Sep 9, 2018

Sunday September 9, 2018 Ross Trudeau

Theme: "TV Partners" - Two different TV shows are merged.

23. Show in which the Tanners move to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.?: FULL HOUSE OF CARDS. Full House. House of Cards.

37. Show in which Daenerys questions her suitors?: DATING GAME OF THRONES. Dating Game. Game of Thrones.

53. Show in which Gloria and Lois commiserate about lazy husbands?: MODERN FAMILY GUY. Modern Family. Family Guy.

65. Show in which a Time Lord becomes a live-in domestic worker?: DR WHO'S THE BOSS. Dr Who. Who's the Boss?

76. Show in which zombies invade an 1870s South Dakota town?: WALKING DEADWOOD. Walking Dead. Deadwood.

90. Show in which Richie and the Fonz write a soap?: HAPPY DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Happy Days. Days of Our Lives.

112. Installment of each of the "shows" in six puzzle answers?: CROSSOVER EPISODE.

Great to see Ross back. He just gave us this creative theme last month. This is his first LAT Sunday. 

DOCTOR WHO'S THE BOSS would be better for 65A, as the official name is DOCTOR WHO. Sometimes symmetry would not cooperate. 

Only 7 entries, but they're all fairly long, occupying total 113 theme squares. Quite dense.


1. Thin Mint cousins: SAMOAS.

7. Music-playing Apple: IPOD. Lost my precious free Marc Maron episodes during last factory re-set.

11. Campus residence, maybe: FRAT.

15. "I touched your nose!" sound: BOOP. This is new to me.

19. Luke's mentor: OBIWAN.

20. Choice: VOTE.

21. Casino city near 32-Down: RENO. 32. Western resort: TAHOE.

22. Part of A.D.: ANNO.

26. "All __ are off": BETS.

27. Had: ATE.

28. Usual method: Abbr.: SOP. OK, Standard Operating Procedure.

29. Selena's music style: TEJANO. Named after Texas.

30. Block: STYMIE.

32. "Star Trek" actor: TAKEI (George)

34. Big name in foil: ALCOA.

36. Justice Kagan appointer: OBAMA. He appointed two female justices.

41. "Phooey!": PAH.

42. Doofus: DOLT.

43. Knighted Irish rocker: BONO. So happy he got his voice back.

46. Twin Cities campus, informally: U OF M. University of Minnesota.

49. Old horse: NAG.

50. "The A-Team" actor: MR T.

58. Half a comedy duo: MEARA. Stiller and Meara. 

60. Riviera saison: ETE. Season.

61. One-eighties: UIES.

62. People couple: ITEM. People magazine.

63. Better ventilated: AIRIER. Someone said that Michael Jordan is paid 5 cents for each pair of Air Jordan.

64. Insole material: GEL.

69. '60s war zone: NAM.

70. Panini cheese: ASIAGO.

72. Inlets: RIAS.

73. Lamb pen name: ELIA. Charlies Lamb. We also have 67. Literary pen name: SAKI.

74. Civil War letters: CSA.

75. Lifted: STOLE.

80. Program named for its broadcast day, for short: SNL.

81. Lower, as lights: DIM.

83. Beloved 1981 bride: DIANA.

84. Thor's father: ODIN.

86. Cambodia neighbor: LAOS. Their traditional skirt is called Sinh. 

89. Sgts.' superiors: LTS.

99. Silent and amazed: AGAPE.

100. Anklebone: TALUS.

101. Scourges: BANES.

102. Went up again: RE-ROSE. Also 12. Put new shingles on: RE-ROOF.

104. Chop shop wheels: HOT CAR.

107. Strain: TAX.

108. Show ending?: BIZ. Showbiz.

111. They may be inflated: EGOS. See the clue in 10. Kanye West label: DEF JAM.

116. Like blokes: MALE.

117. "I know! Call on me!": OH OH.

118. Curds in blocks: TOFU. When I lived in Xi'an, we went to the market every day to get fresh Tofu.

119. Hardened (to): INURED.

120. Raced: SPED.

121. Too curious: NOSY.

122. Little branch: TWIG.

123. Way out: EGRESS.


1. One may be L-shaped: SOFA.

2. Be flush with: ABUT.

3. Race distance: MILE.

4. Hogwarts mail carrier: OWL.

5. Expresses awe over: AAHS AT.

6. JWoww's title pal in a "Jersey Shore" spin-off: SNOOKI. This girl. Glad you had a wonderful vacation, Yellowrocks!

7. Hosp. hookups: IVS.

8. Burns, e.g.: POET.

9. Great Plains tribe: OTOE.

11. Italian director Zeffirelli: FRANCO. Unknown figure. Wiki says he's "known for several of the movies he has directed, especially the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet, for which he received an Academy Award nomination. His 1967 version of The Taming of the Shrew with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton remains the best-known film adaptation of that play as well."

13. "Your point being?": AND.

14. Trash: TOSS. Hey, this fill could be easily ROSS.

15. Gen Xer's parent, perhaps: BABY BOOMER. Here is our Baby Boomer.

16. Solo: ONE-MAN.

17. As scheduled: ON TIME.

18. Impersonate: POSE AS.

24. Overturn: UPEND.

25. NASCAR's Yarborough: CALE.

31. Ripped: TORN.

35. Good way to keep an enemy: AT BAY.

37. Unwelcome flower: DANDELION. I like dandelions and yellow rockets in open fields. Always reminds me of the pretty canola flower fields in my childhood.

38. Feeling down: GLUM.

39. Yours, in Tours: A TOI.

40. Swine: HOG.

41. Sits in, say: PROTESTS.

44. Swatch Group products: OMEGAS.

45. Plod: TRUDGE.

47. Enters daintily: FLITS IN. Sure sounds dainty.

48. Folk story: MYTH.

49. Prepared for a filling: NUMBED

51. Slickers: RAINCOATS.

52. Traitorous acts: TREASONS. Did not know this word is plurable, D-Otto! Very observant comment of Thursday puzzle, by the way!

54. Robert De __: NIRO

55. Not many: FEW. Gary, I'm so sorry about your niece Lauren. What a courageous woman!

56. Guru's lodging: ASHRAM.

57. "Golly!": GEE.

58. Have sum trouble: MIS-ADD

59. Fleet: ARMADA.

63. China setting: ASIA. Picard, I've not seen "Crazy Rich Asians". The plot is so far away from my world.

66. Surprisingly, what the "O" in OPEC doesn't stand for: OIL. It stands for Organization.

68. Soccer cheer: OLE.

71. Naysayers?: ALL OPPOSED. Nice clue.

76. Succeed in: WIN AT.

77. __ contendere: court plea: NOLO.

78. 1965 Pulitzer author Shirley Ann __: GRAU.  Unknown name to me. Also German for "gray". Here we have 88. Gray shade: SLATE.

79. Charms: WILES.

81. Accomplished: DID.

85. Easter supplies: DYES.

87. Earth, for one: ORB.

90. Seraglios: HAREMS.

91. Possible barrier to romance: AGE GAP.

92. Way out of jail: PAROLE.

93. Bumpkins: YAHOOS.

94. Like melting snow puddles: SLOSHY.

95. Contract exceptions: OUTS.

96. __ Fitzgerald: F SCOTT. Born here in Minnesota.

97. Where "the birds began to sing": IN A PIE.

98. Annoying: VEXING.

103. Nobel Prize subj.: ECON.

105. Swear: AVOW.

106. Better mtge. deal: RE-FI

108. Real snoozefest: BORE.

109. Dire March time: IDES.

110. London jazz duo?: ZEDS. Just the two letters in jazz.

113. Pi follower: RHO.

114. Shag or throw: RUG.

115. Big __: SUR.

Lemonade just asked if OF A (32. __ sort) in last Friday's puzzle was a partial. Yes, it is. Little multi-word entries with Fill-in-the-Blank clues are called partials. In this puzzle, there are three:

44. "... but maybe I'm wrong": OR NOT.

82. "Are you __ not?": IN OR

33. "Can __ now?": I GO
"Long, long ___" for AGO is not a partial, though it has a Fill-in-the-Blank clue, but "Give it ___" for A GO will be a partial. Just remember "multi-word", normally less than 5-letter long.

Rich allows four partials in a 21*21 grid. Two for a 15*15 grid.



fermatprime said...


Thanks to Ross and C.C.!

Only hangup was AAHED. Otherwise easy. Theme was great fun!

Hope to see you tomorrow!

OwenKL said...

He started when he STOLE a candy bar.
It got worse when he SPED in a HOT CAR.
But he always paid his TAXES,
Funding Pacs became his practice,
Now he's in the Cabinet -- that boy did go far!

DOCTOR is WHO'S name, and not a title.
So to spell it out is always vital!
You cannot put it to a VOTE,
For the Doctor is no DOLT,
And to anger him is rated suicidal!

Did you ever have a crush on Betty BOOP?
She WALKED as if she twirled a Hula Hoop!
While guys stood AGAPE,
She could carry out a plate,
And yet never spill a tiny SOP of soup!

OwenKL said...

{B+, A, A-.}

Krijo said...


UOFM/FLITIN corner not possible for me. SNOOKI/SOP? No idea.
Franco is a famous European director, no problem there. I believe his Romeo and Juliet is the best rendition of the story. On the other hand he is member of the #metoo suspects.
Wonder if anyone knows DEFJAM records? I am still the generation of Kanye West. His music is alright, but his narcissism is spectacular. I did not know SELENA or what TEJANO means.
One day I will buy OMEGA watch.
I am a fan of HOUSE OF CARDS and GAME OF THRONES. Still do not understand the KEVIN SPACEY affair... I wish he could still make movies. WALKING DEAD became so boring after few episodes. Still need to read the comic books.

Lemonade714 said...

This was a very fun Sunday with a clever theme and mostly very doable clues. The highlight, however, was the precious and totally recognizable picture of Boomer as a baby! He has not changed!
I did not recall - 1965 Pulitzer author Shirley Ann __: GRAU which is sad because I knew SNOOKI even though I have never seen Jersey Shore. I looked up Ms. Grau on this LINK and was fascinated by that I no longer read these authors, but I know many from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.
I do remember ZEFFERELLI from ROMEO and JULIET which tried to show the 13 year old Juliet as imagined by Shakespeare hiring then 15 year old OLIVIA HUSSEY . I thought the film was well done.
Thanks again Ross and C.C.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great fun puzzle, Ross. Thanks. Definitely on my wavelength today. Another great expo C.C.

Baby Boomer was so cute. I agree with Lemonade that he looks much the same now.

I had a few missteps but nothing that perps didn't take care of: YokelS before YAHOOS, TArsi before TALUS, bAH before PAH, SLuSHY before SLOSHY.

DNK: Swatch Group, DEF JAM, ZEDS (gotcha me), S.O.P. or spelling of TEJANO -- tried TExANO, TEhANO. I think both "X" and "J" have "huh" sounds in Spanish, don't they Lucina?

Finally saw a little sunshine late yesterday afternoon. Think it had been a full week of gloom. Amazing how the sun raises one's spirits.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C., and friends. What a fun Sunday puzzle. My first them fill was HAPPY DAYS OF OUR LIVES. I never watched any of the TV shows in the answers, but all are so well known that I had heard of each one.

I learned of Charles Lamb aka ELIA from doing the crosswords. He makes frequent guest appearances.

I learned that Melting Snow Puddles are SLOSHY and not Slushy.

SAKI was the pen name of Hector Hugh Monro (1870 ~ 1916).

I knew Shirley GRAU (b. 1929) because she is from New Orleans. One of my book groups has read and discussed some of her novels.

My favorite clue and mis-direction was China Setting = ASIA.

QOD: An arrogant person considers himself perfect. This is the chief harm of arrogance. It interferes with a person’s main task in life ~ becoming a better person. ~ Leo Tolstoy (Sept. 9, 1828 ~ Nov. 20, 1910)

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

PK led the way for me this morning, "I had a few missteps but nothing that perps didn't take care of: YokelS before YAHOOS, TArsi before TALUS, bAH before PAH, SLuSHY before SLOSHY." Yup, me too, but I didn't stop there. Never did figure out that Thin Mints cousin, and finally settled on SAMORE (thinking smores, maybe?). So AAHS became rAHS and SNOOKI was eNOOKI. Sorta made sense to my addled brain. DNF!!! Doctor Who and Happy Days were the only TV shows I'd seen, but the titles of the others were familiar. Thanx, Ross and C.C.

FLITS IN: We're approaching the peak of the hummingbird migration. We often see three or four at the feeder at the same time with only occasional territorial battles. By early October they'll all be gone.

Krijo, south Texans of Mexican heritage are the Tejanos. Selena was a famous Tejano singer who was murdered by a business associate back in '95. There was a biopic about her life.

JJM said...

Fun Sunday puzzle. Haven't seen a lot of these shows, but have seen them in the listings, so I was somewhat clued in.
Can't wait for the Bear game tonite.... finally Football!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was an easy romp even though the only show I've actually watched, once or twice, is "Modern Family." But, as noted, the titles are all well known. I echo PK's exact w/os with some others, I.e., Samosa/Samoas, Dorm/Frat, and Ueys/Uies. The only Boop I know is Betty. It was strange to see Nam and Laos together and fun to see Zeds (Hi CEh) two days in a row. Didn't care for Reroof, Rerose, or Misadd.

Thanks, Russ, for a smooth Sunday solve and thanks, CC, for the grand tour and the bonus of our most famous Baby Boomer!

YR, so glad you had a lovely time at the shore and that Alan is doing so well.

My friends, Ed and Sue, are driving up from Newburgh today for a visit and lunch. (I mentioned before that Sue just became the Dean of Nursing ar Mount St. Mary College in Newbugh.) I saw Sue last year but it's been several years since I've seen Ed, so I'm looking forward to their visit. Ed is from the Auld Sod and has a bit of a Leprechaun's mischief in him! ☘

Have a great day.

Big Easy said...

My total lack of knowledge about the TV shows listed didn't hurt me today. I remember The DATING GAME back in the 60s but believe it OR NOT, I have never seen any of the others or know of the people in the other shows.

PAH- I've heard BAH and HAH but don't PAH. Usually for "Phooey" it a four-letter word.
WINAT, DEFJAM, GRAU, SNOOKI- unknowns solved by perps. Never thought of WILES as "Charms"; only as WILEY Coyote. He's definitely not charming, just devious.
Big BEN before SUR.

I always wonder why self-anointed sophisticated urbanites make fun of people from rural areas, giving them derisive names- HICKS, YOKELS, YAHOOS, RUBES...etc. They definitely are liked when it comes to eating. Not too much food produced in any city that I know about.

Husker Gary said...

-Services for my niece Lauren today and Monday puts yesterday’s Husker loss in perspective
-A fun Sunday puzzle where having never seen half the shows was no problem
-A kitty BOOP in the nose wakes me every morning between 4 and 5 am
-Supreme Court VOTE – No advocate’s or NAYSAYER’S minds were changed this past week
-STYMIES are no longer allowed
-KIT CAR and YOKELS were of no help at the bottom
-_ L U _ for sad is not BLUE
-Changing ENURED to INUERE ridded me of IN A PEE
-There’s stale TOFU? :)
-FLITS IN – The hummingbirds are loving our feeder
-AGE GAP – several colleagues left longtime wives for women half their age
-Gotta run!

Wilbur Charles said...

Well I did it again. I had put in SLUSHY and never changed HUTCAR. Somebody had a rule:If it looks wrong it probably is wrong. Or.. Recheck your perps. Argghh

One of my fav clues, ever, was Incontinent Jersey Shore character* .

Re. NFL Football. The Ray's Radio broadcast is cancelled today so they can AIR Bucs post game chat. Aaarrgghhhh!!


* Depends on "The Situation"

Lucina said...

Thank you once again, Ross Trudeau!

Since I have seen only WHO'S THE BOSS, MODERN FAMILY, FULL HOUSE and HAPPY DAYS but none of the other TV shows this could have been much harder but it actually was very easy. I loved this theme.

SAMOAS are my favorite Girl Scout cookies, or were, when I could eat them. Yum!

CSO to d-o and AnonT who are TEJANOS.

Tejas is Spanish for Texas, so as has been said, Tejanos are Texans. Yes, PK, you are correct about the pronunciation. Juan and Xavier are both pronounced with the H sound, hwan, havier.

TREASONS may be correct but I believe it would not normally be used; acts of treason is the usual terminology.

Thank you, C.C.; the picture of Boomer is sweet. I saw Crazy Rich Asians and though I assumed it is not normal life in Singapore where the family is from, it is a funny and really entertaining film. The actors are all excellent. It portrays what could be some lives and the inside story is touching. It also demonstrates that all humans of any race experience the same family turmoil, conflicts and attachments.

Have a marvelous day, everyone!

Mark S said...

Easy Sunday. Started last night on Washington Post. Finished this AM. Why is Dandelion an unwelcome flower?

Thanks CC for your excellent commentary and RT for a nice challenge.

Mark S

Bill G said...

Hi everybody. That was a pleasant puzzle at about the right level of difficulty for me.

There's a soft drink found back in the northeast, like Maine, called Moxie. I tried it a couple of times. It has a taste that is very medicinal.

D-O, we have a goodly share of hummingbirds these days. They're cute and feisty, often arguing with others about access to our hummingbird feeder.

Have you noticed that many birds (even chickens) move from one position to another with a quick and jerky transition, never slow and smooth? Why is that?

Misty said...

Delightful Sunday puzzle, Ross--many thanks! I got most of it, which made this a pleasure, including some of my favorite TV shows like 'Happy Days' and 'Modern Family' which I watched for years (still watching 'Modern Family'). It's amazing what a great director Ron Howard became, and Fonz is still showing up in movies as well. I also remembered FRANCO Zeffirelli from the old days. But there were also lots of items I didn't know, like DEF JAM and TEJANO. I loved the way this puzzle was both quite doable and yet still challenging--lots of fun. Yes, ZEDS seems to be popping up a lot in puzzles lately--must be the two ZZs triggering it. And a helpful commentary, C.C., with a sweet picture of Boomer.

Had an interesting conversation with a university friend yesterday and she was surprised to hear how a crossword blog can start feeling like a family after a decade. Told her I feel as though I know so many of you so well, even though I've never met you in person. A wonderful thing this modern time has given us, isn't it?

Have a great Sunday, everybody!

desper-otto said...

Lucina, Anon-T and I both live in Texas, but neither of us is Tejano. We don't have the Mexican heritage which is a large measure of Tejano-ness.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Ross Trudeau, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

Pulled up the puzzle this morning. Got through most of it easier than usual. Caught the theme with HAPPY DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Then the rest appeared.

My final hang-ups were ASIAGO, ALL (got the OPPOSED), GEL, PROTESTS. But with some harder study and deep thinking they all appeared.

DEFJAM was unknown, but perps fixed that.

Liked EGRESS. Tried SLIPS IN before FLITS IN worked better.

TAHOE was easy. I worked there in Stateline Nevada on Continental Telephone Co. property. Beautiful place.

Liked IN A PIE.

Good photo, Boomer.

GRAU was unknown. I will have to check out her books. Just read "Relics" by R D Shah. Could not put it down.

Now I will try to finish Saturday's puzzle. I could not quite get it done. Worked on it all through last night's Cubs game (that they lost 6-5) until 1:00 AM. They had a rain delay.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Wilbur Charles said...

Abejo, stick with it. Remember the ? s where you see them.

FLN btw, Smiley, George is the name of the principal character in Le Carre's masterpiece "Tinker, Tailer,Soldier,Spy. He loves Goethe.

I started to put in FAMILY WAY.

I see Hamilton is coming to Tampa and scalping and counterfeit Tix are happening. So much talk about Musicals and H was never mentioned. I have the book but haven't read it yet . Google threw a "but" after "yet". There must be a lot of procrastinaters out there.


Lucina said...

Yes, I'm well aware that a TEJANO is typically of Mexican heritage, but literally anyone from Texas can be a TEJANO especially to a Spanish speaker. It simply means you hail from there and to me it's the same as when you say you are a Texan. I get it, though.

Jayce said...

Fun puzzle. I enjoyed it.

OwenKL said...


Anonymous said...

AAHSAT? FLITSIN? SLOSHY? MISADD? UIES? PAH? REROSE? Along with BOOP/RIAS/ELIA/INOR/OTOE/IGO/NIRO, it makes for a sloppy puzzle. Thankfully only one medical term and two obscure people, but it still has 6 foreign words and 10 abbreviations, two of which (11A & 69A) aren't clued as such. Too slushy for me. Bah.

billocohoes said...

The only us of WILE as a noun I've heard is when a woman gets her way using her "feminine WILES."

BTW Mr. Coyote's name is Wile E. Coyote.

In common usage there's a lot of snow in slush. You can SLOSH thru puddles after a rainstorm with no snow present.

Anyone who actually says PAH is using a rare if not odd pronunciation.

Anonymous T said...

Billo - His full title is Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius*.

{A+ & LOL, A, A}

Cheers, -Sunday Lurk
*I try to get the Girls to add "Super Genius" to my title [imagine, "Father, Super Genius, may I...?"]. So far, no luck unless they're asking for $$ :-)

Yellowrocks said...

Ross, I liked your TV Partners. Cute pic, Baby Boomer.
I have seen parents touch a baby or toddler on the nose and say BOOP.
When I was a waitress I was careful not to misadd. We added the bill and computed change without using calculating devices. Some workers these days cannot cope when their devices are down.
PAH is seen frequently in novels to show disapproval.
Sloshy or slushy macht nichts, however, slushy is a little more common.
Welcome to old crossword friends, Otoe, Elia, ria.
I loved flits in. I can pcture a blythe young lady flitting into the room.
Rerose seems odd. Rose again is more common.
Crosswords are great for increasing our vocabulary of varing types and keeping us flexible and current.

Picard said...

CC Thanks for the reply about Crazy Rich Asians. It is far from the world any of us knows. But I still think you might enjoy it. We did. I think you can appreciate the conflict between tradition and modernity which is not just a matter for Asians.

Surprised so many found this puzzle so easy. Not me. I am at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to anything to do with sports or entertainment. We only have one local TV station and no cable TV. But I do appreciate the chance to learn what so many others spend their time at.

How many here are aware that the ECON Nobel Prize is not a "real" Nobel Prize? It was invented in 1968 and has been controversial ever since.

I remember growing up in DC seeing bumper stickers "Be a FONZ". Which meant "Friend Of the National Zoo".

I don't think I have seen any of the TV shows in this puzzle. And I have only heard of a few of them. I had no idea what to do with the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue clue as I could make no connection to the White House. Ended up with HOUSE OF LORDS which seemed about as good, including the unknown crosses. FIW, but I am proud that I got the rest of the puzzle correct.

Hand up BLUE before GLUM. BEN before SUR. Tried TECHNO music before vaguely remembering TEJANO music. Never heard of SAMOAS. What connection is there between mint and the island of Samoa?

Once again here are a few of my photos along BIG SUR. I have many more.

I have many photos of PROTESTS going back to the time of the US war in Vietnam.

Here are my photos and videos of PROTESTS last year for the March For Science.

It is worth watching the second video just to appreciate how massive this was in our tiny city of Santa Barbara. No sit ins for this one, though. I do have other photos along those lines.

Picard said...

CC Thanks for the cute BABY BOOMER photo! And I am guessing he is indeed a real BABY BOOMER. Technically I am, too, but I was born long after the post-war boom.

Lucina Glad you agree about recommending Crazy Rich Asians!

From yesterday:
D4E4H Thanks for asking about that odd structure along the BIG SUR coast where CAR ADs are made. I have seen similar structures which are designed to divert falling rocks and water torrents off of the road. So that may be the purpose.

Anonymous said...

When Jeopardy has a category with answers like today's puzzle, I believe it's called "Before and After". Fun puzzle today! Anonymous G

Bill G said...

Picard: Barbara and I love that iconic bridge in Big Sur area in photos 2, 3, 4 and 6. It shows up in many advertisements.

PK said...

Picard: Thin Mints and Samoas are the names of Girl Scout Cookies.

OwenKL said...

A bit of googling found The Rain Rocks Rock Shed.

Wilbur Charles said...

I panicked a bit when I saw the TV shows but they were familiar enough and filled a lot of boxes ..
And the French was standard gimmes . I found a $5 bacon and eggs joint with 99 cent coffee. I don't do grits . Anyhoo, I had it done over two refills .

FELLA* at the next table re. a customer-waitress contretemps: "Professional complainer ."


* 8/26 NYT

Picard said...

BillG Glad you also enjoy that spectacular bridge on the BIG SUR coast. It is the Bixby Bridge.

Here again we were posing with it. In the other photos you can see some crazy people standing in a precarious spot on it!

PK Thanks for explaining that SAMOAS are Girl Scout cookies. But what is the connection between mint and the island of Samoa? Why that name?

OwenKL Thanks for the Google search to find that structure is the Rain Rocks Rock Shed. Just as I had speculated: It was built to keep rocks and other falling objects off of the roadway. In a particularly nasty spot for such hazards. It is beautiful! Thanks!

Picard said...

I finally made time to edit some of my RENO photos.

Here I was about ten years ago with my then lady friend in RENO

Not as high class as Las Vegas, but an inexpensive place to stay with some amusements to enjoy!

D4E4H said...

Good evening Corner Writers.

Thank you Mr. Ross Trudeau for this difficult Sunday CW. It was nice to see your name again so soon. I worked the CW in several sittings, and needed every brain cell to FIR in 59:04 min.

Thank you C. C. for your "Partial" education course.


PK said...

Picard: Thin mints is the name of one flavor of Girl Scout cookies. Samoas is the name of another flavor of Girl Scout cookies. I don't think either one has a blessed thing to do with the island.

Anonymous T said...

PK - This might help Picard. [Picard? Really? never had 'em & cute kids [both of mine were Scouts] knocking at your door?]

//while finding the link to the GSCs, I discovered GSC has another meaning ala 'Scooby Snacks'(?!?). You gotta be 21 to enter.

And the language doth change. -T