May 27, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013 Gail Grabowski and Bruce Venzke

Theme: Young Boy's Dream - A girl can follow the first word of the starred answers.

17A. *Sensitive spot on the elbow : FUNNY BONE. "Funny Girl", based on the story of Fannie Brice, it will always be associated with Barbra Streisand.

39A. *Conceal : COVER UP. Cover Girl

11D. *1777-'78 Continental Army campsite : VALLEY FORGE. "Valley Girl"(4:52 but I couldn't make it to the end.)

24D. *Political head honcho : PARTY LEADER. "Party Girl"

57A. Like many a teen boy ... and like the starts of the answers to starred clues? : GIRL CRAZY

Argyle here. I hope your Memorial is pleasant. This Monday puzzle is pleasant enough with an unusual grid. The two longest entries are in the columns, a short theme in the middle and the reveal where it belongs. But there is one dreaded A-*** word.


1. Stately shade trees : ELMS

5. Like tails in the dog park : AWAG. Really?

9. Cupfuls after OJ and cereal : JAVAs. Not before?

14. In __ of: replacing : LIEU

15. No __ traffic : THRU

16. Tequila plant : AGAVE

19. Contradict : BELIE

20. Hindu teachers : SWAMIS

21. __ eclipse : SOLAR

22. Distinct feature : ASPECT

25. Immigrants' night sch. class : ESL. (English as a Second Language)

27. Microscope part : LENS

28. Mazda sports car : MIATA

29. Like days when hats fly : WINDY

31. Gets it wrong : ERRS

32. Lime-garnished Mexican beer : CORONA

35. In good shape : FIT

38. Ping-Pong barrier : NET

40. Tokyo-born Yoko : ONO

41. Susan of "L.A. Law" : DEY. She hasn't been active since 2004 except, of course, in crosswords.

42. Smart __: wise guys : ALECKS

43. Study feverishly : CRAM

44. Work hard : LABOR

46. Actor's nickname that sounds like a golf term : BOGIE. Clip on how he came to be in a large sand trap.

47. Fruity drinks : ADES

49. Johannesburg's land: Abbr. : RSA. (Republic of South Africa)

51. Lawn cutters : MOWERS. The rain has stopped coming down but the grass hasn't stopped coming up.

52. Not entirely: Pref. : QUASI. Origin: Latin - quasi as if, as though, equivalent.

54. Foist (upon) : IMPOSE

56. Below : UNDER

61. End of __ : AN ERA

62. Be mindful of : HEED

63. Crossed (out) : EX'ED

64. Puts mail in boxes, say : SORTS

65. Baker's amts. : TSPs

66. Cub Scout groups : DENS


1. Arctic toymaker : ELF. One of my North Pole buddies.

2. Lucy of "Charlie's Angels" : LIU. Now she is on "Elementary" as Dr. Watson.

3. "That's just like a guy!" : "MEN...!"

4. Events before evening twilight : SUNSETS

5. Facing the pitcher : AT BAT

6. "To __ it may concern" : WHOM

7. Golfer Palmer, to fans : ARNIE. Still going.

8. Conjecture : GUESS WORK

9. Short punches : JABS

10. From way back when : AGE OLD

12. Birdlike : AVIAN

13. Clairvoyants : SEERS

18. Female advocacy org. since the 1850s : YWCA

22. Make changes to : AMEND

23. "Yes __, Bob!" : SIREE

26. "Peanuts" boy with a blanket : LINUS

30. Not a deep sleep : NAP

32. Red, white or blue : COLOR. There will be a lot of all three today.

33. Inadvertent omission : OVERSIGHT

34. __ hall: campus hangout : REC. Yes, we know it's short for recreation hall.

36. "... bombs bursting __" : IN AIR

37. Big books : TOMES

39. Hailed car : CAB

43. Crouched in fear : COWERED

45. State with confidence : ASSERT

46. Pear variety : BOSC

47. Greenish blues : AQUAS

48. "Ain't got a clue!" : "DUNNO!"

50. Pierre's female friends : AMIES

51. Gelatin shapers : MOLDS

53. Some nest eggs: Abbr. : IRA's

55. Get ready, briefly : PREP

58. Lumberjack's tool : AXE

59. Meditative practice : ZEN

60. Golf course meas. : YD's. (yards)


From C.C.:

Please click here for the 2rd installment on Rich's interview. Here is the first part.


fermatprime said...

Hi, all!

Still up at 3:30 AM. Do not seem sleepy. Dang!

Enjoyable puzzle went very fast. Thanks, Gail, Bruce and Argyle! My recording of Liberace movie, mentioned yesterday, did not come through. Am getting very frustrated with Time Warner Cable. Do not like many things about the DVR. May have to go back to (exorbitant) DTV before I split a seam!

Have a great holiday!

TTP said...

Good morning all !

Today is the day we honor Americans who have died while in military service.

Thank you Gail and Bruce.

And thank you Argyle. Say hello (for me) to your little friends.

It's past dawn. I have to go fly my colors.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Had the family barbecue yesterday due to crazy schedules, so today I got to sleep in a bit. Might take my son to see the new koala exhibit at the zoo later this morning...

Pretty standard Monday puzzle. Could have done without AWAG and, like Argyle, questioned how many people actually drink their coffee after having cereal and orange juice. For that matter, I'm wondering how many adults actually have cereal and OJ for breakfast in the first place these days...


thehondohurricane said...

Good day and we do have a good Memorial Day,

To those who served, Thank you. And a moment of silence for those who did not return.

Argyle, thank you for the Streisand link. She & Bette Midler have long been my favorite female singers. Liza Minelli in the mix too. They can all really belt out a song. Who's your fav female vocalist?

Today's puzzle went smoothly without a hitch, unusual for me. As pointed out by Argyle & Barry,AWAG????? I guess constructors occasionally need those kinds of liberties to make the grid work.

Anyone out there dealing with Spinal Stenosis? I'm going through a particularly rough episode. Outside of surgery or Physical Therapy, anyone have an alternate approach?

Husker Gary said...

Another inch of rain and high winds have moved cemetery activities indoors here. Hopefully we are at least making a dent in this drought.

-Funny Girl Fanny’s actual Nicky Arnstein was a parasite and nothing like Omar Sharif
-AWAG and the ubiquitous ONO - waddaya gonna do? Constructing is hard.
-Dutch ELM disease took all the shade trees of my ute
-I had my kids outside to watch a SOLAR eclipse safely and at totality the street lights came on
-Free microscope with a water drop as a LENS. Kids loved this!
-Joann wants me to get a Miata. Damned practical me!
-BOGIE used 5” shoe lifts and other tricks to disguise how small he was. I don’t Bogie or Fonzie would frighten anyone in real life.
-Darn DST pushes SUNSETS back and July 4th fireworks can’t start until 10 pm
-How come those Clairvoyants never get rich betting?
-A 10 min. NAP and I’m good to go. You?
-Creepy Halloween Jello MOLDS
-Easy trivia for our learned bunch – What fabulous love poem has the word ASPECT in it?

Husker Gary said...

Addendum to yesterday’s language discussion: Our country, both young and old, seems to have settled on the fact that there is no other adjective than “awesome”. When my students used that word my standard remark was, “No, the birth of a baby or a sunset on Kauai (right Chefwen?) are awesome. That piece of bubble gum is NOT! How ‘bout tasty, refreshing, cool, sugary, juicy, yummy, delicious, etc.”

Giddy up Rocinante, I’m gonna take another shot tilting at that windmill!

Oh well, time to fire up the MOWER and get at that wet grass!

LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

Fast and fun today ~ thanks, Gail and Bruce. No write-overs or real slowdowns, although I usually have a problem deciding between AMEND and 'Emend.' ASPECT took care of that. Nice write-up, Argyle!

~ I don't think I would have had the theme without the unifier.

~ Favorite: Actor's nickname that sounds like a golf term - BOGIE.

~ I agree with the comments about JAVA ~ it's ALWAYS first for me - just before feeding the cats. =^..^=

~ Hondo - hope you find some relief for your back pain. I've heard chiropractic/traction can help but don't know for sure.

~ Welcome auntie-em , from a fellow CTer (as is Hondo).

Remembering and thanking all who served our country ~~

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I'm a little late today. I decided to do the march early; it's going to be a broiler later on.

Auntie Em, welcome to the board. Glad you decided to chime in.

No nits to pick with the puzzle. It's Monday, and it was Monday-level. Nuff said.

The coffee machine here kicks on at 5:30, so there's fresh coffee when I get up 15 minutes later. The coffee is long gone by breakfast time -- 10:30. We don't do lunch.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

I always enjoy the Gail and Bruce puzzles. Easy enough affording my goal of no lookups, no erasures, and no nits for a Monday. Liked the AQUAS/QUASI cross. We now have AWAG to join the other 'A' words. Nice theme.

A BOGIE is also an unidentified aircraft assumed to be hostile. Rich in vowels.

JAVA - I usually have OJ, Java, and oatmeal in that order.

Here's a link to Oz's got talent. Cute roos.

Enjoy this special day.

Lemonade714 said...

Simple, clean Monday (except AWAG which we have seen before) but the day is to remember the brave souls who died defending our way of life. Our contemporaries died in Viet Man, and visiting the memorial is still very moving.

Thank you all

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Fun puzzle today, and I’m with Lalalinda – I never would have gotten the theme without GIRL CRAZY. I knew tongues would be AWAGin’ when I saw that answer…but the rest was so smooth, I hardly gave it a second thought.

Husker, I don’t know if this is the poem you were thinking about, but it is a lovely one. Here's the first verse:

“She Walks in Beauty”
Lord Byron

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

To all the soldiers who have given us freedom, and to those who never returned, I give my heartfelt thanks on this day of remembrance.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Nice, easy start to the week. Thanks, Gail and Bruce, for a walk in the park and thanks, Argyle, for the spot-on expo.

We finally have some sunshine but the temps are heading higher than I would like-90 by Friday. Too hot, too early.

I found Valley Girl in the puzzle coincidental after so much discussion yesterday about language and its use and abuse.

Welcome, Auntie-Em. Toto is welcome also; this is an animal-friendly blog.

Let us all pay tribute to those who have served and those who continue to serve our country and ensure our freedom.

Happy Monday.

Java Mama said...

A Memorial Day salute to all who served, and a special thanks to our veterans here on the blog.

Easy, breezy Monday outing – thanks Gail and Bruce. Cute theme, but like La-La-Linda, I wouldn’t have gotten it without the reveal. Great expo, Argyle. I especially enjoyed the Casablanca clip.

My cupsful of JAVA definitely come before OJ, cereal or anything else. Liked the crossing of sound-alikes LIU and LIEU. My mother had a set of these MOLDS hanging on the kitchen wall as decoration for years. DUNNO why she never used them to mold Jello. Nice shout out to Windhover at 29A.

Hope you find some relief, Hondo. Chronic pain can be miserable.

Have a great day, everyone!

AnnieB8491 said...

Good Morning all - Thanks Gail and Bruce for a fun Monday puzzle, and Argyle for your write-up. Fun theme.
Pretty straightforward today - didn't need many perps for a complete fill-in.
I prefer Corona Lite myself - nothing like a cold one on a hot day!
Had a fire in the fireplace the last 2 days, sun finally came out today. Should be up into mid 80's this week - FINALLY!

Remembering all those who gave their lives for our country today. Truly the ultimate sacrifice.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Annie et al,
Please click here for the 2rd installment on Rich's interview.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Auntie Em,
Yeah, what Irish Miss said, Welcome and Toto too.

My brother just calls me Jie.

Barry G,
What does Joshua call his maternal grandma & grandpa?

Argyle said...

Cost of Freedom


TTP said...

I knew that Girl Crazy sounded familiar. At first I thought it might have been an Elvis movie, but it was a bit older.

CC, I missed part 1 along the way, Can you point me to it ?

Misty said...

I love a Gail and Bruce speed run on a Monday morning--thank you, both! And you too, Argyle, for the always fun expo.

Never heard of AWAG but got it instantly, probably because we have two dachshunds whose tails are always AWAG.

Lucy LIU gives a terrific, understated performance as Watson on "Elementary."

We had trouble figuring out a good dinner drink for my husband when he couldn't drink wine anymore, after his stroke. One day a friend ordered an ARNOLD PALMER at a restaurant--half iced tea, half lemonade. Voila! The perfect drink!

Husker, that was an awesome response to your student!

Marti, thank you for posting the Byron poem and your thoughts.

Have a relaxed, and thoughtful, Memorial Day, everybody!

C.C. Burnikel said...

Here Here. Part I.

C.C. Burnikel said...

I have a few questions for you:

1) Was Urdu created during Mughal empire?

2) Can Hindi speakers understand Arabic easily?

3) Is Sanskrit to Hindi/Urdu the same as what Latin to Italian/Spanish?

61Rampy said...

Too many people think of Memorial Day as just a day off from work. Sad.
Puzzle was a typical Monday speed run. I had to chuckle when I filled in AWAG.
I have a question that was not answered in Rich's interview. All my puzzles say "Edited by Rich Norris AND Joyce Nichols". Who is Joyce, and why is she never mentioned on the blog?
Just wondering.

Lucina said...

Happy Memorial Day!

I echo the wishes of you who have mentioned those who served, those who never returned and they who are still serving. My sincerest thanks!

Yowza! This could not have been more straightforward with one synonym after the other but fun to solve. Thank you, Gail and Bruce.

Count me as one who drinks JAVA first, puzzle, and sometime much later, cereal and maybe OJ. Lately, though I have discovered V8 Splash (and I don't mean just for errors)! That is really good.

In defense of a-words. True, when seen in isolation as in CWDS, they seem awkward and cumbersome. But in the hands of a good author, a-words can be used to good advantage. They provide flow and rhythm to the written word. Case in point, the book I am currently reading, The Scarlett Contessa. (cont'd).

Husker Gary said...

-Of course you are right Marti. I ain’t one of them that’s big on poetry but that there Byron guy wrote some awful purty words ;-)! Is that poem awesome?
-Hail and 77 mph winds in Lincoln and 5” of rain in Schuyler, NE last night.
-I have enjoyed some parts of the war movies on TCM today but no movie has ever shown the horror of war as graphically as Saving Private Ryan. The D-Day landing scene most truly represents what our fathers, brothers, uncles, etc. faced on that horrible day in 1944.
-I too welcome Auntie Em. Pithy comments are always welcome here and you seem to have the hang of it already.

GarlicGal said...

Good morning to one and all. We will and must remember the true meaning of the day. Fly the Flag!

WEES. Easy breezy Monday.

Favorite female singers? Linda Eder. Favorite "belter"? Ethel Merman of course!

Fermatprime, don't be too upset about missing the Liberace movie. We lasted a hour into it and had to change the channel. Dialogue silly. And just plain creepy. Watching reruns of TBBT was far more entertaining. (Plus it will be playing more times on HBO ad nauseum.)

Off for an afternoon of Syrah and Sausage at one of our local wineries!

Lucina said...

"Caterina,too, was unusually quiet, though her eyes were adance with amusement. . ."

"Galeazzo lay sprawled on his back, mouth agape, sightless eyes open . . .

Those are only two examples of many including "abed, asea, asleep." In context, they blend beautifully into the language. The first one is my first encounter with "adance" but I can accept it as part of the ebb and flow of the narrative. Good writing incorporates these oddly referenced descriptions. We should not wince when we see them in the solitary usage of crosswords. If anything they enrich our own usage.

Have an excellent Memorial Day, everyone!

AnnieB8491 said...

As I am a Type II diabetic - a standard breakfast is a must. Cereal, OJ and a cup of decaf coffee. I usually solve the sudoku over cereal and puzzle over coffee. :)

Argyle - Thank you for the "...Freedom" link.

C.C. - Thank you for the interview link and for posting Part I. I have not been here as often as I used to be (I'm now back in the real world - home) and would have been searching for the first part. I enjoy reading and learning about how a constructor's mind works and how decisions are made with regards to difficulty.

Hondo - Hope your pain can be managed. Chronic pain can be life altering.

I find it odd that ADE is often a crossword fill-in but not an acceptable 'word' in Words With Friends :(.

Welcome, Auntie-Em - this is a great group of puzzle solvers.


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

PK from yesterday: thanks, I had forgotten the connection to the C-12.

YR from yesterday: me too! Even though my birthday was December 27, I was entered into First Grade at age 4, since our town hadn't yet adopted an earlier cutoff date. I was the last to get a license and all that. Things are different now.

Both hands up in agreement with everybody who hates today's grammar and word usage! "Awesome" should be removed from the language. Misuse of "literally" and overuse of "like" should be against the law. Can't people remember that "lie" and "lay" are separate verbs? Grrr.

desper-otto said...

Husker, that word is "purdy" in these here parts.

Sfingi said...

As a philosophy major, and wife, mother and sister of philosophy majors, I especially dislike the use of "begging the question" used to mean simply bringing up a point. It has a specific meaning in philosophy, and is an error in logic.

Pronunciation is another problem. Is there a second vowel shift? The worst is "tour," pronounce these days as "tore." "He went on a 'tore' of the facilities." Or he tore around the corner, maybe.

@Lucina - you can make these a- words up as you go along. "I slipped, and my legs were all asplay." Awesome.

My husband used to get upset when anyone used the word, "adore," outside of church.

Recently found my great-grandfather's Civil War letters and am keying them into my laptop, 50 of them.
Also, my flag got ripped, and, lo and behold, I found a second-hand one at a garage sale, for $1. It was sewn (the original was printed) and had the pole with it. Put it up at 6 AM. Awesome. Too bad the storm ruined the lilacs so soon.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Bruce and Gail, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the swell review.

Just got back from a Memorial Day parade in Wauconda, IL. It was cold but did not rain. My fingers went numb. I could not feel the valves on my tuba. But I got through it.

Now off to more gardening. Really trying to get it done before I leave on Wednesday.

The puzzle was great. No problem with AWAG at 5A.

No JAVAS for me. I quit. Tea, then a leftover, then a glass of milk with my BP pill, flax seed oil, and coconut oil. That is my routine.

CORONA was easy for 32A. But I refuse to drink it.

Really like the word LIEU. I use when I can.

Off to my day. D-O: Answered your question yesterday.

See you tomorrow.



Bill G. said...

That was a pleasant Monday puzzle. I can't get too worked up about AWAG though everybody I know would say wagging instead.

The overuse of "Amazing" has started to replace "Awesome" and is just as annoying.

Thanks to all of the vets.

Gary, I agree about Saving Private Ryan. I think I made a similar point a day or two ago.

HH, yes I had/have that problem too. I tried an epidural where a doctor shoots stuff into your spinal area that includes that nerve. It hurt like hell and didn't help much at all. So I'm living with it. Good luck!

Last night, I took Jordan and his buddy, Lucas, down to the shore to get an unobstructed view to the west. Just after sunset, we were supposed to be able to see Venus, Jupiter and Mercury near each other (a conjunction). At first, I was disappointed and couldn't see anything, probably because the sky was still too bright. But after a little more patience, I found Venus, the brightest, farther north than I was expecting. When I trained my binoculars on it, Jupiter popped into view close by and sure enough, there was Mercury too, all in a little triangle. Very cool! Mercury is always hard to see because it isn't as bright and because it never gets far away from the sun. But since all three were close together, it was easy to find Mercury too.

Anonymous said...

Never Forget

Pookie said...

Watched the PBS Memorial Day concert last night two times.
Raised the flag this a.m.
Remembering the uncle I never knew. Mom's brother was a pilot in WWII.
The plane was shot down over Bari, Italy. His parachute didn't open. Mom never got over it.

Last year our original flag pole blew over and hit the car windshield.
I wanted a new pole as the old one was part of the history of the house (1912). Paid the deductable and got a new pole and windshield.
Here are examples of the 20-ft. one I got. It's GREAT!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Surprise!

Welcome home! Arf! Arf! Yelp!

Marge said...

Hi all,
I finally found a puzzle I could finish-thanks Gail and Bruce! I liked awag, I thought it was cute.

Haven't been on the blog for a couple weeks,have been fighting an infection. I'm finally getting over it.

I got the answers to the starred clues and also girl crazy but my brain wasn't working well enough to get funny girl,etc.

We had some rain this AM and it's chilly. We are suppsed to get into the eighties later this week.

Have a good Memmoral Day!

Ol' Man Keith said...

A pleasant Monday puzzle. A nice start to a bright Memorial Day.

The appearance of FUNNY BONE reminded me that I have wondered what that strange nerve is called in other languages. So I used the dashboard translator on my iMac to see what other European languages call it. Most (Italian, Spanish, French) use some variation of "funny" or "laugh" bone. But German uses "Musikantenknochen" or "Musician bone." How about that? French also seems to offer a second usage in "petit Juif" or "little Jew." I suspect an anti-Semitic angle to that...

Husker Gary said...

-Otto, what a hoot that your only issue with that sentence was misspelling purdy! I took it as “purty” from this famous clip. (:04)
-Bill, I was going to link the D-Day scene from Saving Private Ryan but it is too graphic to watch incidentally. Definitely not for the faint of heart!!
-I once had a girl tell a story to the class but I held up a finger every time she said the word “like”. The kids caught on after I had three fingers up but she had no idea what was so funny! Talk about ingrained! She was afluster with embarrassment. When I told her what was going on, I told her to start over without using that word and she could not even start when she was forbidden to use “like”.
-Annie B, I could never see why beer would be refreshing on a hot day. Seems heavy to me.
-Abejo, was it a tuba or sousaphone?
-Hondo, you have my sympathies. I just learned this weekend that one former colleague has Parkinson’s and the other has been absent a rotator cuff for years and didn’t know it. Damned old age.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Cereal, OJ, and Coffee almost every morning here at our house. Once in a while the cereal varies, and we have eggs with our coffee. But we always have breakfast before we leave the house. I've been told it is really good to do that!!

A quick puzzle today with every letter of the alphabet. Fast and Fun are what I look forward to on Mondays.

Let's not forget from where our freedoms come. Remember those who didn't come home and thank those who did. One of my cousins was shot down over the Pacific during WWII. His body was never recovered, but he has a grave marker at the San Francisco Veteran's Memorial Park. Flags are placed on every grave on Memorial Day and it is a wonderous sight.

Have a lovely day, everyone.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! This puzzle was fast & fun (10 min.). Thanks, Gail & Bruce! Thanks, Argyle!

When I was growing up we called this Decoration Day and was reserved for putting flowers on the graves of our ancestors & relatives in several cemeteries. I always enjoyed going. A good background for doing genealogy later, since stories of the people in the graves were forthcoming. I continued the practice with my kids until moving to the city.

My daughter and her husband just returned from a trip to Arizona where they took a guided nature walk. She says tequila is made from AGAVE in Mexico. If it's made in the USA it is called Mescal. Is this right?

My 12-year-old grandson was telling me a long-winded story and using "I mean" every other word. I lost track of the story and could only hear the "I mean's". He was so enthusiastic about whatever the subject was, I didn't correct him. I see him too seldom.

Anonymous said...


Abejo said...

Husker Gary:

It was a tuba I used this morning. Our Brass Band is too old to march so we ride on a trailer. If I was marching I would have used my sousaphone.



PK said...

My grandmother had two of her brothers in the service. The eldest of nine kids was an infantryman in WWI. The next to youngest was a naval captain in WWII. My dad's nephew was a WWII pilot. They all came back and we usually saw them on Decoration Day. So we didn't get very patriotic about them. Great guys!

It wasn't until I got into genealogy that I learned I had three great grandfathers in the civil war. One came back, one mustered out early, and one died of dysentery.

Chickie said...

Sfingi, What a wonderful legacy to have in your Great Grand-father's Cival War letters! Such a treasure for your family.

Java Mama, Your mother's decorative molds were probably never used for Jello because they were almost impossible to unmold. For some reason they wouldn't release the Jello without making a mess of the design. I went exclusively to Tupperware Jello Molds. They are never fail!

One of my former first graders, AJ Allmendinger, came in 7th at the Indy 500 yesterday. He was a BMX bike expert at age 6 and then went to cars as a young man. His parents still live here in the area so we have writeups in our paper about his accomplishments. Fun to see what children grow up doing.

Garlic Gal, Have a glass and some sausage for me. I hope it is indoors as it is starting to rain here at our house!!

chefwen said...

Husker Gary - You are spot on with the sunsets here, sunrises ain't half bad either.

Finally broke renter boy of the awesome habit, now were working on "To be honest", "literally" and "really unique". I'll get him there someday.

Bill G. said...

Pas, great flag and flagpole! Anon (2:00 pm), I enjoyed the videos.

Gary, I had almost the same experience in my algebra class. An eighth-grade boy asked me a question using the work LIKE about three times. I complimented him on the good question and asked him to try to ask me the question again without LIKE. He tried two or three times and finally gave up. So we all had a good smile and I answered his question anyway.

Chickie, I wish some of your rain would get this far south but I'll bet it doesn't.


BOARD is man overboard.

COF FEE is coffee break.

Try these.



3. WlOoOsDtS


5. | | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | |


TTP said...

CC, thank you for the link.

Don't know why I missed it, but that was a totally awesome Q & A with Rich. Absolutely ! Like, I was ashiver awaiting the next aresponse. :)

This blog is so much fun, and I hope none of us take it so seriously that we forget that we shouldn't sweat the small stuff.

I hope the fellow bloggers take me literally. :>)

Dennis said...

Good afternoon, gang, from sunny New Jersey. Came up Friday night to see friends and honor Memorial Day with some of my Marine buddies (thanks for the several emails I got in that regard). Great local parade, followed by a visit to the area's Vietnam memorial wall, then on to the BBQs. A moving/fun day.

As to the puzzle, it was a nice and easy Monday exercise, although I didn't have a clue what the theme was gonna be until the end.

Nice to see so many people, including you guys, thinking of those who never made it home; the country's come quite a way since my day, and we should never, ever forget those young kids who never got to enjoy a full life.

I hope everyone had a great holiday; gotta go see a man about a plane.

Abejo said...

To: Anonymous: In response to your question below, I take coconut oil every day. A retired doctor friend of mine told me it would help prevent Alzheimers. So, why not. Does not cost much. I figure it cannot hurt me. Who knows, it might work.


Anonymous said...

May 27, 2013 at 3:40 PM

Barry G. said...

What does Joshua call his maternal grandma & grandpa?

Lao Lao & Lao Ye

TTP said...

I don't remember this, but great vintage links to the right

Link text

Spitzboov said...

Bill G @ 1614:

1. Long underwear
3. I'm overworked and under paid.
6. 3 degrees below zero.

Pookie said...

Thanks, Bill G, my flag is flyin' high and proud today!

But geez, Bill....
I NEVER get your puzzles, just keep STARING at 'em
Only one I got has to do with Going back on your word. I see Spitz already got some. Yikes!

PK said...

2. broken promise

3. Lost in the woods

Spitzboov said...

5. Read between the lines

PK said...

TTP: Great old cars & clothing. Girls, how would you like to be known as Miss Lube Rack? Those were the days, I guess.

My brother and his wife unexpectedly decided to drive from Overland Park to put flowers on her parents' graves. We went out for Chinese buffet where none of us had eaten before. Delicious! My only social outing of the weekend. My kids are all out of town.

Pookie said...

OK Spitz and PK got 'em all.
What do they WIN, Bill????

Dennis said...

TTP, great link.

PK, I kinda liked Miss Polish Job.

Anonymous said...

Gross incompetence.

Bill G. said...

Jordan and his little buddy just come upstairs and delayed me a bit but better late than never.

OK Pas, I guess I should offer a prize for Spitz, Manac and PK, so here it is. Three more, even trickier ones.




I can't remember if I was able to figure out the last one by myself but I admire its cleverness. (Come on Pas, you can do 'em!)

samIam said...

Long time no see.

Anonymous said...

Water (H to O)?

Spitzboov said...

7. gross incompetence

Anonymous said...

For those of you who like puzzles like these, try Just be prepared to waste a lot of time. I'm addicted.

Pookie said...

No Bill, I can't, but thanks for the encouragement. HAH!
Just ate some fresh fried cod and made coleslaw earlier. Dinner was de-lish and it's time to do dishes and say "night nurse" to all.
I hope you all get the word puzzles.
Maybe I won't take the MENSA IQ test after all. (sigh)

Blue Iris said...

Better late than never I guess. Thank you to all the veterans here on the blog who served so unselfishly. I realize the many sacrifices you made along the way and I'm glad you returned home.

Dennis, I'm glad you were able to spend time with your Marine brothers.I had one cousin who didn't come home after 2 months in Vietnam.

Spitz, you remind me so much of my FIL. He retired from the Navy,too. His name was Albert which is pretty close to your first name. He also lost a daughter ,age 37, to cancer. They raised her 9 yr old and twins, 8 yrs old.

Abejo, I also take coconut oil. The Lyme disease left plaques on my brain and the MD prescribed it. It upset my stomach so I have to be careful about the amount taken.