came back to it.
But pleased I got as far as I did, being a newbie.

Yellowrocks said...

Congrats to the new grandma. Ain't it grand?
I loved the cows chasing the toy car.
I enjoyed playing Clue with my grandson. I learned Cluedo from crosswords. Also, ROLF as massage. In college I learned about rolfing one's cookies.
At first I had a yen for YEN as the round Asian coin but it was too short. The Japanese do not pronounce the Y in yen.
Thanks, Bill, for suggesting a stylus.I enjoyed posting this. Thanks,Marti. I think I will stick with the stylus.

Montana said...

Thanks for the well wishes about birth of new grandson. He joins a 2-year old brother.
Aussie grandparents are in CT for 2+ months. I will travel there later this summer.


Anonymous said...

On the distaff side of Mrs./Miss:
A young man is a Master until he reaches age 12...after which, he may be called Mr.

Manac said...

Anon @ 5:34
Do you think those rules would change if the young lad's last name was Bates or Bater? Just a thought ;~)

Java Mama said...

Good evening, everyone! Great puzzle, David, with just enough “oomph” for a Thursday. Had to wait for the reveal to catch the theme – clever. Thanks for a swell write-up, Marti.

Steady progress throughout until grinding to a halt in the West Central. Thought I was headed for a DNF until REST AREA finally dawned on me – fun clue/answer! E-I-E-I-O for the farm refrain made me smile. Had no idea that STREP caused scarlet fever. Someday I’ll remember SANSEI without having to wait on the perps.

Really enjoyed the cow video – the music had me half expecting to see Benny Hill scampering across the screen.

Congrats on your new grandson, Montana! Bet you can’t wait to hold him. Lovely picture of young Max, Spitzboov.

Lucina said...

I almost missed the party today! I woke feeling very sick, suffice it to say I must stay close to the bathroom and take Kaopectate.

But I had to come read Marti's excellent review and to say how much I enjoyed this Thursday cruncher from David Poole. Thanks.

I hope you all have been well and had a great Thursday!

HeartRx said...

Montana, email me and maybe we can arrange to get together for coffee while you are here...or something stronger, if that's your preference!!

Lucina, I hope you are feeling better soon! DH bought me Skittles as a special treat last night and I ate waaay too many of them...spent the night scarfing Tums and wishing my stomach would go to h***!!! Tonight, he bought me raspberry sorbet. Do you think I learned my lesson?? Noooooo....

Yellowrocks said...

MASTER these days is used only in extremely formal invitations and only for the very young. It is becoming more and more rare. Even 50 years ago when my son's were born it seemed archaic and stilted. I used it on birthday cards and letters until 20 years ago. It seems incredibly stilted and pretentious.
You can Google "master salutation".
In this informal age it seems out of place. I have never used it for my grandson.

fermatprime said...

Hi, all!

Swell puzzle, David; Great expo, Marti: thanks to you both!

I did not think this was a Monday puzzle, but did not have some of the problems mentioned. Put in ZINC immediately. There is an interesting story associated with the FIELDS MEDAL, which I learned in graduate school. It is the mathematical replacement for the Nobel Prize, there being no Nobel Prize in math. The reason for this is that there was a (quite famous) mathematician by the name of Mittag-Loeffler who had an affair with Alfred Nobel's wife!

Congratulations, Montana!

Fine looking young man, Spitz!


fermatprime said...

Sorry about the double post! Internet not working well!

Spitzboov said...

Montana - Congratulations on the birth of your new grandson.

Thanks to all for your kind comments regarding my grandson. They are sincerely appreciated.

Unknown said...

Well swizzle my fizzle! i had a rocky start but managed to finally finish this booger tonight.
Thanks for the explanations and blogging.
Now back to Words with Friends.

Blue Iris said...

I used to play Clue at a friend's house when I was about 11 yrs old. That friend is my husband of 37 years now. I've known him since I was 6 years old.

Does anyone here use Mrs. Dash to replace salt? I just don't like it. Maybe just need a new way to use it.

We went to a Nairobi University Professor's house in 1979. He wanted to know what the big deal is about this MORK show and do American's really like this??

I remember the ISLE of Man because that is where the Bee Gees are from...kind of weird reason.

Took a 32 hour course on Alternative Medicine to be re- licensed for next two years. ROLFing sounded painful as it deeply massages the muscle tissue away from the bone. You would certainly what someone who knows what they're doing, IMO.

Spitz, I'm glad you had a nice Spring memorial for your daughter. Sweet picture of your grandson shows how much it meant to him.

Montana, congratulations on your new grandson!

My twins are are here this week. They haven't seen each other for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

Right ends??? really??

Anonymous said...

Good night all.

Late to the party because I had to have the port removed (surgery)because it became infected. I will, I guess have to start the chemo all over or close to it. But I feel good, so all is well.

Spitzboov, you have a handsome grandson, and belated condolences on the death of his mother.

Montana, congratulations on your new grandson. It's grandsons' day here today I think.


Argyle said...

Question: are the right ends across the scrimmage line from left tackles or the right tackles?

PK said...

The term "master" may no longer be used for a lad, but some of those cute little stinkers are indeed masters of the house and rule the roost.

Bill G. said...

Argyle, this is an opinion, not a fact. I think the positions are described from the point of view of the way the players are facing. So the right ends are on the right as their group is facing the line of scrimmage. They are across from the left tackles, on the left from the perspective of the defensive team. I tried to look this up on line with limited success but what I found seemed to bear out that opinion.

windhover said...

Anon @ 3:06:

Lemonade714 said...

I use a variety of Mrs Dash spices.

Yes right is opposite left.

TTP said...

fermatprime @ 7:11

I checked the internet. It is working fine :>)

Here's a fun you tube with one man's perspective: Carl Hurley on Computers, Cell Phones and Telemarketers