Jun 13, 2018

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 Robert E. Lee Morris

Theme: Pretty as a picture.   Let's start with the unifier, all will then be in focus.

56 A. End of a close race ... and what the last part of the answers to starred clues can literally be: PHOTO FINISH.  This is a race that is so close that a picture is taken along the finish line to see who gets a nose across it first.  In this puzzle, the last part part of each theme entry can be paired with the word PHOTO to get a specific meaning.  Of course, a PHOTO FINISH can also be matte or glossy, but that's not what we are talking about.

17 A. *Sports bookie's figure: POINT SPREAD.   The expected margin of victory - you can place a wager that a given team will win or lose a game by more than that amount.  A PHOTO SPREAD is a group of pictures on a topic that are printed together in a magazine.

37 A. *R&D setting: TEST LAB.  This is where the detail work is done to provide analytical data on the quality and performance properties of a product or its associated precesses.  A PHOTO LAB is, or was, a place where traditional photographic negatives were developed to make the real image.  Almost all photography is digital now, so I'm not sure how many PHOTO LABS exist these days.

11  D. *Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde," e.g.: DOUBLE ALBUM. This is group of two LP or CD musical recordings packaged as a unit.  Digital streaming is phasing these things out as well.  A PHOTO ALBUM is a book in which one can place cherished pictures for posterity.

25 D. *Marksmanship match: TURKEY SHOOT.  A SHOOTING proficiency contest using moving targets, with a TURKEY as the winner's prize.   A PHOTO SHOOT is an appointment with a photographer in a studio or on location to take a series of photographs.

Hi Gang - not particularly photogenic JazzBumpa here to zoom in on the fine [focal] points of this puzzle.  Full disclosure:  I am NOT a camera.

Nevertheless, here I am at the far right of a big trombone and tuba extravaganza at First Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, MI this past Sunday.  Should have vids in a week or so.

Photo credit: my Lovely Wife


1. Keebler cracker: ZESTA.  Wheat based saltines.

6. Shoots the breeze: CHATS.  Has a casual conversation.

11. E, in Morse code: DOT.  Letters are represented by sequences of dots and/or dashes.  Here, the sequence is one.

14. Parts of plots: ACRES.  Land, not story features.

15. Kama __: SUTRA.  More than just a sex manual, this ancient Hindu text is a guide to virtuous and gracious living, regarding love, family life and other pleasurable aspects of human existence.

16. Bruin great Bobby: ORR.  A famous moment.

19. Action film gun: UZI.  The Uzi is a family of Israeli open-bolt, blowback-operated submachine guns.  [Wikipedia.]

20. Caspian Sea feeder: URAL. This river originates in the Ural Mountains and flows through Russia and Kazahkstan in Eurasia.

21. Where work may pile up: IN BOX.  Mine was a compost heap.

23. Criticized unfairly, in slang: HATED ON.

27. Stand in a studio: EASEL.  Support for a picture.

29. Get away from: ELUDE.   Or evade.

30. Inoffensive: HARMLESS.

33. "Tell It Like It Is" crooner __ Neville: AARON.

34. Suffix with billion: AIRE.  A person with more money than she needs.

35. Fashionable way to arrive?: LATE.  I guess appearing on time is gauche.

36. "What a pity": TSK.  Tongue clucking.

40. Meadow: LEA.  An open area of grassy or arable land.

41. Four-stringed instruments, typically: UKES.

43. Weighty volume: TOME.  A large, scholarly book.

44. Buck the system: REBEL.  Go your own way.

46. PassÈ street corner convenience: PAY PHONE.  Among other passe things in this puzzle.

48. As __: generally: A RULE.  Most of the time.

49. Location: SCENE.  A particular place

50. Online player, briefly: P C GAMER.  Played mostly on phones, these days, I imagine.

52. Taj __: MAHALA marble mausoleum built in 1642 by the Mogul emperor Shah Jahan to house the tomb of his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal.  When I was young, I thought it was the Tajma Hall.  Made sense to me at the time.

54. Foundry waste: SLAG.   Stony by-product material from the smelting of ore.

55. Good Grips gadget brand: OXO.   Ergonomically designed kitchen utensils.

63. "Don't Bring Me Down" rock gp.: ELO.

64. Singer Cyrus: MILEY.  Not a fan.

65. Finnish tech giant: NOKIA.  Telecommunications, information technology and consumer electronics company.

66. Hanoi holiday: TET.  Vietnamese New Year - the most important celebration in their culture.

67. Green vehicles, for short: E-CARS.   E, for eco-friendly.

68. Belgian treaty city: GHENT.   This peace treaty formalized the end of the War of 1812.  Ghent is the largest city in the East Flanders province of Belgium.


1. Cook quickly: ZAP.  Heat in a microwave oven.

2. Prefix with logical: ECO-.  Concerning the interactions of living organisms among each other and with their surroundings.

3. __ Lanka: SRI. An island nation south-east of india.

4. Top songs set: TEN.  The 10 most popular songs in the country at any given time, based on downloaded and streamed songs from music retailers.

5. Stellar scholar: A STUDENT.  Student who gets all A's on a report card.

6. D.C. network: C-SPANCable Satellite Public Affairs Network, created in 1979 by the cable television industry as a public service.

7. Sling: HURL.  Throw forcefully.

8. Gobbled up: ATE.  Devoured.

9. Carol syllable: TRA.

10. Extreme cruelty: SADISM.  More than that - it is deriving pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering on someone.

12. Rice-shaped pasta: ORZO.

13. Froot Loops shelfmate: TRIX.  Sugary cereals marketed at children.

18. B'way sellout sign: SRO.  Standing Room Only.

22. Jodie Foster title role: NELL.  Movie about a girl raised in a mountain cabin who has no contact with the outside world, and devised her own language.

23. Intensify: HEAT UP.

24. "Seward's Folly" purchase: ALASKA.  On March 30, 1867, U. S. Secretary of State William Seward signed a treaty with czarist Russia for the purpose of purchasing Alaska for 2 cents per acre.  There was little enthusiasm in the U. S. Senate, where the treaty was ratified on April 9, by a single vote.  Settlement in the territory was sparse until gold was discovered in 1898.

26. Tokyo, long ago: EDO.

27. "Copperhead Road" singer Steve: EARLE.

28. Nevada's __ 51: AREA. A highly classified remote area located 83 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas, and the subject of popular conspiracy theories.

30. Blackjack request: HIT ME.  Request for another card.

31. Remington played by Brosnan: STEELE.  Another TV series I never watched.  You can read about it here.

32. Driveway coating: SEALER.  Petroleum based material intended to protect a black-top surface.

34. In unison: AS ONE.   Though many, we are single-minded.

38. English school since 1440: ETON.  An English independent boarding school for boys, which pops up frequently in cross words.  If the clue asks for an English School and the space provided holds four letters, fill in ETON and move on.

39. Big talk: BRAGGING.  To speak in a pompous or self-aggrandizing way about one's own accomplishments.

42. Animal welfare gp.: SPCA.   Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

45. Pitching stat: ERAEarned Run Average, the mean of the number of earned runs per nine innings thrown by a given pitcher or pitching staff.  An Earned Run is one fully resulting from the efforts and accomplishments of the offensive team; that is, one that does not result from any kind of error or mistake on the part of the defense.  WHIP [walks and hits per inning pitched] is a more modern stat that is considered to be more meaningful.

47. "I need a hand": HELP ME.  Request for assistance.

50. Tricks: PLOYS.  Devious maneuvers.

51. Half-__: coffee compromise: CAF.  Coffee with half the caffeine content.  I used to drink that before I went full decaf.

52. Bubbly brand: MOET.  Producer and distributor of champagnes.

53. Wheel connector: AXLE.  A rod or spindle passing through the center of a wheel.

54. Ending for young and old alike?: STER.  Suffix denoting a person engaged n or associated with a particular activity or thing, frex.: gangster.

57. Hyphenated Minute Maid brand: HI-C.  Marketed since 1948.  The original flavor was orange. The name reflects the high content of vitamin C.  No idea if that is still accurate 70 years later.

58. Schnozz extension?: -OLA.  A suffix of no specific meaning.  in this case the effect is mildly humerous.

59. Japanese drama: NOH.  A highly stylized form of classical theater involving, masks, costumes and various props.

60. '50s prez: IKE.  Dwight David Eisenhower.

61. Sermon subject: SIN.  An immoral act breaking divine law.

62. Boater or bowler: HAT.  Fitting, I think, that we top this off with a couple pretty pictures.  So here I will put a lid on it.

Cool regards!

50 comments: said...


Thanks to REL and JzBz!

Did not know ZESTA, AARON and EARLE. easily perped.

Have a great day!

D4E4H said...

Thank you Mr. Robert E. Lee Morris for this excellent CW. I FIR.

Thanks Jazzbumpa for your excellent review. Please let us know when and how to find the video. Were you allowed to play any notes this time?

27D - It's my pleasure to introduce you to Steve Earle - Copperhead Road

51D - Half-__: coffee compromise: CAF I ask for a cup with half of it regular, and half decaf, and please put the decaf on top.


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

What Fermat said, mostly (I did know Zesta).

Speaking of saltines, I bet we never had Zesta crackers in the cupboard when I was a kid. The box just didn’t look right. A proper cracker box had to look like the Nabisco version (Premium Saltines).

Morning JzB, I notice that the visible organ pipes in your photo appear to be real, operating ones, as opposed to the merely decorative type. That means they are part of a “speaking façade”, which is a greater technical challenge for the organ builder.

D4E4H said...


“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

To which has been added - "We will slam it shut in your face."


Jay Green said...

Strange explanation of a Turkey Shoot. Down south we shoot at stationary targets with shotguns. The winner is whoever gets the most pellets in the inner ring, or whoever gets a pellet closest to the crosshair depending on what type of target is used. Since you're using birdshot, this combines marksmanship and luck. Potentially anyone could win. In one legendary contest my Dad won a turkey, a ham, and a side of bacon using his 1936 LC Smith Custom Trap gun. Ahh....Good times!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This was a quicky before breakfast. Zip, zip, done. No, I didn't get the theme, even with the reveal. Didn't need it. Thanx, RELM and JzB.

SRI Lanka: The Ceylon of my ute.

OXO: I've mentioned before that I really like their stuff.

TRIX: And the fractured story ends, "Silly Rabbi, kicks are for Trids."

NELL: Where I first heard Evuh Dooah (evil doer).

HAT: Beginning on June 1 I wear my straw boater every day during our morning "march" through the 'hood.

BRAGGING: No politics!

A herd of feral hogs just came trooping (do they troop?) through our back yard. They sure do "aerate" the sod. Not in a good way.

thehondohurricane said...

Morning all,

Bit of a wag fest today...ZESTA, GHENT, NOKIA, & HATED ON. POINT SPREAD was never an issue because I never have bet on games of any kind, but PHOTO FINISH recalled a lot of anxiety moments. When I was at Miami, many A Saturday was spent at the track during racing season. A frat brother had an uncle who was a trainer and he sure helped a bit.

Rain expected today so yard work gets a break and the body has a day to heal. I'm getting (have gotten) too old for yard work. It's been time for a lawn service for quite a while, but I'm too Damn frugal. Thankfully EX Strength Tylenol helps.

Oas said...

CSO Tinbenni

Big Easy said...

Thanks JzB for the explanation of the PHOTO FINISH because I certainly couldn't see it, even after finishing the puzzle. But I always hate it when I have to finish 1A by perps; never heard of ZESTA crackers. Karma SUTRA & SADISM in the same puzzle? Okay.

"General" Robert E. Lee had some musicians today. ELO & EARLE- X-word staples, AARON Neville (a local singer), MILEY Cyrus, and Bob Dylan as a clue. Only a couple of actor or characters-NELL & STEELE- from some movie or TV show that I've never seen. I like it.

Never heard the expression "HATED ON".
I agree with Jay Green on TURKEY SHOOT. I never knew it was a contest with rifles.

billocohoes said...

First boater I've seen that wasn't straw.

POINT SPREAD isn't what some expert thinks the final margin will be; the bookie sets it so that equal amounts will be bet on each team, thus minimizing the bookie's risk. It's the bookie's guess at what the public thinks the margin will be, factoring the number and enthusiasm of bettors and possibly their wealth (presumably Harvard fans would make bigger bets than those from the College for Lifeguards.)

billocohoes said...

BTW next Tuesday is the 74th anniversary of the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot, in which over 350 Japanese planes were shot down at a cost of less than 30 US planes.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Indeed, there are differing meanings to TURKEY SHOOT. Not being a shootist, I just went with one i found on the internet - the font of all knowledge.

In the pic, those certainly are working pipes. And, yes, I had a great many notes to play this time, some of them quote high, but I got them all.

Vids are up. Organ is included in Salvum fac Populum Tuum. That, Finlandia and the Fanfare are from this year.

Salvation is created, Octet, Canzone and The Thunderer are form last year. I see the first three vids on the playlist are from Saturday's rehearsal.

This great event was part of the 10:00 a.m. service.

Cool regards!

Jazzbumpa said...

That's not an active link.

This one should be


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

FIR. Only turbulence was at HATED ON. Not familiar with the expression. Interesting theme, but it did not help my solve.
Note that we have Finnish in a clue and FINISH in the fill.

Good job by RELM and JzB.

Yellowrocks said...

Working across and down together this went quickly. JzB, you always have great info. I liked your title.
AARON and EARLE were new to me, but perps and wags to the rescue.
Jimmy Durante was nicknamed The Schnozzola. I loved watching The Jimmy Durante Show in the 50's. His sign off was, "Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!" Donald O'Conner and Imogene Coca had delightful shows during that time period.
Not being a shooting enthusiast, I think of another meaning.
Idiom dictionary, "A turkey shoot is a fight or contest where one side is so much stronger than the other that the weaker side has no chance of winning. Note: This expression is usually used to suggest that the situation is unfair. Note: A turkey shoot is an occasion when people hunt turkeys, which are very easy to shoot." Seems similar to shooting fish in a barrel.
So the third meaning of turkey shoot is literal, shooting actual turkeys.
HH, I sympathize with your yard work comment. I am trying to gear myself up to hire a cleaning lady. Oh, my aching back.
I saw a TV special about the UFO conspiracy theory and Area 51.
I have had Keebler's Zesta saltines. I prefer Nabisco Premium saltines. The boxes are similar except for color and logo.
Have a great day.

Spitzboov said...

During WWII the Battle of the Philippine Sea occurred June 19-29, 1944. One phase of it was as follows:

"During the day of 19 June 1944, between Ozawa's attacks on the American fleet and the attacks on Guam and Rota, 429 Japanese planes were shot down. The Americans lost 29. This battle was commonly referred to among the US Navy men as the "Great Marianas TURKEY SHOOT". Many historians agree that this event marked the end of Japanese naval air power. ."

Husker Gary said...

-PHOTOS used to sit in a camera for months before they got developed and you found out how bad they were
-He said he took bribes to affect the POINT SPREAD not affect who won or lost
-Old PHOTO LABS pale in comparison with what I can do with my iPhone camera
-REBEL in a puzzle by Robert E. Lee, Hmmm…
-The SCENE of Tuesday’s handshake seemed surreal to me
-MILEY compensates for paucity of talent by performing with a paucity of clothing
-My daughter loves her E-CAR but doesn’t trust it for many miles without charging
-A stellar student starting with AST. This amateur astronomer contemplated a lot of other fills
-HURLING mud becomes de rigueur when campaigns HEAT UP
-This wonderful set of AXLES, gears, pulleys, etc. was a powerful tool in my classroom
-Major FB schools schedule “TURKEY SHOOT” games to fatten their record
-DW’s recipe for sickness – ZESTA crackers and 7-Up (warm)

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

No serious hang ups and only one w/o: Ray instead of Uzi. I mixed up sci-fi films with action films. I did stumble on the clue for Hurl, seeing Sing, not Sling. Unknowns were Aaron and Earle and learning moment was Nokia being Finnish and not Japanese. I was clueless about the theme until the reveal.

Thanks, REL, for a mid-week challenge and thanks, JzB, for the snazzy expo.

We're supposed to have some stormy weather today but, right now, it's still and calm.

Have a great day.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Quick stop today; great puzzle and recap. I arrived in a LIMO instead of LATE, which kinda mucked up the Outer Banks. Other than that, the perps took care of some proper names I didn't recall, or might've forgotten ...

JzB was on the same ALBUM page as I when I saw THIS Moe-ku:

If "Glossy" and "Matte"
Ran a race, wouldn't there be

And in the "boo, hiss" column:

Hirohito gave
Dramatic refusal, when
He quickly said, "NOH"

Hoping to play golf manaña ...

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, JazzB and friends. This was a fun puzzle.

I had forgotten about ZESTAs until the perps gave me the answer. I don't think we ever had them growing up, and I don't buy them now.

My favorite clue was Where Work May Pile Up = IN BOX.

QOD: The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. ~ William Butler Yeats (June 13, 1865 ~ Jan. 28, 1939)

WikWak said...

A delightful romp through a Wednesday RELM, followed by a JazzB exposition—that’s a great way to start the day. Thanks to both.

Wanted EVADE before ELUDE; also wanted some kind of lab other than TEST LAB at first, but I can’t for the life of me think what it was. My remembery must be on the fritz. I think it’s because I missed my first mid-morning nap. *

Have a great day, all!

* Slept right through it. I hate when I do that.

Wilbur Charles said...

FLN. Picard i never got around to posting this last night, but..

That sweater was a perfect "Yarn Bomb"



Lucina said...

Wonderful Wednesday puzzle and thorough analysis. Thank you, R.E.L. Morris and JazzB. I'm listening to your presentation as I type. It sounds good.

The puzzle was a TURKEY SHOOT, meaning easy. Only EARLE was unknown but it emerged quickly.

I recall seeing NELL many, many years ago with not only Jodie Foster but a young Liam Neeson as well. I used to like watching Remington STEELE.

Ooh, Finlandia is playing now. I love it.

ZESTA crackers are my preference to use in meatloaf; the only problem is, they get stale between uses.

The PHOTO ALBUMS full of pictures from my travels (one for each country) occupy a full shelf in one closet.

It's amusing to see HEATUP next to ALASKA. And I see we have EDO and NOH for a Japanese connection.

I remember Jimmy Durante's schnozola!

Have a delightful day, everyone!

Wilbur Charles said...

I had TECH LABat first. I'd just read Anon-T's last post of 9/12. Btw, I interrupt this post for a commercial break.
Google has detected that I tape MLB Network games. So now they are inviting me to check in on the games.* Blogger will occasionally pick up on my latest interests and send me a related advertisement. eg. A Nissan Rogue I was cross pricing PS, I bought a 2011 BMW instead.
More gossip: Mon chere Amie from the bank is going to another branch. She stopped to say hello at McDonald's where I was sipping and solving.

Spitz, I envy your talent.

50A. No. The PC Gaming genre is international, lucrative to the top .01. % and played on specially designed PC.

Actually, I liked Hannah Montana.

And then there's Shadenfreude, deriving pleasure from the misfortune of others.

PS. I guess you heard all you ever didn't need to know about point spreads from my Henry Bibby story

Enough for now


* A msg comes to my cell phone

Wilbur Charles said...

How did Durante stick his nose into the blog today . Was there something in the xword? I run through fast and only do the crosses and notice clues like Japanese Drama from the write-up.

Did the J_ in my head. It must be from doing xwords. Btw my lessee is giving me problems .

HATES ON. Apparently there's a Cyber fracas going on between a fiance and wife of NHL players.


Wilbur Charles said...



PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thank you, RELM & JzB for a fun & fast romp.

What does R & D stand for? ESP for TEST.

After years of extinction out here, the Fish & Wildlife Department introduced TURKEYs to my home area around the lake. Always a treat to see a flock out feeding along the creeks but they scratch out a lot of wheat --not good. When I did special newspaper hunting editions, I interviewed several TURKEY hunters. They didn't seem to think it was so easy to SHOOT those birds. If I remember right, they used a rifle rather than a shotgun and TURKEYs are considered "big game" out here because shotgun pellets don't penetrate all the feathers. It also involves getting up very early in order to hide in a blind before the TURKEYs come down from the trees where they roost at dawn. If you miss a shot, the sound causes all the birds to fly into the trees, so you may not get a second chance. Hunters here also have skeet shoots to win turkeys.

Back in my olden newspaper days, I did my own black & white PHOTO LAB work when I worked at one paper. Enjoyed the magic of it.

Gimmee: AARON Neville, my favorite male singer right now. Listen to him most nights.

I can't stand to be LATE. My husband rarely was on time. I called him my LATE husband, even when he was alive.

Today we had ECO, EDO, ELO, ERA & ECAR. Wheeeee!

Hahtoolah said...

PK: R&D = Research and Development.

Jayce said...

Nice puzzle, excellent music. I love Finlandia and your performance of it sounded mighty good to me, Jazzb.

Picard said...

As a sometimes professional photographer, I enjoyed the PHOTO FINISH theme. I got a bit confused thinking that both words were supposed to be part of the theme.

MORSE Code was invented 100 years before Shannon's Information Theory. Yet MORSE had the intuition that more common letters should have shorter codes.

Since E is the most common letter it makes sense that its code is the shortest possible: DOT. T is next most common and it has the next shortest code: A single DASH.

When I saw HARMLESS I instantly thought of the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Universe. Way cool that you were on the same wavelength, JzB.

Here I was at the Old Los Angeles Zoo remnants with my nephew AARON.

Wilbur Charles: Glad you enjoyed the YARN Bombing photos. Which sweater do you mean?

From yesterday:
AnonT: I assume that was a bit sarcastic what you were saying about no one wanting the President to fail!

This Frontline special was one of many reports that documented the "Caucus Room Conspiracy" that was all about just that. Another President.

Wilbur Charles said...

Picars, 2 things.1. It was the bright blue sweater which you wore with aplimb
2. I'm ASSUMING you appreciate Boston humor


Wilbur Charles said...


Lucina said...

Semi easy Jumble today.

Wilbur Charles:
The -OLA suffix brought to mind Jimmy Durante.

Ol' Man Keith said...

A nice entry today from Mr. Morris, one that held my attention through slow but steady discoveries. In the end all that held me up was the need to switch my thinking from plot "turns" to ACRES.
Like Jazzbumpa, my first thoughts (and 2nd and 3rd, etc.) were theatrical. But that's one of the joys of crosswording, isn't it? To be teased into thinking in the wrong direction. How easy it is to play the human brain, that Ol' Walnut, for a suckah!

Back (for 'arf a mo) to theater things, such misdirection is a staple of many dramatic plots, from Greek tragedy to the latest Netflix series.

Enjoyed today's Jumble. It includes a phrase well known to unemployed actors...

Hey! Good music, JzB! And you're playing it in my old haunt, among the Presbyterians!
I have long deserted the fold, but I still get many a chuckle recalling our old minister's sermons. I remember Episcopal Bishop Pike's jocular tale of Christ coming back to earth and proposing some new idea for his followers. Catholics would reply, "Yes, Lord, but is it ecumenical?"
Each denomination would have its own caveat, and when Christ got to the Presbyterians, they would answer,
"Yes, but is it old?!"


Diagonal Report:
One. A single anchor slash on the mirror side.
Curiously today's diagonal yields this anagram ~


Why, that must be the outcry of some poor soul who trusted too much in his private home sale.


CrossEyedDave said...

I put it down to start a load of laundry,
got sidetracked and looked at the weather on the PC.
That led to having to look at yesterdays late night Blog posts.
Having to pass thru todays Blog, I could not stop myself from peeking...

Well, I could have lied & said I aced the puzzle...

But with all the surveillance cameras around these days...

Hmm, I might have finished it if I had a little more inspiration

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR at the Honda dealer waiting room while they changed the oil for free, did a free state inspection, and extracted $200+ for a front brake job.

Hams (and maybe other Morse code users, if there are any left) use DiT not DOT, and that caused my first erasure. (They also say "dah" not "dash".) My other two erasures were at 29a: Avoid>>>evade>>>ELUDE. Didn't know ZESTA, ECARS, NOH, nor that "Blonde on Blonde" was a double album. I like Dylan, but not enough to plunk down my money.

The Kentucky Longrifle Association had its range behind our house/restaurant/gas pumps/motel when I was growing up. All muzzleloaders, some being flintlocks. They had an annual turkey shoot using paper "bullseye" targets. Most participants dressed in frontier garb for the event. I learned about dividers from watching them grade the results.

I live in an ancient part of Norfolk called Ghent. My neighbor and I bought a race boat together and named it Treaty of Ghent.

Yesterday we had [Marquis de] SADE, today SADISM. Ironically, neither puzzle caused a bit of pain.

Thanks to REL Morris and JzB for all the fun.

OwenKL said...

We ZAP our dinner to make it HEAT UP,
Then a sip of MOET, and HALF-CAF in a cup.
Yet still I feel
That my innards are about to erupt!

(Neither Erato nor Thalia on that one. I've just got finished, for the third night in a row, emptying my tummy going out the in door!)
Computer problems are continuing! I wrote this about 2am, but haven't been able to post it online until just now! Haven't taken time to read your comments yet!

Mike Sherline said...

I think the E in ECARS (67a) stands for electric.

JzB great music. Unfortunately I lost it after the Dukas - said "Safari is unable to establish a secure connection to You Tube". I saved the whole thing in my reading list, and look forward to hearing Finlandia and the Gabrieli especially. Nice arrangement of the La Peri fanfare, by the way - I've only ever done it as a brass quintet. I love that a church has Posaunenstadt - could it be inspired by Posaunenfest, a huge yearly gathering in Ulm of musicians from all over the world?

Hey, Anonymous-T, are you up yet? Please look at the post in yesterday's blog comments @ 1346, right after your last one @ 0023. Looks to me like somebody trying to sell stolen credit card numbers, with PINs and CVVs. Any chance of using it to help the cops catch some bad guys?

Mike Sherline said...

-T: yeah, the message in question was posted @ 1346 today, in yesterday's comments.

thehondohurricane said...

I really get ticked when someone proves they can't count or read. It's no more then 5 posts a day people.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Hondo - just wondering - what ticks you off? Just the "rule" violation, or the content of the posts? Do corrections of typos / misfiring autocorrect count in your mind?

D4E4H said...

Irish Miss from 6-11

I found a video from The Big Bang Theory Sheldon: No Different From Any Man Please see the parallel to you at 2:15.

Husker Garyat 9:09 AM
- - "DW’s recipe for sickness – ZESTA crackers and 7-Up (warm)" - I suffer from a condition that sneaks up on me. I believe ennui fits, and I am not going to LIU. When I realize what is wrong, I turn to cold Ale 81, a product bottled in Winchester, KY, and saltines. Zestas are fine, but I like the Kroger, and Walmart brands just as much. Zestas are square, and the others are rectangular. They each have 13 holes to keep them flat.
- - The proper way to eat them is 1/3 per bite. Counting from side to side, there are 6 spaces between edges, and between holes. Biting on the second row gives the first third. Then turn what is left, and split it.
- - I contacted the parent company of Zesta to ask how big is the "Mother Cracker" that goes through the oven on a belt. They replied that they would have to get back to me. Sounds like a governmental job. I love when the stack has one more brown edge. That was the edge of mother, and has so much flavor.
- - Sorry Nabisco, I dislike your product. I recommend whole wheat saltines for a change of pace, and note that individually wrapped Zestas have 16 holes.
- - I'll jump down from my cracker barrel now. Can you imagine how stale was the last cracker in the bottom?


SwampCat said...

Wonderful Wednesday! Thanks RELM and Jazz.

HG, I had the same experience with AST.., and the clue Stellar Scholar. Surely it had to be something connected with astronomy. Nooooo....

Lucina, I also remember Liam Neeson in NELL. Too cute!

AARON Neville was a gimme . Love him.

Spitzboov, thanks for the reminder of the Battle of Philippines Sea. A true turning point. But there were many. We wore them down.

I also am more familiar with dit and dah. But the fill was obvious.

Fun puzzle! Thanks all.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

A PHOTO FINISH for me today... Had to WAG the H in NOH/GHENT. Thanks RELM for the perfect Wednesday puzzle.

HHGTTG and Blazing Saddles... Whoa there JzB!

I kinda knew ZESTA but was going with fESTA b/c I wanted Fry@1d. ZAP came to mind before ink was let.

WO: Hash b/f HURL; GAM... Ooops, PC GAMER
Fav: DOUBLE ALBUM. Top o' the noodle: The Wall, White Album, Exile on Main St., Sgt. Pepper, Quadrophenia, London Calling, Frampton Comes Alive. What do you have?

Runners-up : Schnozz in the clue was funny* and AREA 51 - loved the X-Files and I had a buddy that left Tinker AFB to work there [never saw him again....]

{A -- get well soon} {cute, LOL}

WikWak - I too hate sleeping through my Sat. morning nap :-)

MikeS - Already copied and pasted. The Blogger account has been around a while so maybe I can wait 'till the weekend to buy me some C.C.#s :-)

IN BOX - I have 32,288 messages in mine; only 5 unread. Search is my friend.
//Tech Tip - if you have Outlook you can type 'from: sender' to quickly find messages; don't forget the colon.

Back to work... It's going to be a long June.

Cheers, -T
*For those not easily offended - The Blood Hound Gang from their ALBUM Once Fierce Beer Coaster has the line: Schnozz like the 'Coz.... Talk about getting HATED ON.

Irish Miss said...

Dave @ 7:11 ~ Thanks for the chuckle! 😇 😈

Lucina said...

My printer went out again. Does anyone else experience printers quitting in just three years? That's what mine seem to average and I really liked the last one0 especially the two-sided printing feature and it could handle up to 20 pages. Now it's way up in price so I have a simpler one.

SwampCat said...

Anon T, luved me some X-Files!! Area 51 was my nirvana.

Anonymous T said...

Crap - should be Bloodhound Gang and One Fierce Beer Coaster as the ALBUM. I find that funny because the ALBUM was a CD, lots of fierce profanity, and a CD can be a beer coaster! #META.

Lucina - what's the make/model of the printer?

Swamp - did you watch any of the X-Files reboot? I tried it, but after the movie... Meh. Let X live in happy-fun memories.

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

Both are HPs. The inoperative one is Model SNPRC 1401 02. Since it's already unhooked I can't look up the model # used in the computer.

Lucina said...

If you have a message for me concerning the printer would you e-mail it since I likely won't see it until tomorrow. Thank you.