May 14, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 Michael Dewey

Theme: The Gap - Five ways to create a gap appear at the end of the five longest entries. No reveal or unifier needed.

17A. 14th/15th-century period of papal uncertainty : GREAT SCHISM

38A. Fruity ice cream dessert : BANANA SPLIT

59A. When collegians descend on CancĂșn : SPRING BREAK

11D. Osteoporosis concern : HIP FRACTURE

25D. Tennis server's setback : DOUBLE FAULT

Argyle here. Definitely some traps were laid for you on this Tuesday trip. Michael's fourth LAT puzzle, this collection of things with a common link. I wonder if the idea came to him while enjoying a banana split? Nice long stacks in two corners. A number of three-letter entries but that allowed some sparkly fill and nothing onerous. Good deal, Michael.


1. Yoda trained several of them : JEDIs. Advice for all. (From C.C.: Isn't the plural form of JEDI still JEDI?)

6. Titled ladies : DAMES

11. "To each __ own" : HIS

14. "Gladiator" locale : ARENA. I wasted time trying to think of a country. Your traps may vary.

15. It can follow land and precede goat : SCAPE

16. Bankbook abbr. : INT. (interest) Do they still have those little bankbooks?

19. Nittany Lions' sch. : PSU. The Pennsylvania State University (commonly referred to as Penn State or PSU) is still in the news.

20. Ills in tales : WOE. A little trap; it's hard to read.

21. Tokyo, in days of yore : EDO. Classic.

22. Aqua Velva rival : AFTA. Again, classic.

23. Elaborate solo passage : CADENZA. Not the credenza, lol.

27. Largest penguin : EMPEROR

29. She married a musician in Gibraltar in 1969 : ONO. And then they went to bed.

30. Hound over a debt : DUN

32. Make into law : ENACT

33. Tourist shop offering : SOUVENIR. To place in the cadenza, I mean credenza.

37. Divers' destinations : WRECKS. Often nearby to reefs.

40. Big name in polling : GALLUP

42. Defeated incumbent : LAME DUCK. Not necessarily defeated but not running again.

45. Muslim prince : EMEER

46. Bilingual subj. : ESL. (English as a second language)

47. Long for another chance at : RUE

48. Melts, say : SOFTENS

50. Scamp's doings : KNAVERY. And scallywags.

54. Socials with cucumber sandwiches : TEAs. Sandwiches with no crusts for the upper crusts. Ironic.

55. Widespread PD alert : APB. The police department's All Points Bulletin.

57. Prez on a fiver : ABE

58. __ Dhabi : ABU

64. Buddy : PAL

65. Fictional Swiss miss : HEIDI

66. Plumed heron : EGRET

67. East, in Essen : OST. in Germany.

68. Politician Kefauver : ESTES. From many trips around the sun ago.

69. Trips around the sun : YEARS


1. Beemer cousin : JAG. Luxury Cars.

2. Throw wildly, say : ERR

3. Report card bummer : DEE

4. Slack-jawed : IN AWE

5. Quashed : SAT ON

6. Mil. bravery medal : DSC. (Distinguished Service Cross)

7. Jogging aftermath : ACHE. Doesn't seem right.

8. Lass : MAIDEN

9. English town worth its salt? : EPSOM. Cute clue. Epsom is also famous for the Epsom Downs Racecourse, of course.

10. Half a school yr. : SEM. (semester)

12. Available for purchase : IN STOCK

13. Scottish royal family : STUARTS. Look up Mary Stuart(Mary, Queen of Scots) if you want some intrigue.

18. "So I __ to myself ..." : SEZ. Yeah, I had "SAY" first.

22. Epic featuring the Trojan Horse : AENEID. Written by Virgil between 29 and 19 BC.

23. Funny Bill's nickname : COS. Bill Cosby. He takes the cake.

24. It begins with enero : ANO. In Spanish speaking countries(January starts the year).

26. Tennis server's edge : AD/IN. A classic we haven't seen in awhile.

28. Socialite Mesta : PERLE. Yesterday's "Call Me Madam " was based on her. I would have mentioned it, if I had known it would be in today's puzzle. Sorry.

31. 1,550-mile continental range : URALS. The line marking the boundary between Europe and Asia.

34. Lot attendants : VALETS

35. Toughen by exposure : ENURE

36. Catch a few z's : NAP. Soon as I get this done. I have to be on the road early this morning.

37. Typist's efficiency no. : WPM. (words per minute)

39. Vaccine pioneer : SALK

40. Feared "Hogan's Heroes" group : GESTAPO

41. Tiny lab subjects : AMOEBAS

43. Scoundrel : CUR. Tried CAD first.

44. Teacher's answer sheet : KEY

46. Energetic wit : ESPRIT. Esprit de l'escalier, lit. "spirit of the staircase," defined in OED as, "a retort or remark that occurs to a person after the opportunity to make it has passed." Less than energetic wit; we've all had it.

49. Buns are seen above them : NAPES. A hair bun above the back of the neck.

51. Pester : NAG

52. Monastic headquarters : ABBEY

53. Cusp : VERGE

56. __ one's time: wait : BIDE

59. That woman : SHE. I thought, "HER".

60. Grafton's "__ for Noose" : N IS. Classic.

61. Clinton __ : ERA

62. Fizzy prefix : AER. To add air to but after they aerate the golf greens, they aren't 'fizzy".

63. Gold fineness meas. : KT's. (karat)



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

For a minute there, I thought the theme was "tennis terms," but I like the real theme much better. I'm guessing Mister Dewey is a huge tennis fan, though...

No real pitfalls for me today, although it took awhile to get going in the NE after getting HIS at 11A. Could not remember where, exactly, the Nittany Lions were, "Bankbook abbr." could have been many things, etc. Once I got AENEID at 22D, however, I was able to throw down AFTA and that opened things up for me.

PERLE Mesta is a name I have heard before, but one which I can never remember...


TTP said...

Good morning all !

Thank you Michael and than you Argyle.

I agree. Definitely some traps. I fell into most of them. With you on 14A, 20A, 18D and 43D. Had IN STORE for a bit at 12D, and ANDES in places of URALS at 31D. Also briefly had BUG in lieu of NAG, and NAG instead of DUN.

Have never seen any of the movies, yet it's been hard to escape the marketing. None the less, I struggled at 1 A thinking it's probably JEDI but there are too may blanks to fill. I had the perception that JEDI was a group of either bad or good guys. Akin to return of the pride. Still don't know (or care.) I'll be on the lookout for Jabbas.

Hogans Heroes is on cable at 3:30 AM on the MeToo channel. Was channel surfing while doing the puzzle. Perped PERLE.

Knew not KNAVERY. Did not know of KEY for Teachers answer sheet. And fell for the N IS for Noose.

Therefor, like that Tennis server's setback, I had a DOUBLE FAULT and it was AD OUT to Michael.

Chief of Staff said...

Hand up if you thought of Monica for 59-Down. After all, Clinton ERA was only two clues over.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Quick solve today, no speed bumps. Cos was familiar - I used to see Bill Cosby's shiny red Porsche at the airport parking lot, recognizable for its Cos license plate.

Mari from yesterday - thyroid trouble has become common in domestic cats these days (along with diabetes). At one point there was suspected to be an environmental link between hyperthyroidism and Bisphenol A, or BPA, an ingredient in the plastic lining of pet food cans. I don't know whether that link has since been disproved. An earlier cat of ours needed one-half pill every day; we had great success hiding the tablet in a type of cat treat that had a thick paste center (a remedy for hairballs). Feel free to drop a line if you'd like more information.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Nice puzzle with some sparkling fill. But, I'm with C.C. in thinking that JEDI is the plural of JEDI -- none of those pesky extra letters.

I looked for a Stephen King book at a bookstore in ABU Dhabi. The clerk warned me not to mention that name.

Gladiator Drive dead-ends about 100 feet from my house. The original designers tried to come up with street names with Roman themes, but Da Vince? Makes me think "Lombardi."

I knew the Iliad was about Troy, but the AENEID as well? Learning moment.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Michael! I got the theme for once.

Great expo, Argyle! Loved the COS link! Provided a much needed chuckle since I woke up at 6 a.m. as reluctantly as Bill. I should go out and try to do yard work, but I really ACHE from yesterday's raking. But that unseeded bare ground NAGs at me. And its 65 degrees now going on 90 degrees later. Maybe after a little NAP.

Knew PSU. My brother taught at the med school. Never can remember what is a Nittany.

Took a minute to remember JEDIS. Also questioned the "S".

O NO it's Yoko again! Why did I not know that fascinating inessential fact that they were married in Gibralter?

Didn't know that Emir Jr. was EMEER.

But hey, I knew PERLE because I read the "Call Me Madame" link that someone thoughtfully provided yesterday. I saw the movie when very young. I still wanted to spell it PEaRL though.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

I chuckled at your CADENZA/credenza comment, because that was exactly what I thought when I filled it in! Loved the COS link - he is such a great comedian!

I misspelled EMPEROR as EMPoReR, so it took a while to finally see the AENEID. Once I did, that corner was history and the rest of the puzzle fell into place. Nice long theme entries, and I always admire a constructor who is able to cross theme entries without any dreck fill. Very nicely done!

Have a great day, everyone!

Mari said...

Good morning everybody! A lot of learning moments for me today, especially with: CADENZA, AENEID, PERLE, and ENURE.

I liked the "bun" clue - very cute.

If I had to choose a break from among the theme clues, I'd go with the BANANA SPLIT. (Much better than a HIP FRACTURE, no?)

Thanks to everybody for their kind words and advice regarding my kitty.

Dudly @ 6:33 am: That is very interesting, thank you. I often wonder about the human version, almost every adult I know is taking medication for their thyroid. (Mostly HYPO Thyroid.) This was something you never heard of when I was a kid, and now it seems like everybody has it (including cats!)

AnnieB8491 said...

Good Morning all - Nice puzzle today - thanks Michael. Great write up Argyle - helped answer all of my unknowns, and there were only a few. Cute cluing and theme, even though I didn't 'get' it until I came here.
Hands up for Say/SEZ, Cad/CUR, Her/SHE. Unknowns filled in with perps - AENEID, PSU, EPSOM (I had EPSON at first) - duh! Unknowns not filled in with perps - CADENZA, DUN, ADIN - and I now see AD IN, at first "what's an ADIN?"
I ACHE to be back in warm and sunny Florida. Hubby made a snowball yesterday with the snow on top of his truck, had a fire in fireplace last night and a good frost overnight (30 deg at 5 a.m.), only 49 now but at least it's sunny.

Have a grat Tuesday everyone!


Sfingi said...


Didn't notice the theme.

Yeah, JEDI seems like a plural, maybe because of Italian words.

My whole family, minus cats, takes synthroid.

kazie said...

C.C. and Desper-otto,
If Jedi were a Latin word, its singular would need to be jedus to have jedi be the plural. But it isn't Latin as far as I know, so that rule shouldn't apply. However, you could still be right, it seems to be used universally as an adjective and noun both singular and plural. Forget what I said first.

I needed perps for PERLE which is an unknown to me. I had difficulty in the NW, because I didn't think of JAG for quite a while, although I guess there are lots of British/German cousins, but I wanted another German brand there.

Lots of gnarly words here for a Tuesday, like KNAVERY, DUN, CADENZA, making for a nice early week challenge!

kazie said...

I lost Mari's comment about Angelina, but I heard it was preventive surgery because she carries the gene for breast cancer. I'm betting she had reconstruction done to hide the appearance of it. I think that would be a lot easier to do before any cancer had to be dealt with. They said Brad stayed with her throughout the 3 months of procedures. Good for him.

I forgot to say earlier I had SAY before SEZ too.

One more thing: The Great Schism is why there's a partial bridge in Avignon, subject of the song "Sur le pont d'Avignon" sung universally by little kids. According to said song, people dance on it, which I didn't see there, but you can just hang out on what's left of it. The bridge was only needed during the Schism, when there was a second pope in Avignon, causing increased traffic to the area. After that it fell into disrepair and they capped it off about halfway across the river, which is all that now remains of it.

JD said...

Greetings from Dublin,

Had a hard time getting started on the top, but after filling most of the bottom, the theme helped.Was so off about thinking what divers were looking for. Aruba has many that Attract divers from all over. Didn't grok dun. Am somewhat sleep deprived after sleepless flights.

Thanks Argyle for my daily lessons.

Not a souvenir shopper but will try to match Garndma s Waterford crystal glasses while here.

Mari, I had to change whatever I hid the pill in about every 5 days or so for Parsley to eat it. I'm sure your local pet shop can show you some tricks.

JD said...

I hate how my iPad changes my words and puts caps in the wrong places Sorry....GRANDMA's

I did read that Angelina did have reconstructive surgery leaving very few scars. How brave!

Kazie, interesting about the bridge.

Yellowrocks said...

I solved this easily, but it was nice to have clues that needed some of the downs. SCHISM and SPLIT set up the theme for me. There were no unknowns and only one nit, JEDIS.
Argyle, it was a witty write up. I especially liked your cadenza/credenza comment.
This seemed to be a trip down Memory Lane with Hogan's Heroes, Perle aka "The Hostess with the Mostest," Heidi, which I read in elementary school, COS, and Jedi in which I was immersed with my grandson. We read, books, comics, played with characters, saw films, bought countless light sabers, etc. It was always JEDI singular and plural. I was not too interested in Star Wars, but my grandson loved it so I played along. At age 15 he has become a U.S. war history buff.
Mari, I wish your cat good health. You can buy the same medicine in a pharmacy for humans as you can for cats. It is usually much cheaper. We don't stop to think that our pets' diseases are so similar to human diseases. Two of my cats had cancer.

Montana said...

I really struggled with this puzzle. A definite DNF. And it is Tuesday! I haven’t had trouble with Tuesday in a long, long time. I did the puzzle in the wee hours of the morning. I looked over Argyle’s and I don’t even see what was so difficult.

I did get the horizontal theme answers and was very proud of myself. I rarely figure out themes, however, after reading the write-up, I see that I missed the two vertical ones, FAULT & FRACTURE. Duh! I had all those answers filled in, but didn’t realize they were part of the theme.

Been in the 90s for a couple of days. I got lots of yardwork done. Predicted 70s the rest of the week and windy. I think I would take the heat over the high (60 mph gusts) winds if I could control the weather.

Have a good day,


Husker Gary said...

Oh great, this time I got the theme and waste times looking for the unifier!

-PSU is a prime example a great school tarred by the actions of a few and how university identities are tied to athletics
-I thought III might be par on a short Roman golf hole ;-)
-How many ways can you clue cwd denizen ONO?
-Disney SOUVENIR shops thrive at the end of their rides that have left you IN AWE. Did you really need those Tower of Terror salt and pepper shakers?
-We football fans who have gone around the Sun a few times will always remember HIEDI
-Have you ever heard a JAG spoken of as a heavy load?
-I wonder if that kid that got a DEE really benefitted from summer school or was just resentful
-COS can make me laugh hard without being profane.
-What movie had the most famous VALET parking scene? ANSWER (1:54)
-I always checked the test of my best student first to make sure my KEY was right
-Have you ever had this surprising test for HypoTHYROIDISM?

Vidwan827 said...

Thank you Michael Dewey for a nice and challenging puzzle. Really enjoyed it. Thank you Argyle, for your sparkle and some important learning moments.

1. I had some problem with Cadenza (huh ?) and Cos (who ?), and with 'Cur' and 'Rue'. I knew 'Cur was good, but I thought 'Rue' was regrets, post-action.

I bet over 90 percent of my friends, don't know the difference between Cadenza and Credenza - I know I didn't. I've heard many people use it interchangeably .... if it sounds similar, nobody complains, and everybody understands.

2. 'Jag' a luxury car ? Ford sold it to Tata Motors of India, in 2008. Ford bought it for 4 bill.USD. in 1989, sank another 9 bill.USD - and it was a money hole. They never got a profit, or a dividend, and sold it for ~2.5 bill.USD. They were so desperate to get rid of it, they even financed it. Now - if GM sold its Cadillac Div. to KIA, would Cadillac still be a luxury car ?

Oh my, how the mighty have fallen.

Perle Mesta, whom I read about yesterday, thanks to you, Argyle, was the 'hostess with the mostest'.

Ills, in my paper, came out as IIIs. !@#@! - that would be, 'grandson of'.

Have a nice day, you all.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

Really enjoyed this puzzle because it was a tad chewy for a Tuesday. Great theme, clever clues, and lots of fresh fill. Kudos, Michael, and bravo, Argyle, for the spot-on expo.

Went down to 31 last night and today's high only 62. I had to put my heat back on. But we do have lots of sunshine.

Has anyone been watching the mini-series, Rectify, on the Sundance Channel on Monday nights at 10:00? Also, I saw a snippet of Mike and Molly last night and there was a little girl next to Mike at a school concert and she looked like that darling girl in the Subaru ad. Anyone else see it?

Happy Tuesday.

chin said...

I sure went for cad. I think of a dog when I say cur.

Love the word knavery, will have to use it today.

Qli said...

I had fun with this one. The only thing I thought was fishy was the S on the end of JEDI. But, since it's from an imaginary language, who is there to ask? George Lucas?

Bill Cosby always cracks me up. He is coming to our Norsk Hostfest again this year; always packs the house.

Have a good day, all!

fermatprime said...

JEDIS held me up at the start. No other nits. Well, am really tired of ONO. Need to go back to sleep.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Michael Dewey, for a swell puzzle, a little tough for a Tuesday, however. Thank you, Argyle, for the great review.

Could not get started in the NW, so I started in the North central. DAMES, SCAPE, DSC, ACHE, MAIDEM, etc.

Remembered PERLE Mesta, but not how to spell her name. I used PEARL. Fixed it later.

Once I got JEDIS, late in the puzzle, I, too, thought about the plural. I am sure what was written is correct.

CADENZA was a hang up for me.

Great puzzle. Only a few write-overs.

See you tomorrow.



Mari said...

Hi guys, I took down my comment about Angelina Jolie because I thought it was insensitive. I think she's very brave and I'm glad she alerted the public.

Misty said...

Not a speed run for me, but still a fun puzzle and I got the whole thing! Yay! Many thanks, Michael, and you too, Argyle, for an always great expo.

My brother and sister both went to Penn State so I know the Nittany Lions.

Like desper-otto, I couldn't figure out why ILIAD didn't fit into the Trojan Horse clue. And then there was the challenge of remembering how to spell AENEID.
Similar problem with Mesta: knew the first name but spelled it PEARL instead of PERLE at first.

Thought the buns clue was hilarious.

Have a great Tuesday, everybody!

Pookie said...

This was a TUESDAY puzzle????
Egads, I thought it was hard.
Learning moment on spelling
Had Ben Hur crossing Brut.
Why is 42A LAME DUCK?
Isn't Obama a lame duck president?
He wasn't DEFEATED. (?)
Still don't understand AD/IN, and we've seen it before.
Thanks Argyle!
And yes,my bank still has those little books.

thehondohurricane said...

hello everyone,

This was a grind for me today with a few never-heard-ofs and plenty of should-have-knowns. That's a round about way of saying my latest back issues and my initial fling with the Gout have my fading memory taking a LOA.

GREAT SCHISM, CADENZA, & KNAVERY were sussed using a combination of perps and wags. By the time I figured out Reef wasn't going to make it in 37A i was the WRECK(S). 60D, NIS was a ???? until Argyle splained it.

I just hope today was not an omen for what lays in store for the rest of the week.

Enjoy the day.

61Rampy said...

For me, this was a major toughie! Tons of words unknown to me today. ADIN? CADENZA? PERLE? Is it AMOEBAS or AMOEBAE? DSO, DSC, or DSM? It didnt help that I spelled SOUVENIR as SOUVENeR. Hand up for Say, not SEZ.
OTOH, I had no trouble adding an S to JEDI and I put CUR in immediately.
Seemed more like a Thursday to me.

Lucina said...

Hello, puzzlers.

A really good romp today from Michael Dewey, thank you. It's fun to fill in one after another in short order. And does it matter if it's JEDI/JEDIS? It's a fictional language as QLI noted.

As of last YEAR'S events, Nittany Lions is embedded in my memory so PSU arrived and took its proper place.

Michael cleverly found new clues for URALS, ONO and YEARS. Loved the clue for EPSOM

DAMES/MAIDEN is cute, too.

Hand up for SAY/SEZ.

I guess I should read up on celebrity news as I had no idea about Angelina's surgery or cancer. She's a brave girl.

I hope you're having a fine Tuesday, everyone!

Anonymous said...

I think Jedi is shortened from Jedi Knights.

I got Perle Mesta thanks to recently reading the wiki page for "No No Nanette" -- thanks to this blog.

I found this to be a tougher than usual Tuesday puzzle. That's a good thing.

Jayce said...

Awesome fill and clever cluing; can't get much better than that.

I am a neighbor to several Chineses. Come to think of it, to several Arabs and Indians, too. And we're all Americans. Hmmmm ...

Jayce said...

All kiddinig aside, I have grown to simply shrug and accept adding the letter S to pluralize words in crossword puzzles. Sometimes, for the sake of the puzzle, one just puts up with constructions that would rarely or never be used in everyday speech or writing.

How much leeway would you allow? I mean, if the plural of Jedi Knights is Jedis, could the plural of staff sergeants be staffs? Is it okay (for the sake of the puzzle!) to pluralize cardiovascular surgeon as cardiovasculars? Food for thought.

Bill G. said...

What everybody else said about JEDIS and LAMEDUCK. Jayce: Good point! Pas, let me know if you want me to explain AD IN. I used to play a lot of tennis.

I'm really going to miss Vegas. It's a favorite show, right up there with The Good Wife and NCIS.

An article in Time says that the average teen/young adult sends or receives 88 texts a day. Good grief!

A great fraidy-cat video! Not-so-brave kitten!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Quite an impressive theme, and I missed the vertical components.

I knew CADENZA, but with SAY filled in . . .

Lots of WOE in the NW corner. What makes a JAG a BEEMER cousin? I don't see the sense of that. And I believe C.C. is correct about JEDI.

Well, nithign is perfect. Quite a good puzzle overall.

Pretty tough for a Tuesday, I thought.

Cool regards!

Jazzbumpa said...

nithign is perfect

I didn't do that on purpose, but wish that I had. A RUE moment?


Dudley said...

Mari - I once read that cats might be a "canary in the coal mine" in that the rise in thyroid trouble might signal an environmental cause to which humans might be vulnerable later on. I'm glad there are people who keep watch over this type of thing.

Jayce - your avatar photo is pretty small, of course, but I keep seeing a resemblance to Patrick Stewart. Can you do a Shakesperian accent and say "Make it so!"? :-)

Pookie said...

Yes Bill G. Please explain AD/IN.
Have to get ready for work, but if you post, I can read it later tonight. That kitten sure freaked out! :-)

Anonymous said...

Jag is to Jaguar as Beemer is to BMW as Caddy is to Cadillac as Chevy is to Chevrolet. They are all shortened(in syllables) versions of a car company name, hence cousins

Shouldn't matter where the cars USED to be manufactured.

Bill G. said...

Pas, when you are playing tennis, the scoring consists of four points and goes 15-30-40-game (Why? I don't know.) If the score gets to 40-40 (called deuce), it's a tie game at the moment and either player has to win by two points. If the server wins the first point after deuce, they have an advantage and only have to win one more point. That's called advantage to the server or AD IN for short. (If the other player wins that point, it's called AD OUT.) If it's AD IN and the server wins the next point, that's game. If the other player wins the next point, it's deuce again.

I hope that helps. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Agree... tough for a Tuesday. Ad-in is from scoring in tennis. It means the server has the ADvantage. Ad-out means the returner has the advantage. Also agree completely re: lame duck.

desper-otto said...

LAME DUCK -- to my way of thinking it's a politician on the way out. Obama is not a LAME DUCK today. After the next presidential election, and until the new president takes office that following January, Obama will be a LAME DUCK.

Lucina said...

Thank you for explaining AD IN as I had no idea. It's good to know!

You make a very good point about plurals. I did not realize the complete name was JEDI Knights so now it makes sense.

My routine trip to the dentist turned out to be a referral to a specialist (sigh) for inflamed gums. "It's always something," to quote Gilda Radner.

Jayce said...

Dudley, I can't sound like Patrick Stewart but apparently Brent Spiner can!

PK said...

Hands up for taking low thyroid meds. The need arose within 6 mos. of discontinuing hormone replacement meds. Cause & effect? Most people tell me they can't see much difference, but i can feel a slump in energy if I forget to take the pill.

Iodine is added to salt to prevent goiter which is a thyroid gland disorder. Now with everyone told to cut back on salt consumption, wonder what that does to the iodine need factor? Anyone know?

Mari said...

I take Synthroid, as do my sister, mother, and husband.

I tried using a salt substitue for a while. On my next check up my sodium levels were below healthy range and my potassium was way over healthy range. My MD said I needed to kick the fake stuff and go back to using real salt.

I don't know about iodine need.

Yellowrocks said...

D,. Otto 2:18. I agree. So does Wiki.
"A lame duck is an elected official who is approaching the end of his or her tenure, especially one whose successor has already been elected."

I think it is called the JEDI ORDER. One member or several members of the order were called JEDI, no "s." I lived this with my grandson as I said this morning.
Link Jedi

Pat said...

This was hard for me for a Tuesday. Glad I'm not the only one who felt that way. Nothing to say that hasn't already been said.

Kazie @9:25: thanks for reminding me of the song "Sur le pont d'Avignon". It's stuck in my head and I didn't even go to the link.

PK @3:25: I was told several years ago that I needed an iodine boost. I take a kelp capsule every day. Instead of feeling like I'm walking neck-deep in water, I actually have energy. Good luck.

It's a beatiful day here, finally. Enjoy the rest of yours.


Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, This was a tough puzzle for me. I misspelled Jedi (Jeddi)and couldn't get the NW corner to come together. I put in Inane for Slack jawed and wouldn't give it up. I also misread Bankbook abbr. as Bancock abbr. so I couldn't figure out what to put there for a very long time.
I also put in Pearl for Perle. All in all a frustrating CW for me.

Marti, I spelled Emperor the same way you did at first.

I thought maybe I had skipped Tues. and Wed. and it was already Thursday!!

My brain is not working very well this morning. Must be all the things that I've got to do this week so I'm not concentrating.
I wish I had JD's memory/thought problem and was in Ireland right now,too.

I did know the tennis terms. Called up from way back when I played in College. Key came very easily as I used a key many, many times.

Have a great rest of the day, everyone.

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Just god back from an overnight at Natick, the source one of puzzledom's conundrumeries.

WEES. And I agree with Argyle's take on the puzzle. Liked the SCAPE clue. In school we learnt the poem of Abdul Abulbul Amir. A few lines:

The sons of the Prophet are brave men and bold
And quite unaccustomed to fear,
But the bravest by far in the ranks of the Shah,
Was Abdul Abulbul Amir.
If you wanted a man to encourage the van,
Or harass the foe from the rear,
Storm fort or redoubt, you had only to shout
For Abdul Abulbul Amir.
Now the heroes were plenty and well known to fame
In the troops that were led by the Czar,
And the bravest of these was a man by the name
Of Ivan Skavinsky Skavar.

Dudley said...

Jayce 2:19 - wow! Brent Spiner has it nailed!

Mari - I hadn't thought about that downside to cutting out salt! Thank you for mentioning it. I haven't used salt in decades.

Lucina said...

I agree, Brent Spiner nailed Patrick Stewart!

Another result of a no salt diet is the eloctrolytes can become unbalanced and cause some serious illness.

Thanks for the article on the JEDI. That is very interesting. It appears that George Lucas borrowed heavily from monastic teachings.

Anonymous said... not a tuesday. Scape, epsom , cur, emeer (should be emir) great schism? For a tuesday? Come on. Is this guy a friend of Chens? Put this guy at end of the week, he would be awesome. I like a challenge, but in its order. I noticed a lot of Ono's lately.

CrossEyedDave said...

Late to the party, Wees, (especially what Pas de Chat said...) I have to claim a DNF due to Knavery/key/cur & estes/nis.

Argyle, Tx for the COs! (Cosby made my day.) & the tennis stuff was very confusing. Add/in add/out Tx for the explanation in the comments.

40D??? (I really doubt that Hogan was afraid of the Gestapo.)

9D Epsom perped in easily, yet tied me up for hours in review. Did you know that Petula Clark, & Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) were born in Epsom? &that in 1910 there was a terrible riot in Epsom But I am really sorry I missed The Jedi Controversy. (I think it's like Octipi.) & then the Brent Spiner clip was hilarious! I know I have seen Patrick Stewart heckle him at a convention (in good fun) but I cannot find a clip of good quality.

JD@9:25am "Parsley"?! (what a great name)

Montana@9:45am 90 degrees??? We had frost last nite, what the heck is going on???

HG@9:47 Hypothyroid test,,, pls provide more info b/4 I start hitting myself with a hammer...

CrossEyedDave said...

Other things that side tracked me today....

Grafton's "N IS" for Noose (it's a book?) You couldn't come up with something easier? Like the formula for Nickel Sulfide???

Well, in tracking down all this info, I got sidetracked by:

Animal Mothers

Extraordinary Toroidal Vortices

Fishing misadventures

& Cat Medicine

(Whew!,, no wonder I am exhausted...)

Manac said...

Go for it! :)

TTP said...

OK, I fess up. Were the JEDI (JEDIS ?) good guys are bad guys ?

Manac said...

They were the ones equipped with the
Big Sticks

Spitzboov said...


TTP said...

Manac, yes, I got that they had the Light Sabres or whatever they were called from all of the promotions, but were they good guys or bad guys ?

It was always easier in the old days with Gary Cooper and Randolpf Scott.

I still like the old Westerns. Right and Wrong weren't so fuzzy back then.

CrossEyedDave said...

TTP, you ask the penultimate question... (oh nuts, I just looked up "penultimate," & it is not what I meant...)

TTP, I guess you ask the ultimate question. Were they good guys ,or bad guys? ( I guess it depends on who's side your on... )

TTP said...

Argyle, help ! It appears that Manac and CED are toying with me.

Oh, never mind. Back to not caring anything about Star Wars...

Manac said...

I guess CED answered that better than
I ever could.

Manac said...

Damn man! Send Dave and I your Email address and We could mess with your mind privately ;))

Bill G. said...

CED, I always enjoy your links but those videos today were really special. Thanks.

Spitz, I remember that poem/song but I have no idea from where...

Beautiful night time photos.

Argyle said...

Welcome to the Dark Side.

Yellowrocks said...

TTP The Jedi are the good guys. Read my link at 3:39

Good night, all.

TTP said...

Thank you Yellowrocks ! I was heads down at work for about 11 hours yesterday. I missed your link when I was catching up on the posts last evening.