Sep 23, 2018

Sunday September 23, 2018 Gail Grabowski

Theme:  "Go Figure"- ADD spans across each theme entry.

23. Usually retrospective assessment: BAD DECISION.

25. Cop (to), as a lesser charge: PLEAD DOWN.

35. Brazen crime time: BROAD DAYLIGHT.

46. It's often designed to rise: BREAD DOUGH.

65. South Beach, say: FAD DIET.

79. Tire measurement that can be checked by the "penny test": TREAD DEPTH.

92. Place to buy a train ticket: RAILROAD DEPOT.

106. Buffet stack item: SALAD DISH.


108. Combine ... and a hint to what's hidden in eight long answers: ADD TOGETHER

This puzzle has a perfect reveal and perfect title!

Gail is my crossword hero. Her themes are always so simple yet never-been-done. So much hard work and thorough Cruciverb database search behind Gail's puzzles.


1. Abacus unit: BEAD. I'm probably the only one who used abacus in primary school.

5. Brother of Lucrezia Borgia: CESARE. Wiki says "Lucrezia Borgia was an Italian noblewoman of the House of Borgia who was the daughter of Pope Alexander VI and Vannozza dei Cattanei."

11. Lipstick shade: RUBY.

15. Insignificant: MERE.

19. Drivetrain component: AXLE.

20. Rhododendron variety: AZALEA. Augusta!

21. Sport with masks: EPEE.

22. "Cake Boss" competitor, at times: ICER.

27. Service that manages network messages: EMAIL HOST. So who hosts Gmail?

28. Ingenuous one: NAIF.

29. Kemper who plays Kimmy Schmidt: ELLIE.

30. Feed a line: CUE.

31. "About time!": AT LAST.

34. Grabs with a toothpick: SPEARS.

40. Palate-cleansing serving: SHERBET. Never had sherbet.

41. Way to go: ROUTE.

42. Winds into rings: COILS.

43. Common scale extreme: TEN. Oh, on a scale of one to ten.

44. Cathedral section: APSE.

45. Shade of pink: CORAL.

53. Pull in: NET.

54. Zebra mom: MARE.

55. Sound quality?: SANITY. Nice clue.

57. First Nations tribe: CREE.

58. Cash or credit, e.g.: NOUN. NOUN and VERB are always fun to clue.

59. California county or its seat: NAPA. Also the cabbage in Kimchi.

60. Pub orders: STEINS.

62. Kilt features: PLEATS.

68. Ribs: TEASES.

69. It isn't negotiable: SET FEE.

70. "That's not true!": LIAR.

71. Go over: SPAN.

72. Barcelona-born muralist: SERT. MIRO too.

73. Lightly washed: RINSED.

75. Comedy club sound: ROAR.

76. Old school dance: HOP.

82. "I Hated, Hated, Hated This Movie" author: EBERT.

84. "Arbitrage" actor: GERE.

85. Apples run on it: IOS.

86. Bush, for one: PLANT. Great mislead.

87. Where van Gogh painted "Sunflowers": ARLES. We have this on our wall.

88. Letter writing, sadly: LOST ART.

95. Fifth-century conqueror: ATTILA.

96. Washington airport: SEA-TAC. Seattle–Tacoma.

97. Sushi bar offering: ROE.

98. Put away for later: STORE.

99. Unveiling shout: TA DA.

100. Showbiz honors: OSCAR NODS. Sparkly fill.

110. Had to fork over: OWED.

111. Letters before a viewpoint: IMHO.

112. Lowlife, slangily: CREEPO.

113. Actress Watson: EMMA. Argyle loved her.

114. Pollster's enc.: SASE. I do take on-line poll from time to time. Not other forms.

115. Ravioli filling: MEAT.

116. "Hear me out": LISTEN.

117. Resale caveat: AS IS.


1. Sonny & Cher's "I Got You __": BABE.

2. Class struggle?: EXAM. Another fun clue.

3. "Same Time, Next Year" actor: ALDA.

4. Inscribe personally: DEDICATE.

5. Hidden: CACHED.

6. Basso Pinza: EZIO.

7. Fresh words: SASS.

8. Carrier with a hub in Fiumicino: ALITALIA. Fiumicino is the home of  Da Vinci Airport. Learning moment for me.

9. 1906 Runabout, e.g.: REO. Looks like this.

10. Suffix with Jacob: EAN.

11. Meal: REPAST.

12. Illuminated indirectly: UP-LIT.

13. Complaint: BEEF.

14. Word of support: YEA.

15. "The Rose" singer: MIDLER.

16. Big name in food safety: ECOLAB. Headquartered here in St. Paul, Minnesota.

17. Do some electrical updating: REWIRE.

18. Gallo family brother: ERNEST.

24. Lose, as a tail: ELUDE.

26. Be contingent (on): DEPEND.

28. "Doubt it": NAH.

32. Cash holders: TILLS.

33. Some HDTVs: LGS.

34. Place for a rototiller: SHED. This "roto" makes me sad. Don't ever use Roto-Rooter!

35. Fiber source: BRAN.

36. Boxing ring boundary: ROPE.

37. Kick out: OUST.

38. Nut with a hat: ACORN. Such a visual clue.

39. Time long past: YORE.

40. Stick it out: STAY.

45. Protest principle: CAUSE.

46. __ B'rith: B'NAI.

47. Smelly: RIPE.

48. Nouveau-Mexique, par exemple: ETAT.

49. Vast expanse: OCEAN.

50. "Topaz" novelist: URIS (Leon)

51. Code carrier: GENE.

52. Company with toy trucks: HESS.

54. Sunbeam floater: MOTE.

56. Watts at a keyboard: ANDRE.

58. 1990s trade acronym: NAFTA.

60. Annual parade VIP: ST PAT.

61. Sign of remorse: TEAR.

62. Subtle summons: PSST.

63. Look the wrong way?: LEER.

64. Raison d'__: ETRE.

65. Wig out: FLIP.

66. "It __ Necessarily So": Gershwin song: AIN'T.

67. Smidgen: DASH.

71. More or less, informally: SORTA.

73. Interval of inactivity: REST.

74. "Don't You Know?" singer Reese: DELLA.

75. City near the California-Nevada border: RENO.

76. Pitch in: HELP.

77. Cookie with a Thins Bites variety: OREO. Look at these new flavors in Asia.

78. Bug or brat: PEST.

80. Increased in intensity, with "up": DIALED.

81. Kid-vid explorer: DORA.

83. Lines at the grocery: BAR CODES.

84. Beverage with antioxidants: GREEN TEA. And 92. Sizzling: RED HOT.

86. Sizable hole: PIT.

87. Really fancy: ADORE. Verb "fancy".

88. Catchers on the range: LASSOS.

89. North American capital, or its river: OTTAWA.

90. Some wraps: STOLES.

91. Vehement speech: TIRADE.

93. Battery choice: AAA.

94. Jackie Paper's imaginary friend is one: DRAGON. "Puff, the Magic Dragon".

96. Recent White House daughter: SASHA.

99. Smartphone display: TIME. I chuckled reading last Sunday's comments. Those who still own flip phones are super-cool. Like Irish Miss, Yuval Noah Harari does not even own a cell phone.

101. Newsroom cancellation: STET.

102. Roll with the punches: COPE. Boomer still coaches the kids at his old high school despite his intense back pain. He's just incredible. 

103. Electrical units: OHMS.

104. Patrick's "Ghost" co-star: DEMI. The unforgettable "Ditto".  I like "As You Wish" better though.

105. Ladies of Sp.: SRAS.

107. Barely lit: DIM.

108. Knee injury initials: ACL.

109. Nike's __-FIT fabric: DRI.


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Gail and C.C.!

Not very smart tonight but got 'er done sans cheats!

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

FIWrong. One blamed cell! CESARi + iAN! Bah.
As I expect other themesters were caught, I thought B.D. was the theme until I got to -- "bREAD DEPTH"? Huh? Then I saw the DD's. And finally the entire ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder? Ah, well. Still have to do the second _J poem, then back here to get my l'icks in.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Went astray several times on my way to the bottom: Plaids/PLEATS, Miro/SERT, Erie/CREE. Those were quickly fixed. What really slowed me down was the Reagan/SEATAC debacle. I managed to get the theme, though it didn't help with the solve. The train came into the RAILROAD DEPOT ahead of schedule, so life is good. Thanx, G.G. and C.C.

OwenKL said...

Have you ever made a BAD DECISION,
Spent the night wanting a revision?
A time machine AT LAST,
To let you change the PAST?
Well, sorry. Maybe next time you'll LISTEN!

When you think of red, what do you see?
Red jewelry beads from the CORAL sea?
Perhaps a movie
With a shiny ruby?
As long as it's not blood from your latest spree!

Something that seems strange to use on BREAD DEPTH
Is a rule of thumb called a penny test.
But do grape vats in ITALIA
Get used, inter alia
By pizza bakers to TREAD DOUGH the best?

OwenKL said...

Oops. RUBY, not just ruby.
{B, A-, B+.}

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Gail and thank you C.C.

Made the same mistake as Owen, plus another in the same name. Carelessly entered aLITALIA.

desper-otto said...

TTP, the answer was ALITALIA. Sounds like you were carelessly correct.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I share CC's admiration of Gail's craftsmanship and always enjoy her "why didn't I think of that" themes. I saw the ADD theme, reinforced by the title, early on, so that helped with the solve. My only unknowns were Ecolab, Dragon, as clued, and DRI, as clued. My w/os were uncommonly few, for a Sunday: Rank/Ripe, Eel/Roe, Petal/Coral. (I'm almost sure there was a Petal Pink lipstick color.) However, there was no grand TADA, as I had Waif instead of Naif and never checked the down fill which would have saved me a FIW: Doubt it! would have definitely changed Wah to Nah. Carelessness on my part, for sure. Anyway, I enjoyed the REPAST of BREAD, SALAD, SHERBET, BEEF/MEAT, OREO, AND TEA. OTOH, that could be construed as a FAD DIET,

Well done, as usual, Gail and equally well-explicated, CC. I had to look up YNH, as I have never heard of him. Your knowledge of current culture is very impressive.

Bill G, for some unexplainable reason, "CBS Sunday Morning" no longer appears in my On Demand listings, so I guess I won't get to see it, after all.

Boomer, good luck with tomorrow's doctor's appointment. I hope they have some answers for your back problems.

Owen, I've been remiss in mentioning how much I've been enjoying your daily offerings. Keep 'em comin'!

Have a great day.

TTP said...

Oops. Should have been, "Carelessly entered iLITALIA".

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Gail Grabowski, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

Finished this puzzle early. That shows that it was a little easier, but with a few tough spots.

Theme appeared pretty quickly. That helped.

Anyone want to explain STET to me for 101D. I always assumed DELE is to delete or cancel some verbiage. I have used that many times, STET means to keep it in or the same. So, why is STET used here?

I also entered REAGAN for 96A. Have flown in there many times (Washington National). That did not seem to work so SEATAC fit. I have also flown into SEATAC many times. My boss had his office in Everett, WA. That was a long time ago.

Liked BAR CODES for 83D. Clever.

Tried to use proper English for 66D, ISNT. Well, that did not work so I lowered my standards and entered AINT.

Never finished Saturday's puzzle. Had a funeral service for most of the mid-day. Maybe i will look at it later. Heading to Galesburg, IL today for a reception.

See you tomorrow.


( )

TTP said...

Abejo, in this case, the STET is overriding the DELE. i.e., it's someone cancelling the previous editor's mark to dele. "Cancel that deletion. Keep it !"

Hahtoolah said...

Good morning, C.C., and friends. Fun Sunday puzzle. The Double Ds appeared early on after quickly getting BREAD DOUGH and THREAD DEPTH. I also noted the word READ in both of these answers, but the DDs really jumped out.

I learned that to Feed A Line is not a Lie, but a CUE. The LIAR appeared later in the puzzle.

I also learned that the Sushi Bar Offering was not Ahi, but ROE. I like both.

Hand up for being on the wrong coast with trying the Reagan Airport before flying into the SEA-TAC Airport. SASHA pointed me in the right direction!

I remember using an Abacus in 2nd grade. Probably more as a demonstration than for actual mathematics.

LISTEN and Silent use the same letters, just re-arranged. One must be Silent to really LISTEN.

My favorite clues were: Class Struggle = EXAM and Lines at the Grocery = BAR CODES.

QOD: Many a time I have wanted to stop talking and find out what I really believe. ~ Walter Lippmann (Sept. 23, 1889 ~ Dec. 14, 1974)

KenoRunner said...

Have to say, I thought "Go Figure" was a clue to DD (cup size).

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR! This one was on the edge of my capabilities. Lots of unknowns, but perps took care of them all. Never did get the ADD theme; seems I lose focus after encountering Double Ds.

Erased CAStro for CASARE, CurLS for COILS, ScAN for SPAN, dali for SERT, Rank for RIPE, and, of course, Reagan for SEATAC.

From a few weeks ago, SALAD DISHes are used in LIFO fashion.

Thanks for the fun challenge, Gail. And thanks to CC for all you do, especially for being our tour guide on Sundays.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks, Gail, for an engrossing pastime. Her puzzles are becoming easier for me, but still not quite on her wave-lenghth yet. Thanks, C.C., for an enlightening expo.

Last to fill was the central area with ST. PAT/SPAN/SORTA. Annual parade VIP: thinking of a local hero who rides in a convertible & waves -- not ST. PAT.

Saw the ADD theme early, but took a while to reconcile it with the "GO FIGURE" title. LOL at KenoRunner's quip.

CREEP OUT yesterday, CREEPO today. Also CREE. Rich is having fun with us.

DNK: CASARE, ELLIE, SERT, GERE's movie, Fiumicino where ALITALIA lands, ECOLAB, ANDRE Watts.

I was trying to think of Reagan. Never did. Finally realized the perps were for SEA-TAC where i have flown in & out.

Jacob suffix: ite, ian, EAN.

Chilly here again today. Fall fell.

Husker Gary said...

-A spectacular first day of fall here on the prairie despite Husker FB futility
-That darn Gail left the theme trees right there out in the forest in this lovely puzzle. Vowel roulette at CESARE/AZALEA/JACOBEAN was my only uncertainty.
-Gotta run so I'll read C.C.'s and your comments later!

Misty said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Gail! You've made my day, my week, my month, my year! I can't remember when I got an entire Sunday puzzle, and this morning I (well, almost) did it! Woohoo! My only tiny mistake was that I put SCAN for 'Go over' instead of SPAN. I knew there was something wrong with the down STCAT (a holy cat as a parade VIP? Nah) but just didn't make the single letter correction to get the St. Patrick's Day parade. But I got everything else including noting the ADD in all the longer theme answers. Woohoo! I never heard of the Barcelona muralist SERT and prayed that would be right. Great relief that it was. My biggest chuckle came with Bush. I of course thought of the presidential Bush family, and until the bitter end it never came to me that 'bush' is also a regular word referring to a PLANT. And it was sweet to see a reference to Roger EBERT--I miss him. So, thank you again, Gail, for giving me a wonderful Sunday morning. And I always love your write-ups, C.C. And I will be rooting for Boomer to get some help.

Have a wonderful day, everybody!

Bill G said...

Hi everybody. Thanks Gail and CC. I enjoyed it all and mostly came out on top.

Irish Miss (re. Sunday Morning). Oh no!

I may be able to come galloping in on my trusty steed to the rescue. Something similar happened to us a couple of years back. Could it be that it's coming on at a different time, maybe a couple of hours earlier, because of professional football games?

Has there ever been a more cold-hearted money-grubbing purveyor of conspiracy theories than Alex Jones? Among other things, he claimed that the killing of school children at Sandy Hook elementary school was faked and staged by actors. Geez...

OwenKL said...

JacobEAN turned up at the _J site today.

Yellowrocks said...

Like Irish Miss I had one careless mistake. Mine was Blip/Bad diet instead of Flip/Fad diet. So obvious when I saw it.
And like PK, I, too, "Saw the ADD theme early, but took a while to reconcile it with the "GO FIGURE" title." Adding is figuring, with or without an abacus.
I was surprised that CC wrote, "Don't ever use a rototiller." I LIU. "Tilling causes more weed issues than it ever helps to eliminate. Every time the soil is tilled, thousands of weed seeds laying on the surface of the soil are replanted. And the vicious cycle of tilling and re-tilling to eliminate the next batch begins."
We ladies still fear those creepy creeps.
I bought my DIL DRI FIT athletic clothing for Christmas last year.
CC, you don't know what you are missing until you try some sherbet.
ARLES is on my bucket list. I will probably have to visit it online.
In my youth we heard about sock hops on TV and in rock and roll songs, but we seldom used the term ourselves. We danced rock and roll, but not shoeless. However, poodle skirts, bobby sox, and voluminous starched petticoats were common.
Thank you, Gail and CC, for a fine start to my day.

Lucina said...

I guess because I live in the west, my first thought was SEATAC where I went just a few years ago with my sisters.

This was slow and steady, thank you, Gail!

It took me quite a long while to recall CESARE, Lucrecia's brother; I read The Borgias many years ago.

Alas, I had one blank cell at NAIF/NAH and wanted SERE not SERT for the muralist so that flummoxed NAFTA which I certainly know about.

A photo of Richard GERE is a treat

Thank you, C.C. for your always enjoyable posts. I, too, have a flip phone and a land line.

Have an outstanding day, everyone!

Bill G said...

Irish Miss, you can watch most of Sunday Morning on your computer at

I used to have a flip phone and a land line. Now, just a land line.

I miss Roger Ebert too...

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

I've always liked Gail's puzzles so I was glad to have a chance to do today's. I do Sunday's on-line so very few side notes.
HESS - Are now called Speedway in our area. We have 3 stns within 6 miles. They help keep the other guys competitive.
BREAD DOUGH - Both words AKIN to German. Bread: Brot, L. German Broot. Dough: Teig, L. German Deeg - Dutch is deeg. Shows the T → D consonant shift as one goes North from the High German speaking areas in Southern Germany. Taube → Doov → (English) Dove would be another one. Dutch is duif.


Picard said...

fermatprime Welcome back! Have you found relief for your headaches?

OwenKL Hand up CESARI/IAN seemed as good or better. And the cross with EZIO seemed utterly unfair.

Too bad. My very first fill was the theme answer TREAD DEPTH and I got the ADD theme fairly quickly. Kept wondering if the TOGETHER part was important. I think it had to do with the ADD straddling the theme words. Pretty cool theme!

CC Thanks for the Lucrezia Borgia image. I wonder if she walked around in that outfit.

Inquiring minds are still wondering what you meant a week ago about your Pinkerton work?

We recently enjoyed celebrations at our local RAILROAD DEPOT

Unfortunately, this is now just an historic building. Our current RAILROAD DEPOT is just a platform with no amenities.

Here are my photos of our ST PAT celebration.

I am quite sure the Washington airport and the BUSH clues were meant to be misdirection. The Washington, DC airport is named for our first president George Washington. Who would dare to take George Washington's name off of a building and rename it?

There is the George Washington National Airport as I left from my high school reunion.

Somewhere I have photos of SEATAC Airport.

Picard said...

From yesterday
billocohoes Hand up Ihad MOPEDS before EBIKES. I am sure that was intended misdirection. Anyone else?

Big Easy said...

I would be a LIAR if I said that I didn't have trouble finishing; AIN'T no lie. The Attention Deficit Disorder (remember when it was ADD before it morphed into ADHD) was an easy spot but the "South Beach, Wig out, and pianist stopped me in my tracks"; so we went out to eat breakfast. I'd never heard the term 'wig out' and was thinking ANNIE, ANGIE, or ANITA for the ivory tickler.

With food in my belly I suddenly remembered ANDRE Watts. Everything else fell in about 15 seconds.

ELLIE Kemper (and Kimmy Schmidt), SERT, ECOLAB, DRAGON (and Jack Paper), GERE, and CESARE- all unknowns solved by perps.

Wonder how many of those sunbeam floater MOTES are dead skin cells? 70-90%, that's all.

Abejo- "ISN'T That A Shame" by Fats Domino jujst wouldn't sound very well with the music.
Yellowrocks-KILL the weeds before you rototill. Farmers don't seem to have that problem.

Irish Miss said...

Bill G ~ I think I may have confused you. What I can't get is the CBS Sunday Morning retrospective that was aired on 9/14/18. I tried to get it from the On Demand feature on my TV, but it is no longer listed. Have no idea why it disappeared. I tape the regular Sunday show and watch it at my leisure. I just finished watching today's Alex Jones segment. What a despicable creature he is.

Wilbur Charles said...

Whew, you scared scared me It IS ALITALIA.

Wilbur Charles said...

Oops. I should have known

Wilbur Charles said...

FLN. Retfizz, I tend to lag up to two weeks on NYT which brings me to NUMB-er. This stung me. I then resumed a NYT from 9/12 and the first clue was "obselete anasthetic."
I listen to Sirius Beatles here in FLA. So..
"I want you so bad..(She's so heavy)" plays just as I'm about to enter McDonald's. I say"Self, you must listen to all of it to be polite to John and George". Then, thinking it must be about over I shut off the ignition. And wait, and wait. This clechos OMK's P&P(Patience and Perspiration*) and yesterday's STU Sutcliffe. Did anyone have the patience to read this through?

Ok. Let's go to CC's write-up.

CC, you're unique in more than Abacusean (sic) ways. fe. "Never had SHERBET " Which reminds me, I've got to get my hands on a Friday NYT)

I carefully reviewed both Across and Down and never saw ARLES.

Are Alitalia and Attila; Mere and Mare clechos?
The ITEs were active during the EAN.

Speaking of Minn... I see the Seniors are playing in Minnehaha this weekend

I knew Jackie P., But his DRAGON was slow coming. I remember meeting some friends fresh off the plane from 'Nam. "You never"smoked"!!! I thought he was going to cry. "Oh, they have the BEST Weed!!"
Johnny Walker was my buddy.

I remember disINGENUOUS and had to look it up. Knew it existed without"DIS". I just saw Disingenuous used in an article. Re. Politics of course.

SCAN/SPAN almost did me in, too. I was wondering what parade deified a CAT. Both words fit the clue'a different meanings.

Oops. I think I've filled a page. I'll post and continue reading posts.
Boston used to celebrate a B'NAI B'rith award for a Sportsman.


Btw. I thought it was A DD TOGETHER

* Yes, when AC is off in FLA cars get RED HOT

Wilbur Charles said...

Ok, I guess I can go on. I just had this tidbit

I see Misty and I were on the same brain SCAN. Btw, we had SERT in a xword about a month ago*

Maybe Alex Jones is a plant to discredit legitimate conspiracy exposure. As in the Pearl Harbor-Enigma Machine connection.


* Except it could have been NYT .See above

Husker Gary said...

-Letter writing may be a LOST ART but emailing and messaging have greatly increased the communication between us and our family
-On our van ride from SEA-TAC to Seattle two Asian women gave the driver $50 for a $40 ride and he was trying to ask them if they wanted change. He kept the $10 and I I’m not sure they understood what “tip” meant
-I remember when I had seen most of the Oscar-nominated pictures
-We have UPLIT and DOWNLIT solar lights all over outside our house
-In the play 1776, this board of YEAS and NAYS was very prominent
-A real electrician had to REWIRE our basement and looked at me like, “Really?”
-Most real estate deals are contingent on selling the first house
-My front-tine rototiller is 25 yrs old and will NOT die!
-It amazes me that planes are never lost flying over the OCEAN
-The Puff The Magic DRAGON debate

Bill G said...

Irish Miss, OK, sorry, I misunderstood. I hunted around and found this. It looks as if it may contain most or all of the stuff from the retrospective. Good luck.

Bill G said...

Here's the link to the Sunday Morning Retrospective if you like that format better.

Sunday Morning Retrospective Link

Jayce said...

Bail Grabowski, if you're reading this, I love your puzzles. Even if you're not reading this, I love 'em anyway.

At first I thought the gimmick was DD, which I associated with "figure" in the puzzle title. Later I realized it as ADD, which made much more sense.

Hand up for entering REAGAN and then having to change it.

LW and I both have iPhones and our house has a landline phone/DSL.

I didn't know EZIO Pinza was a basso. He didn't sound all that bass when his voice was dubbed in for the non-singing actor Rossano Brazzi in the movie South Pacific. ... Well, I just looked it up and by golly it was the bass Giorgio Tozzi who sang that part in the movie. No wonder. Ezio Pinza sang it on Broadway in 1949.

C.C. said, "Don't ever use Roto-Rooter!"

Best wishes to you all.

Missmolly said...

Thanks Gail! It makes my day when I see Gail has set us a puzzle. Reagan/ SEATAC, Miller, Ecolab. Those were the problems. Ha Washington Airport....very tricky!

Irish Miss said...

Bill G ~ No luck so far, but I'll keep trying. Thanks for your time, effort and interest.

CanadianEh! said...

Super Sunday. Thanks for the fun, Gail and C.C.
I got the theme early which helped me ADD some letters from thereon.
No Newspaper today and I had red letters on the Mensa site which kept me from going too far astray in the many misdirections. But I also seemed to be on Gail's wavelength and my first fills like CREE, MARE, REO, APSE (not Nave) and STET (not Dele) were correct.
Some others were not so evident; I wanted Nth before TEN, Ite before EAN.
Fine dining places call Palate cleansers Sorbet not the plebian SHERBET.

NAFTA again today. Yes since the 1990s but maybe ending. Too political.

Of course, this Canadian filled in OTTAWA quickly. They were hit with two tornadoes on Friday

Enjoy the rest of the day. We are cooler here too finally.

CrossEyedDave said...

Just had to ADD this post to bookmark my spot.

Hmm, what would you ADD to make this COMBINATION more appealing?

Anonymous T said...

Saturday & Sunday Lurk say...

Hi All!

DW & I are back from San Antonio stuffed to the gills - we ate* our way through the city; we hit 5 restaurants yesterday** :-)

From Friday: MdF - Brain-fart. Yes, the LBJ not JFK.

From Sat: {A+ [DW & me!, maid saves the day], A} Also, I missed the Chess fun - Bishop to back is correct move as Black King is pin'd by pawn; no way out or to block Bishop's attack.

C.C. Google hosts gMail.

{B+, C+ (yuck!), A-}

KenoRunner - LOL 'DD' (you too Jayce!)

Do I dare link Python's quiz re: Class struggle again?

HG - Synchronicity? DW & I were discussing Puff the Magic (mushroom?) Dragon yesterday while walking the River Walk (we put in 10.8mi!) and couldn't decide whether it was the movie or song 1st. Now we know it was a poem first. Cool to know and drugs were not involved. Thanks.

Cheers, -T
*eating wasn't all we did... :-)
**we'd go to each on for a little nosh & sometimes cocktail. We started at lunch time splitting a Rubin & potato salad at Schilo's Deli, snacked on a Buttermilk Chicken sandwich at The Luxury, went to the room for 'nap time', then....
Appetizers at the oldest bar in Texas, The Esquire [the fried - made in-house English-dill pickles - are to die for!], dessert at Biga on the Banks [the Sticky Toffee Pudding is what we went for (tops! - the 'burnt' in the toffee hits the back of your tongue late... Oh, wow); the coconut Brulee was really good too; chocolate mousse was pedestrian].
Finally, we ate dinner [yes, we ate dessert before dinner - we be grownups :-)], at Ocho - we split the in-bone pork chop 'cuz we were stuffed :-)

Misty said...

Thanks, Wilbur, for not making me feel I was the only SCAN goofer.

Did I miss Ol'Man Keith, or does he not check in on Sundays? I miss his posts.

Wilbur Charles said...

I want to add my appreciation for Gail's xword skills. I was able to work the left side then move on to the right going north.
So, it's Sunday and CC is around , so ..
This the 110th. Anniversary of Merkle's Boner . Poor Fred was on first when the winning run scored with two out. With fans streaming on to the field he made a beeline to the dressing room. Evers* located a/the ball and an umpire and tagged second thus nullifying the winning run.
The game was replayed at the end of the season with Cubs and Giants tied, Cubs won that game and their last World Series for 108 years**.

Ironically, in 1912 Tris Speaker hit a pop-up that Merkle and the catcher let fall. Tris said to Matty***"That'll cost you the WS". And it did, the Redsox rallied to win.

* Of Tinker to Evers to Chance fame
** The number of stitches on the ball
***Christy Mathewson charter member of HoF

Wilbur Charles said...

I just saw Misty's last post .We weren't the only ones . St Patty's Day was always big in Boston .It runs down the main drag in South Boston, a neighborhood i came to know well .

Apparently therest a Mr Meow in here we go might think a parade to honor a CAT would be entirely appropriate


Wilbur Charles said...

Btw, I see blogger is erasing my post if I try to preview. Fortunately, backarrow restored it . This is on androiA,-Chrome

Normally I compose a text and cut and paste. Then I can preview.

Anonymous said...

Omk hurt his arm last night while patting himself on the back last night after guessing the correct move in a hypothetical chess game. He might not be able to type today. Updates to come.

Wilbur Charles said...

Well, I for one, Misty for sure two, Jayce would he three and positions 4-24 I'll let fight it out. All of us love Keith's commentary as we do Picard. Both have been around the block.

However, speaking for myself I worry because a friend of mine went absent for a few days and I have heard today that he had a stroke and is in intensive care.

I missed a couple of phone calls. Like many my age he doesn't text. As in, "Call me when you you read this.".

Anon@ 810, you have a pawky sense of humor. Ever think of simply posting positive comments in a wry, pithy vein.

As for chess we're all Rusty here, including OMK. I'd have been woohoo-ing if I'd got the correct move as I was so sure I had. And hadn't.


Anonymous T said...

HG - have you heard of the Silver Snoopy Award? I was just reading about Victory Murray getting one while catching up on the paper.

Silver Snoopy is just such a nerd-cool thing. -T