May 10, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013, Gareth Bain

Theme: Run, SPOT, run .

The first letter of each of the four theme answers is removed from an in the language phrase to create a new and whimsical phrase, with the four letters when placed to together creating a new word (SPOT) which runs through the puzzle and is revealed in a Shakespearean quote. I will try and line up the fill to convey a visual. Another Friday field day with our veteran veterinarian visiting. Not as many animal references, and what seemed easier that most of Gareth's Fridays, but only if you saw the gimmick.

17A. One assaulting a sorceress? : (S)WITCH HITTER. (11). Really cute concept, and since GB is from RSA, was he referring to a baseball term for a batter who bats both right and left handed.

25A. Great price for a meadow? :  (P)LEA BARGAIN. (10). Well I guess selling a meadow full of sheep is sort of an animal clue, you have to imagine the sheep.

48A. Start of a cowboy romance? :(O)RANGE CRUSH. (10). Again, is GB familiar with the the brand of soda,
or the Denver Bronco defense

56A. Yarn donations? :                 (T)HANKS GIVING. (11). This one messed with my mind, as my visual limitations had me read the clue as YAM DONATIONS. Eventually concluded yarn can be sold in HANKS , and the Thanksgiving had nothing to do with sweet potatoes.

The reveal from Macbeth.

35A. Shakespearean cry that hints at how 17-, 25-, 48- and 56-Across are formed : OUT DAMNED SPOT. (13).

Okay to the answers:


1. Talmud expert : RABBI. The Talmud is one of a series texts written by Rabbis to preserve the oral law of the Jews. It was first created around the year 200

6. ABBA singer Ulvaeus : BJORN. I was surprised to learn this name had not been used as a stand alone answer in any LAT or NYT puzzle before today. There was that Sunday punday by Dan Naddor back in 2009, but that was another story.

11. Dry, in a way : SEC. A word used to describe dry wine, from the French.

14. Latish curfew : ONE AM. Kids and curfews, awesome.

15. Run down : RECAP.

16. Adherent's suffix : ITE. Like Mennonite, which is not a description of people who use Mennen after shave.

19. Postgrad degrees : M.A.SMasters of Arts.

20. 2-1 or 3-2, in baseball : COUNT. No Dracula here.

21. Doesn't feel so hot : AILS.

22. Tomato variety : ROMA. These plum tomatoes were created in an agricultural lab in Maryland in the 50's and have nothing to do with Italy.

29. Burgers and More restaurateur : EMERIL.

31. South Pacific region : OCEANIA. More geography, also a steady part of the a GB diet.

32. Barbarian of film : CONAN. played so convincingly by Arnold.

33. H.S. health class : SEX ED. As opposed to SEXED which is what most high schoolers are wanting to be.

40. "___ Gold": 1997 film : ULEE'S. The only readon Peter Fonda is still spoken about.

41. Orange Muppet : ERNIE. I was wondering about the use of Orange in the clue, with the Orange Crush above, especially when it could be Bert's pal.

43. Order including whales : CETACEA. here we get our bit of knowledge from our veterinarian constructor. LINK. Isn't it fun to learn.

47. Maître d's subordinate : WAITER.

51. Sleep ___ (computer setting) : MODE. Pie a la?

52. They can be inflated : EGOS. Cute clue.

53. Come over the top, in poker : RAISE. I like the announcer from World Poker Tour better.

55. Pilot's fig. : ALT.itude.  I was a pilot. No you were a baggage handler. Well, like I said, I would take the baggage and pile it on the plane.

62. Slogan site : TEE. Shirt, though many banks use golf tees with logos as giveaways.

63. April baby, perhaps : ARIES. Mid-March through mid-April. It is the first sign of the Zodiac as they begin with the sun and spring. They also do not get along with Virgos.

64. Hallmark Channel talk show : MARIE. Hosted by Marie Osmond, who is all grown up.

65. Roswell crashers, purportedly : ETS. I loved Max Allen Collins version in MAJIC MAN. Also, 57D. "We ___ not alone" : ARE.

66. Doughnut filler : JELLY.

67. Many a double agent : PLANT. I read Martha Grimes has a new book out next year, with Richard Jury and  Melrose Plant.


1. Division in the field : ROW. More planting.

2. Wheel spinner's buy : AN I.  Wheel of Fortune.

3. Casino action : BET. Next to the semi-clecho 4D. Casino game : BACCARAT. Reminds me of the first video adaptation of Ian Fleming's Casino Royale.(6:26).

5. Chat room qualifier : IMHOIMHumble Opinion.

6. What Clementine fell into : BRINE. So many VERSIONS, I never knew.

7. Volkswagon sedan : JETTA.

8. In normal seasons, only month when the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL all have scheduled games : OCT.

9. Canadian singer Carly ___ Jepsen : RAE.

10. Largely listener-sponsored org. : NPRNational Public Radio.

11. Primate : SIMIAN. From the Latin for Ape.

12. Bibliographer's catchall : ET ALII. Not alia.

13. Textron-owned plane maker : CESSNA. An obscure fact, but easy to suss once the SS appeared.

18. Body in the lake? : HULL. The body of a boat, Tricky.

21. ___ Khan : AGA. You want the HISTORY?

22. DVR button : REC. and the clecho. 24D. DVR button : MENU.

23. Melville opus : OMOO.

26. Forklift load : BOXES.

27. Solved with ease : ACED. No, I did not ace this one.

28. Place with an important part in the Bible? : RED SEA. All perps, too many choices.

30. Bring about : INDUCE.

33. Campaign tactic : SMEAR. Sad but true.

34. Storm hdg. : ENE. Then it will not hit me.

36. Baldwin in Capital One ads : ALEC. So many careers for this STAR. (0:32).

37. Like the forest in Longfellow's "Evangeline" : PRIMEVAL. Basically a very old woodland; as a kid I always thought it was EVIL not EVAL.

38. Aware of : ON TO.

39. Unsettled, in a way : TIED. If a game is tied, the result has not been settled, nice clue.

42. Browning's "before" : ERE.

43. Whip up : CREATE.

44. Aerie nestling : EAGLET. Another animal fact.

45. Govt. securities : T-NOTES. T-BILLS, T-BONDS all have the same number of letters.

46. Legal chiefs: Abbr. : AGSAttorney Generals. So what will happen to Kate and Castle now? Is there a more self-centered, childish character on television? Nice balance with AGA.

47. Fillmore, for one : WHIG. The party of our 13th President, who is buried in Buffalo, with both of his wives.

49. "Family Matters" nerd : URKEL. Your TREAT? (1:25)

50. Impudent : SASSY.

54. Easy mark : SIMP.

56. Muslim's journey : HAJ. Also, HAJJ.

58. Not a one : NIL. Like the score in many 'football' games.

59. Michael Collins's org. : IRA. Irish Republican Army. This MANDownton Abbey anyone?

60. Noted 20th-century diarist : NIN. Anaïs

61. Escape, with "out" : GET.

Which is what I will be doing, as my allotted time is up and before you all use red letters to get me to leave, hope you enjoyed another wonderful effort from Gareth; gird your loins for the themeless.

L out.


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Took me quite a while to figure out that the missing SPOT was spread across all the theme answers, but once that clicked I was able to knock down the theme pretty quickly.

The second hardest spot was right in the north central, where I put in MAE instead of RAE and couldn't see BJORN as a result. I also had trouble getting RECAP off the clue, which didn't help matters. I finally tried MAE, which let me guess BJORN and that did the trick.

The hardest part was in the SE. SIMP did not come easily to mind. I couldn't remember whether it was PRIMEVIL, PRIMEVEL or PRIMEVAL. I couldn't remember who Michael Collins was (I was thinking he must be a sports figure). And I've never watched the Hallmark Channel and had no idea who had a talk show there (although I have of course heard of MARIE Osmond). I finally played "guess the letter" at the crossing of MA_IE and I_A, and when I finally got the *TADA* I felt a bit sheepish for not getting it on my own.


desper-otto said...

Good morning, group!

I agree with Barry, the north central was the tough spot. My BRINE was AMINE, so it took a long time for BJORN to show up with his RECAP.

The rest of the puzzle was pretty smooth. Nice job, Gareth and Lemonade.

Eric Holder said...

Attorneys General or Attorney Generals

desper-otto said...

Eric, I think they're both wrong. It's one of those titles which should not be plurable.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Lemonade, C.C. et al.

Fun write-up, as always, Lemony, and I always find something to smile about! Couple learning moments today, too: I did not know that Roma tomatoes were developed in a US lab! And, I think I’ll try Emeril’s tip about burgers – makes sense.

I was “getting” the “Drop-A-Letter” theme, but didn’t really think about what was being dropped until the reveal. Then I had to go back and stare at each answer to really see it. Clever theme, and nice smooth solve today. When I saw RANGE CRUSH, all I could think of was this movie. (I don’t think that’s what Gareth had in mind, though!)

d-otto @ 7:14, (^0^)


Mari said...

Good Morning Everybody! Nice puzzle today, even though my Shakespeare is a bit rusty.

I didn't see the SPOTs, but I did solve the puzzle. Cute theme clues.

I also liked: Place with an importnat PART in the Bible: Refers to the splitting of the RED SEA.

Today I learned about CETACEA and OCEANIA.

Have a Fantastic Friday and a Wonderful Weekend! Happy Mothers Day weekend Moms.

Yellowrocks said...

This took a while but was doable and fun. HANKSGIVING tipped me off that the first letter would be missing. When I was finished I connected the missing letters. I had thought (F)LEA BARGAIN, but then I needed a P for SPOT, So PLEA. Clever theme.
Here is Jaleel White (Urkel) all grown up.
Link Urkel
MARIE was all perps.
BJORN and RAE were my last fills. I was going with BJ for some time until the light dawned.

Mari said...

Desper-otto @ 9:41 am yesterday:

That was Marina Sirtis on NCIS? I didn't recognize her at all! Either she hasn't aged well, or the NCIS make up folks did a good job making her look bad.

I hear Mike Rowe when I watch Deadliest Catch.

george S said...

I only knew Michael collins from the Apollo moon mission. After witchnhitter and lea bargain, I got the gist though I had no clue about the shakespeare quote.

Anony Mouse said...

Thank you L. for Lemonade, for a wonderful blog.

Did you put the alleged year of the creation OR 'writing down' of the Torah to be 200 ( AD or BCE ? ) as a 'shout out' for this blog, or its leader .... CC ?

Also thanks, for the link to 'O my darling, Clementine'. Who knew it was supposed to be a parody ? I am very familiar with a famous Hindi song ( Ae Dil, hai mushkil ... ) 1958, which is based on that tune.

The Aga Khan, the 4th, is the spiritual leader of the Nizari Ismailis, a Shia muslim sect spread mostly in Pakistan, India and parts of East Africa. The Ismailis, are one of the more affluent communities in India - Azim Premji, is the 3rd richest Indian, by some counts. They are a liberal people, in education of their females, and well versed in business, prominent in their philanthropy for education and for medical service. Unfort. they are discriminated against in Pak. because they are considered a minority, heretical sect and many acts of violence have been committed against them there. The present Aga Khan IV, by ancestry, is 25% Italian, and 50% English. I think his wife is German, so only his Y chromosome, which is still Asian, will carry on in his male descendants.

Have a nice day, you all.

desper-otto said...

Mari@8:06 -- I've read that Marina Sirtis considers herself to be a character actress rather than a beauty queen. She hasn't had any "Lifestyle Lift" treatments, and doesn't plan to get any. She says as she get older, she'll just play older parts.

HeartRx@7:54 -- Maybe that is the film Gareth was thinking of. After all, he included sWITCH HITTER is his puzzle.

Husker Gary said...

My only holdups were small fills (IRA, RECAP, NIN, TEE, RAE, et alii) and the theme was fun and helpful. All in all, a just right Friday.

-Remember this song with HANK ‘o hair in the chorus?
-The last few weeks have not been SEC here on the plains
-After her freshmen year of college, my daughter thought a ONE AM curfew was unreasonable. My house, my rules.
-I would bet over half the first pitches after a 3 – 2 COUNT are foul balls – “Protect the plate!”
-I love and Joann hates JELLY in a doughnut
-In detasseling, you have a “go down” ROW and a “come back” ROW
-Daughter’s JETTA has been a money pit - $800 catalytic converter yesterday
-Hilarious NPR parody with ALEC
-I wish soccer and hockey could come up with more scoring so that so many games wouldn’t wind up TIED after regulation (NIL/NIL, really?)
-I always thought that Millard High School teams should be the Millard Fillmores
-By my avatar, you can guess that my Michael Collins was the Command Module pilot on Apollo 11
-In what movie did Lt. Caffey specialize in PLEA BARGAINING at first?

Spitzboov said...

Good morning all.

Another good Gareth puzzle. For once I sussed the theme and it actually helped me get LEA BARGAIN, by removing the 'p'. My favorite fill was HANKSGIVING - always think of 'hank of hair'. Thought I was going to run aground in the SE, with not knowing IRA, MARIE, and initially not sussing PLANT. Started my oatmeal with molasses topping and returned a few minutes later to get PLANT, the poker term RAISE, the down- SIMP, and MARIE and IRA became good WAGS.
With JETTA, BJORN became a good WAG, also. (Bjorn means 'bear' in Swedish).
Some old favorites - OMOO, ULEES
Paused a little but remembered CETACEA - Includes baleen, orcas, dolphins and porpoises.
HAJ - One more spelling.
No cheaters today.

Have a great day.

Mari said...

D-Otto @ 8:38 am: Good for Miriana! Too bad there aren't more actresses like that.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

Had a couple of head-scratchers for a while, but finished w/o help in decent time. Caught the theme early on but missed the dropped letters = SPOT until reading Lemon's "spot"-on expo. Kudos, GB, for another Friday treat.

I mentioned once before that, for me, a puzzle should have a fun theme, clever cluing, fresh fill, and be fun to solve. Gareth's puzzles never disappoint, IMO.

I didn't know Marie O had a talk show nor did I know about the origin of Roma tomatoes. I never buy them, anyway.

My neighbor's son is graduating from high school tomorrow and she is having a party for him with about 35 people invited. My refrigerator is full of her over-flow of food and there is more to come! It's supposed to rain tomorrow so that will make conditions a little crowded.

Have a nice Friday.

Lemonade714 said...

Marti and D-O, it is always a challenge to decide how df to get in a puzzle write up, and I think the simple standard for C.C., is to err on the side of letting the comments do the talking. That being said, I agree with your thoughts on the theme clues. I hope Gareth stops by to explain.

A-M, it is the Talmud which is the oral law written down; the Torah under Hebrew doctrine was begun with the first 13 books being dictated to Moses who wrote them down. That is wht we also have the name, Five Books of Moses. The Torah is believed to over 3500 years old.

I did choose to not say AD or CE, because such distinctions imply a religious point of view, which is not needed in the write up.

Thank you for the additional info on the AGA.

BTW, I was wrong, there have been at least two times where BJORN was an answer in the LAT.

Misty said...

I like Gareth Bain puzzles, even when I have to cheat, like I did this morning. But I was still pleased that I got a lot of items, including the Shakespeare quote and the sense that there were missing beginning letters as part of the theme. Like D-otto, thought Clementine was a miner's daughter and so might have fallen into A MINE. And the only cowboy romance in my memory was the sweet/sad one in "Brokeback Mountain," which didn't really work with CRUSH. Still, a lot of fun--so many thanks, Gareth and Lemonade.

House-painting continues. Doxies are nervous wrecks. We are too. Painting will continue into next week, aaargghhh.

Have a great Friday, everybody!

61Rampy said...

Wow, I got this one in near-record Friday time and I didnt know much of anything. WAGs, perps, the occasional "I-know-this-answer" all came together rather quickly.
Hand up for thinking NASA for Michael Collins. CETACEA was a total unknown.
I thought I knew the lines to Clementine, but after checking the link, its obvious that I only knew a few words.
You learn something new every day!

GarlicGal said...

HuskerGary - That would be Honeycomb! Sung by Jimmie Rogers.

Wowzer. I loved this puzzle. Very clever cluing, theme, I chortled through it. I first thought astronaut when I read Michael Collins, but somehow I remembered the IRA connection.

Fillmore? I was thinking about the old Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco. where Bill Graham was famous for staging concerts in the late '60's. Jayce, did you ever go there? Wild times...

Shout out to Chickie - thank you for turning me onto The Blecthley Circle. I really enjoyed it. I will be reading more about those women!

We are expecting a warm weekend in NorCal. Had a few little "quakes" yesterday, but I didn't feel any of them.

Off to a Home Tour today, Quilt Show/luncheon tomorrow and spectacular symphonic concert Sunday afternoon held in the old Mission San Juan Bautista (I refer to it as the scene of the crime - venue for my 1st marriage...LOL)

Happy M-Day to all you Mother's.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Almost a DNF, and would have been if I hadn't Googled what pilots use for their "fig"s. That simple ALT made me aware that my provisional answer for 45D, TBONDS, was wrong.

Along the way, I enjoyed this theme and trying to SPOT the missing letters. The puzzle felt tough enough for a Friday, yet the answers I didn't know fell easily enough thanks to the cross answers. Nice job, Gareth Bain!

Lucina said...

Hello, Lemonade, C.C. and all.

Considering the constructor was Gareth Bain this was almost early in the week easy. The top center did give me pause as I started with AMINE but only COUNT worked with it.

When HANKSGIVING appeared the light went on and helped with the other theme answers then suddenly out of nowhere, HITTER emerged to join WITCH.

Interestingly SEX ED is right above, OUT DAMNED SPOT.

I thought body in the lake, HULL was brilliant.
I also liked PART in referring to the RED SEA.

Attorneys General is the preferred plural and yes, it is necessary to pluralize it to denote more than one of them.

Well done, Mr. Bain and Lemonade, as always.

Have a great Friday, everyone!

Misty said...

Hi C.C. and Argyle,

Thought I'd try a different browser. Does this make any difference?

C.C. Burnikel said...

Oh My God! Yes, it went through! What browser are you using now?

john28man said...

I notice that Barry G and I are frequently on the same wave length. Maybe its because we are both technically inclined. I did very well for a Friday.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Very clever puzzle, Gareth! And very much on my wavelength. 19 mins. to finish with no red-letter runs. I even got the theme. "Out, out damned spot!" was a favorite saying of a group I ran with as a teen. You can't imagine how many hilarious apt moments we had with that. So that was the first Shakespearean quote I tried to plug in the puzzle.

The same group often sang lustily about Clementine, so I knew she fell into the foaming brine (with wooden boxes without soxes, shoes they were for "her").

Clever Lemon answered the questions I had about the puzzle such as Marie. Don't get Hallmark channel.

First thought "crustacea" for whale, but knew that was lobsters, etc. Then got CETACEA. Whale of a lot of info, Lemon. Who knew there were so many different species of whales.

I knew BJORN having watched "Mamma Mia" umpteen times and tried to figure out how to pronounce his last name. I'm still struggling with that and both women's names. Benny is the other guy.

Hands up for thinking "Broke-back Mountain" although I didn't see the movie.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

I may have had an advantage in knowing which airplane company is owned by Textron. The three airplanes I've owned were all Cessnas. Textron also owns Lycoming, the aircraft engine maker in Williamsport PA. At one time Cessna used a mix of engines from Lycoming and Continental, depending upon aircraft size; current production models have all been shifted to Lycoming. As a result, the venerable model 182 now has an ungainly nose compared to handsome legacy versions.

I'm with Mari on this: I salute Marina Sirtis' decision to age gracefully and naturally.

Cheers All

Pookie said...

Nice puzzle, Garth. Thanks for the write-up, Lemonade.
ALMOST got the whole thing, much better than other Fridays.
Misspelled PRIMEEVAL, and URKEL so no ORANGE CRUSH for me.
WE used to love Orange Crush when we were kids. Not so much now, too sweet.
Remember all those sweet things from the 50s?
If I ate an AbbaZabba now I'd be seeing my dentist ASAP! ;)

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. One heck of a puzzle today: hard and clever. Wanting A MINE for Clementine prevented me from solving the top center, so DNF. Also, wanting T BONDS rather than T NOTES delayed but did not prevent me from finishing that corner. At least I got CETACEA right away. I wonder if SIMP is a South African expression. Thank you, Gareth Bain, for a brain-wrinkling Friday morning.

Sfingi said...

Nice puzzle; actually got and used the theme - and a Friday!

Never noticed ERNIE was ORANGE. I must be color-blind.

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody! I found the puzzle hard but I was able to suss out the theme and it helped in several places. I didn't know EMERIL or how to spell CETACEA. Otherwise, WEES.

OK, I found another woman just about as attractive and appealing as Sofia, She is Shakira. Both Colombian too. Hmm...?

While thinking about how appealing those two are, there are a bunch of TV people who seem annoying. Two that immediately come to mind are Barbara Walters and Jungle Jack Hanna of late-night TV fame. Who might you choose to add to the list?

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Gareth Bain, For an excellent puzzle. Thank you, Lemonade, for the equally excellent review.

Bounced around on his puzzle grid. A word here and a word there.

Nice to see OMOO again. It has been a while. Same for Typee.

WITCH HITTER was my first theme answer. Only I had it as WITCH HUNTER. That messed up my upper center section fornanwhile. At that point I was not aware of the missing first letter.

In the SW I had T BONDS at first. That messed me up there. Finally I got RANGE CRUSH after I was aware of the theme and missing letter. T NOTES became obvious and that whole corner became suddenly easy.

Misspelled ULEE'S two or three times. That slowed down my center. Also had ESE. Tried ENE and it then made sense. Finally got OUT DAMNED SPOT but was not real confident.

CESSNA was easy once I had a couple letters.

I did not do this in 19 minutes as someone did. Took me hours.

Fun puzzle.

Still selling onions. It is cold and windy today.

See you tomorrow.



Lucina said...

Where do you obtain the onions and are the proceeds for one of your many causes? You may have already posted the information, but my memory is not reliable lately.

Since I record NCIS I went back to look at the episode with Marina Sirtis and immediately realized who she is. She is still quite beautiful and articulates as well as ever.

Husker Gary said...

-A beautiful day for 36 on the course today and I did not see any EAGLETS but a father goose came at me when I got near his goslings. His neck was crooked, head was bobbing, wings were flapping and his mouth was open. I had my putter ready but he stopped five feet short. Whew!
-The fabulous movie where Lt. Dan Caffey decided not to PLEA BARGAIN a case. No guess, Otto?
-Addendum to ONE AM curfew – “Nothing good can happen to you after 1 am!”
-An Asian man here in town SEXED a lot of chickens
-Very good TV series on FX about Soviet agents who were PLANTS in the 60’s.

Tony Michaels said...

Only one small bobble, and that was because I just didn't pay attention to the clue being in the present, rather than past tense when I put in "Mario" instead of "Marie" for the Hallmark Channel Talk Show in 64 Across...Either I am getting smarter (ha ha) or this puzzle was slightly easier than normal. Still fun.

61Rampy said...

Glad you asked, BillG, about annoying TV ppl. I stopped watching American Pickers because of Mike Wolfe. I like the show, but Mike is just too in-your-face.
The annoying list is long, and getting longer.

On an entirely different note, if you are into OLD British cars, you may find this amusing.
Electrical Issues

desper-otto said...

Husker, I thought it was too obvious so I waited for others to jump in. But I'll bite. It was A Few Good Men. In general, I don't care for either of the leads, but they're both likable in that one, and she was likable in G. I. Jane.

fermatprime said...

Enjoyable puzzle, Gareth! Cool expo, Lemon!

No cheats. But took 40 minutes! Like YR, I got the theme from HANKSGIVING.

The Americans (on FX) is set in the 80's. Is that what you meant, Husker?

Can't wait for new Grimes Jury book! Have really missed him.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jayce said...

Garlic Gal, I've gone to the Fillmore two times in my life, and cannot remember to this day who was performing or how we got back home. It was very light-showy and loud and intense. Never met Bill Graham, but had some nice chats with a fellow named Danny Sher who was his right-hand guy at that time (the 1970's).

Man oh man I'd never do that now!

Manac said...

Evening everyone, I thought this was easier for a Friday. Have had company the last few days so haven't followed the blog.

Marti, Wanted to say We enjoyed your puzzle on Wed. I did yours and the last two with my mother and she is now hooked on the LA Xwords. Heh, Heh, wait till she tries tomorrow solo :)

Nicole had a great game this evening.
She had three RBI's and scored three runs herself. These girls play hard!
(Yes HG, The very one in that dress)

Husker Gary said...

-Oops, thanks Ferm!
-Manac, there is no limit to Nicole’s talents! What position does she play and is she thinking of playing athletics in college?

JJM said...

The theme was way beyond me. However, a straightforward easy solve for a Friday.

JJM said...

Jayce, I immediately thought of the Filmore when I saw that clue. The 70's were fun, weren't they? I don't remember 1/2 the concerts I went to.

Manac said...

HG, She normally plays shortstop but is going to need surgery on her throwing arm in the off season but it doesn't effect her running or hitting. She is a witch hitter. She's already talked to the college coach, time will tell.

Jayce and JJM,
I went to a Grateful Dead concert in upstate NY once, I think.

Argyle said...

Due to snarky, all comments tonight will be moderated.

61Rampy said...

Thank you, Argyle!

GarlicGal said...

Jayce and JJM, ain't that the truth. I would love to say I saw Big Brother and the Holding Company or Jefferson Airplane at the Filmore, but I don't remember either! So long ago.......

Bill G. said...

I didn't have as much fun as some of you at rock concerts apparently. Years ago, I heard that Elvis was going to play at the Long Beach arena. Barbara was a huge fan. I bought two very expensive tickets and took Barbara. We drove there and I didn't tell her where we were going until she saw the line of traffic waiting in the parking lot. It was one of my few BIG successes in our relationship. But we weren't stoned so I remember most of it.

Manac, I enjoyed playing slow pitch softball for years. The one time I got to bat against a regular fast pitch softball pitcher, I was lucky to get a foul ball. So what team does your daughter play for? I don't think it's quite fair for her to use witchcraft to get an advantage though...