Sep 28, 2018

Friday, September 28, 2018, Mark MacLachlan

Title: Ironing in, not out.

Welcome to my first write-up of fall and the third LAT for another Mark making his mark in puzzledom. They say you should write about what you know, and Mark is a professor from Canada as was revealed in his DEBUT here. His specialty is chemistry, more specifically Materials Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Porous Materials, Polymers, Cellulose. In today's challenge we have FE (the chemical symbol for Iron) added to the first word in three two-word phrases and explained in a well chosen reveal. Two are 2 grid-spanners, giving us 54 spaces in the theme. This is an example of less is more; instead trying to squeeze in more theme fill, we have a nice balanced puzzle. Mark also used the periodic table in his first NYT publication. In addition to the themers, we have some nice long fill. ARMLOAD, E-READER, GALILEO, GARDENS, OLD SALT, ON EMPTY, INNER EAR and SAFE BETS.  On to the theme...

17A. Bronzed My Little Pony figurines?: HOOFED ORNAMENTS (15). I have had two cars with nice hood ornaments, a Jaguar. That one was stolen. I also bought a Cadillac for my then wife with a nice gold one. That was stolen. This is my favorite image of themeres.

27A. Hawkers of thin cookies?: WAFER MONGERS (12). You have 2 meanings: denoting a dealer or trader in a specified commodity. e.g. "fishmonger"; or, a person who promotes a specified activity, situation, or feeling, especially one that is undesirable or discreditable. "rumormonger." War mongers are worse.

45A. Balls for cats?: FELINE DANCES (12). My wife loves line dancing, but this was very hard because I was thinking about play toys for kitty cats, not them dancing.

58A. GNC offering, and a chemical hint to three long puzzle answers: IRON SUPPLEMENTS (15).


1. Dishonor: ABASE. An old word, like last week's abash.

6. Stored in a cask, say: AGING. For our oenephiles.

11. Stick in the water: OAR. A nice clue/fill combo.

14. __ panel: SOLAR.

15. Violet in a bed: PANSY. Now this is a stretch, they may be cousins but they are not the SAME.

16. Itsy-bitsy: WEE. Teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini.

20. Sport with electric weapons: EPEE. A very common fill, but there are details you may not know. READ UP.

21. Auto pioneer: OLDS. Ransom E.

22. Nota __: BENE. Nota bene is a Latin phrase meaning 'note well'. The phrase first appeared in English writing c. 1711. Often abbreviated as NB, n.b., or with the ligature, the phrase is Latin for "note well" and comes from the Latin roots notāre and bene. wiki.

23. Golden Age TV star: BERLE. Old time TV from when I was too young to have a TV.

25. Test subject with whiskers: LAB RAT. The term is ofr the actual rats and those who work there.

31. Give an address: ORATE.

32. Wobbly table stabilizer: SHIM. This is a wedge (or something) to fill up (a space)

33. Home run path: ARC. Even a line drive home run has a bit of arc.

36. Seasoned seafarer: OLD SALT. An actual position in our NAVY, did you know?

39. Renaissance immortal known as the "Father of the Scientific Method": GALILEO. Rather like the terms the greatest or the father of, inventor of the scientific method is an attribute that has been applied to a myriad of scholars down through the ages, Aristotle, Archimedes, Ibn al-Haytham, Galileo, Bacon (both Roger and Francis), Descartes and Newton are just some of the more prominent historical figures who invented the scientific method. Makes for kind of a crowded field doesn’t it?

41. It might go for a buck: DOE. Such a deer clue.

42. "__ arigato": Japanese "thanks a lot": DOMO.

44. Without a break: ON END.

48. Celebrity socialite: IT GIRL. Not my cup of tea, but you can see a  RETROSPECTIVE.

51. Openly display: EXUDE. He exuded unflapable confidence.

52. Noble gas: NEON.

53. In the thick of: AMID.

54. Took off: ROSE. A rose by any other name; the shares of Google took off.

62. Letters on a returned check: NSFNon-Sufficent Funds.

63. What drama queens do: EMOTE.

64. Hall partner: OATES. Some MUSIC.

65. Composer's choice: KEY.

66. 2018 awards event hosted by Danica Patrick: ESPYS. Did you watch? Not me.

67. Sneak preview, say: PROMO.


1. Tennis great with three Grand Slam titles: ASHE.

2. Jazz Age toon: BOOP.

3. Wound application: ALOE.

4. They're low-risk: SAFE BETS.

5. "... __ the set of sun": "Macbeth": ERE. Our Friday quick Shakespeare quote. Act I, Scene 1.

“That will be ere the set of sun.”

6. Landmark Manhattan theater: APOLLO.

7. Marvin __: GARDENS. A yellow property in monopoly. Marven Gardens is a portmanteau derived from Margate City and Ventnor City, because it lies on the border of Margate City and Ventnor City in Atlantic City. Wiki.

8. Holiday and Days: INNS.

9. Surveillance org.: NSANational Security Agency

10. Floor hockey venue: GYM.

11. Titlist?: OWNER. Sugar Ray Leonard owned three different titles.

12. Blue Cross rival: AETNA.

13. Trip odometer control: RESET.

18. Colgate feature: DORM. Not the makers of the toothpaste, but the college. Hamilton, N.Y., was still a frontier settlement in 1817 when 13 men met to found the Baptist Education Society of the State of New York. The university eventually was named Colgate in grateful recognition of the nearly 70 years of interest and service shown by members of the Colgate family.

19. Wanes: EBBS.

24. It may be loaded with books: E-READER. I like the clue, it is both literal and fun.

25. Luke's sister: LEIA. They were twins, don't you know?

26. Laundry unit: ARMLOAD. Eh.

27. Misnomer for a modern golf driver: WOOD.

28. Name on the "Alice's Restaurant" album: ARLO. I have railed on him for years.

29. Gradually get tired: FADE.

30. Paris Agreement subj.: GHG. If you are not up on your environmental issues, this about Greenhouse Gases.

33. Baldwin brother: ALEC. Alec Baldwin (born 1958); Daniel Baldwin (born 1960); William Baldwin (born 1963) and Stephen Baldwin (born 1966).

34. Artist Magritte: RENE.

35. Some UPS deliveries: CODS. Not the tasty whitefish, but Cash ODelivery.

37. Put one's feet up: LOLL.

38. "More than I wanted to know": TMI. Too Much Information.

40. Cochlear transplant site: INNER EAR. A cochlear implant is an electronic medical device that replaces the function of the damaged inner ear. Unlike hearing aids, which make sounds louder, cochlear implants do the work of damaged parts of the inner ear (cochlea) to provide sound signals to the brain. Various.

43. Bad way to run: ON EMPTY.

45. Sawyer's pal: FINN. Tom and Huck.

46. Kicks out: EXILES.

47. Surfer's greeting: DUDE. When my youngest was an early teenager, I had to forbid him to use that term.

48. Confident way to solve crosswords: IN INK. Somewhat stubborn and arrogant but it feels good when your get 'er done.

49. Compact: TERSE. Sorry, I just cannot do a terse write-up.

50. Mickey's pal: GOOFY.

53. For one: A POP.

55. Aware of: ON TO.

56. Apple stalk: STEM. I did not know the stem is also called the pedicel or stalk.

57. ExxonMobil trading name: ESSO. It is a trading name for ExxonMobil and its related companies. The name is an acronym for Eastern States Standard Oil, a post-Standard Oil-breakup company that started as Standard Oil of New Jersey, and as it acquired other Standard Oil-heritage companies, they shortened it in 1932.

59. Date: SEE.

60. Brief interjections: UMS.

61. Challenge for a stylist: MOP.  1 : an implement made of absorbent material fastened to a handle and used especially for cleaning floors. 2 : something that resembles a mop especially : a thick mass of hair.

We traveled all over and I had fun without swearing, which is always good on Friday. Thank you Mark  and keep those chemicals coming. Come by and say hello. Happy birthday Harper and many more. Lemonade out.

P.S. I have been debating if a bigger grid would be a good thing; what do you think?


OwenKL said...

I live in a town down New Mexico way,
Where Spanish swords once held sway.
They claimed their cause 'Faith',
When they named this place --
Sanctified iron, A.K.A., Santa FE!

APOLLO had a hobby, known to so few.
A special GARDEN, watered with dew.
He grew ROSES so fancy,
The SOLAR God's pride? Sunflowers to view!

FELINES are known for foolhardy chances.
They generate chaos, they think it enhances!
So the ultimate feat
Which cannot be beat,
Is teach a clowder of cats to perform LINE DANCES!

A strange lottery was getting all set.
A custom-built vault, combination RE-SET!
The makers' Major-DOMO
Extolled the PROMO --
Sold hundreds of tickets, it was a SAFE BET!

OwenKL said...

{B+, B, A-, A-.}

Big Easy said...

Good morning. "Confident way to solve crosswords"- IN INK- always. I found Mark's puzzle easier than the usual Friday ones. EREA_ER crossing _OMO had me stumped for a while. I kept looking at the already filled ERE in 5D and had to do an alphabet run to get E-READER. V8 moment. Duh.

I noticed the added FE but had to take a long look at GHG, as I'd never seen or heard that abbreviation. SHIM- usually a folded napkin (by me) under a restaurant table leg. DOMO arigato was my only unknown.

FE-LINE DANCES- my Dutch friend said that they call them SHEEP DANCES in Holland.

HOO-FE-D ORNAMENTS- thugs would take them off Mercedes and wear them on chains. I only had one stolen.

Off to the links and maybe I can shake off the Iron (II) Oxide or Iron (III) Oxide , (Ferrous & Ferric) from my body.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Zipped right through this one. Did it IN INK, but I always have my trusty Wite-Out nearby. Needed it to fix LOAF/LOLL and HUCK/FINN. True to form, d-o failed to get the theme. The longer non-theme fill entries were nice. Thanx, Mark and Lemonade.

SHIMS: Absolutely necessary when you're installing kitchen cabinets or hanging a door.

billocohoes said...

Thanks for the explanation of GHG. I thought the Paris Agreements were climate/ecology, but didn't connect.

Started with Compact = dEnSE. TERSE seems mostly to describe speech or writing, I don't recall compact used in that way, though both mean smaller/shorter/less elaborate.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

A good tough Friday but finally got it done. FIR. No searches or white-out were needed. EPEE and BOOP were total WAGS and GHG was driven by perps.
Thanks, Lemonade, for the fine intro.
18d - Colgate feature. Couldn't believe it was about the university, but OLDS and BERLE made that clear. I stayed in a Colgate DORM for a week in June, 1956, as an attendee of Boy's State, an American Legion program.

Haiku Harry said...

Sous chef works with a
Retired sailor. Seasons
His food with old salt.

Husker Gary said...

-A very clever, challenging theme and I guess GHG is a “thing”
-Our little town has installed an acre of SOLAR PANELS and are building more
-Danica Patrick started her racing career saying she did not want to be known as an attractive woman but as a professional driver. She has since changed her mind as is her prerogative
-I wonder if some auto sales are still tinged by odometers that have been RESET or disconnected at one time
-I am subbing today in Arlington, NE (called ARLO by those here) and am showing a 10-min CNN news show about the Senate hearings yesterday and the 9/11 events and here comes a gaggle of sophomores

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was relatively easy for a Friday but still had some crunch. I had no clue of the theme until I filled in the reveal and then it was quite east to see. My only w/o was Evicts/Exiles. I knew GHG was correct but had no idea what it stood for. Noticed the NSA ~ NSF. A couple of clues were a little off-kilter, to me, anyway.

Thanks, Mark, for a smooth solve and thanks, Lemony, for the grand tour. Happy Birthday to Harper. πŸŽ‚ πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰


YR, I hope today is a better day than yesterday! πŸ˜‰

Have a great day.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Mark MacLachlan, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Lemonade, for a fine review.

Worked this puzzle on the train from Chicago to Erie. Good puzzle. Caught the theme FE.

My last entry/correction was E READER. I use these to read books. Lately I use my phone to read books.


In Edinboro, PA, hope to do Saturday's puzzle today.

See you later.



Anonymous said...

Not bad at all, for a Friday - finished in 18:09, with only one w/o. "Mr. Roboto" is one of my favorite rock tunes, so I knew DOMO - and I've been using an E-READER lately. That crossing was a gimme for me.

Lemonade: The larger grid is a good idea, but you may want to dial it back just a bit - it slops over the "Crossword Links" (on my PC screen, anyway).

Jay B said...

I just learned that using "Preview" erases your chosen name, and clears the "Prove you're not a robot" check (I'm not - and I'm not "Mr. Roboto", either - that was me in the previous comment). I'll get the hang of this, one of these days...!

SwampCat said...

Interesting puzzle today. Thanks Mark. Like IM I found some of the clues “off kilter “. Looking back over it I can’t find any examples so maybe I was just not on Mark’s wavelength.

Lemony, thanks for explaining the tough ones. I’m surprised you said Violets are not PANSYs. They are both genus viola, and family violaceae. Maybe not exactly the same but surely close enough for CWs. I’ve grown violets for years and always thought pansies were cousins .

Owen, all A’s... too funny!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I definitely like the larger grid. I have been using Ctrl+ to enlarge it in the past and this helps.

Spitzboov said...

Lemon - I like the larger grid but I had overlap like Anon @ 1022 had.

Correct my 0935 post to read June, 1954. Thank you.

Misty said...

Well, I got the top and the south west corner of this Friday puzzle, plus a lot of other bits here and there before I had to start cheating. Not bad for a Friday, and I enjoyed working on it--many thanks, Mark. Would not have gotten the theme without Lemonade's explanation, thank you for that, Lemonade. Nice to see cartoon characters like BOOP and GOOFY. The answer that intrigued me, though, was WAFER MONGER. Has anyone on the planet actually every spoken or written that expression? I'd be surprised, if so, and would love to know the context. Anyway, a fun Friday, thanks again, Mark.

Delightful poems this morning, Owen.

Have a great day, everybody!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Despite eating breakfast before attempting the puzzle, the IRON energy had not EBBed upward to my brain. Probably a brilliant puzzle, Mark. However, my feelings were "Groan, whimper, whine". I had more red-letter vowel & whole alphabet runs than ever before. "Oldtimers" has done set in here

I took HS chemistry and knew FE was for IRON but the closest I came to grasping the theme was trying to put the word IRON with one of the themers for a different meaning ie. IRON MONGERS, which I thought was a real term.

Most Duh! du joir: parsing HOOF EDORNAMENTS. Even googled EDORNAMENTS which wasn't in the dictionary. Looked at ERE to see if it should be ERa which would have made the word aDORNAMENTS. Didn't get back in the saddle right until I came to the Corner: HOOFED? Groan. As for thugs stealing my Mercedes or Caddy hood ornaments. I solved that problem easily. I bought a Buick.

Lemony: thanks for the enlightenment. I like the bigger grid because I can see and read the numbers in it. I enlarge the whole grid to work it. That's the reason I started to work online.

Owen: I especially liked your Santa FE poem.

So many agreements in Paris, I wasn't thinking so modernly. GHG had no meaning to me when perped.

TITLIST had nothing to do with IRON golf clubs or balls.

Gary: I read your post (wrong) about a "giggle of teenagers" and thought that was apt if you were going to show a TV clip regarding teenaged sex. Did you have a lively discussion afterwards?

Laundry unit = ARMLOAD? Took six perps and a WAG. I use a basket.

Yellowrocks said...

Pretty easy for a Friday. Lucky because I have little patience today. I liked the FE addition. It helped in solving. No actual unknowns except GHG. The second G in monger was my last fill. Bene, boop and domo were gimmees. I have forgotten much of the Japanese I learned, but I do remember domo arigato.
I solve in ink, not out of arrogance, but due to aging eyes. I use an erasable ink pen, if one is nearby.

IM, thanks for caring.

PK said...

YR: so sorry you had a bad day yesterday. I was mulling over my response to you yesterday, but went to sleep before 9 p.m. Can you appeal & reapply for Alan's housing using the age of his caretaker as a factor? I would think that should be a consideration even with your youthfulness. Hang in there, girlfriend!

Lucina: your Shakespeare quote was the feeling I had after seeing most of the interviews yesterday. I believed both of them. No blood or bruises doesn't seem like assault to me. I certainly don't condone physical violence or bullying. However, most of us are not defined in later life by high school stupidities.

AnonymousPVX said...

This was a nice Friday puzzle with some crunch to it.

Markovers....37D LOAF/LOLL, 46D EVICTS/EXILES which cleaned up blanks. Otherwise, rather clean..IN INK, haha.

And on to Saturday.

Wilbur Charles said...

Picard, I too thought of UTEP. And doubted they were in PAC
Also, that Facebook messenger scam has been around for a while.
Re. Hearing. As Strom Thurmond said during the Clinton impeachment: They don't have the votes. Also, Barnicle (Boston Globe) once said "Sports, Politics and Revenge(the latter best served cold).


Ps . Today is the 80th anniversary of the
Homer in the Gloamin

Lemonade714 said...

I thought the larger grid might be good, now I need to know how to make it fit as on my write up it does not go over the links...a work in progress. Welcome Jay B.

Misty, you and some others could solve these more easily if you would realize the theme feel does not have to make sense. As long as it fits the clue and is consistent with the theme.

I guess nothing too controversial today

billocohoes said...

PK, you don't need bruises or bleeding for an assault charge. Assault refers to a unwanted physical contact or harm, or a credible threat to do so. Throwing a rock at someone and missing is assault, hitting them is battery. Sex with an underage person is aggravated assault.

CrossEyedDave said...

FIW, Colgate and girl Scouts did me in today...

Interesting theme...

Honorable mention...

Misty said...

You're right, of course, Lemonade.

Wilbur Charles said...

If I tap on the picture of the grid it expands for easy reading on my smartphone. Which I use for blogging. PENANDINK for the xword. (P&I)

All W's today, Owen. I'll check the J poesy when I've grok'ed the riddle.

Compact could have been PURSE

Nice to see Haiku Harry back while C-Moe sojourns
I wrap the laundry in towel(s) and then wrap my arms around them

Re. The xword: I had EXPELS. And ERS. The trick to P&I is writing over. I had HUCK though and couldn't overwrite that sans mess. Some guy wrote a piece on how to modify letters. Technically, 26*25 corrections.


Excellent write-up.


Yellowrocks said...

Thanks, PK. Things are looking up, but I still feeled stirred and shaken. However, I think I'll have a Merlot instead.
-Our social worker said that recently she successfully appealed a denial for group home housing, so we started an appeal today. We did tell DDD in the original application process that I am 80.
-The Nissan dealership is giving me another rebuilt transmission, after the original and a replacement both failed.I read online that Nissan transmissions have had a high failure rate from 2012 onward. I hope this one lasts. I just bought $500 worth of tires, alignment, etc.
-My computer which had been hacked and frozen three weeks ago is running fine. I took it to the Geek Squad to be wiped and have the files restores. I changed my bank account and credit cards in time to avoid identity theft. Whew!
-I solved a legal problem about being personally responsible if the square dance club defaults.
-Alan has been very well for several months. I dare to think we found the right remedy. He is like his old delightful self.

Life is good when I think of all the troubles other people have. "I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet."

Sandyanon said...

Well, here's one definition.
"According to the United States Department of Justice, sexual assault is “any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient.” Sexual assault is basically an umbrella term that includes sexual activities such as rape, fondling, and attempted rape."

Lemonade714 said...

Bill cohoes you are basically correct about assault and/or battery but ANY touching that is uninvited is a battery

YR glad things are better

PK said...

I don't know whether Kavanaugh would make a decent S.C. Judge or not. But I guess I'd rather the decision were made by his court actions during all these years rather than whether he wallowed around on top of a girl his age in HS. I wonder if she would have felt different about it if he had kissed her to shut her up rather than put a hand over her mouth? Socially dumb kids doing dumb things. The competitiveness taught in HS sports, conquer & win mentality, laps over into the boy-girl social settings and causes problems along with the raging hormones too.

Lucina said...

Oh, my, so late to the DANCE! Besides working on this really difficult puzzle, I left to have my nails done and get a flu shot.

I had all but the NW completed so upon returning home, I plodded along on it then just got tired of it and looked up a few. I resisted giving up some of my answers but then realized I had to erase them and didn't bother to look for the theme.

It was a good workout. Thank you, Mark MacLachan and Lemonade. This was a bit of a slog for me but your excellent explanations helped immensely.

Although the allegations of assault bother me (having been a survivor myself and though it occurred when I was a child, it's never left me) it's the extreme vitriol and biased attitude that seem unjudicial to me.

I do hope your appeal is heard and accepted. As for the Nissan transmission, I, too, have read about the problems. My Nissan Maxima lasted 12 years before that problem surfaced.

I hope everyone is enjoying a very pleasant day!

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle and the theme. Able to solve it without "cheating."

Kavanaugh showed himself to be a belligerent, partisan bully with no compassion or ability to empathize, and he obviously believes he is entitled because "I worked my butt off." His decisions, rulings, and legal opinions show no originality or depth of thought. Why did he keep those calendars so long? "Because my dad did." How did he come up with many of his decisions? "Well, I searched for a precedent and went with it." He's a follower, not a leader. His 10-year old daughter said let's pray for "the woman." So, did they pray for her? He obviously doesn't care, and views her as nothing more than the irritant that "destroyed my family." Sorry, but I think your family is not destroyed but is still cohesive and intact and your wife and children still love you.

Best wishes to you all.

Sandyanon said...

No trolling here, nor any hostility to anyone, just honest thoughts.
I've been reading this blog for about a year and occasionally making a comment. Here are two things that have struck me:
1) the great differences in people's areas of knowledgge. Some things that are unknown to me are obvious to others and vice versa.
2) the huge differences in perspectives, how two people can look at exactly the same situation and see it in completely different ways. PK's and my ideas of sexual assault, character formation from youth onward, and the importance of that is the most recent instance of the sort of differences I mean, but for sure not the only one, nor is PK the only poster with whom I've differed over the past year.

I guess that my conclusion is that, though I've reached an advanced age, there's still a great deal I can learn about other people and that it's never too late to broaden my understanding of them. And not incidentally, of myself.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous T said...

!Hi All!

OK, fine, y'all thought it an easy Friday Puzzle. I nailed it too, IN INK! Thanks Mark MacL.

I'm going to explore this theme a second. It's simple enough on the surface - Add IRON (FE) to phrases. But, concocting these phrases? A labour of love it musta been. What was the kernel in your noodle Mark?

Also what I liked about this puzzle is the whimsy - Betty BOOP, GOOFY, NEON as clued, and, DUDE, who can hate on that c/a? Titlest? had nothing to do w/ yesterday's Golf.

Thanks Lem for the expo. Next time you need Styx's Mr. Roboto, email me and I'll dig up a live version. :-) What @10:22a said - a little too big aGrid (on iPad & Chrome).

My "stuck-spot" was trying to figure out TV star xing university|toothpaste. I finally went with BERLE (that's not how you spell Burl Ives (is it?)) - Oh, it was Uncle Milt. Duh! [thanks again Lem]

WOs: Oscar/ESPYS, in on -> ON TO. In GIRL before convincing myself NERSE* is not a word - even in the new Scrabble Dictionary.
Fav: LA BRAT - the IT GIRLS of today(?)...
//Wait, that's not the c/a. OK, then, c/a for INNS. Who else was thinking Billie Holliday-Days? :-)

{B+, A, B+, A-}

YR - you always have a positive attitude; I'm not sure why with what you deal with. I hope I can be that strong if/when things go south. Good news on Alan.

Do we really need to hash-out what is welcome v. non-welcome "flirtations"? Seriously - No == NO. And, among my friends, at least (that I know of), they never did "boy's will be boys" bullshit to the chagrin of girls. Sure, we did stupid shit ("Let's build a rope swing and jump into the bayou even with that 'gator over there! Here, hold my beer...") but debasing girls wasn't one of them - even with 17yro hormones. Anyway, Flake seems to have a pair and perhaps we can actually know something v. s/he said...
//rant over

CED - I don't know how yet, but -- and mark my words -- I will get you back for that DanceCat earworm. :-)

Cheers, -T
*OK, I LIU, NERSE is a village in Belgum district of Karnataka, India. [Wiki]

desper-otto said...

Warning: Bordering on political. Don't read if you're easily offended, closed-minded, a member of the Chuck Grassley fan club, or any combination thereof.

Many folks agree with you, PK, that Kavanaugh shouldn't be rejected for something he may have done at 17 under the influence of alcohol and raging hormones. His testimony yesterday, however, left much to be desired. Despite what he said, "Devil's Triangle" is not a drinking game -- it's a description of two guys ganging up on a girl for sexual purposes. (It's interesting that as soon as Kavanaugh made his statement, somebody in the Capitol building edited the "Devil's Triangle" definition on Wikileaks to include the new drinking game "definition.") And do you really believe that the "Renate Alumnus" designation in his H.S. yearbook was to honor a girl at a nearby school who the guys admired and considered their friend? C'mon! Those aren't statements he made 40 years ago -- they're from yesterday. I can't accept his answers as examples of "honesty and integrity."

I don't know if Brett Kavanaugh did what he's been accused of, though I found Christine Blasey Ford to be very believable. I look forward to next week's FBI report.

C.C: I can't help it. If I've gone too far, feel free do delete this post.

SwampCat said...

Sandyanon, I agree that one of the best things about being here is the difference in experiences and viewpoints. I’ve learned so much!

As for the potential conflicts, they always seem interesting to me. We seem to be able to disagree without being disagreeable. I value that too.

Mike Sherline said...

I learned hai and domo arigato by watching Shogun on TV all those many years ago.

Misty @1136 - I think Lemon explained it in his fine writeup. It fits the clue in that a thin cookie is a wafer; a hawker, or seller of something is a monger. And it fits the theme because by subtracting FE from that phrase makes a common phrase, war monger.

PK @1130 - iron mongers is a real thing but obviously doesn't fit the clue. Or, maybe there could be thin iron wafers?

Agree w/billocohoes @1441 about assault. Pointing a firearm at someone is aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, at least it was in AZ when I was a dispatcher.

Yellowrocks @1518 - so glad to hear of your turnaround - in only one day! And I strongly concur with your last paragraph/quote.

Mike Sherline said...

Anon -T @1721 - I'm sure you know molto bene?

And I agree with you and deep, clear thinker desper-otto @1724. I drank in my last year of hs, but I wanted girls to like me, not to overcome them or treat them like conquests - maybe because I was into music and not sports. I don't think "boys will be boys" should have ever worked as a justification for appalling, assaultive behavior.

One more point I've only heard mentioned once, yesterday on one of the NPR programs - the U.S. constitution does not provide for public opinion to have anything to do with judicial appointments. It's always been political, but for most of our history the Senate has performed it's advise and consent role based on the nominee's professional qualifications and character. In the past "youthful indiscretions" or even mistreating women in professional settings (see Clarence Thomas) weren't considered character flaws, or reports of same simply weren't believed. My, how times have changed.

Yellowrocks said...

DO@5:24. Amen!
SwampCat & Sandyanon @5:50 Amen to you, too.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Misty ~
I think Mr. MacLachlan is the coiner of the term WAFER MONGER. But isn't it within common Xwd practice to make up such expressions so long as they are legitimately clued?
My complaint about today's pzl centers on the arbitrariness of a clue such as "Colgate feature" where, even after zeroing in on the university, one has a zillion possible 4-letter "features" to choose from - plus Natick perps galore. Why, for instance, should perp #1 not be HOOFER ORNAMENTS instead of HOOFED?

I admit to grumbling because I really couldn't make any headway in the upper sections w/o several cheats. The middle and bottom had already gone my way - so easily that I expected to come back to the top and score a glorious win.
But it was not to be.

On the brighter, lighter side (kidding!), I agree with you, desper-otto. My main stumbling block over BK's confirmation has to do with his appalling lack of judicial temperament. If he is innocent, I quite understand his outrage, but I expect a lot more of a member of the supreme court. Hard as it may be for an ordinary human, I want a justice to be able to rise above such emotional outbursts at those he claims are out to get him.
He bought right into the majority agenda.

None today.

Anonymous said...

The accused cannot provide the date of the alleged incident. She cannot provide the location or how she was transported there. She cannot remember exactly who was there and the people she believes were there all deny a gathering happened. She admits to being under the influence of alcohol. Yet she 100pct sure it was him.

Ok. Now you prove you weren't somewhere in Maryland near a country club during these 3 or 4 months 36 years ago.

Michael said...

Misty @ 11:26-- "The answer that intrigued me, though, was WAFER MONGER. Has anyone on the planet actually every spoken or written that expression? I'd be surprised, if so, and would love to know the context."

This certainly sounds like an Anglican speaking at the height of their big fuss with the Roman Church ... but I'm wrong. In a work by Francis Rabelais, "Gargantua and his Son Pantagruel", fourth book, 1552, the phrase is used.

Lucina said...

Those are details that the FBI can ferret out, have done and are expert at doing so.

If you are a person, man or woman, who has never been sexually assaulted, you are the luckiest person in the world! It tarnishes one's outlook on life and love and does serious damage to one's feelings of self worth. I was fortunate to have in my life many supportive people, most notably my late husband. However, the memory is etched in my brain.

Mike Sherline said...

OMK @ 1809 asked: "Why, for instance, should perp #1 not be HOOFER ORNAMENTS instead of HOOFED?"

Because taking FE out has to make a common term or phrase - hood ornaments, not hoor ornaments.


Sandyanon said...

Anonymous @ 6:10pm:

I believe that "don't remember"is not the same as "didn't happen".

Anonymous said...

My point do you prove it didnt happen? You can't. So the accusation stands. Guilty.

Anonymous T said...

MikeS - Oh, I've not made it that far in my Babble ITalian! [thanks again Lucina]. Yes, I realize now, I do know "Molto Bene" 'cuz Pop says it every Sunday when I call -- though it sounds like Malto-Bennay when he says it...
Thanks for V-8'ing me on BENE. (And. //sigh, I have a lot more studying to do b/f going to Italy w/ DW.)

D-O, PK, - I don't think any of us are far off-base on the Justice appointment kerfuffle. We all know, even if Kavanaugh isn't confirmed, the court will still lean right with the next nominee. As a just society, however, we just want to know what "is" is.
//Know what I mean? DUDE....

SandyA - that's why I love the corner. I hold a BSEE & MSCS & DW has a PhD in Lit., yet I learn so much from the The Cornerites.
We can all see/watch the Kabuki through our own lens but we know how the play ends - like it or not. At least everyone here can be agreeable even if not singing from the same hymnal.

Cheers, -T

Picard said...

This is the kind of puzzle I enjoy: A clever theme, clever clues and few obscure proper names! Some tricky bits, but satisfying and amusing to fill it all in and FIR!

Best of all: The puzzle educated people on GHG. GHG are changing this planet from the one we evolved on to something quite different.

Sorry that no one read my stories of "I'M FINE" yesterday or of the "DAREDEVIL" spot last Saturday. They are amusing now, but they were rather disturbing at the time.

My red TILE roof photos yesterday included photos of SOLAR panels at Earth Day.

But here I found a whole bunch of photos of SOLAR panels being installed on the roof of the place I was working.

It was a big media event with the mayor of Santa Barbara. And it was fun going up on the scissors jack and walking around on the roof.

Yellowrocks said...

Lucina and all who have suffered abuse, my heart goes out to you. It is life altering. Alan, too, was abused, and at church.Soon after that his psychological problems became evident. They may or may not have occurred regardless, but this certainly made things much worse.I think the abusers have no idea how seriously they damage their victims.
It is not merely youthful hijinks to damage someone so badly.

Picard said...

Wilbur Charles Glad you also thought of UTEP. I only know most of these teams from these puzzles.

From yesterday:
Thanks for affirming that the UTES team is named for the UTE people of Utah.

D4E4H Glad you enjoyed my YOKEd MULES photos! I had not noticed that the young woman was only wearing socks on her feet! Yes, I am sure Splynter would have enjoyed her.

I recently emailed Splynter and was glad to get a reply. I wanted to let him know that I missed him and his postings!

Picard said...


Interesting discussion here yesterday and today about the Kavanaugh hearings.

Here is a brief summary of Kavanaugh's history of actual perjury (under oath) going back at least to 2004.

This video shows him lying to the American people immediately upon being nominated.

That is not perjury as he was not under oath. But it says something about what sort of person he is.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Sandyanon ~

Absolutely right. I gnashed my teeth when nobody called him out for claiming her potential witnesses had "refuted" her. Most simply said they had no memory, and she had already explained why that might be so.

Anonymous T said...

Picard - I hate to say this, but -- your links are over the line w/rt C.C.'s rules.

//BTW, I looked at the roof-tile pics Santa-FE style & read your "I'M FINE" story FLN (been there as the DUDE freshly off my bike! -- "I don't need help; oh shit, my knee isn't supposed to be that big (and red)...")


PK said...

Lucina, et al: I believe I wrote not long ago about two of my former employers laying unwanted hands on me. I would have a rather long list of males who made unwanted advances, a few injurious, and how they affected my life. I once had a stalker and had to go live in another state for a few months until the court and circumstances resolved the problem. I don't want this to happen to another person. Maybe this is why the incident under debate seems rather minor to me. I'm glad the men on this site are kind and caring and I say that with no sarcasm. Maybe teenaged boys should do crosswords.

Sandyanon said...

Non-political has a somewhat looser definition after the last couple of days, and I'm glad that is temporarily the case, because I've been glued to the tv and have some thoughts about what I saw and heard. Won't discuss the most important ones, but ...
I have probably always been more naive about some things than the average; had to look up "boofing" and "devil's triangle". Wow! That's not what Kavanaugh said they meant.
Sort of does damage his credibility.

Yellowrocks said...

In the old time British novels I read about people who go to the fish monger, the cheese monger, the pastry monger, etc. No one stop shopping. I have no idea whether this word might still be used there. Steve? Canadian Eh?
In the US today monger is common, but not about a seller of wares. Scandal monger, fear monger, hate monger, war monger, terror monger. We seldom use it for purveyor of goods.
To maintain the friendly atmosphere here, since many points of view have been allowed to be expressed, should we say enough and agree to disagree?

PK said...

C.C.: I apologize for triggering such an intense debate here.

SwampCat said...

YR, amen!

As for MONGER I actually have a fish monger. He calls himself that. It’s the only time I’ve heard it.

Sandyanon said...

YR, you're right. It's been more than enough. Sorry if I, as I probably did, overcontributed my opinions. I have been transfixed and troubled by this situation and I wish there was an appropriate venue for in-depth discussion of it.
But this is clearly not that.

Anonymous said...

AnonT For two days people have been discussing the Kavanaugh hearings. Why did you single out Picard for criticism? At least he gave notice that political commentary was to follow.

Mike Sherline said...

Picard - thanks for the links. I didn't know the history except for the "president is immune"- after he wasn't - stuff. I did cringe at the boot licking nomination acceptance speech.

Lucina said...

Yes, I'm done and I thank you all for being such good blog friends.

D4E4H said...

Call off the police, I escaped unharmed. Whew, what a CW ! Thank you Mr. Mark MacLachlan for this beast. I FErreted out the theme, at 17 A which helped me FEel my way along. My last fill was _ALILE_. Gaily. Galie came to me. I FIR in too many min.

Thank you Lemonade for your excellent review.


Lemonade714 said...

There never is a complete answer to he said/she said allegations of crime. The issue for me is lying under oath or at least prevaricating under oath. I would feel more secure if a nominee admitted he was not saintly rather than spouting absurd explanations. I also would like to see compassion in the judiciary as life is seldom black and white. My life is an example of that, for better or worse and it is what it is.

Jayce said...

I too consider you all as friends.

Lemonade714 said...

Lucy it saddens me that so many young girls have had awful experiences as well the young boys who have been preyed upon. I guess I was always too conceited to even think of forcing myself on anyone who did not want me. Of course I spent much time alone, but I loved reading.

CanadianEh! said...

Very late to the party but I did want to thank a fellow-Canadian for a challenge today. And Lemonade for explaining my inkblots (yes I did the CW IN INK) in the north central portion.

Of course, this Canadian did not know Colgate was a university.
I did not remember the APOLLO theatre, and I was thinking of a last name for Marvin (not Monopoly).
For "stored in a cask", I filled in Oaked and thought I was really smart because Aged was too short. AGING!
My floor hockey venue was a Den (if you have any boys in your family, you know that this is true!).
I was thinking of Golden Girls for 23A and had Betty (White) filling the spot.
My alphabet run gave me CHG for 30D which I thought might stand for (climate) change; close but not a match! I've never seen GHG used for Greenhouse Gases.
Such a mess. But I did get the theme and noted the FEs; I just couldn't get WAFER Sellers to work! I was originally trying to remember which group of Girl Guides (Scouts in USA) sold those cookies. Would Thin Mints be considered wafer cookies.
(No YR, I have not heard the term -Monger here in Canada. And glad your day was somewhat better today!)

One last comment with a Canadian viewpoint. This SC nomination saga has captivated nearly everyone including people on this side of the border. I am glad to see that discussion here has been civil and open, but agree that enough is enough. (I am sure that all those involved in the process, and their families, have been hurt whether innocent or guilty.) Perhaps the saddest thing to realize is that so many people (including those here who have shared) have been affected by sexual violence and the results are lifelong. Hopefully, healing can come and that all the current discussion and media hoopla will not reopen old wounds.
I missed Hahtoolah's QOD and found one that is apropos to the CW theme today.
"a 24/7 news cycle, with all the shrieking, howling voices and rapid-response and instant spinning and Soviet-style disinformation-mongering, a good idea has a shelf life of about, um, six seconds." Christopher Buckley (b.Sept. 28, 1952)

Anonymous T said...

@8:01 Anon - I calls 'em as I sees 'em.

I've seen both videos that Picard linked and they are slanted politically beyond a post of [non-ranting] opinion. Look, I agree w/ Picard, but I also colour inside the lines [I was really careful with my Jon Stewart link FLN because...well, duh.] I may be off-base, but that's my $0.02.

C, Eh! - '52? Buckley was way ahead of his time w/ that QOD. Could you imagine him living w/ CNN, Fox, MSNBC, et.? //Right, then, half-life of an idea/outrage is .006 seconds.

YR - monger, as in peddler, is familiar to my mind. I know it's taken on a pejorative tinge as 'drummer-up-of-bad-stuff' but my Youngest is a Cookie Monger w/ her EVIL Thin Mints every year :-)

To all my eFriends here at the Corner, Cheers! -T

Michael said...

Dear friends, from everything I can see, there has been an epidemic of abuse -- sexual, emotional, physical -- going on for decades and up to today. This has been a horror for many, but what is hardest to see, is how often the abuse was tolerated, accepted, "boys will be boys", "the girl's at fault for enticing the boy", and so on.