May 8, 2013

Wednesday, May 8 2013, Marti DuGuay-Carpenter

theme: looks good on paper

17A. *"We've got this one!" : IT'S IN THE (paper) BAG

24A. *Mischievous child : PECK'S BAD (paper) BOY. new to me. film based on a series of books by george wilbur peck.

38A. *YouTube piece : ONLINE VIDEO (paper) CLIP

49A. *India's national animal : BENGAL (paper) TIGER. beautiful.

60A. What auditors look for, and, in a way, what the ends of the answers to starred clues are : PAPER TRAILS

melissa here. another beauty from our resident heartrx/marti. perfect wednesday level difficulty. few unknowns, some fun clues, and a theme that's worth the paper it's written on.


1. Fabric named for an Asian capital : DAMASK

7. Letter-shaped lift : T-BAR

11. Suntan lotion letters : SPF

14. Eight-time tennis Grand Slam champion : AGASSI

15. Finish line : WIRE

16. Covert ops gp. : CIA and 2d. 16-Across personnel : AGT'S

19. Snitch : RAT

20. Anglo-French fliers until 2003 : SST'S

21. Cuppa contents : TEA

22. Haggard : GAUNT

27. Fuel holder : GAS TANK

31. Mind : HEED

32. Ferrell's "SNL" partner in "Morning Latte" skits : OTERI

33. i follower : POD

34. Some PCs : IBM'S

42. Opinion sampling : POLL. i first read this as onion sampling.

43. Fun unit? : TON

44. Crete peak: Abbr. : MT. IDA

45. Like some vaccines : ORAL

47. Pirouetting : IN A SPIN. yeah, baby.

53. Collar inserts : STAYS

54. Jack's place : BOX

55. Soho stroller : PRAM

59. Cyclades island : IOS

64. ID material : DNA

65. Pound of poetry : EZRA

66. Render powerless? : UNPLUG. nice.

67. Night sch. class : ESL

68. Gloom partner : DOOM

69. Biblical poetry : PSALMS


1. Where roasters may sit : DAIS

3. Spar : MAST

4. Yard sale caveat : AS IS

5. W-4 info: Abbr. : SSN

6. Litter box trainee : KITTEN

7. Fine-tune : TWEAK

8. Seafood restaurant freebie : BIB

9. Parseghian of football : ARA

10. Jamaican genre : REGGAE

11. Deep-clean : SCRUB

12. Scott Joplin's instrument : PIANO

13. Like marbled meat : FATTY

18. "Dang!" : HECK

23. More than fans : ADDICTS

24. "I feel your __" : PAIN

25. Sporting footwear : SHOD

26. "Venerable" monk : BEDE. learning moment for me: venerable bede.

27. Sticky stuff : GOOP

28. Oxygen's 8: Abbr. : AT. NO. atomic number.

29. Hawk : SELL

30. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings," for one : TRILOGY

33. ATM access : PIN

35. Sub on a screen : BLIP. radar.

36. Modest skirt length : MIDI. between mini and maxi.

37. Stretch across : SPAN

39. List shortener, for short : ET. AL.

40. Electrical unit : VOLT

41. "A Jug of Wine ..." poet : OMAR khayyam.

46. Spoke like Vito Corleone : RASPED

47. Composer Stravinsky : IGOR

48. On deck : NEXT UP

49. Unlikely hit on a 45 : B SIDE. this is one:

50. Preppy collars : ETONS

51. Like some cavities : NASAL

52. Letter-shaped girder : I-BEAM

55. Smurf with a beard : PAPA

56. Little brook : RILL

57. Grad : ALUM

58. Voice mails: Abbr. : MSG'S

61. Dye that comes from the French word for nitrogen : AZO

62. Tour golfer, e.g. : PRO

63. OR or ER workers : RN'S



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Nice, straightforward theme today and mostly easy fill throughout. A few speed bumps along the way, however.

Minor problems in the NW because (a) I misread "roasters" as "roadsters" and had a devil of a time coming up with DAIS as a result and (b) I didn't want to accept AGTS at 2D because the clue didn't indicate an abbreviation, but I finally (grudgingly) accepted that the cross-referenced clue did contain one.

Larger problems in the north because (a) I just couldn't see HECK as a synonym for "dang!" even after getting HE_K (I even briefly toyed with HERK), (b) PECKSBADBOY was completely and utterly out of my wheelhouse and (c) the clue for SHOD threw me for a loop since I thought "sporting" was an adjective instead of a verb.

Seriously, though, how common is PECK'S BAD BOY?


thehondohurricane said...

Good morning everyone,

A nice mid-week puzzle from Marti today. Got through it with only two errors, which perps quickly corrected..Started with Adorers for 23D before ADDICTED appeared & Studs for 53A before STAYS.

As usual, never figured out the theme until I wrote in the unifier.

This did take a bit longer then I thought it should, but my mind is slow getting into gear today. I attribute it to my "Arthuritis" acting up the last couple of days.

Have a great Hump Day.

River Doc said...

Happy Hump Day everybody!

Oh, so close…. Done in today by one square in Middle America. ihad iPad for iPod. Looking back, Shod makes a lot more sense than Shad, although both are words, so….

Enjoyed the crossing of Gaunt with Fatty (Jack Sprat and his wife, together again)….

Oteri was a complete WAG from prior x-word x-perience, since she’s an ALUM of SNL who happens to have a lot of vowels in her name…. Kinda like Alou for baseball….

Our first family pet was a cat named Tiger – how original….

Andre Agassi is well-known in Vegas for his philanthropy….

New to Doc Dept: Azo, Bede, and Peck’s Bad Boy. Would that be “Jem” from To Kill A Mockingbird…?

Other mis-stepped mines along the way included Viral for Video (clip), Spys for Agts, and SSN for DNA (5D resolved this error)….

Like Green Onions by Booker T and the MGs? Here’s the lesser-known sequel, Mo’ Onions….

Best thing about the puzzle - NO apse/nave, alto/bass, anon/soon, T-man/G-man, Ares/Mars. ALer/NLer, Tsar/Czar, RBI/ERA, ums/ers, Rte/Hwy/Ave, or eer/een/oer to flip the proverbial coin on - and best of all, NO dreaded “A” words! Just good, clean clues and answers!

Thank you, Marti….

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Like Barry G, I got held up at Shod. Finally the light came on. Peck's Bad Boy is just way, way outside my sphere of experience, but that's what the perps demanded. I bet Melissa Googled that one! Thanks for clarifying, M Bee.

Morning, Marti, nice work! My favorite clue has to be "Fun unit?".

Cheers All

Anony Mouse said...

Thank you Marti for a doable and challenging puzzle. I did it (!). Having studied advanced Chem. (At No. and Azo dyes ) and CPA ( paper trails) - I was really in the catbird seat to solve this puzzle.

Thank you melissa b. for a very interesting commentary. Especially the history of the Venerable Bede - so, now I know, why he is considered venerable.

Peck-S gave me the same problem, as it did for the guys, as above. But I figured, it had to be an 'S'. Shod was also difficult to parse, but now I understand. I knew 'Peek-a-boo boy', was not going to work.

I thought the national animal of India was the peacock. But I guess thats a bird - so I don't know if that qualifies. Beautiful picture, melissa.

Have a nice day, you all.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Marti almost drove me to a mid-week DNF. My problem area was smack-dab in the middle. SHOD, POD and PIN were slow to appear.

Elsewhere SCOUR turned to SCRUB and NEARBY to NEXT UP. I guess all things considered, this was just right for a Wednesday.

Funny, I immediately entered MT IDA as the Crete peak. But after completing the grid I saw MTIDA and wondered what the HECK that was.

Oh, almost forgot. I do remember PECK'S BAD GIRL (not BOY) -- that was a sitcom with kid star Patty McCormack back in the day.

Have a great day!

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thank you Marti and thank you Melissa.

Awoke at 2:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Started this gem at 3:30 and had 'er done in 25 minutes except the middle where I couldn't decide to go with iPAD and SHAD or iPOD and SHOD. I had already settled on HEED and determined that unknown BEDE was plausible. BAD BOY made more sense with the clue, than sad boy or any other consonant.

Thought maybe SHAD was the brand name of some shoe like that confounded purse we had the other day. Changed my mind and entered SHOD. NO TADA !! An A didn't give me the TADA either. Went back to O and started looking for other errors and fell back asleep.

After 30 minutes of looking this morning, changed the game from Master to Regular. My 51D "like some cavities" was NATAL rather than NADAL. And thus Cyclades Island was IOT...

Is Desper-otto on vacation and I missed it ?

Anyway, good fun. Thanks all !

TTP said...

DOH ! Never mind...

Sfingi said...

Never heard of IN THE BAG, so had hardish time.

@TTP- typo NASAL

Yellowrocks said...

This was a pleasant, satisfying Wednesday type puzzle. I liked the theme and the great write-up.

PECK’S BAD BOY was another of my mom’s sayings. Otherwise I would not have known it. I wonder how Marti came up with it. The dictionary calls it dated. Used in newspapers, books, a play, a silent film, and a “talkie” PECK’S BAD BOY’s heyday was from the 1880’s through the 1930’s
Link text

I got AZO all from perps. I know it as a pain killer for urinary infections. Now it makes sense to me. The medication creates horrible yellow staining due to the dye.
Otherwise there were no unknowns.

Anonymous said...

How many times must it be said that I.B.M. does NOT make P.C.s?

kazie said...

Pretty much all of WBS except for roadsters, but since I didn't ever hear of a dais being associated with roasts, it was still mysterious after it fell in.

Also had GLUE then GLOP so OTeri never got filled. I am no scientist, so oxygen's 8 meant nothing to me. Clip took a while because I started with MAXI for MIDI, then after conquering that, couldn't parse MTIDA for some time either.

Having I-PAD didn't help with my looking for a brand name for the shoes either. I even had JAY first of all for i follower.

Thanks Marti for the challenge, and mb for the clarifications.

Happy hump day to all who work!

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks, Thank you, Marti, for a swell puzzle today. Thank you, Melissa Bee, for a swell review.

Enjoyed this. Got through most of it easily.

My hang up was in the center. Never heard of PECKS BAD BOY, but it was the only thing that made sense with some perps. Could not remember BEDE, however I think we have had him before. Perped him. Had TOY instead of TON for a while. PIN fixed that. Had iPAD instead of iPOD. That's the way my puzzle stayed. So, I missed it by one letter. When you use the newspaper you never really know.

DAMASK fell once I had a few letters. Flew there once. Interesting people at the airport.

Thought BIB was clever. Might be a freebie at a spaghetti dinner as well.

Off to my day. I have grass to cut and a plugged up kitchen drain to unplug. I have a snake that works well. Put off the onions until Friday.

See tomorrow.



Dudley said...

Hey Puzzlers, I'd like to call attention to today's Google doodle. It's the fanciest I've seen yet. It celebrates the birthdate of Saul Bass, the guy who designed fabulous and memorable movie title sequences. You'll recognize the style, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

There was` a documentary, on PBS, about 8 years ago, on Tiger attacks in the Sundarbans.

The Sundarbans Forest is a vast forest, about 6500 square miles, with 81% in Bangladesh, rest in India, about 62% of the area is water logged, with rivers, rivulets and semi-sea-water flooded. It is one the largest eco-systems of its kind in the world.

The Tigers in this forest routinely eat humans, as a part of their varied carnivorous diet. This is because their other food sources have been severely depleted, and they are in competition for the food with .... other humans.

See Tiger attacks in the Sundarbans

Thus the tigers will, with some regularity, attack the hapless fishermen,( and if, available, fisher women - ) who are intrepid and daring enough to come within their range. Sometimes they also move to where the food source is, to outlying houses near the villages.

Despite this apparent horrific phenomena, the Govt. of Bangladesh does not permit the shooting of these magnificent beasts. The apparent reasoning goes, that humans are more prolific, having higher fecundity, and a greater carbon footprint, than the threatened tiger population. (It also marginally increases the per capita GNP of the country ...). The Govt. does however provide a short term disability income, to the victim's families, as a sop.

To those who feel humans are the apex/acme/peak of the human food chain, this may appear disquieting. Any volunteers ?

HeartRx said...

Good morning melissa, C.C. et al.

Well, I flew through this one, solving top to bottom, and missed a lot of the down clues until I read melissa's write-up...

Oh, wait. This is one I constructed, isn't it?? (^0^)

I knew PECK'S BAD BOY from the old Jackie Cooper film - it is a classic, but if you are not an old film buff like me, I guess that might give you pause.

Rich accepted this puzzle on the first submission, with no changes at all. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

.... apex/acme/peak of the world eco-system food chain, ...

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

A nice tour de force by Marti. I found the cw quite doable without lookups, but with enough crunchiness, especially in the center, to make it challenging for a Wednesday. Fun units - TON and I-POD were the last to fall. I liked the theme but I had to read Melissa's explanation to really 'get' it. Didn't know IOS for sure, but perps made it clear.

35d - While a sub could be on the surface and so appear on a radar screen. most likely it would be underwater and appear as a BLIP on a sonar screen. Either way, good clue- good answer.

Favorite fill was the vowel rich grid spanner - ON LINE VIDEO CLIP. Covered a lot of bases.

My condolences to Qli on the loss of your Dad. Sounds like you were close.

Have a good day.

Husker Gary said...

ipOd/shOd still haunts but the rest was fun, fun, fun! Yes, Marti, it was YOUR puzzle. Thanks!

-It might be IN THE BAG for the Heat, but the Bulls took game 1 and so they will not go WIRE to WIRE
-Sleep with a BENGAL TIGER?
-People today leave permanent Electronic TRAILS
-An attendant made a mistake and my brother got a GAS TANK full of diesel fuel. He didn’t go a mile.
-OTERI is one of many brilliant SNL comediennes who never got a big career like some of the men
-Hey, Marti, how ‘bout ASPIN (sans IN) as an answer ;-)?
-I don’t have collar STAYS but do use this collar accessory
-The battery on my PC is weakening and is rendered powerless quickly if unPLUGged
-I don’t think ROSEANNE is capable of embarrassment
-Lolo’s painful TWEAK was not fine tuning
-Hangover III is the last of a not very elegant TRILOGY
-As Hondo will recall, Willie Mays was ON DECK when Bobby Thomson hit the “shot heard round the world”
-A day with Green Onions can’t be all bad! What movie had this fun tune as the backdrop for a big drag race?

desper-otto said...

Dudley, thanks for the heads up on the Google doodle. They put a lot of effort into that one.

Anon@8:14 -- Back in the '80's most PC's were IBM-branded. They even had an IBM Junior with a "chicklet" keyboard. So "some PC's" would be IBM's. There's no nit to pick.

Qli, sorry to hear about your dad.

Zack said...


Elegant or not, the TRILOGY of Hangover is funny as hell. Here is a short ONLINE VIDEO CLIP of one of the scenes with the BENGAL TIGER.

Hey wait, the movie is about some mischievious BAD BOYS who use a PAPER TRAIL to track down their friend in AGASSI's Vegas while they try to BOX Mike Tyson.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, how do you sit at a dais? Isn't that another word for a podium? (1 Down)

Yellowrocks said...

The clue is "Where roasters may sit." Anon supplied the word "at." Where they sit is "ON the dais." (Using a chair is understood.) I can find dozens of quotes from NYT for "sit on the dais."

Language is not always literal. An ESL student and I were reading a book that said,"The cat sat in the sun." She laughed at that and told me that the sun is far away and that the cat would burn up. But in our language cats love to sit in the sun(shine.)

Anonymous said...

The Peck's Bad Boy stories were familiar to me. I guess you have to be an old fart like me to have heard of them.

Spitzboov said...

Anon @ 0953 A DAIS is a raised platform by definition. We have all seen such platforms and the ones I have seen usually had chairs for VIPs, etc. Some of the sitters would give roasts. Where were they sitting when they were not roasting? On the dais. Hope this helps.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

This was a DNF for me due to having glop instead of goop and not knowing Oteri and At.No. Congrats, Marti, for a very clever theme and some super fun (tons!) cluing. Great expo, Melissa.

Have a nice Wednesday.

Misty1 said...

I always get excited when I see it's going to be a Marti puzzle, and I'm never disappointed. This one was a TON of fun! Like others UNPLUG was one of my favorites, and I too had ADORERS before I got ADDICTS. But it's great to get a whole Wednesday puzzle without any hassles. And your expo was delightful, as always, Melissa.

I'm still the same old Misty, by the way, but have to change to Misty1 to elude the Spam filter which has been stealing my posts.

House painters are here today. The doxies are sure they're burglars and feel obliged to bark at them ferociously to chase them away. This is not going to be a calm, quiet day for us, I fear.

But have a great one, everybody!

Argyle said...

Misty1 didn't work either. Must be your IP address. It might be some one from your IP is a spammer. If so, they will probably move on shortly. Let's hope.

61Rampy said...

Had a bit of difficulty today. Had OBEY instead of HEED, and that threw off that whole area. Finally got it fixed with ADDICTS and SHOD. Never heard of PECKS BAD BOY. Otherwise, a reasonably smooth run today.

Misty said...

Argyle, what an IP address? Sorry to be so un-techie--but at least I was able to get myself on a blog!

Argyle said...

I'm not sure but your internet service provider has a hub that connects to the web. How many users are connected from that particular hub, I don't know.

Ok, somebody explain it better and tell me I'm all wet.

Pookie said...

Nice one, Marti!
Peck's bad boy was no stranger to me.
Bede, on the other hand was.
Spelled TWEeK instead of TWEAK! Heck!
melissa, what the HECK was that dance clip?Got really tired of their rear ends.
In a spin??? more like "in heat"
Here, try this

Lucina said...

Hello, hello puzzlers. And a special hello to Marti for giving us some fun today.

DAIS is not a problem. my notion of it is as a platform, more like a small stage.

WEES about the center, first PAD and since PECK'S BAD BOY was unknown I finally grokked SHOD/IPOD. BEDE on the other hand is completely familiar to me. In eight semesters of theology you can believe Venerable BEDE was often a reference along with Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine, etc.

Really good clues:
render powerless, UNPLUG
Soho stroller, PRAM
finish line, WIRE
fun unit, TON

DNF at MTIDA, though as I failed to check the finished product. Drat!

Thank you, Marti and thank you, Melissa for a fine analysis.

I hope you are all enjoying this fine Wednesday, everyone!

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, A fun puzzle from Marti, and fun explanations from Melissa. It was just right for a Wednesday.

I had a couple of slow downs--put in Macs for IBMS, and Ton didn't come right away. Perps took care of some of the ??'s , and I didn't even see Rat or Atno until I read Melissa's writeup.

I loved the clue for Shod. A complete misdirection for me as I was looking for the name of a sports shoe.

I knew Peck's Bad Boy. I guess that really dates me!

Marti, I laughed at your post.

Have a great day, everyone.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I had a ton 'o' fun working this puzzle, and recognized Marti's style of cluing. Generally smooth solving. Entered IP_D and waited for the perp to determine whether it was IPAD or IPOD. Never heard of Peck's Bad Boy but it filled itself from the perps. Favorite clue was "Render powerless?". Other favorites were "Litterbox trainee" and "Jack's place." Very witty cluing that got me a-smiling.

Anonymous said...

Argyle, @ 12.03, you're not all wet - unless you've been drinking - which I doubt.

Your explanation is as good as it gets.

Don't assume that there is going to be a better 'expert' out here - ( its just us chickens ).

I guess we'll have to wait for TTP to appear .... and couch your answer in techno-speak.

Bill G. said...

I really enjoyed the cluing today. No tweaks from Rich either. Well done! WEES.

Dudley, thanks for the heads up about the Google Doodle. Very cool!

Gary, I enjoyed your videos. I saw Jack Hanna in your tiger video and have seen him several times as a guest on late night TV. I could be totally wrong but he doesn't seem like the brightest bulb in the knife drawer to me. :>)

This Animal Tracks slide show seems to be all about mothers and their babies. Animal Tracks.

melissa bee said...

pas, there are some who don't tire of rear ends - hence the popularity of that particular kizomba dance duo.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Marti! Just under 15 minute run for me. Must have been in my wheelhouse.

I knew PECKS BAD BOY since it was a phrase my mother used for what was called a "juvenile delinquent" when I was growing up. My mother had a job playing music for the silent movies in her local theatre as a teen & young woman. She'd receive a new score whenever the show changed. She and her cousin then played violin or piano. They practiced all week to perform at the Saturday showings. She loved movies.

Thanks, Melissa! By the way, did anyone notice that female dancer's face? Never saw such an active backside. Fascinating!

Baryshnikov was always superb!

What can they say about Roseanne that she hasn't already said about herself?

My brother worked for IBM when the company sold their PC branch because they didn't think regular people would ever be interested in owning one.

HeartRx said...

pas de chat @ 12:11, now that is a rear end I will never tire of!! (The front end ain't no slouch, either, LOL!!)

Bill G., I just love the Animal Tracks links you post. Today's seemed especially appropriate if you did the NYT puzzle. Anyway, with Mother's day coming up, it serves as a nice reminder.

Yellowrocks said...

For my mom PECK'S BAD BOY, said only to my brother,was very mild. "I know what you did and it really wasn't a very good idea. We'll let it slide this time, but don't do it again." This was much more effective than a big scolding. My version was just an ironic, tsk, tsk,with a slight shake of the head. It brought a guilty smile and usually there was no repeat of the misdeed.

Bill G. said...

Marti, do you see Animal Tracks each week on your new homepage?

Guilty pleasures on TV: I sometimes enjoy Cash Cab and Cops. I miss Dirty Jobs.

HeartRx said...

Bill G. , I changed my home page, because I was really sick and tired of seeing the picture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev popping up every time I opened my browser! Maybe I will go back to it, but for now I have iGoogle.

I also liked Cash Cab, but what channel is it on now? I don't get it anymore. And I agree, Mike Rowe on "Dirty Jobs" was great, but alas, I can no longer find that one, either!

Husker Gary said...

-Back home after 18 rainy holes. Hey that’s not a problem if you’re and ADDICT like I am.
-Zack, there are probably funny parts of that TRIOLOGY but we don’t go to movies my wife can’t stomach and so I have only seen short clips and I know we ain’t goin’. The appeal is not exactly highbrow but they do make money and it’s a free country.
-Biil G, wild animals do not check their DNA at the door. They can revert to their instincts in a heartbeat. You can take the Tiger out of the wild but…
-Dirty Jobs may not be around any more but Mike is alive and well in many commercials for Ford, Tylenol and Viva paper towels. “Make hay while the sun shines”. I see he also was a professional singer in the Baltimore Opera Company. Check out this ”ARIA”
-Marti, congrats on being unfettered!
-I’m still having issues with SHOD being the footwear and not the process of putting on a SHOE.

CrossEyedDave said...

Ah, A Marti puzzle! time to turn off the PC & get out the pen! But honestly, you got me on this one! It probably did not help that I thought the National Animal of India was the cow,,, & I am still looking at 44A M-Tida??? I had a huge hole dead center that required a break to rethink it, plus some blanks that vexed me (I think nasal/ios was one.) But in the end, my daughter came by, & I asked her for help. (She was no help at all, & promptly turned on Moms Ipad to torment me!) I.E: I follower, she sat there with her Ipad & said "think Apple Dad,,," *^&^$$#^&^

With her help, I finally got "badboy", but Pecks gave me fits due to a heck of a dang, &25D sporting footwear will forever be in my mind next to this obscure monk!

Qli said...

Way to go, Marti and Melissa. You got me with HEED; I put in obey, which just goofed me up terrible.

Favorite clue was "Pound of poetry" . Even tho I knew it was EZRA, I wondered what the answer for "ounce of poetry" would be...

Qli said...

I meant "terribly"; you wouldn't think I'd have made the same editing mistake twice in two days, but you'd be wrong.
Thanks to everyone for the condolences at the passing of my Dad. Thank goodness for Hospice. He and Mom did a good job of parenting, and we have great memories to sustain us.

CrossEyedDave said...

Marti, this was (sorta) like me in the middle of your puzzle!

Fermatprime (yest) Tx for the pic of Diana Riggs daughter, she has her wry smile!

I remember a Scott Joplin piano in there somewhere, check out this guy at Disney. I have heard of double time, but this guy is incredible! He just keeps getting faster!

Fermatprime,,, OMG! I just found this Trekkers nightmare! Kirk in a bad haircut & Robert Reed (aka Brady Bunch) as an expendable guy in a red shirt!

Finally, I know it has nothing to do with the puzzle, but we have had many sheep in days gone by. Plus you know I rave about Ray William Johnson's =3, & because this clip (5:13) is relatively obscenity free, you must check out what happens to this poor sheep that they try to help... Oh, & i forgot. Towards the end is an alarming new trend,, commercials in rap! (write your congressman now!)

TTP said...

Techno babbler here.

I liked your response Argyle. Made sense to me.

Misty, it's probably not you, but update your Antivirus and do a scan anyway.

If you don't have one, check out this month's Consumer Reports magazine. They rate free and fee AV programs.

Loving the change of seasons and warmer weather !

Pookie said...

Marti @ 2:19
now that is a rear end I will never tire of!! (The front end ain't no slouch, either,
Amen to THAT!
I'd "pas de deux" with him in a heartbeat. ;-)
melissa, I meant no offence as to your video clip.

melissa bee said...

pas, none taken. and i concur about the guy, i love the way he leads her. rawr.

fermatprime said...

Thanks for swell puzzle and write-up, Marti and melissa. No problems. Haven't we had BEDE several times?

Thanks CED for links!

Bill G. said...

CED, I enjoyed your videos as always. That piano player is great!. Interesting, that Scott Joplin wrote right on his piano music that his rags weren't supposed to be played too fast.

Gary and Marti, I love Mike Rowe. Smart, clever and funny; what's not to like. I've heard that Dirty Jobs has been cancelled. I would probably even watch reruns. That is how I find Cash Cab. It's in reruns on a couple of cable channels. I don't know if they're filming new segments or not.

Bill G. said...

A spectacular lightning strike in Grand Canyon. Lightning.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Every computer has an its own IP address. Google "IP address", yours will show up before the first Google result. It says "Your public IP address is ...".

Read here. You'll see that an IP address can be blocked from visiting certain website.

Argyle and I will release your posts as soon as they arrive in our mailbox. We hope this is just a temporary glitch.

TTP said...


In high level terms, Mail Servers handle the inbound and outbound email we send each other. Mail Servers have an ability to block inbound mail requests from known or suspected senders of Spam.

Mail server administrators can implement the usage of "blacklist checking" to prevent users from getting flooded with spam. eMail and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as AOL, YAHOO, GOOGLE, COMCAST, ROADRUNNER, et al. all provide this service on inbound mail. The mail administrator decides how to handle suspected spam. Some email programs have a Spam Folder and let the user decide. Some don't let suspected Spam get that far. In the case of Blogs, it's caught in the Spam Filter and Argyle and CC can release it.

Your individual IP can be listed on a blacklist, or as Argyle suggested, an entire block (or more) of IP addresses can be added to a blacklist.

So, let's take the hypothetical that your ISP is "Tom's Lawn Mower Repair and Complete Internet Service, LLC." Tom's business is small and provides internet service to only 4 people. One of those is intentionally sending out Spam. The IP address of Tom's mail server goes on blacklists. Soon, all 4 users are getting indications that their mail is being rejected.

Sally and Patty are the first to notice, and contact their ISP provider Tom. Tom has them run an updated antivirus scans to make sure that they aren't sending spam. While they are doing that, he checks traffic logs.

Tom determines that it's Bad Boy Peck that's sending out all the spam, and shuts down Peck's connectivity due to Terms of Service (TOS) violations. Tom then takes steps to get his block of IP addresses removed from the various blacklists. Soon all is back to normal.

It is entirely possible that you have something on your computer that is sending Spam. Hence, the suggestion to update your antivirus and scan, and check out this month's Consumer Reports for recommendations on an antivirus program if you don't have one installed.

If you have scanned and nothing is detected, you can resort to further self-help or contact your ISP and ask for their help. Among others things, they can check traffic from your individual IP address and see if excessive activity is occurring.

It all starts with an updated antivirus program and scan, and then a call to your ISP. Or, as CC suggested, it may just be a temporary glitch and go away when your ISP terminates Peck's Bad Boy.

Hope that helps.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thanks for the detailed explanation. LOL on Bad Boy Peck.

As TTP said, it's important that you have the updated anti-virus program & do a full scan on your computer. Not just for posting on this blog, but for your own on-line safety.