Jun 11, 2018

Monday June 11, 2018 Matt McKinley

Theme: Blow by Blow, from Freeze to Gale.

17A. "That was easy!": WHAT A BREEZE.

26A. Move to Canada to avoid military service: DODGE THE DRAFT.
45A. Top-10 1978 hit for Kansas: DUST IN THE WIND.

61A. Girl who went to Oz: DOROTHY GALE.

Boomer here. 

"The wind began to switch, the house to pitch".  Hope this puzzle was a breeze to you all.  I could have done it, "If I only had a brain".  I have a complaint. Saturday morning my newspaper said post time at the Belmont was 5:30 PM Central time.  NBC always runs a 2 1/2 hour program to show a two minute horse race so I watched pro bowling on ESPN then tuned to NBC at 5:30. 47 commercials later they were "OFF" at about 5:55.  Canterbury Downs was built in Minnesota around 1985 and I made a few trips there back then. I won a few bucks on a ride by Mike Smith occasionally so I applaud his success.  I wonder if NBC can JUSTIFY the time discrepancy. 


1. Speechless performers: MIMES.

6. Love to bits: ADORE.

11. Hem and __: HAW. Famous TV reruns HEE ___.  I have to admit I watch it.  Where did you think I get all these stupid one liners ?

14. Overplay the scene: EMOTE.

15. NBA coach Pat who trademarked "three-peat": RILEY.  Who might remember William Bendix in "The Life of Riley" ?

16. Hole-in-one: ACE.  I have never had one of these on the golf course.  Came as close as 6 inches once.  But I have had one in a pair of socks.

19. "__ Loves You": Beatles: SHE. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.  I just learned Saturday that the Beatles chose their name in respect of Buddy Holly's "Crickets". Oh Boy !

20. Beethoven's "Moonlight," e.g.: SONATA.

21. Lawn mower housing: TOOL SHED.  If you don't have one, leave it in your garage.

23. Come to a close: END.

25. Actor Cage, in tabloids: NIC.

33. Sea of __: Black Sea arm: AZOV.

35. Midwestern tribe: OTOE.  I have a big toe and a little toe on each foot.  Never heard of an Otoe.

36. Finalize, as a deal: SEW UP.

37. Smart-alecky: CUTE.  So is a bug in a rug a smart aleck?

38. Aired again on TV: RERAN. See HEE HAW above. Plus I have most of the "Law and Order" and "Seinfeld" shows memorized.

40. Policy expert: WONK.

41. Give a heads-up: ALERT. Also means you have only one lert.

43. NASCAR's Yarborough: CALE.  Very popular NASCAR champion with many wins.

44. Bothers a lot: IRKS. One of my Mom's favorite expressions.  I guess I irked her a lot.

48. Nest egg acronym: IRA.

49. Prefix with appear: DIS.  I might DISagree with this clue.

50. Longtime bubble gum wrap: WAX PAPER.  This is an all time misnomer!  Paper is not made from wax.  It should be called Waxed paper.

55. Slowly diminished, as strength: SAPPED.  Warren Sapp was a defensive tackle with Tampa Bay and Oakland.  Many quarterbacks got Sapped.

60. Smooth machinery sound: HUM.

63. Mine extraction: ORE. Also the abbreviation for a state south of Washington.  The Beavers took care of our Gophers on the baseball diamond this weekend.

64. Cream of the crop: ELITE.

65. George's fiancée on "Seinfeld": SUSAN. Yes I would know this without using Google or a blog.

66. Fellow: MAN.

67. Brand for nasal congestion: SINEX.

68. Australian gems: OPALS.  I think this is the October birthstone.


1. Kitten cries: MEWS. Sounds like MEOW to me.

2. Texter's "As I see it ... ": IMHO. In My Humble Opinion.

3. Pained sound: MOAN.

4. Soul singer James: ETTA

5. Helped by an usher: SEATED.  They have Ushers in church and at ballparks. They don't seem to seat many people, just stand in the back and chat with other ushers.  (Sorry if I offended any ushers out there).

6. LAX incoming flight: ARR.

7. Food restriction: DIET.  I have lots of restrictions, but Diet Pepsi is okay.

8. Toast topper: OLEO.  This is Margarine, a corn oil product.  It was popular in Iowa, but not sold in America's Dairyland, Wisconsin.  At one time it was white and looked like Crisco.  Then I remember it in a bag with a little red button.  You needed to squeeze the button and massage the bag to turn it yellow.  Hey, I never see SQUEEZE in a crossword - 25 points in Scrabble!

9. Change the district boundaries of: REZONE.

10. Peepers' closers: EYELIDS.

11. Corned beef concoction: HASH.  Hash always seems to have a Corned Beef tagalong. When I was a kid, we had one of those metal things with a crank handle and made hash out of roast beef, etc.

12. Pain: ACHE.  I won't bother you with mine.

13. Lawn invader: WEED.  C.C. likes dandelions the most.

18. Maine city: BANGOR.

22. Attach to a light bulb socket: SCREW IN.  "Clear Choice" dental work.

24. Find out about: DETECT.

26. Showers affection (on): DOTES.  Mairzy dotes and Dozey dotes and little lambs eat Ivy.  

27. Be exorbitant with the gratuity: OVER-TIP. Many may over-tip the bartender and then tip over.

28. Hebrew scroll: TORAH.

29. Restored to health: HEALED.

30. "I need to tell you something": A WORD.  Reminded me of "Let me tell you something!"  A famous intro on TV from Pro Wrestler Jesse Ventura. (Before he became governor.)

31. Dejected spell: FUNK.  Fred Funk is a good golfer with an odd name

32. Toll rds.: TPKS.

33. Air Force sch.: ACAD.

34. NATO alphabet ender: ZULU.

39. Fairly recent: NEWISH.  This seems like a newish word, made-up.

42. Long rants: TIRADES.

46. City SE of Roma: NAPOLI.  Italian for Naples I suppose.

47. Mom's emphatic words after "Because": I SAY SO.

50. "For __ the Bell Tolls": WHOM

51. Surrounding glow: AURA.

52. Marvel Comics superheroes: X-MEN.

53. The Emerald Isle: ERIN.

54. Mechanical learning method: ROTE. Kyle Rote was a running back for the New York Giants when I was a kid.

56. Scrolling PC key: PGUP.  This sounds like a gurgle before throwing up.

57. "¿Qué __?": PASA.

58. Airline with only kosher meals: EL AL.

59. TV-watching rooms: DENS. I watch mine in the basement.  It's cooler down there.

62. One of two sts. with bordering panhandles: TEX.



Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, Eire making room for ERIN.

Pat RILEY was an All-American at Kentucky on one of Adolph Rupp's all-white teams. RILEY is still a legend around Lexington.

I considered fleeing to Canada as an alternative to Vietnam. Luck in the first lottery kept me stateside.

I usually OVERTIP whenever we dine on a patio with Zoe. A little goodwill with the waitstaff can go a long way to keeping dogs welcome. We had one case where a manager had decided to ban dogs from the patio due to a problem when we weren't there. The next time we arrived a new waitress told us of the policy, then said she would check with the manager when we pushed back. She came back and apologized, saying she didn't know that Zoe was royalty.

BANGOR is pronounced BANG-er. Syndicated radio cheapskate Clark Howard advised listeners to travel from Atlanta to BANGOR because of a special fare that was being offered. For years after that, an engineer at WSB radio in Atlanta played Clark saying "do you know how cheap that is to get to BANGOR" anytime a news story involving prostitution aired.

FLN: PK, that was a time when newspaper folks had some decency. Now the "oops" crotch shots would be sold to some sleazy web site.

Thanks to Matt for a really fun Monday puzzle, with AZOV thrown in just to keep us honest. And Boomer, I always think you won't be able to top your last bit of pun-ishment, but you always do.

KS said...

Speedrun Monday.

Lemonade714 said...

It must be the weather. Thank you, Matt and Boomer, for a nice Monday. Lots of Zs for an early week puzzle including AZOV which I did not remember.

We do not get SQUEEZE often but most recently in this 2014PUZZLE .

D4E4H said...

Excellent Monday Cornies.

Thank you Mr. Matt McKinley for this Easy Peasy Monday CW that I almost completed on the first run across. I FIR in 21:51.

Thank you Boomer for your fun, and for giving me fodder for what follows:


35A - Midwestern tribe: OTOE. I have a big toe and a little toe on each foot. Never heard of an Otoe. - Obviously you don't have a foot fetish, O TOE!

37A - Smart-alecky: CUTE. So is a bug in a rug a smart aleck? No, the bug is just snug.

41A - Give a heads-up: ALERT. Also means you have only one lert. - The Urbane Dictionary defines Lert as "(n) A small furry woodland creature that senses are always very intensely attuned to its surroundings." With senses like that, one is plenty.


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Monday easy. Had to wite-out DRAW to insert REZONE, though. No searches needed
Agree with the FUNK comments.
FUNK means 'radio' in German. RundFUNK is 'broadcasting'.
TOLL - On Memorial Day, the Saratoga ship's bell TOLLed 21 times at the Saratoga National Cemetery.

Off to Syracuse for Dr's visit.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Nice romp ala Matt plus a zesty writeup from Boomer. Missed the theme, but didn't miss it. Thanx, you two.

Boomer, I think NBC would Justify it by crowing that they got you to watch 25 minutes of commercials.

SHED: We're outliers in our neighborhood because we don't have a shed...or a boat. Some of those sheds are huge -- 30x40 and larger. Some big boats too.

SUSAN: SO to DW. TEX, CSO to both of us.

OLEO: Wisconsin, the dairy state, refused to legalize colored OLEOmargarine for years and years. There was even the great taste test back in '55. National Geographic described it this way: Senators, blindfolded, were challenged to tell the difference between butter and margarine. Good Wisconsinites all, most weren’t fooled–except, famously, the vociferously pro-butter Gordon Roselip, who preferred the margarine, insisting that it was butter. It turned out later that Roselip’s wife, worried about her husband’s heart, had for years been sneakily substituting (illegal) yellow margarine for butter at the Senator’s dinner table. Note: NatGeo got his name wrong. It was actually Roseleip, but pronounced the way they spelled it.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and friends. This puzzle was almost a BREEZE (see below).

Sorry, Jinx, but I lived 8 miles north of BANGOR and the name of the city is definitely NOT as you think. The proper way to say BANGOR is found here.

I had a tad of trouble with the Dejected Spell because I misread the clue for Policy Expert as Police Expert, making the letters for the former to be F U _ K. Ouch! Even after I figured out that the missing letter spelled out WONK, I wondered why that would be a Police Expert.

QOD: Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans. ~ Jacques Yves Cousteau (June 11, 1910 ~ June 25, 1997)

thehondohurricane said...

Morning all,

Couple of trouble spots today and it cost me. Therefore a Monday FIW.
First was the crossing O for WONK/AWORD. Got it right, but WONK????

Second was the crossing G for PGUP/GALE. Couldn't for the life of me remember Dorthy's last name and never knew I had page up or page down capability. Guess one of these days I'll take a course to learn all the basics about these idiot boxes.

See ya! (quoting Michael Kaye)

g for GALE/PGUP.

Bob Niles said...

Also never knew Dorothy's last name was Gale. Seems fitting.

Spitzboov said...

thehondohurricane @ 0728. - - re: WONK. You see it in Washingtonese such as in " policy WONK". Many of the talking heads on TV are wannabe WONKS. IMHO.

D-O @ 0651 - OLEO. Since WWI, the Navy was required by law to serve butter aboard its ships. Must have been a dairy lobby thing.

Yellowrocks said...

Neat puzzle. I got the drift with the second theme: breeze, draft. I didn't know SUSAN, but it was filled before I got there. I guessed AZOV from 2 perps. I had heard of it.
Hahtoolah, good to hear from you. I enjoyed the Bangor song. I agree. We have always pronounced it "ban GORE." Never heard it said otherwise.
Hi Kazie. Australian OPAL brought you to mind.
I never knew Dorothy's last name. The theme helped.
We used to love The Life of Riley on radio,and then TV. I liked William Bendix in the TV rerun of LIFEBOAT. Many moral dilemmas in that one.
I have always thought three-peat was very clever.
Ice tea, ice cream, ice water, wax paper. The language moves on in spite of our clinging to the past.
Ushers at a theater really "ush." They help people find their seats, especially if the seats are numbered. I ushered at a Little Theater summers when I was a college student. I saw great plays for free. In a small church where you may choose your own seat ushers only pass out programs, welcome everyone and help newcomers who feel lost.
As a teacher and, especially as a tutor, I injected meaning into things that must be learned by rote. It helped a lot.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Not to be punny but I breezed through this with no hiccups other than Newest before Newish. Got the theme after Breeze and Draft. Funk and wonk are kind of fun words and spot-on descriptive. I don't ever remember that oleo mixture in our house but the picture of that meat grinder brought a shudder as it is almost identical to the one that cost me 1/4 of my index finger, thanks to my demonic brother. (I was 2, he was 5.)

Thanks, Matt, for an easy and smooth start to the week and thanks, Boomer, for tickling our fancies and funny bones, the meat grinder picture notwithstanding!

Thanks, too, Hatoolah, for reaffirming the pronounciation of Bangor. I never heard it pronounced any other way.

Have a great day.

Lemonade714 said...

Yes the use of a name meaning a big wind in a puzzle about a tornado was at the very least, fitting.

We have talked about the GALE FAMILY as recently as 2016.

Lemonade714 said...

And the earliest mention that I recall came in this MELISSA BEE presentation. We were younger then

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling thoughts":

FLWE: both Sat and Sun puzzles were marathons; too many proper nouns, IMHO

Today's offering from Matt - and the equally entertaining recap from Boomer - was very CUTE. No FUNK for me; I BREEZED through with but one WO, when I tried to add a letter to DODGE(d) THE DRAFT. Which, BTW, I never considered, back in the Vietnam Era ... no offense to our Canadian neighbors, but escaping to there never registered for me ...

Boomer, I am fortunate to have three ACEs in my 55 years of playing golf. I rarely play now, but when I did I was reasonably good. First ACE didn't happen, though, until age 43. Last one was 7 years ago.

Lots of punniness in today's puzzle:

First, a repeat from 2014:

Please allow me the chance to unveil,
The real truth behind DOROTHY GALE.
For a young girl who roams,
And hangs out with three characters, male!

4 Moe-kus:

The Iconic pic
Of Ms Monroe, shows that she

For CED:

Frank Sinatra's cat
Got excited when he heard:
"Start spreading the MEWS"

For Jinx in Norfolk:

Al and Tipper were
Separated. Because she
Refused to BANGOR

For -T (I know you'll solve this!)

Twitter inventor
Opened a breakfast diner.

And last, but not least,

Apple engineer
Designed colorful phone case,
Called: the iShadow

oc4beach said...

Nice puzzle by Matt and Boomer's tour was entertaining.

My brain was partially still in sleep mode this morning. For the life of me I don't know why I had trouble with the West. I already had AZOV and tried to put in AFMA (Air Force Military Academy) for the Air Force School. Therefore FUTE made no sense to me until I realized that it wasn't the name of the school (which I had wrong anyway), but the type of school aka ACADemy. V8 can to the head woke me up. Other than that it was an easy sail today.

Like others I didn't know Dorothy's last name was Gale, but it was totally filled in by perps, so I didn't really have to think about it. Does anyone remember Gale Storm (Real name -Josephine Owaissa Cottle)?

We never had hash when I was growing up, but we did have a hand crank grinder that attached to the edge of the table that looked like this. Mom didn't use it much for meat, but it got used a lot for grinding nuts and other things in her baked goods, like nut roll, plum pudding, making mincemeat, etc. I think it's still in the basement somewhere on a shelf.

Boomer, I do remember William Bendix in The Life of Riley on TV and that he lived at 1313 Blueview Terrace.

We (Pennsylvanians) had our congressional districts REZONEd this year by the courts because the districts were heavily Gerrymandered after the last census. However this rezoning is only valid until the next census and the will probably be gerrymandered again by whichever party is in power in the state capitol. I hope this doesn't stretch the No Politics rule.

Have a great day everyone.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Matt McKinley, for a fine puzzle. thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

This has been my first puzzle in a week or so. I have been very busy working and selling Vidalia onions on my days off. Hope to finish the onions today.

I tried yesterday's puzzle late last night after we got home from the Cubs game. Game was a downer. I was too tired to get into the puzzle, so I went to bed.

Today's went quickly.

Only unknowns were AZOV and DUST IN THE WIND. As well as Dorothy's last name.

ZULU was easy. One plane I flew in as a teenager was a Beechcraft Bonanza, 5831Z (Zulu). My boss owned it. I worked at the Erie Airport as a line boy.

Liked BANGOR, ME. I hiked through much of Maine while doing parts of the Appalachian Trail. I am still a member of the Maine Appalachian Trail Foundation. For the last two years I wrote their Fund Raising Appeal letters. I volunteered to help and they accepted my offer.

TPKS was easy. Have travelled the Pennsylvania Turnpike many times through the years. It was the first turnpike in the US, I believe.

Anyhow, about the leave and sell onions. See you tomorrow.


( )

Edward Duarte said...

Retired now, but fondest memories of elementary school are of having balogna and mustard sandwiches wrapped in waxED paper, from a brown paper bag.

I still wrap my sammies in wax paper, somehow taste better than in plastic wrap.

D4E4H said...

thehondohurricane at 7:28 AM
- - I have a friend who's given name is Gale so I saw Dorothy's name as her middle name. I LIU, and voila, "Dorothy's full name is never mentioned in the first two books. It wasn't until Ozma of Oz (1907) we see Gale used as her last name (Gale is, of course, a pun based off the tornado that brought her to Oz the first time)."

Spitzboov at 8:15 AM , etc.
- - It is time for my natural food soapbox. Who wants to help me step up on it? In my mouth, only butter is allowed. I have heard that oleo is only one molecule from plastic.
I shan't LIU on that one. As bad as sugar is for the body, at least it is natural. No man made sweeteners for me. Can someone help me down?

Irish Miss at 8:42 AM
- - When I saw the meat grinder, I had fond memories of the one my mother used. I'm sorry you are not able to point out that memory. Naturally it had to be your dominant hand.


desper-otto said...

OC4, I do remember Gale Storm as My Little Margie. Did you know that she had a minor hit song in '57? Bonnie Guitar recorded the same song. I'm not sure who "covered" whom.

Chairman Moe, I did consider escaping to Canada...for about five minutes.

Abejo, just how many onions did Vidalia buy? :7

Tinbeni said...

Nice write-up Boomer.

Matt: Thank you for a FUN Monday puzzle. I liked the theme.

Needed ESP (Every-Single-Perp) to get SINEX since I never use a nasal congestion medicine.

No booze ... so no fave today.

Had WEED been "clued differently" ... It could have been a fave.


Lucina said...

Thank you, Matt McKinley, for an easy Monday puzzle. I could barely drink my coffee it went so fast.

Surprisingly I remember Coach RILEY from the days when my late DH was alive and we watched sports. My current TV has no idea about that except for the Olympics.

CALE needed all four perps but I did know DOROTHY GALE. CSO to our dear departed Dodo who was a hoot when she posted.

CSO to all our TEXas contingent! And to Hahtoolah! It's good to see you again.

Welcome, Edward Duarte! Do tell us about yourself.

And thank you, Boomer, for rousing me with your amusing puns.

Lucina said...

I am enjoying the Jumble again but often I don't get to it until late in the day or nighttime. Withholding of answers would be much appreciated.

Have a happy day, everyone!

Chairman Moe said...

Tin @ 11:45 ----> maybe if the clue had read "law invader" instead of lawn?!😀

Picard said...

WHAT A BREEZE this was! I did know she was DOROTHY GALE but it was a hazy memory. CALE utterly unknown. Could be clued as "guy whose name sounds like a vegetable". Interesting review, Boomer, with the sports twists. All unknown; learning moments.

Tinbeni: Glad you were on my wavelength thinking of WEED. But did anyone else notice the HASH/WEED connection?

I know many people don't like MIMES, but I felt very fortunate to see Marcel Marceau perform. I can't seem to find any photos. I have been to a number of family Bar Mitzvahs that would involve a TORAH, but I am not finding any photos.

Here my rabbi friend Elihu is opening his own congregation. He is the one carrying the TORAH.

I have lots of photos on the Emerald Isle. There will be other opportunities.

I think people will enjoy this version of SAPPED. Here we were visiting the Maple Syrup Man.

Back then we were living out in the woods in New England. He had taps in dozens of maple trees to collect their SAP. He would process it in those mysterious steamy vats that seemed so magical and ethereal. I can never tolerate fake maple syrup after growing up with the real thing.

CrossEyedDave said...

DNF (On a Monday?)

36a, Finalize, as a deal, I had set up, aand saw no reason to change it.
30d, "I need to tell you something." ATblankRD??? (a turd came to mind...)
Never heard of Policy Expert=Wonk...

I must say, I am not used to all this Turbulence on a Monday...

Additional Trivia:
Mews only occur between kittens and their Mothers,
Meows only occur between Cats and Humans. (Cats do not Meow to each other...)

47. Mom's emphatic words after "Because": I SAY SO. is technically incorrect.
It is "because I said so," past tense, done deal...

AnonymousPVX said...

My only comment on this Monday puzzle...


D4E4H said...

- - In proof reading, I noticed re. Miss Dorothy, "the tornado that brought her to Oz the first time." She first appears in L. Frank Baum's classic children's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) and reappears in most of its sequels. I lost count of the book total.

Lucina at 11:50 AM
- - Darn, I wanted to spell out the Mumble Jumble too. I have solved 6-11 at the Demetrius Deli FIR.


CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Matt and Boomer.

I agree that this was a speed-run (BREEZE- LOL AnonPVX) with just a few road-bumps (or TPK-bumps?).
Like others, I got the theme early which helped with the forgotten GALE. (That G also gave me PG UP. I knew it couldn't be PC UP with PC in the clue.)

We had BANGOR and NAPOLI; Chicago, the WINDy City, would have been appropriate.

Hand up for requiring perps for CALE. I had Set Up before SEW UP. ACAD was all perps and I didn't "get" it until I arrived here.
Yes CED, I wanted I SAID SO for that "Momily".

I remember the influx of DRAFT DODGErs to Canada in the late 60s. We had a family friend, a Canadian, who reversed the trend and served for several stints in the Green Berets. Go figure!
Hope this link isn't considered political.

I also remember the white margarine blocks that you mixed with the yellow colouring. YUK. But Canadians do not use the term OLEO at all. (I learned it doing CWs.) We call anything non-butter, Margarine.
We do not have Turnpikes in Canada. We have a Trans-Canada Highway and only a few toll roads (ie. Hwy. 407 around Greater Toronto Area).

Picard: Of course, this Canadian enjoyed the Maple Syrup photos!
Welcome back Hahtoolah. Your QOD is sobering.
Here is my QOD (I have quoted it here previously) from the elder Trudeau in 1968 and still appropriate. Where is Northern Boy for moral support today? Thanks for your kind words the other day, AnonT.
"Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, if I can call it that, one is affected by every twitch and grunt."

Enjoy the day.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Boomer, over here!!
My hand is up, along with Yellowrocks & oc4beach - for remembering Wm Bendix in both the radio and TV versions of The Life of RILEY. It was one of my fave radio shows when I was a kid (who remembers Digger O'Dell?), along with Life with Luigi, The Whistler, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Cisco Kid, Henry Aldrich, & the Bob Hope Show. ("Thanks for the Memory" ....)

And thanks to Matt McKinley for a pleasant week-starting pzl.


PS. Hey! Wasn't that a surprise last night - with the Tony Award for best musical going to The Band's Visit?

Diagonal Report:
Just one today, on the mirror side.

WikWak said...

"HennnnRY! Hennnry Aldrich!" Wow, OMK—I haven’t thought of that in years! WGN used to show reruns of that series on Sundays if the Cubs weren’t playing.

FUNK's Grove is a small collection of homes on old US Route 66 SW of Bloomington IL. It’s about halfway between Chicago and the town where I grew up and was a good place to stop for a break in the years before I-55 bypassed it. Now there is a rest area on I-55 just a short distance east and it is named for the settlement. The grove for which the settlement is named, Funk's Grove, is a National Natural Landmark.

Easy-peasy Monday. No sweat. Thanks to Matt—and Boomer, you were in fine fettle today… couldn’t have been fettler.

Gloomy and glumpy weather here today.

Everyone should have something to believe in; I believe I'll go take a nap. Have a good day, all!

Spitzboov said...

Canadian Eh! @ 1305.

One of our sailors, I think he was a machinist's mate, was from St. Catherines, Ont. I asked him why he joined our Navy and he said he wanted to be a US citizen. I think he would have done well in the Canadian Navy, too. Good looking young fellow; bright as a shiny penny.

Husker Gary said...

-No paper today and so I had to do it online. Grumble, grumble…
-IRKS – I played with a guy today who took 30 sec. minimum over every shot/putt. His shots still went only a traveled a few yards and his putts went 30 ft. past the hole.
-NIC has wasted money on a congressional level
-LaBron will SEW UP a deal to get him out of Cleveland after he gave them a championship two years ago
-The rest of the Seinfeld cast did not get residuals from the RERUNS and complained bitterly until they got something. Jerry made over a billion dollars from the reruns.
-In the 1995 Orange Bowl, Warren was completely SAPPED by the Husker offensive line by the 4th quarter
-Good Bye SUSAN
-TORAH – 3 days in a row
-When logic and negotiation fail, it’s “BECAUSE I SAY SO!”
-A noted linguist enters the BANGOR/BANGER debate

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Matt, thank you for this mild zephyr. Boomer, I enjoyed your BREEZy tour.

ACHE, MOAN, HEALED. IM: Thank you for asking about grandson Aaron the other night. His mother SAYs his condition is progressively less painful as the bone tumor is being reabsorbed. He is regaining his boyISH appetite and now weighs over 100# which is encouraging in a 16-yr-old boy about 5'6".

All this talk about DRAFT dodgers made me think that SCREW IN was an event from that hippie era (a/k/a Love IN).

MIMES (over) EMOTE: they sure do.

The headline last night: Coach Pat RILEY was talking to LeBron James about possibly playing for the San Antonio Spurs. RILEY is a graduate of the USAF ACAD. and has the sort of self-discipline that might be a good match for LeBron.

Warren SAPP was a favorite of mine on Dancing With the Stars. Oh, he played football?

FLN: Tony, one of my ancestors came from ERIN Isle and worked in the PA coal mines. He was thin but not very short.

MOE: liked your ditties, especially the Marilyn Monroe one. LOL!

Jinx: Your comment about my news reporting being in an era of decency was apt. It helped to be living in a rural era where you wouldn't last long if you "messed in your nest". Printing a crotch picture would likely have the girl's mother &/or father beating on you the next morning after publication.

Irish Miss said...

Dave @ 11:32 ~ Yes, of course, it was my dominant hand; Murphy's law!

PK @ 2:11 ~ Thanks for the update on Aaron. I hope his health continues to improve by the day. BTW, I believe Pat Riley went to the University of Kentucky. I don't follow basketball but Pat was a local (Schenectady) success story over the years.

Lucina said...

I do remember all those radio shows as well as The Shadow, Inner Sanctum and Stella Dallas. The low, raspy voice of Mercedes McCambridge still echoes in my head. I attribute my listening ability to those many years of sitting by the radio tuned in to catch every word.

Dave 2:
Thank you for waiting to post the Jumble answers.

I have always pronounced it BAN GORE from the time we landed for a customs check on the return trip from Spain when both the captain and the attendants pronounced it that way.

Wilbur Charles said...

As as a CSO to OMK I solved diagonally. It made an easy one interesting.

So Boomer, you knew Susan of "There ALL Chickens" fame. I tried to link that but I need Anon T's advice.
Actually, the Giants made Kyle a split end. At Texas (or was it SMU?) He was a famous running back.
D-O, that's a great story.
For some reason the ROTE Times table stopped at 12. We should have gone to 19.
Didn't Bendix play Babe Ruth (horribly, baseball wise)
Pat Riley was on the team that lost to UTEP. (65?, 66?) Kentucky .USAF???
Lucina, Misty and others got me going on J_. I did it today but will remain mum. Ok. #3 is not TRAUMA. When I do it I have to write the 4-6 answers quickly but I forget them even quicker.
I'll probably only do them when somebody brings it up as the knack came back quickly. Now Sudoku. I can get bolloxed as fast as I can solve the_J.
Moe, you mean EVADER. I see the Feds are cracking down on the interstate traffic. IMHO, I don't want a dime spent on that nor immigration.


Ol' Man Keith said...

Your mention of The Shadow reminds me of a true story from Orson Welles. He recalls a special meaning to his opening words on each broadcast.

He would begin each broadcast with a Satanic chuckle and then pose the rhetorical question, "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?"
Once when he was a young newlywed husband, he started an affair with a woman who lived in an apartment across town. He was new to this game at the time and was feeling pangs of guilt as he climbed the back stairs to his inamorata's door.
He remembers it was exactly 8:00 pm, because he heard his own recorded voice coming from a nearby window, asking that very question,
"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?"
And then he shuddered as he heard himself answer his own question, with those infamous responding words,
”The Shadow Knows!”



Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. Easy, of course, it being Monday and all. Maybe AZOV isn't a Monday word but it perped in easily. Whenever I see ACAD I reflexively, and momentarily, think of AutoCAD, a Computer Aided Design program that was the market leader during the 80's and 90's. Oh, and in that list of performers whom I dislike that I published a few days ago I forgot to include NIColas Cage.

Gosh, I remember one of my duties as a kid and a supposed contributing member of the family was to crush that red pill and knead that damn bag of Crisco-looking grease for what seemed like an hour until it was all soft and homogeneously amber in color. I hated the taste of that margarine but mom and dad always claimed that real butter was too expensive. Another duty we kids had to take turns at was grinding the meat with a meat grinder very much like the one shown, and then clean the damn thing afterwards.

Boomer, I love your comments on OTOE, ALERT, and DOTES.

It was common to hear a character say "A WORD" to another character in many of the British "Inspector So-and-so" TV shows when he wanted to speak to him or her privately.

I remember a brand of radio called "Telefunken." As I recall they were pretty high-end products. Their vacuum tubes were coveted as some of the best quality.

Enough nostalgia. Best wishes to you all.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Breezed right through in Monday fashion. Hand up for oleo when I was a kid, apparently we thought it was healthier. Don’t touch the stuff now.

Today’s post comes to you from the summit of Mount Greylock in western Massachusetts. It’s less that 40 miles from home, so perhaps that’s why I never visited before. At just under 3500 feet, it towers over the neighboring lands. I bet OMK has had a look. You can just about see IM’s place from here!

Lucina said...

That is an interesting anecdote about Orson Welles and yet it saddens me to think that though he was NEWLY wed he was having an affair. Maybe he didn't love his wife.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Moe, thanks for the Ku.

Sorry about perpetuating the mispronunciation of BANGOR. One would think that a former owner of a chain of travel agencies (Clark Howard) would know how to pronounce it correctly, but one would be wrong. BTW, If you aren't familiar with Clark he sold the travel agency chain, and as a very young man had enough money to last him the rest of his life. Not being one to sit idle, he started hosting a travel show on WSB that morphed into a consumer protection/advice show.

But y'all come down to Kentucky and call our beautiful city to the west of Lexington "Ver-SIGH". Around here it is "Ver-SALES". At least y'all don't call the county seat of Bourbon County "Pear-EEE", and don't LOL when we call it "PEAR-is".

PK, Pat RILEY did go to the USAF ACAD in 2010, but just to speak. WEES about his matriculation.

PK said...

Once more I have confused Pat RILEY with Gregg Popovich. Why I get those two mixed up I don't know. They both are kind of grim looking. It is Popovich who is the USAF ACAD grad. RILEY is with the heat. Now I need to go back and find out who was talking to LEBron. Think it was Riley.

PK said...

Heat (beginning with a capital letter), the basketball team.

Michael said...

You all are so far ahead of me -- I never even knew Dorothy had a last name!

"FLN: PK, that was a time when newspaper folks had some decency. Now the "oops" crotch shots would be sold to some sleazy web site."

Jinx, I'm sorry to say that even this Corner is infected. There's some swim suit outfit which -- when I'm on the Corner's main page -- bombards me with a vast series of soft porn shots of some young girl, from neck down to mid-thigh. It seems like everything is sexualized today.

D4E4H said...

Husker Gary at 2:11 PM
- - I thought Roger pushed a broom for an 8 X 12 4 bed room, but I have come to realize it was a 4 bit room, almost Uber income.

- - For your ears only Andrea Bocelli & Lola Astanova - The Journey to the Theatre of Silence (Full film) (19:16 and worth every minuto).
- - Now that I have your attention, "Continuum" (4:46) by LoLa Astanova


D4E4H said...

I was shopping for a new pair of pumps, and wanted your input on these. I'm used to flats, but I think these will be fine, if I don't fall flat on mu face. The Emperor's new shoes, only 6 1/4" Solid Brass Heel.


billocohoes said...

Boomer (my own nickname in college BTW) you should've written the last line as "little lamzy divey" so as not to give a hint to anyone who doesn't know that the first two lines refer to mares and does eating oats.

I remember Kyle Rote as mainly a wide receiver with the Giants after a knee injury.

Jinx, my favorite localismn is Greenwich, which is pronounced gren-itch in England, Connecticut, and the Village in NYC, but in Washington County NY is Green-witch, where they go so far as to name their high school teams "The Witches".

I also knew the perp on a crime show once when a guy said he had lived on Houston Street, saying it like the city in Texas, instead of House-ton like a New Yorker

Jumble Fan said...

Lucina @ 11:50 am: How about letting us know when you finish the Jumble so that we may be able to discuss it.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Aha - a BREEZy Monday... Thanks Matt. Thanks Boomer for the fun expo; tee-hee at over-tip.

WO: DORTHYGALE_(?) Oh, there's another O in DOROTHY [thanks ROTE]
Fav: FUNK - just so I can link Grand Funk Railroad.. I saw them two years ago at Bacchus; they were outstanding and I was standing about 3' from the stage. #Sweet

{}{LOL, ha, ?*, Ha!}

D4 @5:39 - Not that there's anything wrong with that...
WC - do you still need a hand at linking SUSAN in They're all Turkeys?

Welcome to The Corner Ed.

Abejo - You musta heard DUST IN THE WIND.

Picard - I noticed and LOL'd at ACHE sandwiched between HASH & WEED.

HG & PK - I heard talk about LeBron coming to Houston. That would give GSW a formidable opponent in the Rockets.

Dust in the Wind, WEED, HASH, SCREW IN(?) (LOL PK!), DODGE THE DRAFT...
Pop took the W way out when his number came up; he was in USAF-Reserves that afternoon. //I always loved how he called Clinton a Draft Dodger without looking at himself nor caring the next few candidates he voted for were also Dodgers. [hope that wasn't too WONKy or P; I could go deeper into PA w/ oc4's re-districting ;-)]

DW just discovered today's Google Doodle - Google Gnomes.... I probably won't see her the rest of the eve :-) [check it out, it's a CUTE game]

Cheers, -T
*I've got to noodle harder... Is # pronounced just HASH or full HashTag?

Chairman Moe said...

-T: yes, HASH TAG. As in, if the Hash had a tag, it would say, "order the eggs poached"!

D4E4H said...

Jumble Fan at 6:11 PM
- - I wrote an e-mail to Lucina with your posting info. If you want to Jumble, the floor is yours.

Anonymous T at 7:50 PM
- - The story starts with my note to HG at 5:12 PM, for his ears only. I want you to eye the heels Lola Astanova is wearing as she enters the room. I wondered just what is the limit. I believe I found it at 6 1/4".


Picard said...

CanadianEh! Glad you enjoyed the Maple Syrup Man photos! I remember how mysterious and magical it felt when I was a child; going out in the woods and visiting this lone guy who gave us maple syrup. The photos were taken by my father and I am in awe of how they still revive that magical feeling today.

AnonT: Glad you also laughed out loud at the juxtaposition of HASH and WEED!

Once again, here is my photo of the gateway to WEED in Northern California.

From yesterday:
Wilbur Charles: Hand up I also kept mis-reading BUM as BURN. I had heard of HEINIE as a very old derogatory word for a German and I was struggling to make the connection to the clue. And indeed wondering how it would make it into a family puzzle!

I did Google "Shocked and Chagrined" and found the Seinfeld bit. As I remember, it was the final episode of Seinfeld.

Lucina: Thanks for the further information about your Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction. If people are as partisan as you say, maybe the answer is for the good guy to run in that same party in the primary. In any case, I agree that it is frustrating that people can be so tribal. I am Shocked and Chagrined!

Mike Sherline said...

Anon-T - in my world # is pronounced "sharp". I still don't really know what "hash tag" is or means; or for that matter, why some people sometimes put @ before anybody's name that they type. I'm staying deliberately ignorant about some things that I consider culturally deplorable.

Lucina said...

Oh. I finished the jumble quite some time ago and thought it very easy. Whoever suggested lining up the consonants and vowels apart, I'm grateful. It's a lovely technique that helps with the solve.

Anonymous T said...

Mike - I call it a sharp sometimes too. In Unix scripting, the 1st line starts with ShBang (#! - a Sharp followed by a Bang) before the path to the interpreter. Twitter coined #==HashTag to 'tag' something with a short-hand phrase. Meh, I'll play along.

If # was 'sharp' in C.Moe's #orderPoached... well, that would make us little-Endians wouldn't it* :-)

Cheers, -T
*If I have to explain Jonathan Swift... :-)

D4E4H said...

Mike Sherline at 11:17 PM
- - Anon T wrote "#Sweet." Like you, I am ignorant. I suspect that # activates apps on a smart phone somehow, but why is it called the cumbersome label of hash tag?

- - No news is no news. I pray that you are able to handle the vog when it comes.

Picard, Any new word on Tam, and his house?


Wilbur Charles said...


Wilbur Charles said...

The above was fln re. My attempt to link. Thx to T's advice. I'm still reading all the late posts . I guess the _J was a little stiffer today if my measuring is right. But I'm just a poor son of a Bostonian .


Wilbur Charles said...

And finally, FLN, thx T and Moe for unhashing the Ku. I knew it was clever but my brains on strike .