Sep 26, 2018

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 Ed Sessa

Theme:  SPELL IT OUT. Otherwise unrelated answers each contain a stand-alone letter.  These letters, taken in order, spell a word.

20. *Niacin and riboflavin: B VITAMINS.   A class of water soluble, chemically distinct naturally occurring compounds, often found together in the same foods.

28. *Twenty Questions question: WHO AM I?  Animal, vegetable or mineral.

36. *Earth, Wind & Fire hit album whose title means "everything considered": ALL  'N ALL.  Their 8th studio album, released in 1977, which was certified triple platinum in the U. S.

43. *Fighter pilot's sensation: G FORCE. A measurement of the type of acceleration that causes a perception of weight. 

47. *Bravura performance reaction, briefly: STANDING O.  The audience shows their appreciation with a STANDING OVATION.

46. Winning exclamation aptly arranged and spelled by the standalone letters in the answers to starred clues: BINGO.  Also a classic game in which sections of a 5x5 matrix printed on a card are covered with tiles in designated patterns.  The first person to achieve the desired pattern shouts, "BINGO." and receives a prize.  There are many variations.

Hi Gang.  JazzBumpa here.  I'm not the greatest speller, but I think I can get us through this.  Note that the stand alone letters alternate from beginning to end of the fill, except for the middle one, where it is in the middle.  Nice touch! Now, let's sit for a spell, and see how we can do filling in our 15 x 15 matrix.


1. Muslim pilgrimage: HAJJ.  A pilgrimage to Mecca in the last month of the year, a goal for every Muslim.

5. Made docile: TAMED.

10. Valley with a Wine Train: NAPA.  In California

14. Melville's "Typee" sequel: OMOO.  Both novels are narratives of adventures in the south Pacific, based on the author's experiences.

15. Limber: AGILE.  Lithe and flexible.

16. Malicious: EVIL.   Characterized by bad intent

17. Bandit band: GANG.   Or crossword puzzle solvers - right, gang?

18. Jackrabbits, e.g.: HARES.  Leporids in the same family as rabbits, having characteristically longer ears.

19. Minimum __: WAGE.  The least amount an employer can legally pay a full time employee per hour of work.

23. 7UP competitor since 1961: SPRITE.  Lemon-lime flavored soft drinks.

25. Harbinger: OMEN. An OMEN is an event of prophetic significance.  A harbinger announces or precedes the arrival of something.  Not equivalent at all.

29. "I could be wrong": MAYBE NOT.

33. Knocks firmly: RAPS.  As on a door.

34. Pseudonym: FALSE NAME.   Like, for instance - JazzBumpa.

35. Part of LACMA: ARTLos Angeles County Museum of ART.

38. "Nothing to shout about": MEH.  Reaction to mediocrity.

39. Some llama herders: PERUVIANS.  In the Andes Mountains of South America.

41. Nuclear reactor component: CORE.  The location in the reactor containing the fuel components and where the nuclear reactions occur, generating heat.

42. Ceylon, now: SRI LANKA.  An island nation south of India in the Indian Ocean, famous for it ancient Buddhist ruins.

45. Kikkoman sauces: SOYS.  A liquid condiment made of soy beans, grains, and brine, fermented with an aspergillus fungus.

46. Medical lab specimen: BIOPSY.  A tissue sample examined to detect the presence of a disease.

51. Copies: APES.  Mimics.

54. Pogo stick sound: BOING.  Sound of a spring recoiling.

55. Pac-12 team since 2011: UTES.  University of Utah.

59. Mule team beam: YOKE.  A brace joining a pair of animals across the neck and shoulder area so that they can pull a load together.

60. The way we word: USAGE.  The habitual or normal practices in spoken and written language, such as not using the word "word" as a verb.

61. Snapper rival: TORO.  Lawn and garden tools.

62. Baaing mas: EWES.  Mothers of lambs.

63. Domingo, for one: TENOR.  José Plácido Domingo Embil, [b 1941] known as Plácido Domingo, is a Spanish tenor, conductor and arts administrator.

64. Whack: STAB.   Emulate Lizzie Borden


1. Ungenerous sort: HOG.  One who wants it all.  The opposite of 23 D.

2. Physicians' gp.: AMAAmerican Medical Association.

3. Trevor's predecessor on "The Daily Show": JON. Messrs. Noah and Stewart, respectively.

4. Women's sportswear: JOG BRAS.  Sturdier than the normal bra, they prevent movement and reduce the potential for damage to chest ligaments during vigorous physical activity.

5. South Seas island: TAHITI.  Shaped like a figure 8, it is the largest island in French Polynesia.

6. Striped quartz: AGATE.  A silicate rock containing mixtures of different crystal structures and physical forms, often with a variety of colors. 

7. Actress Sorvino: MIRA.  Mira Katherine Sorvino [b 1967] has won both Academy and Golden Globe awards.

8. Grade sch. level: ELEMentary, my dear Watson.

9. Lucie's dad: DESI. Arnaz.

10. Rather and Cronkite: NEWSMEN.  TV news journalists.

11. Gardner of the silver screen: AVA. Ava Lavinia Gardner [1922-1990] was an American actress and singer.  She was nominated for Academy and Golden Globe Awards, but never won.

12. Sty denizen: PIG.  Farm animal, also, another name for 1 D.

13. Tavern offering: ALE.

21. Vitality: VIM. Vigor's partner.

22. Prestigious prize: NOBEL.  Established by the will of Swedish scientist Alfred NOBEL and first awarded in 1901.  Prizes are offered annually in six categories for outstanding work in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, economics (since 1969), and the promotion of peace

23. They're not selfish: SHARERS.  Opposites of 1 D and 12 D.

24. The Supremes, e.g.: POP TRIO.  Group of 3 singers performing commercial popular music.

26. Captivates: ENAMORS.  To attract and hold attention vs to fill with feelings of love.  Not a good match.

27. What the ruthless show: NO MERCY.  Or what a crossword blogger might show for inexact cluing.

28. Gets a present ready to present: WRAPS.  Uses tape and decorative paper.

29. Exodus sustenance: MANNA. An edible substance miraculously supplied to the Israelites during their 40 year ravels in the desert.

30. "That's a shame": ALAS.  An expression of grief, pity or concern.

31. Fashion initials: YSL. Yves Saint Laurent.  I've never seen the appeal of wearing clothing with somebody else's initials on them.

32. Giggle: TEHEE.  Comic book laugh.

34. Reactive criticism: FLAK.  A hard time given to someone, perhaps with NO MERCY.

36. Salt's "Halt!": AVAST.  Stop or cease, generally associated with a naval context.

37. "Hamilton" creator __-Manuel Miranda: LIN. [b 1980]

40. Once-banned James Joyce novel: ULYSSES.  I'm not sure why anyone thought it would be necessary to ban a book that is so unreadable.

41. Weak excuses: COP OUTS.  More generally, taking an easy way out of difficult situations.

43. __ snap: GINGER.  A sharply flavored cookie made with GINGER.

44. Mariner's hazard: FOG.  Impairs visibility.

48. Adjoin: ABUT.  To touch or lean upon.

49. Bridge site: NOSE.  This is the bony upper part of the NOSE, above the nostrils, where eyeglasses rest.

50. Primatologist Fossey: DIAN.  [1932-1985] An American primatologist and conservationist known for undertaking an extensive study of mountain gorilla groups from 1966 until her death. 

51. Pro vote: AYE.  All in favor  .  .  .

52. Comics punch sound: POW.  Sometimes KA-POW, or BANG.

53. Scrape (out): EKE.  To just manage to get by in some tough situation.

56. Little kid: TOT. A small child, possibly a moppet.

57. Historical period: ERA.  A distinct time with particular identifying characteristics.

58. Cry out loud: SOB.  Wah!

And so we reach the end of another Wednesday.  Were you spell-bound?

Cool Regards!


OwenKL said...

A group of native PERUVIANS
Were ENAMORED by BBC television.
Especially the yahoo
Who says "I AM WHO".
So they formed a club of Whovians!

(That is, by-the-by, the legitimate term for Doctor Who fans.)

The inventor was heard to say, "BINGO!"
While making a toy to go BOING-o!
The best he could do
Was a mechanical EWE,
And a clockwork cow that lowed, "O-MOO-o"!

JON was the SPRITE'S designation.
He wanted to go on vacation.
A sabbatical year
For an acting career,
Culminating in a STANDING OVATION!
He would only take a very small part:
As Tinkerbell, he turned drag to an art
In Shakespeare he'd delight,
Played Ariel as a SPRITE,
But the role of Puck had his heart!

{B-, B-, A-.}

D4E4H said...

Good morning Cornerites, and Cornerettes.

Thank you Mr.Ed Sessa for this interesting CW which I FIR in 25:17 mon.

Thank you Jazzbumpa for your excellent review.


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Was going to complain that the dreaded ELHI was wrong for the given clue. And it was. LITHE fit the clue, but was equally wrong. Ed, are we non-Californians really supposed to know what LACMA means? MEH. Managed to notice the stand-alone letters, but didn't suss that they spelled out BINGO. Enjoyed your take on USAGE, JzB. This puzzle was just right for a mid-week romp.

ULYSSES: CSO to Misty. Not only is the book unreadable, it's really hard to spell.

WHACK: I can only see this to mean "Stab" in the sense of making a try: I'll take a stab at it. I'll take a whack at it.

Oas said...

Good morning all

FLN thanks Picard and AnonT
It’s a mystery to me how a few words of acknowledgement can help lighten the load.

Thanks for the puzzle Ed Sessa.
Very doable but I don’t watch The Daily Show so did not know if it would be Don or Jon . I went for the English spelling of HADJ and FIW.

Great day to all

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, JazzBumpa and friends. BINGO! I finished this puzzle in a (GINGER) Snap. I figured we were spelling out BINGO with the second starred clue.

I liked how RAPS crossed with WRAPS.

Also amusing to see a PIG and a HOG in the same puzzle.

OMOO has become a crossword staple.

I misread Domingo for Domino, so my first thought was the brand of Sugar.

Ever wonder why there is no NOBEL prize in mathematics? The story I initially heard was that his wife had a affair with a mathematician. The problem with that theory is that Alfred Nobel never married. Alas, the actual story for no math Nobel Prize is not nearly as interesting. Alfred simply didn't care much for math.

QOD: When people tell me "You're going to regret that in the morning," I sleep till noon because I'm a problem solver. ~ Anonymous

Big Easy said...

Good morning. A fast fill today, only slowing down for the second J on HAJJ and waiting for the JOG BRAS to complete it. I noticed the B-I-N-G-O letters but paid no attention to the sequence.

LIN, ART, ALL-N-ALL- unknowns solved by perps.
DIAN- When getting a marriage license, I pointed out to my wife DIANE that her birth certificate said DIAN, no DIANE. She never knew.

YOKE- usually described for use on OXEN not mules. A wooden YOKE would kill a pair of horses or mules, due to their neck structure. Leather HARNESS for horses and mules.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased tibetIANS and BOINk. Oh that's right, BOINk is another word for the horizontal bop, but doesn't sound as erotic when sung by Bob Seger.

Thanks to playing with CWs I knew OMOO, MEH and MIRA Sorvino.

Learned that BIOPSY was the sample, not the lab procedure. Ours was not good - DW goes in for additional breast surgery Monday. Good prognosis, but we'll know more next week.

I love EW&F, but didn't know this album. I guess Lucy's daughter was Lucie. I wonder if the inventor of the JOG BRA was afraid it would flop?

Thanks for the fun puzzle, Ed. And JzB you came through again with a fine explanation.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Ed Sessa, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Jazzbumpa, for a fine review.

Of course I wrote in HADJ for 1A, as my first entry. Much, much, later I fixed that to HAJJ. I knew it was spelled both ways, but it can become a guess as to which way.

Our old OMOO again. Have seen those two (with TYPEE) many times. Maybe I will read the books some time.

Theme appeared late in the puzzle. I did figure it out with some scrutiny. ALL N ALL helped.

DIAN Fossey was quite a famous person. I remember reading about her research years ago. Too bad she met a violent end.

I knew all the answers except JON and LIN. Perped and wagged them.

Going to a Kiwanis Annual Lunch today. See you tomorrow.


( )

Yellowrocks said...

I saw BINGO spelled out in the puzzle, but no "Bingo!" for the solve. Hand up with OAS. I didn't know DON or JON, so I spelled HAJJ as HADJ.
WHACK is slang for kill. So STABbing is a means of whacking, offing, killing.
I always obsess over how TO WORD a condolence letter. Nothing I can say seems adequate, but I will try. My condolences to you, OAS on losing so many friends. It is so hard to accept.
Jinx, my thoughts are with you and your wife on her surgery today.
Yesterday I knew of dingus as doohickey. It's origin is late 19th century via Afrikaans from Dutch ding ‘thing.’ We also use Thingy that way.
In PA Dutch they say something that sounded to me like "Du domis ding du." (You dumb thing you.) We said it when we were frustrated with an object or a project. I am sure it was meant to apply to people, but in our house no snark was allowed.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dennis! (If you're still out there lurking)

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a fun solve and very relatable as my mother was a dedicated Bingo player. Years ago, Bingo games were very popular in our area. Practically every service/social organization held one weekly: DAV, Elks, K of C, ICC, etc. Mom patronized them all. My only w/o was UCLA/Utes and, like Hatoolah, I liked the Pig and Hog duo and the Wraps ~ Raps crossing. How could you see "Ulysses" mentioned and not think of our dear Misty? My favorite C/A was Bridge site=Nose.

Thanks, Ed, for a mid-week treat and thanks, JazB, for conducting the tour with flourish and fanfare!

Jinx, positive thoughts and prayers to your DW and you.

oas, belated condolences on your recent losses.

Have a great day.

inanehiker said...

Fun puzzle theme - with a little crunch- perfect for a Wednesday.
Enjoyed the music on the blog JzB!

Just got back from a week in northern Vermont /New York on Lake Champlain for a conference and then a visit with friends. It was before the peak of leaves changing, but still beautiful after the initial rain stopped (aftermath of the Florence weather system) Looked on HGs map and we weren't close to any Cornerites but thought of them.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

I enjoy Ed's puzzles and I did this one. Just enough bite for a Wednesday. Got the BINGO theme before finishing so that's a plus.
CORE - I ONCE crawled through a Canadian CANDU reactor core which was under construction by Ontario Hydro near Toronto. Weird feeling as to what would go on there when it would become operable.
YR - Dumm in German is sort of a catch-all - from stupid to silly to careless; at least in my Mom's generation.

Happy Birthday to Dennis.

Jinx - I assume they're going back in to get margins and nodes. BH was diagnosed in 1997; with early stage breast cancer so several modalities of further treatment were offered by the 'team'. She ended up getting four separate independent 'second' opinions before moving forward.
I had margins and a sentinel lymph node out after a melanoma BIOPSY on my back last year.
Good luck with the operation.

CanadianEh! said...

Wonderful Wednesday. Thanks for the fun, Ed and JazzB.
I filled in steadily and quickly, saw the BINGO (as well as the letters being first, centre and last as noted by JazzB, there is a diagonal placement of BINGO for OMK!!!)
But I see I actually FIWed because, like others, I had HADJ and DON (I don't watch The Daily Show).

I'm with d'otto in not knowing LACMA (glad it was not just my Canadian disadvantage), and in not primarily associating Whack with STAB.
Like Hahtoolah, I noted HOG and PIG, and WRAPS crossing RAPS.
Great work today Owen. I always enjoy but don't always remember to comment.
I knew Misty would know Ulysses!
Spelling of Lucie keeps her separate from her Mom, Lucy.
Jinx - best wishes for your wife's surgery.
Hand up for UCLA before UTES filled in the spot.
Like Irish Miss, my favourite was Bridge site=NOSE.

Enjoy the day. I echo the Anon "Happy Birthday Dennis".

CanadianEh! said...

Re Minimum WAGE: (Warning, may be political but Ontario politics discussion is OK LOL)

Ontario had an increase in minimum wage, which was raised from $11.40 to $14.00 (20.7%) on January 1, 2018. With a further rise to $15/hour legislated for January 1, 2019, this would bring the increase to a whopping 29.3% over a 12-month period. The intent of the government at that time was to approach the 2018 Living Wage Rate of $16.10 an hour. (The living wage rate is the hourly wage a worker needs to earn to cover their basic expenses and participate in community life.)
Controversy abounds over the effects, especially on retailers. MinimumWageNaysayers
The new Ontario government’s commitment is to avert the increase to $15/hour on January 1, 2019.

I would be interested in hearing what the minimum wage is in areas where our Cornerites live. ($14.00 CDN equals approx. $10.79 US)

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks, Ed, for a fun puzzle. Thanks, JzB, for all the interesting tidbits.

I got the theme, but not until the reveal, then had to go back and find the starred clues. In my present state of vision, stars & quotation marks look the same unless I really hone in on them. That helped me get the first ALL. I didn't know the song and had NALL so was looking for a word ending in "N".

Never watched 20 Questions so that was a WAG. Hand up for not knowing JON, LIN or LACMA. Two lucky WAGs with HAJJ & ART.

"The way we word" sounded like a song. Ironic to find the answer was USAGE when it was incorrectly USed. Wanted ENtrance before ENAMORS. Agree the latter doesn't fit the clue.

How did Durel manage to make his HARE look so soft & furry? Master artist. We had a few jackrabbits in isolated places. Very prolific and destructive so were hunted almost to extinction in our farm areas.

Bridge site = NOSE: I had NO__ and for some reason stubbornly resisted SE. Duh!

Hahtoolah: great QOD. That explains a lot about my sleep habits. LOL!

Jinx: praying for a good outcome for your DW's surgery on Monday. Your JOGBRA comment was funny if naughty.

OAS: my condolences on your losses. Seems the older we get the more such periods of loss occur. My BFF from HS and I seem to send each other a lot of obits. Some months are painful.

PK said...

CanadianEh!: I'm not sure what the minimum wage is here for full-time workers. I do know that when the raises occurred several years ago some companies cut hours and no longer had any full-time workers to get it or any benefits. I knew several women who were making less money than they had before. Some companies went to contract workers. I knew of one restaurant whose wait-staff were contract workers who worked for tips only. Never understood how any employers could live with themselves doing that.

CrossEyedDave said...

Ditto, on a bunch of stuff...

Hadj (Don/Jon?)

Yokes? on Mules?

Where I come from, Dian has an "E"!

Baas mas?? (the M should have been capitalized!)
this has me looking for a Spanish version of more sheep...

But, in particular, I have a nit with "Jog" bra.
I have only ever heard of "Jogging Bra...

It's Dennis' Birthday?
Oh nuts! I gotta make a virtual cake for some one who may not see it?

End of Rant!

AnonymousPVX said...

Kind of easy today, odd for a Wednesday.

That was a joke right, “but who’s her mother?” I’ve got one just as tough...”who’s buried in Grants Tomb?”, haha.

Yellowrocks said...

The acceptance of our ideas often depends on THE WAY WE WORD our explanations. No nit from me. The way we word things is our usage of words.
JOG BRA seemed strange to me. Mostly they are called sports bras or sport bras. Even jogging bra is seldom used, I believe.
"mas" is in the dictionary as an informal word for mothers. Should it be capitalized?
Grammar Girl: "The general rule is to capitalize a family name when it is used as a name, and not to capitalize when it is a common noun. So in this clue ma would not be capitalized.
Happy birthday, Dennis. I hope you see this and chime in.
There used to use horse yokes, but they were replaced by horse collars. The collars allowed the horses to use more of their strength and to breathe more easily.
Wiki" "The collar allows the horse to use its full strength when pulling, essentially enabling the animal to push forward with its hindquarters into the collar. If wearing a yoke or a breastcollar, the horse had to pull with its less-powerful shoulders. The collar had another advantage over the yoke as it reduced pressure on the horse's windpipe."
horse yoke images

SwampCat said...

So many clever clues! Thanks, Ed! I loved Salt’s halt. It just sounds funny. We talked about AVAST on Talk like a Pirate day, I think.

Exodus sustenance, mule team beam also made pleasant sounds. ( yeah, I agree a YOKE on a mule would probably break his neck but it sounded good!)

I liked OMEN and OMOO together. Learning moment was that BIOPSY is the specimen not the procedure.

My favorite has to be GINGER snap because I adore them! They are also good for digestion and seasickness. We always had them on our boat... just in case. Thanks for the Trader Joe’s link, JazzB, and for the rest of your very thorough expo.

Owen, the last one was my favorite but they were all great!

SwampCat said...

Jinx, good thoughts for your wife, and you.

Misty said...

Delightful Wednesday puzzle, many thanks, Ed! I hoped I had nailed the whole thing, but, alas, like others, I had HADJ instead of HAJJ. But there is no way I'm going to complain about a puzzle that featured James Joyce's ULYSSES! Thank you for remembering my work on Joyce, Irish Miss, Desper-otto, and CanadianEh! I have a tip for anyone who considers the novel 'unreadable': watch the 1967 Joseph Strick film of ULYSSES. I saw the film when I was still in college, and loved it so much I started reading the book and went on to become what is called a "Joycean." The movie is a big help to sketching out the characters and plot. But enough about ULYSSES. Wonderful write-up, Jazzb, and I loved your picture of Duerer's HARE.

Owen, I liked your last limerick.

Have a great day, everybody!

JJM said...

I thought this puzzle was really clever! Kudos!

EWF's "All 'N All" came out my Jr. year in college (1977) so it definitely brings back great memories.
However, my favorite EWF album is 1979's "I Am"
Check it out on iTunes, there's some really good stuff on that Album.
I think I'll do that now actually!

Picard said...

OAS Glad that a few words of acknowledgement can help lighten the loss a bit in our little crossword community.

Got the BINGO reveal quickly. I was slow to see the B-I-N-G-O standalone letters pattern. Very cool and original! No circles needed!

Never heard of UTES. We have seen UTEP for University of Texas El Paso. Does UTES stand for something?

LIN seemed wrong, but I was wrong about that. FIR. Quick, smooth solve for a Wednesday.

I once encountered this YOKEd MULE TEAM on an Arizona highway.

Here was DW and her mother at the LACMA - Los Angeles County Museum of ART

As a child I was very fortunate to see the Broadway musical "Hair" with my parents. It was a big expense (tickets were about $15 for a Broadway show!) but I really wanted to go. One of the most memorable scenes for me was a hilarious parody of the SUPREMES TRIO.

Here I found some photos of this SUPREMES TRIO parody.

I wish there was a video. But these photos show the joke: The TRIO is dancing side by side in their glittery dresses. As they separate a bit, you can see they are all wearing one dress sewn together!

Lucina said...

Thank you, Ed Sessa for this rapid romp! It felt more like Monday.

HAJJ went in quickly and BINGO! I finished but no, I had EVITAMINS. Drat! And I knew it was BINGO. I really need to review.

JazzB, thank you for pointing out the TORO/snapper rivalry which I didn't understand but knew it was right.

I've considered taking the NAPA wine train but $99 seems steep.

Perps were needed for ART in LACMA. I also thought it interesting to see HOG and PIG.

Misty, of course I immediately thought of you at ULYSSES.

Here the minimum WAGE is $11 with a gradual upward rise to $15 though I know many places that already pay that.

It's interesting about BIOPSY; I hear people say they are having a BIOPSY which led me to understand it as the procedure. Learning moment.

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

billocohoes said...

WEES about HAJJ, LACMA, and JOGBRA. Had UTE_ and went right to UTEP, but Texas-El Paso moved from the Western Athletic Conference to Conference-USA, not the Pac-12.

A "Easter egg" in Mel Brooks' films The Producers is that the wall calendar in Max's office says it's June 16 (known to Joyceans as "Bloomsday") when accountant Leo Bloom enters.

New York minimum wage in $15/hour for large NY City employers starting next year, and rising to that in future years in other parts of the state. Tipped workers remain at a much lower level. The Business Council always predicts lower employment but it's almost never happened. They don't promise to increase employment if the rates were lowered. Why do employers do that, PK? Because they can.

Yellowrocks said...

According to biopsy as a noun can be the specimen or the procedure. So you all were not wrong.
-the removal for diagnostic study of a piece of tissue from a living body.
-a specimen obtained from a biopsy.
-to remove (living tissue) for diagnostic evaluation.

YOKES for mules and horses
If you look at my horse yoke pictures at 11:39 you will see that we are not talking about the very heavy yoke placed on oxen.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle, which I solved rather quickly. Have the same nits that Jazzb has except I agree with Yellowrocks about WORD. Saw the individual letters but didn't notice they spelled BINGO. Every time I see/hear the term STANDING O I think of Tom Bergeron saying it on Dancing With The Stars. Of course I, like others, immediately thought of you, Misty, at seeing Joyce's ULYSSES. I liked PERUVIANS; nifty fill. Did not know LACMA. Only one different letter distinguishes today's TAHITI from yesterday's TAHINI.
Good wishes to you all.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I think desper-otto offers the best justification for Whack/STAB.

A clever BINGO theme from Mr. Sessa, together with fine insights from JazzBpa.

Two diagonals today, one from each side.

Spitzboov said...

PK @ 1016 - Re: "Bridge site = NOSE: I had NO__ and for some reason stubbornly resisted SE. Duh!

I played bridge today with a semi-retired doctor who normally does the puzzle, and he didn't get it either.

Misty said...

Thank you, Lucina and Jayce, for remembering my Ulysses connection. I didn't realize I'd publicized it so much. And I enjoyed your remembering that 'The Producers' had a Bloomsday reference, Billocohoes. I'm not sure I ever caught that.

Husker Gary said...

-Perfect fall weather for 27 holes today!
-Fabulous theme and fun fill
-Cutthroat BINGO (2:00)
-Do you think of The China Syndrome when you see nuclear CORE?
-Some coaches show NO MERCY by leaving their starters in until the end even with a huge lead
-No COP OUTS here – Grandson had a 104˚F but the grocery store where he works said he had to come in, get a replacement and obtain a doctor’s excuse.
-This Friday could be a big day for counting AYES
-EVIL – I got a Facebook message from someone pretending to be my friend who said if I send him $845 he could get me $100,000 from some Workmen’s Comp… I was born at night, but not last night!

SwampCat said...

Several of you were discussing chess recently and the last three days the cartoon Baby Blues, which i seldom read, has been about Daddy teaching Daughter to play chess. She insists her Queen is a princess, the Knights are unicorns, and the game needs glitter.

Daddy says, head in hand, “there go fourteen hundred years of tradition.”

I would never have noticed but for our discussions here. Who says crossword puzzles don’t enhance life!?

Jinx in Norfolk said...

HG, I've always felt that control of a runaway game is in the hands of the losing team's coach. If they put in their scrubs, we put in our scrubs. In basketball, if they go to the four corners offense, we do too. Until that time they are still trying their best to beat us, and there should be no mercy until time makes it impossible for us to lose. In fact, I would bench any player who lets up or hot dogs (which would be a good CW fill).

Hell's bells, these days they will probably all get a participation trophy anyway.

CrossEyedDave said...


todays Baby Blues...

WikWak said...

Picard: Utes are people who are members of the Ute tribe of Native Americans. For centuries they have lived in the Utah-Colorado area.

And hand up for wanting UTEP there and fighting like mad against changing that P! This was the only spot that slowed me down today as I FIR in about 8 minutes. I must have been right smack on Mr Sessa's wavelength today! Thanks to him and to JazzB, whose blogs I always enjoy.

Have a great evening, all!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

A TAME Wednesday puzzle from Ed. Thanks Ed, nothing terribly EVIL in this one.

Thanks JzB for the verbose expo - I enjoyed the Billy Joel [that song is the 1st on Glass Houses which is why you hear the shattering in the first seconds. Can you tell I had that LP? :-)]

I've followed Jon Stewart since he was on MTV News before The Jon Stewart Show. As for LIM, Youngest talks about Hamilton all the freakin' time.

Hand-up: Thought of Misty at ULYSSES

WO: enrapts b/f ENAMORS
Fav: clues 'Salt's halt' and 'Baaing mas'; a look at the last on makes you think you're not reading English

{B, B+, A}

Jinx - Good luck to you and yours Monday. Let us know all's all-right.

Hand-up: Thought of Misty at ULYSSES

Welcome back inanehiker!

Hahtoolah - Loved the QOD.

TMBG Minimum WAGE [0:47 - yes, that’s the whole song].

Cheers, -T

SwampCat said...

Thanks CED for the Baby Blues link!

Yellowrocks said...

As JzB said these Utes are the University of Utah football team.

CanadianEh! said...

Yes SwampCat, Who says crossword puzzles don’t enhance life!?
After our discussion of Misty and James Joyce, what should come up on Jeopardy tonight? A contestant who is a retired English teacher and answered Alex Trebek's question about her favourite author with "James Joyce - he is deep!"
And as icing on the cake, the winner tonight was a doctor from Toronto and there was a British Zed question. If she had been doing CWs and on our blog, she (like me) would have learned about zebra crossings!

Love that Baby Blues series and link.

On another note, the Ontario government announced today (just hours after I posted) that the further minimum WAGE hike that was set to kick in next January has been halted. Whatever your view, at least it was not a BROKEN election PROMISE.

SwampCat said...

C Eh! We seem to comment on everything before it happens! Recently we had the word PAH. I had never seen that, only bah.

Tonight I’m reading a novel translated from Swedish in which one of the characters says PAH. I laughed out loud!

Life is strange...

Sandyanon said...

Dear CE,
No offense, but when I first read your post, it wasn't yet 7pm here in SoCal, and Jeopardy hadn't started. Now I'm watching it, and I already know who won. Oh well. . .

CanadianEh! said...

This Canadian says Sorry Sandyanon! I should have put a spoiler alert on my post. I wasn't thinking about the time zones.

Dennis said...

Hi guys -- got an email that my ears should be burning. Thanks so much for the b-day wishes; means a lot coming from one of the finest groups on the internet.

Three-quarters of the way to the century mark!

Best wishes to everyone; have fun!!

Bill G said...

Jinx, best wishes and good thoughts for your wife and you.

Sandyanon said...


Misty said...

CanadianEh, I too was blown away by the woman telling us James Joyce was her favorite writer on Jeopardy, and then having the Canadian contestant win the contest. I'd say that's a pretty good night for both of us!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Couldn’t let the day morph into the next without saying hello to Dennis! Good to hear from you, old Corner friend, and Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping in Dennis. Many of the newbies here are unaware of your contribution to this blog. For many years the triumpherant of C.C., Argyle and Dennis kept this blog on the proper course. There are many of us old timers who dont forget that. Hope you are enjoying your 75th! I'm guessing you are.

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Anonymous T said...

Happy Birthday Dennis!

Swamp, I've not yet read today's Baby Blues - comics are the last thing I read before bed. I have been following the chess saga and LOL; just like teaching Eldest chess ["The horsey moves like this!" as she bounces around the room]. Youngest, OTOH, enjoys it and provides a decent opponent. I still have work to do on her end-game though.

Cheers, -T

PK said...

Happy Birthday, Dennis! I've wondered how your retirement life has been and whether you ever achieved the retirement dream that had us all in fits of laughter for weeks.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thanks, CanadianEh!, for spotting the diagonal BINGO!
I might have missed it w/o your kind guidance.