May 18, 2013

Saturday, May 18th, 2013, Julian Lim

Theme: None

Words: 70 (missing Q,V,Z)

Blocks: 34

   We have us a non-Saturday looking grid today - but there was a grid climber in the center, which I did not see at first glance.  I actually worked this one faster than yesterday's, which is unusual, since I have been historically stumped by Mr. Lim's end-of-week bruisers.  So, to the long fills;

7D. Words of dread : I SHUDDER TO THINK

26A. Impatient cry : I CAN HARDLY WAIT

42A. Order in an oater : REACH FOR THE SKY - Oater being a Western "shoot 'em up" flick



1. Faraday's field: Abbr. : ELECtricity - Good start, if you knew the scientist; I bought one of these flashlights for Christmas - no batteries~!

5. Paris is in it : ILIAD - Not France, or any other location; the character

10. __ champêtre: garden party : FETE - seems logical, now that the perps filled it in

14. Love letters? : XOXO - Found at the bottom of Valentine's cards, etc

15. Exploits : CASHES IN ON

17. Bali specification : C-CUP - Nailed it - even the cup size, for some reason

18. It's more acceptable when it's self-mocking : ETHNIC JOKE - "How do you get a...." -HEY- not here....too 'blue' (see below)

19. Danish director von Trier : LARS - IMDb

20. NBC's usual "Must See TV" night : THUrsday

21. Flight segment : RISER - stairs, that is - the vertical board between treads

22. Clerical garment : ALB

23. Way to spread the green? : SEEDAGE - yeah, but I wanted SEEDING, and a clecho -

31. Green : MONEY

32. Shade tree : ELM - especially when it's "green"

33. About, legally : IN RE

35. Single __: tournament type : ELIMination - It's best-of-seven in the NHL

36. Kinky dos : AFROs

38. LaBeouf of "Holes" : SHIA - Didn't see this movie, but I did like Eagle Eye

39. Mollycoddle, with "on" : DOTE

40. Code word : DIT

41. United nations, perhaps : BLOCS - meh

46. Bleep, say : EDIT OUT

47. Stew staple : PEA - any other three-letter ingredients you can think of?

48. 5-Across poet : HOMER

52. "... by good __, yonder's my lord": "Timon of Athens" : HAP

53. Isn't serious : KIDS

54. Started to shoot : OPENED FIRE

57. Crowning : ATOP

58. Conversation barrier : BUSY SIGNAL

59. Hana Airport's island : MAUI - detailed map; airport code HNM

60. Federal inspection org. : OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration

61. Invite for : ASK TO

62. Old, in Oldenburg : ALTE


1. Hollered : EXCLAIMED

2. Regional asset : LOCAL COLOR - the local color of today's blog is, um, red....

3. One with a long commute, probably : EXURBANITE

4. Arresting characters : COPS

5. Poolside refresher : ICE TEA - not gonna say it....

6. Form foam : LATHER - DAH~!  I plan to build my own home using Insulated Concrete Forms, and so I was stuck in that frame of mind to start

8. Philip __, first Asian-American film actor with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star : AHN - IMDb #2

49. With 9-Down, conspiratorial group in "The Da Vinci Code" : OPUS  9. See 49-Down : DEI - you either knew this, or you did not read Dan Brown; when his next book, "Angels & Demons", again with 'Robert Langdon' as the main character came out, I made this; there is another movie coming out for "Lost Symbol"

10. Vanua Levu's archipelago : FIJI - map

11. Slaughter with a bat : ENOS

12. Vegas tip : TOKE - straight up definition, but not the one I'M familiar with

13. Cabinet dept. with an Office of Science : ENERgy - WAG

16. Bad thing to have loose : SCREW - Thought about "CANNON", too

23. Recoil : SHY

24. Prefix meaning "other" : ALLO - we just had Allosaurus

25. Treadmill settings : GYMS - ah, not RPMs, which didn't seem 'right' to me; we need the actual setting for the piece of equipment

27. Valley where Hercules slew a lion : NEMEA

28. Where fliers walk : AISLE - the aisle in an airplane, that is

29. Recuperating at the Royal London : IN HOSPITAL - my mom was just "in hospital", as she had a stomach virus, and needed IV FLUIDS - hey, that would make a good fill....

30. Covered in bling, say : TRICKED OUT - usually in reference to one's 'ride'

34. "No sweat!" : EASY AS PIE - lots of multi-word answers today

36. Child psychologist's concern, briefly : ADHD - here's the Wiki; if you ask me, this modern sound-byte, smart phone, subliminal advertising, video game world we live in is the direct cause of the 'disease'

37. Minnie Mouse's peke : FIFI

41. Antioxidant food preservative : BHT -for the scientific mind

43. Demeter's Roman counterpart : CERES - Goddess of agriculture/grain crops - hence, 'cereal'

44. Find hilarious : ROAR AT

45. Swamp tree : TUPELO - here I thought it was a city in Mississippi

48. Down Under swagman, in the States : HOBO - learning moment for me

50. Fit well : MESH - I had MELD to start

51. "Oíche Chiún" singer : ENYA - upon re-reading the clue, with EN-A filled in, seems pretty obvious now

53. Hindu god of desire : KAMA - as in the Kama Sutra - and C-cups....

55. Miércoles, por ejemplo : DIA - Spanish "day", Wednesday, by example

56. Three-pt. plays : FGs - Field Goals, and if I am not mistaken, this is in both football and basketball



JJM said...

Couldn't sleep, so I came down and did the puzzle. I like Westerns, so REACH FOR THE SKY was easy. I SHUDDER TO THINK came almost w/o thinking. EXURBANITE took a long time to fill. As did IN HOSPITAL because I was looking for some London connection in that word. Still don't get it though. And because of my occupation, if I hadn't gotten CERES was "easy as pie".

OKAY,back to bed. Have a good Saturday.

fermatprime said...

Hooray! Finished with no cheats! Thanks Julian, Splynter! Favorite fill: REACH FOR THE SKY. Fortunately, after letting the clue percolate in my head, I finally remembered OPUS DEI!

Nice to blog at the other end of the spectrum today, for a change. Now must try to get some sleep!


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Yay! I finished unassisted as well thanks to a complete WAG at the crossing of FETE and TOTE. I had pretty much stopped caring by that point, however, so it wasn't quite the joyous occasion I had hoped it would be.

Plenty of stuff that was unknown or just plain clunky in the grid today, including SEEDAGE, HAM, ELIM, EXURBANITE, ALLO, TUPELO, FIFI, etc., but I think it was the clues that wore me down more than anything else. No idea what a "swagman" was. "Champêtre" was totally outside my wheelhouse. There was more, I'm sure, but I'm going to stop reliving this one in my head and just move on now...


Argyle said...

A sweet song for this Saturday puzzler: Tupelo Honey (6:47)

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This puzzle wasn't without its ink blots: TEXAS/ILIAD, AERATE/LATHER, EASY PEASY/EASY AS PIE. Somehow hollered and EXCLAIMED aren't synonyms in my mind. It didn't help that "Champêtre" was "Champĺtre" in my newspaper.

I think we had the "Royal London" clue because Brits say IN HOSPITAL, whereas we stick a "the" in it on this side of the "pond."

Miércoles made me wonder where our familiar days of the week came from.

Off on my bike to complete my survey of damaged and/or missing street signs in our town...

Yellowrocks said...

iotejoSplynter, like you, I thought this Julian Lim Saturday puzzle would be a real bear, but it was easier than either Thur. or Fri. this week. I did it in the 15 minutes it took my son to shower before we went out for coffee. But, it was great fun.

FETE champetre was easy because I know the Paris street, Champs Elysees, the Elysium Fields, the place of the dead. So that word was garden and FETE is a common English/French word for party.
I thought BLOC was clever. It made me think of "The term Eastern Bloc or Communist Bloc refers to the former communist states of Central and Eastern Europe, generally the Soviet Union and the countries of the Warsaw Pact." Wiki.

I was looking for a setting on the treadmill. Then the light dawned.
SHIA was all perps. I found nothing clunky or arcane.

Splynter, I liked your remark about AD/HD. Our citizens are becoming a sound byte people. Their attention is so scattered that they can’t concentrate on any one thing very long.

Diane said...

I had lots of errors in my thinking which made this hard. NAIVE for GREEN, ZIP for DIT, OAK for ELM! All of the above plus thinking of flying for FLIGHT SEGMENT and some kind of shaper for foam gave me a headache. And why TOKE instead of CHIP? Oh well, it is Saturday so what did I expect?

HeartRx said...

Good morning Splynter, C.C. et al.

With a couple missteps I still finished in only 1 minute over my typical Saturday time. I had BHa before BHT. Then I got stuck figuring out “Kinky dos,” because I was sure they were some kind of Aussie animal!! Oh, and hand up for MEld before MESH.

But there was tons of fun in this puzzle – really nice sparkly long entries with a sprinkling of scrabbly fill. My only nose wrinkle was at SEEDAGE.

But I really enjoyed seeing TUPELO. It is famous as the birthplace of Elvis, but probably less famous for being the town where DH grew up! Thanks for linking Van Morrison, Argyle. He has been performing for six decades and is still going strong!

Have a relaxing Saturday, everyone!

Husker Gary said...

Violet Fane – “All things come to he who waits”. Man did I have to wait to complete Julian’s lovely exercise, but complete it I did.

-I SHUDDER TO THINK where gas prices will wind up after spending $86 to fill my tank last night. You don’t wanna know what I EXCLAIMED!
-My Paris was first in Texas
-ETHNIC jokes ain’t so funny anymore, especially if your ox is being gored
-America’s highest SEEDAGE practitioner? “The Sower” - 400’ up ATOP Nebraska’s state capitol
-The NBA playoffs run forever. The NFL’s are single ELIM
-America seems to have Red and Blue BLOCS
-A BUSY SIGNAL means that my MIL didn’t hang up her wireless phone correctly and we have to drive across town again to do it for her. Hey, she’s 90.
-I drove 22 miles to work and so I must live in EXURBIA
-Boston residents lining the streets applauding the COPS after they captured the last bomber put a lump in my throat.
-GYM was a great clue. I use a treadmill 3 times a week and went through every setting on the console I could think of.
-TRICKED OUT golf carts (what’d ya expect from me?)
-ADHD has existed a long time before we started filling kids full of drugs for it.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

Quite a struggle today but very enjoyable ~ this seemed to have a Silkie quality to it. I had my doubts at first but little by little it fell into place. I did finish with one wrong square, though. At the crossing of KAMA and ALTE I had an O instead of an A. With Splynter's Kama Sutra reference, it now makes sense - shoulda had it!

~My last fill was SEEDAGE - a nose wrinkle for me too, Marti. Maybe the ? after the clue acknowledges that. It fell in when I finally got GYMS - I, too, was thinking Rpm, although it seemed off.

~ Very perp dependent - too many places to list! Had 'Suit' before MESH for 'Fit well.'

~ In my newspaper the clue for 17A was very difficult to see. I first saw Ball, then Bail, and finally with a couple of letters filled in, I realized it was Bali.

~ AT 48D, when I read 'swagman' I had the "Waltzing Matilda" tune running through my head.

~ Favorite was 16D - Bad thing to have loose - SCREW.

~ desper-otto - I agree on Hollered / EXCLAIMED.

~ I've always wondered about the British 'IN HOSPITAL' and our 'In THE hospital.'

~ Splynter - thanks for enlightening me in oh so many places!

desper-otto said...

Husker, after I moved out here to the sticks I had a 50-mile, one-way commute to work. I figured maybe that would force me to retire. It did. Now my insurance company doesn't want to believe that I'm putting fewer than 5,000 miles per year on my pickup. I also just finished an on-line driver safety course. I spread it over four days, but it was still the longest four hours of my life! All for a measly $20 discount on insurance.

Misty said...

Well, I got a little over half before I had to start cheating--not bad for a Saturday puzzle, for me, I guess. I think I mind Julian Lim's puzzles a bit less than Silkies because it seems more my own fault if I don't finish rather than that the puzzle was just impossible. So thanks, Julian, and you too, Splynter, for the expo.

It was the North that stumped me, not the South, and there were lots of fun clues.

Our house is painted and looks nice; we have caregivers arranged until Tuesday; so all is well in our little world for this weekend.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend too!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Finished w/o help but it took some time and patience. Hand up for rpms before gyms, Mai Tai before ice tea, aerate before lather, and Bali before Maui. Overall, a challenging end-of-the-week offering from Mr. Lim and a spot-on expo from Splynter; thanks to both.

I finally caught up on my DVR backlog. My head is still reeling from the twists and turns in the season finales of Person of Interest and Elementary. Wow!

Have a nice Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Is shortening ELIMINATION to ELIM in as a type of tournament common enough that it is no longer considered an abbreviation. I knew what he was getting at, but was looking in the clue for a signal that it was an abbreviation.


Anonymous said...

As a nod to their participation in the British Commonwealth- Canada also says, "in hospital" along with the Brits, at least the Canadian doctors I've worked with along the way...

Yellowrocks said...

SEEDAGE seemed odd, but plausible. The G in GYM helped. I looked up SEEDAGE and found that it is used in discussing horticulture. I have not heard or seen it used otherwise. One dictionary said its usage is rare.
I see that gas prices are spiking in the Midwest due to refinery problems. Here they have risen from a low of $3.129 just after Easter to a low today of $3.279, but still on the rise. Most stations are asking in the $3.30s and $3.40s.

Our Cryptoquote today was, "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire - Ferdinand Foch." i would add that even more powerful is a BLOC of human souls on fire. We can do so much more together. If we banded together with enough fire maybe we would get better government.

Argyle said...

This might help on abbreviations. LINK

CrossEyedDave said...

Well,,, I tried to do a Saturday in ink. (you guys thought this was easy???) But of all the easy ones I did get, none of them crossed... The only thing I can contribute from the paper version was the quote of the day:

"The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any." - Fred Astaire, American dancer-actor (1899-1987).

I ended up doing my usual Saturday dance, by going red letter, & then hitting solve for every name/place I never heard of. What was left was fun tho...

36D ADHD seen on Facebook today! (interesting)

38A Holes! Great movie! Watch it!
(well, not gone with the wind great, but entertaining...)

I wanted to link reach for the sky Woody style, as that probably will be the only version todays youth will recognize. But all I found was this DF version that I only watched to the 5 minute mark. (I intend to watch the last 3 inutes later...)

Pookie said...

Got 7 answers, yup that was it. (sigh)
bad thing to have loose? tooth!

CrossEyedDave said...

I drove that dang road, lost 5 years of my life, only got a stupid T-shirt,,, & I could have flown!!!!

Dont't let this stupid video fool you into complacency, it's like Slalom Skiing in a car. Especially if you are in a hurry...)

48D The real Swagman

HeartRx@8:52 I also thought there was an animal called a Kinkydoo, but when I went looking, it's tough to keep looking after this.

"AND" 18A. (you mean if I add "I" it's OK?) "I" was flying into an airport with the shortest runway ever... We touched down, &"I" slammed on the brakes,,, sweat pouring from my forehead, I turned to my CoPilot, & said,,, My God! that was the the shortest runway ever... (& he said) Yeah! & so wide...

Anonymous said...

IN RE “DF” postings - I must have been a damned genius comedian when I was 12! CC had it right last night. I’ll take my postings witty, clever or informative please and preferably apolitical, which is what we get 98% of the time.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.
I've not yet attempted today's puzzle, but I did want to thank all of you who have wished me well: Yellowrocks, Dennis, Kazie, Irish Miss, Widwan827,Lemonade, Jazzbumpa, Misty, TTP, Lucina, HeartRx, and Fermatprime.

As you can see, I just now finished reading yesterday's comments.

Keith, I loved your reference to an ice box. We did have one when I was little; an ice man came and lugged in a block of ice.

I am on a 12 day hiatus from chemo and feel pretty good. Still sleep a lot, but that's not really new. DH keeps track of all this and put it on a calendar.

Thank you all

and Cheers

Lucina said...

Hello, Splynter et alii.

OPUS DEI was my first fill then ILIAD as Julian didn't fool me, followed by Homer.

For a Saturday, this was fairly easy, not EASY AS PIE, but not the usual brain twister either.

The long fill, once a few cells appear, can be connected and off we go. And since FETE means feast that went in but I could hardly accept TOKE yet it had to be.

RISER and SCREW were clued brilliantly.

I doubt I would have guessed ELIM in a hundred years because no abbreviation was indicated and had to search KAMA. ALTE is used for a high ranking German person so that was a WAG and I agree about SEEDAGE; it seems contrived.

I've seen enough ADHD in my life that it was not hard to fill.

Thank you, Julian and Splynter, for the fun today.

I'm so glad for you that the caregivers, painting, etc. are working out well.

The same for you. I'm glad your son will be assured of a spot at least for now. BLOC of parents, indeed.

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone! Book Club meeting today but nail fill first.

CrossEyedDave said...

Sallie! I'm rooting for ya too!

Re: Waltzing Matilda,,, even I, an estranged Aussie, did not know the meaning of Waltzing Matilda.

Not wanting to be biased,,, I invite any & all bloggers to link the American "Hobo" version for our edification.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. DNF today because (1) I simply forgot to go back and fill in the P crossing HAP and TUPELO, and (2) had RAMA and RIDS and didn't know it was wrong, even though RIDS didn't make sense to me. But, since RISER and DIT didn't make sense to me either, at first, I didn't worry about it. I liked the long, multiword fill. Best wishes to you all.

Manac said...

Didn't even come close on this one. I think I like Silkies better.

Dave, How odd... I searched for American Hobo and THIS was all that came up ;)
Well, Gotta get back to work.

61Rampy said...

Whew! I had to bounce all over the place with this, with bits and pieces filled in little by little. 46A- HOMER- gave me ILIAD at 6A. I had REACH FOR THE SKY early on. Hand up for not liking SEEDAGE.
Amazingly, I not only finished this, but did so with no lookups/ no cheats!!

CED: for a drive equal to the road to Hana, drive from Kaanapali to Kahului along the north shore. Beautiful but scary!

CrossEyedDave said...

Et Tu Manac?!


I am only cranky that I had to waste a post just to say "Ya got me good!"

(of course, you realize this requires a rebuttal...)

Bill G. said...

Saturday puzzles are always tough for me.

I've never heard of SEEDAGE even though I guessed at it.

Why doesn't ELIM have a clue that it's an abbreviation? Is it in the language? Not my language. I would call it an oversight but Julian and Rich don't make them.

That shake flashlight is very cool.

Here is a great video. I first heard about this autistic chap on 60 Minutes I think with Leslie Stahl doing the interview. This is more recent. He plays piano so well that it just left me almost in disbelief. The last part with his improvisation of Chopsticks is really special. Derek Paravicini is a magnificent pianist. He also happens to be blind and autistic. Here we get a peek at how his beautiful brain helps his fingers make beautiful music.

This is going to be a long weekend for Barbara and me. Barbara went to the hospital this morning for knee replacement surgery. I know she's apprehensive and so am I.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Not much pleasure with this one. No sweet "Aha!" moments, just slogged it through -- with some Google cheats just to get 'er done.

I guess the only thing that surprised me was how some of the long fills just came instantly, with no more than one or maybe two letters in place-- such as EXURBANITE and I SHUDDER TO THINK. What part of our brain does that?

I guess I should appreciate the neat misdirection of Bali, right? After dealing with actual islands, MAUI and FIJI, how was I to know that Bali is a BRA?!

Oh, I have one gripe: The clue for ELIM seems unfair. Nothing in the clue suggested an abbreviated answer, and isn't that part of the unwritten contract between puzzle maker and solver?

Lucina said...

I forgot to tell you how very much I enjoyed your funny post yesterday. You had me chuckling.

I am sure Barbara will be fine. Several of my friends have had knee sugery and though it's quite painful, they have recovered well.

Today at the nail salon a husband and wife came in for pedicures and just before I left a young man arrived for a mani/pedi. It's no longer taboo for men.

Bill G. said...

Thanks Lucina, that's reassuring.

I just got a call from the doctor and he said everything went well. He was pleasantly informative and reassuring. She should be 'in recovery' for a couple of hours. I hope she doesn't resist being filled up with pain meds as needed.

Jerome said...

Keith- We have no way of knowing if the ELIM clue was the constructor's or the editor's. Either way, the clue is legit, especially for a Saturday. If you Google "single elim" you'll find its usage fairly common.
ELIM is also a Cockney's reference to Julian.

Jayce said...

Lucina, thank you; I'm glad.

Keith Fowler, good point about Fiji, Maui, and Bali.

Bill G, I trust Barbara's knee will heal quickly and function well.

I too first thought of tooth, pas de chat.

Pookie said...

Minnie Mouse has a dog? Who knew.
I looked it up and the dog is
FIFI , the cat is Figaro.

Sallie, forgot to say you look swell, and hope the time off from chemo finds you getting healthier!

C.C. I arrived here in search of answers and ended up learning lots and enjoying the humor and emotional support from the bloggers.
DF stuff, not so much. There's enough of that everywhere you turn. Seems like most of TV is full of it.

How does one find out what their IQ is? They never told me in school.Waayyy too late to get my records. LOL

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Easier than the last two days for me, but the top third was mostly blank for awhile. But at least today's puzzle made sense to me. With a few letters, the long fills came easily and away we go. Great puzzle Julian! Great expo, Splynter!

Some first thought fills: poolside refresher was "Breeze", fliers walk on "limbs" and Bali was an "isle".

I tried to work in some kind of thief for "swagman". In my mind HOBO has a less felonious meaning.

Loved the conversation barrier BUSY SIGNAL. I'd also like to add "voice mail" as a barrier.

BillG: Good luck to Barbara and you, her care giver.
I was amazed you weren't at the hospital with her
during the surgery. Here, family better be there or get no information from a doctor. When my mother had her knee done, she was looney from the anesthetic and I chased the doctor for days and never did get to talk to him. The knee was fine.

Jeannie said...

Dennis said:

I can tell you first-hand, is the answer to your question about why Lois, Carol, Jeannie, etc. have pretty much moved on.

You don't speak for me.

Jerome said...

pas de chat- My most idiotic moment as a puzzle maker was putting FOO FOO in a grid. When I was a kid my family used it as a slang term for "cutesy" or "artsy" I guess we were the only family on earth that did because Rich wanted to know where the heck I came up with that word, and could I name a dictionary that contained it. Well, I couldn't. But, by a stroke of unbelievable luck, I discovered that the name of Miss Piggy's poodle is Foo Foo!

chefwen said...

pas de chat - You can take the American Mensa @ Home Test on line to obtain your IQ.

Argyle said...

Little bunny Foo Foo
Went hopping through the forest...


Irish Miss said...

Bill G. - Hope Barbara comes through with flying colors. I'm surprised they did the surgery on a Saturday.

Sallie, glad you're feeling a little better.

Lucina, what book did your club discuss today? My reading has taken a back seat to the highly addictive iPad usage!

Misty said...

Sallie, how great to have you back! Bill G., my best wishes to Barbara!
Lucina, many thanks for the kind message.

What a caring community we have on this blog!

Yellowrocks said...

C.E, Dave I saw Leslie Stahl's 60 Minutes interview with Derek. Thanks for the update. He is a truly astounding musician.

Argyle,you dredged up ancient memories of Little Bunny Foo Foo.

Misty, finding adequate caregivers can be a chore and a real worry. I am glad you are at a peaceful spot right now.

Best wishes to Barbara for a speedy recovery. The people I know who have had knee replacements have done quite well. Bill, at least she has a fine caregiver in you.

Sallie, my thoughts are with you as you go through the ardous rounds of chemo. I 'm glad you are able to join us.

At one time I looked up all the unusual (to me) words in Waltzing Matilda. It made it much more meaningful.The movie, On the Beach, made the old folk song,Waltzing Matilda, popular in the U.S.A.

Pookie said...

Thanks, Chefwen, I'll look it up.
Jerome, we used to call after shave "foo-foo".
Ladies put on cologne or perfume, and Dad and older brothers would shave and we'd ask if they put on some "foo-foo". It was usually Old Spice.
Don't know where we got that either.
There is " frou frou"which means frilly.

Manac said...

Dave, There was no need for you to use up a post on my account. A heartfelt e-mail would have sufficed.
It was too good to resist :)

Bill, I'm surprised you posted at all today. Hope all went well.

Bill G. said...

Knee-type things went well and Barbara is out of recovery and back into a private room. She's pretty well out of it due to heavy duty Michael Jackson-like anesthesia and she's also nauseated, probably for the same reason. There is also a pneumatic device which automatically keeps moving her knee joint. Very high tech. I'm hoping she will be feeling more chipper tomorrow.

~ Bill

CrossEyedDave said...

YR, that was Bill G. who posted Derek,,, was going to complain that he should have posted that is was over 20 minutes long (but then no=one would have watched it...) but after 10 minutes I was hooked!

My cat, PK, who is sick,,, sat beside me on a folding chair. She hates when I play guitar, but loves piano! She sat thru all 20 minutes with her ears erect, (when I was not petting them...) & loved the ending!

Manac, the post was necessary,,, I must reciprocate... When you least expect it it...whenever you post, think of me, waiting in the wings, to spring on you,,, some really devious pun :)

Manac said...

Dave, I expect no less from you. In fact I would be disappointed in you if you didn't try. Fallout is a given:) ( sending you an e-mail )

Irish Miss said...

Does anyone else think CED and Manac are the 21 st century reincarnation of The Katzenjammer Kids? (-:

Manac said...

Irish Miss, Had to look them up up.
Two Hard working kids that never got into Trouble. But one day Argyle caught them being devious.
But they got their Revenge

Nope! Don't see the connection :)

Bill G. said...

CED, heh heh; ya got me. I thought about including the length of the video and decided against it. It was long but I stayed hooked too. The thing that surprised me was how imaginative and versatile his playing was; not mechanical at all.

Irish Miss, I barely remember hearing of The Katzenjammer Kids but I don't remember what they were like. Apparently, they were bright, witty and loveable, eh?

Here is a spectacular photo of a recent aurora I found on my homepage. Wow! I've seen one once in about 1958 when I was at Cornell but nothing like this image. Notice that the bright parts of the aurora aren't like clouds. You can see the stars right through them. Aurora Borealis.

Irish Miss said...

My memory of the Katzenjammer Kids is that they were always in trouble or else causing it. In other words, they were like our inimitable CED and Manac. (-:

fermatprime said...

Agree with you, Irish Miss!

Finished watching finale of Elementary. Absorbing drama! (But, did not think Irene was pretty.)

fermatprime said...

(I wonder why my comment disappeared immediately!)

Briefly, I said that I agree with Irish Miss! I finally watched Elementary final. Whew!

(I usually copy my comments before I proofread them. The one that disappeared needed no such treatment. Shame on me!)

Lucina said...

We discussed Sarah's Quilt by Nancy Turner. It is a sequel to her first novel, These Is My Words about her grandmother, a sort of fictional biography based on family lore and documents. Besides being well written it takes place in southern Arizona.

Our pre-book discussion centered on knee replacements. One member is preparing for it and those with experience were reassuring her. The advisors are all doing well.

Argyle said...

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