Jun 6, 2018

Wednesday, June 6 2018, C.C. Burnikel


17. Good thing to bring to the table: HEALTHY APPETITE. Tutti a tavola a mangiare!

23. Tailless Atlas Mountains monkey: BARBARY APE. This one looks like he's 65D HAHing.

52. Sugary snack on a stick: CANDY APPLE.

63. 1995 Woody Allen film: MIGHTY APHRODITE.

And the reveal ...

40. Past due salary ... and what's literally hidden in 17-, 23-, 52- and 63-Across: BACKPAY.

Melissa here. Yet another stellar offering from our prolific C.C. All four theme clues, two of which are grid-spanners, are two words, the first ending with Y, and the second beginning with AP - perfectly consistent, spelling PAY backwards. Also consistent with C.C. puzzles, it is sprinkled with sporting clues.


1. Feature of distressed jeans: RIP. Kate Beckinsale, sporting this fashion, below. Remember when we used to patch them?

4. Condé __: Vanity Fair publisher: NAST.

8. It may be set on a smartphone: ALARM.

13. Qualified: ABLE.

15. Dead set against: ANTI.

16. Show with skits: REVUE.

20. Strunk and White topic: STYLE.

21. Colour suffix: ISE. The U in colour indicates the UK spelling, so ISE follows, as opposed to the U.S. spelling colorize.

22. False front: MASK.

27. Hog heaven: STY. Snort.

29. Close friend: PAL.

30. Hang around: LOITER.

34. Hockey trophy: CUP.

35. Arizona's third-largest city: MESA.

38. Sound from one with 37-Down, perhaps: SNORE.

39. SunTrust Park MLB team: ATL.

42. Big Band __: ERA.

43. Apartment agreement: LEASE.

45. Deadly septet: SINS. Inspired a decent bottle of wine, among other things ...

46. Polo or tee: TOP.

47. Mescaline-yielding cactus: PEYOTE.

49. Evian water: EAU.

51. Day divs.: HRS.

56. "No harm done": I'M OK.

59. Livy's lucky number?: VII. This is a cute clue, but I'm not sure of the reference. Could it be Elizabeth of York who married Henry VII, and gave birth to seven children, including Henry VIII? Anyone?

60. Sub shops: DELIS.

67. Hospital prep area: PRE-OP.

68. Orderly: NEAT.

69. From square one: ANEW.

70. Trickles (through): SEEPS.

71. Namesake of the sports-oriented Courage Award: ASHE. Arthur.

72. Ambulance letters: EMS. Emergency Medical Services.


1. Shouts from the stands: RAHS. Noun, not verb.

2. "Fat chance!": I BET.

3. Detailed sports commentary: PLAY BY PLAY.

4. "No can do": NAH.

5. At all: ANY.

6. Part of an angled case: STAIR. Nice clue.

7. Buzzed: TIPSY.

8. "Odds __ ... ": ARE. Most know Johnny Mathis's Chances Are, not as many know Bob Marley's tune by the same name.

9. Admission demand: LET ME IN.

10. Nike competitor: AVIA.

11. Dirt road features: RUTS.

12. Timid: MEEK.

14. "Enchanted" fantasy film girl: ELLA.

18. U. of Maryland athlete: TERP. From Wikipedia: The Maryland Terrapins, commonly referred to as the Terps, consist of 19 men's and women's athletic teams that represent the University of Maryland, College Park in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I competition. The school's football coach and later the school's president, Harry C. "Curley" Byrd, thought "Terrapins" was a good nickname choice because of the diamondback terrapins endemic to the Chesapeake Bay region.

19. Big ring: PEAL.

24. "Roll Tide" school: BAMA. The rallying cry for the Alabama Crimson Tide athletic teams.

25. Smart ones?: ALECS.

26. Bride's throwaway: POSY.

27. Massage target: SCALP.

28. Daniel LaRusso, to Mr. Miyagi: TUTEE.

31. Follow orders: TOE THE LINE.

32. Muffed grounder, e.g.: ERROR.

33. Harvests: REAPS.

36. Take part in a biathlon: SKI. Winter sport that combines cross country-skiing and rifle shooting.

37. Sleep clinic focus: APNEA.

40. __ carotene: BETA.

41. Often-barked letters: ASAP.

44. Dance in a gym: SOCK HOP.

48. Reason to go green?: ENVY. Nice.

50. Bun, e.g.: UPDO.

53. __ Prince, Wonder Woman's alias: DIANA.

54. "Holy cow!": YIPES. Not yikes.

55. Helen of Troy's mother: LEDA.

56. Little tricksters: IMPS.

57. Boggy area: MIRE.

58. Double-curved arch: OGEE.

61. Tabloid twosome: ITEM.

62. Tends to tears: SEWS. Tricky clue.

64. Pulls a Charmin shenanigan, briefly: TPS. Wouldn't want to clean that up.

65. "That's a laugh!": HAH.

66. GPS output: RTE.

78 comments: said...


Thanks to C. C. and mb!

It's the Roman Livy, mb!

Nice puzzle!

Only a few things not known outright : BARBARY APE, MIGHTY APHRODITE, TERP and TUTEE.

Have a great day! said...

Sorry that I missed your bday, Tom! Hope it was great! said...

P.S.: I take Pradaxa (blood thinner). Hate being covered with bruises, but that's the game. Heart specialist keeps urging me to have cardioversion, but, hey, that can kill you!

Lemonade714 said...

I agree with Fermat, it is just a Roman numeral clue.

Titus Livius Patavinus (Livy)

Titus Livius.png
Titus Livius Patavinus
Born 64 or 59 BC
Patavium, Adriatic Veneti (modern Padua, Italy)
Died AD 12 or 17
Patavium, Italy, Roman Empire
Occupation Historian
Genre History
Subject History, biography, oratory
Literary movement Golden Age of Latin
Titus Livius Patavinus

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Misreading clues led to a real mess in Minnesota this morning. Otherwise this was a slam-dunk. Thanx, C.C. and Melissa Bee.

SOCK HOP: Used to have 'em in H.S. days, because no shoes were permitted on the gym floor. Yet they'd hold the Jr. and Sr. Proms in the gym and then street shoes were OK, in fact, de rigueur. Do they still do sock hops?

Today's project is to see if I can properly assemble a walker. A lady on my M-o-W route just bought it, but said she couldn't assemble it correctly. She got a replacement, and decided to donate the original. If I can make things fit together, I'll take it to the Senior Center. There are lots of needy seniors in our end of the county.

Bob Niles said...

Very easy Wednesday.
If the reason you need blood thinners (I use Eliquist) is A-fib, go for the cardio version. I have had it done a dozen times in the last 15 years. They use some very nice drugs to put you to sleep. If you don't wake up you will never know it😂

Jinx in Norfolk said...

OH NO! FIW in Homestead by confidently entering EMt and missing the glaring error at SEWt. I apologize to CC for being so nonchalant with her fine creation. Didn't use the eraser, but should have.

I'm not so sure that a STY is a hog heaven. Hog haven would be more accurate.

CSO to the lower-case capitals, who take their 3-1 CUP lead to Vegas tomorrow.

A bar-bar-y ape is Tin's kind of monkey!

In "Bank of Bad Habits" Jimmy Buffet declares that the 8th deadly SIN is PIZZA. If so I'm going to hell for sure.

Around here, if you want to see EMS you have to look in your mirror. Can't read it head-on.

Odds ARE that Justify will be an odds-on favorite (less than 1:1) on Saturday. If he's on top of his game he will be unbeatable. But like any other athlete, horses don't always bring their A-game. If you are betting, pick the horse you think will finish second. A place ticket on it will pay more than a win ticket on Justified.

FLN: Picard, are you sure burning peat is eco-friendly? I would expect it to emit lots of CO2, CO and soot, at least compared to natural gas or even US coal-fired power plants.

Thanks for a great puzzle CC. My favorite was "reason to go green" for ENVY. And thanks to mb for another fine review.

Becky Edmondson said...

My dad’s day didn’t begin until he finished his crossword. I never picked up the habit. Oh I’d give it a try on a Monday and think this is great and then quit in frustration on Thursday. He and my sister shared Their puzzles every day. I rolled my eyes. Until dad passed away in January just shy of his 92nd birthday and missing him I picked up the crossword and now I’m hooked.

Needing lots of “help” in the beginning I found this site and while I don’t need help near as much anymore I love reading your comments. In an odd way it makes me feel closer to my dad as I can imagine his voice in many of your comments.

He loved a C.C. puzzle and I smile each time I see that byline. And to all of the puzzle creators thank you for keeping my dad’s mind sharp and providing hours of pleasure and a bit of pain on those “miserable” puzzle days!

Yellowrocks said...

Not difficult, no unheard of fill or clues, although some perps were needed. The reveal was helpful. My favorite clue was reason to go green/envy.
Celebrity chef "Biatianich's signature phrase applies royally to this event: 'Tutti a tavola a mangiare!' which means 'Everyone to the table to eat!'"
Mozart's opera, Cosi Fan Tutte, means "Thus do they all," so I figured tutti might be all or every one and mangeiare would be eat. I didn't know tavola as table. Learning moment. Thanks, mb.
I was a teen in the 50's and viewed sock hops on TV. Our school never had one. Shoes were not forbidden.
I guess I am too old to understand the lure of ripped jeans. People pay extra for the rips or rip them themselves.

Aphrodite always brings to mind this limerick.
There once was a sculptor named Phidias
Whose manners in art were invidious
He carved Aphrodite
Without any nightie
Which startled the ultra fastidious.

Also there is a movie named Mighty Aphrodite, which I have not seen.

Welcome, Becky. I'm glad we can help keep your dad's memory alive. I feel the same connection to my deceased mom.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

LOL ---> Jinx, re Tin's BAR-BARy Ape

LOL ---> YR, on the memorable limerick

As always, a CC puzzle contains many twists and turns, as well as her many sports references. I also rarely finish her puzzles without a few ERRORs, and today was no exception. ALERT > ALARM; YIKES > YIPES; GETS IN LINE > TOE THE LONE; HEARTY APPETITE > HEALTHY (didn't do a letter count, obviously)

Not a lot of new pun material, but I'll give it a go:

Kangaroo became
A professional boxer;
Had a mean SOCK HOP

Mom used to hang clothes
Out to dry; save socks, as they
Would not TOE THE LINE

From Yesterday, Happy Belated Birthday TTP. Here is a link to another Pittsburgh Dad's Birthday. I know you can relate! 😜

Oas said...

Fun workout this morning thanks C.C .
FIR but a slow start.
Catching the theme helped with two longer fills.
Spent the weekend working at the lake building stairs and landings from the dock up to the building site area of daughter # 2 ‘s dream retreat. Three flights in all. Lots of fun with water access only .
Did I ever tell you I love summer? :-)))

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Have not been here for quite a few days. I am helping my DH and SIL clean out my MIL's house in preparation to sell. MIL is liking her new situation in assisted living. She looks so much more vibrant. Yay!

Thanks, C.C., for a fun way to get back into the swing here. My fave: also ENVY. I remain astounded at puzzle construction. Melissa, thanks for the fine tour.

Welcome, Becky. Great family story. I fell into puzzles because of my dad also. You'll really like it here--a fine and witty group. I admire the vast pool of knowledge. Every time you're stumped, you'll learn something new!

Fermatprime. Agreed! If it's A-fib, try the cardio-version. My hub has done it twice with great results. My son-in-law is preparing to have it done soon.

TTP-- So sorry I missed your B-Day. I hope you are still celebrating! PS to you, my daughter who lives in Hoffman Estates showed me pics of the rain they also experienced when you did. Amazing!

I hope everyone is well. Have a very fine day.

Big Easy said...

Well, that's FOUR C.C. puzzles in two weeks. I saw the YAP on the first two themes and with BACK PAY in the center giving it away, CANDY APPLE was an easy guess before I read the clue with half the perps in place. MIGHTY APHRODITE, all perps; never heard of it or "Enchanted".

The newspaper doesn't list the constructor but I figured it was her with baseball clue. ATL was filled by perps because I don't follow baseball or their ever changing names on stadiums, available to the highest bidder.

DIANA, ELLA, STYLE- unknowns filled by perps

ASSES before ALECS- NAH, I wouldn't go that RTE. Rich wouldn't allow that one. Constructors gotta TOE THE LINE. And speaking of ASSES, somebody knocked over my mailbox yesterday. Had to go to Home Depot early today, buy a new one and set it in concrete.

Husker Gary said...

-A fun puzzle with eclectic themers!
-Our school principal had to determine if those jean RIPS were too high
-I’ve never asked my barber why he calls his shop “Backstage REVUE”
-A March attraction in MESA, AZ that is so popular there is a waiting list
-My CPAP machine has taken APNEA and SNORING out of my life
-I remember hating BIG BAND music as an IMPISH kid because Mom liked it. However, like others here, her Crossword skill hooked me
-Saying “I’M OK” isn’t enough when you get knocked down as a boxer. You have to take a mandatory “Eight Count”

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Becky E - Nice post.

Particularly enjoyed C.C.'s offering this morning. Many excellent clues. Initially couldn't get a footing in the North, so skipped to the East and clockwise. Liked the spanners, but had to wait to come to the Corners before seeing the theme. No matter. FIR. No searches or wite-out needed. Had recently read about Livy; that he was a Roman historian, so VII came easily. Wanted Macaque (something) for Atlas Mountain monkey, but considered BARBARY APE, too, and several perps quickly confirmed it.
OGEE - is also the general cross-sectional shape the broad-crested spillway of many dams. The shape reduces negative pressure so as to minimize cavitation damage to the concrete surface.

oc4beach said...

Nice C.C. puzzle with a lot of sports clues and not just baseball references to boot. MB pointed out all of the them and led us through the grid as if we were running down the base path.

I got the PAYBACK theme which helped fill in a couple of the long clues. My only real problem was who the heck is Livy and what would be his/her favorite number. I had the "i" from DIANA so I figured the number had to be sIx. Wrong. It took a while and ENVY along with YIPES to fill in the Roman numeral. DUH.

74 years ago today was D-Day when thousands of soldiers landed on the Normandy coast to free Europe. Many never came home and should be honored along with those who did.

Have a great day.

melissa bee said...

thanks fermat, lemon and spitz - i can always count on the regulars.

Lemonade714 said...

A C.C. puzzle with an mb write up is always a special treat. The consistent theme with the perfect reveal are hallmarks of C.C. puzzles. She obviously paid so much attention to the work of others, and then refined the process.

However, what I am most touched by is the very moving post from BeckyE and her reference to her 92 year old father enjoying a C.C. special. I agree that doing crossword always gives me a feeling of closeness with my long gone parents.

Lucina said...

I may be the only one here who has seen MIGHTYAPHRODITE and loved it! Mira Sorvino won an Oscar for her performance. It's a comedy about a soft hearted hooker which she plays.

I solve puzzles wherever they take me and this one started in the far right, all the way down then across the bottom. Even the sports clues didn't bother me because perps were very helpful.

I agree that Livy's lucky number is simply VII in Roman numerals. Envy was also my favorite clue.

CSO to my state at MESA, my neighboring city the east.

PAY backwards helped me with the top which for some reason took me an exorbitantly long time to fill. The Courage Award (ASHE) has popped up in several puzzles I've seen lately.

Thank you, C.C., and Melissa for helping me start off this Wednesday with a smile.

Becky, what a beautiful memory of your dad and welcome to the Corner!

Have a superb day, everyone!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Another fun and clever offering from CC. I liked the two grid spanners but all of the themers were spot-on. My only w/o was Diane before Diana. Nice CSO to Spitz, et al at Imps and to HG at Apnea and Snore. My favorites were the clues for Envy and VII.

Thanks, CC, an enjoyable solve and thanks, Melissa, for guiding us along.

Becky, that was a very poignant post. I hope you'll join the Corner family. (You, too, Anonymous Sandy.)

Madame Defarge, I'm happy to hear of MIL's smooth transition. Good luck with the tasks ahead of you.

oc4beach, another delivery today of you-know-what! 😈


Thank you all for the kind wishes and concern about Jack. I haven't had any report yet but will keep you posted when I do.

Anonymous T, I don't get the "joke's on us" reference. Please, 'splain!

Spitz, your 2¢ is welcome anytime.

Have a great day.

Lucina said...

Livy (59 B.C - 17 A.D) was a Roman historian whose work is often referenced when information about the Romans is required.

Anonymous said...

Becky, did your father post here? If so, what was the name he used? Yours is a very touching story.

Sandy, too.

Picard said...

Another fun run from CC! RAHS! Last to fall was DIANA/YIPES/ASHE to FIR. Within my PAY grade.

Artist Meredith Morin created this extraordinary tribute to DIANA Ross here last weekend.

Here is my article explaining our I Madonnari chalk painting festival where this happened.

I have photos in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, though I did not see the BARBARY APE. My post yesterday with PENN and TELLER and my TERAOHM story seems to have overwhelmed people so I will keep this short.

Jinx: I stand corrected. I was thinking burning peat is carbon neutral. But apparently peat deposits can take thousands of years to form. Harvesting is not sustainable and neither is the carbon release. Thanks for the learning moment!

Irish Miss said...

Great news! All went well with Jack's surgery. Thanks again for your caring and well wishes.

D4E4H said...

I C.C. you, and raise you a melissa bee.
- - I'm late for me, and give a hearty WEES!
- - I thought that 4D, and 65D were made for each other, NAH and HAH.

Becky Edmondson at 8:06 AM
- - Your story is touching, and parallels mine. Please post often. To paraphrase Will Rogers, "I never worked a puzzle I didn't like."


Misty said...

There's no better way to start a morning than with a C.C. puzzle. Yay! And this one was great because it was challenging, but also a lot of fun. I worked my way down the west side and then up, with the northeast corner a bit tricky. But it all fell into place. Like others, I was tickled by the misdirection of the Tends to Tears and the ENVY clues and answers. But the biggest treat came at the end when I understood the reveal and found all the YAPs in all the theme answers. Thank you, C.C., for a wonderful puzzle. And Melissa, your write-ups are a delight. I would never have noticed the British COLOUR without your noting it.

Becky, welcome to the corner! And you too, Anonymous Sandy.

Madame Defarge, so glad your mother-in-law likes her new home.

Irish Miss, so glad Jack is doing well.

Jinx, I liked your shout-out to Tinbeni with those bars.

Liked your Aphrodite poem, Yellowrocks.

Have a great day, everybody.

Lucina said...

After her Oscar win, Mira Sorvino all but disappeared from films and I have often wondered why because she showed such impressive talent. Today I discovered the reason. In an interview she tells that she discovered Harvey Weinstein had blacklisted her because she rejected his advances! She was told by the director of Lord of the Rings that he had been told by Weinstein to avoid her.

What terrible power to hold over a person or many person's lives. I'm glad he's in jail!

Irish Miss said...

Lucina @ 12:38 ~ Unfortunately, HW is not in jail; he was granted bail.

CanadianEh! said...

Wonderful Wednesday. Thanks for the fun, C.C. and melissa bee.
I moved right through this one from top to bottom and got the theme.
But I stumbled in the SE corner with EMT (hi Jinx).

LOL, I had not even noticed the British Colour and ISE. Thanks mb and Misty for commenting (and C.C. of course).

MadameD -Glad your MIL is settling in well after her move.
Welcome Becky and Anon Sandy. Join us often.
IM-glad for the positive report for Jack.

Enjoy the day.

PK said...

Husker: I don't know what happened but when I tried to click on your spring training clip, it came up but my computer stuck on buffering. In the process of trying to eliminate the clip, I trashed my document files. After trying several things I did manage to reclaim my document files, but your clip buffered on. I finally turned off the electric power to the computer for an hour and the clip disappeared. What do you think caused this?

Bill G said...

Do you make a distinction between DISINTERESTED and UNINTERESTED? It seems that they are often used interchangeably these days. I always thought that UNINTERESTED meant "I don't give a rat's ass." while DISINTERESTED meant impartial, like a judge. What do you think? I think it's a useful distinction.

Anonymous T said...


billocohoes said...

Bill G, you are correct on UN/DiSinterested, but I fear it's another English usage destined to succumb to erosion by imprecise speakers among us.

AnonymousPVX said...

Well this had a bit of crunch to it. Perfect for a Wednesday.

Ol’ Man Keith....”the feeling lingers”.....went for a ride in the Miata last night, a perfect evening, the warm air, the thrum of the exhaust, no helmet, no paranoia about getting slammed.,,,I think I’m cured. Try a convertible. Works for me!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! C.C., I enjoyed the puzzle, but didn't get the theme until Melissa explained. I think I forgot to look for it. Thanks to you both. Day isn't complete without at least one cw.

I liked Melissa's "Livy" story with being a queen with seven kids better than a male historian. I don't know how she came up with this obscurity, but "bravo". I know, the historian was probably who C.C. or Rich meant. Not as sexy.

That NE corner played with my mind. LET ME IN was the last to fill. I did this at midnight after reading last nights comments on GRE. My mind was focused on an academic form of admission. Duh! ALARM as clued meant nothing to me. Don't have a smart phone. First read "show with skiRts" not skits. (Darn trifocals) Never remember AVIA. "False front" = MASK, but I was thinking of a facade or something put in a bra. Duh! "Dirt road features", not dust but RUTS. Timid = MEEK which is not in my brash personality vocabulary, I guess. Good clues, don't know why this all came so hard for me. Everything else came fairly easy.

Crimson tide wasn't Miss but BAMA. Duh! LEnA, LEtA, LEDA.

Madam: What a relief for you that MIL has perked up in the new place. I've helped clean out three estate houses plus my own when moving. Know you'll have an emotion producing and physically taxing job. Always so many memories dredged up.

IM: Good for Jack!

Welcome, Becky & Sandy.

SwampCat said...

Late to the party because of multiple chores, but I did find time for this clever C.C. wonder. WEES about ENVY and SEWS for tends to tears. I loved the theme entries. Thanks C.C. ! And Melissa thanks for the tour.

Our JCC still has Sock Hops in the gym.

IM, I’m glad to hear good news about Jack.

This anniversary of D Day makes me sad... and also grateful, as always.

SwampCat said...

Bill G, I think you are right about dis/in interested. One more example of imprecise language leading to fuzzy thinking.

Welcome, Becky and Sandy. Post any way you want! Most of us lurked and posted infrequently before joining in.

SwampCat said...

Oops... that was supposed to be “ dis/UN interested. I cut my finger and the bandage makes typing a chore.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle very much. Especially clever were the way ENVY, ISE, SINS, STAIR, and VII were clued. Good stuff! Such imagination!

I loved Mira Sorvino's performance in MIGHTY APHRODITE. That is the only Woody Allen movie I liked. Thanks, Lucina, for explaining why she all but disappeared from films.

Greetings and welcome, Becky Edmondson and Sandy, too.

Bill G, I have noticed that and as usual I agree with you.

AnonymousPVX, that Triumph Bonneville motorcycle is gorgeous! I'm glad you are enjoying your Miata as much.

Madame Defarge, I'm glad your MIL is happy.

Best wishes to you all.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Smooth sailing through today’s C.C. creation. Barbary apes are not especially familiar, but somehow the name popped out of some part of memory.

Howdy MBee, nice work!

-T from last night: I wasn’t aware of the mock interview with Boutros-Ghali. I wonder how much those interviewees are told in advance...
Some of you will remember that Seinfeld clip as coming from the episode “The Hamptons”, which brought viewers in touch with the concept of shrinkage, the well-known consequence of cold water, and the vague compliment “breathtaking” as applied to extremely ugly babies.

Bill G - thanks so much for pointing out that subtle but important distinction! I confess I never absorbed that one previously, and looking back, I see how it could make quite a difference.

Spitz - over the years I’ve seen a variety of weir shapes and materials, and have been correspondingly amazed at how long some of them have lasted. The granite hydroelectric dam at Holyoke has been in place a long time, but if it has worn any, it’s hard to see it.

CrossEyedDave said...


Tinbeni said...

C.C.: Thank you for a FUN Wednesday puzzle.

melissa bee: Good job on the write-up.

Fave today, of course, was 68-a, NEAT ...
Though I would have clued it as "What is the correct way to drink Scotch?"

Needed ESP (Every-Single-Perp) to get who the "Courage Award was named after, ASHE.

Well, we have had about 4 inches of rain today.

But I will still "Toast the Sunset."
(Even though I probably won't be able to see it).


Ol' Man Keith said...

This was a very pleasant pzl, chewy but easily digestible, perfect for its mid-week spot.
But what else should we expect from our Xwd alma mater, our soul mother, C.C.?
Speaking of, and in, Latin, "Livy" was the only hint we needed to translate a common lucky number, "7," into its Roman form, VII. No deeper significance required, Melissa.
BTW, Ms. Bee, your commentary was lucid as usual, and greatly appreciated.

It was very heartening to see a return of diagonals.* I was able to start solving by following the dexter path from the first (NW) RIP to the final (SE) EMS.

I join you in your appreciation of Ms. Sorvino in MIGHTY APHRODITE. But I don't quite understand your discounting of Woody Allen's other films. They have certainly varied greatly in quality, especially in recent years, but except for a personal dislike of the man for his reported domestic transgression, I don't see how anyone can avoid respecting (if not loving) a body of work that includes The Purple Rose of Cairo, Stardust Memories, Radio Days, Manhattan, Hannah and Her Sisters, and Annie Hall - among many others.
Sorry, but maybe I am missing something, a flaw perhaps that you find common in Mr. Allen's work?
Some have criticized him for cineorrhea, an inability to stop churning out movies. But surely that cannot be held against the bulk of his '80s/'90s oeuvre, can it?


*Diagonal Report:
Today marks a return to what used to be a standard show of diagonals. We have a solid 3-way slash running NW to SE and a mirror return anchor line running NE to SW - for a total of four fine diags.

Big Easy said...

"74 years ago today was D-Day when thousands of soldiers landed on the Normandy coast to free Europe. Many never came home and should be honored along with those who did."

How many Americans died helping to free Europe in two world wars? Too Many.
And how many Europeans have died to help defend the USA?
No need to answer that. They don't even want to pay for their own defense.

Come visit the WW-II (formerly D-Day) Museum in NOLA.

WikWak said...

WEES. Again. I’ll have to start doing the puzzle and commenting before I go to bed… at this point in the day there’s not much left to say.

Having pointed that out, here’s what is left to say: How can I not like a C.C. puzzle with a nice topping of mb?! I only had one tiny, niggling nit—I didn’t care much for TUTEE. More than balanced out by BARBARY APE, TOE THE LINE, and SOCK HOP.

Welcome to Becky & Sandy!

Bye for now. Enjoy your evening.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I'm guessing TUTEE is a back formation from "Tutor," but however it earned its place in the lexicon, it is now pretty much accepted by all standard dictionaries.

BTW, is your nickname based on Philip Roth's home and high school in Weequahic? We've been given to understand that it is commonly pronounced "Weekwake," phonetically close to your avatar.


Ol' Man Keith said...

Big Easy,
Just a gentle reminder that when General Pershing led the first American forces to the defense of France, he is reported to have marked the occasion by saying,
"Lafayette, nous voila!"


Jayce said...

Ol'Man Keith, maybe the main reason I have not liked Woody Allen's movies is that I dislike the kvetching, neurotic character he always plays, and the preponderance of dialog about him observing and remarking upon his own thoughts and behavior. Or maybe it's that I can't relate to his sense of humor. It has nothing at all to do with current news about him, because I have felt that way for decades, including the 80's and 90's. He's just one performer/artist that I have never been able to like; there are others such as Burt Reynolds, Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, Jennifer Lawrence, and Eddie Murphy that simply rub me the wrong way.

CrossEyedDave said...

OMK@4:11, Well Said!

Lest we forget,
Goes back a lot further than you may realize...

I opened the paper today, expecting to find pages and pages of D-Day references.


I thought the Almanac, I thought would at least make a reference.


This, was the only thing I found in The Star Ledger that made reference:
and the Author is dead, and it is a reprint...

Ol' Man Keith said...

Of course, there's nothing anyone can say to change your feelings about the Allen character. But as you managed to overlook his presence in MIGHTY APHRODITE, what is wrong with other movies in which he plays only a minor role?
Or is completely absent?

I'm thinking of films like Purple Rose, Bullets Over Broadway, Blue Jasmine, Hannah and Her Sisters, etc. The list goes on, and the sheer abundance of talent in his ensembles must count for something, no?
If his on-screen persona has kept you from viewing some of these other titles, I would humbly suggest you give the non-Allen casts a try.
When & if you get a chance.


D4E4H said...

oc4beach at 9:59 AM
- - Thank you for reminding us of the horror that happened 74 years ago today. My long term memory is better than short, but I was only 33 days old, so details of the day escape me. War is Hell ! Will mankind ever learn a less expensive way to live together? WWI was known as "the war to end all wars." That label did not last long. Are we poised on the brink of WW Last?

Irish Miss at 10:56 AM
- - Thank you for the "Jack report." Now we pray for his excellent recovery.

Today's paraprosdokian is a rerun for new readers:

What happens when all of the other birds fly off without you?
You feel Ostrirchized.


Wilbur Charles said...

Fln: Anon-T, isn't HIBI a great show. 930 Saturday morning on the Radio here in Tampa. I could listen and xword.

For Colour, I was thinking ISH as in GreenISH. I'm not familiar with COLOURISE/IZE.
Like C-Moe I didn't count and made a mess with HEARTY APPETITE. Then I made a bigger mess with TOE THE MARK. But...
OMK would be proud of my diagonal solve. EMS also slowed me down

IMOK. No. Dilbert's guy is ASOK.

HEAL THY APPETITE. Excellent advice. At least the Pepperidge Farm Sausalitos are gone. 3 Klondikes left. Maybe I can stop sugar for a week or two. I took it for granted that IMOK ingesting it.
YR, I saw an article on PKU(re. Alan)
Ever hear or look into it? I can't link the Mayo Clinic URL because it's HTTPS. A PKU search will get you there .

The Jumble remined me of the peaches in the back refrigerator that need slicing
(And eating)

I should have picked up on this being a CC xword. I liked MB's write-up. Becky, my father read Westerns, thank God he also read Nero Wolfe.

Better quit


Ps. Glad Jack's okay.

Ol' Man Keith said...

An addendum to my earlier comment, Big Easy:

A proximate cause of the French Revolution was the bankruptcy of the Bourbon monarchy, effected in large part by the vast sums spent in support of the American Revolution. Ironically, in helping American colonists defeat the British king, Louis XVI assured the downfall of his own regime.

I'd say that counts for a pretty hefty show of foreign support for our team.


Lucina said...

My opinion parallels yours about Woody Allen. I believe the man is a genius and has produced an impressive body of work. Blue Jasmine, which one an Oscar and demonstrates Cate Blanchett's acting diversity, is, in MHO, one of the best. I also enjoyed Midnight in Paris which shows Mr. Allen's fertile imagination. His personal life is his to live/suffer and there appears to be much dissembling on the part of Mia Farrow from what I have read.

Drat! I hope he eventually does go to jail and for a long time.

Bill G said...

I just got a nice voicemail on my answering machine while I was busy elsewhere. The mother said her son wouldn't be coming today but she wanted to thank me because his understanding and progress had really benefited from our sessions together and that he had really ENJOYED IT. You can imagine how that made me feel knowing a student enjoyed our time together doing math tutoring. Enjoyment and understanding are certain goals of mine but it felt good to hear a mother telling me that it had all worked out so well.

OMK, I agree about Woody Allen movies. Some that you and Lucina mentioned are clever and insightful. Others are just plain funny. "From Take the Money and Run": His flawed bank robbery attempt with his sloppily hand-written note that said something like, "Give me all your money. I have a GUB." Then his attempted prison break with a gun he had carved out of a bar of soap and blackened with shoe polish. It started to rain during his escape attempt and his fake gun melted into a blob of soap bubbles.

Then, almost anything from "Sleepers." Etc.

SwampCat said...

CED, we also got very little in our papers. A few veterans honored, that’s about all. Maybe next year at the 75th there will be more.

OMK, thanks for the history lesson. I think it is important to realize we weren’t there to “save Europe “ as such. We entered the war because we were attacked at Pearl Harbor and Germany declared war on US.

SwampCat said...

We did what we had to in order to win the war.

Bill G said...

Becky E, I enjoyed hearing from you.

Pat said...

I haven't been getting to the puzzle until mid- to late-afternoon so haven't had anything new to add.Not much to add today but I want to wish belated birthday wishes to TTP I hope you had a great day! Welcome, Anon Sandy and Becky! Nice to see you!

This weeks' offerings have been fairly easy. Some crunch in each but doable in the end. Thanks to C.C. and MB for today's experience.

My first thought at 9d Admission demand. LET ME IN

IM, great news about your brother! That's a weight off your shoulders!

Madame, happy to hear your MIL is settling in to her new digs. Cleaning out the old home is no fun.

I used to do the Jumble and the easy crossword puzzle. One day after finishing them I tried this one. I kept trying and trying, found Crossword Confidential then was redirected here. I learned much from this site and started doing it first, then the easy puzzle and quit doing the Jumble. With the discussions about the J, I'm back to doing all 3 again. Thanks!

Have a wonderful evening.

Yuman said...

I have been lurking a long time, so I feel like I know all of you. After my father passed I inherited his crossword addiction. He always had his #2 pencil and his thesaurus, I prefer my iPad

SwampCat said...

Welcome, Yuman. Come join in the fun.

Lucina said...

Bill G:
That's a wonderful and gratifying reward for you! I have no doubt that you are a good tutor; when you explain something here on the Blog you are clear and precise so I fell sure that is how you are with your students.

Another child of a crossword solver! Welcome! And stay with us.

I just checked my newspaper and the Battle of Normandy is mentioned in the What Happened Today section.

Jayce said...

Thank you for the thoughtful suggestions, Keith. I respect you highly and will take them to heart. To answer your specific question, I guess I was so enrapt in Ms. Sorvino's performance and the performances of others in that movie, I overlooked Mr. Allen entirely, and actually had to go look it up to find out he was even in it! There is much genius that is evident in all art forms, but I don't think anybody would argue that someone has to therefore like or even appreciate them all. I happen to like Hieronymus Bosch's stuff but my wife can't stand to look at it. We have the same feelings about the Tchaikovsky symphonies; I like them (well, at least 4-6; I don't much care for 1-3) and she hates them. I like the way Friedrich Gulda and Valentina Lisitska play the piano but she thinks they sound like untalented piano students. Etc etc etc. Lucina, I respect your comments about Mr. Allen's work, too.

I do definitely like this blog and all who contribute to make it exciting, educational, and interesting.

Picard said...

A PEAT update. I saw my Irish lady friend from the 1990s today. I asked her if her family still uses PEAT for heat in Dublin. She said they do. She also was not aware that it is a non-sustainable resource.

I don't mean to appear overly self-promoting, but I think you will enjoy the Chalk Painting link I posted earlier. The art is memorably amazing.

I have also been following the WWII discussions today and regarding the nuclear bombing of Japan. I was not born until over 13 years after the war ended so it is interesting to hear from those who were closer to the events.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Wow C.C., 9 sports, 4 themers (w/ 2 spanners) + reveal. Ambitious. Thank you.

Thanks MB for the fun expo - I like your STYLE. The results of Wax On; Wax Off[3:42 and Danialson is a potty mouth]

WOs: aches b/f SCALP, semi b/f PEAL b/c I read 19d as Big Rig, EMT (Hi Jinx!)
ESPs: What Fermat said.
Fav: CANDY APPLE red - I've gotta get the Alfa out so I can that 'lingering feeling' back, right PVX?

Like Spitz, the North was a bugger. The theme finally helped me see BARBARY (funny Jinx) APE and HEALTY APPETITE (that's when I fixed SEMI).

{} {?, LOL}

IM - re: FLN; It was you that said you didn't like heights & tall bridges, no? I read the joke and thought of you anyway :-). Good news about Jack!

MDE DeFarge - that's nice that your MIL is settling in happy. Good luck with the subsequent chores.

D-O: How many tries did it take to assemble the walker? :-)

BigE - LOL Asses.
OMK - the Diag had a message... NAP! (Or NAPE, or KNAP (hill-top, I LIU))

C, Eh! - I really thought you, of all Cornerites, would have appreciated 21a. :-)

Welcome BeckyE and Yuman. BeckyE that was a touching story - it was my paternal Grands that infected me with the xword. They were a hoot arguing over answers:
"Old lady, you don't know what your talkin' about..."
"Shuddup ya' old coot" :-)

I was so glad Youngest stayed home today (she's exempted all her finals) when I received the email that her HS was on lock-down because of a reported gun. Turns out there was none but, with her home, I didn't have to worry for hours.

The only Woody Allen movie (I think) I've seen is Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask).. I think I was 8yrs or so; it was on HBO.

Cheers, -T

PK said...

Jayce: well said about Woody Allen. I could not stand to sit through one movie by the man. I was filled with such disdain. That was before his other shenanigans happened. What I read about his other movies did not at all appeal to me either. Keith, I don't know why you care if someone else doesn't like what you consider to be genius. We just agree to disagree.

Years ago we took a bunch of kids to the Eisenhower Museum in Abilene, KS. There was a large model of SeaBee built landing platforms and various crafts actually used to plan the Normandy Invasion. My pre-teen son was so fascinated with the whole thing, we could hardly get him out of there. He is the one who later became a USAF pilot. Eisenhower was a practical genius. I once read aloud to my husband the entire book, "The Longest Day". We did a lot of eye wiping and nose blowing in places. The magnitude of the operation was tremendous. How could anyone think that Hitler should not have been put down if you have any knowledge of what was going on?

Bravo, Bill G., good to know that mother was appreciative of your tutoring to her TUTEE. Very much deserved, I'm sure.

SwampCat said...

PK, I agree. Eisenhower was definitely a genius and master strategist. Come see the D Day museum for the rest of the story.

Jayce said...

Nice job, Bill G!

Anonymous T said...

D4 - don't click hotmail login for profile - it actually goes to

Bill G. That's got to be nice to hear. Good on you.


D4E4H said...


Wilbur Charles at 5:06 PM
- - Thanks for mentioning the Jumble for 6-6-6-6ty. I attempted to load it in the O day 30s with no J. I had kept the site open since OKL (who is conspicuously absent today) posted the link. I copy pasted. I refreshed. I saw a highlighted 6 on the calendar that had not been there before and jumped on it. Bells rang. Whistles blew. I had stumbled onto the jumble.
- - Now I had to solve it like Little Jack Horner.
- - When I pulled out a slice of juicy peach, I said “What a gooey boy am I!”
I found the last post from OKL on 6-4 with only 2 l'cks.
- - Come back OKL, we miss you.

Lucina at 5:18 PM
- - You mentioned "Cate Blanchett", and I thought "How similar is her name to Kate Beckinsale who cannot afford new jeans.
CSO Splynter.

Yuman at 6:39 PM
- - Love your doggie. We need to come up with a more positive term than "lurking." Cornerites, here is an opportunity to excel. Lurk no more my lady.
- - Harry Kim, Mayor of Hawaii County, HI offered hope After lava Takes His Kapoho Home (Jun. 5, 2018).
This link looked black in preview.


Wilbur Charles said...

OMK, interesting theory re. Bankruptcy. I'd say bankruptcy of the idea of absolute monarchies. Then again Napoleon swindled the US out of 7 million for worthless territory. And the Czar, same,same 60 years later.

Pat, I was wondering what you were up to and just as I touched the Link I realized what was coming. So cool.

Yuman, welcome. I've learned that if one entertains the possibility of a Google lookup the brain will quit.

Saturday is the best example. There's a bunch of us who have nothing for twenty minutes or a lot more. Then we P&P* and slowly the boxes fill.

Now, you might still have to do a few lookups but eventually you won't. This is all IMO of course.


* Persistence and ??

D4E4H said...

Mayor's link

the URL -

Whew! I thought I would never get all of the "<a hrefs" etc. in their places.


Misty said...

Yuman, welcome to the blog. So great to see you checking in.

Bill G., what a wonderful message about your response from the mother of a student. Lovely.

Pat, great to have you on the blog, and especially having you enjoy J again!

Dave, you did a J? Great!

Finally, Wilbur, I'm so glad you didn't think this J was the pits.

Anonymous said...

VII,roman- is #7 in arabic, the lucky number.

Anonymous T said...

Fun article Picard. Thanks. -T

Ol' Man Keith said...

There are a lot of poor reasons for caring what someone else values, most of them having to do with one's own arrogance.
But there are some good reasons, too. In this case, I have come to appreciate Jayce as a Corner acquaintance and even a friend, and I would hate for him to miss out on some (IMHO) delightful comedies and commentaries on social manners, if I can find a way to draw them to his attention.

The final choice is, as always, his.


Lucina said...

Just now I had time to read your article and see the amazing sidewalk art you posted. What talented artists! And how fortunate you are to have them all there for your event.

I recall coming upon some sidewalk art and it was so unexpected and realistic that it startled me and I couldn't walk on it. Those artists are masters! I believe it might have been in Barcelona.

Michael said...

OMK @3:35 -- "Speaking of, and in, Latin, "Livy" was the only hint we needed to translate a common lucky number, "7," into its Roman form, VII. No deeper significance required, Melissa."

You mean that's all it was??@!!!^^?? I probably spent an hour on this -- 7 hills of Rome? Nah, San Fran's got 'em too. 7 works of mercy? Nah, too late for Livy. 7 for good luck? Nah, couldn't be cuz everyone everywhere thinks it's a lucky number. "Ab Urbe Condita"? Nah, couldn't be: it's got fifty-lebenty books.

Some things are so obvious (in hindsight, of course) that not even depth charging with a case of V-8s will work.