Sep 25, 2018

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 C.C. Burnikel

"Broken Promise"

16. Player getting paid: PRO ATHLETE.

23. "Wait just a minute!": WHOA THERE.

46. Docking aids: BOAT HOOKS.

53. Closet accessory: COAT HANGER.

32. Unfulfilled campaign pledge ... and a hint to what 16-, 23-, 46- and 53-Across all contain: BROKEN PROMISE.

Oath is broken in each answer.   When I first edited the review, I noticed that the first answer had the break after the first letter, the second answer after the second letter, the third answer after the third letter.  I was momentarily disappointed that the fourth answer wasn't broken after the fourth letter.  Then quickly realized that if it had been, then oath wouldn't have been broken.  Very nice puzzle C.C. !

"You made me promises promises
Knowing I'd believe
Promises promises
You knew you'd never keep " - Naked Eyes, 1983 -  British synthopop.


1. The one here: THIS.   The one there: That.   Neither one: Other.

5. Group of cronies: GANG.   Group of crones: Hags.

9. Natural wound protection: SCAB

13. Discard: DUMP.  In computing,  a dump (as a noun) is the contents of a storage area, especially after a system failure.  As a verb it means to store to another location, such as another library, volume,  disk or other media.   So, as Ol' Man Keith was commenting about on Friday's blog, a contronym, because dump = discard,  and dump = store.   Probably not as common as cleave.

14. Prohibited activity: TABOO.

15. "What a shame!": OH NO.

18. Sound from a snout: OINK.

19. Counsel: ADVISE.

20. "Am I the only one?": IS IT ME

22. Move stealthily: SLINK.  I think of cats.  And ninjas. 

26. "Told you": SEE

27. Rogers Centre city: TORONTO. A gimme for Canadian Eh.

29. Oil field sight: RIG.

30. Cartographer's dot, maybe: ISLET.

31. Food truck snack: TACO.

37. James of "The Godfather": CAAN.  Plays the role of Sonny Corleone.  Spoiler alert:  He gets offed.  Michael Corleone becomes the Don and avenges his brother's death.   The Godfather has been the top rated film of all time in many polls, but so have GWTW, Casablanca, Citizen Kane and Vertigo

38. Herbert Hoover, by birth: IOWAN.  31st President.  You can read about him at 

39. O'Hare's airport code: ORD.  O'Hare was originally Orchard Field.

40. Great pains: AGONIES.

43. Bobs and waves: DOs.  Hairstyles.  Short for hairdos.

48. "Rashomon" director Kurosawa: AKIRAThe Rashomon Effect

50. Christmas door decoration: WREATH.

51. Health facility: CLINIC.

52. Tech sch. grad: ENGR.  Yours truly. 

56. "Start __": Rolling Stones hit: ME UP.   1981 Pop Rock hit single from the album Tattoo You.

57. Mandel of "America's Got Talent": HOWIE.  A gimme for Bill G and Lemonade.

58. Melody: TUNE.  That girl can sing.  As can Kellie Pickler.  For those that don't solve the Saturday puzzles, take a look at Husker Gary's review and watch, as he so aptly wrote, "Her heartwarming backstory, American Idol audition and emotional reaction".

59. Coffee servers: URNS.

60. "If I may intrude ... ": AHEM.  "Ahem, this review is getting to be too long."

61. Founded, as a co.: ESTD.


1. QB-to-receiver six-pointer: TD PASS.  QB = Quarterback and TD = Touchdown.  "A touchdown is worth six points, and is scored when a team crosses the opposition's goal line with the ball, or catches or collects the ball in the end zone."  Topend Sports - Football Basics

2. Running track obstacle: HURDLE.  In preseason practice, Coach Carlson said I had the best form on the freshman track team.  I placed last in the first meet.  Ran the "2 mile" in meets after that. Never won at that event either. 

3. Apple video-editing app: IMOVIE.

4. Madrid's country: SPAIN.   Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union.

5. 128 fl. oz.: GAL

6. Grandpa Simpson: ABEAbraham Jedediah Simpson II  Click his name to read about him at Fandom.

7. Vague idea: NOTION.

8. Charges toward: GOES AT.

9. Apt Shakespearean rhyme for "truth": SOOTH.

10. Fire-breathing monsters: CHIMERAs

11. "Interview With the Vampire" novelist: ANNE RICE.  Click her name to read a summary about her at

12. __ choy: stir-fry veggie: BOK.

14. With 37-Down, what corn is on: THE and  (37. See 14-Down): COBFour Ways to Cook Corn on the Cob - Wikihow

17. "For shame!": TSK TSK.

21. Skater Midori: ITO.

23. Little songbird: WREN.

24. Color of some Hello Kitty products: HOT PINK.

25. Self-esteem: EGO.

28. Fútbol cheer: OLE.

30. Charged particle: ION.

31. Altoids container: TIN.  Also, our hypocorism for Tinbeni.

32. Saloonkeeper: BAR OWNER.  e.g. Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke, or Moe on The Simpsons.

33. Trooper's speed-checking device: RADAR GUN.

34. Versailles rulers, once: ROIs.

35. Have bills to pay: OWE.

36. Indian spice blend: MASALA.

40. Finder's cry: AHA.

41. "Fooled you!": GOTCHA.

42. Overeager student's cry: OOH OOH.  Obligatory Horshack:

43. Thingamajig: DINGUS.  Gadget.  Thingamabob.  Whatchamacallit.  Gizmo.  Doodad.  Doohickey.  You know what I'm talking about ?  

44. Set in the right direction: ORIENT.

45. Like some cows and vows: SACRED.

47. Maryland team, briefly: TERPS.  The Maryland Terrapins of the B1G conference.  Stylized logo of the Big 10 Conference that has 14 universities as members.  Take the link to see who they are.

49. "Roots" role Kunta __: KINTE.

51. Rebel Guevara: CHE.  Spent a couple of hours reading and learning about him.

52. Big bird from Down Under: EMU.

54. Stunned state: AWE.

55. Comical Conway: TIM.  Played Ensign Parker on McHales Navy.  He was a guest on a Johnny Carson rerun early Sunday morning. 


OwenKL said...

The Ten Commandments say swearing is TABOO.
Utter an OATH in anger is what one should not do!
But when Smoky says, "GOTCHA son
With my trusty RADAR GUN,"
That SACRED COW cannot keep from saying "Moo!"

I am not an IOWAN
Tho I can say, "I Owen!"
That may sound like I.O.N.,
But being an ion's not my ken,
Tho I can go binary as "Oh One"!

{C, C-.}

fermatprime said...


Thanks to C.C. and TTP!

Fun puzzle! Didn't know Stones's tune, but that was about it.

Last swim with best friend today. Drat.

Have a great day!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thank you, C.C.! I thought the puzzle was harder than yesterday's. I enjoyed it but there were some tough places. For instance I had ATHANG for awhile before realizing it was COAT HANGER. That THANG really threw me. Duh!

I failed to get the clever theme, but just forgot to look for it. Not sure I even read that clue. Thank you, TTP, our Trusty Tuesday Professor, for 'splainin'.

Not "doodad" but DINGUS which I've only heard as a sorta dirty word.

CAAN was a perps & WAG. Never saw "The Godfather" movie. Did not know AKIRA.

Fermatprime: Sorry you are losing your friend. At our age, we don't have many of those.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I guess I must've played hooky yesterday.

I enjoyed your puzzle, CC, though I failed to see the theme and failed to read the reveal clue. Again. Hand up for reading it "Crones," TTP. Thanx to both of you.

THE COB: Soak the ears, husks on, in beer. Pull the husks back and grill over charcoal. Slather in melted butter. Hand 'em to passersby. The still-attached husks become a handy handle. Our little town had an annual CornFest, and that's how it was done.

IOWAN: We used to motorcycle past Herbie's birthplace in West Branch. Never stopped, though.

COAT HANGER: Susan Collins received lots of 'em in the mail in recent days.

DOs: No relation to d-o. My name's not Bob, though I do often wave.

Oas said...

Good taco Tuesday all.
Thanks CC and TTP and Owen.
Fun puzzle tho DINGUS , AKIRA and KINTE gave me some trouble.
Caught the theme and looked for OATH as the hint in the longer crosses. Helped quicken the solve.
Laid another friend to rest yesterday. That’s two in a week , all to frequently for my liking. Only plus is you get to see friends you lost touch with and you say again we need to stop meeting like this.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased KINTa and "Start it UP". Should have known Start ME UP - Microsoft paid an incredible amount for the rights to the song in order to overhype the "START" button when Windows 95 was introduced. Ranks right up there with the Segway, Paris Hilton, and the whole Kardashian clan.

Lucky guesses at the Natick of AKIRA x MASaLA & DiNGUS.

CSO to our non-iceman's TIN container.

Didn't know that CHIMERAS were anything other than the clay fire devices used to ignite decks and patios.

Thanks to CC for another fine puzzle. My favorite was 128 oz for GAL, instead of the usual country bumpkin style clue. Thanks to TTP for a solid review.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Always a delight to see CC's byline. Got the theme early on due to the reveal placement; oath wasn't hard to spot in the themers. CSOs to CanadianEh and Tin. My only w/os were Hags/Gang and Sets at/Goes at, I'm not familiar with iMovie and not knowing the Simpsons, I needed perps for Abe. I liked the progression of Abe ~ Awe ~ Owe ~ Ole.

Thanks, CC, for a Tuesday treat and thanks, TTP, for the grand tour. I hope you've recovered from the house-staining project!


Anonymous T ~ Don't overdo it at the gym!

Have a great day.

billocohoes said...

Dirty DINGUS Magee was a 1970 film (billing itself "sort of a western") with Frank Sinatra in the title role, with George Kennedy and old crossword friend Jack Elam.

Lemonade714 said...

A really nice puzzle and write-up, thank you C.C. and TTP. As PK said it ws not as easy as yesterdays, but it was not unfair with AKIRA perhaps the the most difficult fill.

I enjoyed the discussion of the RASHOMON EFFECT which brought to mind the wonderful The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926) by Agatha Christie and Gone Girl (2012) by Gillian Flynn

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Got CC's schtick about 60% of the way thru the puzzle. It actually helped with the OA placement in COAT HANGER. Favorite was SACRED cow / vow. No searches of white-out were needed. BZ to CC for a fine job.
DINGUS - Special day celebrated by Poles in some cities like Buffalo the day after Easter.
GAL - The clue is only valid if the fluid is distilled water at Standard temperature and pressure. Gallon is a unit of liquid capacity; not weight. A gallon of gasoline would weigh about 96 oz. par ejemplo.

Yellowrocks said...

CC, good puzzle. Fine theme. but I missed it. I should have looked at the meeting of the two words, a very common place to locate a theme.
TTP, very interesting. I always enjoy your take on things. I liked your discussion of dump. DUST is a common contronymn. I dust my furniture to remove dust. I dust my buns with powder to add dust.
DINGUS - as my mom's alzheimers advanced and she lost her words, she would substitute RAINBOW for the missing word. She looked at my dishwasher and said,"The rainbow is whooshing."
We see the Roshomon Effect in our divisive politics today, for example, the Kavanaugh dust up.
Although I know of the Greek mythological monster, chimera. I most often see chimera used to mean an unrealizable dream, a chimera of my imagination. BTW the first syllable is pronounce KI rhyming with MY.
See the chimera picture

Dudley said...

Spitz - the clue was about fluid ounces, not ounces avoirdupois.

Spitzboov said...

Dudley - You're right. But the Ch.E. in me grates against the term, and can be inadvertently shortened to oz. I guess I was advocating care in how the unit is used. Concise definitions of fluid ounce make it clear that it refers to water.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, TTP, for a fine review.

Lemonade: Regarding Rashomon Effect, I read the description. I had never heard of that before. I did read Gone Girl, an excellent novel, and the Effect was certainly part of that story. Thanks for your comment.

I caught the theme later on in the puzzle. 32A is a true statement regarding our politicos, in general. You should see the ads on TV in Illinois right now. Biggest smear campaign I ever saw. When you have billionaires running, cost is no object.

We recently had KUNTA KINTE in a puzzle. Not that I did not need perps.

HOWIE was unknown, however that link that TTP attached depicted him, and the girl that sang was outstanding.

My toughest spot was the NE corner with CHIMERAS crossing OINK and BOK with a K, etc. Got it with deep thinking and luck.

AKIRA and MASALA were unknowns. Perps helped.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Husker Gary said...

-C.C.’s lovely puzzle and TTP’s review are an effective antidote for the golf-stopping, pouring-down rain outside.
-MASALA/DINGUS/AKIRA made the SE corner a challenge
-GANG life is an unfortunate alternative for some with a horrible home life
-Before sanitary landfills, our town had a DUMP where everything was thrown into or next to the Elkhorn River
-After the ’29 crash and what was seen as Hoover’s ineffective policies, Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes changed the name Hoover Dam back to Boulder Dam. Congress undid this in 1947
-The PA speakers at Husker games blast out Start Me Up before every opening kickoff
-HURDLES and pole vaulting are for fearless athletes
-Name that tune with this lyric “Honey, I got the NOTION, You're causin' commotion in my soul”
-Our CORN ON THE COB is prepared very easily in the microwave
-My favorite BAR/TENDER/OWNER(4:52 – Hit the Play arrow) singing My GAL Sal at the beginning and end

SwampCat said...

Terrific Tuesday! Thanks, CC . Favorite of course was TD PASS. Thanks for the football. There were 8 of them in the Saints/ Falcons game. Best I’ve ever seen. The irony of that game was the the last two touchdowns were rushing... by the QB!

I got the theme and liked it a lot. I chuckled over DOS for Bobs and Weaves.

Thanks, TTP, for listing all those other more obvious ( to me) words for Thingamajig. Never heard of DINGUS but the preps said it was right.

Lemonade, I also loved The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Gone Girl, not so much.

ANNE RICE lived in New Orleans and was a local celebrity and irritant.

Owen, yesterday was all A’s. Today maybe B+. You are always too hard on yourself!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, TTP and friends. Fun Tuesday puzzle with just enough of a challenge.

ANNE RICE is from New Orleans. She owned quite the fancy mansion that was featured in the local paper recently.

My favorite clue was Bobs and Waves. It had me going for a while. Funny observation, DO!

Hand up for Hags before GANGS.

It's raining here, but the sun is shining. There must be a rainbow somewhere.

QOD: Careers very rarely are a waste of time; jobs usually are. ~ Donald Glover (né Donald McKinley Glover, Jr.; b. Sept. 25, 1983)

Lucina said...

Hola, amigos y amigas!

What a nice Tuesday treat from C.C. and TTP. Thank you.

I found this very doable with only MASALA unknown. DOS made me chuckle, too.

Sometimes when driving I see a WREATH for every season on various doors.

DINGUS is familiar to me. Though I don't know Rogers Centre City the spelling of centre clued me in to TORONTO. CSO to Canadian Eh!

Thank you again to C.C. and TTP.

Have a fabulous day, everyone!

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you all for the kind comments. Hope you enjoyed C.C.'s puzzle as much as I did.

Irish Miss, yes, recovering just fine from all of the staining and trim painting. Thank you. Needed rest for sure, and the swelling on my hematoma from the fall has finally reduced to almost normal.

Getting bored again, so I decided to wash the windows on the old part of the house this morning. Started with the tough ones first. There are nine double-glazed double hung windows that also have wooden storm windows on the outside as well. The upper and lower sash of the double hung windows are supposed to fold in for easy cleaning, but only the lower sash does.

So bright idea, I decided to remove the storm sashes so I could do the outside pane of the top sash of the double hung from outside in the yard. Problem is that they won't budge. Painted them shut when I did the trim painting. Oh well, that'll make for better insulating qualities when old man winter gets here.

Yellowrocks, thanks for adding that other definition of chimera. As soon as I started reading your comment on it, I recalled that it means along the lines of "pipe dream".

Well, I'd better get back to the windows. Only six of nine done so far.

Picard said...

Hand up the SE seemed a bit of a Natick festival with MASALA/AKIRA/KINTE/DINGUS. I sometimes eat MASALA and I remembered AKIRA though I am not sure I have actually seen any of his movies. Never saw Roots, but we have seen KINTE before. Young KINTE was played by LeVar Burton who was a star on Picard's Star Trek crew.

I only know DINGUS as an unflattering term for a person. Learning moment of this meaning. Learning moment about AKIRA and the Rashomon effect!

Got the broken OATH theme and enjoyed it!

TTP Thanks for the ITO and Janis Joplin video clips. So, what happened to the Janis Joplin singer?

OAS Sorry that you have been losing so many that are dear to you.

Here are my photos of my visit to an OIL RIG in the Santa Barbara Channel.

Soon after I was elected to the board of the Sierra Club Santa Barbara Group, the Venoco oil company invited me for this tour. Most of our board joined the tour. After the infamous 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill these offshore rigs have been viewed with hostility.

In 2015 a pipeline broke at the shore due to criminal neglect. Huge wildlife damage. And it drove Venoco into bankruptcy because they lost the conduit for their oil.

I also have TORONTO and MARYLAND photos. Another time, perhaps.

Krijo said...

first of all
TTO thanks for Naked eyes Promises Promises. Oh how I love that song, it is genius.
Reporting from Bucharest, tormenting the Romanians with lease accounting.
As always I filled in MASALA and AKIRA without perps. He is one of the most well known directors (at least from ny cinephile view).
I Stumbled on BOK - it is called POK here.
Again TTP you made me so happy listing this song. Would not expect it on American site.

Spitzboov said...

TTP and YR - Re: Chimera. Thanks for expanding on CHIMERA. I use it once in a while in my musings to others. I once used it in an official letter at work and was politely chastised; reminding me that when communicating with others, it's more effective to use words the reader or audience generally understands. Another TSK TSK for our priorities in education.

Picard said...

CHIMERAS are organisms that have cells from more than one individual. They can even be from multiple species.

Genetic engineering research can produce CHIMERAS between organisms of different species. Some people are freaked out at the idea of mixing genetic material in this way. But it can happen naturally and is nothing to be afraid of.

One surprisingly common example is when twins are forming and one twin is absorbed into the other. The resulting person can be a man, yet have cells from a female twin who never fully developed.

Here is a brief Scientific American article on CHIMERAS

By the way, I never heard of the fire-breathing definition of CHIMERAS. Learning moment!

Picard said...

From Yesterday:

AnonT Thanks for the Weird Al video. It is hard to hear him, but good to see him!

Unknown/Jerry I hope I am not being too vain to assume you were referring to me? If so, thank you very much for the very kind words about my photos, articles and other posts!

Misty said...

Oooh! A C.C. Tuesday puzzle following a Monday Gail and Bruce puzzle, and a Boomer write-up yesterday! A week can't get off to a better start than this. Did take a bit of work though, and got little on my first run-through until the bottom. Then, slowly, things filled in. Loved seeing HOWIE after another season of "America's Got Talent." Found all the OATHs after I got the theme word, but couldn't figure out how they were BROKEN. Thanks, TTP--glad you gave us a demonstration for that. Anyway, delightful puzzle, C.C., many thanks, and you too, TTP.

Sorry you've lost two friends so recently, Oas.

And I know you'll miss your swim partner, Fermatprime.

Liked your second limerick, Owen.

Saw the optometrist, not the ophthomologist (spelling?), about the conjunctivitus, which is much better but not yet cured. She surprised me by now recommending an antibiotic rather than a steroid. I guess she thinks the cause may be more bacterial than viral after all. Will give it a try, since I've been living with this since July. But thank goodness it came after and not before cataract surgery, and my vision is not impaired and I suffer no real discomfort. That's all a blessing.

Have a good day, everybody!

CrossEyedDave said...

I remember Chimera from Pokemon'

I had three WAGs, most panned out,
but I think my Dingus was a Dangus...

Promises, Promises...

P.S. the oath wasn't broken,
it was just missing a page...

HG, thanks for the Jackie Gleason clip.
In retribution, here is Clem Kadiddlehopper.
(be sure to suffer though till the poetry at the end...)

Bill G said...

Hi everybody.

I loved seeing Horshack again!

For 22A, I had SKULK instead of SLINK. Seemed to fit except with the crossing words.

On AGT, I really liked Courtney Hadwin.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, C.C. and TTP.
I got the BROKEN PROMISE(no politics!) and was going to go back and look for Promise in the theme answers but I was waylaid. Oh it was OATH that was broken! AHA.

Yes, Rogers Centre (spelled correctly!!! thanks for noticing Lucina) was a gimme. It used to be called Sky Dome.
I did not know "hypocorism" and LIUed to find it means "pet name". CSO to Tinbeni and there was also a CSO to our ENGRs.
I needed 5 letters so it was TABOO not NoNo. But we had OH NO.
We had KINTE Kunta recently on Sept. 16/18 but it was a Sunday and not everyone here may have seen.
I remember TIM Conway from the Carol Burnett Show. Hilarious!
Favourite clue was "Like some cows and vows: SACRED."

Don't get out the WREATH yet but Christmas is 3 months today.

fermatprime - bittersweet day with your friend. Many memories I'm sure.
LOL d'otto re Bob.
Oas- sorry for your recent losses.
Misty - hope those new eyedrops give you some relief. It's been a long time.

Mick said...

When Microsoft introduced Windows95 and the associated "Start" button, they used the song "Start Me Up" in the TV commercials .

Jayce said...

Fun puzzle. Some nifty fill. Nicely done.

CanadianEh! said...

Yes Mick, Jinx @7:54am mentioned that info about Start Me Up.

Just a comment about TORONTO. It's not "tor-ahn-toe," it's Toronno (or at least with a very flattened last T) to locals. In my school days, I was singled out on returning to Canada at YYZ (Toronto airport) for extra baggage inspection. (I assumed it was my maxi-coat and waist length hair!) When asked where I lived, I replied Tor-ahn-toe (I was not raised in Toronto) and more questioning ensued. But as soon as I answered the "what is your occupation?" question with "I'm a student at U of T", I was immediately allowed to leave. I assumed I had passed the customs "truth test" with my regional speech.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Sorry I was absent yesterday. We lost a power circuit over the weekend, the one controlling our internet signal - and had to wait till this morning for an electrician to fix the problem.

Although other circuits were working, we learned - & felt very quickly - how dependent we are on modern conveniences. "Alexa" refused to time my exercise routines, and of course we had to replug a TV in a different room to see the news. Our dogs began acting weirdly because we were sitting in the wrong room, and their kennel was in the dark.
Losing the net also meant that, while our cable company still fed us our channels, it wouldn't let us record shows or use the Pause or Rewind functions. Arrgh.
Worst of all - I couldn't watch Netflix on my iPad in the two hours I lay in bed before dozing off!

How did the pioneers ever manage?!

Down to business: Thanks, TTP, for cluing me into C.C.'s theme. I enjoyed this pzl, although it was relatively easy, but I hadn't noticed how the theme was working. That made it even more enjoyable.

Yellowrocks ~
I like your mom's choice of a sub word. "Rainbow" beats DINGUS any day of the week.

Picard ~
I see your point about the Natick nexus. I was helped by being an old fan of AKIRA Kurosawa, but might otherwise have been at sea.

Irish Miss ~
Although not a regular Simpsons viewer, I found ABE somehow stuck firmly in my craw. Isn't it strange the trivia we accumulate, often without knowing how or why?

One, NW to SE, with the embedded anagram of OUTKEEPING.

SwampCat said...

C Eh, I was interested in learning about Toranno. It seems many locals slur their towns. N’Awlins is heard in my town, and our recent football game against Atlanta reminded us all that at home they call it Lanna.

Anonymous T said...

TIM Conway's Elephant Stories. Play later. -T

Ol' Man Keith said...

The slurring of town names, especially by natives, is pretty common. CanadianEh! reports that TORONTOans (or is it TORONTites?) usually fail to aspirate the 2nd "t" - a pretty regular practice as attested to by Californians who call "Sacramenno" or "Marin Counny" home.
My favorite elided CA name is "Sanazay" for "San Jose."

But sometimes natives are scrupulous about pronouncing their town's names - as you'll find with anyone from San Francisco.
Down here in SoCal, you'll usually hear folk referring to Los Angeles by the shorthand of "L.A." While you'll occasionally hear a San Franciscan refer to the town as "S.F.," it's pretty rare. Normally, if they're anywhere within a couple hundred miles, they'll prefer to shorten it to just "The City."
And they will never, ever call it "Frisco." Not ever. That immediately brands a speaker as a non-native. Worse, the culprit will be taken to be a disrespectful troll.*

* To the best of my knowledge, no reason has ever been given for the revulsion for "Frisco." One might suppose it is just a convenient shorthand, a bit breezy but hardly unpleasant to the ear. Folk from Frisco TX might even think it a compliment.
But ....

PK said...

Jinx: do you mean chiminea rather than chimera for the clay fire pits?

D-O: I'm amazed that the corn husks soaked in an alcoholic substance like beer don't ignite on the grill. Very interesting. I've heard of corn liquor, but thought it came in a jug.

The local pronunciation for Buena Vista, Colorado always grated on my ears. BYOU-na Vista instead of the Spanish BWAY-na.

Ol' Man Keith said...

PK ~
I recall that one of the little-known provisions in the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, ceding much of what was Northern Mexico to the US, is that cities and towns should keep their Spanish names.
But I guess nobody ever said they had to keep the Spanish pronunciation.


desper-otto said...

PK, there's not enough alcohol in beer to make it flammable.

desper-otto said...

OMK -- Maybe that's why Texans remember the Battle of San Jacinto (Juh-sin'-toe). It's always humorous to hear the network anchors slaughter it. Dan Rather would have gotten it right.

PK said...

D-O: Yeah, but corn husks are flammable by themselves. Maybe not wet, huh?

Jinx in Norfolk said...

PK, right you are! I can't pronounce either word however. BTW, drinkin' alcohol must be at least 100 proof (50% alcohol) to burn.

OMK, I used to drive trough Frisco to get to my boat on Lake Texoma. The water tower proudly claimed the town was the home of the Fighting Coons. Due to public outcry, it is now home to the Fighting Raccoons.

Legend has it that in the civil war, folks who pronounced Staunton (VA) anyway other than Stanton was presumed to be a Yankee spy and was subject to hanging.

Lake Texoma is from TEXas and oklahOMA. Rolls off the tongue better than Lake Okass.

YR, please keep sharing your experiences with Alzheimer's. I greatly appreciate it.

billocohoes said...

I've often been told the people of Baltimore pronounced it BALL-mer, but from hearing the mayor speak it was more like ball-a-mer, the t disappears but not quite the i.

AnonymousPVX said...

A bit of a walk in the park today, a nice and easy Tuesday puzzle.

Jinx....nobody is banging on my door from MENSA, either...I thought I’d explain a bit why I didn’t care for that kind of theme, as opposed to just saying I didn’t like it. But no worries.

Plus....I couldn’t remember Ms. Midori’s first name...I had the I and the O, and don’t you know the theme gave me the T.

Bill G said...

Speaking of all of the local pronunciations, I was listening to the respected local CBS affiliate on the radio this morning. Several of the newsreaders were using the word 'deputy' or its plural in a story. Most of them pronounced it as 'dep-uh-ty.' It just sounded so wrong to me.

Cornell had its own idiosyncrasies. It was considered very bad form to call a fraternity a 'frat.' It was just never done.

Sandyanon said...

Not trying to pick nits, honestly, but it's Midori Ito.

Wilbur Charles said...

Anon-T, a belated Happy 30th Anniversary. Which date do you observe? The JP or the "Wedding". As I said before , I have the two* also.

The "Rashomon" story is similar to my recounting of the Tony C beaning. There are different accounts, each contradicted by subsequent evidence and finally when it seemed I knew the real truth one more witness* shows up to present an entirely new picture.

For someone who is as ignorant of AGT as those of Tony C, when exactly is the finale?
I've always equated CHIMERA with Mirage

Back later


* Sadly said witness, my friend Jim, I'd in ICU. I visited this morning
* When a marriage is celebrated twice like that it's a Two, Too Twain.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

OOH OOH - I have been trying to learn to pronounce San Bernardino like a local. Sorta like San Berdino. I can say San Berdoo, which is an acceptable variant.

CrossEyedDave said...

Anonymous T @ 2:07

Your link also requires retribution...

(@ 7 minutes...)

Mike Sherline said...

I hadn't looked it up before, but for some reason had always thought chimera was a human/animal hybrid, as in The Island of Dr. Moreau. The linked Wiki article was interesting.

Took me a long time to figure out 43a - was stuck on bobbing & weaving as verbs and pronouncing dos as Spanish for two.

Nice to have a puzzle without a bunch of actors (much less directors), pop "music" performers and sports people and what awards they won. OK 1 actor - I learned Caan here, 1 director - heard of Kurosawa and crosses got it, 1 athlete - learned Ito here, 1 sports venue - guess from clue spelling & crosses, etc. Never heard of Start Me Up.

Liked Howie on, I think it was either Chicago Hope or ER, but can't stand these fake "talent" shows where everybody's just screaming all the time and the "judges" don't actually have good judgement. I did watch the linked clip and the little girl did a decent impression of Janis, but all the screaming and hype and Howie's (well everyone's) way over the top overreaction) - yuch.

TTP said...

Sure enough, got most of the windows washed and sparkly clean, and here came the fast moving storm that kept Husker Gary from getting in a round of golf today.

Loved the Carol Burnett / Tim Conway clips !

TTP said...

If I lived in Phoenix and washed my windows, a haboob would have blown in !

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I was reading everyone earlier today and, with C,Eh!'s mention of Carrol Burnett, couldn't resist posting Tim Conway's bit. If you're interested in Vicki Lawrence's take on that...

Thanks C.C. for THIS perfect Tuesday Puzzle. I didn't look for/SEE the OATHs until TTP pointed it out 'cuz I really wanted to check if I guessed the correct vowels in Natick Corner @AKIRA.

Fun Expo TTP - I enjoyed The Stones TUNE. Sorry about the rain on your freshly washed windows; You know what they say, "If your garden needs rain, wash your car." :-)

WO: Just ME?
ESPs & WAGs: See Natick Corner
Fav: I'm going with the clue for SACRED - that was good. DOs' clue is a runner-up.

{B+, B-}

Oas - sorry to hear about another friend... Make a point to get together with those left for better occasions. My buddies of 20 years make a point of dinner once a quarter (actually, tomorrow night!). Fermat - I'm sorry you lost (well, not that way) your swim buddy.

WC - We celebrate both. The February "Church" wedding is between Valentines & DW's BDay so they oft all get mashed together (but I better have three cards on hand!)

Hahtoolah - thanks for the link to ANNE RICE's house. I think I saw it - It's on the trolley-line, right? There are some gorgeous "homes" on St. Charles.

CED - I remember that sketch. Step-mom loved Carrol Burnett and we watched it every week.

D-O: Waste beer on corn?!? :-) I soak corn on THE COB in salt-water then grill w/ husks on; kinda steams it.

Jinx - LOL on Okass...

Hand-up PK - DINGUS is slightly naughty or (Picard) pejorative; I've never heard it as a thingything.

There you go, C,Eh! - Rich atones with a Canadian clue spelt the Canadian way :-) Interesting on 'tor-ahn-toe'; I'm watching a bit on Geddy Lee - I'll listen for it. //By the way, did you know RUSH's YYZ(ed) begins with the Morse Code for Pearson's designation.

Cheers, -T

D4E4H said...

Dear Cornies,

I am delinquent in my irritation of our dear annon. I could not let this delightful C.C. creation pass sans posting. I made an OATH at 32 A not to break any promises, but I swear I didn't need the theme for the FIR solve which I achieved in 29:42 min.

Thank you TTP for pointing that the OA TH was broken 4 times. Sounds like Rita Hayworth, etc.

2 D - "Ran the '2 mile' in meets after that." On first read, I thought you ran a 2 minute mile. No wonder you were taken off the hurdles.


CanadianEh! said...

AnonT - thanks for the Tim/Carol/Vickie clips. My laughs for the day!
Yes, I meant to comment that Rich was really quick to respond to my rant. LOL. This Canadian will have to learn to rant more often. . . and then to say Sorry, of course!

Wilbur Charles said...

HG, I can hum "I've got a notion you've been causing a commotion in my heart".

I should know that. I'll LIU if it doesn't show up.


Wilbur Charles said...

Ps, I agree that Owen is way too hard on himself. At least B+

Liked TTP's write-up


Anonymous T said...

Rant on C,Eh! :-)

So I asked DW (PhD in English, mind you) if she's heard of DINGUS...

"Genghis, as in Khan?"
"No, DINGUS, as in Thngamajig?
"Oh, I though you said.."
"DINGUS Khan was his retarded cousin."

Bottom-line: after we stopped laughing (and DW TSK-TSK'd me for word-choice), no, she's not heard of DINGUS used that way either.

Cheers, -T

Misty said...

Thank you, Canadian Eh. I appreciate your concern and good wishes.

Misty said...

Glad to see you back, Ol'Man Keith, and sorry to hear about the power outage. I worried when we didn't hear from you for several days, so it's great to get your messages today. And glad to hear the house if okay again.