Jun 19, 2018

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 Joe Schewe


17. Carry only a carry-on, say: TRAVEL LIGHTWIRED LIGHT  💡

24. MLB's National League nickname (because it was founded first): SENIOR CIRCUIT. WIRED CIRCUIT

47. Unscrupulous sales tactic: BAIT AND SWITCH. WIRED SWITCH  

57. Chaw in a cheek: TOBACCO PLUGWIRED PLUG  🔌

39. Tense with excitement ... and a hint to the ends of the four longest puzzle answers: WIRED.


1. Like aged cheddar: SHARP.

6. Three-dimensional: CUBIC.ऒ

11. Clavell's "__-Pan": TAI.  Big shot. 

14. Down-yielding duck: EIDER.

15. IRA-establishing legislation: ERISA. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act

16. __ Tin Tin: RIN. The German Shepherd Dog is my favorite.

19. "__ had one job!": YOU.   The perfect opening for CrossEyedDave.  I'll link this one to get him started. 

20. Bottom edge of a dress: HEM.

21. Slithery swimmer: EEL.

22. Bacteria in food recalls: E. COLI.

29. "Of course": YES.

30. Least fresh: OLDEST.

31. Rainbow-shaped: ARCED.

34. Five-time Silver Slugger Award-winning catcher Joe: MAUER.   Some guys are just athletically gifted.  Like another Minnesotan, Dave Winfield.   Mauer was a great multi-sport ballplayer in high school.  Click the link to read about him.   
C.C. used to have Joe Mauer as her avatar:
35. The 2% in 2% milk: FAT.

38. Nobel physicist Niels: BOHR.

40. Vague amount: SOME.

41. Wonderment: AWE.  If you take the previous answer at 40A, and append it to this answer, you will have the adjective that I sense grates on Husker Gary's ears. 

42. Funeral rite heaps: PYRES.

43. Aleppo's land: SYRIA.

44. Martin of "Route 66": MILNER.  We had a clue of "66, for one"  yesterday at 5D, and the answer was RTE.  Boomer commented, "I think there was a famous TV show with Martin Milner about Rte. 66."   So anyone that read the blog yesterday should have been able to get Milner today.  That's him on the right.  Reruns of Route 66 are on late night TV.    Nice car for a pair of drifters. 

46. Buddhist discipline: ZEN.

51. Takes a break: RESTS.

52. Ill. neighbor: IND.

53. Piece of history: ERA.

56. Framed works: ART.

62. Knight's title: SIR.

63. Downloadable read: EBOOK.

64. Moan and groan: WHINE.

65. "Listen up!": HEY.  Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over.

66. Takes a chance on: RISKS.

67. Vetoes: NIXES.


1. Meyers of late-night TV: SETH.

2. Put on the payroll: HIRE.

3. Frequent Yosemite photographer Ansel: ADAMS.

4. Gun, as an engine: REV.

5. Fussed in front of a mirror: PREENED.  This sure sounds like fussing to me.  Never heard of scritch before.

6. Upright violin kin: CELLO.

7. Ocean State sch.: URI.  The University of Rhode Island is the flagship university for the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. 

8. The __ Dipper: BIG.

9. "Kinda" suffix: ISH. Sorta.

10. Party food provider: CATERER.

11. Seek a spot on, as a sports team: TRY OUT FOR

12. Garlicky mayo: AIOLI.

13. Alaskan native: INUIT.

18. Floral garlands: LEIS.

23. IV units: CCs.

25. Ogler: EYER.  Oxford Dictionaries:  Eyer.  Noun.  Rare.
    1 Chiefly literary and poetic. A person who looks at or sees something or someone; an observer.
    2 A person who makes eyes in needles. Now historical.

26. Loud crowds: ROARERS.  Like the fans at the 2018 U.S. Open played at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Southampton, N.Y.

27. Crossword puzzle list: CLUES. Also from Oxford Dictionaries... Origin: Late Middle English: variant of clew. The original sense was ‘a ball of thread’; hence one used to guide a person out of a labyrinth.  I could use a better ball of thread on some Saturday puzzles.

28. Fingered in a lineup, briefly: ID'ed.

31. Old hoops org.: ABA.  American Basketball Association. 1967 to 1976.   I was a fan.  Dr. J (Julius Erving), Rick Barry, Moses Malone, Dan Issel,  Artis Gilmore, George Gervin, Tiny (Nate) Archibald and others. 

32. Line of seats: ROW.

33. Mutual attraction in a relationship: CHEMISTRY.  Are we talking about covalent bonding ?  Or 💑 ?

34. Stuck in the mud: MIRED.

36. "__ dreaming?": AM I.

37. Earl Grey, e.g.: TEA.  I believe this is Abejo's favorite.  So much so that he takes it with him when he dines out.

39. Casino mogul Steve: WYNN.  I would have preferred the clue to have been about Ed, Keenan or  Early.  

40. Lip-__: mouth the words: SYNC.

42. Wall surface: PLASTER.

43. Land a plane: SET DOWN.  Hi Dudley ! 

45. Hairy Addams cousin: ITT.   Linked ITT's picture last time.

46. Galvanizing metal: ZINC

47. Audacious: BRASH.

48. Eagle's nest: AERIE.

49. Trimmable candle parts: WICKS.

50. DNA structure: HELIX.
54. Ancient character: RUNE.

55. Long, long time: AGES.

58. __-Wan Kenobi: OBI.

59. Mass. MLB team: BOSBoston Red Sox.   In 1967 I was playing Little League and devoured anything / everything baseball.  Yaz won the Triple Crown and Boston won the AL Pennant to face St Louis in the World Series.  The series was tied at 3 games apiece.  Our teacher,  Mr Kelly,  rolled a TV into the classroom.  We all watched the deciding Game 7.   Bob Gibson of the Cardinals won his 3rd game and St Louis took the series 4-3.  I was pulling for the Cardinals, but became a Yaz fan that season.  Great ballplayer.  1st ballot HOF'er.  Born in Southampton, N.Y., site of the 2018 U.S. Open.  BTW,  no other Triple Crowns were won in either league until 2012, when Miguel Cabrerra of the Tigers accomplished the feat.

60. "All systems go!": AOK.  Jinx might see that in his side view mirrors as he leaves the campgrounds.

61. __ Beta Kappa: PHI.


PK said...

Hi Y'all! Well, I'm WIRED for the day. Sped right through this fun puzzle, thanks, Joe. Thanks for a good one, TTP!

Liked the theme but didn't PLUG it into my brain until I was done and searched for it. Very visible.

Perps gave me those things I didn't know: ERISA/URI was a natick for awhile. Why do I always forget Rhode Island thinks it is the only Ocean State? I usually also forget it is a state at all. Also DNK: WYNN, MAUER, MILNER. Only after I filled MILNER did I remember we had him yesterday. Duh! He was a favorite star of mine although I can't remember anything I saw him in. We didn't have TV when Rte. 66 aired originally.

Early to bed. Early to rise. Too darn early methinks. Wish I'd get back off this 4 hrs. sleeping, 4 hrs. awake schedule. I've got things to do.

OwenKL said...

The Prescience of the Blog: as already noted, Martin MILNER was discussed yesterday!

Once a wise eagle, high in his AERIE,
HIRED an EIDER duck, his bundles to carry.
His nest-home was lavish,
With a lab that was lab-ISH,
Where he tried to breed rats that were FAT and not hairy!


OwenKL said...

The quest continues! Previously, I complained about my laptop computer dying, and having to use my old netbook, which was no longer configured the way I like. I worked for three days trying (mostly not successfully) to set it up before I got my main machine back, only to find the repair process had erased most of my customizations! I struggled with that for a couple days before discovering that my browser, Firefox, had "upgraded" in a way that had rendered nearly all of my customizing unusable! So then I set out on a quest to find a browser that I could mod to my liking better than Firefox. I tried switching to an earlier version of Firefox, but didn't succeed. I already knew Edge and Internet Explorer wouldn't do. I tried Google Chrome with high expectations, but after a day of trying, decided it was no better than the "new" Firefox. Then I found an offshoot of Chrome called FlashPeak SlimJet. It was better than Chrome, but not as good as Firefox. Finally I ran across a mention of WaterFox, an offshoot of the earlier versions of FireFox, and my old customizations (which had been turned off but not actually deleted) all came back to life! Hallelujah!
Two other programs I use, IrfanView (with no customizing) and Notebook++ (with minimal customizing, easily reset), I simply re-downloaded. I tried doing that with Stickies, my post-it note program which is also my file storehouse, but took several tries before I could get it to work, and I still haven't been able to connect it to the files I have with all of my data! My extensive customizing I salvaged, but I still need all that data!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased PRimpED for PREENED and Arete for AEIRE. Best PC clue for FAT: "The 2% in 2% milk". Runner up" "Most of the Federal budget".

Big CSO to our Corner's mistress of ceremonies. Also a basic concept of telco traffic engineering: CCS = hundred call-seconds.

Teaching project management to a bunch of Navy mid-management folks for the next three days. I'll chime in if the puzzles are easy, otherwise I'll just read WEES.

Thanks to Joe and TTP for the fun run.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Zipped straight to the bottom, easier, faster, more accurate than yesterday. Saw the theme after I'd finished. Thanx, Joe and TTP. Wonder if Joe pronounces his name shay-vee. I went to H.S. with Judy Schewe; she pronounced it that way.

URI -- People usually forget (or never knew) about "Providence Plantations." Asking which state has the longest name in Bar Trivia is usually good for a free drink. Not that I ever...

More rain expected today. Up here in redneck land it hasn't rained so much as in other areas closer to the coast. We can still use some more. Bring it on!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, TTP and friends. Fun and easy Tuesday puzzle. I sped through this puzzle and filled in TRAVEL LIGHT and TOBACCO PLUG before even reading their CLUES.

Thank you, TTP, for giving us the full name of Rhode Island. As Desper-Otto noted, not everyone knows that the smallest State in the Union has the longest name. My sister went to URI. We used to tease her that the full name should be University of Rhode Island in New England, so that it could be called URINE.

I much prefer a paper book to an E-BOOK.

AERIE used to make frequent appearances in the puzzles, but we haven't seen it so much lately.

More rain predicted for today. The ground is so saturated that I fear that I may lose one of my crepe myrtles. It has dangerously tipped over.

QOD: A mistake in judgment isn’t fatal, but too much anxiety about judgment is. ~ Pauline Kael (June 19, 1919 ~ Sept. 3, 2001)

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks, Joe. I enjoyed the theme--maybe because I found it early. I've done some minor electrical work in my day--mostly changing switches and sockets. I always turn the power off. Good exercise running up and down to the breaker.

Thanks, for another witty well-linked tour. I forgot about C.C.'s old avatar. Cool.

Back to MIL's basement soon. Sigh! A true practitioner of New England's "waste not, want not" motto. Now it has a new meaning for me: it's all about the fact that no one "wants" any of this *stuff*!

Have a good day. Looks like the sunshine may be hard to find, but go for it!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Another easy one today. FIR. No searches and no erasures were needed. No nits. Interesting theme. CSO to Abejo at TEA.
EIDER - I always think of the North Sea feeder at the border of Schleswig with Holstein. It was a main route for Vikings to transit from the Baltic to the North Sea. It was the northern border of the HRE. (My parents were born and raised on its banks.)
Ogler - EYER - I guessed so but I looked it up: Ogle comes from the Low German word for 'eye' - Oog. Dutch is oog; German is Auge. (oo sound is like oa in load or boat.)

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Joe and TTP.
I waltzed right through this CW with nary a white-out, except for changing Primped to PREENED (hi Jinx). I saw the theme and the CSO to C.C.

Unknowns ERISA (hey, I'm Canadian!), MAUER, WYNN, all filled in with perps.
I was thinking of the Pacific coast for "Ocean state" until URI perped.

Enjoy the day. We had a much-needed rain yesterday and now the air is much fresher.

Yellowrocks said...

Thanks for the great post, TTP. Very interesting about the relationship of clew of yarn to clue in a puzzle. I never would have guessed it.
I love Ansel Adams' photography and I love mountains.
The SHARPer the cheddar, the better.
Seth Myers made me laugh in his SNL Weekend Updates.
I probably have heard of ERISA, but it didn't come to mind (ESP). Same with Mauer (perps and wags).
Thanks, Boomer,for yesterday's heads up on today's Milner. I remember him from Adam 12, as well as Route 66 and many separate TV episodes.
Steve Wynn was featured in lots of TV ads here. Later, sexual misconduct brought him down.
I like clues like eyer, which are used only in literary content. It makes up for the arcane, to me, engineering stuff.

SwampCat said...

I was racing along until I hit the theme, WIRED. I worked top down and then bottom up so the middle was the last to fall. I never thought of a loud crowd as ROARERS. Yeah, I guess they do roar so no foul, but it wasn’t my first thought. MIRED in the mud gave me the I, but I struggled far too long.

Thanks for the workout, Joe. TTP, thanks walking us through.

Owen, glad to see you back. I liked today’s offering.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

No problems and perps took care of any unknowns.i have heard the term Senior Circuit but never knew it referred to the Natiinal League. I chuckled went I saw Milner. The theme was clever and well hidden, at least to me. CC and Abejo got a nice nod. Didn't care for roarers. What do our Corner golfers think of Phil Mickleson's behavior? Many people think that he should have been DQ'd. Was it considered poor sportsmanship? As you can tell, I 'm not a golfer.

Thanks, Joe, for a Tuesday treat and thanks, TTP, for a delightfully detailed tour.

Misty, welcome back!

We had some rain yesterday but none of the wind and storms that were predicted, at least in my immediate area. We did break a record though, as it was 97 degrees.

Have a great day.

Yellowrocks said...

E books. I never thought I would like an e reader. Watching my sister using hers, I saw the advantages. My cover makes it into the shape of a slim paper book. It almost feels the same. I finally agreed to let David gave me a Kindle for Christmas many years ago. After using it for so long, alternating with paper books when what I wanted wasn't free on e books, I have come to prefer the Kindle. This week I am reading a 3 inch thick paper novel. It is heard to hold lying down. It is heavy to carry. I can't enlarge the print. It is not backlit for low light situations. I can store dozens of e books in one slim e reader. I can load the Kindle up for vacations, with out carrying five heavy books in my luggage. If I want something to read in the middle of the night, I can summon a new book.

Picard, I can search the internet, news articles, Amazon and other shopping sites on my Kindle, but I can't use the FIND function to locate specific words in the current Crossword Corner blog. Word processing is awkward and email as not as smooth as on my PC. When my PC needs to be replaced I will get a lap top which is portable and has these functions, but I will still use my convenient Kindle.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Breezed right through during the wee hours. Mauer was the only real unknown, but easily perped.

Morning, TTP, nicely done. A comment about landing planes: it can be a real joy to bring one down to a runway at just the right speed, just the right pitch angle, right on the centerline, just where you wanted to plant it. However, the universe is so arranged that any number and combination of variables may come into play and bugger up the process. Having to drop in over tall trees onto a short, narrow, rough runway on a gusty day is enough to make you ask why you ever took up flying in the first place.

Misty said...

Well, I have to confess to a tiny cheat on this fun Joe Schewe puzzle. Had U_I and E_ISA, so finally gave in and looked up OCEAN STATE. I too was surprised that it turned out to be Rhode Island. But hey, this was just a tiny one letter cheat, not too bad. And the rest of the puzzle was a lot of fun--especially the theme. I carefully checked out each theme answer and the WIRED popped right up--right in the middle of the puzzle, where it belonged. You don't see TOBACCO much in puzzles these days, thank goodness. Time for folks to stop smoking (poor Rowland and his siblings all ended up with lung cancer). Anyway, thanks for the fun puzzle, Joe, and for the fun write-up, TTP.

And thanks for the welcome back, Irish Miss. It's great to be able to visit the blog again.

Sorry about the computer problem, Owen.

Hope you get a good nap, PK.

Have a great day, everybody!

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

IM @ 10:00 ---> was not at all pleased nor amused by Mickelson's actions at the US Open. I thought he should've been DQ'd for abusing <a href="> Rule 1-2</a>. Regardless of the decision, I lost whatever respect I had for him afterward. I know that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, but I don't participate on a National stage, a la Phil. His juvenile antics are getting old (pun intended).

Today's puzzle was more on point for a Tuesday (than yesterday's was, for a Monday). I did have a few boo-boo's ---> MIKE > SETH; ALEUT > INUIT; MILLER > MILNER

Quite a few rhyming solves: WIRED/MIRED; SYNC/ZINC; AIOLI/ECOLI (that cross scares me, a little!); CATERER/EYER

Wasn't a huge fan of the theme, but I realize it must be quite difficult to come up with a cohesive grid full of relating CLUES and solves.

Nice job, TTP, with the recap.

Welcome back, Owen! Glad to see that your computer issues are hopefully solved, and you'll resume being the Corner's Poet Lauriate. The pressure's off, so I can now go back to freewheeling my poems, whenever the urge moves me.

Speaking of urges, here are a limerick and Moe-ku to amuse some or many ...

Electrician was recently HIREd,
As the previous one became MIRED.
This new guy never WHINES;
There's no job he declines,
'Cause you know that his brain is "hard-WIRED".

And my sophomoric Moe-ku: (mostly for WC and -T; sorry to all the ladies here, as it's pretty "Gross" - LOL!)

The Karate Kid
Got aroused, so he put
Wax on, then wax off.

Chairman Moe said...

<a href="> Rule 1-2 versus 14-5</a>

Trying to get the link for IM regarding Phil Mickelson's gaffe

CrossEyedDave said...


But the biggest headscratcher was figuring out that The Star Ledger
made a typo combining the clues for 11a and 14a into one very strange sounding clue.

What to do if you only have one wire?

Of course it gets much more complicated if you have more than one wire...

Plane landing trivia (not for the squeamish or anyone about to get on a plane.)
The Smithsonian Channel has a one hour show called Air Disasters, that takes an actual
accident and follows the NTSB through the entire investigation, puzzling out every
possibility for its cause in order to prevent a recurrence.
There was only one episode where they did not come to a satisfactory conclusion,
and that was the introduction of the brand new A320 Airbus that crashed at an airshow.
Through cloak and dagger/Sherlock Holmes puzzling, at the very end of the episode
they dispute the finding of pilot error, because they found proof in pictures of the scene
that the black boxes presented at the trial were not the same black boxes recovered from the crash.

In matching the black box data and actual video they discovered that 4 seconds of
data had been tampered with and did not match what actually happened.

It is now law in France that air crashes are considered crime scenes and no one
is allowed to remove anything without verification.

You must watch the entire episode and make your own conclusions as to what really happened.

Lucina said...

Quick and easy! Thank you, Joe Schewe and TTP for the fun!

I always liked Martin MILNER and remember watching his shows; and seeing Niels BOHR should make the mathematicians happy. I just know him from crosswords.

ERISA is a longtime CW staple but I didn't recall it's exact name, so thank you, TTP, for that.

Since I'm the OLDEST of my siblings that puts me on the SENIOR CIRCUIT.

I love that explanation for CLUES! I liked seeing MIRED and WIRED crossing.

Abejo (if he does this) will be pleased to see Earl Grey TEA. And C.C. gets a CSO, too.

Hand up for preferring books to E-BOOKS. I've tried it and just don't like it.

It's great to have you back and hope all your computer issues are soon resolved.

Chairman Moe:
You naughty boy!

Have a happy day, everyone! Hoping for some of your rain.

Shemp said...

U.S. Open 2018: The USGA (still) got it wrong when it didn't DQ Phil Mickelson

Chairman Moe said...

Shemp @ 12:13 ---> thanks. I was getting discombobulated but I now think I know what I did wrong

Lucina @ 12:12 --->, guilty, as charged!! 😜

Picard said...

This sometimes electrical engineer loved this WIRED puzzle, SWITCHing on the LIGHT of my brain CIRCUITs. I just knew MILNER from the cop show ADAM-12. If only all real cops were like that.

TTP: I loved the cheerleader photo!

Only know AIOLI from these puzzles and I still have trouble with all those vowels. MAUER another unknown with a lot of vowels! When DW and I were in Jordan a few years ago, the guide made a "joke" that he would leave us off in SYRIA. I feel sorry for all those who have no choice but to be in SYRIA.

Loved that BOHR crossed CHEMISTRY!

I do not claim to be in Ansel ADAMS' league, but I did enjoy photographing YOSEMITE on our visit there two years ago.

I can't resist sharing some of my Burning Man PYRES photos again which we had just a few days ago in the puzzle.

Chairman Moe: For my links, I keep a text file copy of a prototype link I have used before. I copy and paste that. Then I edit it.

Yellowrocks: Thanks for explaining more about the joys and challenges of the Kindle. Have you tried contacting Amazon to ask if there is a way to FIND text within a page? From what you say, the ASUS Transformer we enjoy should be just perfect for you. If you detach the keyboard it is a tablet just like the Kindle.

From Yesterday:
PK: Oh, my. What sort of device are you using? Do you have the financial resources to buy the ASUS Transformer for under $300?

As for phones on the trail: I have observed that people have replaced proper preparation and planning with "Oh, I have a phone and can always call for help." As you correctly note, there is no phone service in many treacherous areas. Still, to be accurate, I should note that I do have an emergency flip phone. But I don't give out that number and turn it on maybe a couple of times a year and turn it right back off.

AnonT: Glad you enjoyed the Tom Lehrer humor!

BillG, AnonT and Wilbur Charles: Thanks for checking out that crazy SIGN in the car window! I am just visiting this planet. I take photos, but I don't claim to understand much of what I see!

Chairman Moe said...

And of course, the corollary to my Moe-ku (using a word from today's puzzle) is:

The candlemaker
Gets aroused by long tapers;
That's when he WICKS off.

Lucina said...

Those are gorgeous photos of Yosemite! And brilliant ones of the Burning Man.

Two days now I've really enjoyed the puns in the J.

AnonymousPVX said...

Quite the speed run for me today, doesn’t happen often, always enjoyable.

The German Shepherd is my favorite as well, but if I had a pool or was around water the only dog to have is the Newfoundland.

Air Disasters is one of my favorites as well. And as far as that episode is concerned, my conclusion is the pilots crashed the plane.

I thought Mickelson’s actions hysterical. Golf is sooooo boring to watch.

Roy said...

Trivia: Their licence plates used to say "DISCOVER RHODE ISLAND." Apparently they found it, because they now say "RHODE ISLAND THE OCEAN STATE."

Working for the State Retirement Syatem, I was familiar with ERISA. Mostly from explaining to lawyers that it didn't apply to government retirement plans.

WikWak said...

Another speed run today. FIR in under 12 minutes. Thanks, Joe, for this one. Thanks also to TTP; right on the money as usual.

OwenKL: both IrfanView and Notebook++ are high up on the list of things I would be lost without, although I am rapidly coming to like Sublime text editor nearly as much as Notebook++.

Hand up for wanting PRIMPED before PREENED let itself be known.

At Illinois College in Jacksonville there is a Schewe Hall. They pronounce it shee-wee.

Much cooler here today. Still pretty warm and muggy but it beats yesterday’s heat index of 105.

Have a great day, all!

WikWak said...

And oh, yes—count me among the very satisfied users of a Kindle (paperwhite version). I am a voracious reader and prior to the first time our house was flooded I had well over 2,000 paperbacks. I had resisted the idea of an e-reader, saying I would miss the feel of a real book. After having to dump all those soaking wet books I decided to try the Kindle. Best decision I could have made.

CrossEyedDave said...


Well, bottom line is your right, the pilots crashed the plane.
They were too low, too slow, and had the wrong charts.


All of the errors should have been recoverable!
The pilot claims his full power move should have lifted the plane,
even with the lag induced by jet engine spool up.
He claims the automated features of the plane made it unrecoverable.
So, why did (Airbus?) swap out the black boxes to eliminate 4 seconds
of data that would have proved that the flight computer took over the plane
to avoid a stall?

Dudley, you ever have a plane do something you didn't expect?

Chairman Moe, having studied your link attempt,
I believe it went bad because you left out one single character
in an important spot. The " before the < and after mickelson/amp.
(but you can blame the flight computer...)

Sadly, I did not watch the Golf this weekend.
I had forgotten it could be so entertaining.
So, I had to see what you were talking about.

What fun!, This calls for a top ten!

JJM said...

Good Tuesday Puzzle. Quick solve, but still had to think before filling some cells.

Owen- you need to invest in a back-up plan.You mentioned "Stickies" so I assume you have a Mac. Use Time Machine and an old HD. Very cheap and simple solution. The programs you like will not be erased then when your machine goes in for repair or you buy a new Mac. And, if they do... you can get them back in a matter of minutes with Time Machine.

Irish Miss- I like Phil, but he should have been DQ'd on the spot. Phil gets away with a lot of questionable acts because people like him so much. But, he's also lucky he's not in jail for the Insider Trader act he pulled a few years ago,or his refusal to pay off his legendary gambling debts... I would say he's extremely fortunate. If your curious, research why he switched to Callaway in the middle of the Golf Season years ago.It's unheard of with pros. Yet he did. No one does that, unless....

OwenKL said...

Speaking of long place names, do you recognize either of these?

La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asís

El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula

Find on Kindle

OwenKL said...

I had the English translations in that last post, but used angle brackets, so they got suppressed.

The Royal Town of the Holy Faith of Saint Francis of Assisi.
The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of Porciuncula

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. Having WIRED plenty of outlets, lamps, and switches I enjoyed the theme. I got a kick out of seeing SYNC and ZINC; I'm apparently easily amused. Good fresh clue for AMI.

Bill G said...

Lucy, I got today's Jumble surprisingly easily. I often get hung up trying to unscramble a slightly unusual five-letter word. Sometimes the light bulb eventually goes on and sometimes I'm left mired in frustration. I never did get GLONI from a couple of days ago. It leaves me feeling inept and stupid. Rats! said...


Thanks to Joe and TTP!

Easier than yesterday, as was noted. Only problems were ERISA and MAUER. Was not difficult to dope out either.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Jayce said...

My wife has been immersing herself in watching World Cup soccer (football) for the last several days. It is fun to hear her yelling at the TV screen, "Center it!" and "Pass it, idiot. Don't dribble it!" and "Shoot!" She knows a lot about the game, having played it at the league level when she was (much) younger, and then coaching it for several years. She's watching it on a Spanish language Telemundo channel; no English language channels are broadcasting it.

Jayce said...

I gotta say, don't complain about something if you don't suggest an alternative. No politics here, but gee whiz.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Almost forgot to check in!
It was a busy weekend here, what with my son and grandkids arriving from Texas. They head back tomorrow, but tonight we're going out for a last meal together. It has been very good to see them - after a four year gap!

Today's pzl was a pleasant diversion. Only ERISA gave me 2nd, 3rd, and 4th thoughts before I capitulated. It may be a Xwd "staple," but someplace else, not in my LA Times.


Diagonal Report:
One. On the mirror side. I almost had a HIT AND RUN anagram, but the last six letters wouldn't fit.

Tinbeni said...

TTP Excellent write-up. You are doing a wonderful job!

Joe: Thank you for a FUN Tuesday puzzle. I liked the "WIRED" theme.

Fave today was 18-d, LEIS ... I always liked getting "leis."


Michael said...

Owen, been in both of 'em ... much preferred Villa Real, until it became impossible to drive to, or in. Presently living in El Grande Municipio de Vaca (yes, that's a real name: Manuel Vaca).

Michael said...

Memo to self: ALWAYS look it up first!!

Because San Francisco was named for St. Francis (as in the Presidio of San Francisco, and Mission San Francisco de Asís), I went leaping off quite hastily. I have been in Santa Fe, but it is nowhere as impassible as Babylon-by-the-Bay is.

Lucina said...

Bill G:
You do know it's LINGO, right? You likely saw it the next day.

Yellowrocks said...

Lucina, in re senior circuit. There are six of us sibs, just 8 years and 2 months apart. We were considered the 3 big kids and others, the 3 little kids, although the gap between the two groups is only 2 years and 4 months.
C E Dave, I saw that weird clue in the Star Ledger. I immediately filled in Tai and Eider, but I kept puzzling over the clue until I realized it was a typo.
Still no Dave 2.
Picard, love your Yosemite pictures.
I think I will put up with going to my stationary PC when I want to do something more difficult, but sometimes I don't take the trouble. In another year or two I will replace it with a portable laptop.
Last night's square dance was fabulous. The best costume was Sgt. Klinger from M*A*S*H, absolutely right on the mark. The caller was a sexy Rosalind Russell. We had 75-80% of our normal Oscar Night attendance and about the usual percentage of them dressed up. It was still a fine attendance.
One of the two ACs is functioning which brought the hall to the 70 something degree mark. We supplemented it with fans. Not ideal, but not that uncomfortable. We will survive financially. This hall is much more inexpensive than everywhere else. So, I suppose, it is worth the inconvenience. You get what you can pay for. We all had a wonderful time and upheld our reputation for a wonderful Oscar Night dance.

Welcome back, Misty. How do you like your new glasses?

Wilbur Charles said...

Wow, nothing like Easy Tuesday to get the whole gang involved
Wow, I better post the bytes are adding up. Owen, I love your C's and C-Moe, there are no bad "Groaners"(pun? Meh?)
TTP great job. Xword fun for a Tuesday

I've previously posted about BOHR 7/28/16*. So nothing today.
I think the ABA was more fun than the NBA. I don't think they ever got the big TV deal which had saved the AFL

The man they call Yaz**
Wasn't Milner the "Hood" in American Graffiti?
I believe Lamar Odom of Kardashian notoriety played b-ball for URI
Re. Phil M. Stupid thing to do. His explanation: DISINGENUOUS ( hi Jayce)***
More stupid than dishonest.

*I previously posted about Neils Bohr in relation to a book by Stevenson about Stephenson(Intrepid). In the later edition of the book there's no mention of Mr Underhill (eg Frodo, eg The Ring)
I'll have to see if I can get my hands on the original publication.
** DITTY by Jess Cain of WHDH in Boston 1967 of course. I posted on the beaning of Tony C and the juxtaposition of JD Crossan++, Jack Hamilton, Dick Radatz and a popcorn seller.
++ Distinguished early Christian historian(The Birth of Christianity)
*** I actually used that word the other day


Wilbur Charles said...

Dueling haiku time:

Puberty, alas
A time of growing, groaning
And Moe-ku Groaners


Misty said...

Thank you for asking about the new glasses, Yellowrocks--they are great! My eyes still get a bit blurry for a second, and still make tears, every so often, but overall, I feel my vision is great and the problem is largely solved. I'm very grateful for that.

I loved hearing about your special costume square dance event, which sounds like so much fun. Glad you seem to be having a wonderful time!

Jayce said...

Hi there, Wilbur Charles :)

Bill G said...

Didn't Bohr propose the model of the atom with a nucleus and orbiting electrons that we all learned about in high school chemistry? (I know things have gotten a lot more complicated since.)

Lucy, yes I finally saw the answer LINGO but I don't know why some of those words are so hard for me to see. For a five-letter word, there are only 120 possible letter combinations. I run through lot of combinations in my brain but I just don't notice some of them.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

A few 737s were lost years ago because of bad rudder hydraulics. IIRC, the pilot would input a small rudder movement and the rudder would go all the way to the stops in the opposite direction, making the plane uncontrollable. The Weather Channel has a great series that they replay often called "why planes crash". Also, a few years ago there was a TV special (I think it was The History Channel) on the world's most dangerous airports. One actually had a public highway crossing the middle of the runway. I think that San Diego made the list with its crazy approach pattern.

I disagree re: Phil DSQ. Feinstien's analysis relies on Phil stopping the ball and then hitting it. The replay didn't show that happening. Feinstien apparently assumes that the ball must have stopped for a nanosecond before going back up the hill. The Committee ruled that he hit a moving ball, and since there is already a penalty for that and Rule 1.2 can't be applied (see exception 1). He also can't be DSQed under 33.7, because the decisions say that one is only for "...disregard for an aspect of the Etiquette Section, such as intentionally distracting another player or intentionally offending someone." Neither striking a ball in motion, nor anything else Phil did, are covered in the Etiquette Section. Change the rules if you like, but you need to do it soon because this is now a tool in Phil's game.

All of the huffy pundits remind me of Judge Smalls. "Buuuusssswwwwhhhood a ddduuuummmmpppp?"

OwenKL said...

Michael in Vacaville(?): Yep, got it on (I presume) the second try! La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asís is Santa Fe, NM, & El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula is Los Angeles, CA!

Husker Gary said...

-Busy, busy day from the time Lily got me up at 4:30 am, 9 holes of golf, mow the yard, take grandkids out to lunch, play 9 more holes with grandkids, mow MIL’s yard…
-Constructor Pawel Fludzinski very often post pix of “You only had one job to do…” pictures on social media where I follow him. He is a hoot.

PK said...

Well, back from my nap. Welcome home, Misty.

Owen, hearing of your computer problems is depressing me too. If someone as computer savvy as you is having these problems, I'll never get mine solved. Picard I have iMAC that I bought in January 2011. My SIL offered to help but he is PC savvy. Scares me although he did get me going once before.

I read a lot. Kindle has kept me reading because I can enlarge the print. My hands were very painful without relief until I got my kindle and the pain went away. Apparently the cramping was from holding big fat hardback books because the print in paperbacks was too small and I'd given them up. I also was going to need a bigger house to hold all my books. I now have 785 books in my Kindle. I've been using the "find" on Kindle for dredging up books I want to reread because Kindle gets cranky sometimes and dis-collects my carefully kept collections.

Mike Sherline said...

Bill G. - as much as I appreciate word play, I usually find anagrams quite difficult. For the Jumble, I usually try putting them in alphabetical order, in 2 ways: Consonants in one column or row, vowels in another


and a letter pyramid

For some reason it seems to make trying out all the possibilities easier.

PK said...

I happened to hear the ruling on Phil's gaffe discussed by the analysts Sunday. Didn't see it happen. I chalked the situation up to the awful conditions that had those pro golfers frustrated at that tournament. In his peak performance years, I enjoyed Phil's recoveries from bad shots and sand saves. He is adorable to fans. I thought he just acted in frustration without thinking it thru. He is usually so gentlemanly and controlled. But he didn't question the ruling or throw a tantrum, just thanked them smiling and went on. I forgive him. Next time....maybe not. But I'm not a golfer.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Joe for a fine Tuesday puzzle; I got a jolt out of the theme.
TTP - LOL @ "YOU had one thing..." Thanks for the expo and I didn't know Rhode Island had more to it's name (Hahtoolah - LOL URINE). #learning!

ESP: WYNN, MAUER, ERISA //C, Eh! - It's not just Canadian's that needed ESP for ERISA.
Fav: c/a for FAT
Runner-up: CHEMISTRY so I can link RUSH. [sorry, concert footage had bad sound so you get the lyrics].

Like Swamp, the center was last to fall; I had to look to the theme to get WIRED and then ceded ROARERS.

{B} {nice, LOL; dooooh}. /Moe, you forgot close-quote b/f closing <a tag. [before the > , not < CED]

FLN - WC, I loved Sniglets

PK - I hope you can get back on schedule. Sometimes, when focused on a project, I like the flexibility of 6hrs up / 4 or 5hrs nap - time be damn'd. If you're not going for that, it sucks.

Abejo - I've been meaning to tell you... You have a kindred spirit in Eldest; she drinks Earl Grey among other TEAs.

Picard - I wondered what kind of people climb-out on Glacier Point... Not this Prairie kid; I was happy to stay behind the rails. //we went last year during the snow melt - the rivers awesome in the truest sense.

OKL & WikWak - Many of my buddies use Notepad++; I've tried it but I'm still keen on UUedit and / or vi (yes, you can vim for Windows). The greatest thing about vi, you can open huge files.

Bill G. Yep, that BOHR's BOHR's model. Not quite right, quantumly, but very useful.

Cheers, -T

Dudley said...

CED 2:22 - oh, sure. Of course I don’t fly any airplanes that are sophisticated enough to have fly-by-wire or envelope protection - both of which can cause surprises - but I have had autopilots take unexpected turns now and then. Usually, it is caused by some minor thing the pilot sets wrong. Autopilots are invariably equipped with a range of ways the pilot can negate an unintended control input, so it’s no big deal to stop the “oops”, assuming it is recognized.

Picard said...

Lucina: Thank you for the kind words about my YOSEMITE photos! And glad you enjoyed the PYRES at Burning Man photos, too! I have lots more photos there; many are R-rated!

Yellowrocks: Thank you, too, for the kind words about my YOSEMITE photos. I am fine with using a stationary PC, so good for you if you can make that work for you. I only use a laptop for travel or if I am making a presentation.

PK: That is scary that an Apple from 2011 is already refusing to access important web sites. I am sure a PC from that era would not have such a problem. Apple seems to be all about forced obsolescence. Their way or not at all.

That is also scary that Kindle will forget your book collection at random. From an environmental standpoint I like the idea of ebooks. But I still don't trust these corporations. I have heard stories of books being disappeared after you have bought them if the publisher wants to do so. Not sure if that still happens. I also don't like that they use a proprietary format that can go away at any time.

AnonT: I am amused that you avoided going out on Glacier Point at YOSEMITE! When we were there, there was a bit of a line to get that photo op! DW was a bit nervous going up there, but it helped that "everyone else is doing it". Way cool that you were there when the rivers were flowing well. The drought was still on in a big way when we were there. Just glad we got to see any waterfalls at all!

OwenKL: Thanks for the brief place name quiz! The second one I knew well. I have heard it described as the most compressed abbreviation ever! All those words compressed down to "LA". But learning moment about the first one: Santa Fe!

Misty said...

Thank you, PK, and all others. I'm still a bit jet-lagged, so if I forget to thank you, please accept my apology! Have a good evening and night, everyone.

PK said...

Picard: I've used Macs since 1985 except for buying a Compac PC which wouldn't do anything I wanted it to. I was on the farm and could not get internet access out there. When I finally got down here where there was internet, the Compac did not work at all. Dead. Kaput. So I bought an iMAC. My problems are not with the machine. My internet provider CoX upgraded and left me behind & locked out. The same thing happened with Ancestry -- upgraded beyond my capabilities. I don't know how to get it or what is needed nor do I have the patience to try to do it. For me it is Mac or nothing. I have money enough to do it, just don't know anyone who is a Mac genius. Don't bad-mouth Mac unless you've used them. For non-engineers like myself Mac is much more user friendly. My mind just is not wired for computers.

Wilbur Charles said...

- T. Loren Muse Smith at 251 am has a very funny list of Sniglets. That's the Rex Parker write-up of 05/20/18 NYT Sunday xword

Misty, there was a discussion last week about something called The New Crit(icism). You were sorely missed as I googled and saw Joyce mentioned. Also the whole thing is as T says out of my pay grade.

Jayce, I don't know who used the word originally (and I'm glad it wasn't me) but the incident was a gift. I've fallen in love with the word . Especially with the "New Pol(itics)".

It's late so nocturnal cornerites get to enjoy this UMP Story:

It was mid-70s and a Sunday Rec-league. An older Italian gent had begun a harassment campaign on me.
One of the coaches bartended and three of us visited.
So I said: Faguli is going to get tossed tomorrow. Al the bartender piped up:"Let's have a Pool. We'll each take an inning." Incredibly they included me.

I had the 4th and Faguli opened his mouth and out he went. Ejections were unheard of.

So the four (or five) of us got together, I collected my money and rationalized my act. Now here's the rest of the story .

A month later Faguli says to ne: " I can't thank you enough for tossng me. My family impressed upon me that if a nice guy like Wilbur ejected me I'd better change my behavior. And I did and I feel great now".

I said "Your welcome and we became great buddies".

My pugel stick story doesn't have a happy ending but has a certain je ne sais quoi.


Michael said...

M. Picard has a legitimate criticism of Apple, but it seems to apply to Micro$oft as well. The recent tales of involuntary upgrading in Windows 10 are discouraging. I'm biased, being a Mac user since 1984, but I've used earlier editions of Windows professionally. My conclusion? Beer is good.

Lucina said...

It was a quiz? Of course I knew immediately they were Santa Fe and LA but didn't realize you were asking us to post it. Oh, well. No harm done.

Bill G:
That system described by Mike Sherline works well. If I put the consonants on one side and the vowels on the opposite side, it sets my mind into gear somehow and after a little percolating, the answer pops out. Sometimes it takes a long time as with UTOPIA the other day. All those vowels made it difficult.

My Windows 10 updates frequently with no negative results.

Mark M said...

Interesting - I never thought of CHEMISTRY as being associated with attraction, assuming the clue refers to physical attraction. I thought it had more to with compatibility. Two people can be attracted to one another but have conflicting personalities. A sports team is said to have good chemistry if they play together well even if they are not overly talented individually, not that they are attracted to each other!