May 15, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 Thomas Takaro

Theme: Hike through a vowel progression.  Five four-letter words of the form H_CK serve as the theme clues, where the successive clues use all the vowels, in alphabetical order, to fill in the blank.  The unusual feature here is that the theme relates to the clues, and not the answers. An uncommon approach, but I think we've seen something like it before.  Maybe?

17A. Hack : TAXI DRIVER.  Or a political columnist, such as  .  .  . no, we won't go there.

23A. Heck : ANNOYED OATH. I believe this is a euphemism for H-E-double hockey sticks.

37A. Hick : BACKWOODS NATIVE.  Like the Beverly Hillbillies.

45A. Hock : EQUINE ANKLE.  Or bovine, or porcine, or anything pawned.

57A. Huck : BUDDY OF TOM.  Finn and Sawyer, respectively.

Hi, gang.  JazzBumpa here.  Let's see what the HECK is going on.


1. Gem : JEWEL.  Precious stone.  Do you think she's a gem?

6. At least three : A FEW.  When do we get into several and many?

10. Early late-night host : PAAR.  Jack.  PAAR or PARR; I can never remember. IIRC, he got in big trouble for making a toilet joke on TV. Those were such innocent times.

14. Doctoral exams : ORALS.  For PhDs.

15. "__ Las Vegas" : VIVA.  Elvis movie and song.

16. Comstock __: Nevada silver deposit : LODE.  Recognized this right away. Seems like I've always known this, but have no idea how or why.

19. Weapons, in Latin : ARMA. Could this be where our words ARMS and ARMY come from?

20. Ocular woe : STYE.  I know it all too well. Apply warm, moist compresses at the first sign, and you can avoid a lot of travail later.

21. Abu Dhabi's fed. : U. A. E.  Their Federation is the United Arab Emirates.

22. Bit of tomfoolery : ANTIC.

26. Suitable for marriage : NUBILE.  According to the Free Dictionary, derived from the Latin nubere, to take a husband.

30. Eat too much of, as junk food : O.D. ON.  Over Dose - We've seen this before

31. "I'm on __!" : A ROLL.  That's what the butter said.

32. More navy than teal, say : BLUER.  Shades of meaning.

34. Duck foot feature : WEB.  What would the actor who played the Detective from Dragnet say if the duck stepped on a spider's silken creation?

40. Radical '70s gp. : SLA. The Symbionese Liberation Army operated from 1973-5 and kidnapped Patty Hearst.  I'm not sure if they had an actual radical ideology, or were just a bunch of opportunistic thugs.

41. Charlotte __: dessert : RUSSE.  A cold dessert of Bavarian cream set in a mold lined with ladyfingers. Sounds yummy.

42. Columnist Abigail Van __ : BUREN. The pen name of Pauline Esther Friedman Phillips, who passed away in January at the age of 94.  In real life, she was the twin sister of Ann Landers, the pre-existing pen name taken over by Esther "Eppie" Pauline Friedman Lederer in 1955, following the death of the originator, Ruth Crowley. Pauline's column started in 1956, and caused a long estrangement between the two twins.

43. Grief counselor's subject : LOSS.  I've been averaging about one funeral per month since last Fall.

44. Nobelist Camus : ALBERT.  French Nobel Prize winning absurdist author.

50. Stalin era prison : GULAG. We know this word because of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's non-fiction book, "The Gulag Archipelago," which won a Nobel Prize in 1970.  Back to back Nobility.

51. Common letters in an email address : AOLAmerica On Line.

52. Tennis legend : ASHE.  Arthur.

56. Rice-A-__ : RONI.  The San Fransisco treat.

60. Depot postings, briefly : E.T.A.'Estimated Times of Arrival.

61. Sneaker brand : AVIA.

62. Long-legged flier : CRANE.

63. For whom the bell tolls : THEE.  John Donne told us this in a well known poem, which is actually an excerpt from this longer work.

64. Quaint "Listen!" : HARK.  Appropriate, though, when angels are singing.

65. Office cartridge contents : TONER. For the laser printer.


1. Writes on one's palm, say : JOTS. Can be handy at odd moments in interviews or speeches.

2. Q.E.D. word : ERAT.  The entire phrase is "quod erat demonstrandum," meaning "which had to be demonstrated".  Bit of an upgrade from "Eureka!" I suppose.

3. Like begonias : WAXY.  The leaves has a shiny appearance, as if waxed.

4. "A Jew Today" writer Wiesel : ELIE. He also wrote 56 other books, and gives the puzzle a Noble Prize Hat Trick.  Or is it a trifecta?

5. "Dropped" drug : LSDLysergic Acid Diethylamide.  I never tried it.  Those who did were advised to "tune in, turn on and drop out."  Seems rather nihilistic.  If the three-letter abbrv. looks a bit odd, that's because it actually comes from the German "Lysergsäure-diethylamid."  Säure is the German word for acid.

6. Like doves and hawks : AVIAN.  Relating to birds, not warfare

7. Danno's outfit, familiarly : FIVE-O.  From the TV show Hawaii Five-O.

8. 25-Down resident, for a time : EVE.  She got into some sort of difficulty for inappropriate munching and consorting with reptiles.  Snakes and snacks - never a good combination.

9. Wouk's "The Winds of __" : WAR.  Concerns WW II.

10. Set aside time for : PLAN ON. Saw a good quote today: "Expectations are future disappointments."

11. Vital blood vessel : AORTA.  If I tell you this is an artery, would you think me vain?

12. Fess up : ADMIT.  Back in grade school, the nuns called it "owning up."

13. Arrive at : REACH

18. Mystical old letter : RUNE.  These consisted mainly of straight segments suitable for inscribing in stone.  They were used in Germanic languages from around the 2nd century A. D. until gradually being replaced by the Latin alphabet from about 700 on.

22. Cute as a button : ADORABLE.  Like kittehs, I suppose.

23. Bad way to get it : ALL WRONG.  I've done that.

24. Brooklynese pronoun : YOUSE.  As in the phrase "YOUSE GUYSES."

25. Genesis place : EDEN.  It was nice while it lasted.  I always wondered if EVE didn't get a bum rap.

26. Takes into custody : NABS.

27. Russia's __ Mountains : URAL. ARAL is the sea -- see?

28. Resort north of the Keys : BOCA Raton. Doesn't "Rat's Mouth" sound so much nicer in Spanish?

29. Type : ILK.  Remember the old days of ILK writers?  They didn't even have spel czek. Or did I stumble into some variety of ALL WRONG?

32. __ nova : BOSSA. Literally, "New Trend." A Brazilian aesthetic and musical movement from the 50's and 60's.

33. Church based in SLC, Utah : LDS. The Church of the Latter Day Saints is headquartered in Salt Lake City.

34. Speaker-to-stereo link : WIRE.

35. Always : EVER.

36. Crooked : BENT.

38. Yorkshire river : OUSE.  YOUSE guyses EVER been there?

39. Oleo holder : TUB.  The soft variety comes in a tub.

43. Get together (with) : LIAISE.  The noun form, LIAISON refers to communication, cooperation, working together, but also to adultery.

44. Get together (with) : ALLY. To unite or form a connection. (But not in an alley.)  Here the noun and verb forms are spelt the same, but pronounced differently.  You alLY with an ALly.  Also, note the contiguous clechos.

45. Long-legged flier : EGRET.  A feathered friend to complete our second pair of clechos.  Also sounds like the name of a wilding girl who was kissed by fire.

46. Repeated, like Poe's raven : QUOTH.  "Nevermore."

47. Forearm bones : ULNAE. Along with the femurs. Funny thing is, at the elbow, they both join the humerus.

48. It's the pits : NADIR.  This means the lowest point of some sequence or trajectory.  Curiously, it came into English from Arabic, around the 15th century.

49. "You press the button, we do the rest" camera company : KODAK.

52. High hair : AFRO. Retro, except for Cornel West.

53. Slugger Musial : STAN. The Man played for the St. Louis Cardinals from 1941 until 1963, missing the 1945 season when he was drafted into the Navy.  On Sept. 11, 1963 he became a grandfather for the first time, and hit a home run in his first at-bat that day.  On September 29, the day of his retirement, he recorded two base hits, the same total as on his first day in the Majors, Sept 1, 1941. Statistician Bill James rates him as the 10th greatest player of all time.

54. Use a whetstone on : HONE.  Sharpen.

55. 911 situation: Abbr. : EMER. Emergency.

57. Scrooge's scoff : BAH. Also, humbug!

58. Charlottesville sch. : U. VA.  University of Virginia.

59. Mo. for opals : OCT.  Opal is the birth stone for October.

Well, there you have it: quite a nice puzzle with an unusual feature, clechos, lots of prize winners, a fresh feel, and it's just a Z away from a pangram.

Cool regards!


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I thought having the vowel progression be in the clues for a change was a nice change of pace. Sadly, I wasn't all that impressed with some of the theme answers (ANNOYED OATH and EQUINE ANKLE, I'm looking at you)... Once I figured out that the theme was in the clues, it was fine, but everything seemed a bit clunky until I figured that out.

I finally remembered RUSSE! Which is good, since we just had it (in the puzzle, not in real life) the other day.


River Doc said...

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Finally an official Ta-Da moment after so many technical DNFs! And two consecutive Vegas (or at least Nevada) shout outs to start the puzzle!

Another close-to-(current)-home clue in Abu Dhabi, which is just 300 KM southeast of Doha….

And just to round it all out, three old-time Bay Area references in SLA, Rice-A-RONI, and LSD….

In other words, my kind of crossword puzzle – thank you Thomas Takaro...!

JB - Quack Webb…?

Speaking of San Francisco, the movie Woman On Top with Penelope Cruz has a lot of nice BOSSA Nova music in the soundtrack…. And when she passes, each one she passes goes – aaahhhhhhh….

Learning moment – I always thought NUBILE meant sexy. Although sexy certainly is one criteria for marriage…. Silly me for thinking of SINGLE initially….

With apologies to Travis Bickel of TAXI DRIVER: “YOUSE talkin’ to me? YOUSE talkin' to me? Then who the HECK else are you talking.... YOUSE talking to me? Well, I'm the only one here….”

thehondohurricane said...

good morning,

What can I say .... a Wednesday DNF thanks to the SW corner. The culprits were: 41A RISSE, 38D OISE; 45A , 43D & 46D. Had E-U-INE ANKLe for 45A. Both QUOTH or LIAISE were unknowns, but I should have gotten EQUINE.

The rest of the solve went OK. I wanted MOUSSE for 41A, but just couldn't get it to fit.

Unlike Barry, I stayed clunky throughout.

Have a good hump (To)day

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I really liked this puzzle. Got the theme right off, didn't notice it was "backwards." Even noticed the clechos. Nice.

Does anybody remember this Bossa Nova lady? Hint: She was married to Steve Lawrence, whom you may also not remember.

JzB, I thought the butter said "Baa."

I remember back in the '60's when some commercial pilots were suspended indefinitely after attending a party where somebody spiked the punch with LSD.

Jack Paar ran a very controversial Tonight Show, often making the news the following morning. In 1960, in the middle of a live broadcast, he announced he was quitting and walked off the set. Three weeks later he came back. His opening line was, "As I was saying before I was interrupted...."

Anonymous said...

Nice puzzle....easy for a Wednesday I think ...but fun too.
BTW....the picture of the crane is a woodstork ;-)

kazie said...

One write over at SLA--I wanted SDS until BOCA corrected that. Figured what was going on with the theme early, but of course that didn't help. EQUINE was the most challenging part of those.

Hock can also be a kind of white wine, and at first I thought of that. Charlotte Russe always reminds me of the remark at the table in "The Man from Snowy River" when the aunt snobbishly corrects her b-i-l (played by Kirk Douglas) that the dessert isn't just a simple pudding. I think that was the first and only other time I've heard of it.

Mari said...

Good morning everybody. WBS on ANNOYED OATH and EQUINE ANKLE. I was sure HOCK had to do with pawning something.

JzB: You're too funny! Snakes and snacks! Future disappointments!

But I'll take a moment from my chuckling to say, now I know the difference between URAL and Aral. And I now know what NADIR means.

Is KODAK still around?

Have a Wonderful Wednesday everybody!

TTP said...

Thank you Thomas and thank you Jazzbumpa.

24.07 for me today. Just as the butter said. A little slow down parsing EQUINE ANKLE as I fixated on pawn. Must be watching too much Pawn Stars. Husker, have you seen the episode where Corey installs the finget print reader as the modern day time clock ? Rick's facial expressions at the end are so funny.

Bigger slowdown in the SW. QUOTE and ULNAS first, but THEE corrected me. LIAISE was totally unknown, but the crosses were solid, so I accepted it. Never would have seen the association to liaison.

And I thought Charlotte Russe was a women's clothing and accessories store.

See youse guyses later.

Argyle said...

Anon@7:31 was wrong. That was a whooping crane. Here is a wood stork. Notice the big difference in the head and bill.

thehondohurricane said...


Remember Eydie well. She & Steve Lawerence were terrific entertainers. Always looked forward to their weekly show.

But when it comes to Bossa Nova, for some reason, Astrid Gilberto comes to me first.

Vidwan827 said...

BTW, both the storks, egrets and crane, (2 out of 3 - ) are missing the baby-in-the-sling .... and the Vlasic pickles.

Thank you Thomas Takaro, for a very nice and enjoyable puzzle. Really enjoyed it.

Thank you, JazzB for your superlative puns, remarks and your humor. REALLY, REALLY enjoyed it !

I 'knew' nubile - once looked up the word, and never forgot it. I used to think it was 'sexy' too. How does one know a female is nubile ? Does she ooze some pheromones ? I have a daughter, in NYC, who is way past the nubile stage, and she's just doesn't care - and it is causing us some worry. My wife prays fervently, every night, that she will get hitched soon. (The daughter, that is - ).

Do males ever get nubile, or are they infantile, all their lives ?

I had a few minor diversions, - BackRoadsNative, and 'Stalag' before 'gulag'. Never noticed the 'nobelity', until you pointed it out. Did LDS people use LSD ?

Curiously, I actually made LSD in a lab, in 1971, but didn't have the guts to taste it. I did not think it would be pleasant. The dosage, if I remember was 3 micrograms, on a cube full of sugar. I did try out Indian Hemp - Marihuana though, ( eaten, with a milk shake - )and recorded my pleasant experiences in a diary ....

Comstock Lode, was, at one time, the richest deposit of Silver, in the world, and if you happen to possess a silver dollar, you can thank the 'lode' for it.

Have a nice day, youse all.

Argyle said...

Wait a minute. I'm not so sure now it's a whooping crane or a wood stork.

Anonymous said...

Whooper! They winter in Texas...just like the sandhill crane.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Well, the Indiana Dept of Natural Resources, where I nabbed the pic, calls it a whopping crane, and who am I to disagree?

I think they have better creds than anon, even if he is from Texas.

Doha Doc -
"Quack Web" - that's good! I was just tangled in all the web(b)s.

Hondo -
This might be whyThis might be why.


Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Thomas Takaro, for a very good puzzle. Thank you, Jazzbumpa, for the swell review.

I enjoyed this puzzle. I had no problems with the theme answers. Got them all easily.

My wag area was RUSSE and OUSE. Wagged the U.

Nice seeing Q.E.D. again. It has been a while. I did see that in a book once, Call of the Wild, by Jack London. Not sure why I remember that. It was a good, however.

RUNE was interesting. Did some reading on the Kensington Stone in Minnesota. Full of Rune characters. Quite a theory on discovery of America.

Another dentist appointment today. Cavity to fill. Better than plates.

See you tomorrow.



Willie Wolfe said...

jzb - or it could have been the link in doha doc's post that triggered hondo's memory. that's o.k., i listened to it again.

sla not radical? lost my coffee over that assertion.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I did the puzzle late last night and finished without any hangups, but could not for the life of me see any theme. Revisiting it this morning brought an immediate AHA with the vowel progression of the clues. Interesting approach.

Thanks, Thomas T. for a solid Wednesday workout and thanks to Jazz for a witty write-up.

Have a great day.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. JazzB - Nice informative intro.

Had to jump around a little but got it done without much Stürm u. Drang. No searches were needed. Liked the theme.
NUBILE was a learning moment for me, too.
Love Wouk's "The Caine Mutine". Descriptions of life aboard a destroyer type vessel are accurate and vivid. Wouk served on two DMS's during WWII.
BOCA - Funny comment, JzB. Seinfeld's parents retired to Del BOCA Vista.

Have a great day.

Yellowrocks said...

NUBILE has 2 meanings in the dictionary. One is a marriageable young woman, but, since at least 1973, it has also been used to refer to a sexually attractive young woman. So you all were correct. In the novels I read 90%+ of the time it refers to a sexually attractive, young woman, not a marriageable one.

The pictures I see of wood storks have more black on the wings than the sandhill crane.
Link wood stork

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone.

This Wednesday puzzle was one I finished correctly. Much easier IMHO than yesterday or Monday.

I've lurked somewhat, but this colon cancer now has me on chemo, which I started yesterday. I feel fine. Maybe the chemo made me smarter so I could do today's.

Will now read your comments.


TTP said...

Similar but unrelated, Woodstock is a town northwest of Chicago. Woodstock was the primary filming location for the movie Groundhog Day

Virginia said...

Fun puzzle, great write-up. Had a few oopses but all in all it came together. Took a bit longer than usual. I too thought nubile meant sexy and young. 64A HARK, mynGrandmother usrd to say "Hark Your noise" when she wanted us to stop talking, which I guess gives it another meaning??

Hubby and I ran into the " bossa nova lady" and her guy at a restaurant in Malibu years ago. Had a drink or two with them - what super fun people! Not sure how it happened; our booths had a common wall and we just started talking.

Have also enjoyed the bird references the last couple of days. We are warching a Great Blue Heron nest, one of the "kids" has left already, Mom's still feeding the other one. We worry about him when it hits 111 degrees like it did yesterday.

CrossEyedDave said...

The puzzle puzzled me for quite a while. In the end I had to DNF due to personal Naticks at Utahs churches on a Yorkshire river eating Charlottes dessert???

I appreciate all the write ups, & enjoy each day immensely, but when Jzb does a write up,,, I know I am going to be entertained! One teeny, tiny nit though, & it's probably just me, but 3D plural "leaves" with has? shouldn't it be have? (the leaves have a shiny appearance...) (I dunno, it might be an Aussie thing...)

Oh, & 62A "Image Source" link? Was this automatic, or did you put that in yourself? (being an obsessive linker, I like to keep up with the latest customs...)

Misty said...

Not a total speed run, but a really fun and doable puzzle--many thanks, Thomas! Always enjoy your expo, JazzB.

I misinterpreted lots of the clues at first, which made this a bit more challenging. Figured HACK had to do with computer information, and HOCK had to do with selling for resale, etc. Kept trying to figure out how one would describe Danno's clothes--Duh! And like many others, couldn't believe NUBILE meant ready for a husband since I've always interpreted it as meaning a girl who has just reached puberty. Way too early to get married.

Loved all the Jack Paar stories.

How sad and ironic that Ann Landers and Dear Abby couldn't use their advising skills to address and solve their own conflicts.

And, finally, Sallie--wonderful to hear from you. Glad you're holding up under the chemo and doing well on puzzles.

Have a great Wednesday, everybody!

HeartRx said...

Good morning Jazzbumpa, C.C. et al.

Whoo boy, really late to the party today, so I see all my comments have been used already. I'll leave it to you to guess which ones were mine. (Hint: WBS.)

Jazz- you are right. This theme has been done several times before, but with the vowel progression in the answers, not the clues. One of them was by Lila Cherry in 2005.

That's all i got for youse guise. Happy hump day!

desper-otto said...

Vidway827@8:09 -- In answer to your question about nubile boys. No, boys do not become nubile. They go directly from puberty into adultery.

Anonymous said...

47. Forearm bones : ULNAE. Along with the femurs. Funny thing is, at the elbow, they both join the humerus.

Femur is the upper leg bone; radius is the other forearm bone. Was that a mere misstep, or did I miss the (humerus) punchline?

thehondohurricane said...


You got it. Many thanks..... always liked the lady. Maybe on of these days I'll spell her name correctly.

61Rampy said...

Only had two issues today. One was having cOm for AOL, the other was that I had to look up AVIA. I never can remember that name. Otherwise, smooth sailing on this easier-than-yesterdays puzzle.
I actually knew what NUBILE meant!

Argyle said...

I think I have the birding answer. Immature Whoops are cinnamon, then become white as adults. I believe the picture is of a bird in transition. It looks like this juvie. LINK, click on the one flying.

Lucina said...

Hi, there.

Loved your take on the puzzle, Jazz.

This was a JEWEL of a puzzle, thank you, Thomas Takaro. Comstock LODE is implanted in my memory, too, for some reason. And I know Charlotte RUSSE as a women's store and took my daughter there many times. I didn't know it was a dessert.

Same thing with GULAG Archpelago, it's embedded in my brain. At the time of its publication it was a hot topic.

Yes, I have been to Yorkshire and crossed the OUSE river. I love GB.

My camera is a KODAK digital but I believe the factory has closed.

Cute clues:
it's the pits, NADIR
oleo holder, TUB
high hair, AFRO

Now, I'll read what you all had to say. Have a terrific Wednesday, everyone!

Irish Miss said...

Bill G - when you said you were going to miss Vegas, I assumed you meant because of the end of the season. Now I found out it's been cancelled, as has Golden Boy. And on TNT, Southland has been cancelled, as well. Bummer! Also, I read that Monday Mornings is on the fence.

These are all good shows but I guess they don't appeal to that "sacrosanct" 18-49 age group so favored by the advertisers. At least The Good Wife, Blue Bloods, Elementary, Chicago Fire, and Person of Interest are all coming back.

Lemonade714 said...

Vidwan my twin, good to see you and your sense of humor. In our age group not many honest people could deny ever trying pot, or other things.

Sallie, they do wonders with colon cancer these days, hang in, our prayers are with you.

Is it just me, or are any of you getting over CASTLE and the two ridiculously self-absorbed lead characters, neither of whom are that appealing IMO.

NCIS , now that is how to do a cliffhanger.

Theses days whenever I see references to Egrets I think of the challenging Ygritte ,

JzB knows how to make beautiful music with words as well as music, his write ups are a form of free expression like good jazz. Thanks.

Lemonade714 said...

Sorry JzB, did not see you link to Game of Thrones spitfire until after I posted.

CrossEyedDave said...

Vidwan287@8:09 I enjoyed your post, but I am having trouble getting the imagery out of my mind of storks carrying swaddled baby pickles...

Bill G. Yr Nite Sky images last nite were awesome! I emailed it to myself to remind me to look at them again & this time read the captions, & then thought, what the heck, & CC'd it to everyone I know. (what the heck, they already know I'm *fill in yr best guess here*) In response (& awkward segue) here are some Galaxy collisions & observations.

All these bird pictures reminded me of my favorite parrot, Einstein.

Pookie said...

Thankss JazzB, nice write-up and finally got LOSS/LIAISES.
Thanks Bill G for the tennis explanation last night. Will read it a couple more times..LOL

"You're lunching at 21 & watching your diet. Declining a Charlotte Russe, accepting a fig.."
This is the best I can do( some idiots keep inserting their own score) this is the original version,not as clear, but please watch
A little Brazilian music,one of my favorites.
Antonio Carlos Jobim & Elis Regina

Bill G. said...

Happy Wednesday! That was a fun puzzle but I got stuck in a few places. I kinda knew the word LIAISE but the correct spelling sure looked odd. Add me to the list of those thinking NUBILE meant sexy. Did you all know KODAK was a made-up word? They wanted a word that didn't mean anything but looked and sounded cool.

Irish Miss, I keep hoping those that made decisions will change their minds about 'Vegas.' I like the stories, the ambiance and the actors.

CED, I'm glad you liked the night sky photos. I thought they were extra especially good too. I find most of that stuff on my home page.

Pas, I hope that AD IN explanation was understandable. You can tell I used to be a teacher 'cause I jump at the chance to explain something.

I wish I'd thought to mention it last night but TCM was showing "The Third Man" with Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles. It's one of my favorite movies of all times, right up there with "Casablanca." If you haven't seen it, it's a love story mixed with a mystery thriller set in postwar Vienna. It's shot in glorious black and white with several really memorable scenes. I've seen it all the way through four or five times as well as bits and pieces. I was tempted to record it and watch it all over again.

Do any of you watch Inspector George Gently? I just finished one episode and I haven't made up my mind. It doesn't seem quite as good as Foyle's War.

Jazzbumpa said...

I can always count on the Corner commentariat to correct my faux pas.

That grammar glitch was the sort of ALL WRONG thing I can do after midnight. I really do no better.

Ditto radius bone. I don't know how femur got a leg up on me.

I always link the image source on my blog, did this write up there, and copied it over here. Just my thing.

Willie - I'm not asserting SLA wasn't radical, but 40 Yrs later, all I remember is the mayhem, not the ideology.

Lemonade -
I have no objection at all to multiple pics of the amazing Rose Lilly, aka Ygritte.


Jazzbumpa said...

[ahem] . . . KNOW better . . .


TTP said...

Thanks Lucina. I thought maybe I was the only one that knew of Charlotte Russe as a woman's store.

PAS, I liked the Pixar Stork vid.

Bill, small world. Orson Welles attended school at Todd School for Boys, an independent school in Woodstock,IL. I like visiting these little towns when I can. Hand up for going to miss Vegas. I like Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis. Rick on Pawn Stars reminds me of Michael Chiklis.

Lemonade714 said...

You know nothing Jon Snow.

I agree JzB. MORE YGRITTE. I restrained myself from line.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Just caught up on all the comments. Nope, never heard of that author. But have you visited Minnesota before? It's so beautiful here from May to Oct.

Bill G,
Read here. You made the right call. I do feel a little disillusioned though.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Thomas T. I got the vowel progression and even saw it lacked only the "Z".

Too funny, Jzb! But on the somber note, I know what you mean about attending so many funerals. They seem to go in spurts. My BFF & her husband offer grief counseling sessions which are always well attended.

Sallie, good to hear from you but sorry you have to take chemo. Hope you continue to feel okay.

NUBILE always brings to mind Juliet, whose father thought she was marriageable at age 14. When that word was coined, the practice seemed to be to marry them off as soon as puberty announced the girls might get pregnant by one of D.O.'s naughty boys who were into adultery.

PK said...

C.C., I've never been to Minnesota, but had planned for my next bus tour to take one offered through Wisconsin & Minnesota. My SIL's parents were raised in Minn. & he always says how beautiful it is. However, I became too unwell to take the trip.

Yellowrocks said...

I knew Charlotte Russe because my ex always talked about how delicious it was when his mother made it. I never made it because it seemed so complicated. Of course, those were the days before Internet advice was available.

Sallie, good to hear from you. I wish you continued improvement.

This afternoon we have had five minutes of sun, followed by five minutes of rain, followed by five minutes of sun, off and on for hours, a metaphor for my day.

Gloom: I was devastated when I was informed this morning that DDD was dropping Alan from the sheltered workshop program after Friday due to new rules which accepted only the higher performing clients. This workshop was one of the best experiences Alan has ever had. It made him brighter and more alert. He was proud and happy.
Alan was very disappointed when I had to tell him. I tried to depersonalize it by saying DDD wouldn’t pay for it and that they refused to pay for 30 some others, also. Although it was not his fault, still it was a big loss.
Sunshine: Just a few minutes ago I was informed that DDD would be picking up the cost after all and Alan could continue.
What an emotional roller coaster. We are on top for now.

Bill G. said...

I see where there's an 'ice tsunami' somewhere. I thought maybe it was in Minnesota. Yes? No? I had never heard or imagined anything like that before.

CC, that still is a favorite video for me. I usually see these things after they've gone viral. This one I saw on Leno when it first happened. I'm not sure what you mean when you wrote that I made the right call and that you felt a little disillusioned.

I found this physics experiment absolutely fascinating! Metronomes getting in sync.

Pookie said...

Bill G your explanation was perfect. I just read it too fast when going over last night's comments.
You ARE a good teacher. I meant that i will read it a few more times to let it sink in.
I no nothing about tennis.

TTP glad you liked the stork animated short. I really think it's good.
Sallie, You hang in there and jump in whenever you feel like it. Have missed you!

C.C. Burnikel said...

Good to see you.

D-Otto @11:02am,
So funny.

You mentioned they might be invited to some other shows.

I was disillusioned because the girl had appeared on "Pumpcast" before and they "had moved to L.A. to get into showbiz".

Misty said...

Yellowrocks, my heart was in my throat reading your story about Alan and his loss of the workshop program. So what an incredible relief to hear that he can stay and they will fund him after all. I pray there will be no other setbacks. Goodness knows you've been through enough anxiety for one month.

Lucina said...

You are amazingly resilient after going through that roller coaster experience. I am glad, though, that your son can continue going to the workshop.

It is good to "see" you! I hope you will soon be completely well.

I'm glad you finally mentioned the CR store because on reading the comments I was beginning to think I was the only who knew of such a store.

chin said...

I just knew, and feared, that 50A wanted "GULAG" and sure enough, that was it.

GULAG is not A prison, it was a prison system and continued well after Stalin. It is an acronym for Chief Directorate for Camps. The Russian title is/was Glavnoe Upravlenie Lagarej. Some people my differ with my transliteration but I accept that they are wrong.

CrossEyedDave said...

Bill G.@2:48 Re: Metronomes. OMG! I wonder if you just explained magnetism! Um, Er,, ok maybe I have been watching too much Veritasium. But I swear that your metronomes, and this explanation of gyroscopic precession could explain why electromagnetic radiation (light+) is an electric wave, & a 90 degree magnetic wave. I just do not know the math to prove it! (Bill G, a little help pls...)

Sallie! Good to hear from you! I hope I did not make you laugh too much! Hmm, I think Bear steals car is safe... as it is obviously fake... & =3 is pretty tame today, but Manac might like the dog clip... Let me know when I can post some gut ripping funny stuff...

Jerome said...

A pangram just for you, Jazz

Across entries-

10- AMOK
19- ALTA

Bumppo said...

43D: Let's try to maintain some standards, please. There is no such word as LIAISE.

Husker Gary said...

-TTP, I did see that episode. I know these “plots” are setups but it’s as good as some of the stuff that passes for entertainment on network TV.
-Dave, I was shocked when my doctor tapped my Achilles tendon to test for hypothyroidism but he said my reaction clearly indicated that I needed synthroid
-Otto, I remember Edyie’s version and remember the parody Blame it on the boss’s sofa
-A horse’s HOCK is just above the EQUINE ANKLE.
-I have just finished repairing lawn sprinklers and 45 holes of golf and will try to read ya all tonight after I barbecue supper.

Sfingi said...

BOCA of course, means mouth, usually of a river; however, I knew a BOCA di Bue. Bue meaning ox.

Had Leno Before PAAR, bUn before TUB.
Jack PAAR had a daughter who died when she fell into a subway. She had a son named Andrew Wells. PAAR's special phrase was, "I kid you not."

@Bill G - The part about the penicillin is based on truth.

Never heard of an ice tsunami, but I've driven through a crystal mist. Beautiful.

@Bumpo - LIAISE might be a "back-formation" from liaison.

@Desper0tt0- A few years ago, I heard an Cuban record of Edie Gorme singing Spanish. She is Ladino, and half Sicilian.

@Mari - KODAK is in Chapter 11; I can't believe they crashed so bad. Everyone in Rochester worked there.

As far as NUBILE - watch out. We used to say 15 will get you 20.

Vidwan827 said...

YellowRocks, my prayers are with you and your son. Keep Hope.

Bill G. - your video link on Metronome snych'ing, topped everything you've shown previously. I am so grateful that we have a person of your unique interests and passions, especially in Recreational Mathematics, and generous sharing talents on this blog. I also watched the long segment with Dr. Stangotz (?) about synch'ing in the animal kingdom.

And, of course, I am also grateful for C.E.D.'s magnificent links, among others.

The phenomenon of sync'ing of inanimate objects is truly remarkable. I feel this has to do with natural oscillatory frequencies and supportive reinforcement intra-compensation. It is, of course, a well known fact that soldiers on a march, are ordered to 'break formation' - march out-of-step when crossing bridges, especially suspension bridges and the like.

Lemonade, thank you for your kind words. At our age, few things, from the past, bother us. Marijuana use, is now much higher in the US, mostly because of various state laws and charter amendments passed to allow for usage. A must read is 'Pot, Inc.' by Greg Campbell, at your local library. Among its few alleged uses and benefits, pot is supposed to reduce intraocular pressure, as for in Glaucoma. My conservative, strait laced wife prefers to use the expensive Travatan Z eye drops.

Anonymous said...

Bumppo, Do you have access to a dictioary? Please do a tiny bit of research before you opine.

Lucina said...

vt. to establish liaison with or act as a liaison officer toward

Webster's Seventh Collegiate Ddictionary, 1960 ed.

Yellowrocks said...

Marijuana? My addiction is to books. I read all day today until the good news arrived, at which point I laid down my book. Isn’t retirement awesome? When I am deeply engaged in alternate activities my subconscious mind takes over and works out solutions. This trait helps with crosswords and all other types of problem solving. It was a great help with essays and term papers. I would do the research and then move on to something else. Often the solution would then appear almost totally formed.
Teaching was another help. I became totally immersed in my students and in my teaching until I walked out the door. Often on the way home I had answers.
Square dancing is the best. It engages me physically, mentally, and socially. The music and exercise are soothing. It results in resolutions, or, at least, in several hours of complete escape.

Irish Miss said...

Sallie: Best wishes for continued improvement.

YR: So glad to hear the happy ending; Alan must be on cloud nine.

I wonder why Bumpo's posts, rare as they are, are always negative or critical.

Pookie said...

"I no nothing about tennis" ????
Apparently I know nothing about spelling either.
See, I am doing things too quickly today and not accurately.

YR I feel for you. This is just cruel, but I feel bad for Alan. He probably got really upset.

Anyone know what Jerome's pangram means? How do you solve it?
BillG? Can you 'splain it?

Jerome said...

pas de chat- Jazz mentioned that if today's puzzle had a Z it would be a pangram. If you use the fill words in my post at the mentioned areas across you'd have the needed z and a pangrammic puzzle (All the letters of the alphabet used)

Pookie said...

Well, thank you Jerome.
I have a few things to study, your pangram and Bill G's tennis tutorial.

The things I learn here @ C.C,'s
blog! Thank you again,C.C.
(air kiss)!

Manac said...

Dang, Gary! 45 holes!
I bet that eraser was worn down to
the point.

Manac said...

I'm waiting to see what the rest of the peanut gallery has to say :)
( TTP, Come to the dark side )

Anonymous said...

Good night all.

Thanks for the comments C.C.,Lucina, Crosseyeddave, Irish Miss, Misty, Lemonade, PK, Yellowrocks,and pas de chat. Good to be back.

Yellowrocks, what good news finally about Alan still in his program.

Yellowrocks said...

Misty, Lucina, Vidwan, Irish Miss,and Sallie, thanks for your support. I think the program is still under a cloud, but the sun is out for now. DDD doesn't know its ear from its elbow, to put it politely.

Anonymous said...

Jerome - you have corrected other contructor's fill many times. Why?

Dudley said...

YR, I admire your polite composure at this late hour!

Wishing you a good outcome. Cheers

Bill G. said...

CC, thanks. I understand now.

Sallie, my best wishes for continuing good luck for you.

Yellowrocks, I'm glad it looks like things are working out for you and Alan after all. That's good news.

Vidwan, thanks for your kind words. CED, if you are depending on me to give you an easy tutorial of Maxwell's equations, I'm sorry to disappoint you. I might be able to do a little better with Faraday's Law.

Jazzbumpa said...

Jerome -

I'm back late.

Really appreciate your effort on the pangram. That's quite a tear up on the NE, and you did it beautifully.

We're off to Toledo tomorrow, for my mom's birthday. Then to my two oldest grandsons' band concert, so I probably won't be posting, until possibly late evening.


fermatprime said...

Swell puzzle and expo, Tom and Jazz! No problems! I got a kick out of the theme!

Well, I like Castle despite what some of you say because it is humorous.

Sallie: I sincerely hope that you improve soon! Best wishes!

Is George Gently a rerun from a few years ago?

C.C. Burnikel said...

I admire the way you handle various life obstacles. So tenacious and composed. We don't need to look elsewhere for role models.

Thanks for making me laugh every day.

Bumppo said...

Yes, Anonymous@5:34pm, I have six dictionaries. "Liaise" is in one of them. So is "ain't." They're not words; they're solecisms (or, to characterize them by using another solecism, they're linguistic wannabes).

And yes, Sfingi, the dictionary of mine that has it (New Oxford American) calls it a "back-formation of liaison."

So, let's RENDEZ at the Lincoln Park Inn ("back-formation" of "rendezvous"). . . .

Anonymous said...

"Brooklynese pronoun : YOUSE. As in the phrase 'YOUSE GUYSES.'"